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Guide of Form Contractors Statement

hello hello what's going on everybody.will give everyone just a second to get.here welcome to the first Business.Review that we are going to be doing.live here number of people have reached.out to me based on the last post that I.did in the group and show it interest of.having their businesses reviewed for you.know federal government contracting so.that's what I'll be doing today today we.will be looking at your capability.statement and will be looking at a.website actually that was provided to me.and also the Sam profile and then.hopefully the dynamic small business.search as well so that's actually four.different things that we will be.checking out today so this is meant to.be a educational thing for you guys that.are watching I'm gonna weigh in with my.two cents on you know things that I.think are good and great and maybe a.couple of areas for improvement kind of.depending on what we're looking at.before we get started and we get into it.one thing I want to do since we are.looking at capability statements today.if you do not have a capability.statement or if you're not happy with.your company's capability statement um.what you can do is you go to my website.gov kit method com.and then once you're there go over to.the gov con resources tab so now you're.at the gov con resources tab and then.once you do once you get there you.scroll down and you'll see at the very.bottom of the resources are two new.resources that I've added here just for.you guys its capability statement.template one number one and number two.you can click on either of those if you.don't have a keep statement it will take.you to this capability seven page this.video here is taken from my course.winning government contracts and.explains the important elements of a.capability statement so if you're kind.of new and you're not sure um but if you.already know you know you can see.that but you know I recommend that you.just take a peek at that then you scroll.down to the bottom this will actually.give you two buttons download one.download two if you want if you like I.said if you're new you don't want to pay.somebody you know tens or hundreds of.dollars to make you capability statement.which I highly recommend that you avoid.doing especially when you're you know.getting started out because you can do.it yourself.and you know I'm giving you guys both of.these templates all you do is click.download you can take them both if you.want they're yours they're totally.editable you can edit the colors the.photos you know obviously all the Naik's.codes past performance anything that you.want it's totally editable so i wanted.to start today off with letting you guys.know that that is now new on the website.for you since we will be looking at a.capability statement today and you know.if you're feeling left out or whatever.you don't have to feel that way so.without any further adieu with that.being said and after this is over I'll.I'll put the link for this in the.comments um for anybody who's watching.on replay but you know you guys go to my.website DEFCON resources then click on.the capability statements you can get.your Cape statements here so today we.are looking at urs Universal resolution.services we'll be doing a live business.review of that company that was the the.first person who reached out to me from.the group and so we'll be taking a look.at the capability statement first for.that company so this is the capability.statement that we have for Universal.resolution services urs right off the.bat this is a very aesthetically.pleasing capability statement to me I'm.very you know well organized it looks.professional you know just with a nice.fade and everything like that you know.it looks professionally done um I'm not.sure if this person had this created you.know for them or if they created.themself but they did a really good job.um the other thing I'd like about just.looking at it the use of colors I say.you know I've said before the use of.colors should be should be rather humble.don't use a whole lot of colors in your.capability statement especially bright.crazy colors and the reason for that is.contracting officers they like to print.out your capability statement and.literally they're on a budget for color.printing so if you have something that.is using a lot of color then you know.that's it's just not it's just not the.best and I recommend that you stay away.from that so for this capability.statement the the use of color is very.modest you know it's a mix of white.which is great a little bit of gray and.you know just one central theme of color.throughout of this purple and when we go.to take a look at the website you'll see.some of the the same colors used as well.and this this goes on to a whole nother.level of branding is essentially what.they've done here they've done a very.well aesthetically pleasing way of.branding their capability statement with.their company so just like I said just.off the bat those are the elements that.jump out to me but we need to get into.the you know the core of the important.elements of a capability statement so.I'm gonna actually I'll zoom in and I'll.just I'll take it off the top here so on.the top left hopefully you can see that.a little better after I've zoomed we.have company information this is what I.would call you know the company POC or.the company you know summary profile and.we see if we have the company name we.have the address which is great we know.that they're out of Texas and we have.point of contact including a phone a.phone number and an email address as.well as their website that's that's all.really good stuff some people will miss.you know like one of those not everybody.has a website so it's great if you do.even if it's just to have some of the.basic information and we'll be taking a.look at the website today there's two.pieces of information here that I would.like to see added and if not in this.block somewhere but I would recommend.that be in this block and these two.pieces of information are you know.critical and just by me saying to some.of you might know what I'm alluding to.we're gonna zoom out and just make sure.I didn't miss it yeah so um the company.cage and Duns number should actually be.included in this information and you.want to have it at a place where.Contracting Officer is going to you know.look first oftentimes they're wanting to.find your cage or your done so that they.can go and look you up in Sam or the.dynamic small business search and that.they're really like leaning on your.capability statement for that.information but if it's not in your.capability statement you know that's.just a bit of a barrier and it's gonna.take them a little bit longer time the.whole point of this is you know to have.your one pager to have all the.information that they want you know.accessible to them as easily as possible.so I would include a cage don't cage.number and your Duns number um in this.section it looks like you know you have.a little bit of space scrolling.completely out when I was looking at.this you know I'm trying to think.practically it looks like you have space.down below your names codes so if you.kind of moved everything down a little.bit you know move your next counts NICs.coats down a bit your about Us section.down a bit that might give you a little.bit of space underneath your website to.expand to include a cage and Duns number.row for both of those so um that's.something that maybe you want to.consider and take a look at moving on.next is the about Us section which is.great this is just basically going to.give a snapshot of what your company.does in a few sentences is what I.recommend and it looks like that's.exactly what they've done here and I'll.just read it real quick.Universal resolution services is an.established management consulting.organization that practices an.innovative concept to provide successful.solutions and a procurement environment.um that's there's a lot of big words in.there it sounds really good I'm not sure.exactly what that means um I'm gonna.take a look at it again urs is an.established management consulting.organization okay got it.that practices an innovative concept to.provide successful solutions in a.procurement environment so I get where.you're going with that you may want to.dumb it down just a little bit and maybe.not even dumb it down but maybe be a.little bit more specific is what.getting it if you're if you're open to.it you know about a section is not.necessarily you know crucial like it's I.mean you need to have it but you know.it's not gonna make or break you or.anything like that but since we're.taking the time to do a deep dive maybe.put a little bit more descriptors in.there into exactly what it is that you.do um but you know I go to say you know.it's 50/50 really because you're Naik's.codes and your core competencies do go.into more you know specificities and.descriptions so you know it's really up.to you I'm 50/50 on that I like it you.know I like it I'm good with it either.way um providing a global resolve in in.most capacities so a global resolve.again I'm not sure what that means.or what a contract contracting officer.would interpret that as urs contributes.high value workmanship in the areas of.professional services facility services.and medical office staffing so and that.last sentence here is really to pay off.because there's um some more specific.type stuff that you know aligns with.these other areas of your statement so.just this this first half is first.sentence it's really up to you it's not.it's not a big deal either way I'm just.being a little bit nitpicky because this.is really good already and I have to.have something to talk about so that is.you know that's a compliment to you.so you're just something to think about.you know to chew on if you know you you.want to take a look at that next I'll.jump down here at the next codes and.I'll try to you try and trying to scroll.there you go so that you guys can see.those better um so next codes North.American industry classification codes.if you're not familiar all nature codes.have a size standard and every company.has a primary Naik's code which is you.know the primary except they're supposed.to be conducting business under as well.as a size standard associated with that.so for urs looks like they've called.that out perfectly.they put their primary next codes is.five four one six one one management.consulting that's really what their.business is going to be all about and.that does go really well with their.company summary up here so um they did a.good job with that then secondary next.codes these are just you know the.additional Nicks.it's that would be in your Sam profile.one thing that I like to caution for.Naik's codes well two things really two.things would be having too many makes.codes that are dissimilar from each.other and number two would be just.having too many Naik's codes I don't.think that's either of those are the.case but those are the two main filters.that I I look for in a capability.statement I'd like to see five to seven.eighths codes and there's a bit more.here three four five six seven eight.nine ten eleven twelve and thirteen so.there's 13 next codes including that the.primary um if you wanted to whittle that.down and maybe just put a space in.between each to make you know make sure.it takes up this block still um that's.something to consider.um and then looking at each particular.next code they don't look like they're.you're terribly too far apart they all.kind of make sense together so so that's.good there they're not very dissimilar.for me from each other so the only thing.I would consider is maybe reducing a few.of the Naik's codes um if you don't mind.giving up a few on here still keep them.in your Sam profile of course but that's.that's something I've been in a number.of meetings with you know hasta boobies.and small business offices and that's.really with the hammer on so that's not.a personal thing coming from me.personally for me this would be fine but.I've had a number of small business reps.tell me that you know anything kind of.more than seven or eight might be a bit.much um and that's you know they've even.said that in regards to the Sam profile.which you know I'm personal a little bit.more flexible with having you know more.than that but from a capability.statement standpoint you know I've heard.that a few times so something to.consider for next codes but I think you.know very good job here core.competencies we have facilities support.services professional services and.medical office services these are very.these are very black and white.straightforward we know exactly what.you're talking about we have really.strong and relevant bullet points under.each title that go into.more explanation of you know which of.these titles are explaining one thing.that I want to point out to you guys.watching this your model a little bit.when I looked at this this morning I.really got a feel of that this is an.experienced company or this company has.some sort of you know mentor or maybe.there's a mentor Protege something is.going on here because this company has.it together and I want to explain you.know what I'm getting to because it's.not exactly.it doesn't really jump out to you me.having a little bit of experience in the.industry and you know knowing a number.of companies that are successful and not.successful one of the things that I want.to point out here when I say that these.guys have have it together.urs the government buys all of these.services like every single bullet point.these are spot-on and not only that.they're they're using the exact terms.and and wording and phrases that the.government is using at least in the.federal space and I don't always see.this and this is one of the things that.jumped out to me is like this company is.getting some work because they know.exactly what they're doing here so like.I said I don't I don't know if you know.there's some mentor or just you know.just you know experience I'm not gonna.take that away so this was probably just.earned through experience and figured.out um these areas are very good areas.to go after each one of them in terms of.going after government work like they've.they've honed in on it you know.perfectly I can't I can't really.overstate it enough so what I want to.point out is so many people who are new.to government contracting especially in.the federal space they say oh my company.does this and I'm gonna sell my services.to the government.okay well that's you know that's where.most of us start out and that's well and.good but eventually you're gonna kind of.learn a lesson and it really does depend.on what what your industry is it's not.about what you want to sell its what.they want to buy so if you go into.federal contracting with the attitude of.company does this and I'm gonna sell my.services to them unless you're lucky.you're probably not going to be that.successful or you just happen to be.perfectly aligned with what they're.buying you're not going to be speaking.their language and that's why you know.it may not jump out to a lot of you when.you look at this it may just look like.more bullet points and headings but I.know these areas are all hot areas and.that comes through you know like I said.some level of experience and they have.it and that's really what is selling.this whole capability statement to me um.I know that these guys mean business I.know that they know what they're doing.and yeah like I'm kind of putting myself.as you know the eyes of an Asda boo or a.Contracting Officer or something these.are all just like you know hi highlight.areas like you know spotlights that are.jumping out to me if you go in.FedBizOpps you can find opportunities.for all of these and that's what I hear.from a lot of you is like oh I'm I'm you.know I provide this or I provide that.but I don't find much on on FBO to bid.on well I'm sorry to tell you that you.know the you know the not easy answer is.you have to adjust your business you.have to be flexible and adapt to what.they want to buy so if that means.opening up you know a new a new.you know vertical into your business.then so be it because just because you.have something to sell it doesn't mean.that they want to buy it so I won't.belabor that point anymore that's that's.the main takeaway that I wanted to take.from this capability statement is these.areas are spot on and it looks like.they've got you know over 15 of them.that each one of them is just you know.it's money so you guys you need to learn.the areas where you know you got to my.old boss always told me follow the money.follow the money follow the money you.can't just sell what you have because.nobody might give a damn you know you.have to sell what they want and speak.their language and then everybody's ears.are gonna perk up and say hey can you do.this you know so lastly I kind of want.to move on but past performance.highlights they included in here and I.read this in it and it's a bit of a.summary of of the CEO and the director.arm well I think it's mostly about the.CEO company the CEO served.a corporate trainer from Maximus working.directly with the VA DHS and for.curriculum development I'm just going.through this really fast so forgive me.um director of medical office staffing.has served in the United States.Department of Navy thank you for your.service from 94 to 2003 other than.director of Professional Services has.served over 20 of administrative.experience this is something I wanted to.point out right here it's just like a.small little typo the director of.Professional Services has over 20 of.administrative experience I think you.need to add the word years in here so so.I can say has over 20 years of.administrative experience this tells me.that there is a lot of really strong.experience of team members I'm not sure.if there is a commercial or government.past performance if if there is you know.you would definitely want to consider.adding that to your capability statement.maybe in addition to this and.restructuring this a bit if you do not.have any past performance and with the.government or even with the commercial.space you know this is an excellent job.of utilizing personal past performance.and that's what I always tell you guys.if you don't have past performance use.what you got and so I'm not sure if.that's what's happening here or not if.it is a very good job I applaud you for.that um but if you do have some existing.which I feel like you might just because.like I said it looks like there's a.level of experience already with these.focal points for your business if you.don't then you know that's I mean you're.gonna be getting some soon because this.is great well but if you do you might.want to include some relevant contract.Awards in addition to the the personal.path performance in here so that's what.I say about this capability statement.for urs overall very very good job again.very aesthetically pleasing love the.choice of subtle colors organization is.great is perfect amount of you know.balance between white space and words um.you know like I mentioned add a cage and.a Duns number you know that is crucial.that's not something I would you know.not only recommend I think it's.something you definitely need to do and.makes codes you know you maybe spaced.them out a little bit.take out a few just to the small.business offices and complain but that's.up to you not I don't think that's as.big of a deal so let me catch my breath.I'm trying to say a lot here in a short.amount of time because we've got a.number of things to look at but we can.cross off capability statement off the.list here for you or s very very good.job so next what I want to do is now I.have a million tabs open with me so bear.with me rather so next thing again if.you guys are just tuning in if you don't.have a capability statement and you want.to get a template just head on over to.my website gov kid method comm click on.gov Khan resources scroll to the bottom.there'll be a link that takes you to.these so it looks like there's a number.of people have joined as well just.reading some of the comments here ok so.next what I want to do is I want to take.a look at Sam so I didn't pull this up.ahead of time because I want to be able.to show you guys my Amazon orders are.coming awesome I want to be able to show.you guys how to search records again as.much as I can show you as possible um.maybe you know this movie don't you go.to sam.gov um we're gonna pull up urs in.a search records field now I'm gonna.search by Duns number which I happen to.have and you see if you type it.incorrectly which I usually usually mess.up but this time around I happened to.type it incorrectly it pulls up the one.and only universal resolution services.llc so what I want to do is I want to.view I believe it's view details yeah.I'm gonna click view details and then.it'll take me to the limited information.that an outsider can see we can't see.everything behind the scenes on that's.reserved for the owner or the.administrator of the company but you can.do this for any company you know if you.want to look up your competitors or you.know whoever you want to look up do a.little bit of research you can do this.um through the Sam search records as.long as you have their cage or Duns.number if you don't you can search by.their company name but that is less.specific and it may.require a little bit more I'm filtering.and clicking around but I've done it.successfully that way as well so as you.can see here there is a number of things.that you're able to take a look at most.of them are which I'm not that.interested in I'm one of the main things.I want to see is socioeconomic status.and Naik's codes you know like if.there's a someone's an 8a program I want.to know when they're graduating that.sort of thing um I want to see with a if.there's multiple office addresses so I'm.an entry registration right now and.business start date you know we can see.that this was not too long ago looks.like it was about 14 months ago August.13th of 2018 so um I hope you've had a.great year so far urs you look like a.you know a fairly new company which you.know you're I applaud your capability.statement because it looks like you did.a very good job on that I'm of selling.me on your professionalism and your.ability to perform I'm general.information we know that this is you.know LLC incorporated um looking at.business types we know that urs is a.woman-owned economically disadvantaged.women-owned and this is you know this is.self certified but um actually now that.I got this link I was looking for this.link so I'm gonna open it up if you ever.need to you know link to dynamic small.business search there's a link in here.that sometimes I refer to if I'm doing.research on a company I'll show you in a.second scrolling down you know not too.much let me get to next codes so um I'm.gonna count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12.13 14 15 16 17.so there's 17 Naik's codes in the Sam.profile which i think is fine I would.recommend that you don't go more than 20.my old company we had a lot and I had to.be the you know I wanted to take a whole.bunch out but I kind of had to be the.sheep going to the wolves and the odds.to view office and I got yelled at by a.cub.different offices saying we have too.many makes coats so I don't want that.that happened to you guys my hands were.tied though but so again like I talked.about in the capability statement.there's two things that I look for when.it comes to next coats relevancy and.similar similar Ness or similarity to.each other and then the number so we.just talked about the number there's.less than 20 I think we're good here um.and then when you get to looking at how.similar and relatable they are to each.other.we have Postal Service courier services.human resource consulting there's I.think there's a Janet yeah janitorial in.here telephone answering services.facility support so these all are you.know there's there's HMO um as well as.office of physicians so there's you know.bit of admin a bit of facilities but a.bit of medical and if you recall you.know facilities professional and medical.are exactly the three tiers that make up.this company so these makes codes make.perfect sense to me as to why they're in.here and like I said those areas all.kind of go together in terms of what the.government buys so they are um similar.enough to me a great job on these.there's one that I had this very first.one I thought was interesting it has.leather goods and allied product.manufacturing so um all other leather.goods and allied product manufacturing.that's one that just kind of stuck out.to me as a like an outlier not sure if.this one was a mistake or maybe you were.looking at an opportunity to go after.and you went after it and you know you.didn't take it back out or whatever so.that's one thing that I like to say.about Naik's codes you can always easily.add them and then take them back out so.if it's a weird one that you know you.don't want to stay in your profile.whatever but you wanna you know maybe.you have a contracting officer that says.hey I know this is weird but can you do.it and what are you gonna say no of.course you can do it so you say yes and.you add this in um and then after that.you know you come and you take it back.out so super easy just takes two clicks.um oh it takes a couple clicks to get in.here and take it back out but you know.just like two minutes um so yeah this.one I just want.callout not sure if this was meant to be.in here or not but um you know not.really a big deal not you know just you.know a little bit of a head-scratcher.that's all but that's not really hurting.anything as far as I'm concerned so.those are the primary areas that I look.for um where is the yes so physical.address you know Texas we already know.that I didn't see any other addresses so.aside from that that's really all that.I'm particularly looking for right off.of the bat from a Sam profile um one.thing that we know though is that Sam.ties directly into the dynamic small.business search so if you recall when I.clicked on this link I opened this up in.a new tab and this will just transition.us to the DSPs next part of this video.and live review which is the dynamic.small business search live review and.what you can do is you can search just.like you didn't Sam I'm gonna search by.Duns number so I'm gonna plug that in.again 733 now if you type it in.correctly it should pull up on the first.try and it looks like I'm on a roll.today.it pulled up so now you see this is SBA.so it's SBA profile you know it's it's.actually SBA DSPs dynamic small business.search and I talked about this um you.know I talked about this in one of my.courses and I think a few videos out.there part of your profile will pull.automatically from Sam the other part.will not so if you're kind of looking at.this white screen saying what is this.that means you have an incomplete.profile and actually it turns out most.people have an incomplete profile.compared to those that have actually.done this step I consider this a.mandatory step with anybody I talked to.because the dynamic small business.search is a database that Contracting.Officer.we'll go and type into the search box.and start searching for companies and.I'll just give you a quick little plug.here if you haven't set this up yet I've.got a how-to list over here on the blog.Organic of code method comm um.what you can do is that's right here how.to register your contracting business.part 3 create your dynamic small.business search and if you just click on.that it actually gives you um this.article I wrote I've got a video kind of.showing you how to do it as well as I've.actually written out notated the steps.it's not too bad it's not as hard as.setting up your Sam and all that so um.you know if you haven't done that you.want to do that you can go ahead and do.that at that resource but coming back as.you can see so this first block of.information the identification location.in contacts this pulls from Sam so all.of you have this automatically filled.out um there's this this place for a.website that we will be looking at next.this is blank and I know that urs has a.website so if they wanted to they would.just have to go into their Sam profile.and add their company website so let's.you know something that I would add in.there why not um but everything else you.know address firm name all that good.stuff cage code you're established 2018.GSA advantage contract no so you know.all basic information don't really sweat.this too much um phone number email.address you get the point next.organization ownership and.certifications this is really where I'm.looking for socio-economic set-asides so.it's got a place for a day if there's a.day it doesn't look like it small.disadvantaged business certification.this is blank however I do believe that.urs is or does qualify so this is.something that I would want to look back.and I believe this would pull from your.Sam if I'm not mistaken so if you go.back into your Sam profile entity.registration um you can select that your.disadvantaged business and then that.will populate here as a yes I believe if.you're not an SD B then you know you're.golden and just leave it I'm just not.sure if you aware of that or not um.again there's no eight a joint venture.and other federal government starts none.given so I actually thought that woman.owned what would be in here because I.know that they are women-owned if I'm.not sure if I'm missing something was it.up here I guess it's just because it's.it's all up here then because up here it.tells you you're economically.disadvantaged woman owned regular woman.owned self-certified small disadvantaged.businesses yeah this is what I was.talking about here it's a small.disadvantaged business but over here is.blank so I'm not sure what's going on.there all might be something to look.into.unless it's a different business.certification next um this is one thing.that I knew I wanted to point out.products and services the capabilities.narrative is blank here and I know that.this part you have to actually do.through the dynamic small business.search because this is part of what I.talk about in my blog post here is.actually setting up that part so um it's.not gonna piss is not pull from Sam so.you have to you know follow the steps.that I gave you and go in a write your.capabilities narrative I recommend three.four sentences just put a short.paragraph in here um I would restate.your your socio-economic statuses I.would put in as many keywords as you can.in here in terms of the type of business.stuff that you do um in this case it.would be these three core competencies.um and with probably a few of the bullet.points so facilities support.professional services medical office you.can also include the date that you were.founded and I set in this to your you.know your personal path performance or.if you have any other past performance.that you just want to like briefly say.and I say that because briefly um.there's there's a section down here as.well for past performance um that we'll.talk about in a minute if you're.construction company I'm your bonding.levels and limits would go in here they.do not appear to be construction so.these are all at zero and that's perfect.UNIX coats as you can see these are the.same ones that automatically pull from.Sam so you don't have to really worry.about those and they have the primary.Nicks code check tier which is right on.whenever you change them in Sam they.will automatically adjust in change and.here so again you don't have to worry.about it next your keywords so keywords.I touched on just a second ago um I.would add more keywords urs did a good.job at putting their top three tiers.I would I would HIGHLY encourage adding.as many of the bullet points as the.character limit will allow in terms of.keywords you know this is just SEO 101.stuff if a contracting officer is.looking for something specific they.might not just type in facility services.or medical office staffing they may type.in you know one of those bullets like.full body mist or x-ray technician or.you know billing and coding or something.so you want to be specific in your.keywords um as well as you know general.just so that you cover all of your bases.so check out the character count when.you go again keywords have to be.adjusted through adjusted they need to.be added edited or deleted through the.dynamic business search as well you.can't do this in Sam um so you have to.again follow the steps to get in to here.DSPs and then add these and build these.out it's a good job to put in your main.I would just recommend adding some of.the specific ones as well just you know.put your you know pretend you're a.Contracting Officer sitting in the chair.and and searching for you know a.contract that they need a company for.pretend you're that person searching and.you know that'll get your wheels turning.on some keywords to to add as well um.the last thing I want to touch on with.this is the performance history this is.a bit of a hit or miss and some people.and so this is your past performance.essentially.and this is a hit-or-miss because some.people are afraid to put their past.performances I don't know why I mean I.know the reason I just don't understand.or agree with it some business owners.are afraid to put past performance and.their dynamic small business search.profile because they're afraid their.competitors are gonna try to go after.their contracts I've heard this said to.me by a number of people and I just I.couldn't be more on the opposite end of.the spectrum and let me tell you why the.reason I disagree with not putting past.performance in your DSPs profile is.because you're awarded contracts are.public information anyways you can go on.you know FPDs or a number of other.procurement sites and if someone wants.wants your number they're gonna get your.number so all you're doing is you're.doing yourself a disservice and by the.way urs I'm not saying that this is you.I should have started that um I'm not.saying that you're doing this that at.all I'm just other I know other people.have told me the reason so it just kind.of got me on that that that tangent.there um you may just not have the the.past performances that you want to put.in here and if you don't have any that's.fine um leave it blank once you have.some you know I would recommend that you.put it in here but for anybody who like.I was was saying anybody who's afraid to.put your past performance in here.because you're afraid that your.competitors are gonna go after your.contracts um I just I will I will fight.you on that because there's other places.that you know they can get that.information as you know and a lot more.than just the few you put in here you.can they can find all of your all of.your contracts with the contracting.officers email so that they can you know.contact them directly you don't even.have to put that in here you can just.put the contract name you know what it.was a rough order of magnitude and a.brief description of the scope that way.at least when a Contracting Officer is.looking at your profile and they see two.or three of those they're like okay this.company is in business they you know.they know what they're doing I'm not.taking a chance on you know a new.company with no experience which is what.it will look like if you leave this.blank it looks like you have no.experience so again if you don't have.perience and you're getting up and.running that's fine but I do recommend.that once you have something to put.there put it there do not be afraid of.somebody trying to go after your.contracts believe it or not it's much.harder to do um and you know we're.probably not dealing with the size of.you know ginormous contracts that people.would want to go after anyways it's that.the sizes not gonna be there for a lot.of small businesses that are starting.out for obvious reasons so I hope this.part was helpful in regards to the.dynamic small business search some of it.pulls some of it doesn't there's a few.things I hammered on here that I think.are really important that you know and.I'm talking to everybody again I'm not.just talking about urs I think urs has.you know don't a very adequate and good.job in some areas so but just generally.speaking um this is kind of what I look.for in any you know capability statement.any SBA profile or any Sam profile that.I look at so guys we are now on to the.final part that we're gonna look at.which is the website now I do recommend.that at some point you pop up a company.website if you're gonna do business with.the federal government it doesn't have.to be a crazy website it you know it.only needs a few tabs it doesn't have to.be any you know anything really.expensive you know I'm not a tech guy.myself um took me a while to get my.website to where it was to where it is.so I understand I get it you don't have.to do it right out of the gate don't let.it hold you back from you know getting.registered in pursuing contracts but I.do recommend within your first year or.two that you get a company website and.so we'll we'll take a look at urs is.website and you know I'll I'll comment.on some areas that I think every website.should have so let's just take a look.okay so here we are at the urs firm.dot-com immediately hit with this.beautiful picture for urs looks very.professional you know I'm I've seen this.picture on the capability statement as.well and you know I'm assuming that this.is a.an owner you know the owner rather um.again with branding you know this is.part of what I wanted to start talking.about it ties in very nice it the more.you see something repeated the more.confidence you know you all are familiar.with marketing 101 it's just you know.it's a lot of it's a numbers game so you.know going from going from the.capability statement to the website.seeing this picture right off the bat.let's mean it okay I'm in the right.place I'm seeing the same thing that I.was seeing so I think that's great and.you know company name right off the bat.multiple times three times here I'm.seeing urs and I think it's done in such.a way that is not repetitive or.overwhelming so I think really really.good job just you know on the visual one.thing I do want to point out though also.right off the bat is the functionality.of the of the menu so I'm not sure if.you guys can see we have a Home tab.right here and this is just a little bit.of a website recommendation if you.scroll you see the other menu tabs pop.up and then they go away as you scroll.off of them and that's just because the.the default color for the menu many tabs.are white so white on the white.background makes it almost impossible to.see I mean I'm pretty colorblind so it.is you know impossible for me to see.when I first came to the website I was.like oh wow they only have one tab they.just have a Home tab and then it was.when I started scrolling down with this.this menu which is nice the sticky menu.that goes up and down with you that I.was able to see but when you go to the.top um you can't see them so you know.this is actually easy fix all you have.to do is change the default color to.this dark purple and then make your.hover color the white that you have it.so you've got to switch out the colors.so that when you hover over it it'll be.white and then when you're not it'll be.a static dark purple or not your whole.menu will be illuminated and then it'll.match as you scroll down um so that's.something I would recommend just from a.usability standpoint is changing the.colors so that you can see them um when.they're static just.like the home one you can see the home.one all the time but that you know.that's enough about that that's not that.that's a very easy fix so scrolling down.we have our core competencies I love.this this I really like this a lot.immediately hit with those three tears.again you know guys like this is the.third time or yeah the third fourth time.we're seeing these three tears again so.it's the same consistent message.throughout all of the marketing.professional services facility services.medical office staffing the pictures.really bring it to life you know now.we're not stuck in the limitations of a.capability same and you can put some.nice colorful photos now that we're on.the website and again they've taken the.bullet points and put those as you know.subheadings or your just bullet point.underneath the headers for each of these.so beautiful wonderful um and I'm just.gonna scroll through the whole homepage.and then we'll start clicking on stuff.but I'll go through a relatively quick.because we're not gonna spend a super.long time next there's this nice full.width banner that just stops you in your.tracks welcome to urs this is kind of.giving you like a personal welcome a.personal greeting I love it again seeing.these three checkmarks just reminding.you what you're all about I love that.there's a nice kind of message here.about the company there's an about us.button and a contact us button as well.so that that'll link you to other parts.of the website for good click-through.and then we have Y urs so this will tell.you a little bit about you know the.company and then in our services button.again that will click you through to the.website and at the bottom we have a very.nice very nice footer one thing I.actually meant to mention on the.capability statement but now I'm done.I'm seeing it on the website there's.this very nice.the SBA women-owned small business logo.you know if you are an SBA approved.women-owned small business and that's.not just a self-certification it's.actually a process that you have to go.through um.once you do that take this logo and.start sticking it on all your stuff just.like your RS has I think that's it's.very good it's something that gives you.like a badge of credibility and it.really does just stick out so I love.that they've put that in the footer as.well as a capability statement um and.again you know we're seeing Texas here.so the footer is is very effective so um.there's a couple things I'm gonna want.to talk about here and I'm gonna back.into it so I'm gonna click on about urs.so this this when you click on about urs.first you're hit with these three tiers.and it gives you some more information.being found in 2018 the founder.Nicolette Kennedy all perfect great it's.not too much I love that boom you're hit.with the mission very good stuff so what.I'm really seeing is a lot of really.good effective stuff for a for a.business website and what I want what.I'm gonna start backing into is is.adding a bit of the federal government.Flair and spice to that one thing when.you click on core capabilities it takes.you here but then when you click learn.more um what I would like to see and.I'll go back when you click on learn.more for each each one of these I'm not.sure if you're aware of this or not I'm.not sure if it's a link issue but each.one of these should go to probably a.page that expands on the services or.ideally this is this is what I'm.referring to what I want to back into I.would like to see a page I always like.to see a page dedicated to contracting.just one page on the website dedicated.to you know basically what a government.contracting officer is going to look at.it and so what that page could look like.is you know all three of these could.link to that page and then you know when.you click on it it would bring you to a.page that you know further expands on.professional services maybe that's a.good spot to add a paragraph for pass.performance if you have it if not talk.about your.on what you're capable of providing on.more than just bullet points do that for.each of these and then also include the.next codes for the UM for each group of.these I would like to see those on that.page as well make sure you put this nice.a woman a small business down there you.know if it's the footer it'll.automatically pull if it's you know.since it's in the footer but what really.I would like to see is you have that on.there and then in addition to those.items of breaking these down and adding.the next codes I would like to have you.add your cage and your Duns number to.that page as well so basically anything.you could think of that you would want.to you know contracting officer to see.which is essentially your one page.capability statement that's really what.we're doing in here I would like to see.you know this made into a page on your.website with a different layout probably.you know less a bit less information um.and then some of these areas expand it.on so that you can basically just send.everybody you know every contracting.officer sent into that one page they get.all the information that they need um.and then that way when they're clicking.through your website and they go to.click to learn more um they'll get taken.to a page that will give them more.detail so that's really the main thing.that I would say about the website and.it wouldn't take a whole lot to get.there I think this website's already you.know adequate for you know the.commercial world um.except if you you know if you want to.expand a little bit more on these you.could but in terms of federal government.contracting and that's the lens that.we're looking at you know looking.through today um and those are the.things that I'm looking for.those are the areas that a Contracting.Officer is going to be looking at and I.don't see those here so I would you know.recommend at some point you add that.page again you know not not even all.contracting officers go and look at your.website but you know overall you know.today on all four of these areas urs has.done a really good job I was really.really impressed when I saw what I what.I saw um looks like the Google Maps.pages and loading I don't know if that's.me or somebody else if it's not loading.you know obviously.take a look at that but I love the idea.of having this um but yeah overall very.very good job we've looked at the.capability statement today made a few.recommendations but man this is you know.really professional-looking the same.profile is spot-on.the dynamic small business search.profile that we looked at a few things.to consider adding past performance if.you have it um expand on the keywords.and add a capabilities narrative and.maybe look at that sdb certification and.Sam if you know if that's a thing and.that's really you know really about it.you know if you guys are if you're.watching and you have questions if you.have anything that you want me to take a.look at that you've seen on today's.business review um let me know in the.comments if you want to have your own.business review I already have a few.more lined up as you can see in today's.video it's been almost an hour I've.spent 50 minutes which I'm okay with.because allowed me to go into a deep.dive on this one company and I think.that's the most educational for you guys.um if you guys are interested in getting.you know lined up to have your business.reviewed just like this as well just.inbox me you have to inbox me on my gov.kid method page.um don't put anything in the comments.because I need to be able to speak with.you and you need to be able to get you.to send me some attach some some.attachments so inbox me on my gov kid.method page it'll let you send me a.personal message and I will respond if.you're interested in that but we're.gonna be doing these once every Friday.at least going into November I have I.think three or four lined up that will.take us into the holiday season so um.you know always send your information.because if one of those falls through or.something like that I don't know why it.would but you know I could try and.squeeze you in.otherwise you know I'll be I'll be doing.these as long as you guys find them.helpful and you want to participate I.love the way.

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Form Contractors Statement FAQs

Here are the answers to some common misunderstandings regarding Form Contractors Statement . Let us know if you have any other doubt.

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