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Guide of 2011 Atf Form

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used to.change the ATF oil on my cone a sonata.2011 2.0 T 2 liter turbo engine might be.the same for the other but I don't have.it so really can't say I would suggest.that you watch the whole video prior to.starting the service so you can figure.out how you're going to do it do you.don't necessarily have to do it how I.did it just make sure that the car is.level when you're draining and filling.the fluid that's really what's important.okay so what do we got we got oil pan.ATF oil I'll put the specs for that in.the description long funnel nice to have.no don't need to have it you can get.away with a smaller one a measuring cup.again nice to have don't need it.Phillips screwdriver the 24 millimeter.saw a Phillips screwdriver 24 millimeter.socket 22 millimeter socket both of.these are 1/2 inch 1/2 inch torque.wrench 1/2 inch ratchet a I used a 3 3/8.extension with a half inch converter on.the end to take the fill hole I'll fill.plug out out a quarter-inch sorry a 3/8.inch ratchet and a quarter inch ratchet.with a 10 millimeter socket a level a.jack.and set of ramps I need to use the ramps.to get underneath the front of the car.and the jack to back to Jack the rear of.the car up and get the card level for.the fluid check okay here's the Hyundai.Sonata 2011 YF 2 2014 trans axle service.adjustment procedure and basically I'm.just putting this on video I'm going to.put the link in the description as well.I just wanted to go through it here so.that you can see it you can see the.pictures so on so forth so I'm going to.slowly scroll through this so you can.see online this is the plastic eyelet as.they call it or I bolt as they call it.and you know here it apparently looks.like it's made out of metal but.regardless it's it's very similar this.is the plastic drain hole or level hole.which we use oil level plug is called.and keep going and that's on the front.of the transmission ok and again it.states horizontal state right in other.words no good look the car has to be.level and all the procedures are here.the tightening torque 32.6 foot-pounds.okay and it says here automatic.transmission.the ATF every sixty thousand miles for.severe usage well I would say you know.look at the what they call severe usage.driving in rough road bumpy gravel snowy.unpaved roads driving mountain roads.ascent descent repetition of short.distance driving more than 50% of.operation and heavy traffic during hot.weather well in Texas I would say that.definitely is over this temperature for.50% of the traffic time police taxing.commercial operation trailers and then.it goes into how to remove the oil and.it says fill the oil about five liters.well I could only get four liters into.mine and you know the rest of is in the.video but I just want to show you this.and put it into the video and I will put.this link here into the description.we're looking down into the engine.compartment at this point moment this is.the air intake channel or you know.tunnel if you want to say if you want to.take but anyways this is the air intake.right here and here's the battery there.you can see the fill hole or what they.call the eyelet for the transmission.okay you can't get in there quite you.know easily with a socket to get it up.as you can see I could put a socket.right on no problem there's lots of room.to work there too but you're going to.fill the transmission through that hole.too and getting a funnel down there.unless you use a hose or something it's.going to be a little tight so I'm just.going to take off the air intake here.it's only two bolts one two and then it.should just remove by pulling out in.this direction okay so use your ten.millimeter socket on this bolt here and.this bolt here and then this will remove.in this direction okay bolts are off.these are got rubber grommets on them.here with these shims in the center so.make sure you don't lose those if they.fallout you never know but this one just.lift and pull it up and there you go.that's the ear assembly or the air.intake assembly off and that gives you.much better access to the transmission.so that way now let's look at what we.got this is a view looking down into the.engine compartment now that the air.intake cowling is taken off and it just.just pulls off it's really very easy out.like that but now you can see that you.have full access to that bolt that bolt.right there and put my finger are.pointing to right here.that's the eyelet the inlet hole for the.transmission and where you'll be filling.up the transmission oil from or to at.this point you can see that you can have.you have easy access to a socket there's.lots of room here to work with so that.should be no issue taking that off plus.no problem getting your funnel in there.to put your transmission fluid in there.I think I don't have a transmission.funnel this long a shorter one will do.just as well as long as it fits in there.and as long as you can pour the.transmission fluid in there you'll be.fine.so the next step is to take off the.bottom engine cowling or cover and let's.get at that this bottom panel needs to.be removed from the bottom of the engine.you can see that there's a bunch of 10.millimeter bolts all the way around that.need to come off every single one needs.to come off some people say you have to.take this front panel off I don't.believe so because you can just pull.down on it and get at the front screws.I'll show you that next ok now we're.looking at that panel from the rear of.the car looking towards the front of the.car and this is the front bumper panel.here but as you can see there's bolts.underneath it and that's pretty easy to.just pull that down and put your socket.in there and get those bolts out so that.shouldn't be an issue.after I'm done pulling the panel off.I'll show you all the positions for all.the bolts pretty obvious when you're.doing it but just so you know you know.where everything is.okay there's the bottom panel there's.the bottom panel removed you'll see that.there's one two three bolts on the.driver's side there's two screws that's.where the Phillips screwdriver came in.over here and also note that all the.bolts are different sizes so make sure.that you keep them well organized so you.know which size goes where back where.there's another one down here on the on.the back passenger side of the panel.another one in the center and two in the.front that we're under the front cowling.but they're easy to get out without.taking that front cowling out and as you.can see those are the longest ones this.one's almost as long and this one's a.little this one's a little shorter so.again make sure you keep your screws and.bolts organized I just put them back in.the holes and put the panel away.carefully then when I put it back.together again I know which size which.bolts go where okay just for everybody's.reference I'm going to zoom in on those.bolts this is the front of the cowling.those are the only black bolts and both.go there and they're the longer ones.we'll go down to this middle and that's.a almost as long not quite as long but.it's not black and down here at the very.end we have a shorter silver bolt there.and I'm just doing this to make sure.that everybody knows what size bolts go.where so next we have the screws that go.into the back there's the two holes and.the two screws there Phillips and then.we have the three identical bolts on the.driver's side of the panel next we're.ready to begin the draining process of.taking the fluid out of the transmission.note that if your engine is hot things.in this area may be hot too the fluid in.the transmission.we'll be hot as well so be careful with.hot fluids as you might you know injure.yourself so again don't burn yourself.and be careful with hot fluids so let's.go look at it.there's the fill plug that's the first.thing I needs to come off for the fluid.to drain out so we're going to take that.off and it comes off fairly easy it's.very light it's a plastic plug so put my.extension on that take that off all the.way remember it's made out of plastic so.when you're putting it back on don't.work it on super tight it's just a it's.just a plug there we go there it is out.of the transmission I'd say looks pretty.pretty nice pretty easy to put fluid.back in there it's a very wide spout.it's an old ring bolt so that's great so.make sure your o-rings good and then put.that away someplace clean.okay here's the transmission drain plug.I made a assumption that it was a 22.millimeter it is not it is a 24.millimeter I happen to have one of those.I will help make sure that you get that.start of this video as a notation.okay so 24 millimeter got the pan.underneath we're ready to take that off.we've got the top bolt off the fill plug.so here we go alright so we're draining.out here now notice that this is a.magnetic plug and I can see there's all.sorts of metal stuck to it well that's a.good thing that's what it's supposed to.do it's supposed to take the metal out.of the solution so make sure that you.clean this plug right off and get all.that extra metal off of there this is.actually making me very glad that I'm.taking this fluid out and replacing it.alright I realize at this point that the.car is on the ramps and it's not level.so I'm going to use a jack to lift up.the rear of the car and level it I will.chop the wheels on the front as well to.make sure they don't the car doesn't.roll because I want the transmission.fluid to get out of all I want to get as.much transmission fluid out of it out of.the car as possible and I want the car.to be level when I'm filling it up again.so I'm going to Jack the rear of the car.up and put it on jack stands okay so I.did level out the car I used just a.simple level like this it's magnetic.it's got a magnet on the bottom I had.lying around from Believe It or Not a.flat screen frame install but I put this.on the frame of the car on the rocker.panel or on the box frame on the way in.the middle of the car to show me whether.the car was level or not.and when I did so I did get more fluid.out of the transmission so I would.recommend jacking up the rear of the car.or lovely new car some fashion or.another so let's put the blood back in.now get rid of that a little bit of oil.it's up there nice and clean plug is.nice and clean all this bowl of magnetic.particles are off of it okay and this.goes back on at a torque of oh wait hold.on a second sorry got to show you I.mentioned to you that there is a washer.on this and it looks like going to lumen.on washer and looks fine to me so I'm.going to reuse it if you want to replace.it well water one from Hyundai and.replace it anyways the torque on this.bolt is thirty two point six foot-pounds.thirty two point six foot pounds so I'm.going to use my wrench on that right now.set my torque wrench to twenty-three.twenty-six.all right I got my 24 millimeter on.there and I'm just going to torque this.to thirty two point six lines that click.type of torque wrench salt we're there.thirty two point six so now we've got.the plug back in now we need to put the.fluid back into the transmission and I'm.glad I leveled it but next I'll show you.how to do that okay so now we have the.fluid level plug and that is this.plastic plug right here it's in a.plastic housing as well so it's okay now.all you need to do is turn this.counterclockwise to remove it so we're.going to do that.and your sockets should fit right in the.center so and once you get it to that.point just turns by hand and pull it up.careful with the dirt around it you.might want to clean carefully around.that don't get any dirt in the hole and.basically what this is is the fluid.level check so what happens here is when.you fill it up with fluid when you get.to the right level it starts to pour out.of here so make sure your pan is.underneath this when you're doing this.next we go up top and start putting.fluid into the transmission until it.comes out here so now we're ready to.fill it and you see the fill hole right.there so I'm putting my funnel straight.into that my long funnel so it's nice.and clean and if you can see down here.that's the overflow opening or port and.when it starts filling a draining out of.there you know you've got enough in.there okay so I'm going to measure it.out and see how much I put in and we'll.go from that okay this will be my first.half liter going in and what you're.looking for is down there the overflow.make sure that it's that you look at it.and make sure that when it starts to.pour out of there that you stop putting.it in so that's half a liter in there.okay I got four liters in there and it.appears to be spilling out at this point.I'm going to follow the procedure for.checking the fluid level and show you.that on video as well with the car flat.on the ground once I properly warm up.the transmission and get the car off the.ramp okay next I'm going to put this oil.plug in the oil level off plug back in.on the side of the transmission you'll.see me doing it down there right going.right in there and it's just the reverse.procedure of taking it out.give me excess oil off there nice and.neat the wine stains on your driveway or.your garage next I'm going to drop this.car off the ramps level it up and then.open this port again actually going to.read the instructions on what to do.all right I'm going to back the car off.the ramps before starting the car make.sure you take the rag that you put into.the air intake hole out you can actually.start the engine and run it without the.cowling in there anyway but you know.make sure you take that off before you.pull off before you start the engine up.okay and they recommend Hyundai I got.the manual here and I'm going to put.this PDF on on the video as well.they recommend that you warm the engine.up and that you get the transmission oil.temperature to 50 to 60 Celsius or 144.sorry 120 to 140 Fahrenheit and it says.with the GDS I figured that is the.device or the electronic sensor that.shows you that then it says shift the.lever slowly from park to drive and then.from drive to park and repeat one more.time at idle okay then it says remove.the oil level plug says lift the vehicle.and remove the oil level plug so I guess.you know it remove the oil level plug.but we are not the lifted to do that you.can do it with on level ground says that.this time the vehicle must be at levels.at the level state so I'm going to do.that if the oil flows out from the.overflow plug in a thin steady stream.the oil is correct level and is correct.then finish the procedure and tighten.the oil plug okay so I'm going to also.put my bolt back into the oil filler.hole down here so let's just do that.right now there we go.and again you can use just your rent.your socket driver on that I'm going to.do that sure you can't see thing they're.whole lot there it is right down there.so I'll put my wrench on it wears or.fortunately my and camera angle is going.to cover that but basically it goes in.there this is where the extension comes.in handy I'll use it yeah it just slips.out of there when it gets tight anyway.I'm going to use the point two on it and.again it's just not not tight.there's the 22 fits on a perfect that's.good it is a plastic block I suspect.that I'll probably have to take that off.again down there there it is right there.but we'll see when I get the card level.and I pull the drain plug sorry the.level plug out and see if it actually.drains out first I'm going to warm up.the engine ill I follow the procedure.given to me by Hyundai which is warm up.the engine warm up the transmission put.it into drive sorry at the park and then.it's a drive while the engine is idling.and then back into drive and into Park.you know a few times you know at idle.and good enough now I'm going to take.the top plug off and the bottom drain.plug down here car is now level on the.ground it's a it's on my level.sorry garage so it's both wheels are on.the on the ground at this point and so.we're going to check to see if the oil.flows out if it doesn't flow out I'm.going to add more if it does flow on I'm.going to let it flow out until it stops.that will mean that it's a correct level.so we need to 22 it 22 millimeter socket.and your three-quarter-inch sorry so.let's start with the fill plug here I'm.sorry if I'm in the way of the shot but.it's really the only way I can get this.done you go once you get it loose it's.pretty basic pretty easy to pull off and.I'm doing this because I want the air to.flow through it when I take the another.plug off okay so next let's take the.level plug off if I can do it from up.here.I remember my engines hot at this point.yours will be too so be careful I'll do.this for my teeth.yeah.make sure your fans underneath.and a small stream is coming out which.is good I'm going to let that drip out.for a little bit.and when it's done dripping out I'm.going to put the plug back in put it.back up on the rafts and put the bottom.cowling on and the air intake air intake.cowling back on as well okay once again.I wanted to show you again.there you can actually get a feel for.the color that's coming out of it it's.slightly brownish it should be reddish.but there's brown in it so basically.it's dirty even though I just replaced.four liters of it so you can imagine how.the how dirty the original four liters.were and this is done at sixty thousand.who and I says that this never needs to.be done if the car is not driven in.adverse conditions well if you look at.what they described as adverse.conditions most people are driving and.adverse conditions especially for living.in Texas because you're doing a lot of.hot weather driving so like I said look.at that color I'm going to drive around.a week with this current or matte oil in.in this transmission just to get it all.nice and basically uniform and then I'm.going to drain it again and that should.help to clean it up some more next so at.this point I'm just going to put the.plugs back in put the bottom cowling.back on and the air intake scoop our.cowling back on as well and then you're.done that's it for my video thank you.very much for watching if you like this.video and it helped you out in some way.do me a favor click on the like button.right down here and you know if you wish.to subscribe to my channel just click on.this link up here and that should.subscribe you to the Richard Lloyd.Channel or Richard Lloyd USA channel ok.again thank you very much for your time.and watching.you.

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2011 Atf Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common misunderstandings regarding 2011 Atf Form . Let us know if you have any other doubt.

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