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City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational Inquiry Instruction

hello everyone welcome to she boss talk.i am chante.alrighty i hope you all are having a.wonderful day.i am coming on with another stimulus.update and report.for sunday september the 20th so this is.important information for all of you.entrepreneurs.and small business owners out there uh.so we have some really.uh big updates that are happening and.also.some exciting things that are happening.that you definitely want to know about.so do make sure that you watch this.video uh.to the end so we're going to be talking.about.student loan debt cancellation the ppp.forgiveness unemployment information.that you need to know about.and the stimulus checks that are still.uh unclaimed.so that and some additional uh great.information so do.make sure that you're sharing out this.video and our channel to all those.entrepreneurs and business owners.who need to have access to this.information also.do hit that subscribe button if you.haven't done so already.actually near our 10 000 uh subscriber.goal uh that we have and we're going to.be having a giveaway.so just wanted to let you all know that.to stay tuned for that in this upcoming.week we have so much.uh so many special things for all of you.all who we consider.the she boss talk family so again.welcome in if this is your first time.seeing this channel you definitely want.to stay tuned and stay engaged and stay.connected with us.uh so i have a lot to get to i know it's.a sunday i want you to enjoy the rest of.your weekend.but this isn't so important news now.i want you to know that um this past.week uh on tuesday uh senator.um elizabeth warren and the minor uh.senate minority leader chuck.schumer i had a press conference to talk.about.uh their plan for 50.000 student loan uh.cancellations so for how many of you out.there.have student loan debt that you wish.some they would forgive and just can't.cancel right out um i know i'm one of.those uh.individuals um and so they know that.you know student loan debt is really um.a burden to a lot of americans.especially entrepreneurs and small.business owners.um if you don't know already uh the.stimulus.bill that the house proposed back in may.which is the heroes act.already included student loan.forgiveness that one.is for ten thousand dollars but they.really believe.that fifty thousand dollars is a good.amount and that would really.um really satisfy or take care of the.student loan debt for about 75 percent.of the.american population uh and at least.some of the debt for a 95 percent.of the american population as well so.this is a plan.that elizabeth warren had introduced.back.in april uh and so they really want to.keep pushing this forward so.there's a lot of support for student.loan cancellation.on both sides so they really want to.push this.forward and this is not something that.would have to.actually get the approval of congress.but this is a plan that they're.uh they're pushing for uh the president.right or the next one that is elected to.really just use their executive power so.every president has.um executive powers we know that the.current uh.president has a you know has used those.executive powers to implement a lot of.things.and this is one of those that they want.the president.to uh initiate by executive order just.by signature.that fifty thousand dollars of student.loan debt would be canceled so.again let me know out there i see you.all watching would.student loan debt uh cancellation help.you are you.someone that has student loan debt have.you been burdened or challenged with.student loan debt.this is something that they believe and.i tend to agree.that would really help to stimulate the.uh the economy.uh because student loan debt i mean the.the cost.of it right the premiums that we have to.pay month in.and month out um so there's some people.that are actually.in default because they can't they just.can't pay it's just too much in the.interest you know on top of it so some.of us that's been out of school for so.many years the.interest is just compounding so this.would be a huge benefit.if this were to pass so there's a number.of different proposals.on the table um i'm for the larger.amount.like straight out cancellation but i.think 50 000.is a really good amount and i think on.average at least fifty percent of people.they have like fifty.not fifty thousand but ten thousand.dollars of student loan debt or less.right so let's just get rid of the.student loan debt.debt um so if you agree with me uh let.me.know uh in the comments so that is.i think that's huge news and again i.will keep you updated as.you know that progress whether they.include it there needs to be something.in this next stimulus package.which they're still negotiating i.haven't been much.uh you know worried about where they're.going.uh you know getting closer to an.agreement um.except for earlier last week so again in.this upcoming week i'm hoping that they.make a decision and determine what the.next uh stimulus package is going to be.okay so that that is the student loan.cancellation portion of it.i wanted to talk about patient.protection program.it's been a minute since i talked about.the paycheck protection program this is.for you all that have.applied for the ppp funds you have used.the ppp funds or you're still.in process of using them this is for the.paycheck protection forgiveness.application so what i want to know is.how many of you have applied for.forgiveness of your ppp loans uh let me.know in the comments because.um the portal was supposed to come up in.march not march but.august and there were delays with it so.um but i just checked and so it's it's.up it has login information this is for.the banking institutions to submit.information to the sba so this is their.portal.um so when you submit your application.to your bank or whoever funded your loan.they then are going to the portal.to upload your information so that the.sba can approve it.but there has been um you know uh.i think a lot of banks and financial.institutions that really want to like.kind of hold off.on uh submitting applications and.by kind of letting borrowers know not to.rush to do it.because there is still the hope that.washington.will make this uh loan.will turn it into an automatic grant so.we know the ppp is a forgivable loan.in which you submit your your.forgiveness application based on making.sure that you meet the requirements.paying uh spending 60 at least 60.percent.on the payroll and then the other 40 on.non-payroll.related costs but there is a big.push to make those uh.loans automatically forgivable.especially those that are 150.000 or less so you let me know what your.experience is because some banks haven't.even started the process.yet some have uh so if your funding.institution has let me know if they have.not.let me know if they've sent you any.correspondence related to the.forgiveness program.i really like to know that as well.because again it varies because there.are uh several different funding.organizations uh that were providing.these loans and so.uh their process may be different just.depending on who your.uh funder uh is uh but i would really.like to know about that because.again there's a big push for the.automatic forgiveness and there's also a.big push.for a second round of ppp money i think.everyone agrees on both sides senate.house democrats republicans.that there needs to be more ppp money uh.there's still a big pool of money the.130.billion so again there are uh calls to.create some side uh bill to.allow for um that money to be used uh.for.new uh pp uh money so second round so.those of you that.have already uh received money that.there will be a second round of.applications that will be open.okay so that's that's what they're.thinking.that's what they're proposing we'll see.what happens with that but we know that.there is still billions of dollars left.remaining in the program from the.initial cares act funding.uh that went out they just closed the.program and then.you know they were waiting to this next.stimulus package but that's something.that we already know is going to be.included.um i'm hoping that uh with our.um you know really pushing them and.making our voices heard that they not.only consider the ppp.program but the idle program as well.funding that program and then letting us.get the grants that we deserve some of.us are still waiting for.and for those of us that qualified that.we submitted our applications that we.get our entire ten thousand dollars so.i will continue to talk about that.because that's important.so many of us still have not gotten our.idle funds um.and our grant money and unfortunately.and you.people are still asking me unfortunately.it does if you qualify for the idle.grant.you will not get it i will not get it.until they refund the program.that's why we have to keep putting.pressure on congress.on our representatives in your state.where you live at.to let them know that this is.unacceptable but the law is and how your.business has been.impacted and the fact that you have not.been able to get.relief through the ira program the fact.that you did not get the grant that you.were promised that you would get through.the cares act law.it is law okay and so you must i would.encourage you to make your voices heard.like i have i continue to stay in.contact.with my senators uh and my house.representatives.and the regional director of the sba to.let them know like this is like.uh so unacceptable uh that our.businesses are suffering.uh because you know and we were entitled.to the money that and there's so many.delays.um so keep pushing forward i know it can.be stressful and frustrating but we just.have to keep fighting.for what we deserve um and what we are.entitled to and the bottom line is if.you submitted a successful application.you were supposed to we are supposed to.get ten thousand dollars we were.supposed to get.a full funding up to two million dollars.and everyone knows that we did not.sba did not allocate funding like that.and they still have funding for the.loans.so if you do need a loan the loan.program is still open they still.are accepting applications for that.program if you were denied go through.the reconsideration program we have.videos.on that i highly recommend you watch.those videos and do.follow through the process until they.award you.your um your loan your idle loan okay.so any questions on that as always drop.them in the comments and i'll follow up.afterwards okay.so i wanted next to talk about.unemployment.unemployment benefits you all if you're.out there and you're.receiving pandemic unemployment benefits.is.a benefit under the cares act that was.provided to all of us that are.self-employed small business owners that.did not qualify for traditional.unemployment right so if you.are receiving uh pandemic unemployment.at least.a hundred dollars as of i believe.august the first then you would qualify.for.the benefit the fema benefit of three.hundred dollars so the.six hundred dollar extra weekly benefit.expired.uh july 31st and so uh you know.because congress could not negotiate and.come together on agree.on what to do about unemployment the.president signed an executive order.providing three hundred dollars a week.additional benefits.uh through uh i believe it's a forty.billion dollar fund.i believe forty eight are participating.have been approved.some of the states have already begun to.issue out checks.so if you're on the program if you.started receiving your 300.uh monthly monthly weekly checks let me.know we started receiving ours.in a staggered manner so even though.it's going to be retroactive depending.on where you're.where you are your state we didn't get a.lump sum every day they dropped.uh 300 and if you have your taxes with.hell which i would.recommend you do because you will owe.taxes later just have them take it out.now.um so they deposited uh.every day uh up to six weeks so in ohio.we were approved for six weeks from.august first through february through.september the fifth.so let me know how much your state was.approved for but i believe most.states were approved for at least six.weeks and you would either see a lump.sum.or you will see um just depending of.your traditional unemployment or.pandemic unemployment.and how your state system is set up um.you may.have already received it or once they.get their system set up you'll receive.it.but here in ohio it's been staggered and.the first recipients have been.those um that are on the pandemic.unemployment.traditional has to wait here in ohio.because their system is not a.cloud-based system so it's a lot of.extra work.to be able to get those funds to them.then when they roll that.out they will receive a lump sum uh.payment for that six weeks.uh now we will we get anything after.this six weeks i don't know.but this is good this is also a.financial lifeline.for those of us who need it who have.been waiting uh for some of this money.and then again we'll see what happens.once they pass the.uh the next stimulus uh bill.but in the meantime this is additional.money that you can use for.your family so again that's 300 dollars.a week.extra that replace that 600 a week.and you probably will be approved for up.to six weeks retroactive back to.august the first uh through september.the 5th.and then we'll see what happens after.that and my understanding is most states.have already run out of money because.again.it's 40 billion dollars across you know.48.states okay again if you have any.questions let me know.i do want to bring uh just a mention.again that there are still.909 million excuse me.on americans that do not have their.stimulus checks is unclaimed.most are the non-filers so that did not.have.are not required to file a tax return.if you are one of those people uh go to.the web.the irs website www.and fill out the non-filer form so you.can get your 1200 dollar stimulus check.if you're married your 2400 uh stimulus.check okay uh that is going to be.important you don't want to leave.any money on the table um and i had some.addition some um some people telling me.that they.still haven't received their um stimulus.check.also but they filed their taxes okay so.on the irs website.you can check the status of your.stimulus.check and where it is uh they have a.number i can't promise you.uh how quickly or how responsive they're.going to be.but they do have tools on the irs.website whether you're a non-filer.or most of us as entrepreneurs small.business owners we're supposed to be.filing our taxes.on an annual basis so you should have.filed your taxes once you do that.then you will qualify to receive.the twelve hundred dollar uh uh stimulus.check.that's the first one that's before we.get to the next one that they're.proposing.uh down the line okay so again that's.nine million they're going to be sending.you out letters so if you get a letter.in the mail from the irs that's how they.correspond they will never call you.they do not email you they will mail you.a letter saying that you're.one of the ones that has the um you're.possibly one of the ones that has the.unclaimed stimulus check.and then you want to follow up and.follow the directions they have in that.letter.that letter is supposed to be coming out.around about september the 24th.you have until october the 15th to make.your claim.if you want to get those funds that.stimulus money uh by the.end of the year uh if you do not do that.by uh the deadline then.in order to get your money you will have.to wait till next year and you will be.required to file.taxes in order to get it okay so.go to the irs website fill out the.non-filer form tell your peers.you know that's why it's important you.share this information because it may.not be you.but you have a family member who is a.non-filer or who did not get their.stimulus checked.um and you need please let them know.that.what they need to do the action that.they need to take to be able to get that.stimulus money.again don't want to leave money on the.table.okay so those are the stimulus updates.one thing i'm.actually meant to start this program.with just wanted to.just say um just recognize that the.federal supreme.court justice ruth bader.ginsburg died last week i believe was on.friday it was such a sad law she's been.such a trailblazer.in the justice system and fighting for.the rights of women.uh so that's such a loss so um we.honor her um for everything that she's.done.the legacy that she lives behind give.our condolences and send out our prayers.to her family and loved ones she.is actually asking that her that her.replacement or she not be replaced.until the next present president is.installed.so we will see what happens with that um.that will be.interesting to see if they take the same.approach um.when uh justice scalia um.passes they will um due to her passing.um when they waited after obama was out.and president trump was in.to install um a new justice okay so we.will.see what happens with that but again.right now we just want to honor her.and thank her for her service that she's.provided for so many years.uh in the justice system okay so.that's that now stay here okay so this.is some really exciting news.tomorrow the she boss up.grant applications open we've been.getting everything ready the committee.is ready.uh we're ready to accept the application.so these.uh grants are micro uh covet 19.grants for women business owners here in.the u.s.there will be 12 grants given out uh.these grants will be awarded uh in on.october the 16th.uh so we excited about this program.excited to receive your applications.do make sure you register to get.notified because the one those that are.on our email list will be the first ones.to get notification.when the grant opens tomorrow so it.should it is expected to open around 10.o'clock.in the morning uh so the link to the.application.uh is in the description here so this is.the sheet this is.our cheap boss up grant program.uh that will become an annual program.but right now we're just.excited to be able to offer 12 grants to.women business owners who have been.impacted by covet 19. uh so do check the.eligibility requirements.i know you do have to be in business at.least a year from the day application.date.uh you need to have less than 10.employees.um you need to identify or be recognized.as a female bit a woman on business that.means 51 percent.own operated and you must be located in.the us you you're in your business and.operation.all in the us right the united states of.america.so those applications open uh tomorrow.which is monday and they close.september the 25th which is friday at 11.59 p.m standard time.uh do not wait to the last minute to.apply.again if you know a female entrepreneur.small business owners.please invite them to apply share this.video share our channel.share the link with them to let them.know that you can apply.and when i say employees if you have.zero employees you qualify so.solopreneurs.do qualify for this program if you have.a brick and mortar if you're a.home-based business.you will as a woman business owner.qualify for this program.okay so we try to eliminate any.restrictions those that.cause a lot of us to miss out on some of.the grants.um because i'm i'm i have a home-based.business.and i'm a solopreneur i hire out um.you know contractors so we want to make.sure that.this money is getting to women out there.who are in need and that you will use.the money.to empower someone else through your.business or.in the community so that's exciting news.who's ready to apply for those brands if.you're ready to apply over you already.registered.let me know in the comments um because.we're really excited about this and are.really looking forward to reviewing all.the applications.that come in i do want to remind all of.you all.that grants are still open and available.they're coming online.every day uh there's two that's about to.expire american express.i did a video on it uh american express.grant closes tomorrow the on the 21st.the third has a grant also that one.closes on the 23rd so these timelines.are very short turnaround for you to be.able to apply for these programs they're.not.open indefinitely so those are two.programs that will be uh.are still open but that will be closing.uh early next week so you definitely.want to make sure that you apply.reference our grant tracker it is in.the show notes of this video in the.description clickable links.will take you to the grant tracker it's.a phenomenal resource.uh has been to uh all of our she boss.talk family.all across uh social media use it it's.online we update it.once every week with brand new grant.opportunities that you can apply for.go apply for those grants at your city.county and state levels.use our tracker as a starting point and.then do your research make your phone.calls.don't miss out on the money that's out.there i mean there's literally state.programs uh rolling out grants.that are multi-million dollar funds.that are offering hundred thousand.dollar grants i mean.hundred thousand dollar grant in.delaware 250 000.grant in um in chicago illinois.so there are new grants coming out every.single.day so do stay tuned for that do.regularly reference that grand tracker.is a great resource for you.if we're doing all the heavy lifting.it's cutting back the work that you have.to do.you just have to be intentional and be.proactive.um this other announcement that i want.to make is.we already made the announcement but by.popular demand.right it was such a demand and need for.help.in applying for these grants you know.they streamline the process you don't.have to hire grant writer.you don't need to submit a lengthy.proposal yes there's grants that you.have to do that for.but there these are these special grants.that have come out just because of.covet 19 or because of uh the need to.help to uh bring about racial equity and.racial.uh justice so individuals companies.organizations have come out with funds.or partnering together.to bring money to us as entrepreneurs.and small.business owners and so you are.a lot of you all said that you were.challenged to understand how to apply.for these grants what do you need to.apply.how to increase your chances of winning.so i created the winning application.uh grant cheat sheet and check.list so um we had a successful launch.every day we have uh new people that are.um.that are getting this cheat sheet and.checklist highly recommend that you go.ahead and get it.if you need help in increasing your.chances of winning knowing what.granters are looking for um you know is.is is in your best interest to be well.informed before you even apply for a.grant.to know how to increase your likelihood.of getting that grant.because you are competing with hundreds.if not thousands of.other uh needy you know other.entrepreneurs and small businesses who.are in need.and what you need to know is how are you.going to stand out.in the past and so as a.master business coach a margining coach.a.woman entrepreneur who has won several.grants myself i just did.a video if you have not seen it catch it.on.the grant that i won a very great video.with.awesome tips i have one grant so i know.what it takes to win.grants what you need to look for what.grantor says that have actually came.back and told me.about why i was selected over other.applicants.so this is an invaluable resource if you.have not gotten it i.highly recommend you do if you want it.let me know in the comments and i'll.make sure.to give you the link make sure you get.that but it is in the show notes.uh just let me know if you're all in and.you're ready to get that cheat sheet and.you're ready to apply.i want to hear it in the comments so.again we're here to provide you with all.the resources you need to get your money.we want you to make getting your money a.priority right this.is what the stimulus is right we're here.we're stimulating.all of our entrepreneurs and business.owners to take actions.on behalf of yourselves your family your.business.your legacy all the mission and causes.that we have there's no reason you need.to put those.on hold free money.will help you in your business let me.know how money will help you how would.an extra 500.5000 15 000 or 50 000.help you in your business would it help.you bring on.uh a more expertise to your team will.they help you get the coaching.or mentoring that you need will it help.you get.better equipment for your business so.that you can scale your business.will they help you do the repairs on.your brick and mortar um you know where.you you know because in the midst of.this pandemic there's been other you.know inclement weather around the.country.so more businesses have been damaged on.top of what we're dealing with with.covet 19..so um you know there is.money out there and i just want you i.don't want you all to leave.any money on the table there are.legitimate.grants out here and the ones i put out.they're legitimate.but they are time sensitive so you must.act quickly.don't don't be the one that waits to the.last minute.or don't think that you're qualified go.into it knowing that you're qualified.that you deserve this grant that you.you're going to be empowered with this.grant and you're going to be empowered.to empower other people and understand.that we're in this together.uh that's why i'm here sharing in this.information and that's why i appreciate.you all for sharing the information.that i'm sharing i really appreciate.that because there's still.millions of entrepreneurs and small.business owners that have zero clue.that any of these programs exist they.don't know how to apply.they don't know where to find them and.we're giving you.all the tools we're making it so easy.for you.and help help us make it easy for them.let them know.tell them to come and subscribe to our.channel watch our videos share.out our content so other entrepreneurs.and business owners can be helped in.their journey.they can get their money because i'm.just one person.but we have a community if all of us are.in it together and we're sharing and.we're telling our peers.and our family and our friends who are.entrepreneurs and letting them know look.there's money out there apply for this.grant apply for that and apply for this.grant.and then showing them how with providing.them the tools that we're offering.all of us can get money so money so.there is a grant with your name on it i.don't care how many times you've applied.for grant and didn't get it.there's a grant with your name on it.there is a way to improve your.applications that you've been applying.for.so by using our tools you can be better.positioned to win it you can see oh.i did not know i should have had this or.should have had that or i should have.included this in the information and.we're telling you how to do that.so take that information and go out and.get.your money okay this is a great day to.do it we're still.in the weekend a lot of us are relaxing.have free time.this is the opportunity for you to go.fill out those grant applications.american express took me five minutes.so take the time make it a priority.schedule it on your calendar whatever.you need to do.to make sure that you're getting the.money for your business then we.definitely as always want to hear you.come back.and tell us the testimony of how you won.a grant.you can't we can't win them all but you.can win.i don't win them all but i've won.several.and i go into it no believing that i'm.going to win.and i will keep applying as long as it.takes i will keep applying until i get.it.or there's no other opportunity to get.it and so i want you all to go.forward with that mindset you have to be.relentless.you have to be courageous you have to.show up boldly.and confidently knowing that you are.going to get some of this money that's.out there.so use the opportunity now seize the.opportunity.to get your money to get a financial.lifeline for yourself your families and.your business.we have legacies to build and to leave.for for the next generation.and how we do that we need money to be.able to do that.so take the information i hope you.enjoyed it i will continue to give.other tips uh other recommendations if.there's anything else you need drop it.in the comments i'm happy to help.happy happy to refer you and make.recommendations to get you whatever it.is that you need so that you can be.successful in business.so as always continue to be the boss.with amplified impact.stay in good health and stay safe have a.wonderful sunday.and we'll see you tomorrow for those uh.she boss up grant so we look forward to.receiving your applications.have a great day.

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How to create an e-signature for the City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones have substantially replaced the PCs and laptops in the past 10 years. In order to taken care of your problem, CocoSign aids to sign the document via your personal cell phone.

A high quality internet connection is all you need on your cell phone and you can e-sign your City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational using the tap of your finger. Follow the key elements below:

  1. Click the website of CocoSign and create an account.
  2. Next, choose and upload the document that you need to get e-signed.
  3. Choose the "My signature" option.
  4. Write down and apply your signature to the document.
  5. Check the document and tap 'Done'.

It takes you shortly to place an e-signature to the City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational from your cell phone. Print or share your form whatever you like.

How to create an e-signature for the City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational on iOS?

The iOS users would be satisfied to know that CocoSign give an iOS app to assist them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational , work with the CocoSign app wthout doubt.

Here's instruction place an electronic signature for the City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational on iOS:

  1. Add the application from Apple Store.
  2. Register for an account either by your email address or via social account of Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload the document that needs to be signed.
  4. Choose the space where you want to sign and choose the option 'Insert Signature'.
  5. Draw your signature as you prefer and place it in the document.
  6. You can send it or upload the document on the Cloud.

How to create an electronic signature for the City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational on Android?

The great popularity of Android phones users has given rise to the development of CocoSign for Android. You can insert the app for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

You can place an e-signature for City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational on Android following these key elements:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
  2. Upload your PDF file that needs to be signed electronically by choosing on the "+” icon.
  3. Click the space where you need to place your signature and write it in a pop up window.
  4. Finalize and adjust it by choosing the '✓' symbol.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Print and share your document, as desired.

Get CocoSign today to assist your business operation and save yourself a large amount of time and energy by signing your City Of Ashland Net Profit License Fee Return Kentucky Occupational on the Android phone.

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