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food.is hot and you're just like you know.what I was gonna keep my head down not.look around eat as much as I can and get.out I'm the type of person I like to.just relax while I eat.as you get to the institution you know.if something goes on and code 33 pops up.you know you got to be prepared just to.put your food down and start running to.the code and it's all for a reason well.DC brings a sort of military bearing.that builds upon discipline you know.paying attention making sure that you're.working as a team so that you look good.as a consumer everyone some move in.unison everyone has said listen and act.accordingly they'd listen to the.commands and that teaches you how to.move as even has a worker how to work as.a team it's hard to work as a team if.you're only thinking about yourself you.need to you need to you need to gel.together you need to stop thinking only.about how it affects you and how how you.act and how everyone else acts affects.the team drilling ceremony if you've.never done it before it's a completely.completely strange beat there's some.people that know it there's military and.ex-military and those are some people.that you can actually lean on a little.bit and ask some questions after the.fact we practice DNC in the Patrick's.after we learned certain moves even.basic moves.day one we did the basic basic things.facing movements marching just making.sure we're all staying in step and then.they build upon it's just building.blocks bringing you up to where you.learn complex maneuvers and then trick.drill and then you work on your.different drill in ceremony for a family.day and then you continue to do it all.the way through because of graduation we.have to do drill and ceremony at.graduation so it's all revolves around.building a team and working as a team.being one cohesive unit as the weeks.gone by it's like you you really make.this bond and like you're marching.together and it just feels good you know.you get real proud of these guys I feel.like I'm not proud of you you guys came.a long way you know it's a lot it means.a lot.[Music].running we ran a lot here like six to.eight miles every other day I was used.to doing like a mile or two I have my.own pace but here is that the.instructors pace and we're just going a.lot round and round and round Seeger.[Music].if you have time to prepare just prepare.yourself you know you want to be in the.right shape to come in here you don't.want to come in here and expecting to.just fly by and not do nothing because.here they work you they work you here.they they expect you to know what you're.doing.just being in physically good shape is.always a plus because the end of the day.you don't you could probably not go home.and so get your partner it sucks because.they probably have family and you.definitely got a family and you want to.see that so being able to to get there.and help out if you need to is it's.definitely held close to my heart PT was.was heavy this is this was I don't wanna.say it was harder than the army but it.was most definitely something that I.would stack up next to him.[Applause].[Music].[Music].you have to make sure that you're ready.and you're prepared when you come from.PTA if you're not ready.you'll be weeded out and you'll be shown.that you're not ready and you either.have to one become ready very very fast.or two you're leaving you're not going.to stay here.[Music].our 35th annual torch run I'd like to.present to director Irvin your support.has given athletes a chance to learn.grow and know the joy in sports and.athletic competition through.participation in Special Olympics I.personally like to thank the Academy and.all the staff that worked so hard to get.you guys where you're at and bring you.guys out here today to share this with.us so I really appreciate it hope to see.all of you again in the future and good.luck to everybody as you move forward in.your careers.[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].but when you're in the circle with the.instructors you you automatically get.tunnel vision you focus on a person in.front of you you forget that there's.more instructors around you so you have.to be conscious that you're like.constantly move move your feet and look.around and just be aware of your.surroundings the thing I liked about it.though is it's kind of like being in a.dojo we're like that teacher will move.and they send you back on the mats and.you're you're rolling around you're.learning the move for like I would say.at least 20 minutes each each move so.you're definitely getting being able to.like feel out how your body position.should be especially with different.variations of a human being just absorb.everything they're teaching you because.at the end of the day you're gonna need.that stuff when you work in institution.[Applause].and when they say raise your hand if you.ever been punched in the face I think.maybe three or four hands came up in the.the ones that that had their hands down.the instructor said well don't worry.about because you're gonna be punched in.the face thousands of times over the.next ten days or so so that would.that'll change.you're in that circle you're looking.around there's that there's that oh my.goodness back there.experiencing what I experienced it makes.you want to train all the more because.you've realized that it is real it's.real you could be in a situation one day.and I want to live.[Music].[Music].[Music].the range is a lot different than I.expected you know I'm used to in the.military shooting that m9 and when I got.here the double actually trigger was a.lot different than I expected you know.in the beginning I was struggling a lot.and a lot of pressure start to come into.my head like wow like you know if I.don't get my stuff together this is.gonna be a problem they're gonna send me.home the week prior to us going to the.range I feel like everyone was you know.nervous like we did the PD is this.alright we passed it but now it's.arranged you know if you fail the Ranger.you're going home and you know you put.in all this time the ridge can be a bit.daunting for those who's never fired a.firearm before because first I'm firing.a firearm and then I don't know what.type of stigmas individuals have towards.that but it it can be a bit dull too it.could be a bit scary but once everyone.did it because you will do it a lot the.repetition kind of makes you more.acclimated to you okay it's not as scary.as I thought.it was definitely a learning curve but.the instructors are excellent they did a.great job of teaching you explaining.things and they even say that if you've.never shot before you're actually the.best person to work with because you.have no bad habits so you develop your.good habits from from scratch right from.there and they do an excellent job.teaching you and thankful to say I'm.still here so I did a pretty good job we.now know at least 100 people were.wounded not shooting and at least 20.people were killed including 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to use being now the.first class graduating is correctional.police officers you can be prepared at.any time whether you're on duty or even.off duty be able to respond to a.situation and hopefully alleviate any.problems before they do come we have.class every day there's exams every week.and there they're pretty serious if.you're not a strong learner I would say.spend most of your time in the barracks.studying academics is a lot harder than.I thought it would be you know you.really have to put time into the books.really go over your powerpoints and.really study the material because if you.just think oh like it's gonna be all.right I'll pass it's not that hard.you're not gonna pass you've really got.to put time into the books you're.sitting in class for six hours straight.and you're you're either looking at the.notes reading the notes answering.questions you're doing push-ups you're.they're gonna get smarter or stronger.you're getting graded on your.performance on the test it's not just.like you take the test and if you fail.you fail if you take the test you get.remediated and you're taking the test.again so you can't run from it you've.got to pass that test it's either you're.you're in class studying you're doing PT.or you're doing some for detail or.you're studying in in the barracks for.the test you have the next day because.it's it it's a very aggressive schedule.as far as the academics it with with.with reason though because there's a lot.that we need to know.my mother for my wake will they follow.I always wanted to be a correction.officer because my father was a.correction officer my dad's a very.squared away man you know everything.when it comes down to his uniform his.boots how he looks his hair and he's.always been my dad's the type of guy.he's always been on top of things you.know he's always been squared away.always coming to work 30 minutes early.45 minutes early you know that just he.just shows that he loved his job you.know he would do anything for this job.[Music].having your family be able to see you.here in the uniform out there marching.it definitely shows them it brings it to.life for them because just thinking in.their own minds you don't know what.they're picturing so bringing it to life.for them it makes it more real for them.too and then they further understand.what you're actually doing going through.and it's the sole to the officer because.if you want to be the officer you want.to be you got to be able to be yourself.because I didn't even get into an.institution yet and I know that 30 years.of locking yourself up with inmates is.going to be tough.and to be able to go home and have.people push you in the right direction.and keep you alive to keep you happy.especially doing the things you love if.you have kids seeing your kids happy.it's a lot a it makes the human thrive.[Music].[Music].you know going through it Academy's.pretty tough it's important to have a.support system you know somebody that.you can go home to or somebody you can.talk to outside of here somebody who's.not a training that she'd be like you.know I need to push this week you know I.need a reason to keep on going so yeah.my best friend helped me out help I've.called her many times Friday night.Saturday nights even Sunday nights when.I have to come back on Monday I'm just.like dude is this really what I want to.do and she's like go for it just keep on.pushing you're almost done a few more.weeks left you got this.[Music].I have a little sister I'm trying to.give her something to look up to.something to try to be better than.there's a lot of things out there that.can influence her I want to be one of.the things that makes it go in the right.direction as far as my parents my mother.and my father I want to be something.that they're proud of all the work and.energy they put into me.I don't want have to go to waste so.seeing them there seeing them support me.it it really brings home why I'm here.and who I am as individual.[Music].[Music].it feels great you know my dad's very.proud of me it's an honor honestly you.know to carry on the footsteps from.everything from joining the military.like my father now I'm in the.corrections like my dad it's honestly.like a dream come true you have to.really trust your team members you know.everyone has to know their own position.you know you we rehearsed it a few times.before we witness itself and he's gonna.remember you remember your job and trust.your team members to do their job you.got to really count on the person who.has to do a certain position to do their.job otherwise that it make you get up.and do whatever you want.run around jump up and down and you.still got to tackle them until he's.secure that's when that's when you guys.that's when you're done going in there.you have your plan but it's a very.dynamic situation things change and one.role might need to have to switch into.another role and one person might have.to take over for another person you let.them maybe be somewhere else.so being able to know what you have to.do where you have to be and then.silently communicate with your partners.and work as a team and accomplish your.goal during that salad traction is huge.and they prepare us very very well for.that we do a a lot of repetitions with.it and they they make sure that we have.it and we know exactly what's gonna.happen.[Music].there are those who try to focus on it.as individuals and they try to just run.in and individually do their thing and.they they didn't do as well and then.there was those who looked each other.had each other's back and they went in.as a team and they went about as the.team ends you saw that they were a lot.more successful in their tasks.this is here this is working with the.instructors I've been working to the.institution it's a hundred times more.stressful than it is here.so you just honestly you just got to.make sure you have your head all right.and you know just push through.once we pulled up to the to the.institution that's when the when it hit.to you're like man you know this is it.this is my career this is it for the.next 30 years until I retire searching.the cells is extremely important to the.safety of the officers and safe of the.institution we found a number of items.was in the garbage what I found was a.razor blade looks like it was torn off a.base shaving razor and he was taped.under the bathroom being a couple people.find shanks which is pretty awesome.because what's more personal find.something everyone's like alright we.need to get this stuff because people.are finding and stuff left or right.you're just like what am I gonna find it.I want to write a special we went in.there and I was you automatically feel.claustrophobic it's just things.everywhere documents everywhere it's but.it's a lot smaller than what I was.expecting I had one of my guys from my.platoon find a shank a nice nice little.shank what it was a piece of metal.wrapped around was they made the.clothing from the inmate but it feels.good finding something in the cells.because you know you never know like.working in the institution you don't.know what that guy wanted to use that.shank for it could have been to take a.officer's life ticket it may slide you.know it's just dangerous working the.facilities you know you try to find.anything that they make anything that.they I it makes you feel good when you.find it because you know that you made.that you made the prison a lot safer for.the inmates and for you so that moment.where you found that knife you you might.have saved someone's life.open your eyes open your eyes oh they.are doing OC and you ask around you ask.people about OC and they all say it is.the worst day of the Academy let's go go.33 behind Billy 21 at the CSTA it was a.lot it was a lot when you got something.burning your your cornea REO your.partner these assistants trying to get.this key open and it just wasn't hoping.in so right after the keys it was it was.in full effect so I had to go wrong to.the dummy I had to perform the strikes.then the baton.and then you got a cough it's very very.important to know the effects that it.has on number one you because you're.gonna be around them see so knowing how.it affects you is very important because.when it happens which we're told it.probably will happen that you know how.to control yourself and it's not such a.surprise let's go let's go what are you.in your eyes middle Roxy you have to.open your eyes in order to see sir.open your eyes middle lock that's not.middle you have to just maintain your.bearing it even though it sucks and you.you barely can keep your eyes open you.know you just have to keep on pushing.and get the mission done.[Music].[Music].good extension Salma's doing fine but.you let see my no sir Jules retire.[Music].you don't want to give up because if.you're in the institution and you happen.to get OCD and your buddy next to you is.getting beat up now you still have to do.what you got to do so his he could go.home and see his family he will help me.see your phone.[Music].alright guys congratulations I'm making.it up to this point okay remember the.sacrifices that it took for you to get.here especially from your loved ones how.do you do that wear the uniform right.show up to work show up to work and be.able to perform okay last thing I'll.leave you is a test for you brought you.here to see good courage will get you to.walk across stage.[Applause].all right good luck now make sure I stay.out of trouble all right okay.[Music].right Wow time flies we were just.talking about in the barracks really man.we're just I remember day one we were.just getting yelled at by instructor.Kyle you know but our bags run into the.female backs and we're like no way we're.not gonna you know make it and then now.that we're here is just like wow you.know we really really pushed through.we're here.they said in the very beginning that you.will not be given anything you won't.earn everything that you got and I can.say that no one here just was given.anything they've worked for it.all the all the all the pride all the.energy all the expectations placed upon.me I wants to meet those and exceed them.they've actually gonna be corrections.officer which I want them to do.throughout high school which is crazy.because it's here so I graduated I'm in.the Academy now I'm here so it's.actually crazy that it's it's finally.here and I could finally do the job that.I've been looking forward to do.[Music].

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CocoSign is a browser based application and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the most productive method to e-sign their Nj Certificate Of Correction 1996 Form .

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