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is.agricultural drawings there's a few.different themes here of climate impacts.on the agriculture system is when I try.to keep in mind but I think about my.research on a day-to-day basis i'm.looking at large ensembles of GCS their.changes in climate cost these DCMS in.just a potato and written specifically.and right now i'm trying to understand.why there's differences across these.models so is it structural to this.within the model or sorry structural.changes across models or variability but.we capture the calls for the same.okay and I teaches in the ology but I'd.like to teach with the observation so I.will be testing the last game dynamics.particular interesting extreme weather.it when I put up there some Thai food.and Blizzard actually leave they have.occurred little heavy and more.interesting the middle attitude system.and at all of the bigger latitude in the.large scale and almonds like for example.the winter of 2013 we all enjoy the snow.fall and I particularly enjoy because it.was their very usual wing telling you.try to understand why and the reason is.must be at least behind the kind of.pattern in stationary fact include.blocking if you remember was extremely.more over already ok so let you know.there are other outreach activity that i.do and interaction the weather forecast.between IEP open to everyone and when i.get excited about something i always.start drawing on my blackboard and i was.trying to prepare my overhead and I.thought buggery I'll just take a.photograph so and so I in the last 10.years or so I've been thinking about.coupled climate dynamics so i'm thinking.i try to artfully simplify things so I.look at the atmosphere gets coupling to.the ocean i'm interested in acc inch.drop convergence zone the two poles and.particularly the response of this system.pulse it changes in greenhouse gases.pozo volcanoes have a spare EK symmetry.in climate why is it warmer in one.Hemisphere and the other and how does.that affect itc's there and also the.possibility of multiple equilibria in.from climate I can't do anything on my.own and I collaborate with many many.people and there's a list of my.collaborators on these projects thank.you hi everyone I'm Kristen of a first.year graduate student um I got my.bachelor's degree in computer science.last year university of.wisconsin-madison and spent some time.there trying to understand auto.correlations in a very simple model for.topical precipitation here i'm working.with Tim Cronin bomb my table makes this.morning roaring parking me to announce.that I was going to call convection I.was here but that seems like far too.largest snake to defeat in the next so.to say that I'm trying to understand.aspects of convection how they coupled.with larger scale circulation patterns.is a guard I'm a PhD student in carries.group play video.so I'm studying also convection severe.production in continental mid latitudes.in the context of climate way we're.doing that that is by looking at vector.of available potential energy arcade.this is a movie of cape from a.reanalysis data over a time-lapse over.the whole year when you'll notice is.that we have these extreme peak values.of cape that come in in mid-latitudes.like here in North America you can see.is happening in these extreme peak.values that can give really severe.storms and we want to know why is it.there why is it that magnitude so that's.why I'm run-throughs from you am.visiting MIT for three months it might.like might be a bit complicated to.tackle in one minute so I just say that.I'm a I'm interested in I'm detecting.climate influences that the upper plot.summarizes a method that I use which is.good detection attribution and I'm.interested in how historical changes in.a greenhouse gas ball sink and dryer.changes in ventilation and the lower.place show changes on the left in oxygen.so the oxygenation over the historical.period and i'm interested in and how.that relates to changes in greenhouse.gas palsy and say if you revised to.collaborate during the next three months.on oxygen and carbon in the ocean.changes of ventilation or indeed the.fluxes that i'm showing on the right of.marine nitrous oxide say max oxide.production in response to changes in.oxygen thanks yeah then let that you.know.so Christmas thanks for pic on me now.listen to that track characterized it's.very simple but basically gets a load.the old historic Tokyo and you calculate.the farthing basically direction of.velocity deal and then any turn out to.be in phases like that they're not to be.is sort of distinct regular structure so.you train while also detect those and.then you vantage of this lesson in.parenting natural method is that.basically it's the way they stole India.in this classification problem what it.is and then and also its tractor beam so.it certainly doesn't need tuning as you.go to different regions since I can ok.and finally we build a front-end program.for that so basically is a nap.Eddie's its color wise the other thing.is that the temperature who won't feel.things like that so I we can get those.so I decided I should just make a.simplified version of the marine.nitrogen cycle put that up so each of.these different compounds the.nitrogen-containing compounds exist in.the ocean each arrow is a different.microbe that converts one form to.another and I study how all of this.works some of these forms are available.to life some of her inner to some of.them destroy oxygen on Bo zone some of.them are greenhouse gases and really I I.study how this whole system manifests.and the controls of the different.microbes that do this yeah how to feed.back compartment which is why I'm in a.video a first-year joint program student.and Andrew Pettis lab so I don't know.any current research to talk about but i.graduated from the university of georgia.this has today and i got my bachelor's.and my master's students combined degree.program so for my undergraduate senior.this i worked on were in photochemistry.and the photochemical production of.hydrogen peroxide and carbon monoxide.and in my master's thesis was in marine.organic geochemistry so i looked at the.BP oil spill and heterogeneity compounds.in the sediments there and also i looked.at coral reefs in the Florida Keys and.how they respond spirit science which.will play since I don't have exactly.like a research topic right now oh I did.before interested so i just did a year.of esters in Paris working at oksana's.ice hockey's where we studied thin layer.turbulence and we looked at when the.inverse cascade like begins and how this.transition occurs and I'm currently.interested in looking at trivia from dr.planets we planning dealing with like.zonal jets for horses are in general.like how the different forcings look in.what they might cost hi I'm Tom nuclear.our third year PhD student working with.Kerry Emanuel and too many chronic and.for my thesis I'm looking at the.interaction between the petition so.they'll sell the water vapor.presented falsely with a droplet here.their cloud and the surface and.atmospheric convection in general and.hopefully the goal is to see how dark.that participations of physics of how.orderly or aggregates into traffic and.scales of a hundred kilometres roughly.and so right now I'm studyings a legend.static ? the red one and hopefully by.the end of this year with a year or 2.i'll be studying the black question.marks so thanks thank you very much and.anyone who wants to collaborate on 1064.I am your case and I study right now the.dynamics of the devotion of circulation.follicular the circulation you know to.those leaders for small-scale mixing.hops drive the the large scale of the.ocean in particular or we're starting to.appreciate that waters are not uniformly.equality throughout the ocean but the.boundary layers on slopes and a sketch.number right here they an important role.in the circulation so I try to put that.into it and amico framework as you see.on bottom as my to study oceans that.look more like that tops instead of shoe.boxes and I try to understand.fundamental physics of how the.circulation works.TCM or there is a nice important to note.that you can think that you can omit.this games website we are ln11 clicking.okay the amounts of my story and I'm.interesting to different aspect of it.limerick display media is scanning view.of the activity during many test case.but again how the screen bear form and.content family doing all summer in the.last mission where because here and that.is longer and that we would look at the.website at work.autoplay anyway my name is Christine and.I'm a graduate student working with.President a movie and as a.paleoclimatologist I'm interested in the.history of Hearst rainfall patterns and.for my current project I'm.reconstructing past changes in the South.American summer monsoon by studying high.altitude ancient lakes and essential.ends today this region is super drive up.from satellite imagery we can tell that.that was always here you can see a bunch.of these well-preserved village lancet.luckily amazingly preserved backs of.link rings and no harm by a Norse like.that don't exist today but what's better.about these bases is that since they're.landlocked that you can think of them as.ferus natural rain gauges later levels.are going to be directly related to.changes in precipitation evaporation so.we know when they existed and how big.they were then you can reconstruct what.r you fold like a mask so thank you very.much hi I'm Suzy Clark I am a physical.oceanography student in the joint.program in Woods Hole my advisor is.steve l bar and ocean engineering my.research question revolves around how to.sea level ties blade and storm surge.effective blocks of ground water the.ocean and we're attempting to answer.this question with a series of 32.groundwater wells on a barrier.island in the Outer Banks of North.Carolina and that's the top image and.the bottom image is a cross section of.the groundwater wells i'm looking at.groundwater head genomics and a.measuring submarine groundwater.discharge which is the flux of the.groundwater below the ocean surface to.the ocean by using radar and radium.isotope tracers and applying that to a.chemistry model so its a mix of the.hydrology and physics and chemistry.thank you I'm to front I'm an assistant.professor of atmospheric science I.started I was here as a student number.eight years ago but it's great to be.back I like to think about problems of.atoms with the role the atmosphere in.the climate system in Atlanta.interaction especially idealized.problems of weather and climate full.through the tropics a tantalizing so I'm.sketching out a problem here of how very.cold air forms so you start with air.over an ocean surface that moves over.Atlanta polar night and there's no Sun.to eliminate it how does it cooling time.really simple problem not the amount.many people have looked at how this.changes with clients so what I'm showing.up on them in a schematic here is that.how how a temperature profile vault will.trend and then orange colors that.service cooling is weaker in a warmer.world and that may be an important.factor friendship so I like to leave all.problems like this is here interest if.not we.morning I'm dance hits 0 and our group.is organized around to different things.predominantly first off we build and.deploy instruments to the atmosphere to.understand a particular matter that.that's in the atmosphere and the clouds.that they spawn and this is work that.you'll hear a little bit more from.Michael and Maria about we make those.measurements and then we bring that.information back to the laboratory.because it's critical to understand what.particles actually exist in the.atmosphere before you do experiments on.it otherwise you can fool yourself into.using the raw materials and so the.service you just graduated and Martin.who's taking over from him deployed set.of cloud chambers to understanding.activation conditions of those particles.and then this is the feedstock that we.put into models this is something that.we can't do in our earth but we're very.lucky on visiting scientist move you're.going to hear from later and also.collaborate with Chen's group and Daniel.Rothenberg on on this type of thing to.understand the climate indication.implications of these particles my name.is Amy Dale on the new twist off in.season Solomon's group also.collaborating with Kent ice pack in the.joint program of the science and policy.of global change my research focuses on.integrated environmental models to.better understand the impact of climate.change on agricultural production and.water for agriculture in sub-saharan.Africa so I work with prop models of.building prop models and hydrologic.water resource models to interface with.general circulation models and global.soil data particularly interested in the.effect of uncertainty and how we can.capture model uncertainty in these.models and a long term goal is to.explore the benefits and limitations of.irrigation as an adaptation strategy in.different regions thank you my name is.Gina um I joined eats of physical more.than that Sarah I'm an engineering the.nine critical to exceeding other nights.of the world so two things about.technique to to study them i'm going to.go two of them that develop in their.blight on the right side yeah everything.is shown at the same time okay on the.right side we have on the first cloud of.an exoplanet which we used to get a very.very first insight on what's going on.over there so think about these planets.steadily like totally the same faces.show should we stop and you have this.particular of air this really hot goes.to the night side great contents and.then goes back to the day side for in.deep water and he just allows it to.sustain this constant flood flow region.one side which you so up here I'm top.left for you then the developing of the.very first map of Versailles superioress.except annette which appears to be.another world so you do around musalman.of lava on 17 then on the other and with.your transmission spectroscopy which we.use to gain insight into Earth's our.into into these planets working on how.the light changes here goes to seein ya.okay.hi I'm honored ray I'm first your best.drug program in physical oceanography so.my previous work so I feet first I'm.admitted Inverdale overturning.circulation in the ocean and so I mostly.hidden up willing Linda and so there's.two parts there's the diabetic up.glowing and the bowling so I've.previously done work on the adiabatic.upwelling so this is a movie of.Lagrangian particle trajectories from.the high-resolution motion model showing.the baby but a couple are driven by the.wind so mystical and then on the right.is work that I'm starting out in the.reference room looking at the same.process that you're in cali strata.earlier so mixing driven upwelling along.boundaries the ocean I'm hoping to.connect that to observe tracer.distributions.on two different projects so I did two.different people live in churches for.Meredith finale so my favorite project.is studying from precipitation and how.it changes.well models of my second project is.modeling the distribution of power in.the ocean this is not recovering you she.looks like it's a trace metal in the.ocean but we're going to ultimately have.that model built with me em IQ GCF so if.you're interested I'm stepping advantage.of efforts for research scientist my.research interests are arranged.ecosystem made tools that use.the movie i'm showing is our is showing.diversity in particular America model.which is show it there is no of.coexisting species and you can see how.dynamic it is so high ocean transport.mixing is but it also that diversity is.really step by various different things.that are different about five mint.condition since Cyrus functioned.pigments and so trifling just love what.I do is try to understand how different.controls physics nutrients from raises.will set this patent the staff here.which apartment and one of the problems.we're working on is to use machine.learning or small convection so the idea.is that one of the most in certain parts.of large-scale mobile climate models is.a convection scheme so the idea is to.apply a neural network where other.machine learning techniques where you've.learned on a finer scale model that can.explicitly resolve convection and then.take your word network and put that back.into the water global climate model so.that it might be better at doing.connection so the first step that I'm.working on is just taking just training.instead of on the final resolution.models training on a horse or model and.then putting it back into the horse.policy so basically she learning is.vitamin.mapping between input profiles of.temperature humidity and output.tendencies of the temperature humidity.Thanks I'm Kerry Emanuel i'm just going.to present a list in my students fill in.details but I'm broadly interested in.the physics and dynamics of tropical.cyclones which are a wonderful natural.laboratory flow dynamics and.thermodynamics the in transitivity of.tropical climate are there more than one.equilibrium localized crops employment.for enforcing the control of atmospheric.water vapor by convection is not.controlled entirely by large-scale.circulation that somewhat haven't.believed in the dynamics of convection.and the role the tropical sensitivity of.tropical cyclones and severe local.storms to climb thank you amateur club.non stop working with the robbery and.the 90 search party's about to isolate.technicians and using the first period.measurement so yes the mess.from across the world and his models to.relate to the missions and the.presentations so we have the measurement.data and they have a date I have the.models to estimate the internship run.from the service so our touch it is to.ask the magic images as accurate and as.possible and the reduced also sent a of.the emissions so funny we always told.our men as you need to crossref mr. bata.reported reported by each country so.thank you fourth year chemical.oceanography logic program and I work.with colleagues and soul down into it.which is why don't you but I look at how.trace metals are by omitting and the.ocean are dehydrated and tissues and.skeletons of corals and this matters.because corals make up with dinner coral.reefs and relatively little know about.how these pistols are incorporated and.lot of bulk studies have been done using.a CTMS but I have sneaked access to the.stanford synchrotron radiation.lightsource and we're able to measure in.situ what the concentrations of metals.are and where they're distributed among.the tissues and the skeletons so looking.here I have some zinc is especially.important for carbonic anhydrase and.enzymes and I can see where it's to be.in tissues and how it relates to.different sulphur ligands and we can.look at the speciation with you things.to the screen thank.hi my name is Calvin I'm a main purpose.and oil settings group I work on two.products the first one we started.climbing penalty we find that the.content is enhanced when we increase the.locks ignitions so the horizontal axis.of this video is not set nox emissions.by that we find out when we decrease nox.emissions we not only get a lower.concentration level also we also get.extra benefit from a decrease of the car.penalty as shown in the middle I of the.figure oh sorry the second product I'm.working on is to study durable the.hemispheric Wayne speed decreases.phenomenon I want to do castevet the.role of vegetation the role of the sixth.seasonal pattern n roll at the potential.role of organization in this in this.regime thinking after her and I'm the.various things that we each might do.that is one project that is getting us.all very excited if it's a schematic and.are throwing here this is an ocean basin.you see on the left we know that cooling.a very high latitudes than to form very.best were the Mystics of the way to the.ocean bottom the question we want to.solve in you third and you're encouraged.and we greatly talking about various.aspects of this problem.of the waters come back to the surface.and we believe they come back I'm very.mad about the related to something was.not appreciated recently the work we've.done and we are trying to tackle the.problem with theory simulations and now.we're also running out to collect.aqueous each observation I'm interested.in few physical fluid problems general.Jetson vortices in atmosphere and.working also on the dynamics of mixing.to try to understand in detail exact.formulation specifics none of the other.things we do our visualization intended.to.and images do public this is a another.form of game this is an ecological game.which you specify the precipitation.which you saw there in sunlight and you.design your organism and you're watching.to see what kind of trees will be.successful.morning my name is Charles growler on.the second year I am broadly interested.in sort of I'll Arctic amplification and.changes in CS cover affect the climate.in general so I'm working on two.separate projects right now the first is.Ron and I are on our games as we should.scientists epitope in the joint program.the other general and for this one we're.essentially comparing members of a large.sort of feel about a possible with the.proxy director tata manza is a really.good compilation of proxy data web pages.2k that we're using this is working.towards the data assimilation framework.for the other element which is very.exciting i also believe that using.estimated the other kind of states can.help us understand the physics of the.system and i'm working on my second.project with Paula Corbin trying to.understand trends and different trends.energy cycle forgiveness in the during.the reanalysis period so good morning.i'm david hilbert I'm a fifth year.working with Susan Solomon and we are.just trying to understand broadly how.variability in trace gases or so out in.gases in the lower stratosphere affect.the radiation in the tropical tropopause.layer and that in turn can sort of.feedback on the climate system in fact.the temperatures and affect the the.other chemistry that's going on to the.lower stratosphere so on the left I've.been looking at the seasonal cycles of.ozone and think about how the radiative.effects sort of propagate down into the.troposphere and effect that temperatures.there and on the right I'm showing a.figure that nice figure in Kerry made.talking about the intensity of tropical.cyclones and so we think he's ready to.Mexico.fact the temperatures right near the top.of tropical cyclones which could alter.the intensity of them so those are the.things I'm interested in and if you're.interested in do please come talk to me.I study rainfall in the topic.specifically.but you can see here the silage as the.band above clouds Center regularly.equator there's a lot of rainfall.associated with these collapse and a.word began to appreciate is that by.virtue of the surface winds associated.with this.so the ocean circulation that's driven.by let's have an important impact on the.enemy bowels of the ITC.[Music].second-year student doing two projects.with john marshall and conferences its.own I beautiful my research looks like.abstract art but a promise of some.science and nectar so the first project.Rajan is looking at the response of the.oceans to volcanic eruptions and we're.trying to see whether the deeper ocean.has a role in prolonging the response of.cooling enter my second project with.Susan looks at the recovery period of.Rosa it's looking at the mirror back to.get between the depletion period under.coming so program currently my advisors.p.m..and with her after working on a project.called oh snap which stands for.overturning in the wilderness north of.engine program so far we've been looking.at the circulation on the south and.sweet michelle using hydrographic data.and satellite data and i just came back.from a six week cruise to the sedative.agreement so those pictures that we took.there and we recovered a lot of warrants.of those little instruments out there.and we hope with this data we can better.understand the dynamics of the shelf.break from i am no LOL so i chose a.Christmas metaphor to describe your work.so we I work with Max I totally am a.third year in the joint program and.chemical oceanography and we're.interested in how proteins are regulated.in the.ironmen so unchill a Christmas trees.need decorations to become a functional.Christmas tree proteins need chemical.modifications or decorations to make.them functional and so measuring those.modifications can tell us something.about the activity of those proteins.we're trying to use that activity.information to develop biomarkers for.key chemical species and transformations.of those species in the ocean so I'll be.proposing this thesis tomorrow at.ten-thirty in the morning I'm working on.the impact and interaction between video.it's the top layers of leather sewn on.to repo so does the storm is very active.released and they're treating vector can.set and modulated the circulation and so.the increase the second circulation and.respond more.from a regular seat to a video and.occupation you're reading dear son wants.to reinforce either custom working on.top left is a byproduct of my general.exam where I was looking at sea surface.temperature variability and so I would.investigate how well you can approximate.that durability of the stochastic models.is basically showing black areas are.where your time skills are pretty.separate enough that is the best model.works pretty well the image on the right.is a very very virtual double jar of.ocean circulation that's just more tissa.t it's kind of a side product I've done.just because I like competition fluid.dynamics and I've got.grass for one class and that's kind of.our thing in the bottom is a sort of fun.but wrong illustration from paper 70s on.boundary mixing on the same problems.graft and on read and learn how turn.away breaking topography learn hip um.fourth year and the joint program of.petitioner graphic and oceanography t my.advisors master at week and these 20.Radio isotopes which are added to the.ocean and coastlines and sediments so.bound resources and then these their.sport make nice to have educated.different half-lives so we can use them.to get rates updates so for example we.can figure out the age of the water mass.or the rates at which tricks models are.being applied curbing entering you so.over the course of my thesis I applied.these in two very different environments.the first is hydrothermal vents and the.second is the Arctic so summer I was on.the Jutras cruise to the Arctic and.normally all that DNA science its own.medicine I'll be working long hard.interactions and passed on climates but.they are being into method I've sold by.the cloud microphysics pro two firms.relations unemployment in improving.constellations of ice crystal growth the.to improve clamp called me twice and has.plans and I have been forwarded past.year I've been done dynamically.downscaling aluminium projection from an.RSP 8523 corn risotto resolution 40.mainland and I have more than 300 class.variables or New England for the next.country and Peugeot circle simulation as.long so very interested in looking at.this table that I've been working on.changes the next two enzymes and some.impact on jon postel commitment follows.and then my research is kind of.interesting the interaction between.ocean circulation why do chemistry at.the carbon cycle and how will those are.hurt after xeo too so whether that's.with very long runs of variety of.different water walls and looking for.functional relationships between lat co.2 and things like obtaining in the.Southern Ocean or whether we're looking.at sort of their steady state or.influences co2 property is so relating.actor heat fluxes and biology and.freshwater supplier they're also.interesting transmeta versus time yet.I'm interested in the Google achieve the.balance between two emission sources.fossil fuel and exchange on the one hand.and they are partitioning among the.atmosphere and the ocean and of these.five terms only the atmosphere is well.constrained as the purple top to the.right the other terms of our estimated.from Statistics pco2 limos and when you.add them up there's a big gap between.orange and the purple and I believe we.can narrow that gap particularly with.looking at the ocean Colin sink and how.we can add constraints of heat flux.oxygen and carbon together and I think.there's a lot of expertise here at MIT.to do that but really the real reason.why why I'm here for three months is.because in 1999 I had the opportunity to.do a pull-up with John Marshall which I.didn't take to go into an Eastern.adventure and I have been wondering.since and what I miss happened hi mens.rea lien student science up their.advisor is Paul Mormon and previously i.started fit exam and atmospheric.sciences in picking university focusing.on fatty structure of the drawing.atmosphere in a for the job shopping.model and right now i'm working on exit.row precipitation extremes particularly.on the vertical structure not vertical.velocity of course i was visiting events.and other interested in maybe internet.internal dynamics elf experiment.ventilatory comment on college girl.impacts play why the impact factor on.the planet hi my name is me when the.yellow fourth-year PhD and I work with.Noel saline and I study the.trans-pacific transport of evidence from.Asia to the US including also ended.ourselves so in pokhara interesting how.this process will change in the future.and there are kind of two factors that.are important first one of the changes.in asians of relenting admissions and.let's one climate change and i'm using a.bowling approach i'm using the juice.come malo and i'm also will use the TSE.esmd community or system log in the.future to answer the question thank you.oh my name is erick lindgren our fourth.year student by vice versa.I do stress great dynamic and one things.I'm working on recently is fun figure.out how to crop your eyes way to be to.get a realistic northerns that we first.drive speared single body yes I want me.to do is this to display a bar support.be a truck spirit models but that means.they can't really get a real estate a.realistic yet Whedon's inotropes here so.I'm trying to use heating privations.around the surface to get the same.connectivity this particular segment.work but some map and exciting so.hopefully something that used for a lot.of networking with the most offices and.wash up cleaning about that.photography and then working on a.Beaufort gyre up there greenish area and.mind you we are trying to get with a.very simple model of the desire which is.up on right so mixed layer on the top in.StarClan layer at the bottom the next.layer is cold so it is interesting.because it's important for battle ice at.the top and how Christ and have mainly.you have any two objectives one is two.on the right to compare measurements.which I honor the results of the model.just probably at the after part but not.the work work you're trying to design.and the objective is to find a scaling.for the vagina based on the various.parameters great use the death of a.bigger and get enough and we are.comparing different results from about.the work experiments up here short time.after the gyre and acc advance on there.and see if you can still get into.research.I went to under got it hope you do a lot.for virus nursing assistants and ocean.and then rode in on a paramedic kind of.garment and then work with a glass doing.aerosol data analysis with satellites.for the Arctic regions and kind of lead.a lot of stuff that now we're going to.work mainly on offshore.can bring that into neutral programs.and I build a model that can couple.those effects with IRAs are all strategy.by our energy waves.thinking we're going to have a break.about some my name is polliver with them.mr. ice to the atmospheric dynamics and.we'll switch the precipitation one thing.I'm excited about moment is dash ghost.very warm climates the most unstable.mode in the mid-latitude atmosphere.changes from a wave with spike levels.and hunting cyclones in this thing which.is called a diabetic crosby vortex so.the blue red shading indicates potential.vorticity and then the contours are to.generation by making heating the.potential vorticity of this thing grows.very quickly thank you so it's 10 20 and.we gonna take a break so please check.out if you haven't done so as a hotel.reception which is right upstairs and.will be reconvening at 10 to 40 this is.my understanding and thank you all for.presenting it was great.[Music].[Music].hello welcome back i'm i'm going to all.that i'm a research scientist in them in.college group and lately i've been.working on this project understanding.Biological carbon bomb through plankton.physiological multi now first what is.the biological carnival well maybe first.what is it not so in my article carbon.copy is not the rate at which.anthropogenic carbon gets transported.into the devotion let's clear that up.first so on easy essentially this is an.old picture that they made been like a.long time ago so flat phytoplankton.growth of the ocean surface and takes up.nutrients and carbon sinks into the deep.ocean is there Lee mineralized into.inorganic nutrients in carbon and then.his transport that carbon is transferred.back up by physical processes now what.is very important to the process is the.chemical composition of the.phytoplankton how much carbon is being.valid amount of nutrients and that is.why we do the physiological modeling.figuring out the chemical composition of.phytoplankton.hi my name is bastard puccini and the.first year and joint program in physical.geography and i'm working with moms.Picard directly so in the past we've.worked on Chukchi Sea has overturning.and circulation off of the show to the.Arctic Ocean and now 15 regions and.looking at like Jolene the overturning.of the South Pole in North Atlantic.program or post now and in particular.I'm focusing on the e3 link coastal.current which you can see here to notify.the red velocity vectors those are.integrated over the entire water column.and we're particularly interested you.can see the vertical sections on the.bottom right panel figure that its.associated with a large freshwater zoom.coming off of the great moisture so.we're interested in the dynamic.this flow around Greenland particularly.what happens off the coast of Cape.Farewell so the very southern most tip.of Greenland long couldn't be here and.asked me to fill in unfortunately I.haven't even spotted you can tell from.the two roulette wheels at Ron spends.much of his professional time we can see.from the bottom chart that the gambling.proceeds are used to maintain an.elaborate network of priests gas.stations located strategically all best.vacation spots I really want to know.what contest did you talk to his.students and postdocs who are here today.hi everyone thank you for our 30 years.MIT you enjoy program working with.Apollo Scrooge what I'm interested in is.the role that you two ballistic.interactions play and phytoplankton.distribution and community structure the.past the whole decades oceanographers.have been focusing on how inorganic.nutrients like nitrogen phosphorus and.iron sheik phytoplankton distributions.but we know that organic resources are.also important to the community.structure and country the keys and I'm.focusing on is the 12 because most.eukaryotic phytoplankton require beetle.but none of them can produce it it's.only made by bacteria and archaea so.there's this inherent dependency in the.microbial community on this fight and.exchange so I'm to approach this I'm.developing a series model starting with.cobalt cycling cuz that's the central.middle to a factor of wheat old building.up to the exchange of carbon and b12.between prokaryotes and eukaryotes and.then ultimately understanding how these.interactions shape the community.structure and if you're interested in.any of those please come talk to me.first year at chemical oceanography I'll.be working with alabang on marine carbon.cycling and autonomous DIC ph high.resolution sensors and also try and.finish.secondary projects from my masters in.Syracuse University and worked on.carbonate chemistry plumbed isotope geo.thermometry and desert soils in.particular we worked in a southern.central Andes of Argentina and Chile.where we were trying to figure out.seasonality of carbonate formation in.these regions that it can better believe.surface temperatures to the context 20.records that were actually getting we're.also trying to figure out some sites.like variability which is a little bit.inconvenient because we're looking at.sites that have basically all the same.soil and vegetation and elevation.characteristics but can still show a 10.degree or more difference in class.context of records to the huge problem.of your Paleo thermometry anything so.thank you hi I'm I fish for second.engine to scoop second year round I'm.working on the separation of ice.crystals and cloud problems in a real.environment that's why we were living up.right now these face separation inlet.system which would be unique in the u.s..community there are some in Europe and.other positive economy us and the.important thing is that instrumental.medley CBI a pump controversial actor on.the right you can see how it works will.be 3d printed with a 3d printer and all.that and down there this is a free.printed particle generator because you.have to impulsive cherry pernix now that.to study them so this is what III.printed and show this year left good as.bad how its bubbling in kengeri.particles so if interested now come down.to the 30s flowing see the three.pretension.hello my name is Karen fresh and I also.post up in venice's group and I'm.working in that joint program with Saudi.Arabia we're interested how solar cells.are affected by dust particles and the.most important thing is that the dust.can vary from location to location.mainly for seeing how solar cells work.and how they are affected by just an.episode of Estes was used but we are.especially interested in natural dust.and we collected in Saudi Arabia and.this does is that definitely saw a.thousand we are interested in how the.efficiency of course else is decrease.for example by the size of the particles.by the shape of the parties which we are.seeing in theaters from electrons.kumaris microscopy or which we can.actually put it to our constituent which.maybe we'll really demonstrate and see.how.how the chemical composition of the.particles have differs and how they are.in fact is always everything thank you.hi so the first year PhD student with.very high roll so I haven't really.started research yet in my master's.project I was working on this mesoscale.he left to radiology so more.specifically the convection initiation.these were modeling with projects and.basically use method of LaGrange.analysis of model output tracking it out.now they're working on tropical.meteorology still not only oriented and.it will be treating at least initially.under super intensity in simulated.tropical cycles the first goal will be.determining the road you are the schemes.in super intention thank you.I am Jeff Scott of a research scientist.in payatas center for global change.science and we're interested this is.work with John Marshall and some of the.people in his group r interests didn't.understand what's going on in the Arctic.with it and the which seems to be.undergoing rapid climate change from the.ocean perspective and we are.coordinating an inter model.intercomparison program what we're.looking at very simple idealized forcing.anomalies to sea level pressure I win.and the Beaufort gyre and the green one.see looking at the river run off into.the Arctic and properties of the inflow.into the Arctic and what we're really.trying to do is not only understand the.basic mechanisms and science but also.look at some of these structural and.uncertainties of these models and really.understand what it was controlling the.timescale for the response of the.magnitude of response thank you.microwaves my way.Patrick reading.care about these because in the last 30.years we've all gotten much better for.most Americans right to go but still.very much mr. intensity and the.formation of the secondary I walls and.the way they replaced primary animals.are associations business pub looking at.mall data.hi I'm Susan Sullivan a professor and.extra chemistry of climate science.interested lots of things in the ER if.you've heard from my colleagues Amy.talked about work agricultural water.most interesting work on public opinion.because I very widely within and outside.of the 90 a lot of our to still on.chemistry and stress fear troposphere.we're having a lot of fun with Antarctic.ozone and its recoveries most volcanoes.one of the cool the results that we have.is illustrated in the bottom there which.is always been interested in time scales.and climate processes that really.fascinating and so all that there is.what happened to increase methane and.then abruptly to stop it and see what.happens to radiative forcing on that.side and the title the paper is.centuries of sea level rise from short.with greenhouse gases as you can see.that's what you get the thermal.expansion effects Nina really proud with.yogurt because he came up with some very.clever aspects of interpretation of this.in terms of ocean he know take and.things with you I work with scientists.agree.my project focuses on that air.subtractions in the ocean the motivation.to better understand the intraseasonal.oscillations and green hall and monsoon.connection so we switched from motor.Siberians to the reactive periods and.strong winds and lots of rainfall the.seasonal rainfall pattern is determined.by these and your seasonal oscillations.and so our project has a lot of.observations with concealer under.graphic data and we're now trying to.both analyze that data modeling to.understand words that both motions.stratification troll saying SST and how.the system is come to the max here is.not here just to brand new this is a.numerical simulation of five rivers.grind under-inclusive water from the top.clerk to the runner you see they think.they're trying to spread out which makes.sense last year actually are gonna.research on their side by are sensitive.a theory involving these and I'm hoping.that numerical simulation agrees hi.lives kind style relative in your eyes.doc here Whiteman students Holman so.lofty go to console you can advance.hemisphere was a lie volcanic eruption.in Chile and also a record low ozone.hole so I'm looking at the extent of.your influence at least volcanic.eruption on ozone depletion in strategy.and sodium speed and doing is using both.observations ground-based satellite and.foodborne and also create discussed by.dynamic version of welcome and insidious.for Paula technically employed on the.left so this is South Pole which.apparently i think is in normal in the.North hemisphere that double negative.October ozone songs in a pressure region.that is influenced heavily by volcanic.aerosols and you can see 2015 wats the.law of years since Pinatubo which is the.other red dots around 92 93 and plot.Mirage shows deviation from 2000 4 2014.mean for both civil and observations and.law.[Music].everyone David how we found your Social.Sciences of living follows methods and.I'm interested in microbes generally and.how to understand interactions was.waiting for micro to how they scale up.to large-scale processes so here are.some pictures of these guys but left it.all strokes despotism petek causing the.right are terrific as they had to get.organic forms of carbon other nutrients.and in this is a model based on.interactions between nice to social.averaged particular organics comments.nitrogen ratio and more recently open.thinking about fires in anime and also.their role and these personnel plans hi.everyone my name is Catherine and I am a.second year PhD student I'm mainly.interested in several anthropogenic.impacts on atmosphere and mainly from a.modern perspective I buzzer is Susan.Solomon and my.project right now is on the rights of.heterogeneous chemistry in the monsoon.region I am also doing my secondary.project with Tim Cronin and if anyone is.interested in talking about any of that.stuff we're just talking in general the.17th floor I know it's high up there but.I promise you know we're not too scary.there good morning i'm martin wolf.undergrad student and dance until so.that the atmosphere is full of so many.wonders types of clouds which are made.up of water droplets and ice crystals.and the ice crystals in turn form in the.atmosphere by and large when water vapor.creases or condenses around certain.types of aerosol particles which helped.a snoop latent variables so mineral dust.is one really type of early commonly.studied type of ice cube in particle and.our lab has a lot of studying something.recently i've been getting into our.research project we study huggy.inorganic and organic components of sea.waters the organic components produced.by phytoplankton.can also aid her I guess I can also act.as good I scooped beta particles in the.atmosphere we're trying to quantify that.so stop on by the 13th floor i'll show.you my cloud chambers other team aren't.we have three DS this year were all done.I was six year I work with Nicholas and.I'm working on the house we know that.microbial metabolisms control large.distributions of oxygen nitrogen carbon.to a large degree are related to the.climate system but they're those pasties.are represented very specifically in.climbing on so what can we do about that.so I'm using the underlying chemistry of.these microbial metabolism says this.systematic framework.this is an example of this in action the.body is a minimalistic oxygen in.broomfield we have to microbial.metabolism aerobic and electrified.microbes interacting to defeat oxygen.dynamically 2nite refinery is a lot of.the journey of events until and I work.on mass spectrometry and sushi Institute.mass spectrometry of single aerosol.particles all aspects of it from.instrument development to fear field.deployments to detailed analysis of the.output this is our single particle mass.spectrometer and it's called particle.analysis by nazar na spectrometry here.is its photo in the lab here is the.schematic recently I've been working and.trying to see whether or not this Delta.will help me to determine if there's.biological material in the atmosphere I.hope text Weber who came to hear me.speak about that the other week and I.will be open talking about this more and.here our endeavor in the new future i'm.hoping to be able to miniaturize this.instruments that.fly fly around what you Amy everyone in.Cheryl's are Brooke I'm a post.stockinette boils lab brandon has a.second year at MIT I studied lead and.let isotopes stigmatic systems in the.ocean in the Arctic southern ocean.atlantic and south pacific and if your.results from the South Pacific they were.hardest ones to get so that's why I'm.showing them the rainbow colors here.show a transect Mary up above on the map.from the coast of Peru path towards.Tahiti but the rainbow color is red.being higher concentrations and the.purple being almost know that in the.ocean and East Pacific Rise there's a.hydrothermal vents site and so as the.water flows past it it seems that most.of the lettuce cabbage out of the water.column making it exceedingly difficult.to measure isotopes on know that but.I've done so in the plot here depth on.the y-axis we see a definite change in.led to a fix to us out it's kind of like.a fingerprint analogy and so we see a.change after it goes past the Hydra.their haul back and so we're just.generated this result about two weeks.ago.and now on to business before we move on.to state of pack we have huge thank you.to those people to organize the retreat.this weekend so as I camp is set up.Martin.wonderful we.

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