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[Music].I think it's important for a GI Bill to.keep up not only with the demand for.student veterans but also what's.happening in the market what's happening.in the job market as well as what's.happening in the education market it's.important for the GI Bill program to be.in line with what's happening in the.nation so we can best serve our student.veterans.[Music].so I actually became the director of.education service in an acting capacity.and in November of 2018 and then later.on in May of 2019 then I was actually.officially appointed to the position.when I stepped into this role you know.we were in the midst of trying to.implement Q major pieces of the comb.area Act as it related to the multi.house of allowance and that presented.some challenges for us and we needed to.get out there and talk to folks to find.out you know what can we do better as an.agency in order to get this right and.the number one thing that we heard from.our stakeholders whether it be a school.or be a student or it be our veteran.service organizations it was all about.communications they wanted to see us to.more communications with our with our.stakeholders and getting the word out.getting the message out about the.program about changes coming down the.pike and we really had to sit down as a.team and say how do we be better and the.first thing we said is social media is a.powerful tool so we are very active on.social media channels such as Facebook.and Twitter and Instagram and LinkedIn.in order to get out the story about GI.Bill not only the changes in the program.but the success of the program and.beyond that we also embarked on a school.tour we went out for over the last year.and we visited several schools across.the nation we visited some of our non.traditional training providers two-year.four-year schools we even visited some.companies to find out what does the.employment field look like when students.finish their degrees so we really try to.take a grassroots approach go out see.see the folks where they are and talk to.them about the GI Bill program and how.can we make it better we realize the.impact and how powerful it was to go out.and about and we're going to continue to.do that so the work is not done it's.just getting started.so we always get the question about what.was in the comb area act exactly what.was in there you know you talk about.sweeping changes well there was actually.34 provisions within that piece of.legislation that became law and out of.the 34 pieces 31 provisions impacted the.space of Education.31 in expanded programs for the GI Bill.program such as a stem scholarship which.offers up to additional nine months of.benefits for individuals and STEM.related degree programs at an.undergraduate level also we have the vet.tech program which is a five-year pilot.program that allows for individuals to.go to non-traditional schools to earn a.short-term certification program and.then at the end the in training provider.is on the hook to find that veteran.employment that's a pretty amazing deal.we also expanded benefits for Purple.Heart recipients certain Purple Heart.recipients are now eligible at a hundred.percent benefit level regardless of.service time you know also we expanded.yellow ribbon for certain individuals as.well as the spending benefits for.reservists members you know it truly is.the most comprehensive changes since.post 9/11 GI Bill has been in place we.went through an interesting ride for the.last two years so this year we were very.laser focused on a few key areas one of.those being IT in terms of our systems.making sure that we're providing the.best service as possible to our student.veterans as well as for our employees.who process those education benefits.each and every day that experience is.very important so it's important for us.to really be thoughtful in thinking.about the future state of GI bill.benefits and where we're headed in the.future for our students as well as for.our employees all three other pieces.communications communications is very.important this last year we tested out a.lot a lot of new realms for us in terms.of communications so we want to be able.to solidify that for the long term as it.relates to keep making sure we have.robust communications.across the board for all our.stakeholders getting the word out about.what's happening on what's going on and.then lastly collaboration collaboration.is very important realize how important.that was last year with our VSO partners.and we want to make sure that's stronger.this year not just with our veteran.service organizations but also with our.school administrators a near a key.player in this as well we want to make.sure that we're partnering with them.across the board to provide those.bridges and fill in those gaps so that.way we're providing the best service as.possible and we believe by the end of.this year we will achieve best year ever.[Music].veterans are the backbone of our country.and the association of military banks of.America is committed to serving those.who have served that's why the.Department of Veterans Affairs is.partnering with Amba to launch the.Veterans Benefits banking program or VB.BP to provide veterans a safe reliable.and inexpensive way to receive and.manage their va monetary benefits many.veterans currently receive their va.monetary benefits on prepaid debit cards.or by paper checks and some of.experience problems using these payment.methods were found it difficult to.access traditional banking products and.services the VB BP is an effort to offer.all veterans an opportunity to deposit.their benefit funds directly into.existing or new accounts offered by.participating Ambo member banks our.veterans who receive monetary benefits.should have as many financial management.and services options as possible.participating VB BP banks will offer.eligible veterans federally insured and.regulated financial products services.and education that can be tailored to.their needs and the needs of their.families the VA remains committed to.providing veterans with the benefits.they have earned in a manner that honors.their service Amba is a not-for-profit.Association of banks and related.financial service providers that for.over 60 years has worked to serve and.protect the financial future of military.members veterans and their families the.VA and ab a-- are proud to provide this.opportunity to connect veterans with.banks who understand their needs and to.ensure those who have served receive the.highest levels of service in return for.any questions please call the VA at.their toll free number 1-800 eight two.seven one.to learn more about the program visit.benefits dot va.gov slash banking or.veterans benefits banking dot org.attention fellow Vietnam veterans if you.have a condition linked to exposure to.herbicides including toxins like Agent.Orange and you served offshore of the.Republic of Vietnam between 1962 and.1975 you may now be entitled to expanded.VA benefits due to the blue water Navy.act of 2019 veterans who served offshore.and were previously denied for Agent.Orange or lady conditions can refile.survivors of deceased veterans that may.also be eligible va is dedicated to.helping blue water Navy veterans and our.families get the benefits we've earned.and deserve for more information and to.see the list of conditions that VA.considers related to herbicide exposure.visit va.gov and search blue water Navy.or call one eight hundred seven four.nine eight three eight seven.brought to you by the US Department of.Veterans Affairs.[Music].integrated Co married delivery will help.the GIS be able to realize entitlements.that they have so richly deserve by.putting their life on the line.I myself am a veteran I have been able.to see directly the results of the GI.Bill supporting and helping veterans.achieve goals that otherwise they would.not be able to achieve in their lives.integrated comer a delivery will improve.the veterans experience by providing.accurate monthly housing allowance.payments in the future we are also.looking to extend benefits to Purple.Heart recipients as well as improving.the benefits that are currently.available to our Frey scholars among.other things I myself am a Marine Corps.veteran and I understand how difficult.the transition can be from active duty.service to civilian life and the fact.that education is one of those elements.that makes a difference in that.transition and education benefit are.critical for our veterans to be able to.achieve their educational goal the.integrated culinary delivery team will.impact GI bill beneficiaries by being.accurate on time and accessible I mean I.think we've checked all three of those.boxes and delivering this solution the.governance model for integrated call.married delivery is different than.anything that I've worked on they had.the integration of IT business and.process integration all coming together.having those three key work streams.establish as the program integration.office set us up for success because.each had a seat at the table and was.able to have critical decision-making.capabilities and power when we look at.agile it is an exercise in shifting a.lot of the work to the left in other.words we do the work early whether.that's testing confirmation of.requirements building moving all the way.through the life cycle as well as having.communications and training tightly.coupled with that ever the integrated.comer a delivery program is different.from other projects of the lab.specifically with the full involvement.from leadership and you know across.organizations and we.have you know the leadership's full.support it transcends into everyone else.was involved in the project during week.one of our knowledge transfer sessions.it was Accenture it was members from BBA.OIT we're all in a room together and.we're going go for scenarios and we're.talking about sections 501 and 107 and.we were having a dialogue and just all.of a sudden everyone starts commenting.and it was actually valuable information.to let me know that people had done.their homework that they have become.familiar with the law and the way the VA.does things it was in that moment that I.knew we were destined for success we.used both the traditional and grassroots.communication outreach methods that.included things like Twitter and.Facebook but also outreach that included.working with rallypoint.and conducting a school tour nationwide.to meet GI Bill beneficiaries and school.administrators where they were what.motivates me the most is knowing that.I'm supporting the veterans they put in.effort day and night and that effort is.often unappreciated and so coming into.work and knowing that what I do.ultimately supports them provides them.with better access to the benefits that.they've earned and that's really all the.motivation I need every decision I make.impacts somebody it touches someone.directly every yes it's not just simply.a yes or no.every decision could potentially impact.someone's livelihood someone's education.someone's family someone's future that's.what motivates me every day.[Music].good afternoon everyone I'm Rachel as a.vba and i welcome you to the managing.vba performance and results webcast for.quarter one of fiscal year 2020 thank.you for joining us as we begin a new.year along with dr. Paul Lawrence we.will be joined today by Charmaine Boog.executive director of VBA's education.service and Beth Murphy executive.director a VBA's compensation service.now it is my pleasure to introduce our.undersecretary for benefits dr. Paul.Lawrence thanks ray hello everyone I'm.pleased to be here again to report on.VBA's performance in the first quarter.of FY 20 time is valuable so let's get.started you'll recall that vba had a.strong into FY 19 we did so well that we.raised performance targets for six of.our eight business lines for FY 2012 z'.to have our hashtag best year ever over.the next 20 minutes or so I'll report on.how we're doing with these new goals and.highlight important activities from the.past few months I'll review how each VBA.business line performs and what that.means for veterans update you on the.promises we made at the end of FY 19 and.let you know how we're progressing to.make VBA's FY 20 or hashtag best year.ever before we begin let me remind you.about the reach and priorities of VBA.we are a nationwide organization.comprised of more than 25,000 employees.most of whom are veterans in q1 we.distributed more than 30 billion dollars.in benefits we continue to act on my.three priorities one providing benefits.to veterans with excellent customer.service two fiscal stewardship and three.strong collaboration everything we do.relates back to these three priorities.within VBA we have eight business lines.that you see on the chart I'll highlight.performance data for each business line.for the past quarter as I mentioned VBA.had a great year in FY 2019 our teams.exceeded our targets we set an.accelerated performance across the.organization as you can see on the chart.we raise these targets challenging.ourselves to do more.faster before I go into the specifics of.how each business line perform let me.give you the bottom line up front in the.first quarter of FY 21 of VBA's 8.business lines met or exceeded their new.targets because of this I call our.performance in the first quarter of FY.20 standard now let's go through the.business line lines and touch on.highlights as you can see compensation.exceeded targets for q1 we process more.claims faster and with a high level of.quality in addition to our usual claims.we started processing Bluewater Navy.claims Beth Murphy will talk more about.Bluewater Navy later in the broadcast.and I want to draw your attention to.something else we achieved a record low.claims backlog or claims that have been.pending more than 125 days in November.the backlog was 64,000 783 as a reminder.in March of 2013 the backlog peaked at.611 thousand the point is veterans are.getting decisions faster and spending.less time waiting now let's talk about.appeals as you can see we continue to.drive down legacy Appeals that's.fantastic but the even bigger news is.the overall success of Appeals.modernization the new appeals process.allows veterans three decision lanes to.choose from two of these the.Supplemental and higher level review.lanes are administered by VBA the target.to complete these claims is 125 days and.we're beating that target that means.that if you use either of these two.decision lanes you are getting your.claim resolved quickly and faster than.the target in short Appeals.modernization is working bringing.veterans decisions faster now let's talk.analysis Casa veteran's pension and.dependency indemnity compensation or di.C we place a special emphasis on caring.for veterans in financial need through.the veteran's pension program and for.survivors of veterans whose cause of.death was service-connected through D IC.this year we are reporting these two.programs together because of the impact.they have on our veterans and survivors.at critical times in their lives.veteran's pension served two hundred and.thirty seven thousand beneficiaries last.quarter paying out more than seven.hundred eighty five million dollars and.we delivered more than 1.9 billion.dollars in D IC benefits to four hundred.and thirty seven thousand beneficiaries.we did this work faster than our targets.I'm proud of our team's great effort and.what it means for those they serve now.let's talk about fiduciary this program.protects vulnerable veterans and their.benefits from fraud and abuse more than.a hundred and seventy seven thousand.beneficiaries are in the program.this quarter we completed nearly twenty.five thousand field exams to the homes.of our most vulnerable beneficiaries.exceeding our target protecting benefits.for this group remains a key priority.for VBA next let's talk about insurance.piays life insurance program was.developed to provide financial security.given the extraordinary risks involved.in military service in q1 we provided.more than 1.2 trillion dollars in.coverage to 5.7 million people.as you can see insurance beat its.targets dispersing claims quickly and.accurately now I'd like to draw your.attention to a challenge the insurance.team undertook in q1 to locate as many.hard-to-find beneficiaries as possible.their goal was to find three hundred and.eighty three of these beneficiaries in.q1 of FY twenty to report they roast the.challenge and managed to far exceed the.target with more than 1,400.beneficiaries found they almost met.their target for all of FY 20 in the.first quarter congratulations to the.insurance team great job let's turn our.attention and focus to education in q1.education served more than five hundred.and seventy seven thousand students.paying out more than 3.1 billion dollars.as you can see education beat targets.for both timeliness and accuracy the.bottom line here is that student.veterans are getting their education.claims faster than before and with.excellent quality of course there's much.more to say about education in a few.minutes.Charmaine Bogue will talk about the.completion of the Khmer yak and what.that means for student veterans let's.turn our attention to vocational.rehabilitation and employment VR&E.supports veterans who have received a.service disability rating by connecting.them with programs for employment.independent living and education in the.first quarter of FY 20 more veterans use.VR any services and more veterans.experience positive outcomes that means.more service disabled veterans are able.to achieve their career and education.goals and work towards financial.well-being I'm proud we are continuing.this positive trend now let's talk about.home loan guarantee in q1 we guaranteed.nearly 260 half thousand home loans for.476 billion dollars the team beat the.target to complete certificates of.eligibility within 5 days and you'll.recall in q4 of FY 19 we set a new.target challenging them to complete 75%.of these certificates in just one day as.you can see they beat this target the.bottom line here is that veterans have.faster access to home loans.we also help more than 22 thousand.veterans avoid foreclosure and we.continue to provide specially adapted.housing grains grants thank you to our.team for this excellent performance your.work helps veterans achieve.homeownership a key part of the American.Dream let's move on to transition and.economic development or Ted Ted.administers several programs including.the transition Assistance Program or tap.which provides information on VA.benefits and services interactions with.transitioning veterans spouses and.caregivers that happen through tap.briefings are measured by tap touches.for q1 of FY 20 we had more than 90,000.tapped touches and our customer.satisfaction rating was 96% better than.our target tap is an important part of.EA's effort to improve the military to.civilian transition journey but it's.only one part of the work.Ted does on December 2nd Ted launched.solid start a new program that.fundamentally changes the way VA.interacts with veterans in transition.highly-trained solid start counselors.are now reaching out to veterans by.phone three times during the critical.first year of separation from the.military during these phone calls.counselors can connect veterans with VA.benefits and partner resources and.ensure they are aware of free mental.health resources if you get a call from.solid start ask any question you like.and the highly trained counselor on the.other end of the line can help we'll.talk more about solid start in the next.quarterly webcast we had outstanding.results in q1 of FY 20 with all business.lines meeting or exceeding targets but.before moving on I want to take a moment.again to thank VA chief information.officer Jim defer and his entire team.for the continued partnership in VBA's.performance improvement as we raise.targets to improve service to veterans.we rely on mr. Jaffer and his team to.help us improve our technology systems.processes and measures they continue to.be great collaborators and we wouldn't.be where we are today.without their help in q1 we continue to.fulfill secretary Wilkie's commitment to.increase our outreach to veterans as I.just mentioned solid start is an.important part of that outreach in.addition VBA completed nearly 2,500.outreach events of those more than 500.were targeted to homeless veterans I.also went to VSO posts and conducted.roundtables with veterans service.members and families across the country.for those of you who want to keep track.follow me on social media terms of the.budget we continue to be able stewart's.and spend the money we are provided.carefully and we participated in.hearings and other oversight activities.throughout the quarter continuing our.commitment to accountability and.transparency at the end of FY 19 I made.two promises for the first quarter of FY.20 that we would complete the kumari Act.and begin adjudicating blue water Navy.he claims I'm proud to report we.fulfilled both of those promises.Charmaine beau will discuss Co Marriott.completion next and then Beth Murphy.will talk about our blue water Navy.implementation Thank You dr. Lawrence I.am pleased should introduce executive.director of education service Charmaine.boat thank you hello I'm glad to be here.to talk with you today when we announced.the reset of Co Mary act in November of.2018 we immediately got to work to.ensure we could meet the deadline we.clarified accountability and program.support we teamed with oh I T in a.year-long effort to streamline.technology delivery as you know we met.our promise to deliver on December 1st.2019.within the first week we corrected over.850,000 Records to begin the process of.paying GI bill students in accordance.with the co mary act I'm proud of the.work we did to deliver on this promise.to our GI Bill students this work and.the co mary acts impact also includes.awarding more than nine hundred and.fifty stem scholarships since august of.last year.delivering over seven thousand.certificates of eligibility in less than.a year to veterans eligible for vet tech.increasing education benefits to the.hundred percent level for more than two.thousand three hundred Purple Heart.veterans restoring over seventeen.thousand months of a GI Bill entitlement.to those students affected by school.closures this was made possible because.of the hard work of the two thousand.dedicated women and men working in our.regional processing offices in Buffalo.st. Louis and Muskogee who support our.GI Bill students each and every day I.also want to acknowledge our state.approving agency who are the gatekeepers.and approving education programs and who.work with us to ensure that we provide.effective oversight of over 400 thousand.GI bill education programs across the.nation and to the over thirty thousand.school certifying officials who are on.the front line helping our GI Bill.students navigate the benefit process to.attain their education goals I say thank.you please join us at the next quarterly.webcast where we will have more to.discuss about our journey over the last.year or a national school tour in the.chirrup coming this spring Thank You.Charmaine as you may know the Bluewater.Navy Vietnam veterans Act was signed.into law by President Trump on June 25th.2019 with an effective date of January.1st 2020 secretary will key exercises.authority under the law to issue a stay.on completing these claims to give VA.time to prepare and we promise to begin.a duty including claims on January 1st.2020 now executive director of.compensation service Beth Murphy will.talk about blue water Navy thanks ray.across VA we got to work to prepare to.serve Vietnam veterans who waited so.long for these benefits in order to more.quickly determine veterans locations in.the Republic of Vietnam theater we.partnered with the National Archives.they gave us access to deck logs of.vessels to scan and digitize this.amounts to 26,000 boxes of deck logs.consisting of about 28 million images we.trained all field personnel on the new.law we also gave additional training to.experienced claims specialists who are.designated to process and adjudicate.Bluewater Navy claims they hit the.ground running on December 31st 2019.which was January 1st 2020 at our Manila.regional office in the Philippines we.completed our first awards to date we.have received more than 16,000 claims.from veterans and more than 1,200.survivor claims we encourage you to file.your claim today you can search VA gov.for blue water Navy I want to take a.moment to give a shout out and a big.THANK YOU to the hundreds of VBA.employees who worked so hard over the.past months to make sure we are able to.provide blue water Navy Vietnam veterans.with these benefits thank you Beth I.want to take a moment to close the loop.on this topic with our Vietnam veterans.while this webcast is about performance.and we look at the numbers to evaluate.our success we know that behind every.number is a transitioning service member.veteran or family member these are just.a few of the.of veterans we are reaching out to about.blue water Navy I know there are.veterans who have waited a long time for.this law we understand your frustration.we promise to get claims done for blue.water Navy veterans as quickly as.possible I want you to know that VBA is.here and we are all in on blue water.Navy.we will honor you by fulfilling.America's last promise to you for your.service in the coming months I'll be.doing LinkedIn event live events with.VSOs to make sure that veterans are.aware of both blue water Navy benefits.and all the benefits and services vba.provides one last but very important.item I want to highlight the new.veterans benefits banking program this.is an easier more efficient way to.receive your VA benefits through.world-class American financial.institutions veterans can get a free.checking account through any of the.participating banks and have their VA.benefits directly deposited this program.offers easy access to your benefits.greater security and helps prevent fraud.if you're not satisfied with how you.receive your benefits I urge you to call.the number on the slide or visit the.website before I summarize our.performance for this quarter let me call.your attention to the progress BBA has.made over the past year compared to q1.of FY 19 we completed more claims in.fewer days we conducted more field exams.we process education applications much.faster and we had more positive outcomes.in VR&E.when you look at what we've accomplished.this quarter in comparison to where we.were a year ago our improvement is clear.and significant so to summarize our.team's performance in q1 of FY 20 was.outstanding we fulfilled the promises we.made on time and our momentum continues.everything is moving in the right.direction and we are on track to have.our hashtag best year ever but why are.we doing this and what does it all mean.the better faster more innovative and.efficient we are the better we serve.veterans and their families.when we have an outstanding quarter like.this one we are meeting our promise to.provide veterans with the benefits.they've earned in a manner that honors.their service and that's my number one.priority thank you for joining me I look.forward to q2 of our hashtag best year.ever this completes the webcast on.managing VBA performance and results for.quarter 1 of fiscal year 2020 don't.forget we invite you to connect with VBA.through our channels a recording of.today's presentation will be available.at benefits va.gov slash stakeholder and.for VA customer service you may call us.at one eight hundred eight to seven one.thousand and to learn more about VA.benefits visit benefits dot va.gov.thank you for being here we are glad you.were able to join us and we will look.forward to the next time when we'll all.continue to report on hashtag best year.ever.[Music].you.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Va Form 26 8937 Veterans Benefits Administration Vba Va on Android?

At this time, Android gadgets are welcome used. Therefore, to aid its customers, CocoSign has developed the program for Android users. You can use the following tips to e-sign your Va Form 26 8937 Veterans Benefits Administration Vba Va from Android:

  1. Insert the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Pick on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to include your electronic signatures.
  4. Pick out the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Customize your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and pick '✓'.
  7. Save changes and fax the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Va Form 26 8937 Veterans Benefits Administration Vba Va with other people or upload it on the cloud.

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