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Tips on completing the Reinstatement Requirements For Dental Hygienists In The State Of Ohio Form

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Get Your Reinstatement Requirements For Dental Hygienists In The State Of Ohio Form Signed In an Instant

you.hi everybody its Teresa the Vettel.assistant tutor here as some of you guys.know as my subscribers I am a dental.assistant DA instructor RDA in CDA for.30 years now and up to this year I got.an email because I've changed the laws.for all new that all systems they must.take this course was tests for the Judas.Peters exam and not only do the newbies.have to do it but everybody's gonna have.to do it and I'm going to go ahead and.read my letter to you so you can hear.what you're gonna get it will be in your.email and it's gonna come from dental.health so you might be thinking it's a.advertisement of some sort but it's.actually from the health department.if you read in the parenthesis it says.they know that health at Tennessee gov.you're gonna want to open that email to.dental health so they're basically.saying to all the dental professionals.out there please disregard this message.is already completed the Juris Peters.exam we are and then receive your scores.the next business day after you complete.the examination so they do say you get a.score the next day but let's follow a.Judas Buddhist examination is required.before your renewal application will be.approved renewal that's for people who.are over a established in this field.also it's gonna be for the new ones when.you apply the exam is no fail no fail.exam but yet we will receive your scores.the next day mm-hmm.the exam is no fail exam you are.required to answer 25 questions.correctly and is an open-book exam you.were notified by the email from survey.gismo.so there's another email flow around.called survey gismo what your username.and password is for the exam the renew.application will not be approved until.you complete the jurors views.examinations.you must do this if you did not receive.the email from the survey gizmo.regarding the exam the link to the exam.is online and will click here the.information regarding your password is.below so say you can't find that email.like I couldn't then I went ahead and.read further George Peters exam password.the password would be lowercase first.initials of your first name and last.name.for example Teresa bakes lowercase T be.uppercase license type code so if you.are a dentist.vs dental hygienist D H and dental.assistants da some so far my would be.lowercase T be capital letters da dental.assistants the hashtag symbols right.after that followed by the uppercase R.and then your license renewal the last.couple digits so right here on your.certification it would be the numbers.don't mind too much so that's how you.would do that this email is being sent.to all licensees who have an open.renewal application and you have an.email address on file if you already.submitted your renewal application your.license will automatically be renewed.when verification of completion of this.exam is received no Dennis who have not.who have been reported as being.deficient and paying and professional.privilege tax will not be renewed until.a tax clearance letter is received from.the Tennessee Department of Revenue let.me read that again ok no that way if.you're a dentist watching my channel so.happen make sure that you have this.before your renewal dates let's read it.again.no dentists who have been reported as.being deficient and paying the.professional privilege tax will not be.renewed until a tax clearance letter is.received.from the Tennessee Department of Revenue.it's all about money guys if you mail.the renewal application the license.renewed five days after receipt of the.application and fees if the exam results.have been received note the online.renewal system is a new system we went.live with initial applications in 2017.so it's started in 2017 and renewal.applications in March of 2018 if you.have never used the new system you will.need to begin as a new user to create a.account and then you would need to add.your license to the accounts if you have.more than one license you can add all.your license you hold held to the same.account if you do not intend to renew.your license you can submit the.affidavit of retirement which is online.now anybody thinking about retiring.their application I have a few times but.I'm gonna keep on teaching when you do.that when you want to renew it you have.to pay for every single year okay so.keep that in mind from the date that.you've retired it the on whatever Ino.system is an new system ok brother all.right.sorry guys nervous about the tests.teachers get nervous too even though you.can't fail it um if you don't do it to.retire your license necessarily.Tennessee Health Department for me and.probably for California somebody else.you know if this is spreading if it's.worldwide I haven't done too much.research on it kind of been dreading it.I'm just because I've heard my students.complain about it d smooth is director.and that's it all right so now what I'm.gonna do is I'm gonna I don't have my.password I've wrote it down though.remember lowercase first and last name.capitalized what you are hashtag what.you are and then the letter R and then.the numbers I hear a thing that's simple.it's more of a more scuttle trying to.get into this test and.anything else so then you come to your.state apartment gray and then I will go.ahead and click on my server new.lysander Kayson you can do all that.online make sure sometimes you have to.change your last name I still need to do.this I have my maiden name juris Pyrrhus.exam also when you switch jobs you're.supposed to let the state know each.state no okay lists of license and then.we're gonna click on the juris peers.exam okay.please read the following instructions.carefully before starting your Jewish.previous exam then they give it a.simpler name now some of us stutter all.right this is an open book exam with no.fees no fail and no time limit yeah I.could be sitting here all night trying.to pass this dental professionals are.referred to use statues rules and any.other resources necessary you can access.as Tennessee statues and grows at click.here so we can click there open up.another page and see the laws dental.professionals may take the jury exam as.many times as needed to pass but wait.it's not a pass or fail all right I.don't wanna get myself in trouble but in.a way with no penalties of the page.labeled save the continue later the exam.will send you a one-time usable URL link.to re-enter the exam at the point you.left note the feature can be used.multiple times answer 25 questions.correctly successfully complete the jura.spirit exam ok this is gonna be fun.because my main focus has been the oral.health the teeth and teaching not so.much why is this gonna be consisting of.I can't wait to share ok let's keep.going application for initial light in.their reinstatement or reactivation will.be required to submit an application to.the board of dentistry before taking the.jurors for exam for more details click.here ok.new applications will be able to take.exam up to 70 days prior to expiration.date of the license license will not be.renewed into the exam is completed.before each renewal expiration date once.you complete the examination you will.need to allow 48 to 72 hours for your.score to be posted so then we scroll.down and I'm gonna go ahead and enter my.email I'm gonna turn this around and.then this is where you put the password.okay let me go ahead and do that okay.next we are in welcome please read the.fine stretching carefully before.starting your choice for this exam this.is an open book exam with no fees no.fail in no time limit dental.professionals are encouraged to use the.statutes rules and they give me the.information you can claim it what.happened here the password be lowercase.first initial of your first name last.name didn't do so well I got all that.alright so if you don't do it correctly.for some reason learn from me okay let.me go back let's see what it is.ah I'm in it's because of the married.before you gotta change that name I've.been too busy making videos for.everybody alright so here we go.I welcome Teresa please can you see my.license anyway welcome Teresa please.verify your details below before.proceeding to the jurors period exam if.any of your details are incorrect please.exit for the resistance contact board of.dentistry at Dental Health our website.and everything else email first name.last name they do have my correct Mary.name on their profession select one okay.so it wasn't enough I put da in the.password but now I gotta choose what I.am so Dennis no if I had a do-over yes.dental hygienist a lot of respect for.those ladies they work hard scraping.that tartar off but nope I am a dental.assistant okay I understand and I'm.proud to be a demo system okay I.understand that checking this box.constitutes a legal signature confirming.I announce the truthfulness of my.identity and the individual mention.above is in fact the one taking this.exam oh yeah unfortunately it is me the.profession chef select is dental.assistant please confirm you have.selected your representative profession.before beginning to Jewish for your exam.next.okay so each patients have an.opportunity to participate and decisions.involving their healthcare.this statement is rule there are no.rules.zero four six zero - zero one - point.one six yeah that's the point I'm gonna.make sure the company screen alright so.I'm gonna go ahead and say true I don't.have my textbook with me we're just.going to go ahead and go through this.that is correct also lets you know if.it's right that is correct a statement.is true each patient should have the.opportunity to participate in decisions.involving their healthcare that is rule.0 4 6 0 - 0 1 - 16 click next question -.practice as a dental assistant beyond.the scope of practical dental assisting.a person must possess a lawfully issued.registration from the Tennessee Board of.Dentistry this statement is Rho 0 4 6 0.- no 4 - 0 - true I mean I'm just common.sense to practice analysis and you gotta.be issue a license to the Tennessee.although technically dentists can hire.you and train you.that is correct this statement is true.to practice as a dunno system beyond the.scope of practical dental assistant a.person must was us a lawfully issued.registration from the Tennessee Board of.dentistry roll 0 4 6 0 - 0 4 - 0 - ok I.got to write so far I jinx myself anyone.submitting a renewal form reinstatement./ reactivation application or letter.which is found to be untrue may be.subject to disciplinary action.this statement is rule 0 4 6 0 - 0 2 - 0.8.three and there's a couple more uh let's.see here let me reread this for myself.now anyone submitting a renewal on this.evening or a letter which is found to be.untrue may be so of course you're lying.you're gonna get in trouble which is.something we have to talk about the news.next video.okay that is correct yes I'm three.closer to getting this done that is.correct the statement is true you have.to be honest.each patient should be provided.information concerning their diagnosis.evaluation treatment option and progress.this statement is true.that is correct patient has to be a part.of their treatment plan.you can't just dictate what they're.gonna do you know if any doctors are.watching or assistants you have to you.can't push just the most expensive one.they gotta have a say in it.members of the board of dentistry are.appointed by ooh.Tennessee Dental Association Senate.governor local Dental Society members of.the board of dentistry 2500 I got that.wrong okay next should have my book out.instructors know a lot but they don't.know everything okay so don't judge and.I'm I'm doing this for you remember okay.and I'm line cardio memory rest recife.are automated external defibrillator of.course may be used to fulfill the.license requirements yes you have to.have that save a life I'm going with it.go with it should've went live I'm too.nervous to go live though that is.incorrect.oh my god all right let me go again.nervous her guys a registered dental.assisting who has a nitrous oxide.certification is committed to monitor.under general supervision of a dentist.is a lot to monitor two patients at a.time must remain in the room with the.patient at all times all the above okay.let's think about this now I'm getting.more wrong okay I know they can do it.under they permit to monitor under the.demos that's the oh I think I feel is.right there's a lot of module - no you.can't monitor - if you're gonna choose.let's remain in the room with the.patient at all times well you can't be.in two rooms at once so we're going to.go with a.what you gotta be kidding me.alright I'm about to pause this video.and get a book okay if anything I'll.take it again and record it some more.the continued education cycle starts.January 1st of the odd-numbered years.and the ends of December 31st of the.surface winter even-number year this.statement is true true.okay I guess it that one guys and that.is true so this statement is true the.continued education cycle starts January.1st of the odd number year and ends on.December 31st of the subscreen even.number year that's making me thirsty.hand guys alright I hope you're taking.notes so when you take yours you'll have.some of them.hey it's not a posture fails so I'm.sharing I'll see her but yet you gotta.get 25 right okay if they rush it then.also something Lau's their registration.to expire the radiology certification.also expires this statement is.see when I lived in Ohio I had just my.radiology license I didn't need to be.RDA or CDA unless I chose to teach it.but then I'm kind of see no one knew.what was cd8 they already knew as rd8 so.let's see her laws are different each.state if anybody takes theirs excuse me.I got it right if anybody takes theirs.then we'll know if there's anything.different let us know in the comments.all right that was true.if the board of dentistry finds a.license guilty of a willful and knowing.violations of the Dental Practice Act.neither directly the tremendo to the.patient or public nor directly impact.their care but have only in direct.relationship to the patient care or the.public how much doesn't know this I'm a.positive for a second all right so I.went and I got my dental instructor.textbooks just to see if there's a.chapter in it and believe it or not let.me show you guys if you use this book.which most schools do okay it's chapter.3 then all ethics and law modern Dental.Assisting this one it's also chapter 3.and then this one this one's chapter 4.which is modern Dental Assisting all.right so at least you know the chapters.to get your book open to let's continue.on if the board of dentistry finds a.license guilty of a willful violation.directly okay so country in the amount.of no less than 500 not more than 1000.type B so county in the amount of no.less than 100 not more than 500 type C.civil country is the mountain of less.than 50 not more than 100 not that's not.in that book and the border down she.finds their license guilty of willful.and knowledge.violation they know they done wrong I'm.just gonna go ahead and go with the tat.one because it's about money in a way so.let's see if we're right.I chose no less than five hundred not.more than a thousand for our carts.and that's wrong so don't choose that.one oh Lord I can feel this okay let's.see here.certification then a radiology is only.valid as long as the registered dental.assistant has a current registration if.the registration expires or is retired.the certification also consider expired.or retired.let's see may not exposed on all rounder.grass until the registration is.reinstated or reactivated the statement.is either true or Frost okay so let me.read it for myself certifications in.reality is only valid as long as rich.those as accomplished.of course isolation expires or is your.tires or expired tire truck let's go it.true.that is correct second pause the video.guys working on something for you guys.okay so next one I got7 right as a.registered dental assistant whose.registration has been retired me ringing.after active practice by doing which of.the following has been retired may.reenter active practice okay submit a.request for reactivation to the board.administration office pay the.registration renewal fee in the state.regulatory fee as provided by the board.administrative office C comply with the.continued education provisions provided.in the rows governing the practice of a.dental assistant which are applicable to.reactivation of retire registration or D.all above okay submit it I say you.shouldn't submit it pay the fees yes.comply what's the education you have to.do all of it I'm telling you it's a lot.of work to reinstate so here we go I'm.gonna go with all above that is correct.next one suspension is formally.disciplinary action which suspends a.likes me or registrants right to.practice for a fixed time is reportable.and I'd like to me needs profile this.statement is true or false so if someone.suspend it is a formal disciplinary.action to show that I'm gonna say true.there we go it is correct okay moving on.I got nine right so far and up here if I.wanted to stop save and continue later.it's frozen.each patient has the right to refuse any.diagnostic procedure or treatment and be.advised of the consequences of the.refusal unless well they yeah that's a.true but remember it's a lot of people.don't do this if you recommend.endodontic treatment or x-rays you have.to have them signed a refusal form that.they don't want the treatment we just.have to explain that you know they can't.diagnose unless they have all the.information to be me before them these.dentists you know because we can't.diagnose as dental assistants so let's.go true.correct.let's go to the next one which of the.following individuals will be eligible.to enroll in a Tennessee Board approved.dental biology certification course a.practical dental assistants a registered.dental assistant both of the above none.of the above which is a following.individual will be eligible to grow into.a dental rheology certification course.you need to be registered I tell my.students all the time.get your RDA then take your x-rays let's.see if.that is correct all right so we know.I've been teaching right okay let's.continue on if a license revoked then.the license may petition for.reinstatement a reapplication after row.0 4 6 0 - 0 1 - 0 6 in parentheses 1 a.minimum of one year after revoke Gration.of the time deemed by the board at the.time of relocation certain conditions.are met that were set forth by the board.appearance before the board of dentistry.at a scheduling meeting all the but if a.license is revoked then the license may.petition for reinstatement or.reapplication after a minnow 1 year.after it's been revoked or the time.deemed by the board I'm thinking by the.time team at the board so that's still a.certain conditions are met that were set.forth by the board I'm sure they're.going to tell you what you need to do.and I'm sure you have to appear before.the board so I'm going to say D of the.but it's very important to know the laws.it's kind of more I do this the more I.think it's a good thing.be less laws being broken our for our.continuing education credits are granted.for a Tennessee for approved cardio.pulmonary resuscitation CPR basically.recertification training class the.statement is true yes you have to have.CPR to renew that is a must and that is.correct.oh we're getting there we got 13 right.then all citizens may treat patients.under general supervision this statement.is true yes absolutely.what let me reread that this statement.is false totally practice as authorized.only in the office and under direct.supervision of a licensed dentist okay I.should have known better.I'm just recording in front of the.camera.but let's get that right this is.incorrect the statement is false under.direct supervision of a dentist not do.treatment all right.that sucks when the forming or assisting.in the performance of any intraoral.dental procedure in which blood or.saliva contact is a minute.the Center for Disease Control's.recommends the use of gloves masks are.protections for I feel all the above.okay let's go with ours above and I.redeem myself thank goodness you know.technically I've had a lot of dentists.have me do things that were not supposed.to do and I no longer work for them for.that reason so but you will be asked to.be doing things that are not your right.to do you know so make sure you know you.use your call on that one.but I figure they're getting paid you.know you guys if you're watching you.guys get paid the money so you have to.do your part if you want your assistance.I'm getting sidetracked off this desk.cause I don't want to do it but if um.you want your assistance to go ahead and.do more than pay for more education for.them because dental assistants do need a.pay increase in today's times I'm just.gonna throw that out there especially if.we all have to do this stuff all right.all right we're not having so much fun.if you fail to meet continued education.requirements before because of X turning.circumstances you may submit a written.request to the board for a waiver I.would say that's true I'm sure they're.understanding totally guessing oh thank.you thank you.all right if the board of dentistry.finds a licensee guilty a willful and.knowing violation of the Dental Practice.Act to the extent that those are likely.to be emitted substantially threat to.the health safety welfare of an.individual patient or the public then.the board can access a type a civil.penalty an amount no less than all of.these amounts of thing 500 not more than.a hundred for our clients might be civil.penalty in the mountain no less than a.hundred not more than 500 type C penalty.in the mountain no less than 50 not more.than a hundred per clients the board.then she finds most of the truthful and.knowing violation of the Dental Practice.Act to extent that there is likely to be.merit system threat to the health I.would say it's a lot once again I don't.know I could look it up on that other.page but I don't want to here we go.I take it again I'll take it again uh-oh.I got it right.thank goodness um this is so much fun.guys this is correct that the board then.she finds there like me guilty of.willful and knowing violation of the.Dental Practice Act to the extent that.there is or likely.Oh likely speaking of like please take.the time right now I give me a thumbs up.make sure you share this video with.people who are going to have to take.this exam it does help me at some point.it will help me.now I'm just trying to keep increasing.okay my um my time here so let's see.here.threat to the house so we got that right.try view three things at one time.multitasking just like a dental.assistant right okay you know I want.someone to us that I'm stalling again I.once went to a staff meeting at this one.office and they said that if you.multitask your ass actually slowing down.but I just can't see that in the.dentist's office we need to alright.continue this is number twenty two for.me the Board may grant a waiver of the.need to attend and complete the require.hours of continuing education and or.require CPR training in certain.instances the statement is true I say.they have a right to do what they want.okay it's the government Oh got it right.seventeen.okay registered dental assistant who has.received additional board approved.training may under direct supervision.direct supervision of a relation a.dentist perform which of the following.procedures if all the requirements as a.rule are deleting that procedure.I met row zero four six zero four six.zero - therefore - zero eight.parenthesis - crown polishing monitor.nitrous oxide applications of sealants.and exposure radiographs I will say e.all of the above because I have all.those if you don't have all those make.sure you're checking what your school.alright guys that is correct.registered dental assistants who have.received additional board approved.training may under direct supervision of.a licensed dentist perform all the.following procedures if all the.requirements of the rule regulating that.procedure are met pronto polishing.modern nitrous publication of sealants.and expose your rate of crafts I'm just.doing sealants I just teach it every now.and then right now so.a lawful license and duly registered.dentists may delegate which of the.following procedures to a registered.dental assistant who has received.adequate training and for which the.dentist's exercises direct supervision.and full responsibility except those.procedures which require professional.judgment and a skill of a tennis as.defined in the dental practice act all.rule of the board except those clinical.procedures which are primarily concerned.with the practice dentistry or dental.hygiene.except those procedures are allowed by.the dental practice SR rule board.specifically and solely to the license.of the dentist or licensed dental.hygienist d all the above I've.definitely got read this one for myself.lawful license or duly registered.dentists a dentist as I thought me.delegate which of the following.procedures to a registered dental.assistants who has received it and.trained antenna lines to write super a.fully responsible except those receipts.require professional judgments and skill.of a dentists as defined I would say I.would say a almost time to get my.daughter off the bus so I will have to.pause this except those clinical.procedures which are primarily concerned.with the practice of dentistry and.dental hygiene except those procedures.are allowed cated by the number I'm.gonna go with all above done done time.let's see here oh I'm right yay.okay a la folie license and duly.registered enters me delegate all the.fun procedures to a registered dental.assistant who has received etiquette.training and for which the dentist.exercises direct supervision and full.responsibility so I guess that that was.okay in the past then if they allow me.to do certain things and doctor said it.was okay and they took the fall for it I.don't lose too much work though except.those procedures which require.professional judgment and skill of a.dentist's professional judgment there.was one that yeah yeah yeah okay um.although I did a good job for that.patient um it's just yeah let's see here.dental hygiene except those procedures.are a lot of heated by the develop rises.I froze border pacifically and solely to.vison dentists.this is role 0 4 6 0 - 0 4 - point 0 8 I.work for general Dennis once and he had.me do everything you know with braces he.was allowed to do ortho but he entrusted.me to do everything and I did it and he.checked it but that makes sense because.he took responsibility for it but you.know guys I gotta stick with this.because I want to talk about the new so.bad so hang on a second ok and today is.Tuesday so therefore I get my daughter a.little bit later for me.she has club after school so this works.out for everybody here we go.probation is a formal disciplinary.action which places the license or.registration under close scrutiny for a.fixed period of time this action may be.combined with conditions which must be.met before probation is lifted yes I.will say they if you get in trouble you.have to get you know just like a child.gets discipline that is correct the.statement is true probation is a formal.disciplinary action which places the.licensee or restraint under a close.scrutiny for a fixed period of time this.actually may combine with conditions.which must be met before probation is.lifted score is 20 I need 5 more I.really do hope this helps you guys I.know it's nerve-racking getting started.in the field or if you're just busy.working in an office already and you.have to sit and take this exam please.share it which fo co-workers next and.licensed dental hygienists may serve as.a chair sight assistant this statement.is true oh I have so much to say about.this topic but I'm just gonna go ahead.and answer it I've met some other.hygienist I worked with yeah I can't I.can't I know about it I worked well.because I want more team left out there.for everybody but I've worked for some.hygienist I felt like you know they.didn't have to chip in and that's not.fair.um it's just not fair but then I've.worked with ones that will be a.go-getter and help out and what our.difference that is but we also have to.understand as dental assistants that.then all hygienists you know they do.have to scrape and clean and polish in.those tools constantly all day long back.to back to back or we might have some.free time so I don't want to get a whole.debate going let me just answer this.question just teamwork teamwork is so.important.you.and it's correct all right.going forward all right on a direct.supervision of the dentist's it.registered illnesses they can irrigate.and dry socket in place a socket.dressing yes.direct supervision I would say yes.because let's think about this the.permanent tooth is gone right mm-hmm and.it's a dry socket so it's just open and.I've done this many a time so let's see.let's see if I've done correctly I like.the choice I could pay smell I missed.that that is correct.yay 2200 22 we're getting closer all.right.losing it here hang on a second all.righty.moving forward surgical or exam gloves.can be washed and reused in between.patients thank god this questions so.simple believe it or not Foss come down.Theresa don't choose the wrong answer.when you know the right surgical exam.gloves can't be washed or reused in.between patients new knew never never.never never never answered the front.office phone which it gloves on I saw.that when I was going for interviewer an.office once hmm.don't do that next that's correct.please let me know if you guys like this.video a registered dental assistant with.a sealant application certification may.only place sealants under the direct.supervision of a licensed dentist I.would say.I should know this I would say.everything you have to do it.that is correct I do know it when in.doubt don't doubt yourself all right 30.blankest continuous presence of a.supervising dentist here we go with that.supervising Dennis again a lot of dads.probably gotten in trouble for this.stay focused within the physical.confines of the dental office when their.license or register employees perform.lawfully assigned duties and functions.direct supervision is a continuous.presence of the supervisors and dentists.within the physical combines and direct.indirect supervision is to continuous.presence of supervising dentists within.the physical science at the dental.office didn't say the dental treatment.rooms of the office when their license.our bursaries were formally assigned to.these and functions new general.supervision indirect I have my answer.came from me oh I just knew it in my gut.all right oh I should have known that Oh.Lord yeah you'll be taking it but see I.made this for you so you can fly through.it that is incorrect.direct supervision is that continuous.presence conceived but see I want to.beat that so bad because it's not in the.treatment room it's just within the.office but that's direct supervision i.overthink it so I need one more here the.agony I hate when I get one more on see.here for a registered dental assistant.to renew their license they must.complete blank hours every two.years of which hours require hours.should retain a chemical dependency in.completion of online juris fears and.ethics exam what's 20 - 2 - 24 - 2 - 23.for a residental system to renew their.license they must comply 20 hours every.2 years of which a week 24 12 each year.I should know that because I have that.video on Auditing so I'm old let's just.put it that way all the time just.kicking in but no let's break it down so.far registered dental assistants renew.their license they must apply 20 hours.every two years divide that into its.twelve and twelve so it's gonna be 24.and then I already know it's two hours.of chemical dependency so the answer is.going to be B.that is correct for registered dollars.is there any other license they must.comply 24 hours every two years of which.two hours of the require hours should.pertain to chemical dependency.completion of the online Jerry Spears.and ethics exam and look once 425 I got.my 25 right so I'm wearing what's gonna.happen next well once you hit the 25.correctly congratulations you have.successfully completed the state of.Tennessee dental juris peers exam this.serves as the only confirmation you will.receive regarded completion of exam.please print this page for your records.if you need confirmation of completion.please follow the instructions below the.future steps dental license renewal.update your license information to renew.your license or register please click.here.dental initial applications applicants.please allow the board I'm sure to.review your application to ensure your.dental license or registration I'll.require document supposed to receive.before your application would be.reviewed for a Provo okay so this is.when you first start enough right out of.school okay you gotta get all that.approval first to see then on license.reinstatement license needs to submit.application to the board to be.reinstated and you right there so it's.all listed right here notice to all.healthcare electronic notice option.general first 2013 a new law public.chapter 952 became effective requiring.all Tennessee health professional boards.to provide electronic notices to.healthcare professionals daily license.to see more click here so guys I'm not.going to keep you any longer that is it.for this exam and remember each state is.probably doing this so you'll have to.check what your state and Jewish bureaus.exam is.let me know if it's called the same.thing so I can help other dental.assistants around the world that's my.goal to do in my later years is just.keep helping people and please help me.by sharing this okay um don't judge me.for the ones I got wrong we all beat.ourselves up over any type of exam even.your instructor I'm just putting my.stuff out there to be wrong real with.you guys so you guys can be successful.in this career and for any dentists who.are watching this now you know what to.do and if you like to sponsor me you.know I have an email address links are.below.it will help so guys my next video I'm.coming up with is going to be about the.reflection of the news for 2019 there.was a lot in dentistry they're still one.that I haven't discussed yet and then.another thing is I'm going to while.we're in the mood for this Lisa I am.kind of sorta but do see ease and show.you how to start getting your free CES.online if you do not know how to do that.I just want to say that I hope everybody.is doing great out there I hope.everybody's being kind to one another.and I just appreciate all the love and.everything that I've been getting from.comments that people have been sending.to me it feels good to know that I'm.helping other people it's what we're.supposed to be doing while we're here on.earth so anyway guys please like and.subscribe if you haven't yet.you.you.

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