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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Completing Payroll Online Service Center POSC Online

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The Definite Guide to Payroll Online Service Center POSC

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Must-knows concerningPayroll Online Service Center POSC

okay so now I'm recording it darn it.I forgot I need to put a note like on my.monitor record this idiot so the.recording just started we were talking.about payroll and what we didn't forget.recorded as the fact that we went in and.we created a new vendor called ADP and.then we went to preferences and we.enabled our payroll service and we.selected ADP and I talked a lot about.the importance of using the Contacts tab.properly when you set up a vendor you.put in your points of contact very.important and I think a lot of people do.not use that feature so and then we went.to the employee payroll items and I was.saying that you typically just set up.the general tab like you would whether.you are creating paychecks or not you.you'll create the earnings tab and.populate it you don't create it you.populate it just like you would if you.were creating paychecks you're probably.going to have deductions of some kind.like 401k health insurance things like.that so you're going to populate the.deductions tab normally you're not going.to have taxes because ADP does that and.that's why you hired ADP you don't wanna.have to worry about taxes so there's no.taxes to think about and that's.important for Canada for example because.if you use an outside payroll service we.don't have Canadian taxes and that's.just fine because you don't need to.worry about any of this you might have.additions and additions or things like.paying people back for travel expenses.normally I like to see that on a second.check probably you've all heard me say.that time off you'll definitely have.time off sick time vacation time paid.time off so that's gonna be filled out.there'll be no such thing as employer.liabilities so taxes those are taxes you.are paying you and I take them out of.your check and I mail the check to the.government of the state.or electronically do it right and then I.have to match it and those are called.employer liabilities well I don't have.to set that up either so I don't have to.worry about taxes cuz a DPL do it.they're gonna take the taxes out and.make sure everybody gets paid and I.don't have to worry about my end of it.employer liabilities because ATP's gonna.take that money out of my bank account.so taxes come out of your paycheck by.ADP employer liabilities come out of my.bank account by ADP so I don't have to.worry about those two tabs now tax info.I probably don't have to worry about.this because ADP will but I should fill.it out just so I had this info on file.social date of birth with holdings that.you want now this is gonna change next.year but and it may not apply to Canada.but these are with holdings and things.that you might want to put in here and.they won't affect ADP per se because ADP.is gonna ask these questions elsewhere.they're gonna have a website where you.go in and you set up your employees and.this information doesn't matter to them.they're not going to be grabbing it but.you want to put that in here for.historical purposes and then as you guys.hopefully know we have a neat feature in.here called earning history and this.keeps track of all of your adjustments.to your compensation so when you come in.here and give somebody a raise this.automatically keeps track of that raise.so when you change how they make money.this keeps track of it and you notice.that it's not editable but there is a.memo field so you can put something like.offered her a raise and small promotion.something like that so that way you have.a record of payroll adjustments and the.reason why and then if you want to you.can put notes in their contact log but a.lot of people don't want to put wage.information in the con.tech log and I can understand why so the.contact log let's right-click remember.our three mouse click rule you're never.more than three mouse clicks away we.open up her contact log we may not want.to say something like gave her arrays.now I put this in here for demo purposes.so people can see what we can do with it.but we may want to say gave her a raise.and why and we might want to type in how.the annual review went but we may well.not we may want to avoid putting that in.there now why well because we might want.to give somebody permission to read the.contact log but we don't necessarily.want that person knowing their way does.the history of their wage and that's why.you might leave it out and that's one.reason why it's here alright so consider.that a mini audit trail that's how you.set somebody up and then you would set.up a salaried person how do you do that.you'd go to earnings and you'd put a.salary item in here and you type in.their salary amount and that's that so.once they're set up you hit save and.close it takes a while to close because.it goes through and it checks to make.sure that everything is about as good as.it needs to be so we put in a lot of.code in other words to try to make sure.that all of that was set up properly now.the next thing you do is you enable this.is paid by a payroll service that's.really important a lot of people forget.that part and call tech support so you.check that box now notice when I hover.over it there's no tooltip that's a.shame there should be tooltips.everywhere so I might write that down.and put a tooltip in myself but there.should be a tooltip there there isn't it.save and close now let's go to another.person Missy and open her up make sure.things look good for her go to menu go.to payroll items and.earnings and now she is an annual salary.so here is a salaried person and you put.in their salary and you put in their.taxes pull your liabilities same thing.but this is a salaried person and notice.that the earning ID says salary and.remember where those came from and this.is this would be true for Canadians as.well they would need to set up their.earnings so we go to payroll items list.and we look at earnings that's where it.came from so we set up a salary earning.item let's open it look at it there it.is and then once that was created it.became available for the employees here.so you would simply grab a new one from.this list and it's showing you the.earning items I'm not gonna actually add.one and then of course it's modifiable.editable you put in whatever amount you.want and you can change certain.properties and that's how you set up a.salaried person and I'll close that do.you want to save I shouldn't have made.any changes I'm gonna say no and then I.make sure that is paid by payroll.service is activated save and close.that's how we set everybody up I'll.pause there and see if there's any.questions about any of that.by payroll service only shows up after.you enable the preference yes yeah.good wine that's right yep and by the.way there's a good help topic on this.ear now I noticed it actually wasn't.available this morning when I was.preparing for a class today I couldn't.find it and I glad glad I checked and I.always check our help topics before my.training it was actually in there it.just wasn't enabled it was it was a.draft so I went in and I fixed it up I.made it public and I made sure it was.right and I fixed up some of the.formatting and some of the links were.broken so I try to go through these.before every class find that applicable.help topics and make sure they're all.good.so this help topic does a pretty good.job of explaining everything at least.setup what it doesn't do is it doesn't.tell you how to produce your paychecks.or anything like that but those are.covered under related topics here all.right so let's get rid of that let's go.to employees and go to timesheets these.are the four forms that we need to be.thinking about right here so the first.thing we do is enter timesheets and I.will find a day here it goes back to.like 2016 just because I'm on this demo.database but typically we would start.payroll payroll would typically start on.a Sunday so I'll pick the 22nd and then.I'll pick Ashley that hourly person now.remember timesheets can be created from.probably 10 or 15 different places in.the software there are they're like 10.or 15 places in the software that you.can create a timesheet and that's to.save time because in total opposite.early talk a lot of.floo right we all hear me say flow the.flow and if you come from a work order.it fills up the timesheet for you so.it's nice to come from a work order and.do a timesheet because you're not.starting from scratch in your sales.demos when you open this form or even as.you're a trainer when you open this form.and start from scratch it makes the.software look hard to use so be sure to.tell people if you do this from scratch.tell them and it's the worst place to do.it you wouldn't really want to come from.a work order whenever possible so your.first step is is to pick an earning item.and she's hourly but she could be.overtime why don't we pick overtime.automatically for you very complicated.to do that people ask for that all the.time when are you gonna make the.software automatically pay people.overtime there's different rules for.different companies different states and.we just don't want to get it wrong by.making you do it it's your problem it's.your burden and I don't mind telling.people the truth that's really why if it.were clear cut we would do it it's just.not clear-cut next step is is to pick.the customer that you were working for.if any and she might have been on this.job right there and classification she.might be a journeyman journey lady.journey one journey woman journeyman she.might be a master mechanic or other and.if you figure well that doesn't really.apply to me I don't care about that then.you can go to preferences and get rid of.that column if you want to was she.working on a work order so this will.show you all the work orders work orders.for what work orders for that job.now notice assigned to includes other.people's names which is kind of weird.but we did that because people got angry.when we took that away once upon a time.we filtered this to only show work.orders that were assigned to her.but we got a lot of complaints because.people use the software in strange ways.and that I point that out because that's.part of Tom's flexibility total office.manager is super flexible and arguably.that's one of the reasons why it's hard.to use it be easier to use if we only.allowed you to pick Ashley but people.said I want to pick Ashley's helper so.you can do that we won't get it into why.because that does seem odd but we were.convinced at one time that we should do.such a thing so I'll just pick someone.randomly normally we would pick Ashley.remember we would normally want to come.from a work order and have all this.filled out now workers comp code we can.have a default but what's Ashley's.workers come does she do sales what does.she do well she is a service tech so we.would pick maintenance or service and.repair she was doing service or.installed maybe she was an installer at.this time we'd picked that now why is.that important because there are reports.that will show you all of your wages.compared to the work comp code it'll.show you hours worked according to the.work comp code some people don't need.that some people do but her workers.compensation is gonna be more expensive.if she's doing installation work than.clerical and what if we made her half.clerical half install or half install.half sales what total office manager is.pretty unique we have a worker's comp.code for that reason because we would.like to be able to give to the insurance.company a report that says hey she.doesn't work full time doing install.she's also a manager and we could pick.manager when she's doing management and.maybe we would pay less for workers comp.again if.said well that doesn't apply to us then.get rid of it go here and get rid of it.so you can add or subtract these columns.now service item if we want to associate.her hourly wage with a service item then.we can do that so these are items that.appear on an invoice and it might be.that you consider this a reimbursable or.a billable item and you'd like the.software to remind you of such so you.could pick the item that needs to go on.the invoice for reimbursement for.invoicing and that was set.by default that's why it showed up there.notice the start time the stop time and.the hours are already there it got that.from the work order so it looked at the.work order and added it saving you time.now remember you could have come from.the work order and it would have filled.all this out and it put in the hours and.the hours are editable so I can actually.change seven and a half to seven why.would I want to do that.they worked 8:30 to four we have a.mandatory lunch hour of 30 minutes if.that's the case type in seven because it.may be that you have a mandatory lunch.hour.they don't clock in and clock out then.you take the half-hour away but if they.clock in and out from the field it would.have already been in there for you right.so they could have been using mobile or.geo Time Tracker and they could have.clocked themselves out for lunch and.back in again that doesn't necessarily.apply to everybody but we had that.flexibility if you want you can add a.topic this is not to be confused with.the work order type you could have a.topic because this could have very well.been a meeting it could have been.something that you want to classify for.reporting purposes and then finally a.catch-all just enter some notes we have.lots of opportunities for notes in here.and then we should all know what the.reimbursable checkbox is I know some of.you are new but that just says to the.software I want to make sure somebody.gets invoiced for this and then when we.save this it will tell us the user who.created it the user who edited it the.date that it was created the date that.it got edited that's for security.purposes because I want to know if one.of you have come in here and edited.Ashley's time keep in mind.a security thing you guys might be.friends with her and you might have a.legitimate reason for putting in.timesheet entries but you could easily.go in and add a half hour to Ashley she.could add a half hour to herself if.she's allowed in here well the software.keeps track of that job costing.liability then what you can do here is.uh well I'll come back to that because I.don't want to get into that right now.latitude and longitude if you entered.this information from mobile from a.mobile device one of our mobile devices.of course then it would record the.latitude and the longitude of that entry.all right so that way you can tell.people I I will know if you log yourself.in and out from your house your the job.McDonald's or whatever I'll know that so.just don't do it please so that's.entering a time sheet and I'll hit save.now it said hey the hours don't seem to.add up and that's because I overrode the.7 it's just warning me are you sure you.want to do that and I say yes all right.now when I click away that 22 December.22 is red that's indicating that some.info there so that's what the red is.there's info there there's info for this.employee if I change the employee the.red might go away see the red is not.there because amber doesn't have.anything if I go back to Ashley that's.red and that tells us there's info now a.couple things down here at the bottom.advanced one day on save you might be.doing Monday's payroll and then you got.to do Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursday.Friday well it'd be handy to enter.Monday and hit save and just had.advanced a Tuesday and that's what it'll.do so if you check that.box whenever you hit the Save button and.advances to the next day and then also.it may be that you're entering similar.info so you can go to the next day.like Monday and copy from that day and.save it and then there you are on the.24th copy from the prior day save again.your hours aren't adding up because of.lunch and that makes data entry pretty.quick but again it's better to come from.the work order and do the timesheet.there now one last thing.then I'll pause and see if there's.questions before I close this form even.if you're paid a salary you might want.to put a timesheet in here for them to.do that you need to click the show all.employees option now you'll be able to.see salaried employees see use this.timesheet that column right there yes no.yes yes yes well that means Dan here is.a non timesheet user and it might be.because he's salaried but if I go ahead.and put in his earning items salary and.I put in some hours like 6 and I save it.what I'm doing.I'm saying that he had six hours on this.job maybe he didn't have work order so.now we've got salary guy in here for six.hours now is he going to get paid extra.no his salary is still going to be the.same but I'm recording the fact I'm in a.note of the fact that he contributed to.this job and that's helpful and I think.a lot of software does not do this.QuickBooks does not do this I don't.believe unless they've changed it.recently most software people would say.this doesn't make any sense but remember.our big advantages we're contractors.building software for contractors that.gives us a very unique perspective on.the world of contracting if the salaried.employee contributes to this job I want.to know about it I want it I want.history of that now it won't affect my.income statement keep in mind when you.go to print your income statement your.payroll is still the same because he's.not getting paid in the extra there's.two advantages number one I had the.advantage of simply having this info.which is nice to know because if he.contributed to this job we want to know.that because there were people involved.in the job and that has a lot to do with.how efficiently we finish the job right.number two and maybe this is the most.important now he will show up on job.costing so if we were to go to a job.costing report such as my go to report.is typically a job costing overview now.what we.can do is we can add his six hours in.labor so what what the software does is.it looks at his annual salary it divides.that by 2080 hours that's 40 hours a.week times 52 it divides that by 2080.and it comes up with an hourly wage and.then it adds that hourly waged times 6.to job costing now remember job costing.is not a real financial report meaning.it's not like an income statement so we.can break the accounting rules I talk a.lot about accounting rules GAAP.generally accepted accounting principles.you can't do that you can't do this you.can't do the other thing well a job.costing report is not a gap report it.can be made up I can make job costing do.whatever I want it to and that's why so.many people argue about our job costing.they have different ideas but I can add.that wage right there I can put that six.hours even for a salary person on a job.costing report so again if you want to.have better job costing and you have a.salaried person contributing to the job.ask them to put a timesheet entry in or.put it in for them but they should have.a work order even salaried people Dan.here he should have a work order and he.should be on the schedule board even if.he's just heading out there to help for.a couple of hours and by the way in most.contracting companies that happens all.the time.salary people will drive out pick up.parts deliver parts they'll go to a job.and help lift something up on the roof.they'll help carry something in carry.something out it happens all the time so.if that's going to happen then you.should have a work order for them and.then you would right-click on the work.order and add time sheet so that you.capture that information questions on.anything so far.all right I'm gonna hit save and close.now after we're done at some point we're.ready to do payroll so we are going to.go into process pay group and process.pay group is where it keeps track of.everybody that's supposed to be getting.paid now the first thing we have to do.is make sure that we have our date range.set up properly so if payroll starts on.a Sunday then it would end on a Saturday.and we want to make sure we get that.date range correct and then our pay date.would be whatever your pay date really.is so I'll get us in December so pay.date could be Monday so payroll starts.on Sunday it ends on Saturday we'll.double-check our work here Sunday ends.on Saturday and we pay you on Monday.that may be the case so that's going to.show you only the people that apply now.pay group we talked about this earlier.some of you weren't there but pay groups.can be set up to organize your payroll.so you can have all employees that need.to be paid or simply your hourly people.or maybe your sales commissions we don't.have any but this is where you pick the.people that need to be paid and it is.going to automatically look at their.timesheet entries to see how much they.have coming notice actually right here.so let's pay her and it highlights her.when you check the box and she has 21.hours coming that 21 hours came from the.timesheet and it is not editable we do.get complaints on that it's ridiculous.can't edit this that's just flexibility.I'm not willing to give them if you need.to edit the 21 then you need to go to.the timesheet so we do have a button for.that though go down here and click your.timesheet button and it will bring up.Ashley and you can change her timesheet.info and then come back here and hit.refresh the refresh button and the 21.will be changed so you can't change it.you just have to change the timesheet.which only makes sense right I mean you.don't want to change that there but we.get a lot of complaints about that and.then you can pay your hourly people and.then you can pay your salary people so.we'll just focus on paying her now we.did our ad Commission's already in a.prior class we talked about how you.click the button the software keeps.track of all the people that have.Commission's coming and remember it's.not just Ashley there's a multiple.people here but I might check the box to.pay her her Commission's and click OK.and now her flat rate compensation went.up a little bit right there it went up a.little bit because part of her.Commission's were flat rate compensation.so at this point I would be ready to.move on it all looks good I've got all.my people in here I'm only gonna pay.Ashley and then I'll hit create.paychecks now even if I use a payroll.service the button still says create.paychecks.it has unapplied commissions so there's.commissions that you haven't paid anyone.for you sure you want to continue yes.the pay date you selected is before the.end of the pay period date are you sure.yeah normally I wouldn't say yes odd it.appears that you have unposted paychecks.already so the software is trying to.figure out if you've got problems.normally you wouldn't see this.stuff we're seeing this because we're in.a demo database and we do things in.properly in the demo sometimes burn.training so I'll say yes confirm yes all.right so it's complete then it tells you.what your next step is so it says click.yes to process pay checks now or no too.close once that's done click employees.write review paychecks where they can be.viewed and it had printed as needed so I.said yes and what that did is that just.simply open to the next form for me so.the process pay group is still there.I'll close it but it was still opened it.just opened this and it has an employee.in here.now notice Ashley's not here this is at.export call waiting to happen.Ashley's not in here so it must be a bug.no date range so we have a date range.that's not applicable so I'll type some.dates in here to fix that then I'll get.that selected so we have Sunday through.Saturday and then all of a sudden.there's more people in here and I have a.filter not posted show me not posted.because that's next we actually have to.make this official and there's Ashley.right there so we have her in there now.the.first though is to process payroll we.highlight who we want to pay and we.so-called post it we hit this post.button right there and that makes it.official otherwise we have one last.chance to fix the paycheck we can open.up the paycheck.that is not posted check number pending.this hasn't been posted yet and we can.actually go in here and change certain.things we can change.earnings change deductions taxes things.like that now we have to be careful.making changes in here because it can be.hard to figure out why things were.changed it's better to go change the.software if some mistake was made you're.better off going and changing the.timesheets their hourly wage etc but we.had to offer the flexibility because.it's possible on this one job she's.making twenty two an hour and we're not.changing her setup at all her original.setup doesn't change but it's possible.that we just simply need to pay her.seven hundred and seventy seven bucks.for some reason it seems strange to let.people do that but it offers you a lot.of flexibility because it's possible.that she worked on a government job and.on this government job she had to get a.whole different pay rate so there are.there are times where that's needed we.don't have to go into all these examples.but that gives you a lot of flexibility.but it also gives you the opportunity to.screw stuff up so really all of this.should have been right when we got in.here it should have been fine but you do.have one last chance to fix any field.that's white that's editable and you can.just type things in if you have to so.click yes to exit with you're not.recalculating I don't want to do that.unsaved changes you want.sit and lose your changes yes I do so we.have a chance to go in there and fix.things if we need to the next step is.after we post the checks after these get.posted the next step is to in is to.payroll service export so what we can do.is we can go to ADP and we can export.their file now ADP probably offers at.least two options for us they can give.us a website where we can go just start.typing stuff in or we can go to a.website and import a file this file.should be the file type they're.expecting if it's not then we can fix it.it's possible somebody something will.come to us and say ADP says your files.wrong because they might make a change.we would never know it they can also fix.it themselves if they so desire they.could open the file up in Excel because.what they're going to go through is.they're just going to go through a.little wizard to export the file so do.next tab next typically they just accept.everything but here's the layout so it's.possible they can fix it here but that's.the layout that ADP is expecting and.next and then finally.export it that's that so it's it.exported the payroll now again I would.have had to post first now the file is.available to upload to ADP and if I have.to again I can open it in Excel it's.just a text file and if it turns out.that's wrong that there's some problem.with it then we would want to know.because we might have to add a field.it's possible that ADP says oh we have.to have your classification now or.something to that effect and we can.always add that so that's it you export.and ADP imports it now I'm gonna go.ahead and post I just want to make sure.I have good data here so I'm going to.post this person and that got done and.then again we would export once that's.get posted and this is a sample data.there's your data field select or don't.down here we just have one field left.that we're not using rate next export it.and we're finish.so that's typically how it work and as.you do that.these disappear these names disappear.there's nine people on here there used.to be 10 as they get posted their names.fall off this list James are you.suggesting that you have to create the.file for ADP for each individual no no.no we would just create one I just.wanted a file I hadn't posted the checks.meaning I had I had not made them.official when I did the first export so.what I did is I went ahead and posted.one check and then did the export again.just so I had a real file but nope you.would you would do a file for everybody.now remember in real life you would have.done your hourly people you might have.then done your sales people you might.have done your salaried people and when.you're all done the processed paychecks.window would have had everybody in it.for the whole company you know there.could be a hundred people in here then.you post all of them and then you create.a file for all of them then you go to.your ADP website and you upload and then.they pay everybody now how do they know.what to pay cuz it's all in the file and.they've also asked you who are your.employees and you know what's their.social security number cuz we're not.gonna export a social security number.they already know it so they have.certain info that they get from you.initially on setup and then you're.giving them a file which gives them the.basic info they need all right so that's.pretty much it there.something else that I need to go into.that's kind of unique but that's pretty.much that's pretty much all you've got.to do to process your payroll and you.would have either created paychecks or.you would have created a file either one.but that's it.you'd be done now where are those.paychecks they are still here we.actually have paychecks in here so if.you go to write review paychecks the.software still created a paycheck why.would it do that well you still need a.record of paying people you may not have.to give them a check stub or anything.like that but you do need a paycheck.it'll just tell you that it was.processed through the payroll.third-party payroll system but yeah it.still creates a paycheck for.record-keeping purposes questions on any.of that so far.last part there James is very important.to when you're running a Commission.report to show if you've paid that.individual his Commission's or not it.won't show up there as a yes until you.brand the paycheck that's right yeah yep.so now what's unique about this is when.you process payroll for a third party.must go to our vendor list ADP now.remember a vendor is people that you owe.money to.like carrier Trane Lennox a hardware.store American Express can be a vendor.right so of vendors anybody you owe.money to well you do owe money to ADP.because they want their money back right.I mean if they're gonna pay all your.employees they want their money back for.paying people and they're not gonna.trust you on that incidentally they're.going to automatically take it out of.your bank account so they are going to.take the money.a day or two from you in advance they.want to make sure they get their money.so ATP's going to ask you to process.your payroll a day or two early whatever.their rule is it varies from one company.to the next but ATP's gonna basically.say look if you want to pay people on.Wednesday you need to process the.payroll on Monday and we'll be taking.our money out on Monday night and then.your people will get paid Wednesday now.remember that that varies from one.company to the next but remember ADP.wants to make sure they get paid so.there's gonna be a time where they're.gonna take the money out and make sure.they have it and that doesn't bounce so.they're gonna electronically take that.money from your bank account then.they're gonna pay all your people but in.addition to that they're gonna want to.get paid for their service so they're.going to take that money too and you're.going to need to enter a bill for that.part so ADP might might pay $50,000 in.payroll and they're gonna want that 50.dollars but in addition to that they.might want 4% for a processing fee or 2%.rather and so that might be a thousand.dollars so they're gonna take a thousand.dollars out of your bank also and that's.their fee for doing all this and you.might say well that's fine a thousand.bucks I'll take it but they're gonna.take that money out of your bank.automatically you have to get a bill in.here though to compensate for that so.you have a bill in here for that fee and.the way you would do that is you would.just enter a bill like normal just new.bill but this software will do it.automatically if I had processed a whole.payroll here then it would have.automatically created a bill for ADP.which would be completely editable maybe.I have one for paychecks I'll take a.look here real quick but it would give.me a completely editable bill and I can.just change it if I have to let's see if.I got one on payroll service.here's how it would have looked so it.would have created this bill and you.notice there's Ashley Adams in the memo.payroll for Ashley Adams payroll period.didn't get filled out for some reason.but this right here could have been huge.it would have gone in and it would have.added a line entry for every single time.sheet entry so potentially this bill.would be giant with lots of line items.on it and again where's this come from.it came from when you process your.payroll you were spending money and the.accounting system has to know about the.money you spent so what it does is it.creates this bill with all these line.items on it and all the job names and.all the amounts and then you can add to.this bill anything you need to add such.as the money that the company charged.you a process payroll so the bill is.what makes it unique.so that bill is how job costing gets.affected you might be thinking well how.do we affect job costing because the.timesheet itself doesn't spend money and.if you go into the timesheet and put all.this info in here you haven't spent any.money yet you've created a liability by.the way ADP pays these people but how do.we know what money went to what job as.you know your paychecks don't itemize it.so when you look at your paycheck it.doesn't tell you all the jobs you worked.on the way we get around that is we.create a bill and this gets reconciled.to the money that they took out of your.bank so in other words in real life this.is going to have hundreds of line items.on here depending on how big your.company is all the employees will be on.there not just Ashley but it have all.the employees on here and.that bill would match the money that a.VP ultimately paid everyone plus you.would add a few more lines on here for.anything that they charged you for and.of course this money then shows up on.your job costing reports depending on.what the report is remember some job.costing reports get their time or their.money from the timesheet so some job.costing reports look at timesheets some.look at actual paychecks or bills so all.the information that's on this form is.sufficient for us to figure out who got.paid and what department it belongs to.and what job it went to etc so again.when we get our bank statement and.$50,000 was taken away by ADP we have a.bill for that and we would open up the.bill and we would adjust the bill if.needed because it's probably going to be.off slightly for their fees the software.doesn't automatically calculate ADP's.fees so you would have to modify the.bill I can't modify this one because it.was paid but you would go in find that.bill and you would modify it by putting.the fees on their names you would have.also modify that bill for when a DP.tells you with respect to the taxes paid.as well right that's right yeah that's.right so that information will be added.on there too.now my goal by the way for this next.year is to develop a much better sales.training demo database a database that.we use her training and demoing and one.of the things that this database is.really lacking is good payroll info so.it would have been nice to be able to go.in and really process payroll for 30.people it would already been set up you.know I just had to click a few buttons.and then I could go in and show a real.bill with hundreds of things on it and.it would look so much better and that's.something that's just really lacking.right now is a good demo database with.all that info in it Erika is working on.that and we hope to have that done I.think her deadline is March of next year.and hopefully we'll have a whole lot.more data and we'll keep copies of it so.as we screw it up which we will as we're.training demoing you know we're gonna.mess it all up.we'll just restore it once in a while so.we have a fresh copy but that way when.we have this done you'd be able to go in.to process pay group or process.paychecks and there'd be a lot of stuff.loaded up for you James would not only.be good until the first person does a.demo and processes paychecks and post.paychecks that information and be gone.right because it's been processed yes.that's why that's why I said that wasn't.a while we'll restore it okay go back to.that original copy and just put a fresh.one on there and say hey the we restored.the database today so from a sales.perspective if we're doing a demo we go.in and we look and we see that.information isn't there then we can.simply send an email to somebody and say.hey could you restore the database so I.can do a demo this afternoon yeah that's.right okay and then probably we could.create some automated system - I'm sure.I'm sure they can figure it out like.Bryant is pretty good with that stuff.you could create an automated system.that.automatically updates it once a month.and then we could do it more often.when needed but every month we could.start with a fresh copy and then we.could we could use but there's a problem.we have to realize when to stop like say.for example if I'm processed and I could.just stop you know say if I hit this.button I'm gonna it's gonna process and.I think my accountant wake it out we.don't ruin it too often yeah and we.could have both we could have it loaded.up for example where there's lots of.info in the bus s pay group but there's.also paychecks waiting to be processed.and there's also paychecks that we're.already processed so we have a little of.everything already in there and so.rather than hit a button hit the post.button we could say I already have some.posted and then how do we do that how do.we show them well we just say hey show.me posted yeah so yeah we'll get look at.that that's uh that's definitely.something we need we need really a.better database for training and sales.demoing so again to recap this what.makes it unique is we're creating a bill.very detailed bill with lots of line.items on it and the reason why that's.helpful is because that's what populates.our accounting system that's what.populates our financials.that's what populates most importantly.our job costing and how thorough is it.it's just as thorough as a bill how.thorough is about a bill completely.thorough so in other words how thorough.are you updating my job costing very.thoroughly and here's why I can tell you.because it's a bill and there's nothing.more thorough than a bill a bill offers.the ability to affect any chart of.account any amount any job.any department any work order so a bill.is very thorough.that's all we're doing is creating a.bill and to my knowledge nobody's doing.that I don't I don't know of any.software doing that questions on.anything yes I just want to confirm that.that bill is created whenever you choose.to process through the payroll company.in it at the same time that it creates.the excel file for sending to them it's.creating this bill that's right okay.good I just want to make sure I didn't.miss another step there yep now remember.not really talking about creating.paychecks today but there's not much.difference so what would have happened.if we'd created the paychecks to give.everybody well it we would turn that.service off so that export button.wouldn't be there so we just we go to.payroll preferences and we wouldn't have.this box checked and that means that.those features wouldn't be there and so.you there's no opportunity to export no.bill gets created you just create checks.and they show up under right review.paychecks and you come in here and you.can print them now most people don't.print paychecks anymore.they might print pay stubs but they.don't print paychecks usually but that's.where you'd go to print them and if it's.direct deposit then you go to the.employee list.and you don't think there's a right.click because it's not common so what.you do is you go to the employee of.themselves go to menu and you go to.direct deposit and this is where you set.up their bank accounts to send the money.to so that way this.software would create a direct deposit.file and that's important.it actually has to create a file it.would create a direct deposit file that.you would import at your bank's website.now what file does it create thankfully.there's an official file format and it's.called NACHA so it's an official format.and the banks are supposed to accept.that official format that way.you don't have every bank wanting their.own format so there's an official format.and we export in that official format.and what it does is it creates a file.during the payroll process there'll be a.button available export direct deposit.and then you go to your bank's website.and you upload the file and it fills out.everything for you and you hit a button.or two and then the money finds its way.into everybody's paychecks and that's.what we do here at app taura we pay you.all direct deposit we go to our bank our.bank accepts that notch a file and it's.all pretty easy and then it's creating.the paychecks but I don't print them but.I still reconcile my bank account.because all those paychecks show up on.my bank statement so that's the only.difference between the payroll service.and doing it ourselves and then of.course if you don't use a payroll.service you're responsible for all of.your government forms so you have to.fill out all those government forms.yourself ADP would do that for you if.you hired them they fill it all out.another unique thing about total ops.manager is the ability to have for bank.accounts QuickBooks only offers - last.time I heard well we offer four and.that's because somebody once asked for a.third and we just decided.to make four and we haven't had anybody.asked for anymore since but this can be.pretty handy so you could have a.checking account for you and your wife.or husband and you could have a savings.account and you might have a four phone.account you know this is my fun account.that could even be a tool account by the.way so I might come to my boss and say.I'd like to have a direct deposit to a.bank account I set up and I'd like you.to put in twenty five bucks a paycheck.into this third bank account and I it's.my savings account for tools since I.have to provide my own tools I'm going.to put 25 dollars away per week and I'm.going to buy tools for myself and my.husband my wife and I've already talked.about it and it's my tool money I get to.spend every penny of it so at the end of.the year if I've got tool money left she.says I can buy whatever I want and.that'd be a neat way to use a third or a.fourth so we offer four and that's.pretty unique why do we do that again or.contractors thinking like contractors so.you might say well I'm surprised.QuickBooks doesn't offer a third and a.fourth again last time I checked they.didn't but why wouldn't they well they.don't they may not think about a tool.allowance they're not contractors making.software for contractors they're just a.bunch of people making software for.whoever but that's the advantage of.dealing with total office manager for.map Tura we understand your business and.we try to add little things to the.software to make life easier on you and.it doesn't always make life easier on us.keep in mind a lot of these little.features don't help us sell software but.we do it anyway because we're trying to.make software useful for your particular.business now the trick is though is.telling people about this because most.people don't know their software can put.money in for accounts and you know what.maybe they.dunno that but they have no idea that a.tool allowance could be one of them and.they might just have a meeting with.their employees and they might say you.should consider by the way most.companies make you provide your own.tools just so you know that they'll.provide them major tools a van a ladder.maybe a welder but you have to provide.your own tools and they get very.expensive like one little tool is a.digital voltmeter a multimeter and a.good ones $300 and you really need a.good one that's 300 bucks and then you.really need a capacitor tester and.that's 80.well there's 380 right there and I'm.just getting started and you have to.provide that so a company could have a.meeting it that says you know we've.decided to give all of you a dollar an.hour for tools 50 cents an hour 25 cents.an hour whatever it is let's make it 25.cents an hour so we're gonna give you 25.cents an hour and we suggest that you.create a bank account go get one online.you know you can get online bank.accounts for free right there's all.kinds of banks that are online only so.go get yourself an online bank account.if you want to and we'll put that money.in that bank account for you 25 cents an.hour and then use that to buy your tools.so that's a gimme we're not taking 25.cents an hour from you we're giving you.25 cents an hour they could also say.we're taking 25 cents an hour don't give.them anything or match it we'll take 25.cents from you we'll match it with 25.cents from us and how would they do that.well they can easily create a tool.allowance in here.I've got one and set it up.if they want to get more complicated.than this they can because they could.actually create an employer liability.and they could set it up like a tax and.take money out and match it and pay it.into the bank account so it could get.more complicated but why did I why am i.bringing all this up you might be.thinking okay now it's getting boring.but when you can put things into.perspective like this people are like.wow this person really knows their.I mean they're they really know what.they're talking about and then it makes.everything you say more credible because.you can explain all this stuff and give.them examples they appreciate our slogan.contractors building software.contractors they realize you know that's.not just BS this guy really knows what.he's talking about he's gotten good.training anyway and then it makes.everything you say and do more.believable gives you more credibility so.I try to spend a lot of time giving you.concrete examples of what these features.are for and what you would do with them.and believe me it will improve your life.here when you know more of this stuff.because people will treat you with more.respect they'll treat you differently.they'll find you far more credible all.right that's it any questions on.anything today that you've heard or even.miscellaneous questions yes I'm gonna.suspect what you just showed about.having multiple bank accounts that isn't.a feature that's available if you're.using a payroll service that's your true.yeah yeah if you're using a payroll.service you'd have to ask them to do.such a thing yeah.but how how does it show so go back to.using the payroll internally how.whenever you're processing payroll does.the system know to put X amount in bank.account one and the other amount for to.allowance into bank account two for.example.yeah so when you go to do a set up here.cyrus direct deposit so when you go to.do a set up where is that amount oh.there it is okay so you first set up a.count one and that's your basic info and.then account two if you want a second.one it asks one more question how much.dollar a percent what's the value and so.here you could say I want five dollars.to go into this account well where's the.rest of it go account one so put all my.money in account one oh except five.dollars put that in account two oh.except a dollar needs to go here so it's.putting all your money here except for.five bucks that goes there except for a.dollar that goes there does that answer.your question it does so it's based on.fixed amounts so for example if if you.use what you said where you're paying.twenty five cents per hour is being.accumulated each pay for tools as long.as they work the same number of hours.every week you can put an amount there.but if that number of hours fluctuates.weekly so is the tool allowance going to.fluctuate weekly and you would have to.adjust that yes yeah you would you'd.have to that's right the we don't have.the ability to tie a bank account to the.tool allowance item so it's either a.dollar amount or a percent and then.although it'd be a lot of work you would.have to go in and modify the export file.so you'd be.better off telling people I'm going to.give you X amount per week or 1% of what.you made per week it'd be a whole lot.easier so in other words if it's a.dollar amount you'd give everybody a ten.dollar a week raise and then you'd.encourage them to set up a bank account.and you'll take ten dollars out.that's good question questions like that.indicates that you're really thinking.about this you're really thinking about.it you're sitting there thinking huh.wait a minute something's not adding up.so questions like that I love because.they indicate to me that you're really.sitting in there absorbing this thinking.hmm.you just missed something something's.not adding up here and others are just.happy just to be done with it so no.offense but your your questions really.indicate how well you're absorbing this.and thinking about it get it questions.on anything else all right.I'm gonna I do have another question.with respect to these multiple bank.accounts okay so and I know things are.different in the US and here in Canada.but for example somebody wants to take.so much per month to put into an RSP.which is like a 401 K down there.basically as long as you had that.account information then it could.automatically go into that account.yes that's correct sir you have to be.just a bank account it could be it could.be like say a 401k account in the US or.RSP here in Canada yes and yeah worst.case scenario it what you can do is you.can set up let's just go back to the.payroll items you can forget if direct.deposit for a minute what you can do is.you can create a 401k deduction and you.put in the various rules for it.and then modify those per person if.necessary and then what the software.does is it pulls that money out of their.paycheck and it becomes a liability that.you have to pay somebody yourself so.then you're sending the vendor in this.case the principal investment company.you're sending them a check.for that money that you've been taking.out of Tim's paycheck for his 401k or.any savings it doesn't it could be.anything I call our 401k but it could be.anything.and that's why garnishments work so you.could have a garnishment where this.state of Kansas this is very common the.state of Kansas says I'm glad we found.this guy we've been looking for him he's.got three kids with four different wives.and we want money and then they set up a.garnishment and then you have to pull.money out of their check and then at.some point you have to send that money.to somebody in this case the vent a.vendor's Kansas child support recovery.well this doesn't have to be child.support could be 401 K so it's a very.flexible feature this deduction feature.is very flexible and it can be a health.savings account too you don't have to.think about that in Canada here we have.such a thing could be tool reimbursement.which we talked about could be union.dues but these deduction items that's a.good place to go to take money out of.somebody's check for whatever reason.any other questions all right two more.quick things just so you know in.preferences under payroll we have.something called certified payroll we.don't certify anything it doesn't mean.that apt Ora certified something what.certified payroll is is this so you can.just search it yourself but what.certified payroll certified paper.payroll is payroll that the company.certifies so you sign a piece of paper.that says I hereby swear this payrolls.right I really did pay all this money to.everybody and you certify it and why.would you do such a thing because.certain government's federal and state.want you to promise you paid everything.that you said you were gonna pay and.they also have rules on how much you.should pay so it's very common for a.government to say if you want to do work.here you have to pay everybody thirty an.hour twenty five an hour whatever six.times minimum wage whatever the rule is.so if you agree to that you might be.able to have this job and if you say yes.I agree they're gonna want you to.certify that you're doing what you said.you would do and how do you certify it.you fill out whatever form they tell you.to fill out they all have their own.forms so you you turn that feature on in.total office manager and what that does.then is it adds a few new menu items.like ethnicity oftentimes they want to.know your ethnic background they might.want to know your labor classification.they might want to know what union you.belong to and that in.can go into the so-called certified.payroll letter so you can fill it out.manually or if you can do it you can.make one in total office manager so you.can create this form in total office.manager if that's going to be adequate.and many times it is sometimes it isn't.but hopefully you can build your own in.the program and then it'll fill that.letter out and I won't go into training.on this I just wanted to let you know.what existed so it'll fill out that.letter and then you can mail that letter.to whoever you're supposed to mail it to.and that certifies that yes you're.paying everybody the way you promised.you would pay and when you took on the.job so that's what certified payroll is.for and if you want to know more about.that again you just type in what a.certified payroll you'll see lots of.information on the internet about it.there's also a help topic on it on the.internet and that's that last thing I.want to say is something I'm real.excited about actually you guys know.that in work orders there is a stage.feature where you can add stages to a.work order and that might be parts are.needed parts are on order parts need to.be approved or need to reschedule after.the parts have arrived you can have a.whole series of stages here to help you.manage your work orders and this feature.has been very popular among people well.enough time has gone by that we know.this feature is working we haven't.really had any feature requests on it.so I have had it added than many other.places in the software during the next.update or two you'll find the stages.feature on purchase orders and it's.going to be right under vendor right.under the vendor selector there'll be a.selector for stages.and you'll be able to create stages for.a purchase order that are different if.you want them to be different than the.work order of course it'll have its own.stages and then when you open up your.enter bills.it'll have stages receive items it'll.have stages estimates stages so come up.here to create an estimate right now you.have estimate status you'll now have.you'll see soon estimate stages and.you'll be able to create a custom list.of stages for all of the various data in.pre input forms financial forms credit.card charges etc even checks I'll have.stages I think I think I had it added to.checks so pretty much everything's gonna.have stages on it and I think people are.going to love it because that means that.they can start adding flow their own.flow their own logic their own steps to.forms so they'll be able to create steps.step 1 step 2 so when you write a check.I want you to do step 1 then I want you.to do step 2 step 3 step 4 we call them.stages but their steps I think people.are gonna really like that so when you.see on their revision notes that stages.have been added to the following forms.there's gonna be a pretty good list keep.that in mind it may be a great party or.demo and those of you in tech support.you'll probably be asked about it.especially on the purchase order.I concede I've been really important yes.for sure yeah people are gonna love it.but you're right purchase order.especially where there's many steps yeah.and then so for that that's right so I.should go ahead I was gonna say I guess.I should ask whether that's going to be.part of the option when you create a.filter yes Oh it'll be in the filters.too so it'll be.user filters quick filter yes yep so.yeah stages would be in P oh and that'll.probably where people want it the most.and then second to that probably.estimates so yeah people will like that.now keep in mind with a P Oh oftentimes.there's lots of steps I'll say this and.I'll let you guys go there's typically a.lot of steps to a P o stages as what.we're calling it there's a lot of steps.there oftentimes step one is submit this.P o to three different vendors and see.who's got the best price so we would.make a P o and we would either print it.three times or we'd make a P o and we'd.make a copy of so we can have a P o with.with copies right create copy right down.there that's what the copies for so you.could have P Oh number 230 a B and C and.submit it to three vendors and that's.step one.and then step two could be pick a vendor.and get it on order.step three could be let Roger know that.we've ordered it.step four could be create work orders.etc you get the idea but it's gonna be.cool so I think people are gonna really.like it final questions for me all right.well thank you.for coming I appreciate the good turnout.to these thank you thank ya see you guys.

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  5. Write down your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

Once complete, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and email it. As long as you have a high quality internet connection, you can sign and send documents right away.

How to create an electronic signature for the Payroll Online Service Center POSC on Android?

iOS has millions of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most cell phone users have an Android operating system. To meet the requirements, CocoSign has developed the app, especially for Android users.

You can recieve the app on Play Market, install it, and you are able to start signing documents. These are the key elements to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Choose on '+' to click the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Note the space where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to put down your signature.
  4. Place it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to send the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your colleagues right away. CocoSign is the best way to sign various documents every day, all at a comparatively low price. It's time to forget all about distinct mark on hard copy of doc and keep it all electronic.

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