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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling in Vat 1 Online Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Vat 1 Online Form

youtube video

Instruction of Vat 1 Online Form

hi and welcome to this DCP web tutorial.and today's tutorial we're going to.focus on a system for small businesses.which are v80 registered so we're going.to make a bookkeeping tutorial which is.for small businesses which are v80.registered so if you've been following.my tutorials on my youtube page you'll.see that I created previously a small.business bookkeeping tutorial and these.were for businesses which are not being.registered so if you're not that.registered business then you can go.ahead and follow these tutorials people.seem to find them quite useful and it's.a good system especially for a small.startup business it's a pretty much a.free way to keep track of all your.bookkeeping there's no expensive.software involved in fees free tools to.you so you can go ahead and follow these.free tutorials here but we're going to.focus today on small businesses which.are v80 register so I'm gonna go to.Google and we need to download.OpenOffice just type in OpenOffice and.go to openoffice.org click on the link.and they said I want to download Apache.OpenOffice and then choose the relevant.operating system the white one is for.you I'm using Windows and I'll click.this download install and it will tick.down to five seconds and then you see.this pop up up here save the file as you.save any other application file 254.Meg's will take a bit of time to.download but once you've downloaded it.you should be good to go so just install.as you install any other software and.if you are a small business or not via.to register you can just go to.youtube.com/scishowspace and you'll see.my tutorial right here as well that's.the easy way to find my small business.bookkeeping shatori if you're not that.registered so let's focus on the VSA.registration bookkeeping tutorial so I'm.going to close this and we've downloaded.we'll assume that you've downloaded and.installed open office so here you can.see all my software and I'm going to.click on open office here we're going to.load up a blank spreadsheet we're going.to go to file save as and I've already.created a folder on my computer called.small business via t bookkeeping I've.created this file called invoice tracker.and I'm giving it today's date just type.in invoice tracker.make sure you give it today's date the.date is if there's a purpose for this.date because every so often we're going.to make an archive of this folder of.this particular file so we keep a backup.of that file as we go along I'm just.going to save this overwrite the file so.we've got a blank spreadsheet here and.the objective of this first spreadsheet.let's just try to understand what this.British is supposed to do so in your.business every day or every few days.you're going to be sending out invoices.to customers for work that you've done.for them and you wouldn't be able to.create a spreadsheet where you can keep.track of who's paid you when they've.paid you have paid you what the work was.for various information you want to keep.track of in this particular spreadsheet.and it's important to have that.information because you want to be able.to chase customers that haven't paid you.you want to be able to see who's paying.you how much you've generated in a month.how much have generated it in six months.the end of the year all this information.is quite important in your business and.you know this is a nice system that I've.created in this OpenOffice spreadsheet.which will help you to do this so in.this first column in this letter here.this is cell a1 you can see a 1 written.here this will be so a 1 this will be B.1 C 1 this will be C 5 so C 5 we're.gonna click on cell a1 and in this cell.we're going to try to the invoice date.and then if we press the tab key that.will move us to the next cell just save.this so now we're in b1 and we're going.to type in invoice and then we want if.you notice like this invoice numbers.over overlapping this this let us see.here this column C just move in between.cell B and C and double click here you.can double click and it will set the.size of the cell for you automatically.so you can see what's in there and then.in this cell we walk payment type we'll.just double click here set the width you.want reference I'm gonna explain all.these columns what they're for and then.we want description and we also want.company name we want the price excluding.that we want the price we want the V 80.on its own and then we want there.including that price and in the last.column we want paid so.we've missed one thing here let's just.save this so we've got invoice date.invoice number payment type so we're.gonna click on this see cell payment.type and we're gonna right click here.and we're going to insert a column it's.going to insert a blank column here.because we want dates paid here which is.very important okay so we're going to.click on this letter A that's gonna.highlight this whole column and we're.gonna hold down the control key on our.keyboard and also click on date paid.these two so we'll highlight these two.because they're both dates we're going.to right click on them and format cell.and we're going to say we want it to be.a date format and I'm using UK date.format but you may want to select a.different date format from here in.theory OpenOffice uber to see what what.your language settings are and your.location and set the format for you or.maybe bombs we use default day format.here.you played a format pick a different day.format if you're an American format or.European using date format days months.and years you can see in today's the.month in the years here okay nothing's.really happened it all makes sense in a.moment and then in here the exFAT v80.and including that we need to highlight.these four columns so we'll left-click.on the G hold the mouse down and drag.across to highlight these three we're.going to right click format cell only.asset is the currency currency format.and again select the relevant settings.for your currency but I'm using UK rich.pants.and you must make sure it's to the.decimal place so you've got the pennies.in there as well that's important click.ok let's just save this.so we need to start filling in some data.so let's just assume today's the 26th or.the 5th 2015 the same day as what this.is written up here in the invoice.tracker and this is our let's just say.our very first day of business and we've.done some work for a customer we need to.put some information in here so we need.an invoice date we need to say when did.we send this invoice to the customer.what you have to understand is this.spreadsheet is not the invoice itself.we're gonna in our second tutorial we're.going to make a separate document which.will actually be the invoice that you.sends in a customer this is just a.tracker this is to trap all the invoices.that go out this is not the invoice.itself that will be a separate tutorial.I'll do afterwards so really this is.tracking all the money coming into your.business the second tutorial will be an.actual invoice that you were sent to the.customer as a PDF file or your printer.and send it in the post the third.tutorial will create is all of your.expenditure all the money that you're.spending in your business you need to.keep track of that as well so in here we.need to invoice date so we're gonna put.today's date.26:15 I'm gonna click out and one thing.we want to do here is click on this.little box in the left hand corner this.little box and we're gonna lift the line.everything for now everything left.aligned and we need an invoice number so.this invoice number is always a unique.number but if you're winning you know.some playing you're in your business you.may be running more than one company so.I normally use an acronym so what I do.is I put in DCP that's that's an.abbreviation on my company name and then.I'll put in the year 2015 so I know what.year this invoice was sent out and then.I put in the number zero zero one so.this will be DCP company my company the.year 2015 today this year and this is.the very first invoice and it'll go up.to 999 and then you loop back to zero.zero one again.then we used to put in a date here so.this is the date it's paid we were going.to see him as being paid yet the payment.type hasn't been sorted out yet so these.things here these three we're going to.leave blank for the moment I'll explain.the Mosin those in a moment but.description what job did we do for this.customer so we did a logo design just a.simple logo design that's what we did.one thing one else will one other thing.we can do is we can click on this number.one right here no highlight this whole.row we're gonna make it bold and that.will just make all of these headings.bold here just so that we can see them a.bit clearer okay.I've zoomed in here a bit so I'm already.the switch it would look more like this.I'm just zooming in so a bit easier for.me to see you can zoom in and out by.holding down the ctrl key and using your.mouse wheel so moving up and down on.your mouse wheel we zoom in and up it's.a company so I'm just going to make this.up I'm gonna call it X Y Z this is the.name of the company that we did this.work for and now we need to do our.calculations here so whenever I quote a.customer up for a job I always quote.them excluding that so I'll say the job.cost 100-pound excluding v80 and we're.going to calculate the VAD here in a.moment and we need to calculate the.including vit price here so what we do.is you're going to say let's just make.sure we do this right so bh1.time is 1.2 so we do H will be h2.it's L equals H 2 times 122 and then.this I sell with the D equals J 2 minus.h 2 enter.so whatever figure we put in here is.going to calculate the VT and excluding.that price so if I put in 25 pounds here.25 plus 5 pound is the VA T equals 30.pound total including that so this.formula will calculate the VA T so.whenever I pop a customer price always.say it's 25 pound plus VA T I'll put the.25 in here it works like the VA T and.including that in the UK we're charging.20 percent fact this is what as time as.1.2 if you're charging 40 percent VA T.you'd be 1.4 and hit enter and then.you'll get 40 percent VA T in there but.we're gonna make it 1.2 because we're in.the UK so you can modify the formula.depending on what theater you want to.charge we're charging 20 percent here so.this should look at that one more time.the excluding VA t you just put in the.price here the including that will be.the h2 so this is so H 2 25 is 25 pounds.to sell with hmm.you can see that here H 2 2 h 2 times 1.point 2 will give us the VA t so let's.just try one more figure in here let's.try something a bit more random like 145.145 plus fat is 174 pounds.so let's go and double-check this.formula we'll go to browser.spotty calculator so some online tools.that you can use to check your VA T so.we did 135 145 the v8 is 29 the gross is.174 145 2934 so let's just start again.and we'll do something a bit more 1100.in 1234 at the VA tee at 20% and we'll.just check these figures just make sure.our formulas working quickly people put.1234 you see these hashing is happening.here you need to make the column wider.you need to make it wider when the.column is too narrow.it puts these hashes in here if you see.the hashes you need to make the column.wider so you can see the values inside.so 246 80 1488 is your day you can see.so the formula is working correctly.which is checking on these websites to.make sure the formulas working quickly.pays fine okay so let's just make this a.sensible figure that was 125 okay let's.just save this document so obviously.this is only one invoice that we were.sent out we're going to assume we're.going to move into the future we're.going to say we sent out let's say let's.do 20 invoices for now so you know.realistically you're going to be sending.your invoices on different dates you may.send one today you may not send one for.another three or four days even another.week until you finish that next job but.to make my life a little bit easier I'm.just gonna move my mouse cursor over.this bottom right hand corner I'm gonna.grab it down and that's going to.generate the dates for me so you can see.the twenty six twenty seven twenty eight.twenty.I'm using one day and normally it.wouldn't be like this normally in your.spreadsheet you will have different.dates in here you may have the same day.you may do three jobs on the same day.and you may have two 26 to 26 and 26 for.three different companies here the same.day and you send out three different.invoices to three different companies.but in this case I'm just showing the.dates here quickly cuz I'm going to type.the morning and the invoice number you.can do the same thing here.so if the software recognizes that it.ends with a zero one so in theory if we.drove all the way down you're gonna see.zero two zero three zero four zero five.six seven eight nine ten all the way up.to 20s there were twenty here that's a.quick way of generating your invoice.numbers I didn't have to type it in or.typed in the first one I made sure it.ended with a zero zero one and I could.generate all my invoice numbers very.very quickly you can see this becomes.very useful when we create our actual.invoice in the next tutorial because we.can just cut and paste this information.in very quickly so the day these three.I'm going to leave them blank we're.going to come back to those in a moment.and we need to generate some more.information in here in these four.columns so I'm going to type some stuff.in I'm gonna say website this is what.ABC company a different company and we.charge 1000 and you see that these.values haven't been generated here the.quick way to do this is to click on this.cell above and then just drag it down.this is a little black box in the.corners maybe a little bit of hard to.see I'm gonna try naming as much as.possible this little black box here in.the corner you click on it and you drag.down one and you see it's showing some.area here but you need to click and drag.down on this one as well and it's going.to generate the values for you it's just.so in theory you can track these all the.way down but it's going to show all.zeroes and it's going to show all the.zero values in here because there's no.value in there so normally I already.drag down once I've generated that.particular line of information so once.I've done a row of data then I just drag.these two down so I learnt zeros in here.it just looks a bit messy.let's just save this and I'm just making.up some company name just work and we'll.just click here and drag down and drag.down and we'll get our values in here.you can see that we can't really see all.the information in this column we don't.really want this column to be too wide.because we're going to see a lot of that.information missing off the screen so.normally I'll keep this quite narrow.about to about here if I can't see all.the information in the cell click on the.cell click on this cell and it told me.right here what is in there so business.card design website design I can read it.up here so don't worry if you can't see.all the information then you can click.on the cells to see exactly what's.written in there it's more important.that you can see all the rows of data.without having to scroll left and right.that's more important let's just save.this.so we say we did some work there was a.search engine optimization work in this.month one for this particular company.and we call it red that's the name of.the red carpets limited that's what the.company is called and we tried in there.I don't know let's just say 295 you can.also move up to this cell press control.C to copy and press ctrl V to paste and.you can move to this cell ctrl-c and.ctrl-v to paste so you can copy and.paste these down as well and it will.change the value can you see in here it.says h4 and if I move up one it will say.H 3 and H 2 you can use the arrow keys.to move around the spreadsheet so that's.another way to generate these quite.quickly it's just to copy and paste them.down I'll show some more quicker ways in.the moment it's just save this so we've.got four invoices in here at the moment.and I'm gonna do a few more times going.to replicate them so let's just say.because some planet designs I'm animated.balance for a customer it really should.be a bit more descriptive in here.because banner designs a bit generic so.we could say banner design times twelve.so we did a bony design job he was gif.animation banners and we did twelve in.total so that's a bit more descriptive.and it was for the ones who free company.so it was the same company here and.let's say we charge them 10 pound a.banner this 12 in total so is 120 and.this time I'm going to select these two.cells with my mouse copied in both so.I'm going to slip them both press ctrl C.copy.idiot copy ctrl C is very easy control C.and then I'm gonna push ctrl V to paste.so I'm gonna move down to here and press.control B and it's going to generate the.values for me as well so that's another.way to to get those formulas pasted you.can just select the ones above copy them.and paste them below or you can drag.down you can click here and drag down if.you want that's another way to do it.there's a few different ways I'm gonna.save this so to save me a bit of time.because I want to keep typing them in.here we're going to be here for a very.long time I'm gonna copy these ones and.paste them below this for the same.similar companies we can see and the.values I'm going to make a bit more.random so I'm gonna type in a hundred.and forty five these are just random.figures I'm gonna put in here I'm just.making them up.let's put some random numbers in I.wanted to make sure they're not all.exactly the same.that these descriptions and these.company names would have probably been.different you wouldn't invoice your.car's customers in this particular.sequence these will be a bit more random.and the job wouldn't be exactly the same.but I've done that for a reason just to.make this process a bit quicker but the.values in here I'll put them a bit.random I want to make them different.there's a reason for that so what we can.do now is select both these cells with.our mouse so we'll highlight both of.them we're gonna press control C control.C to copy and we're going to highlight.all of these here we're going to press.control V to paste and it's going to.generate all the values for us the the.price excluding that we typed in the.including fat and there so the v8 amount.and including that is done for us so.that's that's how these particular form.is going to work and you can see we've.got some missing information in here so.let's fill out some more of these.information so let's let's just make an.assumption today's today's date and.we're looking into the future really.here and we sent this invoice today and.let's just assume 14 days later the.customer pays us so this particular.customers sent us we looked we logged on.on to our internet banking and we can.see that the customers paid us and when.we look at our internet banking or a.bank statement the customer always puts.a payment reference a payment reference.here in your bank statement and that's.what the customer sends when they send a.payment they're going to make a.reference some sort of reference and.they're gonna say something like it.could be anything big probably put.something that logo design and they may.put your invoice number like DCP just so.that you can recognize it so you know.it's come from that company cuz it'll be.marked on your bank statement from XYZ.company they may even put that in the.reference as well but normally.references are you know.short short amount of space that what.you can type in it so when I looked at.my bank statement in this example I went.online I logged in I saw logo design I.saw these one payment logo design DCP.2015 zero zero one so that's the invoice.number there and also in that bank.statement I wouldn't say the XYZ company.so easily I can tell you this hop now I.know that this payment of one hundred.and fifty pounds that I can see my I.can't belongs to this particular invoice.that I sent out to the customer so in.here let's work out 14 days so so around.the night for this six they would have.paid me fourteen days later so in here.on my bank statement it says on the.night for this 6 2015 that's the date.that the customer pay me this is when I.send him the invoice and that's the date.that they paid me and how did they pay.me they pay me by the bank transfer I'm.just gonna zoom out a little bit so this.one this one row you can say is now.being completed kind of completed kind.of complete it's done a few bits of.missing information so in this column.we've got paid and I'm gonna type in yes.dear but we're gonna assume all these.other ones haven't been paid so when I.generated these these rows up they are.really all to put no in all of these.columns none of these have been paid.only this first one right now and what I.do is I highlight row number two so I'm.gonna highlight Row two click on number.two here and then from these colors I'm.going to choose green and green tells me.it's been paid so really all these other.ones would have been a different color.I'm gonna make them all blue.so when I look at this spreadsheet let's.just say that we're closed for business.today and tomorrow I open up this.spreadsheet this spreadsheet will told.me this first one has been paid because.I can see the date you're in here but.it's also green so I can almost ignore.this one I know it's been paid I can.forget about it for now but all these.other ones haven't been paid oh we're.gonna look at these other ones in a.moment so this assume we log in tomorrow.and we look at our bank statement or we.log into our business account and we can.see that for these other employees have.been paid one two three let's say these.next four being paid and it will have.different reference types so let's just.make them a bit different so this will.be a b c d CP so they in this case.they've put their company name ABC and.they put their invoice number and the.amount was twelve fat 1200 so what I'll.do here is I'll mark this says yes it's.been paid so I'm gonna mark it as yes.and it was paid for a bank transfer as.well and if you notice as I'm typing.because this owner Bob already has bank.transfer written in there it's gonna.recognize that below and I can just hit.the enter key and this got paid on the.tank got paid on the next day so now.we've got two invoices shown as paid and.this mock this one is green that's two.invoices paid on this next one this.invoice got paid but in this case the.customer sent us a check so I'm going to.write in here check.and normally when someone sends you a.check you have to put that into your.bank account it takes a bit of time for.that trick to clear it doesn't clear.straight away it takes a few days maybe.seven days to clear the check payment.but the reference won't be from the.customer the reference will be from your.check pane in slip so when you when you.you have normally of you have two types.of books you have of your checkbook and.your check pane in slip book so in that.painting slip you'll have a reference.number and it will be something like.zero zero zero - something like this may.not necessarily be that it will be.different in every different type of.banking system but each one will be a.unique number so you'll have zero one.you have zero two zero three each check.slip will have as unit number so we put.that reference number in here this is.your cheque reference painting slip.number and we put that into our bank.account and then let's just say seven.days from this date 28 1 2 3 4 6 7 on.the 4th of this six you logged into your.bank account and you looked at it and it.will you'll see that the payment is.cleared so on the floor of this fix is.you logged in and you can see that this.check payment is now hit your account.and you can see the money in your.account so we're gonna mark this is yes.as well we're gonna make it green so now.we can see free payments have gone.through and let's just assume that you.logged in a few days later and all these.payments were started to come through so.we spot some walk somebody's down we're.going to leave a few of them unpaid at.the bottom but well let's get the most.of the marked in so this one here on the.29th got paid on the fifth the fifth of.the six.it was a bad transfer and it was from.red carpet so let's call it the.reference with red carpet in it and it.had your zero zero fourth that's what.they put in as the reference they put.the end of the invoice number not the.fall invoice number.remember these can be quite random what.they type in here but they're just.trying to identify what the payment was.for them I ever thought.invoice reserved for so it's a bit.clearer for you this mock this is yes.and this was sent on the 30th so let's.just say they paid it bank transfer and.they paid it this was one two three.company one two three company and it was.twenty fifteen years ago five that's.what they put in for the reference this.end part is identifying your invoice.number this is really relating to this.part here that's when they put the.reference let's mark this one is green.and normally I'll try and choose colors.down here at the bottom so they're easy.to find so this green in this blue these.two I use and I'm trying to pick colors.from here because they're quick quite.hard to find just these two at the.bottom are very easy to find these two.here so this one here and the 31st of.the fifty 2015 this customer came and.paid you and they paid you on the.following day they paid you on the 1st.or the 6th 2015 and happened to pay you.using cash they came and gave you cash.in your hand so here you can just put in.cash payment.and you took that money on the same day.and you paid it into your bank account.so on your bank statement you'll see.that on the first of the six 2015 they.paid your cash and it was in your bank.account straight into account I put cash.payment here but you may put a different.reference you might put something like X.Y Zed cash payment so you know that it.came from there.I'm the speedy something a little bit.and we're gonna say that all of these.were done by bank transfer and we're.going to set the date here through the.fifth six this is the first of the six.so this invoice was sent on the first of.the six so it can never be a date before.this the date paid always has to be a.date in the future always going to drag.down and generate the dates that have.been paid and in the reference numbers.what I'm going to do is copy these and.paste them here these are what the.companies that send the payment these.are the references that they used just.to speed things up a little bit here.hopefully this will make sense and we.can mark all the theses yes.your business goes along you're gonna.keep adding all of your dates in here.you're gonna generate all your invoice.numbers and you're gonna end up with a.whole years worth of data we happen to.have pretty much twenty days worth of.data in here and we're going to use this.tool to do some some other things now so.most important you know when you sent.the invoice what the invoice number was.the unit your unit inverse number the.date the customer paid you how they paid.you what sort of work you did or the.reference their company reference so.later when you look at your bank.statement if you had many payments from.XYZ company each one of these reference.will normally be unique not always but.sometimes they unique so you can look.back at your back state bank statement.and quickly find that bank statement and.see when they paid you if you need to.reference it for any reason what the job.was done the company that you sent.invoice to the price excluding that how.much we 80 and the including that and.this is going to be important.information when we create the actual.invoice template in our second tutorial.in the next tutorial we'll make a real.invoice that you can send to the.customer so we can do some we've got.some tours in OpenOffice that will help.us do a few things here so we can click.on this number one here and we can go to.data filter Auto filter and we can say.we can go to this page column and we can.click yes here click on this yes and.then it will only show us invoices that.have been paid now we can say well we.can click on this bottom sole here and.we can use the son tour here we can.click on that and we can click the green.arrow and we can do the same with the.v80 here the son tall and click the.green arrow and this one here son tour.and then click the green arrow and it.will give us the grant holes so it will.say during this period you have been.paid exactly this amount in your bank.account this is how much v80 was and.this is how much was it was excluding.v80 so we can delete these three I'm.just showing you this on tour here.we can go to note and this is a quick.way for you to reference who hasn't paid.you so in his paid column this is why.we've got a yes or no in here the know.will tell us how many people haven't.paid us and we can see when we sent out.the invoices and if it's been more than.14 days or 30 days depending on your.payment terms you can quickly check to.see who hasn't paid you and you can.chase them up on these payments quite.quickly this is a good way to see who.hasn't paid you and who has paid you but.we can click on all and when we click on.all just before I do that you'll notice.these these drop-down menus are black.you'll see they're black but the ones.that we're using or in blue you can see.right here they're blue so blue tells us.that is quite really active so when we.click on here and click all you see it's.gone back to black because it's not.being used at the moment and we may want.to see a grand total so we click on this.so here use the Sun tool click the green.arrow here and we can see how much we've.generated during that period as a grand.total you can do the same with these.columns as well hit and click on here.some tall you can hit the enter key as.well it's a bit quick huh click here.click on the Sun to enter this is the.Sun tool you can see it's hashed here.because we need to make a column a bit.wider to see the value there's a quick.way to get all the information you know.about your grand totals so you can quite.easily see how much you've generated in.total how much is outstanding and how.much you actually have been paid in your.account those three figures are quite.important we can also go to the name.column here we can select one two three.company and we can see how much we build.- one two three company so we'll click.here and do a sont or we can say one two.three company we're building two.thousand five hundred and fifty two.pounds and from that amount we can click.yes into a Sun tall and we can say 1806.has been paid from that particular.company and we'll click no we can do.another son tool and we can say 726 is.called out stand.I'm always deleting this formula.afterwards but I'm used to it some talk.click call and we can go back here we.can choose a different company ABC we.can do the same and XYZ we can see the.same we'll click over here look easier.Gwen's hot was again we can also see how.many bank transfers are being cut I've.come through who's paid by bank transfer.and what's the Grand Hall that's not.really useful information really but you.can do that if you want.how many cash payments how many check.payments and everything together so.these filters become very very useful.especially when you want to find out who.owes you money because one of these ones.in the middle for example let's change.it back to blue and we'll set this to no.and will delete this data here as we're.looking down the spreadsheet we can see.all of these green ones have been paid.but this one in the middle here hasn't.been paid so we can go and chase this.company normally you want your Chase for.payment after 14 days or 30 days it.depends on what your payment terms are.most companies will give you 14 or 30.days you know one working month to pay.an invoice so you send it under 26 but.you wouldn't expect this payment for 14.days later or 30 days they are but this.one happens to not being paid yet and.they may have gone on holiday and you.can chase them up for payment when they.get back and when they do pay you can.simply mark it as paid and you can mark.it as green and you can mark it as yes.paid here I hope that will make sense.this is quite a simple spreadsheet but.it's got some really important.information in here and it should really.help you to generate your v18 values.very quickly she's not really have to.use a calculator anymore or an online.tool you can just generate this directly.in the spreadsheet and this will become.a very very useful spreadsheet for you.as your business grows when you've got.hundreds of invoices in here for the.whole year and you want to see who.hasn't paid and who has paid and your.grand totals for the end of the year.this will help you to do that so this.spreadsheet I normally keep up-to-date.every day I'll go online I checked my.bank account and I see who's paid me I.send that quite a lot of invoices I need.to see who's paid me and when def paid.and who hasn't paid and this printer.will help me to keep track of water.information that's the end of this.tutorial in this second tutorial we're.going to create an invoice an actual.invoice and we're going to use this.first example here and we'll create a.rule invoice that you can sense your.customer as a PDF file but we're going.to use OpenOffice to create the actual.spreadsheet so I look forward to seeing.you on the next tutorial I hope you.found this one useful and if you have.any questions I'm gonna upload this to.YouTube and feel free to ask me any.questions in YouTube commenting and I'll.try and help you if you have any.questions okay I look forward to seeing.you on the next tutorial.you.

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Vat 1 Online Form FAQs

Follow the below common confusions about Vat 1 Online Form . Reach out to directly if you still have other queries.

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Which category of VAT form do you have to fill out for mobile covers and accessories?

Here is most important point is the place(state) where you sell mobile covers & accessories. If it is gujarat, then GVAT ACT is applicable. Rate of VAT is 4% normally. Concept of VAT is varies from state to state, so we need to decide the Place Of Business. Now come to the point, If dealer is registered in gujarat Following Forms are use for a) Payment of VAT => Form 207 b) Monthy / Quarterly Return => Form 201, 201A, 201B, 201C. c) Annual Return => Form 205, 205A Where, Form 207 represent the payment challan, Form 201 represent the return summary (monthly), Form 201A represent List of Sales during the period, Form 201B represent List of Purchases during the period, Form 201C represent Balance of Stock (quarterly), Form 205 represent return summary (annually), Form 205A represent Additional Information of Business. With all these, my answer is complete.

How can I fill out an improvement exam form for session 17-18 online?

CBSE improvement exam form will available from mid-week of October on CBSE website.Whole process is online only you have to post online filled applications form to CBSE regional office. All The Best

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How do I get a VAT registration certificate online?

The following is the process for online GST registration – Step 1 – Go to the government’s GST portal and click on Register Now Under Regular Taxpayers (Normal) Step 2 – In Part A, fill in the relevant details – State and District name, Name of Business, PAN Number, Email Address, and Mobile Number. Then, click on Proceed Step 3 – Enter in the OTPs received in the registered email id and mobile number. Click on ‘Resend OTP’ if you don’t receive the OTP Step 4 – Note down the Temporary Reference Number (TRN) received in your registered email id and mobile number Step 5 – Now, go to the GST port Continue Reading

Is it better to be VAT registered?

Use UK business card if your company is VAT registered, as then the VAT is reclaimed by your company. BEWARE using personal card for Business Expenses, in an audit it raises questions about legitimacy of purpose. Business items are strictly ONLY for business use, personal use will make income tax returns complex.

Can you find out if someone is VAT registered?

Instagram is a photo streaming social media platform which let users share their day to day visuals and feelings by using amazing filters. But you might be wondering, what it delivers in the name of privacy for the billion of users across the globe. Also, you might be excited to know who check out your Instagram profile and when. But, here you have to face disappointment as Instagram does not let you know who viewed your profile due to its community standard. But Instagram allows its users to see the number of views, comments and likes on every post. How To Keep A Track On Who Viewed Your Instag Continue Reading

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its better that contact your school teachers as soon as possible they will help you out cause its there work to do so by last year there was no option to fill compartment form online i dont know about this year but contact your school first they will do what ever is required.

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