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With The Henry Foss Enrollment Packet Tacoma Public Schools : Custom-make, Finish and share

good evening foss family.here we are in the virtual world.overlooking henry foss high school.and getting ready to celebrate the class.of 2020's accomplishments.four years ago seniors you walked.through these doors.for ninth grade jumpstart and that was.the moment.you became a part of the foss family.and although we didn't get a chance to.send you off.with in-person congratulatory wishes.we all know that once you're a falcon.you are always a falcon.this graduation celebration is always.one of the highlights of our year.and while graduation looks and feels.different than we.expected it's okay we reached the goal.you are graduating and soaring to your.next adventure.we are proud of you each one of you.individually and together as the class.of 2020 so sit back.and relax with your family and friends.and embrace the memories captured.for your virtual graduation.[Music].so.[Music].[Music].so.[Music].[Applause].[Music].please rise for the playing of our.national anthem.and the presentation of our colors.hey.[Music].um.[Music].hey.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].thank you.class of 2020 boss staff families and.dignitaries.thank you for joining us this evening in.a typical year.we would all be gathered together in.that big blue building behind me.known as the tacoma dome but you are not.a typical class and this is not a.typical year.graduates take this moment to turn and.look around you.under these unprecedented times you.would typically see.our foss staff along with your parents.guardians and friends.and while there is some sadness that we.are all not physically together tonight.we know that our foss family is strong.and we are all participating.virtually to celebrate you and the hard.work and dedication as you transform.from fast student to foss alumnus.i would like to also recognize our.dignitaries that are here to celebrate.your graduation including superintendent.carla santorno.school board members elizabeth bombright.andrea cobb scott hines lisa keating.and enrique leon deputy superintendent.joshua garcia director of secondary.schools doug hostetter and assistant.principals wayne greer and nancy.harris-clement.thank you for supporting our students.falcons.we have had an unprecedented school year.you've attended or participated in.sporting events.28 extraordinary classes participated in.ap.and ib exams and volunteered in the.community.your path was clear and you knew how to.get from freshman year to graduation.with ease.sometimes educational path may have been.some twists and turns.and you made it here to receive your.diploma and prepare for the changes in.your future.well we have to acknowledge these.strange times where we are trying to.figure out.how to live our best lives during a.pandemic my hope tonight.is for our falcons to reflect on a quote.from the late steve jobs the people who.are crazy enough to think they can.change the world.are the ones who do falcons feed those.people.look to change the world be the ones.that find the cures be the ones who.invent.new procedures be the people who find.kindness and care.in each person we encounter as you.listen to your classmates speak tonight.think about how you will use your.experience at foss to create the change.our first speaker tonight is a senior.who over the course of four years.participated in.asb deca orchestra was instrumental in.building our broadcasting program.and as a full international.baccalaureate diploma candidate.without further delay here is michael.gribben.hello foss falcons let me guess you're.stuck at home.i assume surrounded by your close family.yet still separated from the many others.that would be there to celebrate you.on this very important day i stand here.where it all started and sadly.where it will not inevitably end a lot.has happened since we first walked.through those doors four years ago.many things we failed to see coming even.though we thought we had 20 20 vision.we started off high school in the middle.of an election cycle.we now graduate in the midst of a global.pandemic.in between we spent many hours reading.writing.experimenting and studying for exams we.didn't get to take.i know this feels like a letdown we had.so much to look forward to.but let's look at the bright side at the.many memories we've been able to create.with our limited time here.over these past four years bosses had.many accomplishments.math team won first at state deca had.people place to go to nationals.orchestra not only got the first.superior rating and contesting years.but also won the small ensemble category.ethics bowl took first place at state.and jrotc won countless awards.alongside the many many other things.that i could not include in this speech.however we did see some things coming we.knew that we would be a powerful class.one to persevere through challenges and.work to better not only ourselves.but our school and our community.we knew that we would meet countless.people some of which who have become.our best friends and make countless.memories that we will cherish.for the rest of our lives and we knew.that we would make it here today.to graduation whether online or in.person.to the class of 2020 i say.congratulations.i am proud to say that i am a foster who.is fostering.thank you michael for those wonderful.thoughts.we now have the opportunity to hear from.a senior.who also served on asb is an.accomplished violinist having competed.on the national level.several times she was a contender for.the national merit scholarship.and is also an international.baccalaureate diploma candidate.please welcome hannah lee.greetings to foster's class of 2020.family and friends.staff and teachers my name is hannah lee.and it is my honor to be addressing you.all tonight.i'd like to begin by thanking the.amazing teachers staff.and administration of foss high school.you are the reason why we choose to.pursue our education at this institution.i'd also like to recognize the support.of our family and friends.none of us would be here today if it.weren't for you.the first years of high school go by in.a bit of a blur we go to our first high.school dances.football games pep assemblies we joined.our first high school sports teams.competed in our first high school solo.and ensembles.and took as in failed our first ap.exams junior year was stressful to say.the least.classes became more and more demanding.extracurriculars took up more and more.time.and on top of this we encountered our.first sats.ib exams and college finals.some of us forgot to enjoy life along.the way instead sacrificing the time and.energy meant for cultivating lifelong.relationships.and creating precious memories for the.pursuit of quantifiable.successes like a higher gpa or a higher.sat score.senior year started off great though we.got to enjoy senior sunrise.our last friday night lights and our.first last pep assemblies in the blink.of an eye gone were first semester.college applications and even the.never-ending and dreary washington.winter.on march 12th governor inslee announced.that schools would be closing for six.weeks.six weeks quickly turn into ten and ten.into the remainder of the school year.i know this isn't the culmination of our.high school years that we'd been.dreaming of.so here's to our spring sports seniors.who didn't get to enjoy their last.season.or their senior nights our music.department seniors.who didn't get to perform one last time.in the little theater.our club senior officers and senior.members who didn't get proper.recognition for their years of hard work.and dedication.and finally here's to all of us the 2020.graduating class.of henry foss high school who didn't get.the signing day.moving up assembly awards night prom.or graduation that we've been dreaming.of since our first days here at foss.there's a quote i'd like to share with.you from de fuja de nivis by the roman.poet horus.it reads pulves.and it's usually translated to we are.but dust and shadows.which is a rather nihilistic and.depressing existential realization.however as the great classicist a.e.houseman likes to interpret this quote.as.we are dust and dreams i believe that.horus means to say that the hurdles of.life.the challenges and problems that we face.every day.are trivial in the grand screenplay of.life in this universe.as we move past high school and into the.so-called real world.by going to college working and.enlisting in the military.remember to follow your dreams and.pursue your passions.in every waking moment because at any.point in time.life as we know it might have to pause.just like now.so falcons stay safe stay healthy.and congratulations to the class of.2020..please welcome the clare bear foundation.for presentation.of a scholarship to one of our students.hi we're shaina and justin rayfield and.we're honored to be able to provide the.fifth claire whitton rayfield.scholarship.the recipient for the scholarship was.selected by your principal and with the.help of her staff.ms ness feels that you carel porphyliev.are much like who we think claire might.have been at your age.each spring we ask ms ness to choose.someone who embodies.how we feel claire truly was and who she.would have grown to be.kind strong loving fun giving and.determined.ms ness said all these words describe.you too we appreciate her understanding.of us and how important it is for claire.to be honored and remembered.our daughter was only 10 and a half.months old when we lost her.and foss was the only school she's ever.spent any time at.we often visited claire's grandma at.work there and of course.cheered on the falcons any chance we got.foss will always be a part of our lives.hi in life clear was always looking.forward we want you to look ahead to.work hard and to make.the world a better place as a former.army officer i'll tell you that.your your incredible choice to become an.army officer is going to make.this country a much stronger and better.place in general they'll do great things.for your country and your community.we believe that claire's contributions.continue in scene in unseen ways.we know that everything about her is.founded on love and hope.this scholarship is given to you john.wayne with love and hope for your future.congratulations congrats.please welcome william riser english.teacher.and lead of our scholarship committee.for the presentation.of the foss family scholarship.hello class of 2020. when henry foss.high school was first open.the henry foss family established an.ongoing scholarship fund.to support two foss graduates each year.with their college expenses.the students who win this award are.selected as the best representatives of.foss values and behaviors.and for their overall contributions to.the school and to the community.this year's winners have demonstrated.these qualities.they are friendly and helpful to others.they are involved in student government.and school activities.and they model leadership and maturity.in the foss community.it has been our tradition to announce.these winners at graduation.and so without further ado it is my.honor to reveal this year's henry foss.family scholarship winners.jessica gonzaga and michael griffin.congratulations to you both.thank you mr reiser for presenting the.henry foss.family scholarship collectively our.students.have acquired hundreds of thousands of.dollars in scholarships.that will help them to achieve the next.level of education.we have several students that will be.joining the military to serve.our country and we have many students.who will be.or are already gainfully employed.while each student has a different.pathway they all share.in their dedication to be here tonight.by achieving their high school diploma.they are ready to change the world while.we want to thank.families for your partnership and.supporting your students success.partnerships have many shapes and sizes.attending sporting events ptsa meetings.choir and band concerts or just.conversations of encouragement.for your student to retake that one test.to study for another.hour or to be just a sounding board when.times became tough.thank you staff for creating the best.supportive learning environment.and your endless dedication providing.our students an extraordinary.international.baccalaureate education and thank you.class of 2020.for your love of foss thank you for your.community service through afgrotc.club national honor society or.supporting our elementary schools with.their pbis assemblies.thank you for being inquirers.knowledgeable thinkers communicators.open-minded balanced caring reflective.risk takers and principal.these international baccalaureate.attributes will carry you forward.to be the people that will change the.world.but most of all thank you for believing.in yourselves.to be here tonight with your foss family.by the authority vested in me by the.state of washington.i certify that henry foss high school.class of 2020 has met the requirements.as stipulated by the state of washington.and tacoma school district number 10.which would entitle them to a diploma.i hereby present the class of 2020.to the superintendent of tacoma schools.carla.santorno 2020 graduates we.are so proud of you and we won't.ever forget you you have proven that you.can.handle adversity overcome obstacles.and proceed with grace i am confident.that you will forever invent innovate.and make our world a better place thank.you.and now with the assurance of principal.lisandra ness.that the foss high school class of 2020.has met the requirements for graduation.it is my pleasure to present the class.of 2020.to school board member elizabeth.bonbright for graduation.congratulations.welcome foss high school senior class of.2020.on behalf of the tacoma public schools.board of directors.i am here to honor your accomplishments.i could not be prouder.of each one of you for your hard work.perseverance.and commitment to to reach this.achievement.as you move forward into your future.endeavors.i hope you will proceed with the same.grace style and enthusiasm.the world is yours to shape be bold.be strong be true to yourself.now by the power vested in me by the.state of washington.and with the assurance from.superintendent santorno that you have.completed.the requirements for high school.graduation i.hereby declare this foss high school.senior class of 2020.graduated congratulations.agapov.eduardo allegre jr.yahi ali.[Music].douglas anderson.kyler anderson.bradley arnold.kelsey.[Music].jasmine barnes.destiny bergevin.kobe bergen.[Music].virginia.ezra brewster.[Music].noah britain.[Music].peter chang.[Music].samuel childress.[Music].cooley.brandon cooper.caleb korea.[Music].raymond cuspard.vanessa davida.desean davis.[Music].alexander delgado.[Music].nicholas delucci.[Music].erica denton.john diamond.[Music].lyric fondren.[Music].christian gardner.[Music].ethan german.joseph golfany.jessica gonzaga.jacob gonzalez.taylor gonzalez.[Music].isabel grant.paige greer.michael griffin.[Music].jaden 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and being able to celebrate.them.you know this might be the last time.that we really get to take them all in.so it's it's finished sweet but i'm glad.that we get to do it.but it'll do.[Music].it's really hard not to hug them um the.struggles that so many of them have been.through to.like actually graduate and i see them.and i just want to.grab them and i i can't that's that's.hard.it's a little bit sad but i'll totally.visit them next year for sure.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].happy but sad i did it.thank goodness.[Music].it's a wonderful feeling feels like all.my hard work has paid off.[Music].excited this is wonderful you guys.thank you.[Music].[Applause].[Music].i think i'll remember this graduate.[Music].james.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].so.[Music].[Applause].[Music].you.

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Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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