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made in USA is made possible by a grant.from the estate of Nancy George which.reminds you to include public television.in your will or trust additional funding.is provided by the Philip Cowan group.and the generous support of the members.of ke T see these are the ruins the.remains of something that was once.gigantic and powerful this was once one.of America's great industrial centers.East st. Louis Illinois whose rise and.fall were complex and dramatic it's not.pretty but it was never pretty at its.peak this was America's back alley and.boiler room East st. Louis was what the.American industrial machine looked like.under the hood and living in the midst.of it the workers and their families.there were the Croatians and the.Ukrainians and the Slovak sand the poles.and the Russians and my family came from.the South like most blacks came from the.south from its earliest days it had a.national reputation across between.Pittsburgh and Dodge City a wide-open.town where you could drink and Gamble.any time of day or night a place that.you could always find a job it was an.atmosphere of lawlessness of corruption.greed and the big companies were part of.them you see tremendous wealth and.tremendous poverty the wealth was.private the poverty was public.when the smoke of the factories cleared.the buildings were left empty the.problems exposed flaws that had not just.been part of what this city used to be.but in some ways exactly what it was.meant to be.one of the next events on the schedule.was the all-america City parade which.attracted one of the most enthusiastic.crowds ever assembled in East st. Louis.in 1960 it looked like any town USA this.parade down State Street in East st..Louis Illinois was celebrating a great.honor it had just been named an.all-america City by Look magazine and.the National Municipal League this was a.city with neighborhoods pretty parks.crowded schools factory jobs and unions.a city with a strong Eastern European.background and a growing.african-american population it was like.many big cities with Urban Renewal and.housing projects and new expressways.this is a city in transition the city.changing its appearance and changing its.attitudes to now being designated an.all-american city was an honor for a.community of the size this magnitude but.what the community didn't know what the.residents didn't know that this.community had been pillaged if you will.for all it could yield in many ways that.its tax base had been ravaged and the.revenues that a city needs to support.itself were no longer flowing into this.community what happened over the next 10.15 years would stun anger and frustrate.these citizens as their hometown.experienced to decline as incredible as.its rise just a lifetime before in 1960.East st. Louis was at the end of an era.this was a place that in many ways had.served its purpose just as it had from.its very earliest days.it didn't really start out as a city but.as a place that happened to be across.from a city Captain James Pickett.started a ferry operation here in the.1790s and it became an essential link.for those heading west to st. Louis and.beyond this side of the river was a flat.muddy land known as the American bottoms.there wasn't much here at first but.there were efforts to establish towns.with the names of Jacksonville.Washington Illinois City East st. Louis.and Illinois town some river boats.started docking here but it was nothing.compared to st. Louis on this side of.the river there was only so far a town.could go the east side flooded.frequently it was swampy land so it.really wasn't conducive to development.the American bottoms which is that flat.terrain of land that extends about seven.to ten miles north south and three to.five miles east and west I was.constantly subject to flooding.conditions so you didn't have much.development there.it said that in the great flood of 1844.the Mississippi River filled the.American bottoms and that a steamboat.actually tied up at the county seat of.Belleville where the bluffs finally rise.up st. Louis had the high ground and.became the Great River City East st..Louis's day would come but it would not.arrive by boat.East st. Louis is a railroad town the.first train came here in 1857 but more.important than the fact that it came.here was that it stopped here this was.the end of the line until Saint Louis.could manage to build a bridge the.Illinois side of the river was as far as.the trains would go the trip would be.finished by ferry boat so it was on the.east bank that everything got loaded.unloaded and where hops and the.topography once the biggest drawback was.now an advantage because it's flat land.you had a really nice level plane for.laying rail tracks and rail tracks came.through that American bottom from all.directions so you had the whole place.was crisscross with this complicated web.of rail lines and that made it very.attractive for industry because you.could find a nice big parcel of land.almost anywhere in the American bottom.where you had rail facilities nearby.within ten years of that first train.pulling in ten more railroads would have.their terminus here these were not.homegrown frontier businesses rail lines.with a long long reach of big.corporations with international.investors the owners and decision makers.didn't live here they had never seen.this place except on a map we are in the.mid nineteenth century a place where.railroads rule we are starting to see.the effects of one side of the country.being able to reach across by rail to.the other side of the country we are.becoming a network a networked economy.so right from the outset I see not.really local we're often settled in the.streets East st. Louis had a reputation.has been a very frontier kind of town.I've heard it described as being worse.than Dodge City a place where corruption.was always rampant where there was.political problems problems with crime.and you know we hear about East st..Louis in the news and we think about.that community as having these problems.today but they had those problems right.from the outset the issue that tore the.town and to was flood protection Bowman.felt East st. Louis couldn't grow until.the problem was fixed downtown was low.and flat the new bank had put its first.floor above the flood line Bowman's plan.was to raise the streets that high all.over downtown his supporters were dubbed.high graders the opposition low graders.saw it as a boondoggle.that would benefit business interests.and bankrupt the city it grew into a.civil war with two competing governments.two mayors two City Council's and two.police forces ultimately the battle.becomes violent not only did the police.forces start exchanging fire but over.time the battles become more and more.frequent more and more violent until in.1885 John Bowman is assassinated he was.gunned down outside his home no one was.ever arrested for the assassination of.the city's founder and first mayor if.the crime was also meant to kill the.high-grade movement it had the opposite.effect in 1887 sympathetic voters.elected mayor Melbourne Stevens who.carried out the street raising plan and.nearly bankrupt the city.you can still see the results of the.high-graders victory today where there.are empty lots downtown well below the.level of the streets and although John.Bowman didn't live to see it.East Saint Louis became an industrial.boomtown it was a city that was raised.up in the right place at the right time.this is what fueled the boom East st..Louis not only had a river railroads and.land for factories it also happened to.be on the edge of southern Illinois coal.country this is what turned the American.bottom's into one of America's great.industrial centers this was an important.period in history there was a really.significant transformation going on in.manufacturing sometimes known as the.Second Industrial Revolution and what.that means is it was a time when.industry was relying more on capital.than on labor as a source of input and.by relying on coal and steam power they.could build much larger factories.achieve greater economies of scale and.so for the first time you had these huge.sprawling factories that were capital.intensive and extremely dirty smoky not.the sort of thing that people wanted to.have in their backyard getting that coal.into st. Louis factories meant paying a.toll on every carload that crossed the.river it was cheaper to burn Illinois.coal in Illinois and that was just one.of the advantages of putting a factory.on the east side of the river in sight.of st. Louis but out of its jurisdiction.that corporations don't have to worry.about the political clout of the big.city particularly they're concerned.about any opposition to their.environmental practices they can admit.as much smoke as they want they can.discharge as much waste into the.waterways that they want and they don't.have to worry about citizen opposition.on the east side towns could be created.without concerned citizens following the.example of the town of National City the.legal municipality that was home to the.stockyards and meat packers and to very.few actual residents up and down the.American bottoms were the small towns.with the big factories refineries.smelters tanneries foundries adjacent to.East st. Louis was National City and.Monsanto Illinois later renamed so J.home to several chemical and refining.plants and Allerton short for aluminum.ore town.in 1903 the company that became Alcoa.opened the country's biggest aluminum.processing plant at East st. Louis but.not in East st. Louis East st. Louis.City Hall did not control these.industries but they could control City.Hall and they often did through payoffs.the government of East st. Louis is in.one sense in the employ of industry.instead of being founded on a social.contract where people are in charge it's.as if these cities are founded on.business principles notions of.profitability notions of utility notions.of efficiency rather than on popular.control and benefit of society but there.were risks in setting yourself apart.from your workers lives and well-being.and other companies used a different.approach in nearby Granite City a st..Louis company built its new Metal Works.Factory and a whole town to go with it.including homes that workers could buy.it was called civic capitalism and it.too was considered good business in an.era of growing labor unrest people.worried about the labor question because.they're afraid that maybe we'll have a.socialist party or some kind of.radicalism they all you know have some.kind of stake in suggesting that.capitalism can have a social contract.u.s. steel built one of the country's.biggest company towns in 1906 in Indiana.just outside Chicago they called it the.city of the century in a 1913 film a.Polish immigrant joins his brother to.work in the safe modern American steel.mill and live out the American dream in.Gary Indiana he meets the local English.teacher marries her and raises a family.in one of the company built homes this.was of course the company's version of.the story and there were many unskilled.workers who could not afford this kind.of life many of them lived in poverty.just outside the city limits in a.neighborhood that was more mining camp.than model city still places like Gary.and Granite City could point to the.company built playgrounds the model.schools and in this film when the new.immigrant heads for a tavern his brother.shows him a better path.in East Saint Louis one of illinois'.largest cities at the time there was no.YMCA people had tried to get one built.but when they went to the local.companies and plant managers they just.couldn't raise the money all the.communities had large companies but they.invested something in that community and.they became company tans which have.their own problems obviously but they.took it one step further and he st..Louis and naturally stepped back out of.the city boundary and basically put.nothing in and took everything out and.decimated the environment with pollution.etc and when they were done they walked.away in the older bigger city of st..Louis the names of the industrial barons.Bush Mallinckrodt Danforth Queenie can.be found on buildings and libraries and.charitable foundations no such tradition.grew in East st. Louis the money that.was made there did not stay there it was.not a place you moved to to get rich but.it was known as a place you could get a.job that they had heard halfway around.the world.I had heard that there were recruiters.sent out to towns and villages who would.say you know if you come to East st..Louis we guarantee you jobs in the meat.packing industry we guarantee you.housing you know we will pay you this.much which is so much more than you've.ever made before and you can come with.your friends and relatives and neighbors.you know and in fact we'll even ask your.priest if you'd like to come over with.you.in the late 19th and early 20th.centuries millions of people from.Eastern Europe left their villages and.farms and headed to the United States.and it's factories and cities the.chesnic a family was part of this.migration leaving behind a hard life in.a Polish farming village like many of.the immigrants they came first to New.York but they passed right through Ellis.Island and kept on going their.destination was East st. Louis Illinois.and they knew there would be some kind.of work when they got there the phrase.yeah yeah railroads and they had meat.packing here what they they their work.and they have no Union they but the head.work John chose nikka grew up in East.st. Louis in a neighborhood centered on.st. Alberts Church in school where he.was taught in Polish and English it was.like that all over town except that the.language is changed from neighborhood to.neighborhood there were the Croatians.and the Ukrainians and the Slovak sand.the poles and the Russians and the you.know lethwei nians all the Eastern.Europeans you can think of the Czechs.you know the Bohemians um they were very.much in my opinion in little islands.these little ethnic islands.the census listed the faraway birth.places in the myriad languages spoken by.the new residents east st. Louis's.population in 1910 had grown to 65,000.double what it had been ten years before.this was a city with some fifty.factories two dozen railroads there was.work for men women and children.these boys had their picture taken as.part of a national study of child labor.they worked in the Ober Nestor glass.factory in East st. Louis we think of.industrialization as the you notice o.ciated with technological progress and.to most people that means while you're.tending machines but the need for just.brute labour you know labourers goes up.by fifteen hundred percent in the period.from 1890 to 1920 what these large.industries need is unskilled labor it.was hot hard and dangerous these.factories were huge operations many of.them processing industries the middle.step between raw material and finished.product very narrow profit margins and.because you have a narrow profit margin.you need to run your operation around.the clock and large companies like.aluminum ore ran their companies around.the clock had tremendous ships thousands.of workers 24 hours a day seven days a.week.keeping aluminum production going.the meatpackers also work to protect the.profit they could extract from every.animal Gustavus Swift was famous for.saying he used every part of the pig but.the squeal Phillip Armour said that he.made no money from the meat of a.slaughtered animal that he sold at a.loss the profit came in selling what was.left over the hides to tanneries hooves.and bones for gelatin fertilizer and.gallons and gallons of lard on a single.steer worth hundreds of dollars.Armour said he made 59 cents profit when.you have a narrow profit margin pretty.soon all those other costs to do.business become very important how much.your taxes are how much your land.acquisition costs are what your labor.costs are heaven forbid if your workers.want to organize into a union because.that means more expense and that's.coming out of that 59 cents that you're.making on that animal anyone who talked.about a union or complained about pay or.working conditions could be easily.replaced just as long as there was a.surplus of workers a ready supply of.replacements but things began to shift.to the workers advantage because of.global events when war broke out in.Europe in 1914 it increased production.in American factories even before the.u.s. entered the war but it cut off the.flow of immigrant workers.so you know it's a great labor market.for workers companies though they're.looking for new surplus labor supply.they want more workers than there are.jobs so you have some recruitment from.the rural areas they try to recruit.whites but their best place to go for.cheap unskilled labor is the south and.black workers there is the period of the.great migration they want a job very.badly so they are eager and there's a.free railroad ride and it was it was as.if the floodgates were were open and.there was no no turning back.like the Eastern Europeans before them.african-americans now left home to find.work and to start new lives in northern.industrial cities and they heard that if.you couldn't get a job in East st. Louis.you couldn't get a job anyway there had.always been African Americans living in.the American bottoms but their numbers.were relatively small until now you.could see it every day at the East st..Louis train station the new arrivals.from the south coming in such numbers.that they were becoming more visible in.town in the factories and in politics.these were loyal Lincoln Republicans.anxious to vote and Republican Party.leaders were anxious to get them.registered.it upsets the political balance in the.the first couple of decades especially.in that that second decade and and there.is there's there's lots of talk.especially in the teens about voter.fraud the charges came from the.Democrats and during Woodrow Wilson's.1916 re-election campaign the Justice.Department investigated what was being.called colonization an alleged.conspiracy to import blacks to steal.elections in northern cities one story.unsupported by evidence but widely.circulated was a plot to have blacks.vote in East st. Louis than board a.train to vote in Springfield and a third.time in Chicago if you take the.newspapers at face value you would say.the public perception was oh yes there.was colonization but when you start.digging through the testimonies people.knew it wasn't that at all black folks.were trickling into the city World War.one opened the floodgates they were.coming anyway for jobs and the.contemporaries knew that but people were.being told they were here to steal.elections labor leaders said they were.here to steal jobs and the huge numbers.of newcomers were straining the local.housing and services racial tensions.continued to grow.across the river in st. Louis there were.organizations and committees helping.with the settlement of the new arrivals.there was a tradition here of charitable.organizations citizen committees dealing.with issues of housing poverty and race.relations but the efforts didn't reach.into East st. Louis I think a city that.wasn't corrupt would have had a huge.problem in controlling that kind of.growth and given the fact that this was.a corrupt city that it was basically.growth that was not managed now and it.just happened willy-nilly and it was an.atmosphere of lawlessness of corruption.of greed and the big companies were part.of that.and yet many East st. Louis boosters saw.only greatness ahead President Taft had.come here in 1909 to dedicate the new.federal courthouse the city was building.an extensive flood control system and.businessmen said they were laying the.foundation of a big city that might.rival st. Louis but shocking events and.a congressional investigation would soon.expose just how weak this community's.foundation really was no one will ever.know for sure how many people were.killed in the East st. Louis race riot.of 1917 some of the early reports were.exaggerated the official death toll was.39 blacks and nine White's others.accepted the higher number of a hundred.almost all black it's not that the.country was ever really at peace with.itself in this era there were race riots.and labor battles like these in other.cities before and after.but what happened in East st. Louis.struck a national nerve the reports of.Americans killing Americans came on the.same front pages as the reports of.American troops in Europe fighting to.save democracy.it was labor troubles at the aluminum or.plant that set the tragic events in.motion the company followed its usual.practice of bringing in replacement.workers to break the strikes and keep.the plant in operation but now many of.the replacements were Negros there were.white replacements too but strike.leaders made blacks the issue and the.target it becomes so conflated with.racial animosity - it's the way that you.can organize people and organize a mob.that's what they did in the spring of.1917 the National Guard was brought in.to protect the factory and its workers.but everybody knew this was a town on.the verge of a race riot when violence.flared up in May the guard was able to.keep it under control but East st. Louis.hadn't cooled off tensions built fueled.by unsubstantiated Press reports of.Negro crime waves and gun purchases and.by rumors and inflammatory public.speeches they wanted to drive blacks out.of easing lists they wanted to make east.st. Louis and all-white town the evening.of Sunday July 1st a car drove through a.Negro neighborhood firing shots as it.drove by.later when another car approached shots.were fired from the crowd maybe some.thought it was the same car but it.wasn't police officers were in this one.and two were killed when word of what.happened to spread white mobs set out to.attack blacks they beat shot lynched.even burned to death fires were set in.black neighborhoods and people were shot.as they tried to escape the flames a.family just up from Mississippi stepped.right into the middle of it and we.jested we got to 10th Street where we.were standing.we could see different people running in.Highland color fiddling and they were.getting down in the weed that they widen.from and the guy were running shooting.didn't know what to shooting you just.see the smoke and hear the shot that was.a scary time the daughter of former.mayor Melbourne Stevens was told to stay.indoors and she watched from her bedroom.window you could hear cars racing by and.people yelling and screaming and I could.see all the fires burning where they set.fire you know to the colored houses I.was petrified.when it was over parts of East st. Louis.were in ruins the death toll of blacks.would never be accurately determined.they searched for bodies but so many.people couldn't be accounted for maybe.they had crossed the bridge to st. Louis.maybe their bodies were somewhere in the.river the nation responded with speeches.editorials and accusations some blamed.labor the police city government.industry for importing blacks some said.whites had only acted to prevent a black.uprising in the south many said the race.riot exposed northern hypocrisy and.showed what was really awaiting southern.blacks in northern cities by the.19-teens it was the North's turn to.decide on the Negro question and icac.st. Louis as a harbinger of a vie.supremacy northern style.despite pressures from blacks and whites.to condemn the riot.President Wilson made no statement.but Congress investigated the riot the.crimes and the city of East st. Louis.itself this wasn't a black eye this was.a self-inflicted wound that would leave.an ugly scar if it ever healed at all.it sort of lets you know it's an.indicator that a city is not just.industry you know a city is people in a.city is social you know in the broadest.sense of of the word and and that that.social fiber has to to be their problems.are going to be their conflict is going.to to be there and that's all a part of.what our American democracy is is about.but for for East st. Louis because it.wasn't there the outcome the aftermath.of of the ride was quite different than.it was for a Springfield or a Chicago or.Detroit from safely across the river st..Louis ins had watched the fires burn.everybody knew the East Side's.reputation for violence and vice and.some knew at first hand that had been.going on since the Frontier Days.even before there was much of a town the.east side of the river had a reputation.there was a sandy area that was covered.with trees and what went on over there.the duals and the cockfights was out of.sight and across the state line it was.called bloody Island many years later.farmers would come to East st. Louis to.sell their livestock they didn't know.about bloody Island but they knew about.whiskey shoot a road to the stockyards.that was lined with taverns.

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St Louis City Subpoena To Appear Andor To Produce Document FAQs

Here are the answers to some common confusions regarding St Louis City Subpoena To Appear Andor To Produce Document . Let us know if you have any other requests.

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How to decide my bank name city and state if filling out a form, if the bank is a national bank?

If your bank is national but has a branch in your town/city you can enter your town/city as the bank's address. Your employer is not relying on the bank's address you enter on the form.

Which type of document do we need to fill out the KVPY application form or entrance form?

The students applying for KVPY Application Form need to upload the following documents: Scanned Image of Photograph and Signature Caste Certificate for SC/ST Students Medical Certificate in case of PWD candidates

What documents are required to fill out the form of the JEE Main and Advanced?

High school marksheet , if you are dropper then required in 12th marksheet and 2 photo and adhar card and your scanned signature Imporyant point is requirement in current photos

How do I fill IPCC exam form? Do I have to upload photo and sign or is it supposed to appear like rest of the information?

U need to fill the ipcc exam form here : http://www.icaiexam.icai.org About the photo and signature.. if u find ur photo and signature already present in the form.. no need to upload again.. If u haven't find ur photo and signature in the form, fill the form ,and pay the fees online, and download the form , and attach ur photo and do ur signature and get it attested by Chartered Accountant and post it to Delhi ICAI BHAWAN through speed post or Registered post not through courier If u find ur photo n signature online already, you No need to get attested and post it

Can you refuse a subpoena?

One does not "obtain" a subpoena, one issues a subpoena. A subpoena is a demand for documents and/or information from a third party in a court proceeding. An attorney or pro se litigant may issue (send) a subpoena to any person whom they believe has knowledge or information that is unavailable to the parties by any other means. Sending a subpoena, however, does not automatically entitle you to the information you've requested. Some may be sealed or confidential at which point you must have a judges order to issue the subpoena. You can probably find a form online. I like findlaw

How do you write a subpoena?

It would probably be better to ask the teacher for a letter. But you’re better off asking your lawyer this question. I’m just a retired school teacher.

What does a subpoena return mean?

Trump's tax returns could be subpoenaed in relation to one of the investigations into his ties to Russia. If a court issues a subpoena, shrimp would be well-advised to comply. The court would be well within its rights to have him seized and brought before the court to explain his failure to comply. Then hold him for contempt until he did comply. And the Florida A G. can request a subpoena for his tax returns to see if he has included the new helipad built by the Secret Service in valuing his Mar-A-Lago golf course. Whatever Trump and his followers believe, he wasn't elected Dictator. And he ISN' Continue Reading

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