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The Instruction of Finishing Isoprep Form on the Internet

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How Do You Get Isoprep Form and Sign It Online?

Welcome and thank you for standing by..Today's conference is being recorded if.you have any objections you may.disconnect at this time.Now I'd like to turn the meeting over to.Ms. Treva Alexander..Before we get started, please be aware.that the video portion of this webinar.is being recorded..Once the red recording light appears.we'll begin..Hello and welcome to the Foreign Travel.briefing webinar,.thank you for taking time out of your.day to participate..My name is Treva Alexander as she said,.and I'm an instructor.and the Information Security Management.course manager here at CDSE..In this role I'm actually responsible for.the management, development, and delivery.of CDSE information security courses. I have.approximately three years.experience specifically.instructing the Information Security.Management.and the DOD Security Specialist courses..Joining me today is my cohost Rojohn.Soriano.and Rojohn is the Information Security.Curriculum manager here.at CDSE. He's responsible for the overall.direction and development of.Information Security courses and.training material, and he's also.responsible for delivering CDSE.Information Security courses. And then we.have our co-pilot.who is Rachel Mongeau, and Rachel will walk us.through some navigation instructions.Rachel! Okay thank you Treva! To get.started you can look.at the bottom left hand corner of your.screen there is a notes.box. This has the call in number and.other announcements.as necessary. These notes will remain on.your screen.throughout the webinar for your.reference. To get a larger view of the.presentation.go ahead and select the full screen button.up in the top gray banner of.your screen, however, remember that when.poll questions come.up you will need to select it again in.order to respond..Speaking of poll questions, this is what a.poll question looks like,.we'll be popping up a few of these.throughout the webinar, just select your.answer and we'll provide some feedback..Also,.Also on the right hand side of your screen.there is a Q&A box, your phones.are muted.so the only way you'll be able to send.us questions is by inserting them into this.box..You'll also find a file share box at the.bottom of your screen there are several.files here.including our webinar slides for today you.can go ahead and print those out.take notes as you go and Treva will be.discussing several of.the other references there related to.today's presentation..I'm going to send it back to her.to get you started with a chat question..Thanks Rachel!.So to get you thinking about the subject.matter I'd like to start you off with.a chat question as Rachel said, and the.chat's going to open up.with a scenario and it will involve you.typing.a brief response to a question posted on.the screen..The green arrow here shows you where to.place your cursor to make your entry..Alright so let's look at our scenario and.chat question. There's a group of DOD.employees who work in the.sensitive compartment information.facility at your command,.they volunteer to do an unofficial.missionary project in Madagascar for.seven days. In your role as their command.security person, you're required to.provide a foreign travel briefing to.them..Now several of the employees question what are.some things they.really need to consider before they.travel. So in about two sentences or less.give the employees a general overview of.some things to consider prior.to traveling, to include some.helpful resources..So I'll give you a moment to enter your.responses in the chat box..And I like the responses, very good yes,.yes, those are all great! One important.thing.that your travelers may want to consider.like someone has already mentioned is.immunizations. Malaria poses a serious.health risk in coastal areas of.Madagascar, .so the Center for Disease Control.recommends that the.use of protective measures to prevent the.spread of malaria.and to avoid mosquito bites would be.things like .clothing to cover most of your body,.and insect repellent..And then another important consideration.is that Madagascar is primarily a cash.driven.economy. Now this information can be.obtained from the.electronic foreign clearance guide.website and we're gonna talk more about.that website.later in the webinar. Alright folks,.I need you to bear with me for just a.couple of slides while I recite the.DOD guidance regarding foreign travel.briefings..Now all of the regulatory guidance that.we're going to talk about.can be accessed from the Defense.Technical Information Security website,.I'm sorry Center website, and we've.provided that link for you at the end of.the presentation..So according to the DOD Directive 5240.06,.Counterintelligence.Awareness and Reporting,.all active and reserve military.personnel,.as well as DOD civilian employees are.required to receive initial.and annual CI awareness reporting.training.on threats, methods, reportable.information,.and reporting procedures. It also states.that DOD personnel who fail to report.information as required, they may be.subject to judicial or administrative.actions or even both. Enclosure.3 of the directive, it states that DOD.components must provide.CI awareness reporting training to DOD.personnel.within 30 days of initial assignment or.employment to the component,.and that they have to provide that training.every 12 months thereafter..Components also have to provide.CI awareness training tailored to.their components mission,.functions, activities and locations,.and they have to conduct the training in.compliance with the anti-terrorism.training requirements up to DODI.2000.12 and 2000.16.which are the DOD anti-terrorism program.and standards..Now we're all familiar with the annual.anti-terrorism training.requirements, but in addition to those.annual training,.the instructions states that within three.months of.foreign travel, DOD personnel must.receive training.on AT protection through multiple.means such as.command publications, messages, internet.sites, or.even like I mentioned earlier the DOD.foreign clearance.guide. Now CI awareness reporting.requirements further stipulates, that.DOD personnel with access to critical.program information,.SCI, and or special access program.information,.must provide advanced foreign travel.notification.for official and unofficial travel.to their security personnel in order to.receive a foreign travel briefing prior.to executing their travel. Now these.requirements are also stipulated in the.DoD Manual 5105.21.Volume 3 of the SCI Administrative.Security Manual..As Enclosure 2 specifically states.that personnel with.SCI access who plan official and .unofficial foreign travel,.must report that anticipated foreign.travel to their.immediate supervisor, and to their Special.Security Officer..They have to obtain a defensive travel.security briefing prior to travel,.and we actually put one up a sample of.one in your file share box,.and the travelers have to report any unusual.instance that occurred during .their travel. Now be mindful,.that failure to report foreign travel.as outlined in the regulatory guidance.we just talked about.at a minimum may result in re-evaluation.of eligibility for continued access..And of course heads of DOD components may.impose more stringent sanctions.as outlined in their components specific.guidance..Alright so we've covered the regulatory.guidance.let's look at the contents of a foreign.travel briefing..CDSE has put together a short on foreign.travel briefings.and within that short is a suggested.outline of.a foreign travel briefing, and what we did.was we put a template in your file share.box.for you to download. Now during the webinar, what.we're going to is walk through the.contents of that template..So we're going to look at.Vulnerability Awareness,.Personal Safety, Terrorist Threat.Information,.Assistance Contacts, and Before You Go..And then we're also going to give.you some related travel tips..So let's begin with a poll question!.Failure to report foreign travel may.result.in re-evaluation of eligibility for continued.access.is that true or false?.Outstanding! Hey everyone got the answer.right which.I knew you would anyway. Alright, so let's go.back to our scenario.involving the group going to Madagascar..Before the group leaves, they should receive.training.on vulnerability awareness and those.topics,.there are some sub-topics of those areas that.we have listed on the screen for you,.so we'll start with how our.travelers might become targets..Because travelers may possess or have.access to information.that's highly sought after by foreign entities,.we must remember that they are the first.line of defense in protecting our classified.national security information..Many foreign.governments and businesses.place a high priority on obtaining U.S..technology.and proprietary information. The risk of.being an intelligence target.increases as citizens travel overseas..Now usually an intelligence activity, any.intelligence activity.directed against travelers will be.conducted in.unobtrusive and non-threatening fashion,.although in some cases a foreign.intelligence service may employ more.aggressive tactics. While most harassment.incidents are intentionally.obvious, basically they're meant to intimidate or.test the travelers reactions..Many intelligence activities are.conducted without the target even being.aware of it..Now these are key factors to mention to your.group who's traveling to Madagascar..And in a few moments, we're going to discuss.some of the tactics.that are used. It's important to note that.counterintelligence is .information gathered and activities conducted to.identify,.deceive, exploit, disrupt, or protect against.espionage, other intelligence activities,.sabotage,.and assassinations. And these are conducted.by.for or on behalf of foreign powers, foreign.governmental.and commercial organizations, foreign.persons or their agents,.as well as international terrorist.organizations..Counterintelligence is gathered utilizing.a multitude of tactics,.such as elicitation. Now that's.basically a ploy were seemingly normal.and innocent conversations is contrived.by technical collectors to extract.information of a proprietary or export .restricted nature, or about individuals,.their work and their collegues. Then there's.eavesdropping. And this is listening to.other people's conversations to gather.information,.and this is frequently done in social.environments where we.mainly feel secure and more likely to.talk about ourselves,.or our work, like in a restaurant or.a bar,.or public transportation. It's important.to note that.eavesdropping can occur in a radius of 6 to 8.feet on public transportation, or 10 to.12 feet.in other settings. Another tactic is.bag operations.and this is seritious entry into someone's.hotel room to steal,.photograph or photocopy documents,.steal a copy of.magnetic media, or even download from.our laptop,.this is frequently done with the.cooperation of the hotel staff..Surveillance is another tactic, and it's.usually conducted by.following you to determine your contacts.and your activities,.but this not usually done unless you're.suspected a.improper activity or a target of greater.interest..Then there's the use of intercepting electronic.communications like telephones,.fascimiles or computers. You're.particularly vulnerable.while communicating to from or within a.foreign country.because most foreign telecommunication.systems cooperate with their country.security service..Many hotels have added high-speed wireless.connections so their guest can connect to.the internet.or access their home network while on.the road..Now this is a prime opportunity for.hackers to exploit.unsecured or poorly secured hotel.networks to gain access to your laptop.or even conference proceedings being.held in the hotel..To prevent any gathering of information.you want to caution your travelers to be.aware of suspicious contacts such as.request for protected information under.the guise of a price quote.or purchase request, market survey or.other pretense. It could be foreign.entities targeting personnel traveling.overseas.via airport screenings, in hotel room.incursions like a raid,.it could be attemts to entice personnel.into situations that could lead to.blackmail or extortion, or.maybe even attempts by foreign customers.to gain.access to hardware, and information that.exceeds the limitations.of the export license on file, or .attempts.to place personnel under obligation through.special treatment,.favors, gifts or money..So I know what you thinking, what do I .do.well what did they do if they feel like.they're being solicited for information?.Well here's some things that they should.consider..Practice authorize responses to.questions concerning their duties,.then travelers should never feel.obligated to answer questions which make.them feel uncomfortable,.if a conversation is too probing with.respect to their duties or.private lives, coworkers, encourage them.to change the.subject, be observant and take notes of the.suspicious person,.maintain professional composure at all.times,.and report, report, report. Encourage them.to provide as much information.as possible to you their security point of.contact..Now travelers can increase their odds of not.becoming.a victim of crime through the use of.common sense reinforced with the high state of.security awareness..Don't give anyone the opportunity to exploit.vulnerabilities..Common sense and basic.counterintelligence awareness can.effectively.protect against attempts to collect.sensitive, .proprietary or other privileged.information..Now if a traveler is detained or arrested for.any reason.you want to encourage them to contact.the US embassy or consulate.and even ask for that. If they're refused or.ignored,.tell them to continue to make the.request periodically..Encourage them to stay calm, maintain.dignity,.and don't do anything to provoke the.arresting officer..Don't admit to anything or volunteer.any information..Do not sign anything. Decline.as politely as possible until such a.time.as the document is examined by an.attorney,.or an embassy or consulate.representative..Make sure they know do not except anyone.at face value when the representative.from the embassy or consulate.arrives, request to see some identification..And don't fall for the rules of helping.the one who are detaining.you in return for your release they.could be very imaginative in their.proposals on how to be of assistance to.them..Don't sell yourself out by agreeing to.anything,.if they won't take no for an answer,.don't make a firm commitment or.sign anything, and once released.contact the U.S.embassy for protection and.assistance.on getting out of the country..You know the old saying \"When in Rome.do as the Romans do\",.well remember that although you are an.American citizen.you are subject to the laws of the.country in which you're traveling..Do not assume that what's acceptable in the.United States is acceptable.abroad. Taking photographs of government.facilities and religious symbols.is prohibited in many countries,.therefore be aware of the local laws as.a general.precaution or rule, don't attempt to take.photographs.in the vicinity of foreign military bases,.buildings, or personnel..Alright so we've talked about a lot of.information, let's look at a poll question:.What should you do if you feel like.you're being solicited for information?.And it looks like majority of the folks.answered correctly. The answer is D..Another thing that you want to.consider is you want to maintain a.a professional composure.and be sure to report as much.information as possible to your security.point of contact and we mentioned that.earlier..Alright folks, next up is Rojohn and.he's going to provide guidance on.personal safety..Thank you Treva! The next section.of a travel briefing provides guidance.on personal safety,.to include how to maintain a low profile.as well as hotel and travel safety tips..New surroundings and .exotic destinations.may lead travelers into a false sense of.security,.whether they're traveling on official or.unofficial business,.personal safety is paramount. The U.S..Department of State.and the electronics foreign clearance.guide websites,.provide travelers with a wealth of.information about the countries they're.traveling to,.such as required documents for entering.and leaving said countries,.tips for providing traveling abroad,.and fact sheets..These links are provided at the end of the.webinar..In addition, there is protection card.available in the file.share box. This resource provides tips on.maintaining a low profile,.how to recognize and report unusual or.suspicious behavior,.and much more..It's also identified seven steps to maintaining.a low profile..First encourage your travelers to blend in.with their surroundings,.avoid showing off material wealth and.exchange money.into the local currency, drive an.inconspicuous.vehicle, caution them to use unmarked.parking spaces and vary where they park,.make sure they avoid publicity, and they.should only.also should only share.information about their personal life.and security efforts to friends and.security personnel,.and they should avoid establishing.routines..On this screen there are several factors for.travelers that travelers.should consider when staying at a.hotel..In addition, caution that whenever possible.they should avoid answering a page as.this would also include.at an airport or.a restaurant..Someone may also be trying to identify what.you actually look like.by watching the individual who answers.the page,.however, if you can absolutely not.avoid it,.it is recommended that you delay.answering the page.as long as possible, then take a less.direct route.to the desk telephone. Whenever possible,.avoid a room higher than the 13th floor,.this is because most emergency equipment.can not reach that height..Air travel particularly through high-risk.airports or countries,.pose a security problem different from.other forms of travel..Simple precautions however, can help.reduce the hazards of this type of.travel..Terrorists will most likely position.themselves in the front,.that is first-class, and in the rear to.better control the passengers in.aircraft..Their command post will normally be as.close to the cockpit.as they can get, therefore it is highly.recommended that travelers.avoid sitting in the front or back of.the aircraft..Also, do not sit in an aisle seat,.terrorists have been known to subject.individuals in aisle seats.for random acts of violence because it makes an.individual.a target of opportunity. It is recommended.to count the number of seats .that are closest to emergency exit when not.seated next to one..This will allow you to find your way out of.the aircraft in case the lights go out.or the cabins fills with smoke..Listed on the screen are some generic.precautions that will help your travelers avoid.becoming a target,.when traveling on foot or by vehicle..Understanding the local language helps to.identify safe havens such as a police.station.or the local phone system to call for.help..Also, do not confront anyone who you.think is following you,.instead head to the nearest safe haven,.police station,.or embassy and report the incident..You should always report the incident and.whatever description you can provide to.the units force protection officer or.counter intelligence personnel. Remember that.the use of the measures.listed here.will decrease the vulnerability. Alert and trained.individuals prepare for possible.terrorist acts.minimizes the likelihood of terrorist.excess and act as a deterrent.to terrorist activity..Now let's explore some safe vehicle travel.tips..There are eight different travel tips listed.here on the screen.but also I also want to add serveral other.tips as well..If involved in a minor accident and you.feel you're in danger.drive to the nearest safe haven and.report the accident to the authorities..And also always leave maneuvering room.when driving to avoid being boxed in..Another good idea is to drive with the.doors locked,.it could provide you with valuable.seconds to allow you to escape, and.attempting a kidnapping when stopped at a.red light or for some other reason..Travelers should always avoid public.transportation whenever possible,.however, should the need arise taxis are.always preferred over buses,.though if forced to use a taxi, first.become familiar with the local area as.much as possible..This allows a traveler to determine if the.taxi driver is going in a completely.different direction than intended.and it also helps to prevent being.cheated by unscrupulous drivers..Always try and pick your own cab whenever.possible, and definitely avoid getting.into a cab.that pulls out of the middle of a.line of cabs just to pick you up..Travelers should also vary where they wait for.a cab, and always attempt to vary the.cab and companies used are called..It's also a good idea to compare the drivers.appearance.with that of the license posted in the cab. Get.out immediately.if it's different as it.could be a sign of a set up..As always, pay the bill, and get out the cab.soon as possible.if the driver behaves suspiciously or.appears hostile..Finally, learn the local phrases that.will direct you to the U.S. Embassy,.police station, or other safe havens..Okay, it looks like it's time for a poll question.and the question is: Which of these are.hotel safety tips?.Take a moment and select your answer..Alright looks like the majority of you.responded correctly, the answer is D.all of the above. In addition,.whenever possible avoid a room higher.than the 13th floor,.this is because most emergency equipment.cannot reach that height..Okay let's now walks through terrorists.threats. Unfortunately.the threat of terrorism is a fact of life.that affects all Americans.visiting or traveling through a foreign.country for both private.and business reasons. Many terrorists.will target you.simply because you're an American and in.their minds .you represent their hated enemy, the.United States. This threat is even greater.today.as the U.S. is involved in the wider war.on terrorism..Therefore, it is important for you to.understand what terrorism is.and how you can protect yourself..Terrorist acts can occur in any.country.at any time for a variety of reasons, and.if you find yourself a victim by.being at the wrong place at the right.time. Terrorist acts include but.are not limited to those listed on the.screen here. Now there are steps you can take.to minimize the likelihood of being a.victim to terrorist activity..For example, the U.S. Department of State.and the electronics foreign clearance web.sites provide travelers with a wealth of.information about the country's they're.traveling to.such as required documents for entering.and leaving .said countries, tips for traveling abroad,.fact sheets, travel warnings and travel.alerts. For example,.as you're developing the slides of the.foreign travel briefing for the folks.going to Madagascar,.you may want to incorporate some.information from the state department.website,.particularly there's a travel alert advising.that.on tomorrow, December 20th Madagascar.has their final round of presidential.elections.which could pose spontaneous protest.during the election cycle..Gathering is intended to be peaceful could.turn violent and.this alert does not expire until.February.2014. The electronic foreign.clearance guide is directive in nature.for all DoD.and due response to travel abroad and.for travelers..In addition, the aircraft and personnel.automated clearance system.also known as a APAX, is mandatory for.processing.DoD sponsored personnels of .official foreign travel.in all combatant commands. And depending.on the official travel orders,.the traveler may be required to complete.an isolated.personell report, also known as .ISOPREP.12 months prior to entering into the area..You can obtain access to a APAX and .ISOPREP via.the electronics foreign clearance guide.website..The links to these sites are provided at.the end of the webinar..Now even with the best preparation.things can go wrong, so be sure to.obtain Embassy and Consulate.contact information,.including relevance running landmarks..Also ensure to obtain domestic contacts such.as.a company point of contact that's applicable, a.security point of contact,.Department of State contact, passport.information.or replacement contact. In addition.make sure you have contacts for your.financial institution,.insurance company, and family members..But before you go, leave a copy of your intinerary with either.a relative.or close friend. Learn about the places.you plan to visit.and familiarize yourself with local laws.and customs. Establish a plan of contact.for your family to call in an emergency..Keep all medications in their original.container..Register travel with the Department of.State.and check health and immunization.information.with the Centers for Disease Control and.the World Health Organization..Your passport is the most significant.identification you will carry..This is your proof of American citizenship.while traveling abroad. Passport theft,.particulary American tourist passports,.is on the increase. Take extra.precautions to protect your passport.since it's loss or theft may cause you .unnecessary travel complications.as a significant expense..Finally, advise your travelers that upon.their return to the U.S..they must contact you, their security person.for a foreign travel debriefing. Now we've.placed.two sample foreign travel debriefing.questionnaires in.the file share box for your use..On this screen is a list of the resources.provided during today's presentation..You can download the slides and other.resources as well.on the File Share boxe. Oops.that completes today's segment..Now we hope you'll take a moment to.participate in our survey..Your feedback is very important to.us and it is greatly appreciated..If you have ideas for future webinar.topics, we encourage you to share these.in the survey..Now the survey should be appearing on your.screen right now or as.a tab to take you to a new screen or window.to complete the survey..Frequently asked questions from this webinar.will be posted on the CDSE webinar.website..You can also email general security.training related questions.to DSS at .GeneralSecurity.Training@dSS.mil..Thank you for attending this CDSE Foreign.Travel Briefings webinar..Have a great day and safe travels!.

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CocoSign is a browser based software and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the best method to e-sign their Isoprep Form .

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Isoprep Form FAQs

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It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

What does Isoprep stand for?

"Quora" is the plural of "quoram".That's a word with a very specific meaning: "the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid". If we take that word and consider "Quora", then it is probably intended to mean a vastly huge group of quorums, which is indicative of the global reach of the site. Of course, Quora doesn't have meetings in the usual sense, but I think you can see where I'm going with this. Also quora can be interpreted as QUestion OR Answer. If you want to know what is quora(website), then Continue Reading

How often is sere 100.2 training required?

Every pilot training candidate or successful graduate of a USAF pilot training program (except remotely piloted aircraft pilots) must attend survival, evasion, resistance and escape (SERE) training. The topics covered are what the name suggests. The “survival” phase is a combination of general considerations and specific information related to where one might wind up needing to survive for some period of time. Getting into specifics beyond that would be counter-productive, given that bad guys have Google, too.

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