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The Information Guidance for I 134 Form Sample

The effective way to write I 134 Form Sample online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the most productive tool online. To use the tool, follow the steps given below.

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  1. Search on our site to get the right template.
  2. Once you recieve the form, you just open it.
  3. Review the content to make sure it is the one you are looking for.
  4. Now you can fill in the fillable fileds.
  5. After filling out, you must read the form again carefully.
  6. When you have confirmed that everything is correct, you can sign it by clicking the "Sign" option.
  7. Click Done after the form signed.
  8. You can now download or print your document as you needed.
  9. Simply contact our support team if you have any other requests.

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Discover How to Fill Out the I 134 Form Sample

hi everyone it's me loose lean and on.this video we will fill out the updated.form i-130 4 so all you have to do is go.to google and then type form i-130 4.then as you can see in here i 134 a bit.of it to support USCIS you need to.download your form on the USCIS website.only ok just to make sure that the form.is valid okay so as you can see in here.for my 134 download this and then there.is also instruction for form i-130 for.so if you are confused on that specific.question you can read this instruction.so I already download the form so I can.explain it to you faster so this is the.updated affidavit of support forum so.USCIS form i-130 4 expires February 28.2021 so the US citizen petitioner will.be the one who will fill out this form.and I will explain the difference.between form i-130 4 and between form.i-864 the form i-130 4 you need to fill.out this form if you are applying for k1.fiancee visa and then the US petitioner.will send this form to the beneficiary.because the beneficiary need this form.on her or his interview to USC u.s..embassy ok so while the i-864 you need.the form i 8 6 4 if you are applying for.spouse visa or CR 1 and i our wine and.you are applying for adjustment of.status so that's the difference between.the two form okay so let's start so just.what I've said the u.s. citizen.petitioner will be the one who will fill.out this form so start here type or.print in black ink.part 1 information about you the sponsor.so full name the full.name of the US citizen sponsor family.name given name then middle name if you.don't have middle name this type and a.so if all the questions is not.applicable to you just type and a okay.so other names use if you have other.names use just fill it out if not just.type in a so a sponsor mailing address.so in care of name then street number if.you live in apartments with floor and.city state zip code Robbins and postal.code them just type and a then country.USA make sure the address are complete.and correct okay so are you mailing.address and physical address the same if.yes click yes if no if you answered no.to item number four provide your.physical address in item number five a.and pipe H so on this part okay so.usually if you use p o-- box you need to.fill out this for your physical address.okay and then other information the US.citizen petition or a date of birth town.or city of birth country of birth alien.registration numbers so if you the.petitioner has an alien registration.number just type in here but if you are.boring to the united states you don't.have alien registration number and then.type the US social security number and.then USCIS online account number this.USCIS online account number let's say.you filed a petition before through.online the USCIS will send you a USCIS.online account number but if you did not.do that.you don't have a USCIS online account.number okay so citizenship or residency.or status if you are not a US citizen.base.your bird in the United States or a.non-citizen u.s. national based on your.bird in American Samoa including sewins.Island answer the following as.appropriate okay so if you are a US.citizen through naturalization me.certificate of natural naturalization.number so type in here and make sure you.send a photo copy of your certificate of.naturalization to your beneficiary okay.you need to have a proof of that and.then this one I am a US citizen through.parents or marriage made certificate of.citizen number type in here so if you.don't have type and a okay so.information about your sponsor.continuing Shawn I derived my US.citizenship by another method provide an.explanation in part seven additional.information so I am a lawful permanent.resident the United States my alien.number type in here I am a lawful.admitted non-immigrant may form i-94.arrival/departure record number is set.up in here if not just leave it blank or.type in a okay so I am your years of age.have resided in the United States since.so type the date in here so information.about the beneficiary so the US citizen.petitioners beneficiary okay so this IV.debate is executed on behalf of the.following person the family name given.name middle name date of birth the.gender the alien number or alien number.you will found this number on the know.what to so when you send your.application the USCIS will send you in.over one confirmation that they already.receive your application and once they.already check your application they will.send you a Noah 2 and on the Noah tool.you will found you will find the.beneficiary alien number ok or if the.beneficiary receive a copy of form i-94.so that is the eligibility letter.usually when the u.s. embassy.the eligibility letter to the.beneficiary it includes the copy of form.i-94 and you will see the alien number.at the top of the i-94 form but if you.haven't received the form i-94 so that.is fine distract your know what - okay.so the country citizenship of dinesh or.nationality then the marital status then.relationship the sponsor the next.beneficiary physical address street.number if you live in apartments with.floor city town state zip code province.also called country so make sure that.the beneficiary physical address is.complete and correct that like what I've.said the US Embassy will send the.documents to the beneficiary so make.sure this is correct.okay so beneficiary sponsor usually this.one if you are petition your father or.your mother you have to provide the.information here of the spouse but since.we are applying for k1 fiance visa this.is not applicable to us so just type in.a and then next beneficiary children if.you are applying for k1 visa with k2 so.type the name of your children here but.since I don't have any children so just.type an A okay so next other information.about the sponsor employment information.I am currently employed as as a in the.name of the employer if you are.self-employed the incurrent employer.address suite number city town state zip.code then country so income and asset.information my annual income is so you.can find your annual income to your 2018.tax return transcript so if you are.southern flow.have a touch a copy of my last income.tax return or report of commercial.rating concern with a certified to be.true and correct to the best of my.knowledge and beliefs instruction for.nature of evidence of network to be.submitted and the number for balance of.all my savings and checking accounts in.United States based financial.institution so you need to submit a bank.statement to prove how much is your.savings so you can find it on your bank.statement okay so value of my other.personal property so you don't need to.write the exact value to the dollar and.pennies you can write a approximate.value for the cars jewelry is land.appliances and other equipment you are.not really required to provide the sales.receipt or estimation of value of this.property but if you don't have property.personal property the stipend a then the.market value of my stock and bonds so.you just need to attach the statement.from your stockbroker such as Ameritrade.d trade that prove this okay and then I.have listed my stocks and bonds and.parts have an additional information or.attached a list of them which are.certified to be true and correct to the.best of my knowledge and belief so if.you don't have market value stocks and.bonds just type any the next I have life.insurance in some off so you can write.the amount of life insurance you have.either in the US or in a foreign country.you can include all type of life.insurance such as term life inverse.alive variable life if you don't have.just type any so with the cash surrender.value off if you have only term life.insurance the harsh render value is zero.otherwise write the appropriate value.you may.as your insurance company or insurance.agent if you are not sure okay then real.estate information I own real estate.value at so right the current market.price of your house if you own your.house so you can find it also from last.property tax bill that you have received.or from neighbors who might have.purchased houses in your community.recently if you don't own a house just.leave it blank okay and then I have.mortgages or other debt amounting to so.just write the amount of loan you have.to still pay if you don't have a house.or if your house don't paid off just.write zero okay and then my real estate.is located at so location of your house.or real estate if you have one or if you.don't have just leave it blank or top.type and a okay then dependents in for.me showing the following persons are.dependence upon me for support if you.needed extra space to complete the.section use the space provided in part.seven so write the name of your.dependents that you include on your.income tax return this usually your.spouse or mine or children okay and then.if you have another one just type here.but if you don't have just type and a.okay the next I have previously.submitted a bit about the support for.the following persons if nine right nine.in the space of the name below so if you.previously submitted avid a bit of.support just type in here so F now and.just type none okay and then I have.submitted a visa petition to US.Citizenship and Immigration Services on.behalf of the following persons if non.right none in the space for the name.below so on this part.the petitioner needs to type here the.beneficiary so the family name given.name middle name then relationship the.next date of birth of the beneficiary.and date of filing so you will find your.data filing on your NOAA one okay so if.you have more beneficiary just type in.here so the number 38 I intend or do not.intend to make a specific contribution.to the support a person named in part.two so just click I intend the next part.for sponsor statement contact.information certification and signature.so note read the penalty section of the.form i-130 for instruction before.completing this part so sponsor.statement select the box for either item.number 1a or 1b if applicable select the.box for item number 2.so 1a I can read and understand English.and have read and understand every.questions and instructions on this a bit.of it and my answer to every question so.just click 1a if you use interpreter.just click 1b if you use preparer just.click - okay so in sponsor contact.information make sure it is correct.active and complete ok the contact.number then the email address so a.sponsor certificate is shown so make.sure once you printed this form you need.to sign on this part 6a and then the.date okay.then part 5 interpreters contract and.contact information so if you use.interpreter because you don't understand.everything on this form so the.interpreter needs to fill out this so.the full name the mailing address.quantum information and then this part.the signature and then the date and then.the preparer let's say the petitioner is.the one who fill out this form and then.other person who fill out this form so.that is the preparer.so the preparers need to fill out this.portion full name address contact number.bond and signature okay so that's it so.if you have any questions clarifications.if you are confused just comment on this.video and I will find time to answer you.so I hope I give you an idea how to fill.out this form and I hope I helped you.out so have a great day everyone bye bye.

How to generate an electronic signature for the I 134 Form Sample online

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I 134 Form Sample FAQs

Here are the answers to some common confusions regarding I 134 Form Sample. Let us know if you have any other requests.

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