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The Steps of Customizing Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of on Mobile

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CocoSign's Tips About Customizing Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of

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Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of Inquiry Instruction

[KEITH] My name is Keith Lambert, I'm LEAP's vice.president of business attraction also.going to be your guide this afternoon as.we walk through the application that.MEDC put together and also just kind of.get a sense of how to get there and.where you should be directing.prospective applicants that you're.working for. I'm also going to be kind of.co-anchoring this session if you will.with with Tony Willis. Tony, do you want to introduce yourself?.[TONY] Yes, good afternoon everyone, my name is.Tony Willis I'm the vice president of.entrepreneurship for LEAP and we're.looking forward to having a smooth.webinar, right Keith? [KEITH] Absolutely..So Tony, I'm gonna be taking over the.screen here and if you want to kind of.you know just kind of walk through and.narrate as I'm moving in to the MEDC.application and you're kind of going.through our page that would be great..[TONY] Sounds like a plan. Alright everyone so.right here is our PureLansing.com, this.is LEAP's homepage here so if you go to.PureLansing.com, this view is what you see.and at the very top you have our banner.which says "small business restart.application open." Once you click on that.banner it tells you the application time.frame, July 15 through.August 5, and then you click the "learn more.and apply." So at this point here you're.now in the relief and restart category.for all activities specifically to the.restart grant itself and then you scroll.down slightly here you have a.three-step process, you have step one, two.and three. Step one, this is the documents.here that we tell all applicants to.review and relates to not just the grant.on a statewide but also to the local.level criteria. So this gives you a full.understanding of how things will be scored.and how much money has been awarded for.our region,.things to consider. So this is pretty.much full transparency when it.to the program and how it relates the.Lansing region that you're applying for..So that's step one for all applicants is.to review those documents. They're all.pdfs and they open up quite easily on.that. So next is step two. With step two, we have.assistance for applicants. We point them.to our local partners where they can.work with to help them answer any questions.they may have when it comes to crafting.and filling out applications. We have a.number of organizations we've contracted.with, as well as all of you who are part.of this call right now are all partners.that will have some type of.sort of engagement with.applicants possibly being that they're.your constituents, your people that you look.after, your neighbors or business owners.in your particular community or sectors..So you find a partner and it goes through.a list of our contracted organizations.right there in the "find a partner" green.button. Then we'll click that green.button, Keith, so this tells you from.technical assistance that's on the MEDC's because this is a statewide application so.that takes you there. When it first.launched last Wednesday, there are a few.errors like with anything that launches,.so this was to direct them to that.technical call center for any.questions you may have came across..There were a number of 404 error screens or.things weren't loading or they said."this website's down for operations.".Since then, that's pretty much been in.quiet so that's good to hear but if.anybody does run into any of those issues.the number is available there as well as.the time frames when they are available.to answer questions. [KEITH] Don't call during lunch. But if you do call during lunch, you.could leave a voicemail. [TONY] And they will.call you back after lunch. So then you.can have, this is ask a question on your.right that if you have a question after.you review those documents, so you say "okay I'm either reading.those documents so I have questions.about I just read" or "I'm actually in the.application itself and I wanted to ask.a question directly," this section right here allows.you to insert information and ask.the question to us at LEAP directly and.Victoria, Debbie and maybe Keith are the.ones responding on this end of this.segment of our website. And then beyond.the application guide, which is.previously noted in step one but a bit of.redundancy make sure they understand.we're being as transparent as possible.to read the documents it's all located.right there,.you also have our number of partners.which were mentioned below that which.were...Keith, can you go back to find a partner.one more time here? Thank you..Application help partners: all these.organizations we work with or contracted with to make sure that we are.being deliberately intentional.with a lot of communities so they have.access and they are aware of the grant.opportunity to assist them during this COVID-19.pandemic, and so here is a list.of the organizations right there they.can reach out to directly for assistance.with their application. [KEITH] And we also have.created, this is a map that we.created for the the previous program.that we administered in March through.April, the Michigan Small Business Relief.Program, not to be confused with the.restart program, so this map we've.updated and depending on the.geography across the tri-county that you.might be in, there's a local government.partner or a Downtown Development.Authority or a local business chamber.that wants to help you, very likely, so.you can look at this resource map and.then as you, you know, everyone has.contact information listed so get in.touch with these folks, they're a great.asset for you as well. [TONY] After doing.step one, two then three is actually.time to apply for the grant. There's two.areas here, one is for a business that is.a for-profit entity and second is for.nonprofit applicants. The.nonprofit application takes you to a survey.that gives us additional information so.we can better understand your nonprofit.as it relates to the grant criteria and.mission. So it depends where you're at,.you will fill out if you're a business.entity, a for-profit business it'll just.go right to the business application,.or if you're a.nonprofit you would select the.nonprofit which would take you to the.application as well but also a survey,.additional survey questions to.help us better understand your nonprofit..[KEITH] The reason we built it this way is.the statewide uniform application is.really designed with a small business.owner in mind, and we've figured that, you.know, there are a lot of other things.that we wanted to contemplate around.awarding nonprofits across the.tri-county area grants and a lot of it.has to do with their mission and how.their mission is helping people and it.wasn't so much about their revenue and their likelihood to have.higher revenue and higher employment in.the future, like it very much is for.businesses, There was some other.information so we will.actually go through that right now as a.start to this. And this is actually built.into LEAP's website, whereas the.statewide application as you'll see it.momentarily is through the Michigan.Economic Development Corporation, M EDC,.their website, the nonprofit restart.grant survey is built right into LEAP's.website. [TONY] Correct, and it has the same features.where you can save it and continue later..It's 13 questions, it goes by pretty.quick to fill out. [RACHEL] Hi everyone my name is.Rachel McIlvaine, I'm an economic.development specialist also with LEAP.working on the restart program. What.we wanted to do as Keith kind of leads.us through this nonprofit survey and.then later the statewide application was.actually walk step-by-step through what.it's going to look like so that you all.can better assist applicants and.applicants can really frame up the.strongest application possible. So as.you'll see on the screen right now.there's a lot of very basic questions:.nonprofit address, CEO contact.information, all of that is pretty.standard and will just help identify.your application. [TONY] And CEO for.nonprofits.is executive director. [RACHEL] Correct,.so now we're leading on to this.page that has some free response.questions, so this is really why we.wanted to create an additional nonprofit.survey was to be able to hear.more about nonprofit organizations and.allow those nonprofits that are applying.the opportunity to really share their.story and demonstrate the impact that.they have on our community. So as we're.walking through, and we haven't done.this for every question, we wanted to.include some examples of strong answers.as if we were applying for LEAP..Just to clarify LEAP will not be.applying for this grant, but our example.responses hopefully will serve serve to.help other people create strong.responses. So for this first question,."please describe how your organization's.mission connects to helping tri-county.residents in the wake of COVID-19," for.nonprofits this question is worth up to.five points and here is really where you.want to state your organization's.mission and then describe how it relates.specifically to the Lansing region's.recovery from COVID-19. So "how does your.organization support residents.specifically of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham.counties?" LEAP's answer, which is a little.hard to see on the screen right now, it's.a strong response because it clearly.states LEAP's mission statement as well.as our direct objectives and then we're.stating that our service area is.actually exactly the tri-county region.and then we connect our work with.business attraction and business.retention to how that will affect COVID-19 recovery for small businesses and our.region's general economic well-being. So.then once you answer that question, now.we want to know how does your.organization actually accomplish this.mission? This question is really important,.it's worth up to 10 points and it's.really the nonprofit's opportunity to.dive further into what your organization.does to accomplish its mission. Be as.specific as possible in demonstrating.your impact on the community. The main.goal here is to give a lot of details.about your organization's activities and.you can also explain how, if awarded.these grant funds, would help enable your.organization to build capacity and be.even more impactful. So LEAP's answer is.effective for this question because it's.it's very specific and it speaks.directly to how we accomplish our.mission. We include information about our.current programming as well as.investment numbers, exactly how many.entrepreneurs were helping. You don't.necessarily need to use a formal list.like we did here, whatever format works.for your organization will work for us,.and for the reviewers, but and further.down in our answer we also are able to.include annual and overall impact.statistics. If your organization has.anything like this, that would be really.great to include here. I pulled those.numbers directly from an annual report,.so you could find that kind of.information helpful for your answer to.this question. [KEITH] And I think for all of.these as far as I know, there is no.character cap, so generally speaking the.more the better. Tell your story.here and as we go through the.application you'll see that there's not.all that many opportunities for kind of.free response, tell-your-story.type moments, and from our perspective.and the criteria and the review process,.those moments are really important.for you to kind of expand upon the.question and hit on some other things.that relate to the question. [RACHEL] Absolutely,.and that's why we wanted to provide a.few examples of what a good free.response answer could look like. A really.important component of that question.is also to include how you would use the.funds if they could help your.organization strengthen your community.impact, especially with everything that's.happening with COVID, as specific as you.can be in that aspect of the question is.beneficial as well. So next, we ask how.your organization is planning to expand.or adjust its services in.anticipation of the long-term effects of.COVID-19. This is worth up to five points.and for this question you'll really want.to detail, again keyword: detail, how your.organization is anticipating what.your services will look like to deal.with long term COVID effects. The health.and economic implications of this crisis.could make nonprofit services even more.important than they were before,.so addressing here how will COVID-19.affect your organization's work is.really what we're getting at. So the next.question asks what percent of your.nonprofit's annual funding comes from.government support or reimbursement. This.is pretty pretty straightforward, you'll.just want to put in a general percent of.your annual funding that typically comes.from government support. That could be.grants, reimbursements, memberships or.other types of funding. Similarly, the.next question about listing your funding.sources is also straightforward. You.would want to list what has been secured.for this year as well as for next fiscal.year in that box..[KEITH] Just as a note, it was asking me to enter.a percent but it didn't want a percent sign, so for.that question you're just putting an.actual digit number. [RACHEL] So the next.question is a select all that apply,.you'll want to select any and all boxes.that you feel your nonprofit's mission.fits into. If it doesn't fit into one of.these boxes, that's totally okay, you're.still eligible those are just priority.fields. In that case, you would want to.check "other" and then type in what your.nonprofit would identify with. Another.straightforward question after that: "does.51% or more of your nonprofit's board.identify as one or more of the following:.minority, women, veterans or persons with.disabilities?" So if a majority of your.board identifies with one or more of.those traits, you would click "yes" and if.not, "no." And then lastly, "what geographic.areas does your organization serve?" There.are no points associated with this, but.it will still be really important.context for reviewers. So here, be really.specific about what geographic area your.nonprofit is serving, where are your.services provided,.where are your members or clients.located. This could be a municipality a.county, multiple counties, all the way up.to a national or international.organization and client base. Just be.specific..Finally for this survey, we're asking.for proof of your organization's.nonprofit status, so this could be your.IRS 501 C determination letter, a current.license to solicit funds in the state of.Michigan or other similar document just.proving your tax-exempt status. As Keith hits next, I think it's important to note.there's also the save and continue later.function in this survey so that's.something we'll see in the statewide.application as well, but you can always.start and then return to this nonprofit.survey section as well. [KEITH] We'll go ahead.and hit "submit survey" here and then you.see it takes you right over to the.Michigan Economic Development.Corporation's website and this is their.landing page for the restart program and.as you scroll down just to be crystal.clear again with the movement from one.thing to another: from LEAP's page, that.was what would happen if you were a.nonprofit applying in the step three..Here if you click on the business.application button within LEAP's link it.will take you directly to that same.exact spot, so essentially your.nonprofit applicants are going through.this additional first step taking the.survey right on LEAP's website and then.they're getting funneled to the exact.same place as the typical business.applicants. So the key thing here again.you can you can look through the.information we do think in general I.don't know that we hit upon it enough,.but Tony talked through the criteria.and the listing of the partners who are.there to help applicants, we really think.that's first and foremost the best.landing page for every prospective.business and nonprofit out there in the.Lansing tri-county area that's looking at.applying for these funds. They can get an.understanding of how the review and the.criteria will look, what the key factors.are, they can get that technical.assistance and help, they can ask our.organization direct questions if.they're confused at any part and then of.course the application being hosted by.the MEDC they get there through our.process. We think it's a better.process to have them.start there rather than right at the.MEDC's website, but that is where the.application lives. So this blue button.here, "apply now," takes you over to the.Pure Michigan Business Connect space.which is where they have all of their.forms with the MEDC. Here as I.scroll down, you can see the details.associated with the program which were.articulated on the previous page and.similar to the content on LEAP's page,.it's directing us to go up here to the.forms tab. Once we click into that, again.additional background information and as.Victoria mentioned you know this is not.the place for you if you're an.applicant outside of the tri-county area.or a partner or an economic development.organization from another region, but if.you are, you can go to this link and find.the organization likely in some other.part of the state of Michigan that is.administering these funds. There's one.for every single county whether you're.in the UP or in Southeast Michigan or.in Traverse City area. Wherever you are.there's a group that is likely that is.administering these dollars and you can.find them there. It also gives you the.same information that was on LEAP's.website about where you can actually.call in if you have a technical issue.with your application. We're hoping that.we won't have any on this live.walkthrough here but that is.potentially something that can come up.knowing that a lot of people are.applying for these. As of Friday, we knew.there were already about 10,000.applications across the state,.so that's definitely you know a load.on any web server to take on this.number of applications. So we click this.start button here at the bottom and then.that takes me to again a description.about what the program is all about, the.same information about.how I can call it if I have an issue. I'm.gonna enter my email here and they'll.see if I'm already in their database..It's then telling me that an account has.been found because I've played around in.this before, so if not you would go.through the process of creating account.which is pretty quick and simple. I.think there is an email confirmation.process but it is again a pretty.simple standard process that you would.go through to create an account. And then.again, that is also how you have access.to log back in and find your application.to either change something you submitted.or work on it later. So as I click.continue there it associates with my.username and my account and then I need.to find or add my company, and similarly.when I type in Lansing Economic Area.Partnership it comes up because Lansing.Economic Area Partnership, LEAP, is.already listed in their database. So you.saw there, there was also the option.to add a company, so if you don't see.your company there you would search.whatever the name of your organization.is and then you would click "add" and you.go through the process of adding the.company to the database and having it be.associated with your username. Once you.have your organization, your business or.your nonprofit listed, you'll go ahead.and put in your address..Then click "request to join company" and.once you've requested to join the.company, this is actually where you're.getting into the application. So once you.see the instruction information, you'll.see that you actually have access to the.application form. So those are the three.things you have to do up front: log in to.an application account, find your company or add.your company to a listing and then add.your location, the physical address of.that that business or nonprofit. The.instructions speak to the eligibility.which again we'll see it is on.both LEAP's website and on the MEDC's.website, as well as listed right here and.you'll see the questions are in many.ways based upon this information so I.won't belabor the point here. One key.thing to note here is that it talks.about an applicant business.certification form, and what that.essentially is is a document, I will show.you what it looks like here. It is a.document that every applicant must sign.and it's in the format of a fillable PDF.form, so you just go through and fill out.all the different information fields..It's pretty quick to provide your.employer ID number, your business phone.number, contact information if you have.a DBA if you're "doing business as" or a.trade organization, put your name there. And one of the key things here is that.there are terms and a liability.waiver associated with applying for.a grant, essentially saying that you will.not file a lawsuit against LEAP or the.the Michigan Economic Development.Corporation or the Michigan Strategic.Fund, the entities that are authorized to.administer these funds, so that's an.important thing to go through and.provide a signature. The best way.I think to do that, and I know we've had.some questions about this piece, you can.go through depending on what you use to.edit PDFs you can either add in a.picture of your signature or you can go.through an e-signature process like Adobe Acrobat and I.think the Adobe Reader also offers that.but just depending on what what you.or your client are using to fill out the.application, you'll want to get this.signed and then fill out all the.fillable pieces. At this time, even though.it is a part of the fillable application,.the local Economic Development.Corporation is not taking any action on.this, so you would just fill out your box.outside of this bottom section, fill that.out and save it on your computer and.then you will reference it again later.in the application. [TONY] And Keith, on that.application at the very top there's a.section where they want you to state.your region that you're applying for on.the very top of that certification.form I believe. It's kind of.hidden there... [KEITH] Oh yeah, the very first.thing, good call. So this, here you would.put LEAP, the Lansing Economic Area.Partnership, like it's spelled, that would help....So there you go. That is.a very important thing, that's where.you're stating the the region that.you're associated with for the restart.program, thank you Tony. [TONY] Absolutely. [KEITH] So.that's a key element, you'll want to.have applicants work through that and.make sure to save it on their computer.in a place that they can readily access.it later on and basically that's one of.the last things they fill out before.submitting the whole application..Similarly, another attachment-type.question is around a W-9 form. A lot of.businesses will already have, or nonprofits,.will already have a recent W-9 filled out,.but in case you don't you can download.the blank form very easily, it's.hyperlinked there, pull up that again in.the format of a fillable PDF form so you.can go through and provide your employee.identification number or social security.number if you don't have an EIN and.that's another document that you'll be.required to submit before completing the.application. [TONY] And just like the document,.the certification form document, you also.need to add.through Adobe Reader or Acrobat your.signature to the W-9 as well. It's further.down the second page there,.or first page, apologies, right in the.middle of the first page. Scroll up just.a little bit more, Keith, right there.under certification part two and that's.where you add your signature and date..Those areas unfortunately are not fillable.but to apply those using the same method.that you did on the previous document.that'd be perfect..And so Keith, I'll jump in here,.you know take turns, and so.after you save those forms you know save.them to your desktop or folder so you.can easily access them later, because at.the very end you need to upload those.forms when pressing submit. Here's.some more information definitions about.the underrepresented categories, what they.mean: minority-owned, so keeping people of.color, they go down list what that is and.it's 51% or more to have that business.certified as a minority-owned or person.of color business, women-owned and veteran-.owned the exact same methodology applies:.51% or greater. Application instructions.more the detail and this is a good part.here to mention that this application is.open until August 5th it states that.again here, so there is no rush right.away, so if you want to take your time and.just like on the previous one you can.submit and because you create a.profile, you can come back here and make.edits all the way until 11:59 p.m..August 5th. We recommend, you know,.probably not to wait until the last minute.like that, but you have plenty of time to fill.out and look at your answers and before.it's due. So there's no rush of.urgency, it's not a first-come.first-served basis. Moving down here is.more FAQ's, talks about the DocuSign, other.things to use help sign the forms, you get.the email confirmation after submitting.the form so you will know that your form.has been successfully submitted and recieved by the MEDC..moving down to the blue section here.this is additional information.they said the graduation earlier about.your profile this is more information.directly towards the business that.you're applying for so this is the leak.with the art business in city we do not.have the DBA I guess leaf would be our.DBA and instead of the Lansing economic.partnership been here there's two I.often see here if you have a iin that is.the preferred one but if you don't you.can also input your text identification.number on the top but yah n is the.preferred methodology to apply your.business for if your so notice there is.well with Tony's point that the the ein.is a required field yes yes lifted.whereas the tax ID number is not so for.everyone that is able the preference is.to fill out the ein and then that.precludes you from having to fill out.the tax identification number as well as.the social security number that is.requested later on which is also.optional correct then if you don't have.a he I n you would fill out your social.security number.just like you fill out a w-9 form.because I'd most like you are so.proprietor in that level so you have.fought your social security number in.those fields moving forward just more.information in your basic contact.information email name how you get.contact with you nothing tricky at all.in this part here and this is important.for any applicants that might be filing.on behalf of their their owner as a.business I myself and not the CEO of.leap I'm just doing this kind of as a.demo but it is important like if for.example a manager might be filing on.behalf of the you know a restaurant.owner for instance that it is important.to have the business owners details here.rather than the actual person applying.and filling out the application so.that's an important distinction because.a lot of the the understanding and we.a mandates to have at least 30% of the.funds go towards underrepresented group.and that is defining for type Holden.Kristin who is actually applying for the.great good clarification there Keith.here you talk about there the SSN or ein.as provided above we discussed that.earlier so this will be where you can.visually apply your that information.right there.and here comes regarding eligibility so.this first so there's five questions in.this eligibility section here the first.is if you have received previous funds.from the relief effort which took place.in April so you would select on where.did you receive those funds from which.one of these CDOs you receive those.funds from and so if you received funds.from the rule the relief grants in April.that have been the amount of $10,000 so.us like leek and $10,000 but if you were.another area you could have applied.somewhere else as well I guess you would.select the other communities as well and.the amounts they award it for their.ideas for their extremes as well and.then none you don't have to you know.since only 60 individuals were awarded.funds the last round there's a majority.that will not select this button so you.don't put none which is an effect anyway.for that part there next step is and the.rest needs questions here you have to.answer yes on because these are really.saying that your business has been.negatively affected by Cova 19 has to.adjust because of copa90 these are.making sure that qualifying if you were.eligible for this program versus their.eligibility questions all base.eligibility so if you answer no one any.of these people I believe it gives them.red notice or a note may be correct yeah.I think for these ones I don't know I.haven't actually hit submit with with no.as one of these but I think it tells you.that you there's a different message.that you're not eligible for for the.grant opportunity when you select no.right now.keep does it bring up okay no it is that.okay I thought it brought up bigot.doesn't until you hitched in that okay.so you make sure the answer you know.honestly but zexion eligibility that was.mentioned through multiple times here.who's eligible for these funds and this.is members now certifying their.answering gas even on that certification.form but they didn't fill out that.billable Vidya the exact same.information that was being asked that's.another level redundancy to make sure.people understand who is really eligible.and who will receive these funds and.that is a good point within that form.there is language that talks about you.verifying that you know these are the.the honest truth and accurate to the.best of your ability the best of your.knowledge so just like I guess a simple.expectation but obviously if the answer.is no you know that that just means.you're not eligible for this program.correct one thing that's important to.note here and there's two separate.questions later on but the the 50 or.fewer employees found that that.employees right here is defined as all.full-time employees as well as all.part-time employees as well as all 1099.contractors so essentially it's all.workers rather than employees it's.anyone that is consistently on the.payroll in any format essentially as.it's counted towards this this fifty.number here okay so at the date of March.16th as well as the date of application.correct I saw a question popped up on an.answer that cross this eligibility.section please note that that you're not.disqualified if you received other.monies from other programs as in there.are other grants from different.anticipate ease that were providing.assistance for those that were impacted.by Cova 19 initially when this restart.program was launched any previous.recipient of funds were not allowed to.move forward so that was.the Relief Fund so if you receive money.from the city of Lansing's program.that's totally fine you're not.disqualified we assumed I was East.Lansing's Relief Program totally fine.you're not disqualified so just make.sure you're clear and those other.programs do not impact your eligibility.for this restart program and yeah and.the same applies to federal dollars.whether it's SBA loans or that you know.the new kovat related PPP or the.emergency disaster loan or other monies.from the state level whether it's match.on main or the Michigan small business.relief program grants or loans there is.no program out there that you could have.applied for and that's something that.changed at least in terms of the.Michigan small business relief program.formerly grantees were ineligible but.now even the ones that have received.grants before are still eligible for.this program so that's that's an.important thing that if you're working.with applicants or if you're a potential.applicator so receiving funds from the.state local or federal level even if in.the past does not disqualify you from.this program as long as you meet those.other eligibility criteria under 50.employees.I've been negatively impacted or I can.have to modify the answer is apply apply.apply yes yes yeah there you go.so moving forward here this is getting.to be more detailed information about.who the applicant is and the ownership.structure so you can select as many that.determined your race ethnicity you have.to select all five you weren't there or.no but it's okay to it's they're all.fine like one says asian-american I.would say that includes Pacific Islander.it's say that's encompasses in that area.it's they have Hawaiians and Native.American in the above area which is.rightfully so but I just make sure that.when we look at would you determine a in.that realm that would fall under the.asian-american category.moving down here a woman-owned it's a.simple yes-or-no answer better and owned.as well yes sir.no what is the business nonprofit.physical address per.there the city where the nonprofit is.located.cowering.Evans you know basic milling information.and location here because the business.not profit has multiple locations so if.you click yes you enter the address of.the other locations.so essentially you know so we have.operations and we're just one here one.Main Street okay so you keep your just.input where they located at for further.clarification because as we go down the.line you'll see why.you.the owner has multiple businesses so the.owner and owns not just this one busy.supplying for our that she's applying.for they would also the detail and give.information about what those other.businesses are nonprofits are in this.section as well and its business.franchise so there are three options.here locally owned operated majority.owned operated by individual so.majority-owned is that now these are.these last two or more trickier ends.we've had different variations of this.form here but as you know locally owned.operated somebody buys into a franchise.majority owned by individual is that you.can go in a partnership agreement with a.franchise you'll have to own the full.outright of that business itself in that.location you can have enough know 60%.54% ownership and that actual.corporation can only remaining piece or.a variation of the corporation or the.partner could own pieces of that.franchise together and I think that's.where that is a detail there and then.maggiore owned by a group is where a.number of folks have like a collective.or like an LLC come into that franchise.or a variant of groups can only two.extinct or franchise Rachel can you.speak to the the criteria elements.associated with this yeah so for this.franchise question we recognize that it.doesn't make a whole lot of sense for.our nonprofit applicants they would.probably simply select no and that's.okay there's no points associated with.it for nonprofits for businesses this.question is worth up to five points if.your business is not a franchise and you.select no than that that's worth five.points.however if your business is a franchise.and you select that you are locally.owned and operated.that is also worth three points so be.sure to select that answer if your.locally owned and operated and that.would again mean that the majority of.your ownership lives in the Lansing.three County region of Clinton Eden and.Ingham counties thanks Rachel.yeah moving.how many employees does your business or.nonprofit have as of March 16th 2020.where's the current number of employees.how many employees we were retained as a.result of the funding from this grant.and again with the number of employees.when they use this word this is.full-time part-time contractor kind of.the whole gamut and this number needs to.be under 50 both of these numbers need.to be under 50 in order to be eligible.spot-on.and as a result how many employees will.be hired as a result of the funny from.this grant and hired our employees that.you're bringing back on to work as well.so you had a furlough individuals are.layoffs those individuals coming back on.well because they're hired again for.that category so I just changed this to.show that back in March we had 14.employees today we have 13 let's say one.was furloughed or temporarily laid off.we're gonna say we're bringing that.person back because we're hoping to.receive a $10,000 grant through this.program just as one example so really.it's you know if it's true job creation.that works to a brand-new hire but if.it's also bringing someone back we know.a lot of people are in some sort of.temporary layoff or or furlough.situation so we were considering that.job creation as it pertains to this.question and Sookie from this.another important note here the average.salary or hourly wage for current.employees and this does take an effect.of the owners salary as well Keith it.does not Rachel do you want to spend yep.for this question we're asking.applicants to state the average wage or.salary for their employees and we are.asking to exclude the business owners.compensation in this this number so.that's an important thing to think about.and it does say salary or wage I think.it's probably preferable I guess we're.gonna get both formats either way but.I'd say we you know we probably want to.standardize it to one or the other but.yeah that's an important caveat too so.whatever the business owners.compensation is would not be factored in.and you know whatever their their hourly.average for the rest of the employees.that's what the answer would be yeah and.as it says there guess it's on we can to.turn we can dictate how they fill out.whether it's you know the annual amount.or the hourly rate but we'll be able to.break it down let's receive it on the.reviewing process does the business.nonprofit sell products or services.physically in person you can select no.or yes either way there this kind of in.the case how Kovan has impacted if you.were more in the realm that we're.dealing really face-to-face or your you.know your service business they have to.go home to other people's homes or.houses or a pair stuff like that and of.crowded areas Cobra has definitely.probably impacted you more than the.latter.Rachel tell us about this question is I.know this is an important one in terms.of kind of answering beyond just what.the question is asking yeah absolutely.so as you may have noticed there are.very few true free response questions on.the statewide application to those.opportunities that business applicants.do get.they're really important so this.question is worth up to five points for.both businesses and nonprofits if you.answer yes you have the opportunity for.a free response question you'll want to.describe here what adjustments your.organization has made to COBIT in order.to continue to be viable so for example.did your business alter manufacturing.processes to produce PPE is a really.classic example or are you expanding.your online presence to continue to.remain visible or offering outdoor.seating for if if you're a restaurant as.your nonprofit shifted its one-on-one.services that used to be in person to.over video chat now but you just want to.be very specific about how your.organization has innovated to adapt to.the situation caused by kovat 19 and how.you are able to remain relevant.so for leap a big part of our story.would be that we have pivoted to address.the new needs that have come up from.businesses in our area as keeps typing.out this includes PPE purchasing for.employees and helping facilitate.donations for our local health system.another thing that leap in particular.could speak to here is that we have been.heavily involved in grant facilitation.through the state and with this program.as well with care exact dollars and.although that doesn't necessarily bring.in funding that will ensure leap is.financially viable into the future our.funding comes from memberships and so we.are always striving to show why it's.good to invest in leap and how we are.impactful for this region and so as the.region's needs have changed we have.shifted likewise what our services are.to remain.vital and relevant in the eyes of our.members and helpful for our community.so the key here as with all other free.response question is just to be as.specific as possible.and even go beyond a little bit.potentially what the questions asking.and demonstrating how your organization.is thinking about maintaining its.relevancy in a post coded world yeah get.detailed provide numbers where you can.similar to you know how the nonprofit is.acting on their mission essentially this.this is really an opportunity for the.applicant to get to go further as Rachel.said and give a lot more information.about what Cove is meant to them and how.they you know how they pivoted how they.come up with solutions how they've been.creative to keep their operations.running and keep servicing their their.customers clients employees visitors.whatever it might be and as Rachel.mentioned this is one of a few sections.where there's that narrative piece where.there's you can go and beats it I think.out the entire application might be.three questions that allow you to.further explain and give credit more of.a story and more detail how and what.your business is it's better opportunity.to have your business shine in the.application process so take advantage of.it and it's you know we don't want to.make fronting novel per se but you.definitely don't skimp on details that.are important and and do you so justice.to highlight your successes and what.I've done and how you pivot to adjust.its in cope 19 this next question is.similarly important and Rachel can go.through kind of what it means from a.criteria and review points perspective.about each one that you select so you're.going to be asked to describe I'm so.depending on if the answer is yes and.you know the client or the the applicant.works with a lot of these different.groups they're going to have a free.response associated with each one of.those yeah so speaking of letting your.business shine this is probably the most.important question for that this.question is worth up to five points for.nonprofits and up to 15 points for.businesses so this is particular.important for business applicants to.really spend a lot of attention on this.question it's the main way that we are.able to allocate points for the love.Lansing Community Impact review section.it's like you said you can select all.that apply.selecting one or more of those groups.does not necessarily impact your score.whether you select one or select four.it's more going to be in the quality of.the programming that you provide and.what types of details you're able to.provide to demonstrate your.organization's impact in the community.the nonprofit survey allows us to get.more information about nonprofits but.for businesses this is really the most.relevant and important question for that.very important category category again.just be very specific about how exactly.your organization positively impacts the.groups that you select another really.important note for this question if you.are a business owner or a non-profit.executive that identifies as a person.with a disability we ask that you please.check that persons with disabilities box.on this question and indicate that you.identify as a person with a disability.or rather the business owner does in.that free response answer section so for.leap leap would probably select two.boxes here that economically.disadvantaged box and then also there's.a box for small businesses with less.than few with less than 50 employees so.we would want to give really detailed.descriptions for each of those boxes and.this one's a little bit tricky because.the box itself only has one line so it.you can see it ends up being very long.but it still doesn't have a character.limit so do I would encourage people to.you know put a good amount of content in.here again not write a novel but a good.paragraph about you know how they're.really engaging with that specific group.and their hiring practices or in there.you know community service or community.engagement philanthropic you know.targeted efforts to you know to sell.products or services whatever it might.be you know tell the story there because.that's going to be an important piece.yeah.and so because this is such an important.question and it's a little hard to see.the text.I think I'll actually read just one of.leaps responses or examples for that.economically disadvantaged box because.it really does demonstrate what type of.detail would be ideal for an applicant.to be able to provide of course in in.leaps case we're talking about.programming that we're putting on for.businesses that might focus more on.hiring it might focus more on what types.of community events you're participating.in what types of products or services.are you offering who's your main.clientele all of that kind of.information could go into one of these.responses but for leap we specifically.are talking about our new one and all.program and so the answer reads leaps.one and all program is designed to.increase successful entrepreneurship and.small business ownership among.underrepresented populations including.people of color women persons with.disabilities immigrants military.veterans or racial and ethnic minority.groups refugees and returning citizens.across Clinton eaten and Shiawassee.counties who all fall below the allas.threshold which is commonly known as the.working poor over the next two years one.and all Burrell offer 60 entrepreneurs a.unique combination of business and.communication training coaching.mentoring and $2,500 in seed money in a.two month program so that answer really.provides details about how we are.impacting that specific population.economically distressed what is the.program how much funding is provided.through the program how long is it that.type of very specific detail if you have.it we want.here it in this question spot on so.moving forward more simple questions.here regarding you know length of being.business please list other relief.funding amounts received from state.local so this could be any of those.programs does not disqualify at all but.it gives more context and how many.resources how active you were and that.space getting resources how successful.you are getting those resources so it's.just more contextual piece so please.insert that in there.yeah and for that one another thing you.can do if you did receive PPP or you.know a city level relief grant or.anything like that please list the.program name as well as the amount and.then also if the answer is none you can.go beyond that and say I applied for.this but did not receive and that sort.of information is useful for us here as.well just to provide a little bit more.context you know if you've been going.after funds and just haven't been.successful now that's something you.could also provide here yes if I don't.keep I think that and then and giving.reasons why that's be great to have.understanding so questions about rent.now please note that if you're a sole.proprietor and if this was your.home-based business you would not put.your entire mortgage or your your.apartment rent in that category really.you would hopefully allocate the space.of your business activities and your.dwellings and appropriate that amount to.the amount that you're paying there so.just like sue your tax filings you would.say I used you know six hundred square.feet of my home for business for.business purposes and that's that.percentage will should be allocated in.that amount so we do have some.home-based businesses or surprises.applying here so that's something to be.allocated as we noted on how you detail.your actual.of your actual cost I'd be a heck of a.Home Office Tony good for you yeah nice.let's see yeah so this is the revenue.was a great question here to determine.we want to pretty much a year of the.year.so a county year what was your revenue.for last year in 2019 so well inserting.leaps amount that way and then you'll.see the percentage of loss since March.1st of this year which really shows how.much if kovat has impacted your business.and sales during this time we know that.some revenue could be deferred revenue.that could be coming later on that's.some of your clients or customers might.have to pay at that point times what.happened but that's okay you I was.looking to that as a loss at this point.time because that's unknown we know that.you had have money coming in at that.point in time is that in at that point.right now I'll consider it as a loss.yeah and then one good thing to point.out here is that you know there's an.impact and it's challenging we talked to.that maybe see about this because some.businesses have actually experienced.additional revenue but they're having.different issues due to Kovan and.there's not really a way to answer this.is it specifically says revenue loss but.generally what we recommend doing is.taking a look at one period in 2019 and.then looking at the same period in 2020.that's that's in covent times so as an.example looking at I think ideally it.would be March the books from March.through June of 2019 and then looking.through that exact same period for 2020.that's the boat isn't as.apples-to-apples as you can possibly get.yeah you're going to come out with you.know one number here one number here you.just look at the percentage difference.and then that's your answer to this.question we were hoping that they'd be a.little bit more specific so each.applicant will be answering exactly the.same thing but so that's.what we would suggest people do if.that's too challenging you could also.just look at a singular month perhaps.April since that was for many businesses.that was the least active full month of.operations this past year so you could.look at April 2019 is April 2020 and.take the percent difference this is a.really important question but I know you.know just based on the way it's written.we're probably not gonna have a whole.lot of consistency across responses so.just kind of take that into account but.we do recommend that kind of apples to.apples approach and as you see there's.space for you to fill out that as Keith.mentioned in a way that really show be.the change in revenue year over year so.what capacity of is ring and it's four.options for this one on the drop-down.whether it's a hundred percent seventy.five percent fifty or none or twenty.five do not select what that means to.you now 25 percent close those you know.those are different you can still be.running very minimally but it's just be.aware that what you're putting in I.think if we were over arching output how.that change since the Coke machine has.happened does your this is another great.question here that allows more narrative.this next one does the business size not.proper use local vendors or suppliers so.click yes says please explain this.really show there's another great area.to showcase how your business is.connected into the overall fabric of the.Lansing economy and experience by using.those other local vendors in our region.so imagine if you were key part has our.pie plate answer there but imagine if.you were a restaurant or a cleaning.service or you know could be healthcare.profession office what other resources.are using from our region for your.business and so whether if your.restaurant you can using other local.vendors for your meat for cleaning.products for you know.those type of things how do you make.this connected to the overall Lansing.experienced economy so don't skip on.narrative we received and I guess you.can put in let's really a clarification.here if this is more of a local.individual business that's even better.because we know there are some that we.have answers that if I'm a restaurant.and I am buying XML my goods from Costco.which is okay is there Costco is in our.region but it's not necessarily a local.business it's not a locally owned.business in our region it's something.that's we know it the level of where you.using your supplies it doesn't affect.you but it's the better way that.showcase if you're using something from.a local truly locally home business.highlight that here but I will you can.list all those vendors Costco Gordon.food services XY and Z clear here in our.region but they really locally owned we.should note that note those clearly in.the section so this is your primary.industry that you're in tons of options.think there's maybe fourteen there's.about fifteen options there's also an.other in case you look through all of.these and you say uh none of these are.really what I do there's an other and if.you click on other you'll have a fill in.it please explain and you can you can.tell more about what exactly it is for.example we notice that you know like.private sector either is a private.sector school or education consulting.type groups are not really well.represented on here so you could select.other and fill that out this is an.important one too for nonprofits make.sure you select nonprofit here because.this will also be a trigger for someone.that may have not seen leaps website on.the front end of their experience and.they went straight to the state.application this would be one of the.triggers that would make us know that ok.this applicant is a non-profit they need.to also complete our nonprofit survey.and then we.be communicating to make sure that they.they are doing that before the the end.of the application period and then this.one details all the different type of.filings you can be our entity types for.your business going below for nonprofits.it's any nonprofit designation and so.people are you know are familiar for the.500 501 C 3 but there's actually like 28.different types of 501 C categories 1.through 28 I believe so if you're not I.wouldn't see 3 or C 6 or religious with.the most commonly used as you can list.those other ones in here and other I'm.going for detail as well it's also.important to note so leap for example is.a 501 C 3 so we've selected that another.thing that happens when you select.nonprofit as your business or nonprofit.type is that this question pops up.asking you to describe your nonprofit.mission and Rachel do you want to speak.to this and kind of the difference.between this versus what was already.asked in the survey for nonprofits yeah.yes this this question looks and feels.very similar to the first question on.the nonprofit survey that asks.specifically about your nonprofits.mission and how you impact the.tri-county region so this question is.just a little bit broader than the one.previously asked your answers might be.very similar to the two and that's.totally ok there are not points directly.associated with this for nonprofits what.it's going to do is just provide.reviewers with more context and just a.little bit more background about your.organization thanks Rachel so the next.question gets into if you're awarded the.grant how are you going to be spending.those funds and you can as a note select.all that apply and then with each you do.select you'll have an opportunity to.describe how you would use those funds.with a little bit of a narrative and.then also provide the amount.for instance the way that that leap and.and our partners have decided to.categorize the funds a nonprofit will be.requesting $10,000 a micro business with.one to nine employees would be.requesting $10,000 and a traditional.small business of 10 to 50 employees.would be requesting $20,000 so with that.thinking in mind you could go through.here and say okay as a business with 20.employees we're gonna have $20,000 to.spend I want to spend it on you know.these three different items and then.provide that breakdown so ideally it.would add up to the amount you expect to.receive and then you'd be describing how.if a work rewarded with the $20,000.grant how you would break up those funds.and use them to support your business.and make sure it can you know keep.people employed and also make you feel.stronger moving forward through this.pandemic I'm just gonna say we're.spending as a nonprofit if we were to.get $10,000 and funds I'm saying we're.spending it all on on payroll then I.would also want to include a narrative.about what that means.perhaps covering two months of 50%.salaries or provide a little detail.there and similarly to the next question.this is asking you the grant funding.requested theoretically an applicant can.fill in whatever amount they want in our.region we are as I mentioned we kind of.have these three different categories so.rather than have an applicant request.what might become kind of an arbitrary.number anywhere between $1 and I guess a.min minimum of something but anything up.to $20,000 we're just breaking it down.we're you know larger traditional small.businesses are requesting 20,000.nonprofits and micro businesses are.requesting 10,000 it makes it that our.life a little bit easier on the.administrative front.we also think that there's just a need.for a certain sense of kind of equality.across the board for different types of.businesses so that's that's the overall.approach so whether you know they might.put in here $5,000 it won't matter what.they're requesting though they will.receive funds per the category that they.fit into either based on their.employment number or if they're a.non-profit or business Tony do you want.to talk through the how do you actually.submit the effort there the uploaded.documents yeah absolutely.so as you self I was totally on set this.process here those two debt applications.are sorry two documents the one the.certification form which you would then.press upload files you would select that.file.hopefully you save it so we're easily.accessible then you go down to the w-9.form and repeat that process with the.baby nine form itself please note that.you would they mentioned earlier about.the DocuSign whether it's Adobe other.things so make sure you put your actual.signature on those documents so follow.through with that that's a important.step there they won't be received or.accepted without the proper signature on.those but once you have those documents.uploaded you and you put out all the.questions you are now ready to put them.hit the big button that says submit this.is the moment of truth and so did.everything okay that's right Keith let's.see here actually kind of I want to show.them what happens when you don't so I.want to go back and make sure that I.have something wrong let's I'll just not.fill out a question somewhere I will not.provide my ein see so when you submit.when there's an error it's going to take.you to this screen and let you know what.the red box that a certain thing was.wrong I was lucky that was the only.thing I messed up.is a pretty good run through so in the.ein because it's a required field I do.need to go back down to that.unfortunately it doesn't call it out for.you it just tells you up here so you'll.have to have applicants focus on what.the error is and go and find that.question.it doesn't really highlight it in any.other way as you're kind of scrolling.through so just a little bit more of a.careful eye and we'll find right there.yeah and so if some other forms you know.that the question itself would be.highlighted or bolded or in red or.something like that and again it doesn't.even have to be and the ein I can just.put the number one and then it's a.number and then the form will allow me.to hit submit down at the bottom so now.that we've corrected for that we hit.submit and now telling me there's two.more errors answering so they have a.problem with the form that I uploaded.now this is an error that I've heard.from a few people that they had issues.because it's even though I upload a.document it's asking me that it is.telling me that an answer is required so.if I scroll back down to that look at.the certification it's not really a.clear thing to do here Tony have you run.into this issue I have not now Keith I.know that the files that we are.submitting are not the files because I.think you're going past the limit of.space they I think the big if that was.the what do you think Governor Whitmer.is a restart plan that's a pretty big.document you know that was the different.phases and graphics on that document.that that could be the cause and that it.looks like it's under a megabyte let me.try I'll just put in something different.it doesn't have.I spoke to someone who had this error.yesterday I believe her I've had a good.weekend so Sunday yeah but he was able.to finally just delete and re-upload and.then eventually it did work let's give.it another try here with a couple.pictures uploaded ah there use instead.so this is the page you should see if.you get through the application.successfully you'll see they give you a.confirmation number which is good to.kind of keep in mind you can write it.down if that helps you.but this confirmation page does mean.that you've successfully submitted an.application for the restart program in.anywhere in the state I guess but with.leap and through our process in the the.Lansing tri-county area you can they do.reference this additional information.which is where if an applicant went.straight to the state's website this is.where they might be able to find out.more information about leaf the local.reviewer and administrator of the funds.in the Lansing area.similarly if they have any questions.they're going to be able to to send an.email there so it also talks about the.reviewing and editing process and that.that will go right up till midnight on.August well 11:59 haha I guess fit on.Wednesday so that's you have all that.time to go back in and we're going to be.continuing to communicate with all the.applicants and let them know that and.encourage them to look at the criteria.and look at the review process and.understand how things will be stored and.we want to be very transparent with all.of that to help give everyone a good.fighting chance to write a really.compelling application and receive some.grant funds so that's kind of the goal.here and people can go back in and edit.so especially for our our Dei and our.local partners on the phone we'd really.encourage people to know to go back into.their application and not just spend a.half out half an hour on this here in.the first week click submit and then be.done with it if they want to have the.best chance of receiving the funds it.really is worth their time looking.to the criteria working with partners.calling up some people and talking.through their application questions and.answers and going through all that so I.think I also because I filled this out I.also get this this email confirmation.and that's another method by which I can.go in and edit the submission so maybe I.just remembered that I actually in my.ein I just put one digit instead of my.actual yeah and that's gonna not be good.so I can go to edit submission and then.it tells me I need to sign in or sign up.so again since we've already logged in.everyone at this point should be able to.just sign in luckily it knows who I am.so I go back into my application signed.into successfully and then there I am.right back in with all my answers.already prefilled exactly the way I had.submitted them before so I can go back.into this and say okay that you know I.need to give it an actual number here.make sure I can correct that or you know.I want to add to a narrative I wanna you.know upload a different a different type.of document a different form whatever.you want to do in your document you can.get right back in and do that.and then go right back down everything's.there the uploaded files are still there.so you're still good to go and then just.resubmit except there's an error okay so.now it's not like in my forms again okay.so I think there's a little bit of.quirkiness around the forms it seems I.know a number of people that have worked.with applicants that have this issue.I've had this issue now three times so I.think we might just encourage people to.go back in and re-upload it doesn't seem.to have a problem with the type of files.or necessarily even the size of the.files although they do have the max but.most PDFs or Word docs or picture files.are going to be under yeah under the ten.so there you go I just had to resubmit.the same document so did I just keep in.mind that that might be a little.technical glitch that you could come.across I mean it encourage people to.resubmit the same file and it should.work just fine.and then they're back to their.confirmation page and they've.successfully hopefully reviewed and.edited and they've put together a really.the best application they possibly can.and that will be what we will end up.reviewing.

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  3. Now, sign in to your registered Google account.
  4. Open the link of the document and choose the option 'Open in e-sign'.
  5. Choose the option of 'My Signature'.
  6. Generate your signature and put it in the document where you choose.

After placing your e-sign, send your document or share with your team members. What's more, CocoSign give its users the options to merge PDFs and add more than one signee.

How to create an electronic signature for the Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of in Gmail?

in Today's era, businesses have remodeled their workflow and evolved to being paperless. This involves the signing document through emails. You can easily e-sign the Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of without logging out of your Gmail account.

Follow the key elements below:

  1. Get the CocoSign extension from Google Chrome Web store.
  2. Open the document that needs to be e-signed.
  3. Choose the "Sign” option and write your signature.
  4. Choose 'Done' and your signed document will be attached to your draft mail produced by the e-signature app of CocoSign.

The extension of CocoSign has taken care of your problem. Try it today!

How to create an e-signature for the Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones have substantially replaced the PCs and laptops in the past 10 years. In order to taken care of your problem, CocoSign aids to sign the document via your personal cell phone.

A high quality internet connection is all you need on your cell phone and you can e-sign your Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of using the tap of your finger. Follow the key elements below:

  1. Click the website of CocoSign and create an account.
  2. Next, choose and upload the document that you need to get e-signed.
  3. Choose the "My signature" option.
  4. Write down and apply your signature to the document.
  5. Check the document and tap 'Done'.

It takes you shortly to place an e-signature to the Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of from your cell phone. Print or share your form whatever you like.

How to create an e-signature for the Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of on iOS?

The iOS users would be satisfied to know that CocoSign give an iOS app to assist them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of, work with the CocoSign app wthout doubt.

Here's instruction place an electronic signature for the Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of on iOS:

  1. Add the application from Apple Store.
  2. Register for an account either by your email address or via social account of Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload the document that needs to be signed.
  4. Choose the space where you want to sign and choose the option 'Insert Signature'.
  5. Draw your signature as you prefer and place it in the document.
  6. You can send it or upload the document on the Cloud.

How to create an electronic signature for the Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of on Android?

The great popularity of Android phones users has given rise to the development of CocoSign for Android. You can insert the app for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

You can place an e-signature for Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of on Android following these key elements:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
  2. Upload your PDF file that needs to be signed electronically by choosing on the "+” icon.
  3. Click the space where you need to place your signature and write it in a pop up window.
  4. Finalize and adjust it by choosing the '✓' symbol.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Print and share your document, as desired.

Get CocoSign today to assist your business operation and save yourself a large amount of time and energy by signing your Lansing Individual Income Tax Forms And City Of on the Android phone.

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