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it's time for camp building company.today's topics include chopped up folks.saying no to City Hall bond measure on.today's show potential grocery workers.strike in Oregon also on today's show.Portland's Antiques pop problems also on.today's show Arizona snow flake afraid.of coffee drinking cops these stories.and more today on Canfield & Company.welcome to Canfield & Company I'm your.host Rob Canfield it's the show where we.talk about things that I'm interested in.and hopefully you'll be interested in.them too we've got a few good topics.today the first topic that we're going.to talk about is a potential grocery.store workers strike in the Portland.area this is from well I'm a week.according to over lemon week roughly.10,000 Portland area workers with united.food in commercials worker local 5 5 5.voted to authorize a strike against.Albertsons Fred Meyer qfc and Safeway.the article also says employers in other.Oregon towns and Southwest Washington.will vote this month the next according.to United Food and Commercial Workers.also according to the ulema Week article.workers are opposing the company's.resistance to increase wages of course.they are and union negotiations have.been underway for over a year now.according to the Willamette week article.the union also alleges that Fred Meyer.pays women employees 3 dollars and 70.cents.our less than their male counterparts on.average also from the well I'm a Twix.article the United Food and Commercial.Workers statement said and I quote Fred.Meijer own data demonstrates that they.are overwhelmingly likely to hire women.into these lower paid positions.that's according to United Food Workers.commercial U and in our USD W that's.according to their a statement of course.the union negotiations with the Union.and the stores are confidential of.course but I know like you we are I'm.actually hopeful that the Union and the.grocery stores can solve and settle this.contract worth having without having to.have a strike go on this would not only.be devastating to the non-union.employees at the grocery stores but it.would also provide a great hardship for.everyone who shops at these grocery.stores now.even though I am a conservative I am.once upon a time I was a labor rep for.Communication Workers Local 7 901 back.in the day I was an RN a representative.and I stood on the picket line back in.the day with my fellow Union brothers.and sisters while the negotiations went.on and that's why I sincerely hope that.the negotiations will and soon and with.without the necessity for strike so just.an example of how devastating a strike.can be for families and employees the.first time I went on strike against the.AT&T back in the old Bell system the old.phone company days.I blew if I remember crooked was 1983.and we were out for about three weeks.roughly three weeks so you don't get.paid for three weeks you don't get paid.you go on the picket line my job.basically is a strike captain now would.get up at odhh dark thirty bring.doughnuts and coffee to all the people.on the.picket lines but the thing is three.weeks without pay and my wife also.worked for the phone company at the time.so we had two incomes where we had zero.income if we had gone on strike for.another month or not another month or.another couple of weeks that would have.been pretty much it it for us now take a.look long-term yeah folks go on strike.even if you get a raise.I'm not sure exactly what raise amount.the UFCW is looking at but even if the.employees get a raise you will never get.back the money that you lost going on.strike.you take amount amount of the money for.a family three weeks wages okay you lose.that if you're on strike for three weeks.you will never get that back it's operon.it's opportunity money that you will.never ever see again I totally support.if there's a union union shop in any.company they of course have the right to.negotiate and if they can't come to a.settlement they also have a right to.strike now it's on strike two times when.as a representative for the phone.company.it's no fun nobody wins in a strike so.I'm hoping that they settled it with.that having going strike I know a lot of.you out there are union members and you.know what I'm talking about.you want to stay solid you want to stay.strong seriously I just hope Safeway.store Fred Meyer the other stores out.there I hope you can settle with the UFC.wo UFCW I hope you settle too I just.been there I know what it's like so I.can sympathize I've been on both sides.of a strike I've been on the management.side of the strike and I've been on.being inside of a strike it just a.lose-lose situation for everybody so I.hope they'll spoke at the bargaining.table will come to their mutually.agreeable solution not everyone gets.what they want.and negotiations you everybody has to.give a little bit so I hope the two.sides can come together and prevent.strike like that well that's it for this.topic well.be right back after this with another.topic on Canfield & Company.[Music].I will come back to Canfield and company.I'm your host Rob Canfield topic number.two today is a local topic having to do.in my hometown of Troutdale Oregon back.in May 28th the Troutdale City Council.voted 6 to 1 to send a 7.3 million.dollar general obligation bond in.November's election for the rehab.rehabilitation of the City Hall which.was at 104 South Kipling now as a.reminder folks the City Hall was vacated.in 2001 because the building was.condemned by building inspectors because.of feeling rafters and stretched stress.roof beams that's right the building was.condemned in 2011 because of stress.rafters and failing rafters and roof.beams that's right the building.inspector condemned the building now I.operate a the Facebook Cade page called.we love Troutdale Oregon on Facebook you.can look it up right now we love.Troutdale Oregon on Facebook and I asked.a question on the Facebook page would.you vote yes or no for this bond measure.for a new City Hall and it's almost.unanimous and it's not scientific or.anything that I just asked everybody.question would you vote yes or no on.this bond to seven and a half million.dollar bond to replace City Hall here.are just a few of the comments from my.wheel of Troutdale Oregon Facebook page.regarding whether or not would you vote.yes or no to vote on the general.obligation bond to fix up and replace.the council City Hall to its original.condition.let's see where will should we start.here a counselor Randy Lauer city.councilor Randy Lauer in Troutdale said.no Thank You Randy Lauer let's see.where's else.we've got someone that says here seat of.Trousdale sold out there citizens when.they change the zoning laws regarding.apartments at 248 second and Cherry Park.Road so in the end it said I could if I.would vote no on City Hall to restore it.here's another comment a writer wrote if.the city wants to restore it then the.mayor and council people should pay out.of pocket I like that one now let's see.another person said sell to private.investors and let them do as they wish.it would be better than any government.agency can do the money earned could be.put to put good use another commenter.said I said if I still live in Troutdale.I would vote no nothing about special.about that building other than it is old.and pulls that one councilors heart Dave.Redmon let's see here we go another.person said oh hell no you're also.probably considering hiring out-of-state.consultants as well so let's see another.person wrote hell no but they don't care.about what residents have to say hence.the new apartments going on in stark and.cherry Park and another writer on the.wheel of Troutdale Oregon Facebook page.writes if this building were properly.maintained over the years then there.wouldn't be such a high price tag now.though a total money pit absolutely not.and here's another comment on that we.love trapped on Facebook page about the.general obligation bond to rebuild City.Hall he says voters won't let the city.rip us off again like they did with the.police station no way sell the place.don't ask for money from hard-working.homeowners that don't have police.officers to help and another person.wrote the city neglected to do regular.maintenance which led to the building.following into disrepair for over a.decade that's pretty much true nope nope.nope nope nope nope nope nope no no no.no no tons of knope's in terms of.comments so I urge you to go to the we.live trout to.Facebook page to read the comments.yourself but mostly and this is not a.scientific poll by any stretch of the.imagination but just so folks going into.my little wheel of trout to a Facebook.page the almost all folks said no we're.not going to support 7.3 million dollar.general obligation bond for the ego of.one city councilor of course the.longtime proponent of rebuilding the.city hall the old city hall is Troutdale.city councilor did Ripa he wanted a.restoration of this old old City Hall to.its original use and he convinced.apparently the councillors the restoring.the building was a good deal but let's.see if it's a good deal shall we let's.take a look at the facts so if you're.looking at a 7.3 million dollar general.obligation bond spreads over 20 years.you the Troutdale voters would be paying.four hundred to five thousand dollars.per year for the bond debt service four.to five hundred thousand dollars a year.for 20 years just to pay for a new City.Hall as a monument basically to David.Redmond.he seems like he wants to city to spend.7.3 million dollars on a monument to.basically to himself this is my opinion.okay to my opinion if you disagree with.it you can write the show 7.3 million.dollars again four to five hundred.thousand dollars a year is what.Troutdale voters would be paying for for.the debt service on a 20-year general.obligation bond now contrast debt.service for twenty years of four hundred.to five hundred thousand dollars a year.why doesn't the city just continue to.lease space in downtown Troutdale for a.cost of only about sixty thousand.dollars per year so let's figure it out.four hundred thousand dollars a year for.20 years.or $60,000 a year to continue leasing.space in downtown Toronto remember folks.this is a 21st century we have all sorts.of technology we have all sorts of.things like Skype email video.conferencing I fail to see why as new.City Hall is necessary especially for.the Outland just price four to five.hundred thousand dollars a year for debt.service sixty thousand dollars a year in.leasing space it sounds much more.reasonable there's no reason in this day.and age for all city employees to be.under one on one roof there is video.conferencing there is Skype there is.email all sorts of things and this the.city staff can always go to the the.conference center at the police station.if they want to have a large meeting of.staff there's plenty of room plenty of.room there but the logical thing is to.use modern technology to get everyone.together video conferencing email that.sort of thing or go to the community.center building and there's plenty of.space for conference but for the ego and.the the insistence of one city.councillor David retina to tell the city.you must build 7.3 million dollar.monument to recreate an old tottering.city hall I think it's kind of.ridiculous now one thing to keep in mind.too is the hill that the City Hall is.currently on it's constantly moving is.constantly moving so even if they.reconstructed a City Hall they'd still.be have the problem of this hill already.shifting come on folks let's get you.real let's get real don't buy this.song-and-dance boondoggle for one city.councilor David Rimba for City Hall for.7.3 million dollars the city is.perfectly capable continue leasing space.like they are now everybody's happy.they've been actually leasing a space in.the.of Troutdale 4 since 2001 for 8 years so.what's the big deal.continue leasing leasing the property.you can save you can save the city money.by continuing to least at least a office.space come on folks let's get real it is.the 21st century yeah for one for the.ego of one city councillor Dave rip back.rebuild his precious City Hall okay Dave.I'll tell you what if you'd like to.rebuild City Hall I give you my full.permission to write the city a check for.7.3 million dollars to rebuild the old.city hall you have my permission to do.that well that's it for this topic we'll.be back right after this with another.topic right here on Canfield & Company.[Music].welcome back to can field and company.I'm your host Bob Canfield we have.another interesting a topic today.something that has been in the news.lately and that are the anti-shah riots.in downtown Portland according to the.Portland a Tribune the Portland Police.Chief supports a proposed law wearing.masks while committing a crime during a.press conference back on.looks like July 3rd but I'm quoting here.from the Portland Tribune Arkell it said.in her first public comment since the.latest protests roiled downtown Portland.police chief daniel outlaw on wednesday.defended four officers the mayor and.their response to the near riot that.drew national attention she forcely.defended mayor Ted wheeler saying that.never mayor never gave direction to.stand down never and she said her.officers did a really good job given the.circumstances throughout the day and.they were very fluid.there were entities that planned a brawl.in the city of Portland and no one seems.to be upset about that and I don't know.that they were protesting because they.came to fight that's right that's all.they came to do and she also noted that.she and the mayor tried lost last.November to place a time place and.manner ordinance that would help the.police get ahead of the planned brawls.but somehow I think they are confusing.First Amendment right of free speech.with brawls I think that especially.mayor we wheeler thinks that an tyfa.beating up on undefended people in.downtown portland is a free speech right.i just believe that i also believe that.mayor ted wheeler of portland is.entirely in the wrong on his non action.towards these continuing cases of.violence that anta phi is doing what is.what's the deal what is the deal I don't.understand.Portland is becoming a playground for.the violent folks that go with auntie.Fong I just hope that Ted wheeler and.the rest of the City Council will at.least make their best to attempt to pass.an ordinance that is legally defensible.to prohibit folks from wearing masks at.these protests why would you what to.wear a mask except if you are doing.something illegal like beating up.innocent people this this entire ordeal.of people being injured and beat up.downtown as a travesty and it just.really has hurt for many many years D a.reputation of Portland how many of you.ask ourselves how many of you really.would look forward to spending some time.in downtown Portland how many would you.like to do this after all the mayor has.allowed antiphon did to close streets at.random Street the intersections at.random in downtown and the the police.you can see in YouTube videos the police.are just standing by they let the NFL.folks.block traffic and they damage folks cars.are driving by but this latest incidence.of just a mass beat down that ant if I.was giving basically innocent people is.ridiculous.perhaps mayor wheeler thinks that.beating people up is a form of free.speech what is not other cities have.passed ordinances that prohibit folks.from wearing masks during during the.protest come on folks.come on folks let's get real.city of Portland you need to fix this.problem before more people get hurt well.that's about all I have to say for this.particular topic I know a lot of people.have a lot of opinions on it but between.you and me I'm not going downtown I'm.not gonna go down there right now to.downtown Portland I like it out in.Troutdale as if for this topic we'll be.right back after this with another topic.on canceling company that's right.[Music].welcome back to Canfield & Company I'm.your host Rob Canfield we have another.topic to talk about I thought was a.pretty fascinating this is an article.from Tempe Fox 10 Phoenix in Phoenix.Arizona.according to the article and I'm quoting.here a some Tempe if police officers.were forced to take their coffee to go.at Starbucks in the East Valley seat of.Tempe where officers claimed a Starbucks.employee asked them to leave the store.on July 4th now the Fox 10 spoke with.the president of the tempus Officers.Association who said a customer told a.Starbucks employee they felt unsafe.because of the number of officers in the.store according to Tempest Tempe police.officer Association officials a group of.five Tempe officers had just bought.their drinks and stood near the front of.the Starbucks and that's when a.Starbucks barista made the request for a.customer and so the police officers they.left now the Fox station learned that.two of the officers were veterans were.offended well duh and frustrated about.what happened on Friday and they.actually took to social media and said.dump Starbucks with a photo now the cool.thing is Starbucks responded pretty.immediately and they apologized they.said that a quote this is Starbucks we.have deep respect for the Tempe Police.Department and its service to our.community we have reached out to.understand better what may have happened.in our store and to apologize for many.Anderson misunderstanding or.inappropriate behavior that may have.taken place it's kind of hard to believe.folks isn't it the amount of 10.tolerance and snowflake ism that's out.there you're sitting at a Starbucks and.some officers come in and order some.coffee and you complain that hey.I don't feel safe with five police.officers in the Starbucks please ask.them to leave yeah that's what one of.the customers said and the Starbucks.employees asked the officers can you.leave and of course the officers being.impolite folks if they were they they.said yes.we'll leave but come on you're telling.me you're an average citizen you're.inside of Starbucks and you're feeling.it it's unsafe that the police officers.are inside the Starbucks you know if it.were me I I'm really happy.anytime I meant any location and there's.a police officer there a member of law.enforcement there I feel a lot safer but.some folks they're so sensitive this is.yeah there's no flicks are so sensitive.that I'm offended there's police.officers and I can't drink my coffee.because I'm so offended I feel.uncomfortable with police officers in a.store oh brother.you'd like to come on this show and talk.about something that you disagree with.me on my invite you to come on the show.all you need to do is shoot me an email.our Canfield at Robert Canfield dot-com.yeah our Canfield at Robert Canfield.calm if you'd like to come on the show.anything that I've talked about that you.disagree with I'd be happy to have you.on the show you could also look at some.of my previous shows on our website.which is at Robert Canfield calm again.our website where you can watch previous.shows is Robert Canfield calm we also.have a youtube channel which is Canfield.& Company just go onto YouTube and.search for Canfield and company we have.several shows you can watch all shows we.also have a Facebook page under.cancelling company if you want to do it.that way again if you have anything that.you disagree with me on you can shoot me.an email.tell me about why you disagree with me.at our Canfield at Robert Canfield calm.that's our Canfield at Robert Canfield.calm you can see previous shows again at.our website which is Robert Canfield.calm you can also go to a.YouTube channel directly just go on.YouTube and search for Canfield and.company and we also have a convenient.Facebook page what's the name of course.duh Canfield and company well that's it.for this portion of Canfield on company.I want to thank you for watching and I.hope all of you have a great Canfield.and company day.[Music].[Music].[Music].

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