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Iht 205 Form : Personalize, Finish and forward

this is just eight pages long and there.are no schedules and this is a form I'll.be going through in this talk there is.an explanatory booklet which I will.refer to HD 2:06 but even this document.comes to 30 pages.so although the HD 2:05 is much more.straightforward than the ISDN 400 you.still need to be careful before I go on.to the actual form just a point about.the calculation of inheritance tax this.is not a lecture on tax this part of the.webinar is just to explain very.basically how you can't calculate.whether the state is liable if it is you.will need to do further research on how.to calculate exactly how much you must.pay the tax rebounds normally called the.nil rate band or NRB is three hundred.and twenty five thousand pounds per.individual this means that if the.deceased estate is less than that's.figure three non twenty five thousand.pounds there's no text/plain.once the estate comes to over this.figure then taxes child on at forty.percent on the adult over the three.hundred twenty five thousand pounds.that's straightforward enough if the.deceased estate clearly comes within.that figure then you should be okay with.going ahead with the ITT 2:05 for.example in my apartment world the.average cost of property is a hundred.fifty thousand pounds if it is urgent.joint names that each co-owners share is.seventy five thousand pounds even with.all their sins most people fall well.within the no rakebrand limit and there.is no inheritance tax to pay.there are also releasing exemptions.which I can't go through in this webinar.it isn't intended for that purpose but.there aren't two released I would like.to mention or get it briefly firstly the.transferable no rate band or T n RB.there's a.applies to married couples and Zillah.partners only not to marry couples.unmarried couples no matter how long.they've been together so how does it.work well as mentioned each individual.has a nil rate band of three hundred and.twenty five thousand pounds if a spouse.dies having not used his know rate band.then the estate of the second spouse to.die can add that to her own NRB nor a.band making a total of six hundred and.fifty thousand pounds this figure can be.eaten into even if this figure can be.eaten into if this first bounce has made.lifetime gifts during the seven years.immediately before he died if this is.likely then you must check his records.as this can materially affect whether.tax is payable or not the other.important point is that even if you're.entitled to claim transferable no red.band it doesn't happen automatically.you've got to claim it using the form.ITT two one seven which I'll come to.later in this webinar the other relief.I've got to mention is the residence in.the red band of our or our n RB this.again is very complicated and if your.estate comes within that three hundred.twenty-five thousand pound mark as.mentioned above then you may not need to.worry about it but you should have some.idea about it the basic elements are I.didn't again.only applies to married couples or civil.partners it can only benefit people who.are close related to the deceased and it.only applies to a residence although.there is a wide definition of what that.means the level of our NRB residence no.red band is grown up by stages it.started off as one hundred thousand.pounds per person but is increasing by a.twenty five thousand pound amounts so.currently it is a hundred twenty-five.thousand pounds and in 2020 it will.reach a final fear of a hundred and.seventy five thousand pounds.so in 2020 you'll have the normal nil.rate band evolved three hundred twenty.five thousand pounds and the resident.residents no rebound of 175,000 pounds.which means that for an individual that.tax-free by band will be a potential.five hundred thousand pounds and for a.married couple or civil partnership it.will be 1 million pounds so now get on.to the meat and potatoes and that's the.form 2:05.right so as you'll see it's in five.sections don't go through them in detail.mermaids questions 1.1 to 1.7 is about.the person who's tied questions 2 to 8.is about the estate questions 9.1 to.question 13 is about the assets it goes.into detail as to amounts here question.questions around box 14 deals with.exemptions and finally we get to the.decoration at the end so I'll start off.by saying please read the paragraph at.the top left of the form headed when to.use this for your no reference on the.top right as well to the guidance notes.in ITT to 0-6 which I would recommend.you using now as the actual questions.page 1 question 1.this is obviously about the person who's.died and this is pretty straightforward.stuff and I don't think it needs any.particular guidance question true about.the estate this does need a bit more.care you will recall that I mentioned.before about the nil rate band of three.hundred and twenty five thousand pounds.and that if the deceased made lifetime.gifts then that can eat into that.tax-free bat this question makes it.clear that you can ignore the first.three thousand pounds and any birthday.or marriage kiss you just have to say.yes or no at this stage before asks for.amounts late at one in question don't.point one the question also asks whether.the deceased made any lifetime gifts if.the deceased made such gifts worth more.than 150 thousand pounds then you have.to stop this form and complete the.entirety 400 so now page two.cushions three to eight these are a.series of questions designed to see if.you should be using the IHT 400 so.question three obviously you need to.read a question but essentially this is.about a situation where the deceased has.disposed of property but continues to.derive a benefit from it for example he.was living there or he derive some.income from it all he made some.contribution to the purchase price if.you say yes then stop do not install and.start on the ITT 400 question for did.the deceased get benefit from an asset.which was held in trust as I've said.before if the deceased had an interest.in a trust which was part of his estate.from from IMT purposes inheritance tax.purposes then that is not within my.definition of a straightforward estate.and you will need professional advice if.you say yes to this question that the.deceased did have such an interest in.such an assets that you will need to.complete ITT 400 question 5 did the.deceased own property outside United.Kingdom if yes then again you must.complete ice-t 400 you'll be beginning.to see a pattern here.question 6 did the deceased pay premiums.on a life policy that is not for his.benefit again if yes ITT 400 question 7.and 8 these questions really needs to be.read together and need care question 7.says did the deceased of any kind of.pension arrangement other than the state.pension now the answer for many people.these days has to be yes if you say yes.to this question they have to address.Christian mate which is did the deceased.change or dispose of their pension in.the two years before they died now what.do they mean by the phrase change or.dispose of their pension at this stage I.would suggest you look at the expansion.leaflets 2:06 92069 expansion notes.examples or the saw.Changez HMRC have in mind are where the.diseases allocated some of his pension.to someone else but please note you can.ignore any pensions paid to a surviving.spouse or civil partner which will.attract has cover many situations other.examples of how people can change the.benefits you'll see listed in me booklet.which I mentioned but they include.making additional contributions.transferring the deceased benefits from.one pension scheme to another failure to.take up his pension on recent pension.age failing to request in no health.retirements where he meets the.requirements all that forward.retirements opting for income drawdown.opting for phased retirement all those.items so now we're going to click create.page three we are now in the third.section of the questionnaire dealing.with the deceased assets at the date of.death so just quick reference to the.don't pay top of this page make the.fullest in cries so that you can show.that the figures on this form are.correct if you cannot find a value for.an item you may include your best.estimate however please be realistic.HMRC amenities in customs can and do.carry out spot checks and if they find.that an estimate is out of line there.can be fines and penalties this section.is divided also into several costs about.assets and debts payable out of it so.crack on question 9.1 this asking about.question this asked about gifts made in.the seven years before the person died.and is referred to earlier in question.to perform now asks for details of any.such gifts remember as I said before.that any gifts made during his period.eat into the.no rate band of three hundred twenty.five thousand pounds so for instance if.the deceased made a gift of a hundred.thousand pounds during that no rate to a.net period of seven years and the no.rape and will now be two hundred.twenty-five thousand pounds question.time point to the deceased share of.assets passing up automatically to the.surviving joint owner if the deceased.owned the property with our spouse as.joint tenants actually could be anyone.but was a staff this come to this.webinar then the legal type of class is.automatically to the surviving spouse.however the deceased share still has to.be accounted for for inheritance tax.purposes that the value of the deceased.share would be half the value of the.house if there is a mortgage that that.is dealt with later in question 10.1.does the quick note valuation of.property can be difficult.HMRC knows strongly recommend a.professional failure but of course such.a person will charge for their services.personally I think you can look online.and get a real realistic valuation but.if they said please be realistic.HMRC will know the values of property in.your area and if you put in an.artificially low figure to get within.the three hundred twenty five thousand.pound tax-free band.this will show what's another one.caution this question only applies to.property owned as joint tenants the.other way of owning property in joint.names ten is in common is dealt with.later on in question eleven point nine.question nine point three as its held in.trust for the benefit of the deceased.journalist during their lifetime again.we're in the realm of trusts and again I.would say that if that man surpasses.your best taking advise these talks are.to germanized to be useful in that.context you should be able to establish.whether there is such a trust by looking.through the deceased payments question.nine point four nominated assets ie has.the deceased made provision for an asset.to go to a particular person however.these the the definition of these is.pretty limited as the only assets that.can be nominated in this way are to quit.ready from the explanatory popular.causes of up to 5,000 pounds in friendly.societies and industrial or prevalent.societies or before the 1st of March.1981 national savings certificates and.accounts question nine point five asses.outside the United Kingdom if you have.any such assets you will need to get.exercise great care and I would suggest.that in this case you will need.professional help that brings us to the.end of this section right at the bottom.of the page you have to touch up the.amounts in boxes nine point one to nine.point five and put the total in box a.Rockler cage for the second part of this.particular section is about debts which.are payable out of assets for which a.gradual representation is not required.so the first question is what is the.deceased share of the mortgage you'll.remember that there was a question.earlier 9.20 question I'm going to about.the deceased share of a day of the house.you had to take off his share of the.mortgage and that value goes on here.you should have the statement from the.lenders which would give you the amount.to put in it yet so just to be clear if.it's as joint tenants you take the day.of the property.Harvey's and you put that amount in do.your question nine point two we take the.value of the mortgage which you get from.the statements you have that and that's.the amount to put in here ten point one.question ten point two did the deceased.Oh any debt out of assets that are.jointly owned if so then this amount.goes in here.three debts payable out of trust assets.this question ties in with question nine.point three before and as before I would.say that if there are trusts invoked you.need specialist question ten point four.deaths own to persons outside the United.Kingdom this ties in with the earlier.question nine point four and again I.would suggest that if this question is.relevant you need a specialist you then.add up the amounts from amounts in boxes.10.1 to 1024 and put that in Box B you.then deduct box be from box a and that's.the amount which goes in box C then the.next part of this particular section is.questions 11.1 to 11.11 which deals with.assets for which a grant of.representation is required so question.11.1.catch in any bank or goat society.account or national savings accounts you.will see that there's just one box here.so you'll add up the various accounts.and put the result in here crushin.eleven point truth household items and.personal goods note that you cannot put.simply nothing more nil in here I shall.see.Her Majesty's Revenue customs won't.accept it you can put in an estimate but.as I said before you should be realistic.I often put in a figure of around five.thousand pounds here which is usually.more than enough to cover all set items.question eleven point three stocks and.shares coated on the stock exchange you.can use a stock broker to get the prices.here or you could look at nine eleven.point four stocks and shares not quoted.on the stock exchange a bit more caring.is required but you should write to the.company secretary who will provide you.with the value of that investment.question eleven point five insurance.policies including bonuses and mortgage.protection policies we should be able to.get this information from the companies.involved question and eleven point six.might move to the person whose size the.only way to find out about this is to.look for their papers and records.cushion 11.7 partnership of business.interests getting a daily ratio of these.items is a skilled exercise for which.you will need an accountant question.11.8 the data of the property where the.freehold or leasehold if owned in their.soulmate or as a tenant in common.we're talking about their interest in a.property understands income because in.law that part belongs to them not to.joint names so remember the distinction.between joint and tense in common if the.deceased interest wasn't so joint int.that goes in earlier and lockbox bank.went to if he earned it as a tent in.common when the value goes in here box.7.8 page five question eleven point nine.any other property owned by the deceased.in their sole name or as a terms in.common as any other property such as.property which is let out if the.deceased did own other properties then.the likelihood must be that the estate.is nodding that tax-free bank of three.hundred and twenty five thousand pounds.so if this applies you might want to.check whether this is the right form.similarly question 11.10 value of other.lands including this is items as farms.business property and timber and.woodlands again if the disease did own.property like this it is hard for me to.believe that the state doesn't exceed.the tax rate band so this may be the.wrong for and finally in this section.question 11.11 this is set it is a.popping up question things like refunds.income tax reprints etc so in here you.would put arrears of wages and refunds.from electricity or gas surprise and.in this section you head up the amounts.of the assets and put that are you in.box D as you will remember these.questions earn point one to a nun point.11 deal with assets for which a grantor.probit is required questions twelve.point one to twelve point three are.about the debts payable out of those.assets question twelve point one is the.funeral expenses not just the Fuhrer.itself but the headstone if any the.flowers and refreshments but not.apparently traveling costs question 12.point two is the deceased share of the.mortgage where he owned a property as a.turns in common to need to add up these.amounts and puts the figure in box.d now you will see that there are three.further boxes F G and H it's a little.bit funny.so box F this is the difference between.box D which you'll records the asses for.which a grant is required and box.e was the debts payable out of those.passes that figure goes in their box G.you out box C which is a net value of.assets for which the grant is not.required to box F which you just don't.with box H you add box a which is a.gross value of assets for which the.grant is not required to box D which is.a gross value of assets for which a.grant is required you'll be delighted to.know we're nearly at the end of its form.question 13 you should put in this box.any information which you believe should.be taken into account should put.anything here which you think might help.to clarify matters it is hard to tell.you what to put in here with anything if.it is a straight for the state you may.not need to say anything at all.an example of what could go in here.would be to explain what properties the.deceased own as a tent in common and in.what proportions so we're going to take.seven which is the exemptions if the.value in box H is less than 325 thousand.pounds which it needs to be for the.purposes of this webinar then you can.just write nil in box J and count the.vac copy the value in box G to box k if.the amount comes to more than three.hundred twenty five thousand pounds but.you're claiming a nil rate band from the.deceased and the state under the guise.exemptions you can claim then me to put.this amounts to say is here and put the.amount down in box Jane you need to put.you need to do some research on this.point this webinar is really designed.for people who simply come within the.three.twenty-five thousand pound figure if the.milk comes to more than three hundred.five thousand pounds but you came to.exemptions to make actually not payable.then those Diesel's need to be put in.here then there is a list of examples of.what may be relevant to put here in the.identity booklet on page 24 of that.booklet so it may be a worker well.looking here if you're not sure what to.do and page eight at last we come to the.Declaration which you need to read read.carefully and sign you'll note that if.there's more than one executor each of.them needs to sign this form.

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