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a first against LAN final without sense.Murray Novak Djokovic desert ready miss.Rebecca proposed label.Gina.Oh.[Applause].stepping up there twice a woman and.champion Roger Federer this year warmed.him up this morning and was really tight.just 20 minutes 42 was a lovely drop.volley that Federer hit but I think by.the crowd's reaction it's fairly obvious.who the crowd favor is.[Applause].so scary it's only their second meeting.in the file of a major championship.their first was the 2007 US Open Federer.won that this is actually their 35th me.today.they should know each other's game by.now big in big situations in not only on.major stages but in many tournaments.around the world so looking forward to.see who comes up with something special.Fitzie no 30 low.3015 well Roger smart to take this out.of the air but he just didn't do quite.enough with it a little short in the.court.Djokovic with a winning for him.don't you're calm on the outside Federer.the heart will be racing you have to put.a few sprinting meters in their first.service game under threat 4030 you.sometimes think it might take a few.games to find your rhythm find your.timing but these two have hit the ground.running.juice everybody with stats here but 18.million service games in this.championship for Roger Federer is 188 of.them that's a one-two punch again.started out quickly hitting his mark.opens the whole cord up.one game or four sets Novak Djokovic.most people's favorite in terms of Verdi.professionals who who deal in these.things the public saying they expect.Federer to win 63% of them in our vote.15 Allah tells you something about.Djokovic his achievements in the game.Federer was won this seven times they.only finally lost you here was probably.the best match ever played 2009 that's.how well you have to play to beat.federal center for mr. Djokovic is.challenging the call on the right center.server side your balls put out.second service 30-love.mr. Djokovic has two challenges remain.Tim I I never played with the challenge.system with Hawkeye I said how would you.have handled that would you use them.early up like Novak did there or would.you save them I think it's a feel thing.isn't it so you want to make sure that.you've got a few challenges less for.left for the business end of the set.Djokovic leads by two games to one first.set Roger Federer doesn't trail in the.record books at Wimbledon on so many.counts but he hasn't won as many matches.as Jimmy Connors here in the country.books.he's only 173 Jimmy Hayes 84 well I.played a few years longer than he has so.far but you know the way he's playing.even though he is 32 years old he should.stay around another couple years and.bypass that record for sure it's a rare.thing indeed over 30 years of age to be.picking up Grand Slam tactics of labour.Rosewall and Agassi Federer is trying to.do that today that's why it's coming.into the net more - right I think.sometimes yeah he he wants to try and.shorten those points but he is the most.offensive player in the tournament.probably in the in the game and there.was another man that liked to get to the.net pretty often Rod Laver.he told us at 21 Rod Laver won in 61 for.the first time he got 15 pound bouncer.and a firm handshake the wife of the.chairman Philbrook demolished in 74.years yeah but CNBC and rod and Ken up.there I mean can you imagine what.they're thinking now out of everything.that they put into the game to make it.what it is today they got to be very.proud.love the team.fifteen Oh.32 I've seen two shots of Edberg.influence when is the chip back in.return that's no easy task.14:15 it's a good serve and volley good.lob but look at look at the athleticism.that's one tough shot.two games elicits to finish my point I'm.sorry but the other the other is the.hitting the ground stroke deep and.allowing Novak to be a little late and.sneaking in behind it and catching the.ball a little higher above the net for a.volley.Edberg was great at that.[Applause].that's you know stakes of the match.14 of that top spend that time bounced.right up into the hitting zone of.Djokovic forehand able to flatten it out.and hit an outright winner.Djokovic leads by three games to two.sets talking with Novak Djokovic.yesterday 2011-2012 hims he was.unbelievable whenever he was in a slam.fun he said it started as favorite you.really felt he was taking the game go.scruff of the neck finish both those.years number one in the world but he's.lost the last three Grand Slam finals.that he's been in that's some pressure.on Djokovic his shoulders wouldn't you.say.yeah I think so and it's it's again.that's where the the mental aspect is.going to be so important you know he.will be aware of that but now when he.gets out on the court he's got to forget.all about that and and really continue.to play the way that he started because.he's striking the ball fantastically.well no unforced errors is aggressive.he's looking to dominate Federer and.it's gonna be interesting who can get.the first opportunities but but he's.there he's in the finals even though.he's lost the last three he has given.himself chances to win more Grand Slam.events he even though he hasn't so he.knows his game is good enough to get him.there so what's he have to do to get.over the hump to win you know and and I.think with with Becker in this corner I.think that's one one of the reasons that.he has come in to give him just that.little extra something.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Catina.fifteen or always changes in innovation.says that's the champions gate in front.of Boris Becker there so no more the.undignified clamber I'm afraid 30 15 43.I was just about to say that also that.that he's serving and volleying it's.okay to mix it up but it's not as it's.not his comfort zone I don't think as of.yet.three games offices.it's one significant difference today in.the semi-finals to cause much dust here.at the back of the court and I think.that's one of the reasons you Djokovic.and Dimitrov were sliding into so many.shots looks much drier 15 very windy day.wasn't it but that helped hamper Novak's.movement you think a little bit more.don't think you'll be able to slide.quite as much seen him slide on a hard.court so anything's possible right so.now we've got the short reply off the.Federer can moved his feet got to the.ball really took his time nice didn't.rush no panic.[Applause].14:15.[Applause].[Applause].Jovovich leads by four games to three.percent while Novak Djokovic is nine for.nine when he gets his first serving so.here's his own service games the opening.stages here on Seneca the final of the.men's singles championship 2014 perhaps.haven't we covered him it's comfortable.out there quite a warm day 21 22 degrees.so stay nice and warm and don't lean.back whatever you do back there and a.final of intensity building in no break.points as yet.five former champions we're in the draw.Lleyton Hewitt lost in the second round.Nadal lost in the fourth round of course.to Niki Rios the young Australian player.and the defending champion Andy Murray.lost in the quarterfinals to Grigor.Dimitrov who is then so we arrived with.just two players left and they happen to.be two of the five champions it's a.great stage center court.I think talent with us including John.great to see him here bradley cooper.samuel l.jackson many others around the.place three four.15-love don't you know his fastest.server the tournament 127 miles an hour.that 120 where he's placing it that's.what counts today.that's some backhand replies II defense.there and fetter the shot a little.little bit short and bounces right into.his hitting zone he steps into it stays.low through it.4015 that's Hinman style tennis serve.and volley I wish 4030.Oh.juice.[Music].[Applause].advantage Federer.for games or the first glimmer of an.opportunity there with Djokovic at juice.on the Federer serve - first serves in a.thumping forehand gets better aback on.level terms this is the first returning.game with the new tennis balls so.federal elected to take out a new racket.wasn't broken.fifteen.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].fifteen or little cat-and-mouse tennis.there you don't see slices like that.generally speaking now a local club and.they're also used to the power tennis.nice to see the guys mixing it up some.[Applause].15:15 now I think that was due to Roger.Federer's moving his feet and trying to.get ready for the next shot Novak took.his eye off the ball watching Roger hit.the ball long glimmer of hope for.Federer here 15 30.[Applause].4030.Jovovich leads by five games to four.versus that was an absolute illustration.of why chocolate while it was out it.could have been challenged by Federer he.didn't should have done should be a.second set but we've just seen the.illustration of why jug of itch has the.record that he has 15 30 down he's just.missed a terrible for eye on the crowd.at onr and he comes back with big.serving doesn't blink credit to him this.was this slice exchange that they had on.Djokovic who serve at lot 15 and you've.heard the oohs and ahhs from the crowd.but that point was no laughing matter.for for both players.big year for both these players of.course twins over two months old.twins newborn Leo and Lenny to join.Charlie and my favorite twins so do sets.of twins in that in that well as.actually three sets because Rogers.sister also has twins Diana and so.Robbie Federer was saying that when.they're at tournaments and they're.helping with the two sets of Rogers.twins they then leave the tournament.going away to have a break and then.their daughter also turns up with a pair.of twins so sometimes working hard at.your tennis doesn't look so bad right.fifteen or.15:30 smart play from Djokovic not only.did he hit the good return he then.followed it in behind was able to wrong.foot Federer.[Applause].that you are that was a deep slice with.pace.[Applause].Djokovic couldn't handle it.[Applause].no vaccines team picking on the Federer.backhand their great movement around the.court by Roger thank you.draws the air from Djokovic.[Music].juice.you got a drive Oliveri difficult to.play it safely you really have to commit.to the shot and accelerate with the.racket head Federer just tried to push.it a little bit.[Applause].Wow.spectacular court coverage by both.players but Federer gets a short ball.moves in close calmly hits the volley.into the open court.[Music].five games all versus Djokovic his.abductors have got to be screaming at.him after that rally that was a real.test for Federer and he came through is.he going to be able to do this against.djokovic from the back of the court over.five sets.15-love.fifteen or.that's easy.[Applause].put your first lingering lip from.Djokovic so his supporters.era on the forehand side 1413.[Applause].James Kiehl tavolo knees game.control.juice I thought James Keothavong was on.his game but that Novak Djokovic served.was on the outside edge of the line and.if he goes on to lose serve here it's a.big call.advantage Djokovic.chocolate wins the game.Djokovic leads by six games to five.first sets to be fair I mean that's what.the Hawkeye system is for isn't it just.to back up the umpires James careful.music.50th Grand Slam it's his first Wimbledon.final and a great honor and it's well.deserved as well everyone makes mistakes.it's a very high standard first set.isn't it certainly is I mean in all.aspects of both players games the.serving has been very accurate very fast.there's been very few unforced errors.from the baseline both players striking.the ball cleanly moving well who do you.think is gonna win right now do you.well if Federer can hold up to the to.the pressure from the from the doe.kovitch groundstrokes who's he is.picking on his backhand a little bit.then then Rodgers got a great chance to.win but I think that's going to be the.tale so right right now that's such a.high quality both players playing well.at the same time I want to go with the.Djokovic and 5 5 cents would be some.time.it's really going to be interesting who.who can maintain this level is there.gonna be a little dip in form from one.of them toward the end of a set.[Applause].I miss a few fare serves so you just.stay in the first set again that's just.a follow-up on my pic I haven't picked a.winner in a long time so don't go with.me if you're out there betting on this.match.3015.he gives it a little extra lift there.with his body 14 15 14 13.[Music].six games or four set tiebreak both.players received 101 important.i breaks.in this championship already Djokovic.over Dimitrov two of them since thrilled.for federal second set against both.Rinka shootout time.one-zero Federer Federer did a good job.of just making Djokovic play the volley.Djokovic not so comfortable in the.forecourt.to zero Federer pretty clear where.Djokovic is centering his attack on.Federer's game peppering the backhand.[Music].but I think eight in a row to the same.spot it's just a few too many and he.should have mixed it up a little bit.yeah Roger just got in a comfort zone.there Novak paid the price for it.3:1.three two Confederate.for two Federer Federer changed racquets.last summer after his early lost to.stakhovski he had Wimbledon not the make.of racquet but the size of the head and.one of the areas that he wanted to.improve was the slice background of.control so a long way to go wife.go behind there man he has a 4-2 lead.three points from the set.like greed I liked your point earlier.Tim when you said if they can keep up.this level of play this isn't such high.quality is just the first set back on.set.the greatest pressure to backhand Aires.in a row for all.five for Djokovic.[Applause].that's a great point you sly ball shock.of it chasing after that shot almost.made in some ways it was but there are.so many in this drawl that wouldn't get.a record on that would certainly not.made something well Roger has been going.wide on in the deuce court quite often.so I think go back was a little hedging.that way still had to make it and force.the air.[Applause].[Applause].six or it's so funny Rebecca Redbook who.are playing every single point where.they're men they play exactly the same.amount of times as their charge is here.they know what the pressures like down.on the court playing against each other.in a big Wimbledon final also wonder.what the feeling is like sitting in the.stands for him the same worse worse.[Applause].seven-six Djokovic I think that was the.right idea chipping and coming in behind.it.a nice idea poor execution.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].eight seven federal can't fool the.execution of those two serves right when.he needed it pressure back on Djokovic.[Applause].Novak Djokovic would be so disappointed.with that man the next 10 or 15 minutes.are going to be interesting because.Federer having played the amount of.matches he has here his night's final.for goodness sake he's going to know.that his opponent is going to be winded.surely at this point whether he can do.anything about that.to be see these are the tim hemmond what.you see well I think from joke Djokovic.his point of view what's going to be.difficult to stomach is that's probably.the cleanest most consistent set of.tennessee's played perhaps in the whole.tournament and he's lost it so you know.60% first service is good 83% our piece.is significantly up on his tournament.performance likewise with the second.serve points sense no break.points for either matter so little to.see between them.[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].30:13.no tool.[Applause].[Applause].thirty forty.[Applause].juice.that's some shot of the run.- teach Djokovic for a double hander to.get his body around there and hit it.with such pace that's incredible.juice but to me Djokovic hit the.fantastic return there to get Federer on.the defensive and then he never really.pulled the trigger on any of the other.groundstrokes.down and that was pretty heavy maybe a.few times okay.physio is training coach oh god Dench.Federer cooled out wide tries to push.off.step it into that got inside the court.juice cut the ball at the top of the.bounce and hit the ball flat up the line.[Applause].advantage Federer.a 19-6 service game of the championship.Roger Federer and he's only lost one.serve amazing stuff two break points.saved there tremendous reaction from.Djokovic from the disappointment losing.the first set took a heavy tumblers well.got up had another cleaner Djokovic had.a couple set points to win the first set.then a couple break points to go up an.early break here in the second Federer.was been equal to the task so I think.the pressure now after the fall Joker's.a little bit stretching out and see what.happens here interesting game big game.for him.[Applause].fifteen or.[Applause].32g.forty-three.[Applause].one game or second sets so never.Djokovic is just called for the trainer.there James K off the wrong call through.referees off his first and there's a.direct line into the training room in.the center court locker room dedicated.line it appears a placement from where.you tofu American physio he's actually.on the court at the moment so no doubt a.medical timeout the next change events.Jeff Levitch is exacting this pressure.the degree machine he picked up the pace.on those returns wasn't satisfied with.just getting the ball in play did.something with it a little something.special.15:30.doesn't seem to be anything wrong with.his left knee but that's what we'll be.treating in it.don't you while the physios on he might.want to have a look at that poor lines.lady who's been hit twice in the past.four points.4030 many aspects testing Djokovic is.resolved the loss of the first set the.loss of the breakpoint opportunities 30.here.juice.everyone's getting it.advantage Djokovic there's a result of.trash each other that she's putting on.corpus one late don't want to hit ball.kids yeah you got disqualified the new.your first whittling.and place nightly comes on court to.trick somebody that is just hit the.cleaners back a little time to break.serve just a precautionary saying a fall.a couple of games ago claims got a.couple of twins back at home now they're.under quite a bit of pressure these.physiotherapists than just trainers they.they have to come out make a diagnosis.with the cameras of the world upon them.and after that diagnosis has been made.they will then have a medical timeout of.three minutes if the player and the.physio so choose.they just pushed off with the left.didn't live there and it went and it was.just a bang straight down wasn't it so.perusing these courts maybe Bacall grass.courts but certainly at the back of the.court they're like concrete after two.weeks of play it's dried out the Earth's.incredibly hard so when you fall on it.if you you know land on a bony part of.the body it would be pretty painful it's.not the grass that you find in your back.garden is it that's for sure no it.looked like he was messing with his.ankle a little bit yet was it his ankle.or his knee ankle.my mum and daughter keeping an eye on.Roger on the court.it's quite an event this women file.isn't it this diamond center court is.just it's just the most amazing.atmosphere to to hear it building over.the course of the morning and it's got.the loudest silence of any sporting.venue.so treatment 2 concluded.[Applause].and certainly credit where credit's due.you know Djokovic is feel disappointed.to have lost that first set and got the.first break of the match and be keen to.hold on to his serve now and try and.regain the momentum.clouds parted digi live always than once.with that the court dries out more.slippery the top surface could be a.factor you know we're down almost on.court level and it's fun to see the.shape of the ball with all the topspin.is it's coming over the net flattens out.[Applause].14:15 that's our home.just know that send supplies we could be.here a while 4030.[Applause].[Applause].and 30 dr. deuce.juice butter regained his concentration.just break serve has a 42 love lead that.would be devastating for him to lose.this game now.advantage Djokovic let's go service.juice you would think that turning this.into an attritional contest would play.into Djokovic his hands given Fitness.given the way they play age.advantage Djokovic I think Roger I'd.like to have that one back again to the.drop volley hit with a little more pace.jous long game tough game trying to back.up the break of servitude previously.chuckle it may be struggling to get.through their service game but he's.controlling wanted Djokovic it's just.got a Djokovic feel about it this last.10 or 15 minutes isn't it you damn well.Jovovich leads by three games to one.second set 24 minutes for four games.it's quite a lot Federer made him work.for that game though sometimes you get a.lot out of even losing a game and I.think that they're kind of sent a.message to Novak that better take your.advantage when you can get it.[Applause].[Music]. at the lettuce isms two players.seems small.don't you love like it's unbelievable.and it came back home boy would have had.to have been quickens lips ouch could.have been could have been the temple.shot.14.Djokovic leads by three games to two.second sets first set bedrooms so Tim.Henman.tell me about the time that you were.disqualified from Wimbledon for heavy.yeah magnificent thank you for bringing.that up what happened just a glancing.blow there was an accident too wasn't it.absolutely I bumped into Jeff Teranga.this morning who I was playing against.that day in doubles with my partner.Jeremy Bates and he was he was trying to.celebrate the 20th anniversary of it.that was rather unfortunate we were up.two sets the one I hasten to add so we.were in the fourth set tiebreak very.close to winning the match and and I.sort of hit a ball away in little bit of.frustration but not anger you know.fortunately for me that ball girl was.the other side of the net and just as I.was hitting the ball down the other end.because it was there serving the.tiebreak she unfortunately popped her.head up and and I hit her on the ear and.ten minutes later Alan Mills was on the.court and I got a red card so that's a.bad attitude it's one thing I've got on.McEnroe.he never got disqualified at one more.than so you apologize the next day he.leaves his big bouquet of flowers and a.kiss and all was forgotten I hope.three two.now 15 bucks like fàbregas do you know.who that is Jimmy just signed for.Chelsea 15 or.30:50.let's for service.4015.[Applause].[Applause].Djokovic leads by four games to two.second sets well after a struggle on his.last serve is a comfortable game for for.Djokovic.[Music].love the team.[Applause].1500 GTG.that you.14:30.okay.Jovovich leads by four games to three.second sets for seven isn't it.fascinating to watch Roger Federer just.keep time at bay 32 years of age for.children now it has so many women and.fines being Philippoussis rhotic.occasions in the doll.in 2008 was the only time.we see these long rallies eventually you.would think we'd go to work Djokovic the.last three or four of those job.was actually one of them so those stats.have even a bit bit the areas like this.I don't think they'll be you know.totally aware of that but I thought it.was a fascinating stat from the first.set that Federer was winning seven out.of ten of those points when there were.ten or more shots and in this second set.that is where Djokovic has started to.have a bit more of an impact.occasionally time to no need for the.roof which is great news I'm out there.7/8 on Jimmy what are you making it fun.oh there's nothing like it really I mean.you you you pass out onto the court as.you're just just a walk out here is.tremendous with the crowd and in what.what they expect their history behind.what they've seen here and the great.players that have been on that court.they expect high level and then what.we're seeing now is tennis at its best.[Applause].let's forceps.fifteen it just seems to come off as.forehand just a little bit instead of.staying with it.hitting through the ball.that was not criticism it was an.explanation you don't get to where he is.by making too many mistakes.32 Jean see Djokovic slipping just in.the same area where he had to fall and I.think that's where it gets a little bit.dusty as the match goes on.these long varieties again over time.over five sets it's not gonna say.Frederick 42t what can he do about it.try and keep it short you get picked off.of the net.[Music].seems to answer your question Android.that yeah what he has to do about it it.was like he did in the first days that.he wasn't afraid to to chip and come in.behind it and and maybe catch uh Novak a.little bit late a volley fifteen how.that helps.[Applause].40-love Federer.Djokovic leads by five games to four.second sets first set Federer see Mirko.Federer up there she's had twins just.two months ago it's big entourage.Federer's say that it's okay traveling.with the second set because they got.used to do traveling with the first set.first had to walk no problems it's not.forgetting the 9 staff and two cooks and.we've got the Duke and Duchess of.Cambridge in the robots today they baby.George and home somewhere presumably not.alone but that big tennis fan it's just.everyone's with Cruz they've got a club.they play a regular basis nobody ever.knows when they're coming in but they.have pretty good and the Duchess is a.member here only remember Academy Award.nominees that they're in Joker's.encumbrances all over the place.good job.we seen your toughest opponent Jimmy I.in one way he was he was a servant.volley and gave me all kinds of fits.Borg on the other hand was a different.kind of opponent never let me know what.he was thinking so that made it kind of.tough on me okay big moments and.2014 serving to make it one set all para.half played let's for service.15-love.[Applause].fifteen or you hereby federer's reaction.he's keen to try and break back get back.on level terms.3015.[Applause].don't you.whether with love and look at a second.serve here.[Applause].30:14.once again I think the federal movement.made Novak take his eye off the ball.juice veterus first break point to them.at the match and Djokovic found the line.with the first serve it just stopped on.Federer couldn't get a clean strike.advantage Djokovic.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].the Tokra.but he'll be so pleased with that.Aaron's 34 minutes played the best a.three-set match from here for the.championship great composure.novak djokovic planned for the moment.scientist but also playing for the.world's number one ranking roger federer.will move to number three in the world.at the end of this tournament no matter.what happens from a dark.Brigid Dimitra will rise to number nine.in the world after his semi-final.showing the first semi-final of grants.what a contribution he's made to this.grass court season Andy Murray is.ranking for a few years at number 10 the.Middle's the defending champion and.really didn't play as best on this very.cool it's pretty good Dimitra roll of.Honor so far Iranian Vinci wilt under.then we women's doubles they complete a.career Grand Slam.Pospisil Jack suck the Canadian American.team who won the men's doubles over the.bronze last night tremendous matter for.watching.petra kvitová a second Wimbledon.championship for her defeated machine.Bouchard who's put me feeling these.positions you keep yourself these.chances sometimes it goes your way and.sometimes it doesn't.to take a hammering in these situations.but this is certainly not one side let.me think Jimmy Caan's.I'm saying that Federer looking to at.the end of this tournament to be number.three no matter what he's not looking.for that he's looking for the number.he's looking to be number one again and.that's what he's out here doing his.business far on this on this great.stadium that he's playing in right now.Djokovic to come in after losing the.first set to win that set tremendous.effort I thought he was a little bit.down at the beginning comes right out in.the second set and it kind of takes.charge in control you know we're in now.we're in a two out of three set match.now from right here and and we've gone.from a marathon to really a sprint you.know so you know letdown from either.player they're gonna have to come out.and then continue this high level of.play and whoever gets on top is gonna.feel the comfort of it Nicklaus regular.visit Society.major champion to join it for the Open.Championship in a couple of weeks time.me third since women's open the register.and they'll be doing well if the greens.are as hard as this said a good 15.[Applause].that's enough.[Applause].40-love 42.14:13.first game no sense most a lull in.proceedings here isn't it as we settle.into the third set play is supposed to.be organized no creature synthesis and a.couple of comfort breaks both boys left.the court back in action here.[Applause].I wonder if the the crowd here knows.exactly what they're seeing.you know what the level of play that.both players are able to produce.15-love.[Applause].which.[Music].4050.oh what a shot.that approach by one door was tremendous.he's moving forward and now look at this.he just takes it and just flicks the.ball cross-court the angle on that was.incredible and when he dips our shoulder.you think sometimes he's gonna hit the.topspin lob Federer was perhaps a little.bit further back from the net.fifteen no both players capable of.keeping the ball at such good length.every shot in that rally landing about.three feet from the baseline forty low.this is a different according to the.role doesn't he he does.[Applause].but it relates but two games to one that.said one set off did you have any idea.who was watching Jimmy come he was the.question - do you do these people know.what they're watching with me the.standard of the tennis but did you know.what was going on from the court looking.out I did yeah yeah I mean I looked.around a little bit I didn't keep my.concentration just throughout the course.of the whole match once the ball was in.play of course but I looked around and.you played golf with Sammy.I haven't here he's pretty darn good I.played with him in Scotland a couple of.years ago and he's a good golfer and.he's a seriously cool man it's a great.Roy Emerson right behind samuel.l.jackson.who else have we got in there let's do.some unashamed celeb spotting we should. better mention Philbrook otherwise.two men agree chairman in the front row.front row and center seats quickly.please.it's not a tone and imitation that you.turn down lightly it's one of the great.sports events.and this is served quietly building the.last 10 minutes that qualities remain no.brakes first set to Roger Federer on the.tiebreaker Djokovic were the early break.and backing it up in the seconds here.it's an hour 46 play serving one two.[Applause].15:11 change of tactic there from.Federer just played the short slice.brought Djokovic in and did very well to.control the half ollie onto the outside.edge of the line 59.3015.4080.to games or all the talk was about.Federer sir coming into this match.having only just lost they served once.in six matches but it's Djokovic that's.done a fantastic job so far serving at.65% first service win winning 80% behind.the first servin 60% behind the second.serve.[Applause].don't you love such a smart play saud.Djokovic a little bit late got in behind.it easy volley into the open court.fortunate.[Applause].federer leads by three games to two.third sets one set has been talking.about the first Serbs in anything over.60% when they're serving as accurately.as this is pretty good 65 and 68 percent.for the two players the points one a.little higher for juggling in the first.and second points one usually.illustrates the slightly longer rallies.from the back of the court that going.towards and this wasn't the case in the.first set.it was certainly Federer that was on top.in those departments and as we seen them.a map and the match turnaround slightly.with Djokovic getting the second set it.really is nip and tuck here for this.third set which could prove crucial new.boots for Novak Djokovic they do tend to.wear out the pimples on these grass.sport shoes made specially Susan type.just behind the baselines it's it's.almost like a hard courts and as.people's to wear out you get ball.patches in which are not useful.[Applause].we've played an hour and 51 minutes they.both have covered a lot of cord any.fatigue in the legs not yet no I don't.think so.both in phenomenal shape Federer having.only dropped one set coming into the.final he looks fresh Djokovic played a.six hour final of the Australian Open.sir he's probably just warming up still.he can handle it.fifteen Federer doing such a good job of.soaking up the pressure from Djokovic.and he's the one that's always looking.to try and get forward.correction me that's now the big.question here is did the call in any way.shape or form affect what Novak Djokovic.did there and the answer of course is no.because it was a half volley which they.from Joppa which the ball was on the.baseline so shouldn't this be fair not.to do by any precedent you replay the.point because the call was before little.upset it's a big point love 15 serving.two three four Djokovic and the way that.Djokovic played the shot it was almost.like he was encouraging the out core.[Applause].32g.[Applause].that's you.[Applause].how many times on a big point procedure.4030.game Jovovich.three games old that's it Roger shaking.his head again at the end of that game.he knew how I'm bit how big a point that.was to go up 130 had a chance to go up.low 30 questionable call I'm not gonna.say any more about that.15-love gorilla.[Applause].4015 I think this is a shot you try when.you're love-40 down maybe it works.federer leads but four games to three.third sets one settle it's always nice.to see new people emerge like Jeanne.Bouchard into a grassland final but you.never know how they're gonna react when.you have these eating with me act this.is a 14th Slam final for jocular 225th.Federer the knew what to expect and they.really are producing that yeah and after.yesterday's match you know the women's.final went very quickly 55 minutes and.and you know kvitová played such good.tennis that it was incredible but to.come out and to see you know two.champions playing goes you know.sometimes you can be disappointed I mean.it happens in the game of tennis but you.know when you when you're the kind of.champions that the two these two players.are they raised their game to a level to.fit the occasion and certainly the.finals of Wimbledon is the occasion.all about getting the best out of.yourself have you said from time I think.this says going to be crucial I mean I I.picked a Federer before the match and.I'm going to stick with it but yeah the.level of play is it going to be a great.shot is it going to be an unforced error.that's going to make the difference here.and I think the defining moments of this.match could be in the next 15 20 minutes.15-love.that's enough.[Applause].40-love.[Applause].[Applause].full games old that's necessarily get.thrown back and they said you can keep.it now as a souvenir the balls good in.having been too many challenges today.and by both players reaction they think.it was.Sheila mr. Djokovic has two challenges.remaining.[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].Federer leads by 5 games to 4/3 sets one.set up well we're in the half this match.and it's not just a match wouldn't find.it it's an occasion over the years it's.become tradition to sit up on the hill.and big-screen to enjoy the final we're.on centre of course with the roof.introduced in 2009 number one court will.have a roof in 2019 and there is a.feminine Hill huge redevelopment plants.already a pub it's called the master.plan now my dear is to keep it as the.premier tournament in the world and I.don't think there's any problem with.that.it's got the most prize money it's got.just under five hundred thousand people.who come through the gates each year.[Applause].there's not an awful lot of space.welcome.[Applause].we can't hear you in here time and.actually novak djokovic should Marin.Cilic she played on court number one.could hear the center court match going.on.I wanted the match called off for a.while because it was so noisy.very important he knows what it is to.win.she retired in the summertime.he's serving two statements.15-love again nice idea from Federer.trying to put the pressure on with.Djokovic serving to stay in this set but.just not quite enough on the approach.shot let's.[Applause].how pasta that happened was lucky to see.it but there was a great approach shot.and a great volley by fat and and just.whip that cross-court the movement.around the court by both players.unbelievable stuff.[Applause].this is what you think what you look you.got to tip your hat you just got to say.- good he came in on a great approach.shot.Djokovic able to find the angle but you.have to do it don't you you've got to.come in a little bit just a mix up the.action just so that you know the rhythm.of the of the match is able to spread.out a little bit.[Applause].five games or says it didn't pay off.therefore Federer but it will be putting.a little bit of doubt into Djokovic his.mind if they get through to a.tiebreaking he has this second sirs.he'll be conscious that feather is.looking to take the net away from him.dealer.[Applause].casual and believe it or not that shots.quite tricky are fully on the baseline.3015.but is is looking back to somebody who.may have shouted in the crown 4015.ladies and gentlemen as a courtesy to.both place please remain quiet drew.Noorani thank you.[Applause].4030.[Applause].[Applause].the hoodie was cooled in but I think.this one might be just wide.[Music].you're only here military personnel have.got to get off the court they will tip.with musicians they're all marching off.that's it.[Music].marching off in good order.that's just hard hitting from both.players neither one of them willing to.give an inch juice.contrast of returns the Federer chip and.come in now Djokovic is just trying to.step in and hit the ball hard and firm.[Applause].was there.at bungee jumping each one.Serbian counter-attack from game point.down there was a snake in and that's.such a crucial time joking it.stopped up juice and he was ahead of the.ball they dragged it to his left or wide.thank you these are the moments Djokovic.is sensing this is baseline attack it's.a second breakpoint his eyes on the.prize here let's for service.juice.[Applause].[Applause].Federer's 19th ace certainly starting to.add up.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].video released by six games to 5/3 6-1.cetera you know there's not many times.that Roger Federer has walked out onto.this court that has a clear under dope.he was for this match and to watch him.and to have watched him over the last.three or four years trying to adapt and.find a way to keep Djokovic in Nadal.back into a degree Marius Whalen to.resist the charge.it's wonderful to watch a total winners.illustrate the quality of the match this.is not only amazing to see 90 winners.and we're not even through with the.third set but I think it's also.interesting to know that there's only.been 28 unforced errors from both.players but isn't it there isn't it the.soul of the competitor that he bears as.well at this point I mean most people is.32 with four kids and X tens of millions.in the bank that have said thanks yeah.but how often do you get to do this you.know to actually come out and play.tennis for a living on the center's.board here at the Wimbledon I mean it's.it's what people dream of that's why you.never gave up yeah you and your loss.process I mean that doesn't matter but.but the idea is that that that you'll.never do anything like this ever again.no matter what you get into business.whatever this is this is the ultimate.and and to be able to still do it at 30.to 35 whatever you you'll do it until.you can't do it any longer and then it's.time to go.[Applause].[Music].federer just forgetting that it was.change of balls getting out the fresh.racket.[Applause].hila.30-love 40-love.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].4015.[Applause].six games old that sets toggery.birthplace received one additional.turning.[Applause].a tournament put 127 hours an hour for.Federer couldn't have gone and placed it.any better.[Applause].- one Djokovic.[Applause].tool or that Serbs to open up this third.set tiebreaker.he is the best in the business on that.backhand side three two I think Roger.hesitated a little bit on whether he.should go in or not behind that serve.didn't quite catch the volley high.enough.for to Djokovic Morris been brought into.the camp in place of Marion Vader and.alongside him on occasion his man played.a big points better job which has.suffered in Grand Slam finals losing the.matches that he's earned throughout to.play.[Applause].and these are the points leaders posted.mr. fedora is challenging the call on.the left baseline the bots good Alice.we need to challenge the.[Applause].Oh.[Applause].except to quickly.[Applause].that's a brave thought call and a good.call from the umpire because the call.came a long time after the Djokovic.forehand very good hitting from.Batteries back in the breaker three four.he had it in his sights.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].by for Djokovic's.[Applause].six-four Djokovic.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].he has his reward.- six to one in.to jump it.you know you get statistics and numbers.and bits of paper flying back and.forward and of course in a file of women.it doesn't come down to any of that sort.of thing.number of consecutive Grand Slam final.defeats at four you got the lentil.Roddick and Murray chocolate doesn't.want anything to do with that he's.fighting it really you don't often see.Roger Federer serving at 83% first.serves and losing a set that puts in.perspective how well Novak Djokovic play.than 14 winners and only two unforced.errors in a 13 game certain is pretty.impressive and just a little bit of.anxiety from Roger Federer to three.second serve Djokovic.he tries they had a forehand down the.line for a win or anything any miss hits.it I mean I think the bigger point was.the Federer serving three for he hit the.good first he had two forehand and he.just dragged it wide that's his bread.and butter these matches can be decided.by such fine margins but that's the.pressure of the moment right -.absolutely and Djokovic did well he.wasn't going to give any ground the last.couple of points he was willing to keep.the ball in play and let better.Peter hit the winner and make the.mistake four sets.Djokovic has to avoid the letdown I just.hope the darling referred to it was in.the shot that Federer has to dig indeed.now.50 low two-and-a-half hours in this sort.of atmosphere plus the build-up.beforehand take its toll mental.concentration.I need to have a roof today on center.court that was inaugurated in 2009 with.Amelie Mauresmo and dinara Safina we.might get it couple of spots of rain.later on could help Federer.4011.the game Joker.[Applause].first game for cents.[Applause].and Tim Rogers got to keep his feet.moving here he's covered a lot of court.in two and a half hours and can't get.lazy on his footwork.[Applause].[Applause].Djokovic this time found a piece of.green on this grass and slip with both.feet.thanks Molly's do slightly.14.[Applause].hyperextension on the left.wasn't there a bit of a shock.one game or four sets used to seeing.those karna marks on a clay court.has controlled that one wasn't never.lets any ball bounce twice.fifteen that's enough.30:50.4015.this is a bit strange from Rutherford.where there isn't it pretty casual and.Djokovic leads by two games two.wonderful sets about two sets to one so.you can be let just sort of between the.legs hit the ball just a little down in.concentration for a second or is it easy.tired Wow can't say that he's tired I.mean he's certainly been put through the.wringer out here for two and a half.hours both players have but you know.maybe just a little bit of a lull in.this concentration but you know he.doesn't have the luxury of having one of.those he needs to win two sets now to.win this match Djokovic on the other.hand you know he needs to win one of the.next two so if he has a little lull it.might fit him a little bit but he.doesn't want to take the chance of.getting into a fifth set with Federer.Djokovic just once more the same he's.been fantastic in so many different.aspects he's given Federer so little to.to really get his teeth into and he'll.be looking to now maintain the momentum.serving first in the fourth set he's up.two sets to one he'll be really looking.to try and seize another breakers serve.only being one break so far big Ian no.matter what happens and before you Lane.eristic as well Novak Djokovic is the.girlfriend fiancee she's expecting late.October.that first child together twigs for.roger federer the second set.[Applause].US Open in a few weeks time on our.courts will conclude the Grand Slam is.the third major championships.adèle 15 it's definitely a down moment.yeah little loose on a few shots I've.used to seen him double fall he served.so well so far throughout the tournament.and this finals.[Applause].some types of rain may help oh that's.loose again I think this might be.getting a little tired isn't movement.has certainly dropped a level Novak on.the other hand is right on top of every.shot this would be a good game to win.and they say.15:14.[Applause].thirty forty.juice.advantage drop oh that's it now doesn't.it.[Applause].[Music].mr. kovitch leads by three games to one.for standing water acting on rapid hiss.eight points in that game and eight.return of sirs by joke evict it's.unbelievable federer's got anything left.we'll find out right now.fifteen.[Applause].[Applause].both good notes left by Federation.action here this penny come from this.bill was wrong you can't buy.[Applause].fifteen.[Applause].fifteen forty by the sounds of this is a.few people in here that fancy a fifth.set.[Applause].nothing ultimately its but in.simulations is Djokovic it's just you.get to know somebody over the years and.you get to love somebody on this court.and then we loved watching Roger Federer.and he was a bird when he lost his he.looked like he needed to call a timeout.well that's the mark of a champion right.to come right back and break serve right.away but you know that impressive about.that game is Djokovic did not give him.anything.Federer earned every shot in made came.up with the goods when it when it was.necessary and he deserves to be back in.this we got got ourselves a four set.here the nature of playing Djokovic and.the dumb acknowledged top two-time few.years.[Applause].[Applause].ready for me thank you.fifteen Latino.[Applause].3015.he know it right away should have taken.up to all.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].where does he serve on this huge point.probably the best returner of all time.[Applause].thirty forty Federer just indicating.that he was.[Applause].as a courtesy to both place please stay.as quiet as you can during a rally thank.you now he needs a first serve here for.sure let's.[Applause].Thanks.back in Franek four children are.resilient as he Djokovic leads by four.games to two court sets.it's amazing you have one breaker.serving three and a half sets and then.suddenly you've had three in a row and.Djokovic will be so keen to take his.time here and make you play a strong.service game you can almost see the.finish line.[Music].there's only so much you can take.this was up to federal return you mean.even that this quality of Tilo looks.like a shovel but he went back.[Music].dishonorable.fifteen Oh.[Applause].[Applause].picked it up and you know they even went.Federer's behind these gonna be even.more aggressive gonna go for everything.got you.[Applause].let's first service.[Music].4030.[Applause].it's not corny too quiet now is he.[Applause].Jovovich leads my five games two to four.sets my two sets to one was that thirty.all point okay for you Jimmy Connors.well that's why we're here and maybe.that's what we want to see and and it.was impressive that Djokovic he kept the.ball in play satisfied with keeping the.ball deep until he saw his chance to.move forward didn't got in there with.the ball well well above the nets with.it he could hit the volley with some.stick so that didn't give Roger the.chance to give him a good passing shot.even and Federer I had before and didn't.he that was kind of the point of the.game well it was but I mean the courage.and conviction of Djokovic he knows that.he's got the opportunity here but he.can't just keep the ball in play because.Federer is going to be so aggressive and.that for me was such a big game there to.actually establish the break of serve to.get the 5-2 lead and the crowd are going.to rise to both players notably Federer.in a few seconds time.this great champion and they both are is.on the verge here he's throwing.everything but Rogers got to take care.of business here he's got a windows time.[Applause].new tennis balls.Fitzie low.[Applause].40-love.[Applause].let's versus.this game feels eg tribute to the next.and nobody knows how hard it is to win.doctor which leads by 5 knots game.forces like Novak Djokovic look what he.made Andy Murray goes through last year.for every 30 minutes.so he'll be taking nothing for granted.one final kick.[Applause].[Music].let's first service.nine-thirty.[Applause].15:30.[Applause].[Applause].virtual gutsy second solo from Djokovic.one of his fastest at a match 108 miles.an hour forced the error from Federer.weduc better wouldn't stick.[Music].liming mole on the background race thing.article 2.great point.mr. Djokovic is challenging a call on.the left far sideline the ball score.Dallas between first and second serve.you big disruption revenue.Djokovic is in the pool.Djokovic cheats by flood games to fall.for sets that was a handy 61 from the.second half was amazing but to me at the.beginning of that game it looked like.Djokovic who was playing not to lose as.opposed to go out there and to win.whereas Roger was looking to take any.aggressive action he could to take the.play right to him and so he got behind.love-30.and Roger got a little confidence and.played a great game and that last.running for him was not easy because he.knew that Djokovic was down in the.corner but he couldn't just push the.ball he had to commit to the show you.ripped round the outside of the ball to.get the control.three hours of play in this men's.singles final at Wimbledon Twitter was.to five down he's now 4 5 no 15.[Applause].if do you know so as this challenge to.stay in the present tense and I think.Djokovic might still be thinking about.that forehand in the first point of the.game at 5-3.13:15.30 or the second survey from Federer 110.miles an hour is brave whether you make.it stupid when you miss it.Djokovic two points from victory.match point.[Applause].mr. Federer is challenging the call on a.service line your boss would out.[Applause].[Applause].that was a big return off a big first.serve there.[Applause].advantage Federer.[Applause].[Music].and talked about she hosted four sets.calm himself down step to the line hold.serve here because we rocked.ladies and gentlemen players already.think you aced on a championship point.and the fourth set it pays off.earlier failures with that same way not.deterred.previous failings having to tell Pharaoh.he just won them over.Djokovic having circa the championship.and lost debts have been lost in his.last three Grand Slam finals 500 our six.will those doubts creep in.[Applause].[Music].18:14.[Applause].thirty forty.[Applause].[Applause].but performance is gonna.[Applause].isn't it nice.five set point since 2009 it was the.great Federer running 1614 in the fifth.I think we might have one here.Federer spread news hold serve zombies.got to do but when there's been five.breaks of serve in this set it's just so.difficult to predict what's going to.happen but the fortitude that Federer.has shown to keep the belief keep the.level too high this is one they want.Jimmy well he put the pressure on doe.kovitch when it counted in and Novak had.his chance sometimes you only get one.chance and to not take advantage of it.that's playing on his mind a little bit.now so shutter has to keep that.aggressive style to come true in the.window set.[Applause].thank you ready for me certainly in.these crucial games the first point and.sometimes proves so important we saw.that when Djokovic slur for the match at.5-3.[Music].fifteen or Federer maintaining the theme.of finishing the points at the net but.quick to pick up that Djokovic was about.six or eight feet behind the baseline to.move forward.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].14:13 a wry smile from Novak Djokovic is.Federer there's two points to take us.into a food.[Applause].didn't see that coming.extraordinary.didn't think.we.17 Grand Slam 17-time Grand Slam.champion.into this vintage but aided and abetted.fifteen thousand people then send a call.we just did not know when to quit.pace.Championship point down and whilst we.focus on federal.and the glory that awaits him if he can.win a championship.how do you suppose know about geography.she's feeling at this point five two up.questions asked about him.as he has taken disappointment after.disappointment.the crowd need a breather.we don't have any players on sentry Tim.get too short after you go there's no.one out there how do you think Jovovich.feels at this point I need to.the bodies know that he's taken one of.our certainly certainly this is going to.be a massive strength of character and.you know to leave the court for a quick.comfort break is probably no bad thing.just to try and regain his thoughts his.composure and he really needs to get off.to a strong start in this fifth because.the momentum has been ripped away from.him to universally admired sports.Wendy's and not just by tennis players.with the world of sport and.and cinema and television they know what.they're looking at because this stage no.one knows what is going to happen on it.stage is set isn't it it was a five set.match then we said it was a best of.three set match and now it's one set to.decide it all across the parquet floor.and a quick look over from Roger Federer.where he will see his name engraved.seven times.the sender cool.[Applause].and if the engraver was standing by a.name a little bit ahead of himself right.he would have it.interesting to see how Djokovic comes.out in this fifth set after having five.to serving for the match a match point.on Federer serve can he lift himself.back up a match where the center was.called out bright paint once again walk.by a system that has changed the game so.much proving it's worth.we could Nick curious against Richard.Gasquet earlier in this tournament an.overrule keeps him in the tournament he.goes on and beats in the dark a couple.of days later.let's witnesses and let's face it it's a.very very difficult job and certainly.you know it's 15,000 people in this.stadium can feel the nerves and the.tension.a good time as well looking a bit more.disheveled than he was that was an.amazing set a lot in store for us.nobody knows.fifteen.[Applause].that's not.3015.[Applause].14:13.first game final sense first game in six.finally something goes his way that's a.settler for him decider.[Applause].fifteen.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].fortunate.one game all fun sense it's great to go.see one henman Hill the weather has been.good and we have a fifth set.it Xena.that's another.to me like Djokovic is moving a little.slow little gingerly on his is it his.knee or or is he just working his way.into the set maybe point it was on his.racket this his to win or lose 14.14:13.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].dropping which leads for two games to.one final sets.nobody has ever played more in the Grand.Slam championships than these two but.they've only ever played one final which.seemed surprising the 2007 US Open but.the two semi finals they played at the.US Open in 2011 and 2010 with two of the.classic matches both were seventy five.in the fifth and shock of it won them.both does that have relevance now or is.that just a fact well I mean you can.look back and you can see what happened.in stats and everything that we've.talked about that before but to me it.looks at Federer who was 32 years old.looks the fresher of the two who does.got a bounce in his step and and and he.feels like you know he's lucky to still.be in this.I think for the trainer to come back.onto the court Djokovic would have to.have another injury not looking at the.the right angle.ladies and gentlemen mr. Djokovic is now.receiving a medical timeout it's got.some pains in his body I think he's also.got a pain in the head I tell you what.it's gonna paint in something else in.the other side of the net you just.wouldn't go away.he's got get hurt Phil courage and Milan.a man of it within the physio and.trainer but your own physios and.trainers can't come out onto the court.at this time but they always talk to and.liaised with the official tournament.physios there's a north dressing room.there's a special room there's a center.court dressing room and there's.different teams in each one but they.play here is a very very senior and he's.off he's travelling on the ATP Tour so.he's with the players week in week out.so he knows you know any areas that.they've got niggles in and yeah but you.hate to see this in a you know in a.match that's gone the way this one has.you know we're the fifth said at the.finals of Wimbledon you hate to see an.injury have a an impact on the outcome.remember that Novak was just finished.that game off with an ace he's actually.to burn up so whatever it is certainly.doesn't be terminal.his efforts.last year it was all such a different.story with Andy Murray winning in.straight sets against djokovic you know.that was feeling the effects of 4 and.3/4 powers against Juan martín Del Potro.and a 75 I mean I'm not saying that.affected the outcome of the match.he knows about attrition.he would expect to be able to go five.hours with me generally speaking.definitely in it and there's a thing to.remember about Murray's win last year on.finals day it was incredibly hot out on.the court and today is it's almost the.perfect conditions for tennis it's it's.warm but it's not going to SAP your.energy from that point of view three and.a half hours is it's pretty long but.they certainly played a lot longer but.also the pressure has something to do.with that to saps you a little bit.mentally and physically you know so.everything that both players have been.through they've covered a lot of court.that's for sure but you know the ups and.downs and of this matches that we've.been interesting Jimmy you weren't with.us last year for the final but Tim and I.had never heard a noise on Centre Court.I wish I won in a bit go he was against.15,000 people.it kind of seems that way right here.right now that the crowd of certainly.gotten behind Federer then he was down.five two in the fourth the chance of.Roger Roger so it's one two.[Applause].ketchup.40-love very different body language.from both players.[Applause].two games or final sets seven-time.champion rodeo just changing racket.before the first game returning with the.new tennis rules as favored that.[Applause].nice quick game for failure to make it.to all he became to make a quick start.here to listen.love-15 20 points one parity at 163 but.the last five have gone to federate.that was a chance for federal of 15.Djokovic didn't come in on the best.approach and he couldn't make him hit.that volley.mr. Joker which is challenging to call.on the right baseline balls good in did.it drop in with the topspin there's also.no Djokovic watched it go through didn't.he.30:13 it's over for for a surf so far.this game.13:15 Twitter was doing it drill and he.wasn't he.besides.Jovovich leads by three games to two.final sets Djokovic had 15 hours of.tennis before playing this finely been.out there for over three and a half.hours.only spent 10 hours on comes into it at.this point it's deep emotional energy.which he were expanded Djokovic is.trying to still rebound from the.disappointment and forget what happened.in the 5 to the 2 pitch it was there.he's had but odds are all these.questions about his character after.everything that he's achieved it loses.three of these things in a row we even.talked about it in the press conference.it is a beautiful thing and you know.it's amazing when you have the the match.on your racquet and then you let it go.the emotional roller coaster that you.ride and for him him now to come out and.to start off and to play three good.games like he has to be up 3-2 on his.serve was unbelievably important to him.this this now in my opinion is what.tennis is all about you throw out.everything.the business again you do that you know.how to do and the winner comes out.[Applause].15-love.[Applause].thirty level.[Applause].forty later.[Music].three games or final sets it's not a.great feeling when your opponent keep.solving certain life you feel like the.pressures always coming back to your.service games thank you.[Applause].more questions to be answered here for.Djokovic.if FINA I'd now see a Pitta me of one.ball one shot at a time.don't get ahead of yourself.fifteen or.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].30:13.[Applause].that's tremendous touch.don't you federer choose to keep the.pressure on the Djokovic back in so when.we sit back in passing shot but Federer.there for the for the taking.thirty forty.desperate brothers - chocolate who's had.his dream the way.[Music].juice that took courage.Djokovic not so comfortable moving.forward on breakpoint three all in the.fifth who was still prepared to move.forward his technique.juice.[Applause].[Music].advantage Djokovic.[Music].djokovic leads by four games to three.final sets this twenty seven-year-old.from belgrade in serbia a fairly new.nation he's taken his country to Davis.Cup victory proudly flying the flag for.his nation depths in his character and.it's what you demonstrate when you play.sport.you have to maintain perspective there.it is wonderful watching players digging.so deep and producing their best out.there isn't it certainly is I mean at.three all in the fifth there breakpoint.Djokovic was still had the courage and.conviction to pull the trigger on those.shots and and he kept going for them and.but he waits till he's behind you know.what what's wrong with doing that when.you're when you're even or ahead to kind.of put a little doubt in in your.opponent's mind.Federer on the other hand he's shown I.think on the stat I saw he was into net.60 65 times that's pretty good.[Applause].[Music].love-15 eighteen strokes it's a a.Djokovic sort of rally he likes them.if Dino.fifteen 1325 Marlin has came back with.interest.[Applause].Djokovic able to force the error but a.great approach at.the pizza comes back now it's chocolate.with two chances.and seven.[Applause].[Applause].that was a millimeter 30 40 from going.over.[Music].juice is back in.there was that danger Conti.needs a first serve here.[Applause].reduce light second serve but the pickup.was exquisite.advantage Federer.[Applause].thank you yep.[Applause].[Music].advantage federal.[Applause].which is never.[Applause].to me wonderful rather sparse.is challenging all on the right baseline.the board's good in.mr. Djokovic has two challenges.remaining.[Music].fifteen or.[Applause].Wow.[Applause].tt.[Applause].4080 team.[Applause].[Applause].which leads by five games to four final.sets it's in these moments where you.find out so does everybody else whether.you've done the work Djokovic has had to.come back from disappointment after.disappointment starting was serving for.the match and in the fourth said he just.had two break points the last game when.Federer served so for him to come back.into it to hold serve the next game and.to stay that one game ahead it's been.pretty impressive especially for the.love-15 with the you certainly love 15.and then 15 all Federer probably misses.about five smashes all year and he would.have liked that opportunity again to.give himself 1530 but the resilience.that Djokovic has shown has been.first-class not surprised that your.thing is not here because I'll tell you.what the due date might be October.[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].he's bouncing around the place.thank you honing in once again.joke a bit step in and take a chance on.this return.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].in return was magnificent.mr. Jovovich has one challenge remaining.[Applause].[Applause].chipa chipa.please he now has to.[Applause].and sunshine.these two one.you.

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