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The Information Guidance for Msf 4201 Form

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Tutorial as toMsf 4201 Form

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of the way.and then we'll go ahead and use this.which is an offense that beast aoe and.then we'll use the thanos aoe i'm not.worried about thanos's cooldowns.because uh the next time i use thanos.he'll be empowered.on storm we're up to 16 charges so this.will be 18.charges thank you beast um minerva has.most of her cooldowns available but.we'll keep waiting and she might get.more energy he has this special so we'll.go ahead and save that.and he might get energy to get his alt.we'll see.we'll go ahead and flip that storm is.now at all 20 charges.uh that was energy to minerva and.that is that kill and that is energy to.ebony as well.so pretty much everyone should have all.of their cooldowns right back where.they're supposed to be.and 20 charges on storm and there's node.one.moving on to node two here node two i.like to bring out the.team that we uh put on the top five.teams infographic as the best all-around.raid team and you bring in mr sinister.and emma frost.i find emma frost's blinds on this uh.note are very very effective so we'll.get sherry's defense up.we'll go ahead and hit shield trooper.we're going to try to hit everyone for.different amounts here so we want to.make sure we don't.push them over the edge and get shield.security taunting.before we can uh clone this pyro here.now that he's taunting i don't mind just.taking out.this trooper because troopers are pesky.now that we got this fresh wave.we'll go ahead and load them all up with.bleeds.that'll get him hit twice but that's.okay he's now got the deflects.he does have some bleeds on him he might.die but that's okay just using his.special alone is good enough value out.of him.we'll drop this aoe that gives energy to.black hole.we'll uh go ahead and hit this trooper.we're still gonna get the double.retaliation.like i said troopers are pesky all right.he gets to fire off another ability so.this will probably kill him but that's.gonna.disrupt that security and extend all of.those.that was the end of him but we're gonna.remove positive effects.that should be the end of him that moves.the blind over to pyro which is good.i'm gonna drop this aoe.okay what are you blind.[Music].nice and easy we'll go ahead and use.that special.go ahead and use this maybe hit okay.cool got the troopers.i like it um we don't even need that.heel yet.so let's go ahead and heel block this.that'll get her shot by him but that's.okay.all right the ability block doesn't.stick but even if it did we would have.removed it let's get a slow out.okay what's up black bolt remove that.nice.let's just have him take him out easy.peasy.uh you should already be gone.all right we still have all those cool.downs um it doesn't matter too much but.we'll go ahead and use this special just.uh.better safe than sorry and let's get rid.of mordo he's the heel block.well i guess it doesn't matter he fired.the heel block but offense down into.defense up was.able to prevent people from actually.getting heal blocked we can save her.cooldowns too there's no reason to use.any of this now we can just make sure we.get cooldowns back there.they're no threat to us now that trooper.is gonna uh.annoy me though i'm gonna start focusing.him.so hit him with that we'll save that.he'll see if we can get one more turn.out of here.okay um even though her alt would take.him out right away i'm trying to save.cooldowns because it doesn't matter.we've already won.uh let's use this this will give energy.back.to blackpool that takes out that trooper.then we'll hit venom here.and now we'll pop this heel and on her.next turn she'll have her defense up.okay hit him with that.okay there's black bolt good she has her.defense up back.up and then sinister stopping people off.and uh that's.it pretty clean everyone just about full.health this should be the first mini.boss here.so for this mini boss uh i just tend to.muscle through this one.and what i mean by that is i bring in.symbiote spider-man and then there are a.few good options but.i quite like ultron ultron is great for.just brute forcing a node for me i can.usually just run this team and.throw their faces at it and usually get.away with it that sherry's special.actually ends up i miss you opening the.elite six.yes you did.so that uh defense up on shuri actually.ends up screwing us.over when uh when doctor strange gets to.go.because he'll flip it but hopefully.offense up in the defense downs.uh well it prevented a couple of them.and then it'll get washed off of uh.ultron by his healer bot so that's good.so since this is unavoidable i guess.we'll go ahead and pop.vision while we can not have to deal.with his ul.we'll go ahead and give everyone the bus.here.get that kill and extend all his buffs.want to start hitting sentry asap to.prevent him giving everyone of aids if.possible.um we are going to run into an issue.with uh drax taunting.but let's go ahead and use this because.it puts some bleeds down.[Music].all right there's his thought all right.he'll counter that.we'll go 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our cooldowns now.so this is the cooldown recovery period.although if i get a good opportunity to.heal with the sharia i will be.i will be using that all right so she'll.have her defense up next turn so we're.looking good there he can summon so i'm.just gonna let him be there.we'll take that defense up off of him.all right he could use a little bit of.healing but it's not the end of the.world.okay he lands one blind on.ultron which is fine all right that.steals his defense up which is fine.okay.he's blind doesn't matter.oh we have 45 seconds so we gotta uh we.gotta step on it.but looks like we're gonna be able to.get most everyone's cooldowns back.use that maybe we can get another shuri.passive.for black bolt but all right yep we'll.just rewind him that's fine.ultron has everything up yo yo will have.everything.symbiote spider-man has everything.and all right so the inhumans uh are.missing a little bit of health but it's.not gonna matter.we are moving on to this node i enjoy.this node just because it's fun the.strategy for taking it down is.fun but i tend to bring in venom and.carnage.and mr sinister oh baby and the reason.that i run this comp is because.they have a carnage on this node and the.symbiotes with double carnage.pretty opie by the way i do want to make.the disclaimer that uh i have not.watched.enough other content creators videos on.how these do the how they do these nodes.rather.so uh if if other content creators do.nodes with similar teams.uh yeah i'm just like i don't remember.where i've heard some of these.suggestions.uh some of these things i came up with.but it's entirely possible that other.people came up with them too.anyway the the real point that i'm.making is uh i'm not necessarily.suggesting that i.came up with each and every one of these.strategies for each and every node.just that this is what i use and it's.very effective.so we'll drop this no emma was sinister.for this one because this isn't really a.sinister team.like it is but the point of this team.isn't a sinister team the point of this.team.is a symbiote team as you will soon see.as we drop the first person low which.looks like this.suddenly lots of speed for everybody.so we'll go ahead and extend that and.then leave him over there.all right carry that.we'll share this with everyone that just.dropped down.then we can hit him with that special.lots of speed for everyone.and basically now the enemies are just.not gonna get a lot of turns.because we have these crazy symbiotes.all popping off and just getting tons of.speed all the time.so as much as i want to hit daredevil we.can literally kill punisher.before so.there he's done but yeah they just get.so much speed built up now and they have.so many turns.because double carnage is broken so.can even use this special but that might.be a mistake because he might not get.another turn with these symbiotes.popping off.as you can see from all these debuffs.here got that that dropped them low.again.just the the 60 speed bar fill whenever.someone drops low is just.absolutely broken so.yeah the enemy is just yeah but so they.did they they got a turn on someone.i'm gonna guess that that'll be like.their last turn that they get though.i could just simulate spider-man alt.right there and.guarantee that but can save cooldowns so.we'll go ahead and use this heal just.because she actually got a turn.but it's gonna be the symbiote show from.here on out.just keep dropping people low.and i don't remember oh that's my.carnage doesn't matter.doesn't matter at all this might kill a.few people.all right.he gets how many turns built up there's.two.there's a third turn.all right he had three turns in a row.that's a wrap on that node.gg onto this node so i don't know how.many people struggle with this node.nowadays but i know back in the day a.lot of people used to ask me about mechs.and minions and i always felt bad.because i was like it's not in my lane i.don't do that node i don't know.i make it look easy that's because it is.if you have a super.blubbery roster and you use the right.team in strat once i started doing this.node.i actually really like this note it's.super simple um.and you don't have to have a crazy.powerful roster like there's a strategy.for taking down this node.that's very straightforward i like it a.lot.alright so this looks scary but what you.have to remember.is that only two people are actually.going to attack you.there's only two people doing any.attacks the rest of them are gonna do.buffs.so if you just kill the people that they.are buffing.their buffs don't do anything see that.did no damage.that did no damage so we'll fire off the.salt this removes death proof.and there's black bolt killing him and.then there's black bolt killing him.and there's more buffs but those buffs.are for people that.weren't even here to do any damage so.that's the first attack.and what do you know they hit freaking.greg.same plan we're gonna go after the.people that actually do the damage.these bot basics are not scary.we'll go ahead and disable one of the.people that.actually can do some real damage that.wipes a bunch of bots off the field as.well.you can go ahead and disrupt if you want.to make sure he doesn't get any of the.buffs.i can go ahead and use that basic to.remove that and then the disrupt ended.up not mattering because he's dead.anyway.i can use that special just because.there's a clump of enemies the trickiest.part about this is.making sure that you still have your.cooldowns up i'll go ahead and.use this heel i guess and.i will go ahead and use this even though.i was trying to save cooldowns just.because that'll.get him off the field but yeah there's.another buff there's another buff.so it looks like we're gonna actually.take one attack.and that's gonna be iron man's offense.down to aoe.and that's that's it that's the damage.we're gonna take so she has that back up.which is nice.symbiote spider-man is not close to his.stun which is a bit unfortunate but it's.not the end of the world.there's another turn for him let's go.ahead and hit.that and blackwall takes him out.all right she doesn't have her alt back.yet she needs one more turn.so the thing about this is that black.bolt likes to kill these guys he does.not like to give you time to get your.cooldowns back.we'll go ahead and do that okay.samuel spider-man okay good didn't drop.him to red.all right but i worry she might oh good.okay.but it's still yo-yo dang it.all right so my cooldowns aren't exactly.where i want them.for the next mini boss but we'll have to.try to make do.that is where i'm going to wrap up part.one that's the first five nodes that's.the energy i've got.and uh there will be a part two and a.part three showing you how i one shot.all of the nodes in ultima 7.5 using.little to no heals um and we do still.have the charged up storm we still have.our black order with all their cooldowns.for a tough node so.yeah stick around for part two and you.will see uh.how i continue on down the hard lane of.ultima 7.5 and what is working for me.otherwise thank you guys for checking it.out i will see you guys real soon till.then.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Msf 4201 Form online

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Msf 4201 Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common problems regarding Msf 4201 Form. Let us know if you have any other problems.

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