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How to use The Ohio Renewal Notary Form ?

hello and good afternoon thank you for.joining us.my name is Becky Rupert McMahon I'm the.chief executive officer at the Cleveland.metropolitan Bar Association and like.all of you I'm coming from my remote.office in West Lake Ohio.I came home we're gathered here today to.talk about online notary which is a new.development in the state of Ohio in the.last year there are plenty of people who.are familiar with what notaries do but.somehow this concept of online notary is.baffling and so we thought as we are all.knee-deep and trying to figure out how.to work from home and how to keep our.businesses moving forward that we would.offer a free and informational.conversation today about what the heck.online notary is our panelists today.represent three very interesting and.different voices which I hope will.answer all of your questions first we're.joined by CL and Nichols who I like to.call my best friend of me Alan and I go.back quite a ways when I first became.the CEO of the Cleveland bar in 2015.Alan reached out to me as the executive.director of the Akron Bar Association to.say welcome to the group it's been a.love affair since filled with lots of.grief because that's just the kind of.guy he is but he's got a really.interesting background first as a as a.librarian who then came into the world.of bar associations and now he is the.part-time executive director for an.organization called Ohio notary services.hello Alan hello Becky how are you doing.today I'm quite good and I'm so.impressed by your ability to come up.with a virtual background that makes it.look like you are just outside the Akron.Bar Association just standing right.across the street but actually I'm on my.back porch so this is working out fine I.love it wait I'm back to Alan in just a.second so at this stage I'd like to.introduce Anna Welsh Anna hello hi how.are ya good thank you for joining us.Anna is in.Department that is probably booming.right now she is a paralegal with the.law firm of Walter Haberfield where.she's been for a number of years where.she have up to her eyeballs day in and.day out drafting wills and trusts and.managing the probate environment where.clearly notary services are essential.and we'll talk a little more about that.but thank you for being here Anna and.then we are also joined by Lisa Reed who.is joining us Lisa is an assistant.attorney general with the Ohio Attorney.General's Office and is our brand new.online notary who's going to give us.some insights about what the process was.on that in just a minute.welcome Lisa thank you for having me.terrific great all right so to get.things started Alan I would love to come.to you you and I have been talking for.about two-and-a-half years about.something called notary reform which was.coming to Ohio which ultimately led to.among other things the ability for.online notaries to be recognized in Ohio.and the creation of the Ohio notary.services so I was hopeful you might.start us off to set the stage sure be.happy to we have had this conversation.about all sorts of changes to Ohio's.notary law for the last couple of years.and and all that seemed to come to.fruition in early 2019 late 2018 when.Governor Kasich signed what was known as.Senate bill 263 and it did several.things for the notary lanscape period.but one was to standardize the process.requiring education and testing for.everyone who wishes to become a notary.either a traditional wet stamp notary.public or an online notary public and.make the process more of an electronic.process with the Secretary of State in.the past there were paper applications.flying in from all 88 counties and so.they wanted to kind of standardize that.whole process they also wanted to.centralize it getting rid of those 88.counties in essence in terms of it used.to be all the courts of Common Pleas.were responsible for commissioning.notaries in the state and they wanted to.make that one central point and that's.the Secretary of State's office who is.now responsible for all of the.commissions.both online and traditional as well as.discipline that needs to might need to.happen with notaries and so that.standardization and centralization was.big but the other aspect of that was the.creation of online notaries public and.online notary is something that has.begun several years ago in the state of.Virginia Lee was the first but is the.ability to pre handle notarization x' in.a remote fashion so that the people who.need to sign the document are in one.location and the notary is in another.location and so that's the concept of it.using some wonderful aspects of.technology um so in order to become an.online notary you must apply to the.Secretary of State you must also be a.traditional notary public or in the.process of becoming one you can do this.simultaneously so you have to get your.traditional notary Commission and then.you're able to add on what the Secretary.of State is calling your authorization.to become an online notary public you as.part of that application process for the.online notary issue you must identify.the technology that you're using and.I'll talk real briefly about some of the.technology features that this vendor.needs to have and there are several.vendors out there in the market and I'll.talk a little bit about that as well.you have to undergo education and.testing you have to take a two-hour exam.excuse me.so that wrong a two-hour class it's.online and unfortunately I'm in all two.hours of it and so for those for Anna.and Lisa I apologize for boring you for.that two hours probably but that's that.process needs to happen and then you.have to take a thirty question test and.you must get an 80% on that test now.both the educational video and all the.questions that are used on the tests and.we've got multiple questions that float.in and out were approved by the.Secretary of State's office so that was.one of the requirements that they had.the ability to sign off and actually.when our first effort at producing the.video they asked us to do it again.because there were some features that.they wanted added and one of those was.to have a conversation with one of the.software vendors.to explain how things work and so that's.that's part of that video process that.you'll see attorneys I have that listed.there because the requirements are a.little different for attorneys you know.in a traditional wet stamp notary the.attorney now has to have the education.and then they have a lifetime Commission.as long as they have a valid license to.practice law in the state of Ohio with.the online notary an attorney has to.take the course and the test there is no.special exemption as they have in the.traditional world but they also they.will have an expiration dates and so.they'll have a five-year authorization.once they pass and complete their.application with the Secretary of State.so that's a little different and.actually we've had several questions.about that over the last couple of weeks.from attorneys who felt you didn't.realize they didn't need to take the.test and right why am I having to do.this so we've worked that out so five.year expiration for your commission when.it comes time to renew and then you have.to take a one-hour renewal video course.there is no test to renew but you'll.need to take that one-hour session there.are some fees and I say ugh because.there's fees with everything $20 with.your application to the Secretary of.State under statute and the rules from.the Secretary of State they've set the.fees that's two hundred and fifty.dollars for the education and tests and.a hundred and sixty dollars for your.renewal and so that is paid when you go.in to take and sign up to register for.the course um that there are some.critical aspects and I mentioned the.technology piece early there are some.features you need to maintain an.electronic journal and all of the the.main vendors out there do this for you.but that is something you don't have to.keep a paper journal if you're a.traditional notary we strongly recommend.that but you must maintain an electronic.journal and you must focus on the.identity proofing and and the identity.proofing there are a couple of ways you.know as a notary and you're going to be.signing this and you're not standing in.front of the person who's going to be.signing these documents you want to make.sure in particular who it is that you're.dealing with so there are a couple.waise you the person has to submit their.identification a graphic image and.they'll take a picture on the film on.the camera as the webcam that you're.working with they'll verify that.particular ID then they'll ask you some.personal questions that you would need.to know for instance I'm asked you know.what was the first car that I had in my.name and it would list a bunch of cars.and it would you know or it would tell.me which of these cars have you never.owned and so those types of.authentication questions are very.important to the notary process and to.make sure that it satisfies the need of.the notary public to make sure that.you're who you are before you begin to.sign those documents and you are able to.charge up to $25 for an online.notarization and so that is different.than the five-dollar fee maximum that is.permitted under the traditional notary.rules now to do all of this the.Secretary of State selected one entity.to be as the law required but one entity.to be the education and testing provider.and that's Ohio notary services LLC and.that is a really unique partnership.between the Akron Cleveland sent.Cleveland Cincinnati Dayton Toledo and.Ohio State Bar associations in some form.or fashion most of us have been involved.in the notary commissioning process.under the old law and so we kind of.banded off together and created this.business to help our members and to help.us be able to help make sure that the.notary process is running as smoothly as.we believe that it can in Ohio so it's a.new small business it's based at the.Akron Bar Association we've got five.employees which is kind of cool we're.excited about that we are the only.entity at which you can get your.traditional notary and the online notary.authorization education and testing.the website you'll see there is become.an Ohio notary com.it's pretty simple we were offering.in-person classes for the traditional.notary and we'll hope to do that again.once we're able to go back out in public.but all of our education and testing is.available online 24/7 via that website.and you can also order your supplies.from us.as well so we've been excited about the.process we've been excited about the.number of folks we have 301 people.during the month of March go through the.process to become an online notary and.we're thrilled about that.especially now you know we felt for a.long time that this was the trend and we.didn't think the trend is going to be.here quite this soon but obviously the.need and demand for online remote.notaries is really evident in the world.that we're in right now so it's a very.quick overview Becky.great nice job Allen thank you for.giving us the intro so now let's talk to.two real lives.you should get crowns with this real.live online notaries and Anna maybe I'll.start with you it seems I think it's.pretty easy I'm a lawyer I'm not I went.to law school like when I came out of.law school I had the ability to file my.lifetime certification so you're.somebody who did not go to law school.you certainly swim around lawyers can.you talk to us a little bit about how.long you been a notary and then what.motivated you to move into the online.space well I've been a notary for just.under ten years and I became a notary.because a lot of what I do I need to.documents that we prepare need.notarization so it just made sense that.I would be able to know like them so I.went ahead and became in no hurry.and then in past couple weeks my the.chair of our tax and welcome management.department lacy hudair approached me and.said hey why don't you go ahead and.become an online notary so I took the.class beyond the test and got everything.I've been going and uranium now an.online notary so and Alisa you're.obviously in a different context at the.attorney general's office you you're.like me but you've been practicing law.for a number of years it seems obvious.why Nana would be interested in the.notary side can you help me talk about.what your motivation was to become an.online Notre.my motivation was directly sparked by.our front office during koba's 19 we saw.a need not only to have documents.notarized by attorneys within our office.but also the various sections for.example consumer protection is getting.affidavits from consumers that that's.been sort of heightened during this time.period.likewise one of our clients is the.Department of Commerce so we have.investigators who need to notarized.affidavits as well so we have a pretty.large need so how did you find the.process of studying to take the test.both of you and maybe I'll start up stay.with you nice but you heard Alan mention.there are a number of handful of lawyers.who a figure Bay I probably could wing.it and just passed the test can you talk.a little bit about that process I would.recommend that during the first piece.where Alan is lecturing that the.applicants take a couple of notes at.that point the second piece interviewing.the gentleman about this software is.less important but still helpful but.definitely to pay close attention during.Alan's a solo portion.whenever Alan is lecturing me I always.make sure to take notes.good advice Lisa what about you Anna how.was your experience with the class the.best was very informative and I did take.copious notes and diet.I also found a couple used to make sure.I got everything and it was it was very.informative and it helped me yes it does.that's great have you actually and you.conducted any of your any initial online.notarization can you talk us through the.process and the platform that you're.using to help make that happen sure we.are using well I'm using doc verify.which you know way sort of just went.online and tried to find out what would.be best for our purposes and we use doc.verify and it's printed it's fairly user.friendly and.you just have the PERT the person send.you the document in PDF you upload it.and then they go through the credential.analysis and ID verification and then.once everything is when the document is.uploaded.there's fields that you can place into.into the document where the signature.will go and dates and you just fill that.out and they pour the documents and you.begin recording that it asks you to you.know have them state their name and you.just go through the document sign it and.then it once you're done signing it.shuts the webcam off and you're done so.it's I mean it's it's pretty easy it's.not a it's not difficult.we like easy easy as good yeah and you.know it's user friendly yeah at least I.think you mentioned to me but when we.were getting ready for this conversation.that you and the attorney general's.office you're just getting started with.this right correct and I would ask Ellen.to comment is the organization that he.created are you looking at licensing.some software on your own I know we.might have received an email about that.where we've had conversations with a.couple of different companies there's a.lot of reluctance to do that but we are.trying very hard to be able to get some.software that we can kind of help our.members our customers use because I know.that there's been some issues our.companies are just slammed from across.the country with online notaries and.trying to pick up customer so we're.trying to see what we can do we have not.made any headway I have a company that.has told me that they'll be ready and.they would love to work with us but it.won't be till June because they're still.in beta testing for that product and so.that's because they're doing a lot of.stuff right now with the mortgage.industry and so that's not their first.priority but what the hope is I get.something before that but right now Lisa.I don't I don't have anything I know.Anna said dock verify that's one that we.here.a lot about and so that was good to hear.from her point of view that that's one.that seems to work well but I don't have.anything else other than that but I was.going to ask Anna if were you.comfortable with the ID process that.when as you're going through that that.you're comfortable you knowing that the.person is who they say they are across.the screen from you yeah yeah one point.we should probably make is that after.the driver's license or passport is.scanned when those identity questions.are asked those are only visible to the.offense they are not a visible visible.to the notary correct yeah so it's.confidential on their ends and that's.independently verified by the software.itself correct and then Alan I.the pricing models vary it can be you.sort of buy a supply of credits at least.on that verify but it can be as high as.twenty-five dollars per notarization am.i right about that that software yeah at.least I don't know I haven't looked at.the pricing on the software yeah they.have a quite a few different packages so.that needs to be analyzed we're trying.to get a sense in our office of how many.notarization we would need per month.before we make her purchase sure and.especially since the maximum that you.wouldn't necessarily be charging because.you're a state agency or maybe you would.but a general notary would not be able.you know twenty-five dollars is the.maximum they could charge and if they're.having to pay 25 dollars out to to their.vendor that does not work that's that's.not a sustainable model exactly and a.which pricing model did you choose that.you can share that with us um we did I.think it would I can't recall the name.of it but it was the highest was allows.you to do the most and I think it was.480 for the year okay no.you know and I if I'm doing them all the.time so it sort of makes sense but you.do have to go in and buy ID credit you.know I'm not 100 percent sure I think.you get ten of them for like $25 so it.kind of requires you make a.determination maybe Ellen could speak to.this if you know the offense then you're.not using the software that verifies.their identity but if you don't know.them then it's a little more expensive.that right Alan that would be my that's.I've heard that and that's my.understanding if you do just as in.traditional notary land if you know from.personal knowledge the person who is.coming in to ask for notarization you.don't have to ask you you put in your.journal personal knowledge you don't.have to go through the identity proofing.piece so that woods if that would save.money in that case yeah so we're trying.to assess how many times you'd be.notarizing affidavit of a co-worker visa.fees someone from the outside and maybe.you could talk a little bit about the.log and and after the five years what.happened to the log then it doesn't go.back to the secretary okay sure.couple things first I had another.question earlier today and before I.forget it I want to make sure I cover it.once you've become an online notary you.don't have to do all of your.notarization x' online if the person.comes to you and you're able in this.world social distance or whatever you.can be at the traditional notary or the.online notary so that's entirely so.that's entirely up to you the electronic.journal once your term is expired.that journal has to be archived and it.can be archived it's yours as an.electronic notary it's not your employer.if you're doing this for employee for.employer it is yours and it is your.responsibility and so typically the what.I understand is that the vendors will.archive for you but there is an archival.fee and so that's that's one of the.things that need to be done and need the.information on how it's archived needs.to be sitting.to the Secretary of State because it has.to be kept for ten years and so those.are some important pieces to keep in.mind when it comes to electronic journal.and when it's submitted the information.is submitted to the Secretary of State.they have to be told how they can access.that in case there's an issue that needs.to be reviewed that so they any.encrypting notes or keys or whatever.that information is provided to the.secretary so that is important so the.secretary does not store your log itself.they store a link to the doc verify who.keeps your log direct they don't keep.information on how to find it and access.it yes thank you so I'd love to take us.we've gotten a couple of questions.submitted online the first I know the.answer to but Alan I'll tee it up to you.to respond to the question is so we all.know that lawyers have to take.continuing legal education so have have.our friends at the Ohio Supreme Court.approved any of the online notary.courses whether it's for traditional or.the online notary can we get CLE credit.Alan I got an email just yesterday from.the Supreme Court approving the.traditional notary education CLE credit.not the online notary so I won't be able.to do that for online but I will be able.to once I figure out well now we got to.go back and get everyone from January.1st on but for the traditional notary.yes Seeley.that's great that's a great development.all right so here's another question so.obviously this is from a member of the.audience notaries have to have a webcam.and a decent computer in order to work.with the software but just how.sophisticated does the client or a user.need to be beyond a webcam is there any.special technology will a desktop or a.laptop work or can the interaction be.done with a phone or camera I'll answer.that question i I've actually run into.the problem if I don't believe that.there's any software that allows it to.be done with a phone you have to have a.webcam which.can be a desktop or a laptop and it's.pretty easy I think from the other.person's perspective they get an email.they click on a link and it takes them.to where they need to go and it gives.them directions so I don't know that.they need to be technologically.sophisticated in order to do it they.just need to have the webcam available.on their computer well I confess I don't.know I'm sure what they're saying is you.know in this day and age proverbial.smartphones have cameras on them and you.can do everything from zoom to otherwise.but at least at this stage of the game.not sure how that would work on a phone.no yeah there's one vendor but it's not.operating in Ohio that I know of that.does have mobile but they're not there.they're not operating in Ohio yet and I.even offered them office space this past.weekend to get to get them here so that.we could use them but so no well maybe.they'll see this and you'll be persuaded.that Ohio is the way to go yeah yeah the.other thing I would mention is that the.technology and you see this in the.training is based on technology for.mortgage documents or closings so that's.the mindset that the technology is.coming from and I think Allen makes that.very clear during the training so I've.got another question that's come in.that's related to the requirement to get.a criminal a BCI report and one of you.talked about Lisa or Anna talk about the.process that you went through how about.if I I'm gonna interrupt first ahem you.don't need if you are a traditional.notary and you are attempting to add on.the authorization to be an online notary.public you do not need a BCI background.check you only need the BCI background.check when you are attempting to apply.for your initial traditional notary.application or you are renewing your.traditional notary Commission and so and.as an aside most of those BCI places.right now are closed because of the stay.at home order so this this isn't helpful.to folks who are wanting to become the.first time traditional notary.but the secretary's office was in.communication with us today.they have amended temporarily the BCI.requirement for people who are renewing.their Commission so it's only those who.are renewing their traditional notary.Commission you can submit your.application with your education.certificate and a statement a signed.statement that says something to the.effect of because of the coronavirus in.the stay at home order I'm not able to.obtain a PCI background check but once.this order is lifted I will submit that.background check by December 31st 2020.or risk losing my license to be a notary.so something to that effect and it's on.the Secretary's website and as well as.it's on our website at become an Ohio.notary comm as well the language so that.it's kind of the idea is to not make.anyone lose their notary Commission.during this stay at home time and so.that they will accept that in lieu of.the BCI background check okay so I just.learned something new so I didn't.realize that I thought that it was not.just for the same applicants for.traditional I also thought it was.first-time applicants for online notary.that would have to get a BCI so that's.great news that's great news and also.great news for the work around during.this incredibly difficult time that.we're all working through so it makes an.awful lot of sense so let's talk it's a.good another question about the.difference in lengths of Commission how.frequently does a traditional notary.Commission need to be renewed for a.non-lawyer.and what about for an online notary it's.five years Commission's are five years.in length and your online notary.authorization will expire at the same.time as your traditional notary.Commission so if you're not an attorney.they both happen at the same time if you.are an attorney it's five years.all right so Lisa have you have you.thought about sharing this beyond just.you.inside the Attorney General's Office are.there others that are clamoring to think.about doing this well just today I.received a call from colleagues I.haven't spoken to in 20 years because.apparently the Secretary of State post.the list of those who are licensed the.the last point I want to make and I did.want to ask Ellen about it when you're.registering with the Secretary of State.there's a spot to upload two documents.but the certificate that we receive from.your company gets uploaded in both spots.am I right about that I I think you only.need two up yeah possibly you only need.to upload one certificate for the online.notary but they may have two slots there.just because that's what they do for the.traditional so you probably would need.to do that twice yeah that was just a.little bit confusing and I just went oh.boy people having to go back we'll call.you about that okay.well Lisa let me apologize in advance.because not only are you listed by the.Secretary of State's office but once.this video starts to spread like.wildfire here we'll be reaching out to.say I saw you I saw you it'll also be.your new party trick every time you go.to a cocktail party okay.ornery in the house forget the doctor I.need a notary in house Anna what about.you are there other areas within Walter.header field where others are seeking on.my notary status or do you think that.it's really going to be focused in your.group where you're doing wills and.trusts and probate work you know I think.I think it across the board everyone is.looking for my notaries right now and.all the sections need it so the business.section the you know even litigation.that they're all you know it's everyone.needs it at this time so I assume there.will be other people in my firm getting.their authorization soon now Alan could.you talk a little bit about the staff.before we wrap up here.just a couple minutes left so if people.have questions and they want to reach.out to get more information beyond.today's program where could they go and.who could they contact sure a couple of.ways you can reach out to us the first.two simply visit our website we've got a.lot of of qat should be available to you.there but if you need to speak to.someone in person feel free to call us.at three three oh four three six zero.one one eight or use the email info INF.o @ become an Ohio notary comm and so.those are the ways to reach us I want to.add one last thing as well we created an.online notary referral service in the.last couple of days because of a.tremendous demand across the state and.rural areas in particular I'm and need.dealing with estate planning in.particular and property transfers we've.heard about so if you do not if you are.in need of a notary public that you're.an online notary public don't have.access to one please email us at info at.become an Ohio notary com we solicited.names from everyone who's passed our.test and become a commission or an.authorized notary and so we're just.going through the list one at a time and.making sure everyone gets the.opportunity to get a customer but we're.trying to help out that way and make.that as smooth as we can to just kind of.help things keep moving along terrific.and again just as a reminder you sent.your phone number and you send your.email but I'm gonna give the website one.more time which is w w dot become an.Ohio notary com correct well listen this.has been a fantastic conversation I want.to say a particular thank you to Lisa.and to Anna for coming together quite as.quickly as you did it's amazing how.since all of us are taken out of our.usual environments but there seems to be.a little more flexibility but I want you.to know how much I appreciate the fact.that the attorney general's office and.Walter Haberfield gave you both the.opportunity to come participate in our.conversation today I would also put a.plug out on two more things one of which.is we know these are really difficult to.multiple times and lots of businesses.have been disrupted.I just want to offer my thanks for all.of you who are making the choices you.think about your notary services to.think locally we know that not on the.online side whether the traditional.notary or we have there's opportunity to.consider other players including some.out of Staters and we would very much.appreciate the continued support of the.Ohio notary services what's right which.represents six Bar Association's across.this great state and there's no better.time to help keeping your local bar.moving forward than right now and then.finally I would wrap things up and.eventually we'll be able to cut this.part out of the conversation but I hope.everyone continues to follow it to.listen to the orders to stay home and to.take the news that's out there on the.street seriously because there is.nothing more important than taking care.of your own health and that of your.family's health so Lisa.Anna Allen thank you so much for taking.your time to talk with us today be safe.and when we can get together again we.hope you'll all come meet us at the bar.thank you and do well thank you my.pleasure thank you thank thank you for.having me.

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After adding your e-sign, save your document or share with your team members. Furthermore, CocoSign provides its users the options to merge PDFs and add more than one signee.

How to create an electronic signature for the Ohio Renewal Notary Form in Gmail?

Nowadays, businesses have altered their mode and evolved to being paperless. This involves the completing tasks through emails. You can easily e-sign the Ohio Renewal Notary Form without logging out of your Gmail account.

Follow the tips below:

  1. Download the CocoSign extension from Google Chrome Web store.
  2. Open the document that needs to be e-signed.
  3. Select the "Sign” option and generate your signature.
  4. Select 'Done' and your signed document will be attached to your draft mail produced by the e-signature software of CocoSign.

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How to create an e-signature for the Ohio Renewal Notary Form straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones have substantially replaced the PCs and laptops in the past 10 years. In order to solved problems for you, CocoSign helps finish your task via your personal phone.

A efficient internet connection is all you need on your phone and you can e-sign your Ohio Renewal Notary Form using the tap of your finger. Follow the tips below:

  1. Direct to the website of CocoSign and create an account.
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  3. Select the "My signature" option.
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It takes you a short time to add an e-signature to the Ohio Renewal Notary Form from your phone. Get or share your form the way you want.

How to create an e-signature for the Ohio Renewal Notary Form on iOS?

The iOS users would be pleased to know that CocoSign provides an iOS app to help out them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the Ohio Renewal Notary Form , utilize the CocoSign software with no doubt.

Here's guide add an electronic signature for the Ohio Renewal Notary Form on iOS:

  1. Download the application from Apple Store.
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How to create an electronic signature for the Ohio Renewal Notary Form on Android?

The large popularity of Android phones users has given rise to the development of CocoSign for Android. You can download the software for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

You can add an e-signature for Ohio Renewal Notary Form on Android following these tips:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
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  3. Direct to the place where you need to add your signature and generate it in a pop up window.
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Ohio Renewal Notary Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Ohio Renewal Notary Form are:

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How do we fill Form 9 for the renewal of a DL?

Form 9- Form of Application for the Renewal of the Driving Licence is a simple document involving a small number of informational queries. Of course, a large part of this communication concerns the applicant's current DL with space for appropriate authenticators and signatures. The completion of this form must be followed up with the attachment of the requisite documents (see next section) before the procedures of the renewal of driving licence can be put into action. You can read what are the requirements for DL renewal form these webistes, What is the Procedure to Renew an Expired Driving License in India? Driving Licence Renewal | Driving Licence Renewal Online src: Bankbazaar.com

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How do I reinstate my notary?

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