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State Of Alaska Bidders Registration 2014 2019 Form : Draft, Finish and share

[Music].[Applause].it's unfortunate that we still have to.talk about this subject but I'm glad you.all showed up on the night that I spent.an hour with this to learn some more I.am Craig Merrill I'm with the League of.Women Voters if you've not prepared them.the league is a nonprofit nonpartisan.organization with a mission to educate.voters on issues of vital importance.hence offshore testing and drilling if.you haven't signed in if you would do.that sometime before you leave just try.to keep track of our numbers to know how.effective we are at getting our meeting.announcements out command if you'd like.to join the league the league membership.person was kind enough to give me some.forms now we are gonna get kicked off.tonight with a few words from mr. water.the chairman of the Dare County Board of.Commissioners who if any of you have.seen him I was telling tonight and you.see him speak on this you think you're.listening to a preacher he's very.passionate about this and we're very.happy if you join us thank you promise I.will do that to you Greg thank you so.much for having me thank you for letting.me say a few words.this is passionate I before I do say a.few words.I always preface every every comment.that I make about offshore oil and gas.and seismic testing I am 100% supportive.of the United States of America bid.energy independence make that clear.right now I'm totally for that but in.this particular case offshore drilling.when our coast is would be devastating.for us Craig asked me to bring you up to.date where the board is and I'll try to.do that.few bit of just a short protected under.Michael's got a lot to cover but I don't.board unanimously whatever has passed.resolution after resolution after.resolution and opposition offshore oil.and gas seismic testing our beaches I.don't have to tell you or the driving of.our tourism economy our beaches require.ongoing attention it's obvious we've.done this 100 million dollars at beach.nourishment in the last seven or eight.years with three major projects but.Sidon being the latest the twenty three.billion the northern beaches Kitty Hawk.duck southern shores Kill Devil Hills.forty to forty seven billion dollars to.the exact said you have seven years ago.getting ready to do a maintenance.project in 2019 this is our economic.engine folks we cannot we cannot under.any circumstance spin take away the one.point two billion dollar industry that.our turn us bring to the beaches we.support over 13,000 jobs in Dare County.we generate one hundred and two million.dollars in taxes for this state the.coast of North Carolina if you if you.look at the home of the coast of North.Carolina that's three billion dollars to.the state of North Carolina and and I.don't have to tell you that that's.critical for the economics of the state.of North Carolina commercial and.recreational fishing I had any mention.that let me just give you the numbers on.that twenty two thousand five hundred.jobs additional and commercial the.recreational fishing seven hundred and.eighty seven million dollars in revenue.folks that these are huge numbers it's.critical let me just give you some sista.statistics between 2001 and fifteen that.this is going to probably astound you.that you probably not gonna believe this.but I don't make this up I don't make.this.700 offshore petroleum spills that.discharged four point nine three million.barrels over five million barrels of oil.now let me just say I was I was horrible.in high school when it came to math but.let me do some numbers do this math 14.years times 365 days that's 51 tizen.days 700 spills divided by that 51 10.days as 7.3 spills every 27.3 days every.seven point three days as a spill four.point nine three million barrels divided.by the seven hundred spills is five.thousand eight hundred and forty-seven.pearls a day okay folks now I've been.everywhere with mayor Cahoon as it is in.the room tonight he and I went we were.guests to the governor's over a year ago.to sail with I've met with secretary.thank you face to face as close as.myself and this gentleman in a green.shirt right here I've met with the.governor I've met with Senator Burke.partially in his office I've met with.God rest his soul.our good representative generous and.I've met with tells Telesis he's.waffling folks well guess what I got a.phone call tomorrow morning 11:00.o'clock with two of his element and.legislative assistance in Washington DC.and his let LA and grayble to have had.this particular compás conversation with.them about offshore drilling he's got.he's got to get on he's got to get on.the bad way he's got a support the mayor.Gainey's she's not here tonight but.she's leaving tomorrow with.from the surf rap they're going up good.because we got to keep the pressure over.we have got to keep the pressure old so.I've met with all of these folks I was.at a rally last year in Raleigh to talk.about this.this is economic engine we can not.afford and I'll repeat it time after.time to jeopardise up 1.2 billion dollar.industry on our beaches that brings our.livelihood that that puts us to work.that makes us go to work if we're.sitting ducks how many of y'all are.familiar with Taylor energy oil spill.raise your head raise your now my.coochie once again I don't make this up.2004 Hurricane Ivan came in at a Gulf of.Mexico it's becoming now the worst oil.spill in US history government analysis.say this spill could soon surpassed the.3.1 million bales that leaked into the.Gulf of Mexico from the BP Deepwater.Horizon spill and disaster in 2010 there.were six years before the Deepwater.Horizon six years have two people.industry mother do myself know about why.did this happen the problem is.hurricanes and we don't have the floor.so bad and it's so difficult that those.wells are so deep they have not in here.we are in 2018 have not capped those.wills.wills the federal government says this.could continue through the centuries.continued to the century the Taylor.energy worked with the federal.government to try to do a mitigation.plan and they kept it secret they were.trying to get it all done.you didn't hear about it you know how we.discovered the Taylor energy oil spill.you'd have we discovered they were doing.some testing in the Gulf from the.horizon in 2010 and they discovered the.Taylor printed something come down into.the sky and put Sankey back in office.because he started changing just in the.two October he said they're out there.because we have three we have three.canyons off our coast if you do the math.and you bring it to someone you put.everybody at all that you you bring.and pull out of there that they they.estimate that's out there and then you.refine it once you were fat it.we got 140 good refineries in the United.States of America and they all all of.them at the laughs a lady they said they.need to they need work done but the.federal government's red tape and allow.them to do it so we can only we can only.do 16 billion barrels barrels a day.million barrels a day export for God's.sake do it and do the math and you can.and all the lives out there and you.refine it we can provide enough.petroleum for the United States of.America for 57 days 57 days folks I am.NOT making this up I'm telling you I'm.not making it up it's tax it's tax-free.history study Burkhart is now trumpets.put him in he's put him in he was the.deputy sector let me tell you just a.couple more statistic and I'll get out.of your handed y'all's really talk to a.real professional it's gonna come up.here but I'm passionate about this folks.this is my this is my home and I make a.living here just like y'all are gonna do.we can not afford to do this.I presented all these facts Bizet.secretaries Hankey Jim right to his face.sitting at the table with and I said mr..secretary I said I'm not here to argue.with you I'm here to give you some.alternatives the alternatives are that.we have ten own producing states to.Texas as the Carolinas the Montana some.list goes over to the others on that.they want to be in that business and.you've got the proper ways to do all of.that and all companies don't want to.drill offshore it's too costly it's too.costly so I said mr. secretary there's.there's ways to do this but you do you.realize that the United States of.America has the largest.all deposits in the world 2.7 2 trillion.barrels we haven't even touched it I.know you got a frack to do it now I'm.opposed to fracking trust but there's.places in the United States that can.track that will not affect your aquifers.if we frack here on the East Coast we.would affect we would affect our.aquifers so I'm highly opposed to that.is will so I give them alternatives and.but let me just say a couple more.statistics and then once again I'll tell.you like I said Michael can come up here.and really give you something real I.gave you the passionate side he's going.to give you some real storm facts about.like the pros and cons of actual.drilling you don't love me see you will.love this burning heart deputy secretary.Barnhart completed a new favorite at.least 19 policy actions that were.requested or supported at least 16 of.his former clients as while he was.Deputy Secretary of attorneys during the.government shutdown burners recalled.employees back to work that we're.getting paid to issue drilling permits.both offshore.through the mountain west and our.analyst in the government found out the.dozens of drilling permits were approved.during the shutdown where for companies.that serve only boards of major trade.associations that were recent clients a.Bernhardt and his Lance's according to.data from the borough safety.environmental now you 71 off.for drilling permits were approved.during the shutdown.7150 three of those permits for.companies that sit on boards once again.of directors for the National Ocean.Industry Association a major drilling.trade association and former Bernhardt.clay there folks start writing the.letters start getting out I'd go.tomorrow if I could get in front of.Bernhardt I've been in front of acted.bones secretary uh Kurt shank as well.I've sat in front of him and said the.same thing to his scientists on his.board ground he's all fall offshore he's.up he's all about the world we had got.to write letters we've got to get in.front of our legislators and we got to.get this done.this Republican and Democratic issue.seven governors all the way down the.lawsuit a mixture of Republicans and.Democratic governors this should not be.this should not be a partisan issue it.should not be a partisan issue and then.you got the crazies to say well let.Magendie drill you know we won't get it.[Applause].break I mean I was amazed mentality of.our legislators family let me just say I.wish Danny was back here she was back.[Music].off shore drilling telling some they.lack enough oil to be included anyway.hello you're ticking away keys and I was.up on mountain according to state.officials and transcripts transcripts.now for public hearings st. he told.officials from the six states they will.be pleased and happy with the final play.those states including New Hampshire.Maryland North Carolina made ordered and.Washington Washington and finally last.but back here in December the lawsuit.against the National Marine fishery.service and federal officials was filed.in South Carolina buoyed by a coalition.of local and national nongovernmental.organizations but united states along.the East Coast governors and attorney.generals have joined the lawsuit.challenging the key boom by the Trump.administration that could allow offshore.oil and natural gas or the Atlantic cuts.States jointed once again Connecticut.Delaware Maine New Jersey New York North.Carolina Virginia for existing business.this is huge for us you know I could.talk all night long about it give you.tons and tons and tons of statistics I.believe in facts and not fiction and I.do a lot of study on this topic and I.know what I'm talking about because I.looked at different groups and weighed.all the different groups information I.go on go on.I want to hear public comment I want to.see public comment I want the record to.be to be showed this at what's out there.I'll share one more thing with you to.kneel us as telling Jenna I was sitting.this close as you may right across the.table meditating right here and I'm.looking at Zhang Qian right in the end.and zank he looks at me he says mr..Witter.you're already drilling I said I beg.your pardon.he said you're already drilling off the.coast.since mr. great epic Philip me he said.when you do it with unique Beach nerds I.said what you see you doing Bibi shirt I.said we're pumping seinen Annie's with.three miles offshore we're taking seven.feet off the top of a of a sandpit and.we're pumping it sucking it into a piece.of equipment offshore and in pumping it.ashore.Danny drilling six politely disagree.with you mr. secretary so maybe that's.why I changed this man I don't know but.Tillis thank you.[Applause].thanks Bob you know if I could put one.anecdotal exclamation point on that I.was raised in Southern California and.they had an oil spill six miles off the.coast of Santa Barbara 50 miles south of.where I lived in 1969 when I got to the.beaches in 77 and 78 I thought getting.black sticky stuff on your feet was.normal I did not know otherwise and I've.talked to people who have been there in.the 90s and it's the same thing there's.no tourists there there's nothing so.without further ado our guest speaker.tonight is Michael Flynn Michael comes.from the North Carolina coastal.Federation where he is a coastal.advocate his job and is to reach out to.the community make us smarter and more.aware of things and he's kindly agreed.to come and give us the latest.information on what's going on the.offshore drilling be gentle with Michael.he's also working on a PhD in his spare.time Thank You Craig appreciate the.introduction and thank to the League of.Women Voters for inviting me tonight and.for chairman Woodard for giving this.kicked off right with a lot of energy.here and appreciate the passion you have.for this topic and the exemplary.leadership the entire Dare County Board.of Commissioners as well all the.communities up and down the beach my.wife Alice and I moved here in March.will be two years and we've continuously.been reconfirmed that moving here was a.great decision great place to live work.and play and I want to keep it that way.a year ago yesterday many of you joined.me on a bus trip to Raleigh to attend.the boom open house and here we are.today moving along that process and so.the presentation I prepared has been.more informational walking us through.the kind of the procedures and keeping.us up to date on where we are first with.seismic testing and then I'll talk about.the development of the for put release.of the proposed plan we had the draft.proposed plan and now we're approaching.the release of the proposed plan after.that let's see if it works I'm gonna.give you a quick overview kind of about.offshore seismic surveys we hear seismic.testing seismic blasting seismic surveys.various terms all being the same thing.we'll talk about the specific impacts of.the actual air gun blasts and some of.the research that's been done to kind of.investigate impacts the marine life or.megafauna or whales that we're seeing.down to the small tiny phytoplankton.krill that the whales feed on kind of.the basis of the food chain I'll review.the five permit applications that have.been submitted and received incident of.harassment authorizations talk about the.permitting process and then the existing.litigation that you may have heard so.first I'm gonna see we have a nice.two-minute video it kind of shows.portrays a glamorous activity of seismic.surveys and we'll see if I'm able to get.this to play but it is interesting there.you go online you don't really see any.video of the actual seismic surveys.being conducted a lot of CGI some of the.richest energy reserves in the world are.just off our US shores waiting to be.discovered in a government owned area.lying three to two hundred miles out to.sea.an advanced exploration technique called.seismic survey is the first step to.unlock this precious resource needed to.ensure America's energy security.offshore exploration is highly regulated.and performed only in government.licensed areas following strict.guidelines that protect the vital.elements of our marine ecosystem well.before seismic survey operations begin.safety precautions go into effect to.protect marine life animal movement and.behavior patterns are analyzed and any.areas of concern are closed to seismic.surveys during operations visual and.acoustic monitoring is used to detect.marine mammals that may be present.seismic surveying uses compressed air.released into the water to create sound.waves that penetrate deep into the.subsurface rock at the bottom of the.ocean to give animals that may be.sensitive to this sound.time to leave the area the surveying.process begins with a soft start a.technique that gradually increases sound.to full operational levels the survey is.conducted by a ship towing a compressed.air gun which fires in regular intervals.and a large array of sound sensors that.record how long it takes for the sound.to bounce back from the layers of rock.under the seafloor from the recorded.data detailed three-dimensional maps are.produced these provide engineers the.information they need to develop a.production plan in order to tap the.highest yield reserves the maps also.pinpoint the safest and most efficient.drilling locations eliminating.unnecessary drilling and reducing the.number of dry wells.if visual observers or acoustic.monitoring devices detect sensitive.marine life in the vicinity at any time.during the survey process then all.operations stop immediately and are.restarted only when the area is clear.offshore exploration using seismic.survey and proven safety measures that.protect the marine environment enables.our nation's economy to grow and ensures.our energy security for future.generations.well I'm in and it seems pretty good.yeah you got the humpback whales jumping.over majestically what could go wrong.and it kind of give some understanding.on how loud these actual individual.blasts are pain tolerance here in about.130 decibels where the rock-concert.having a good time.or stand at the airport 140 decibels the.decibel scales on logarithmic scale so.it sounds like it's an increase of 10.doesn't sound like much but we start.getting up to seismic area gun blasting.since it's on a logarithmic scale it's.about 100,000 times louder than a rock.concert and we'll talk a little bit.about that what's being proposed these.vessels would be trailing along their.air gunner rays sending that blast on.about 10 seconds to 60 second intervals.for the lowest amount of time I saw was.between 4 and 5 months and the longest.amount of time was up to about a year at.308 days is what was projected in the.application they sent of continuous.testing or some of the impacts right.they're gonna start firing it up.gradually everybody's going to get out.of the area it's cool we're gonna let.them continue one of the concerns we.have not just one vessel out there but.there's five companies who submitted.applications and we've seen kind of.historically impacts that some of the.larger megafauna our stations the whales.porpoises right use echolocation it's.disrupting their feeding behavior mating.can cause impaired hearing loss over.time I've seen Beach strandings occur.some of this has been documented in some.of the literature out there some of the.newer stuff we're seeing right loud.noises or getting out the mammals out of.the area who use echolocation but what.about the really small phytoplankton.that those organisms feed upon and we're.seeing it some of the studies have.documented about 50% mortality rates for.the food source that basis to the food.chain so up and down the food chain.there we're seeing impacts this one I'm.going to skip over the video for now now.dr. avery packs and she had been.studying down at Duke I believe.conducted a study in 2014 there was a.seismic survey conducted off the coast.south of Cape Lookout they're looking at.mapping some.geologic formations in Onslow bay area.so they knew this study was going to.occur you can go in the nose website and.see this permit application submitted.for offshore oil and gas and also kind.of research and military operations as.well just knew this study was going to.occur they put out hydrophones.and also video to monitor reefs where.the seismic survey was going to be.conducted because they kind of knew some.of the impacts to the larger whales but.they weren't too sure how the fish.reacted and so she saw while the seismic.testing was going on about seventy eight.percent of the fish population that was.feeding and living along these reefs had.disappeared they were not able to go.back and monitor the the fish rebounding.on this population but she did see that.they were impacted so they thought maybe.the fish aren't aren't bothered by.because they don't use echolocation but.she found that not to be true.so here are the five surveys not in any.order I would like you to kind of say is.that the area that they're looking.primarily from Delaware down to the.northern shores of Florida here this.company CGG has proposed 53 lines.they'll be trailing this one was.calculated about 143 days if they moved.at four and a half knots to conduct.these surveys it'll take them anywhere.for about 36 to 90 hours to run one of.these lines and I'll take about six.hours to turn the vessel round these are.huge ships they have they're telling.they're right behind them so taking.about three to six hours to kind of turn.that vessel around and they just move.along through this kind of mow the lawn.pattern go around go around and they'll.be running 24 hours a day the next.company ion Gia ventures and there's.similar areas spectrum geo starting to.get a little more concentrated in their.path and they were conducting this in.water depths anywhere from about 20.meters I think was the shallows they saw.or less than 100 meters up to about 55.meters and in depth there they're.looking at and this is the fifth company.here but all kind of zone in that same.area historically I think they had.looked at areas off the Cape Hatteras.National Seashore and the main you.prospect is a geological area they're.looking at and we think that is the same.area they are targeting.so we have this nice flowchart says.those applications had been submitted.they went to boom since their.responsibilities and purview is to.manage our offshore resources here they.went to that first first hand comes down.they received the permit applications.then it gets handed off to the national.management National Marine Fisheries.Service and they look to see if these.permits can comply with the Marine.Mammal Protection Act well earlier this.year they got the stamp of approval and.they received all five companies.received an incidental harassment.authorization that says they can harass.not kill marine mammals and they give.them prescriptions on their each species.that's in the area and how many they can.harass so the North Carolina coastal.Federation is a non-profit 501c3 we.joined with eight other environmental.groups in challenging the decision by.the National Marine fishery service to.issue these incident harassment.authorizations and we claimed they.violated the Marine Mammal Protection.Act Endangered Species Act and the.National Environmental Policy primarily.one of the main complaints is that they.looked at each applicant individually.and they didn't look at all five.comprehensively what the effect would be.by conducting five surveys it's.proprietary information so they can't.contract with one company and god there.and collect information because they're.contracted by they sell that information.to the world companies who had been on.the leases that are eventually available.so we can't share trade secrets and we.can't share our data there are also 16.municipalities from South Carolina and.the small business Chamber of Commerce.who filed a similar suit those two suits.were combined we had Attorney General's.from States along the Atlantic East.Coast and a coalition of public.aquariums join the intervene on behalf.of the plaintiffs the American Petroleum.Institute and the International.Association of geophysical contractors.intervened on behalf of the defendant.who is the National Marine fishery.service and the Department of Commerce.the department they're included in so.that happened in December they chase.were issued challenge was filed.government shutdown boom came up with a.contingency plan that they were going to.continue moving forward with this.process even though the government shut.down the judge intervene.put a stay he said that a permitting.process can't continue while the.government shut down government reopened.then in February are represented by the.southern amount of all Center and some.of the other organizations are.represented by Earthjustice submitted a.motion for a preliminary injunction to.issue a stay on this entire process from.occurring until that the lawsuit is.resolved so right now if that motion is.approved no seismic testing will occur.until the lawsuit is resolved so that's.it for seismic right now going to take a.minute break any questions or anything.comments yep I believe when you do go to.knows website they show or some of those.the current incident of harassment.authorizations are located I know there.are existing incidental harassment.authorizations issued I don't know if.seismic testing is occurring as long as.the judge approves that motion so I.think we're still waiting for his.approval and that that case was filed in.Charleston's District Court I believe.judge gurgle is the gentleman here in.that case potentially there's five.different companies they would go out.perform the surveys we have this data.and we can sell that data to the.drilling companies no not that I'm aware.of yeah yeah they can't they can't.conduct so I'll back up to this permit.or this flowchart the companies were.issued incidental harassment.authorizations in this diamond shape.here you'll see there's nymphs issues ie.chase and then there's two paths it can.go yes or no if it's no that's it that's.the end of the road for those companies.trying to conduct that work if it's yes.then it goes back to boom and then boom.gets to review it and issue them a.permit to actually go out and conduct.the work so I haven't gotten past that.diamond yet.five companies using the same technology.the same style very similar yeah I look.through the applications and it looks.like to be almost similar companies that.constructed the arrays it looked like.both of them were using between 36 and.32 acoustic devices in their ray so it.looks to be very similar I don't see any.I it's not my fields I can't comment too.much about what the different novel.approaches would be for the most part.there's a lot of overlap yeah they'll be.identifying the underlying geologic.formations in there and being able to.identify if there are oil deposits or.natural gas deposits so it'd be one in.the same not that I'm aware of.generically I have read a few reports.that thinks there is more natural gas.formations out there than oil some that.survey data was collected in the 80s and.I think that's what they're still making.those estimates off of I think on land I.think there have been some studies done.based on some of those seismic events.that have happened around fracking.locations I don't know if there's.anything been done offshore but be.something worth while I take my notepad.here is the learning experience for me.and people bring a lot of good points so.yeah I'd be happy to look into that and.follow up.you mentioned that the seismic testing.even affects the phytoplankton that at.the base of the food chain which is at.15% but do we have any figures on the.mortality of a fish for various species.are different species more sound.sensitive than others I don't say good.handles on it yet I think one report I.also saw I said about only 2% of like.larger whales that are identified from.strandings are identified on shore so.they don't really have a good.understanding when there are mortalities.and what that number would be for fish.I've seen a lot of reports just saying.that they leave the area they don't know.how many would be killed it seems to me.that there's a lot of emphasis on marine.mammals I think some of that comes from.them Union already listed as endangered.species it's one of the main concerns.organizations I personally haven't come.in contact with them but there may be I.think it would depend when they get in.the water and see if there's effects or.not so maybe a little more reactive than.proactive in that case wait for the fish.to leave before they do I think it.occurred in about like an hour or so and.that he's gonna quote me on the exact.number when they start that ramping up.process but they're out yeah they're.primarily the observers are looking for.marine mammals that they'll have a.survey vessels out out in the front but.primarily to identify if there's marine.mammals in the area I think to have I.want to say thousand kilometers is a.buffer if they see one they have to stay.away or if it comes within that they.actually actually have to shut down.the process they've notify memory.fishery service and let them know.there's a protocol they'll have to go to.to restart operations if they do.encounter marine mammals out there but I.don't believe there's any protocol for.fish species possibly yet because.they'll all have a year from the issue.of this IHI incident of harassment.authorization so that clock would start.for the same time for all of them and.they had been submitted earlier.2016-2017 there had been some litigation.that occurred that delayed the process.and said they love them I don't know if.they were resubmitted or they had stayed.in the stack but they're the same.applications that were submitted.previously yeah they do have supposed to.have two observers on deck who are not.affiliated they're independent and.that's their responsibility out there.just like the observers they have on the.seafood industry as well yeah so that.being said one person on the boat yeah.okay I can't claim they're reputable.attea but human logic yep.I mean to get these comments for the how.much don't have any numbers on that but.I think it's valid to look into.certainly back to a question that she.had asked or just a little more detail.do we have any numbers in terms of you.know the enforcement of these.regulations do we have numbers of like.you know when somebody hasn't complied.what it hasn't been you know what's.happened I don't have I haven't looked.into any figures on incidents that have.occurred from testings that have.occurred in in the Gulf other than I did.see a report right before I came here.they did issue an environmental impact.statement from surveys that have.conducted in the Gulf and I believe the.numbers are pretty high for for impacts.for both fish and marine mammals and I.can get the actual numbers and send it.out circulate afterwards and there's.some sort of consequence.do we have any idea about the implement.the enforcement of the regulations I.haven't looked into it but I can and.will follow up good point so that we.don't even get into this because we.don't want good would yes.Thank You Jude so unfortunately the.public is no longer involved in this.process we had an opportunity to comment.back in 2017 the Federation a lot of.environmental organizations had.submitted comments at that point but.that the public is no longer involved in.this process claims that they will have.another public hearing time he's that's.what they claim and that supposedly will.be well it was supposed to have been in.January of this year least that's my.understanding right then what not to do.and but they're supposed to be another.public here before they issue those.permits and enunciate you guys can argue.the straight face that this wouldn't.disrupt the fishing that's it's me that.just intuitively if I'm thinking of.coming down here spending my money if I.know that this has been going on I wrong.I have a hard enough time catching fish.anyway you know I will be blaming it on.the on the on the blasting of the Fisher.gone and I just think there's an.opportunity to try that again to.somebody asked about official groups and.back to our economy and all the money.that's great debt about four makes it -.yeah I think that is the intended.outcome of the litigation that's been.filed right now is to disallow this from.happening before it even gets into the.water and then we would see if there's.gonna be a response once those boots do.go if the motion is denied yes sir.testing right that's correct yeah so.these are related but separate and even.if the mid-atlantic South Atlantic the.entire Atlantic and our continental.shelf is not included in the proposed.program this process can still occur.because in five years after the.program's there may be the inclusion of.the mid-atlantic region once again so.the seismic dump companies are looking.to get that data while they can and so.they're related but separate yeah so.that is just for the areas that where.seismic testing would occur and then.secretary Zinke at the time issued an.exemption for florida but we found that.there is no legal standing to that it.was a comment and they would still have.to go through the process just like any.other state so there's no legal standing.with that comment.[Music].for his opposition from southeast from.fisheries association with the southern.shrimp alliance the bill fish foundation.that the International Game Fish.Association among some others great is.that for seismic yes yeah thank you like.well I don't I don't answer this but I.keep going back to the last seismic.testing that they did while we now.20-some years later do another seismic.test when when the fact remained that.there's no dance out there they've.proven that in us that they've numbers.earlier about you didn't extract every.better all that they estimated to be out.there from the prior testing that once.it's refined it provide enough gasoline.for 57 days for the United States will.work why are we doing this again when.when we already know what the facts are.now I'm not a scientist I don't know.about all this but does oil grow I think.that yeah the Comintern get from the.trade industries or that the technology.that was used then isn't as good as.today and that they can pinpoint where.drilling would occurred to prevent.additional wells from being drilled so I.think that's the argument they're going.to they're going to make.a few months ago David with the wall.director that's totally industry North.Carolina was on public radio discussing.Josh who were growing among his.statements was that the reason we were.those to the seismic testing was because.we were right but one thing I sent him a.letter and I said please refrain from.characterize and what we think you know.you come to talk to testing is there's.no valid reason for their period so why.disrupt the fisheries and caused all.this chaos to gather information about.ruies the American that's one yep No.and I had two occasions first of all one.of them was really or people who started.down here and he gave me a hell of a.part-time as we had to know no oils you.know no drilling sites up so that was.that was one incident and the second.incident which was a little more.interesting was Fellaini who just comes.from Oklahoma and she said she was.moving to North Carolina because she had.rented in Oklahoma and decided not to.buy property here because the town that.she is located to have been fracking and.the property values have plummeted and.nobody could sell their houses and they.had had earthquakes and the earthquakes.were causing them to the walls to crack.the so on top of the money so my.question is sir this is just something I.think we don't need to think about maybe.they're after the ocean because they get.to go free because they had to pay these.people to the one that nobody owned the.property rights the mineral rights.underneath so that what they would do is.go to your friends to go under your.house and then do whatever they needed.to do with it take extracted but what.they needed so she's saying she was a.very very careful when she moved to.North Carolina because she was afraid.that she didn't want to encounter the.same environmental problems and so we'll.stay away from the coal ash pits and the.kinds of pig farms you know tsunami but.that's it is it because it's free out.there you know that I gotta pay anybody.anything and they can just drill and do.whatever they want as opposed to letting.go into a community they have to deal.with the community and pay them or the.rights to go into their properties in.I mean I can't speak on the oil.industry's behalf I can tell you there's.two revenue sharing streams that exist.right now.part of the Outer Continental Shelf.Lands Act which was enacted in 1953 I.have the numbers at the end of the slide.here I want to say it's 27% if they if.the companies drilled within three miles.of the federal waters closest to the.seaward state line so that a three mile.buffer.exceeding beyond the state waters into.the federal lands they would have to.contribute 27% of the revenue to the.federal government it's not free and.they do they do pay for the leases so.and then go Mason in the Gulf of Mexico.I think they pay thirty seven and a half.percent for drilling in those states.waters and some of that goes to the.state and I think about 12 percent goes.into the land and water trust fund it.was not free out there they do the.leases are sold for sixty to seventy.miles offshore Kenny they're gonna.thrill hard zone by our governor said he.wanted to move it within 50 miles off.our coast so they because it's cheaper.it's easier to drill horizontally than.it is vertically you'd have to drill six.thousand feet worth of horizontal 50.miles offshore to get to the kids.okay industries leaning towards it's.more profitable to export now for gas.right now so that's if there's more.resource available for them to extract.that's what they would be leaning.towards we look at these areas these big.I'll show you if we have time do you.want to wrap it up or continue on.through okay I'll show you where Sony's.printing areas are they're big broad.planting areas when they get to the.leasing process they subdivided into all.these little small I don't know what the.actual square area is but then those.companies are bid on each of those small.little leasing blocks and it's then the.information that they get from the.seismic testing is under.and what they want to bid on to conduct.either to extract crude oil or natural.gas so that's why they're paying there's.five different companies to find that.information out so when the bidding.process opens up they know which block.they want to go after and how much they.want to pay for each block we don't know.yeah very much TBD so run through said.there are related but separate we're.going to talk about the development of.the National outer continental shelf oil.and gas leasing program they are.developed in five year increments we are.currently operating in the 2017 to 2022.program soon you may have attended some.of the meetings they held at the Ramada.believe is in 2015 when the same feel.was happening the mid-atlantic was.included in that process environmental.impact statement determined that it was.too too much of an environmentally.sensitive area to move forward the area.was removed when the final plan come out.came out a bump us up very clean so I.got to talk about these guys.yeah think about he's on it there's the.stuff that's for sure this is the.current program we're working under.there is an executive order that was.issued and just to kind of go over that.the plan where there where at least.sales are occurring now it's primarily.in the Gulf of Mexico there's 11 lease.sales that are included in the Gulf of.Mexico or I'm saying one of those being.in Cook Inlet up in Alaska there was.just a lease sale that happened in.August of this year see number three.there number four is planing.take place on March 20th they're kind of.starting to keep an eye on you say.you're concerned or interested in seeing.what they're looking to extract the.scene if these lease sales are.bellwethers for where the industry is I.think there are 29 companies that.participated in that August lease sale I.haven't gone back to see what that.figure looks like compared to previously.sales maybe to see one kind of where the.industry is I'm going to keep an eye on.I'm going to look back the previously.sales to see what that number is how.many companies are participating are.they getting kind of glamorized by other.companies buying them up but we'll see.how March 20th kind of where we stand so.here's to planning areas the central and.western Gulf of Mexico but when there's.Lease Sale mail come out as a smaller.grid covering the whole area and there's.individual lease blocks that there's.companies bid on so that's what's going.to happen in March 20th then later I.think it was in 2019 there's gonna be a.lease sale plan and cook inlet up in.Alaska and you can't see all the last.great now but I'll show you in the.proposed plan how much the entire yes.Continental Shelf was included there are.no lease sales occurring in this Eastern.plan area of the Gulf of Mexico there's.currently a moratorium and drilling.until 2022.so that plan ends again even.environmentally sensitive area is the.refresher the mid-atlantic and portions.of the South Atlantic were included.previously in the proposed plan they.didn't make it into the final plan have.a lot of public comment the.environmental review so we're asking you.and encouraging you to move forward the.process again because we hope that.becomes a reality for this next plan.these were the two executive orders and.Secretary's order directing Boehm to.develop the.2019 2020 for plan in the Gulf of Mexico.that industry has been in there for so.long they have a plethora of data so.they don't necessarily need this.extensive survey that they have now they.can go in and do spot surveys I think.the industry is a pretty good handle on.what's out there in the Gulf and they do.we call this G and J so there's.geological and geophysical sometimes.they'll go out and just do test bores in.some smaller areas that's the geological.size geophysical would be using the.seismic sonar data out there you're.gonna follow the same buffer zones as.well and they have vessels out there.that are pretty much you know keeping.the perimeter something secure yep yeah.I had talked to a gentleman who had.worked on one of his boats and he said.mortality could occur if you fell off.the ship and when those blasts goes off.and yeah from the concussion from those.blasts could kill you Ravello everybody.standing next to a grenade of concussed.from air last one that's the action the.take-home message is what what we can do.from there.that's what you had done we'll have a.quick refresher you submitted 1.6.million comments for the proposed plan.you look through there was about 22,000.that are available online now for public.review I believe the agency is still.looking through them they say that they.can exclude those comments from being.public if they're redundant you know a.total 2 million were submitted even.after the closing date up to the date so.that's what that was part of the process.was a 60-day process when the plan was.announced in January that concluded at.March we attended the rally to rally a.debt again additional comments were.submitted some other action items is.called our local legislators at the.state and also our US representation.senator Tillis and Senator bars chairman.Woodard will be speaking with them.because the one thing we had heard about.that Florida exclusion was that from.bottom of the top they were all opposed.and we don't have that in North Carolina.and so that's what we're hoping for is.to maybe sway some decisions I show you.there's 11 lease sales that were being.offered in the current plan 47 were.proposed in the new plan says moving not.only to energy energy independence to.energy dominance I mean the entire plan.this was the the current one were.working on to may be support our own.country and the proposed plan included.all of the u.s. outer continental shelf.along the continental states as well as.in Alaska here's Cook Inlet that was.that small area all the planning areas.are included in this current plan work.we're looking at the one good thing is.our if you take the stance of being a.post offshore oil we have great.representation leadership from governor.Cooper he has said not off our coast.came out and effort making ahead of the.plan even being released has.continuously been opposed up and down.the Atlantic seaboard were seeing.opposition all the states in blue and.the governor's had come out and.officially adopted a resolution or.statement of opposition in red is in.support the yellow areas are the areas.we currently drill other planning areas.are what's being proposed.smaller dots are from local representing.local resolutions that were passed so.we're extremely grateful from the.resolutions that were passed in Dare.County and our neighbors in Car Talk in.hide counties from the residents in.Carteret and Brunswick are not so.fortunate to have the great leadership.that we have in our region we're looking.at kind of the public stance military is.a huge player especially for North.Carolina one of our biggest industries.these are areas where offshore oil and.gas and seismic testing would not occur.in the red and orange and then there.would be restrictions placed on the.areas within yellow so there are only a.few small areas particularly right off.of Cape Hatteras National Seashore where.there are no exclusions they're looking.kind of environmental sensitivity layers.North Atlantic right whale we're seeing.where some of those breeding and mating.areas are loggerhead sea turtles some.other endangered species we start to.overlay and start trying to get a.picture on maybe where this activity.could occur and it's looking like the.main you know prospect off the Cape.Hatteras National Seashore is that area.they're targeting so how can you.participate the Federation is a member.of the don't drill and sea coalition so.all the signs you've seen we're one.organization but we've partnered with a.dozen other or environmentally focused.organizations throughout the state so.you can display your opposition that's.one simple and easy one you can submit.comments when the proposed plan is.released you've attended rallies 54 of.you from nags head got on buses and.slept on out to Raleigh spent your.entire day we're grateful for that for.you to attend and voice your opposition.from the coast we had three other buses.one from New Bern and two from the.Wilmington area come out and there's a.congregation about 500 people in a.ballroom next door to where the Bowman.open house was being held trying to.express their opposition leadership from.around the area spoke during the press.event yours truly.chairman Woodard and mayor Davies as.well as Eric Cahoon is provided public.comments and we're thinking this same.thing is going to happen again but at.the Ramada Plaza and the Comfort Inn has.happened in 2015 so you're already.primed ready to respond.we've already voiced a lot of these.talks seem talking.points there was state legislation.passed in New Jersey Florida and Oregon.preventing onshore developments that.would support the industry there is a.threat from the federal government that.they were not going to be allowed to do.that and they're going to be penalized.if there was gonna be revenue sharing.developed for the state we still really.haven't seen any legislation come out.sort that through oh but right now those.three states are not allowing any.onshore infrastructure to support the.industry there's proposed legislation to.support the same we think there's going.to be legislation introduced in North.Carolina as well from representative.pricey Harrison Deb Butler and there's.going to be a companion bill from.Senator Harper Peterson introduced the.coalition's feeling is we don't think.it's going to get very far but we're.glad to see that that step has been.taken and there is a sign on letter.going around that's going to be sent to.boom and the department commerce as well.at the federal level there's also been a.suite of bills introduced now some where.were introduced in 2018 and didn't get.anywhere so they're reintroduced.particularly to defend our coast act it.was introduced by Donald McEachin and.High Representative Walter Jones and.David Price and we're seeing similar.legislation up and up along the coast.both the east and the west coast so.that's really we're reaching out to our.legislators would help to get some.co-sponsors on these bills and get some.legs underneath of them to the best of.my understanding we're talking.specifically about offshore oil and gas.lease sales that is a federal issue and.even though the states are taking their.stance it is a federal policy and issue.so contacting Senator Tillis and Senator.Burr would provide the most benefit the.state has come out but it really is.advancing the.the federal priorities.[Music].he wants to know more about it yeah.[Music].and even though Cape Hatteras National.Seashore is under the Department of.Interior and could be potentially.threatened as well as keep lookout to.the south they are not allowed to.comment on this process the department.it's part of their yeah III think it.yeah it's top down there yeah.so kind of reiterate some of the same.things reaching out to representatives.probably the best in the time being.once that proposed plan is announced the.Coalition has been planning a series of.response rallies kind of one-hour press.events for our region we're going to be.holding that Jennette's pier tentatively.from 5:30 to 6:30 we'll lock that in as.the date approaches but it's going to be.a reaction as soon as the plan is.announced there's some speakers here.general Woodard if you have already.agreed as well as Karen Brown from the.bank's Chamber of Commerce and Lee.nettles from our visitors bureau provide.some comments and we'd love to see your.attendance dare to kind of really.represent the true feelings of the Outer.Banks and then on May 14th with the.tentative date for a boom to hold their.open house here again the don't drill.and see coalition will be reserved the.ballroom at the Comfort Inn next door.and we'd love to see you there as well.and I'm very very concerned that.potential legislative or walking.tell us just going through the motions I.just he wants to down he's already.seated I'm sorry didn't have you seen.you there can I am and I've invited him.personally I'm hoping to do that again.tomorrow morning 11:00 o'clock when I.have a conference call with his staff.but I'm pushing that hard to stand in.luck.same thing with her or his not to my.knowledge been taking a stab one way to.go he does have a house down with me.they've got some house some way because.I can tell you against secretary of the.poem acting secretary.pushing in his staff they're guilty of.motions his sign.bring on this pant is all that drills.all about girl meanness somehow someway.as a whole coast of Florida the me have.got to have got Egypt with fruits moved.and going and had thousands of hundreds.of thousands of people in Washington DC.saying not off our coast in the same.part about it is these legislators have.not done the research we don't need to.drill off our coast.we've got plenty of old in or Lane and.there's ten oil-producing states that.want to do it and they don't have.problems and and that all companies did.Estelle says is too costly we do not.have the infrastructure off of North.Carolina's to support offshore.road-legal and we're don't have it.because this whole cans of.infrastructure that you got a bill to.support American we take all the risk.and no reward all of those cans every.ward and and I long as always to just.where there is then thrilled there is.they still and I got the clients.it was the party of power but one things.you can do we're having a luncheon this.summer to throw Walter James the seat.can be one or watch them John or focus.your attention on that one campaign.that's the district covers the coast by.represented by the cameras behind them.and let's get another representative in.Washington whose people here behalf we.already know of wood that's gonna run.that is all good so so get you did you.get the hand I'll have a one-on-one with.you just like Vince this kind of would.well you you know let me uh say another.way you can help is you can join the.coastal Federation right and give help.give them some of the resources they.need to do what they do.um and I will tell you your voice.matters and I think maybe this is a good.crossing point where chairman wood is.getting ready to talk to Tillis it is so.easy to call your representative right.you have enough information now to say.something meaningful to them use that.power and talking to a couple of.neighbors is pre amazing how some of the.grassroots stuff which is that's what.the league does we're very grassroots.oriented how that stuff can spread we're.not asked nobody's asking for your money.they're asking for your voice um someone.over here asked how much money was given.I looked it up I wasn't I promised I was.a remail in 2015 it was a billion.dollars in donations from the oil and.gas industry right now you can't match.their dollars but you can match their.voice and if senator Tillis is scared or.ambivalent now this is the time to make.him hear your point it'll reinforce the.things chairman Woodard tells him the.things the mayor has put out and it just.gives them a sense of communities behind.it so I wouldn't I would strongly.encourage you it's so easy it's human.to your time and and there they're just.gonna listen to you they're not going to.argue thank you okay thank you Michael I.don't want to hold you all here hostage.we've gone over I think Michael probably.stay here until he passes out and answer.a few questions.and let me turn over to Fran the.league's president position I just like.to our citizens guy is hot off the press.for 2019 and I'm tape for our US.Senators and Representatives phone.number and address on how to contact.them so pick up one of these books if we.want it and that we want to thank you.Michael listen thank you very much thank.you I appreciate it as a privilege to be.here in speaking with you all look.really value your feedback so thank you.[Music].you.[Music].you.[Music].

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