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The Definite Guide to W9 Form 2015 2019

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Instructions regardingW9 Form 2015 2019

the following is a presentation from.pokerstars.com.previously the big games revolving-door.is spun out of control.we are playing for real money poker.there and the loose cannon was its.latest casualty Daniel the cannon killer.Negreanu a record ten players have sat.down during this session you filled the.pressure I've thought a lot of treasure.and it hasn't always been pretty I am.gonna Bluff you you were gonna throw up.like a little girl.hello hello hello tonight see whose star.will shine strong likes Popeye and I.raised like Popeye and whose will.implode I am steaming for sure as the.peak of the most volatile week ever.continues not easy with the gene now.[Music].welcome once again to Las Vegas.alongside Joe Stapleton I'm Chris Rose.this week's loose cannon has joined.three others on the rail and after all.the smoke is cleared six pros remain to.fight over 1.7 million dollars on the.big game table Lex belt house join us.late last night replacing the loose.cannon he's been here nine hands and.he's down 17,000 Daniel Negreanu has.been up six figures this week and down.six figures right now he's stuck 33 K.24-year old Alan Barry claims to have.invented doubling the open he's utilized.it well at least he's up eighteen.thousand one of three players to make it.the distance so far this week is 21 year.old William Reynolds the blond bomber.stuck almost 47 K andrew wrobel.questioned the insanity of last night's.action before getting berated by Tony G.he's up 7,200 and the aforementioned.Tony G has been all smiles at least when.he looks at his chip stack he has nearly.a million in chips in front of him right.now he's with Amanda Leatherman Tony we.have had 10 different players play this.week and there have been crazy pots and.on top of that you're up a lot of money.you must be loving this it's been a lot.of fun I mean I've also took a couple.hits here and there but I think I've.been in a zone I've been very fortunate.the cards have been coming my way so you.know it's 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straddle here no okay sorry.to cut you off Tony but it's 1500 now.raised to 1500 cuts off Tony's praise.speech to raise now that's heart and.commitment rovol folds Tony Giri pops.the four grand.Lex folds Daniel out huge we raise all.right I mean either way it's profitable.to play with the master I know I'm gonna.learn something in this hand right there.we go miss Reynolds called imaginal.let's check it out again one more time.six for Trey on the flop both with check.Reynolds checks okay Tony checks six of.diamonds on the turn Williams does have.the best hand back and checks William.has shown plenty of weakness and Tony's.in position.Tony fires 7,000 Williams wondering at.this point if there's any way you can.try to wrap a hand now Reynolds folds.and Tony adds another early pot to his.stack Tony's aggression his bluff.William off a few hands this week all.right I learned something I shouldn't be.calling I'm not a physician first Tony.Jeep I could have told you that four-way.less so as Professor G demonstrates.another lesson we take a look at the.rules of the big game each table that's.exactly 150 hands the action preflop is.pot limit then No Limit after the flop.blinds are two and four hundred with.$100 a nyalam which is paid by the.player on the button every player begins.with at least a hundred grand that can.reload for up to five hundred thousand.dollars we've seen a lot of straddles.this week and that trend continues as.William Reynolds does it on this hand so.andrew wrobel under the gun.folds Tony by PI.traces the 1600 pocket pair for Lex Tony.had a way through that hole rules.explanation before he could play another.hand Lex calls.Daniel folds jack 10 for Alan Barry this.is a hand most players would defend.their big blind with and he does as well.William Reynolds Foley was it how much.was it that hand not even worth the 800.- will ya what I thought it was I mean.it was that bad that's why I said that's.why I said how much more was it after a.full day's I saw that that's so hard to.do three to the flop ace for King.everybody mrs. Barry checks.Tony fires Lex folds so sparrows the.flow wasn't that sweet when you flopped.up Kings in a flush draw a straight roll.Kings in a straight draw what the basics.trade rule that is a good flop for that.for that hand that's just another basic.example of what Tony G's been doing all.week Joe Tony's been raising and Farah.lling with virtually everything leading.the table by far in all these categories.while he didn't need to show there he's.already earned over 1 million dollars at.showdown which has given us Bluffs a.little more sting than usual.Tony gee what do you think that idea.makes for good TV when any somebody when.someone straddles the button antes.double and then there's the resettle one.more anything anything to make the game.boy it forces everyone because then if.you know someone I like them I love it.Barry's straddling action on Reynolds.who folds.robell King deuce out of here 8 5 / Tony.did you spread Allah after Isaac to.3,000 of course he does Lex is a maniac.in his own right and he's probably been.waiting for a hand this good too for bet.Tony what she does to 8200 right it.looks like 82 but take the black speck.none spoil the blacks Daniel folded big.I was gonna call 8000 Barry with a.pocket pair.I was so calling eight Allen's immediate.odds aren't very good and he's not.closing the action so he folds eight.hundred bucks you'll live and be alright.Tony calls amazed like two dollars let's.see if anyone can finally stand up to.Tony's aggression King Trey eight middle.pair for Tony action on Lex Tony's got a.pair of so we'll see at showdown Lex.fires thirteen thousand continuation bet.and Tony quickly calls the turn the six.of clubs Tony still best his cards no.help to Lex but it probably didn't hurt.him either you can see the wheels.cranking the Dutchman is cooking.something up here only one makes it.21,000 to go Lex is trying to take Tony.off a pair so he might even put Tony.exactly on 1/8 kidding Tony G to fold a.pair has been an exercise in futility.all week I don't think we've seen Tony.lay down a pair on the turn in any.heads-up Potts Tony lays it down and.goes rabbit hunting on his own say.jacker jacks Alexis graduated from the.school of bluffin - you didn't get me.off a hand I qualify we are coming back.to Vegas for more the big game right.after this.[Music].[Applause].[Music].welcome back to the big game in Las.Vegas we continue on with hand 130 out.of 150 the loose cannon Elizabeth.Houston was kayoed on hand 112 straddle.I'm trying to win money in the poker.game so you're okay with it being the.only one who doesn't travel in a game.yeah I mean you sleep okay at night at.that like taking that little extra edge.III do you really you're okay with it.cuz I wouldn't feel I feel kind of.greasy sleep in a big a giant big battle.money now I feel bad that I straddled.that I that I caused this abundance not.really I would feel a little weird about.it being the only guy that doesn't.straddle well I'm not the only guy no.you are he just straddled Allen just.straddled I feel bad that i straddle now.you're getting grants I think the the.stacks are really deep enough to have a.game that's what straddle is it kind of.but you like the idea that you can just.neaten it up and take an edge over.everybody else who does straddle cuz.that's always nice.well no it's your God's choice to.straddle it's always nice when everyone.else gives action and stuff like that.but you know you can be the guy that.doesn't know one section when his ice is.influence how I make a living.Daniel raised Barry called Reynolds - he.wants to come and abuse us here no 3 to.the flop for King 7 Barry with middle.pair and checks check the button.Reynolds checks Daniel to 9 of diamonds.on the turn.that puts straight and flush draws out.there Barry still best fires 2,600 he's.betting to protect his pair Reynolds.folds Daniels picked up a double gutter.and his pairs are live though he.probably doesn't know that Daniel calls.this could also be a float Daniel may.try to take it away on the river which.is the king of spades.this doesn't really change Allen's hand.at all it'd be tough for Daniel to try.to take this one away Barry that's fifty.six hundred and Daniel folds so Allen.Barry picks up a nice little pot Allen.Barry flying under the radar.unlike Roble well despite the small.profit andrew wrobel has taken some.abuse from this table so far but these.guys haven't been Andrews only critics.i'm andrew wrobel and I'm from Oakland.miss Michigan well when I dropped out of.school it was the only time I've ever.seen my dad cry I was on the way to the.casino of one of my buddies and my dad.was like you know we need to talk and I.was like dad if we can't talk now you.know I'm going to play poker at the.casino it was like no we have to talk.now so we went to all the guidance.counselor's office at Michigan State and.my dad was like tell her why you're.dropping out and I was like I'm quitting.school to be a professional poker player.and I remember she just turned and.looked at my dad and she was like I'm so.sorry and then I had like two years ago.I was at a final table of a poker.tournament and I got an email from that.guidance counselor who had like hooked.me up online you know and she said I'd.guess you know things turned out all.right Andrew your guidance counselor.emailed the show to she says you should.straddle Oh must have emailed Tony G as.well because he's doing that this hand.like folds Daniels out Allen Barry folds.Reynolds folds Queen six suited for.Roble this could be the ultimate lay.downs against the blind razor Tony is.trying to goad him Roble didn't find.that one funny he said it's good to see.me he pops it pop it up five tray for.Tony no no I'm just giving the free.money that's all right take Tony calls.affecting you to fold free money you.can't be serious that expected Tony to.fold cannulated the pot and potted it.without saying pot five three six action.flop dicey flop for Roble top pair for.him bottom two for Tony G there's a.scary young man that's a scary flop.Roble checks Tony G bets 10 grand Boyd.the big vet let me check.I'm committed to see Andrew might like.his hand but there are a lot of bad.cards that can come on the turn.robocalls.only just chicken in the dock yes please.Jack of Clubs on the turn Rubble checks.still playing cautiously what do you.have to do anyway and get you off the.hand Tony knows Robo place tight how.much do you have there Raghu I had a.hundred and five destroyed.so you're weaning off someone Tony's.trying to figure out how to get max.juice.how much have you put in now total 1650.Tony bets 50,000 see if you're a real.man.fifty thousand Tony's playing mind games.to make it look like he's trying to buy.it and he's even making it personal.yesterday he told Daniel he was gonna.put the pressure on Robo and he's doing.it now.I want to call the clock I want to call.the clock.come on Internet you play like in one.second what do you come here now you.come to my game and you wasted my time.on the internet people go back three.times a pot every one your bike's Amanda.Amanda.bring a tricycle cool the clock.bring your tricycle it's ridiculous.these kids are coming here taking me on.Tony - calm down please Tony I need to.know did you bring a bike for me so if I.ship it all in do I get a bike like a.lease do I get a novelty price now.you're mocking the mat now you're on the.clock you've got one minute and then.we're gonna do a 10-second countdown all.right that is floor man tom kean putting.andrew wrobel on the clock as.entertaining as all this is this.actually breaks etiquette a little bit.to call the clock on someone especially.in a cash game when the blinds don't.increase but this is all part of Tony's.mind games to try to get Andrew steamed.enough to call okay you're at one minute.you got 10 second countdown at 10.seconds your hand will be dead ten nine.eight seven six five four three two one.bold let's see a deuce nine deuce in a.nine Tony g-good fooled he didn't show.it's good pulled made the hero lay down.what did you have aa pair of sixes Oh.Jeff ice queen.around around that I guess in the.technical sense six Queen is close to.ace Queen nice plate mr. G bold.aggressive you know just had the makings.to be a a real TV superstar hand is Tony.G really mad or was that an act stick.around and we'll find out after the.break.welcome back to Las Vegas Nevada home of.the big game and once again if you want.to get more in depth with the big game.you can see bonus hands extra stats on.this table as well as footage deemed too.hot for TV on the website things got a.little hot last hand between Tony G and.andrew wrobel hopefully more that rants.will be on the website.robell raising ace jack to 2500 jack.five for Tony folds Lex is out six Trey.suited good enough to call for Daniel.Queen Jack for Alan Barry who folds it's.a little tight but he has dominated and.Reynolds folds also tight both guys were.out of position to the raiser.I'm very unhappy right now I'm not gonna.be able to sleep until after this.episode comes out check the ground who.checks a flush draw.following the flop I guess this is an.achievement.Robo bets 4,000 with top pair he's.making Daniel pay to draw Daniel will.Daniel trying to chase that Spade the.turn the 10 of diamonds Roble picks up a.straight draw Daniel misses action on.Negreanu looks like we're gonna see a.semi bluff that's 8,500 this is a dog.bet Bluff he knows Roble as tight and.Andrew knows Daniel is loose so top pair.decent kicker and a gut shot might all.just be too much to get away from for.Andrew.robocalls we all know Robles tight rep.Daniel can't like that call unless he.sees a spade which he doesn't ten of.hearts on the river Daniels got air but.if he wants to win this pot he's gonna.have to use that air to blow Andrew off.his hand action on the grano that's.eighteen five three tens is a tough.Bluff to pull off so Daniel is most.likely trying to rep a big ace or maybe.a straight his bet is designed to Bluff.Robel off a king may be I don't think.Daniel thinks he could get rollable to.fold a big ace though.I'm gonna walk out if these guys are.gonna come here waste my time I'm gonna.walk out of the game what's a joke.Canalis thinking twenty minutes ever.gonna hand his plane can it.here comes floor man tom kean who's.received more airtime than hoid Corkins.who went broken eight hands on the big.game all right Andrea we're gonna go.through the same thing you play online.it's like quick two seconds bang bang.the pressing buttons they come here they.freeze up Daniels done a good job of.making this look like a value bet so.andrew has a legit decision to make.he seems to be doing a good job of.tuning Tony out he folds what after all.that he finally threw it away.six Daniel shows the blob you qualify I.was so happy you called the clock Tony.high five for the assist ever just in.case I don't think he had anything he.had to move in himself first bluff.that's worked for me in like I don't.know how long how many in a row have I.tried.Andrew Robles now down financially and.perhaps emotionally after the beating by.Tony G as for Daniel he's down about the.same amount and has made a nice comeback.after being stuck 245 grand at one point.his turnaround seems to have come since.both Andrew and Allan berry have arrived.in the last 46 hands Daniel's playing.more aggressively and his three bet.percentage has doubled he's opened up.his game even more post flop in an.attempt to outplay these guys Daniels up.almost $100,000 since changing gears.though I'm not sure I like the way.Daniel and Tony are ganging up on andrew.wrobel oh he's going this elfin if he.can Bluff him out but is this pledge.week.I know Daniels excited but there's no.need to rub salt in the wounds finally.the person didn't call right.write that down Amanda keep track Roble.tries to regroup King for sloppy fold.king of clubs exposed that's a B huh.Tony race it's not personal though I.know it's not her soul yeah 100% not I.guess that was a kind of an apology.Lex calls well I won the last pot Daniel.calls Alan Barry Allen wishes he weren't.getting such good pot odds he's into man.this is so brutal this is brutal.dan look at that again Oh Paulie what he.had he had a flush draw a busted flush.draw and he was thinking about moving.rollin 10-7 jack Lex and Daniel hit top.pair Alan's got a gut shot and Janice.shows you what a bad of the judge I am.what I'm doing here.playing with these professionals like.they need to have like a tote meter.above everyone's heads and right now my.tilt meter is like off of the chart Tony.bets 4,000 Lex calls Lex quietly calling.with the best hand you know Jersey Shore.as the fist pump neither the big game.needs we get the big gun tiltmeters.don't Peter Daniels in Barry's out and.Robles taking this very well Daniels got.top hair in a gut shot but kicker.problems forests spades on the turn.nobody has a spade tony checks Lex.checks.Daniel checks ace of diamonds on the.river.Lex rivers top two Tony checks time for.Lex up bring it on down to value bill do.you have direction to that place ha ha.Lex is gonna show you the way he bet.16:7 Daniel's trying to figure out what.he can beat he had top hair till the.river and he knows the ACE will be a.decent card to bluff at flex had.something like a gut shot or one spade.in his hand he would have missed.Daniel folds I had really really low.tops to Lois ecology bold I played that.bad Lex scoops up the pot visits profits.Vil for the first time he's up over 20.grand ya know I was gonna call like a.300 it might be time to recalibrate our.meter to see if Lex beats Roble to tilty.town see what happens when we come back.we are back on the big game from Las.Vegas and 138 out of the 150 we will.play this week in what has been the.craziest week in the big game so far ten.different players at the table this week.Tony G's been a maniac on the felt and a.menace to andrew wrobel action gets.going with daniel who looks at Kings.raises Lexus straddle Daniel hopes these.Cowboys can get him out of the hole.Barry folds William Reynolds Queen Jack.suited big suited connectors on the.button is pretty much an auto call.accurate Robo folds Tony gee he's got.two cards so he's an auto call to your.right.that was straddler lex already has money.in and he's getting decent odds so he.calls for to the flop which is eight.Jack ten Lex flops of straight Tony.checks.Chuck's middle pair Lex bets nine.thousand this is a donk bet so it's.gonna look pretty fishy to Daniel still.it's pretty tough to get away from two.kings on the flop with no ace out there.and only one bet he calls wills got top.hair and a gut shot to a bigger straight.the three of us do play a few pots and.we will get pots of significant.importance over time life-changing costs.life-changing crests on one's soul oh.you love it I can see it look at your.gras you can you just love that give.someone a horrific bad beat wipe the map.send them to the cleaners you've done it.before haven't you that's me Tony G has.lost it Reynolds calls.Tony folds nine of spades on the turn.Reynolds hits is straight brutal card.for Lex he bets drawing dead thank you.thank you no more of these freaking.hands there just look the Daniel folds.Lex's bet with the dummy end of the.straight.Reynolds calls still playing cautiously.he doesn't have the nuts ten of hearts.on the river.check-check hide the Queen.I had the tin puppet I Kings o you flop.it while he's in bed the river thought.he was going for the check jam please.Chuck Jam sounds like something that.could land you on the disabled list I.didn't want to good bluff huh Johnny.might be pulling will superstar card so.will takes the pot and gets himself.closer to even Tony G holding steady and.over three hundred seventy seven grand.while Daniels still the deepest in the.hole with a fifty thousand dollar.deficit with just 12 hands to go we can.expect the tight players to tighten up.even more but the loose ones should all.be beating each other into the pot to.get their gamble on before last call.Allan Barry straddling so action on.Reynolds Jack eight suited just I'm.starting the caddy.it's 2,500 raised Roble Tony is.commendable we'll head nod and he's.starting a new fad it's a repo 5,000 7s.for Lex and Lex says hey I'm a think.about it stop doing my job will X is.tilted up slightly tilted slightly.getting invent really Willy let's get.those two into the booth I'll handle.taking over Tony stack fair enough.Barry folds Reynolds okay I closed the.action calls close the door at least you.haven't slammed it in my face yeah seven.eight nine Lex flops a set look at that.boy oh boy this is an action flop check.check check ten of clubs on the turn it.is a very dangerous card and brings.multiple drawers.I think they covered the analysis yep.Lex bets 13,000 Lex isn't wrapping the.drop wrapping the main hand.up lakhs is hoping to make these to pay.to draw what he doesn't know is that.will isn't drawing anymore he's got a.straight you know no one has a jack.except the guy to your right so actually.technically he does know someone has a.Jack Reynolds calls alright Tony with.top hair and the nut flush draw a.minimum I'm calling I'm just saying.about moving in closing the closing.reaction close in the action G stop I'm.definitely a promising I'm calling but.I'm thinking about a race okay I'm.contemplating a significant improvement.of this spot sighs both these guys would.love that will especially not just the.pot juicer the whole nine all right I.just call I thought nice position Tony.calls.I just just keep it friendly four hearts.on the river even though this cart.didn't hurt him Lexus set has officially.been cracked let's see if he still.thinks he can better for value he could.get himself in a whole lot of trouble if.he does.Lex bets 31 for Williams got the stone.nuts trying to figure out how much he.wants to raise he just calls he must be.trying to induce an over call from Tony.at least I'm not raising I mean nine not.ninety percent I'm calling I'm only if.I'm gonna light this down am I not gonna.play poker you gonna think if you guys.fight unless Lex made a really big and.Williams plan might just be coming.together.he's got chips ah yeah I fold Wow so I.have the nuts.I thought Tony G would do it you like.that honey percent I would have done it.did you say I had a flush draw mmm-hmm.Lex is sick he barely had over 31 I.thought he would call always higher I.just called I had a nut flush draw and.top pair a man I shouldn't want to weigh.there a pot there I'd love to check.Lex's tilt ometer now.we'll may even have outsmarted himself.on that hand.don't go away as the leveling continues.on the big game from Las Vegas after.this.[Music].[Applause].[Music].welcome back to the big game from Las.Vegas last hand will Reynolds took.things to another level against Lex and.Tony gee it certainly wasn't your.standard play with the nuts so will.explained what he was thinking as we go.behind the poker face on this hand I.there was a straddle under the gun and I.decided to pop it up I make a 2500 to go.now Tony G's on the button and he just.makes it 5k so he doubles my bet now Lex.calls from the small blind and now I.have to call getting all these odds with.jacket suited.so we go to a flop and the flop is eight.nine seven with two spades so I flop it.to gut shot straight draw and the flush.draw.Lex checks I checked they even know I.had a big combo draw I still want to be.a little bit more conservative and Tony.makes a surprising check back on the a.sideboard here with all that money in.the pot and the turn is the 10 of clubs.this gives me the nut straight with a.spade flush draw and now Lex decides to.lead out 13 thousand into 17,000 I'm.putting him on right now at least a very.nice combo draw so I thought best way to.extract value in this hand would be to.just call and maybe let these two guys.get in a war so I just call and Tony.sits there and he's thinking forever any.mentions that he's at least calling a.minimum I'm calling I'm just saying.about me moving in so I'm listening wow.I'm so excited I'm nuts with redraw and.free rolling and Tony just calls now the.river at least is a complete brick it's.a red four there's a lot in the pot and.Lex leaves out for 31,000 so i sat there.debating to myself what is the most.profitable way to play this hand and.extract value right now right now I have.the nuts we're on the river I had the.best hand possible and I'm facing a.large bet so my options were to re-raise.like normal but I just had this picture.of glory in my head and all it said was.call and maybe see Tony G do something.wild and then Tony instantly announces.nine not ninety percent I'm calling so.I'm like yes I least got the same amount.of value as putting Lex all and.10 seconds later he folds in a face up.whatever Lex announces he has a sad I'm.like oh the nuts it's kind of hard for.me to have the nuts there I'm very under.wraps there's not very many times where.you just call on the river with the nuts.but I thought that was a profitable one.it turned out costing me a little bit of.money but I went for the glory and.whatever I still won the big pot William.may have cost himself some money but as.far as glory goes I can guarantee people.will be talking about that hand.Reynolds has had a nice turnaround he's.up over a hundred grand tonight and 57.thousand for the week as for Lex he's.digging in his pocket.that's never a good sign his buying is.now 200 grand he's stuck over 41,000.Daniel folds King Jack for Alan Barry 26.raises lexis straddle the 2,600 Reynolds.folds robell pocket eights Robles been.playing tight but not tight enough to.not play this everyone's a winner calls.Tony King 10 calls no three bat Lex.folds I want to be in with the tune it's.easy to ball first the sandwich deuce.nine six on the flop mean the sandwich.abused me.Robles got the best hand I think it's.coming out firing here yep kind of ties.my hands when you fire I mean if you.haven't checked I would have had a.legitimate bet of the park know would.have reached a big rabbit.Tony folds those berries your bear then.put me in a sandwich what do you want me.to do that was exactly what I wanted to.happen.really robo-dog bet for protection but.remember you got to give action to get.it you might have happened.congratulations I could take a call well.since Robles sat down on hand eighty.Tony G has been putting the screws on.him the whole time Joe we're coming.toward the end of the session is Roble.playing like an.unfortunately Chris the numbers don't.lie Robles plate 65 hands and finds.himself down over 20,000 over that span.he ranks last in every vital preflop.aggression category so while the numbers.say Andrews guilty let's not forget he.just might be getting some.uncharacteristically bad cards let's see.if those stats improve as he has aged.four to get it going unfolds alright.that is pretty tight.Tony folds 8 hi Lex steaming on the.button races to 2800 Jack 10-4 Daniel.calls very full ok guys.I like the deposit Jillian Reynolds.always happy fold 2nd the dark Daniel.checks in the dark 9 5 for Lex checks.bottom pair Daniel trying to get unstuck.by mixing his play up 10 of diamonds on.the turn.Daniel turns top pair 45 and bets 4500.Lex calls maybe Daniels checking the.dark out of some action there the river.the six of clubs it's a relatively safe.card let's see if Daniel wants to bet is.10 that's 9,500 in the Lex hold on.I was not bluffing for once yeah that's.why he folded Alex continues to bleed.chips as Daniel tries to get back to.even by the end of the night will he get.there come back to find out is the big.game rolls to a fantastic finish.[Music].you.[Music].welcome back to the big game and Joe we.are winding down yet another week from.Las Vegas just two hands left it's their.last chance to get their gamble on until.they hit the slot machines right outside.Tony G straddle so action on Lex queen.five fires it away.Daniel eight five folds Allen Barry nine.eight suited connectors I should extend.the show suited connectors on the button.raises to 2600 how much time we'll bold.and quick andrew wrobel I tell you guys.quit me big slick this should be in.Robocop's range please you guys quit me.that's a good line the two nuts again.Roble just calls if they have their.rematch but you guys I'm gonna be.embarrassed.Tony folds with my own two eyes come on.Tony there's only two hands left you can.stick around - alleged nits to the flop.Jack nine six Robles got ace high he's.out of position and he does not have the.lead ruble checks Barry.middle pair checks as well.five of hearts on the turn some players.would fire here not Roble he checks.Robocop unlike a Robocop it doesn't fire.very often Barry checks his gut shot.eight of hearts on the river two pair.for Barry nothing for Robles that way I.can get here all my libraries that was.very creative there Cole I was genius.rovol checks before Tony can yell at him.there's a four card straight out there a.cautious player would check behind Barry.bets 8,500 Andres played pretty snug all.night I don't see him calling this over.bet with just a sigh.robell folds before the clock gets put.on him robell fold bowls you have a.seven allenbury declines to answer.without his lawyer present.hey guys last hand of the night this is.the last and this is the last position.Daniel II make it 16 I'm buried.but can we straddle it double straddle Y.triple straddle it and I'll quad it then.you quad it and I'll fight it kind of.let me call them that for now you're.okay.you don't have to tip the straddle oh.that's a good way then I mean I haven't.looked yet I was willing to do it.Barry folds see then I could have like.been in the hand longer ha ha robell out.aren't the young guys supposed to be.reckless with their money 5 Tony raises.the 5 grand surprise surprise I don't.think I'm full like skulls double check.jacks for Daniel Daniel in this is the.last town in the night it is so this is.a huge hand in this spot I'm gonna use I.mean you I'm gonna utilize my straddle.and I'm gonna raise Daniel knows he'll.get all kinds of action from worse hands.because it's the last hand of the night.to 20,000 Tony call people 3 but the.last set of the nitrogen shot Lex calls.Tony and Lex are blocking each other's.Kings to come on spot what is there lots.of money in there the flop 5 dues tray.Lex with middle pair it's a pretty good.board for two jacks Tony checks Lex.jacks.Daniel will probably bet while he still.likes his hand a lot of wheel draw.potentials out there.Daniel fires 30 grand.Tony folds this could look like a.standard see bet so he might get a.little action from Lex Lex calls that.gets Daniel's attention nine of hearts.on the turn.Lexx checks this is a great card for.Daniel it doesn't spike any drawers or.provide additional outs there's very.little for him not to like last hand of.the night right.Daniel bets huge Lex bulbs have unions.to calm em that I've Jax Danny you won.the last one with Jax I really wouldn't.want you at all hence the hundred K over.bet well Lex finishes things stuck over.a hundred grand and that last pot put.Daniel on the right side of the tracks.a record-setting ten player sat down.this week buying in for over 1.8 million.dollars and Tony G dominated them all.the other nine ended with varying.results buying your favorite player to.see how they did.Elizabeth Houston however was not as.fortunate as she joined a host of others.on the rail so Nadia Magnus now hopes.her loose cannon lead holds up for three.more weeks in order to capture the.coveted and apt passport alright guys.that was the end of a crazy week of.poker crazy huh it was a crazy week of.poker do we have ten players sit at this.table and I think Tony gee you have most.of their money I've been very fortunate.I'm the weakest player but luck has a.lot to do other than hiding commitment.to the game well did you enjoy your.first week at the big game oh I had a.fabulous time with these gentlemen I had.the pros I had a loose cannon you know.and you had an it I know we out on it it.wouldn't battle alright guys that's it.I'm Amanda Leatherman saying goodbye for.now and remember if you've got the cash.and the guts there's always a seat open.at the big game good night everybody for.Joe Stapleton I'm Chris Rose we'll see.you next time on the big game if you.come here you go to play and you gotta.take us on him calling the clock on me I.mean I took a long time that's what then.is right you come to my game and you.wasted my time.I haven't standing up and yelling at me.in the middle of the hand more than a.little bit out of line you're not here.to waste my time and I'm gonna call the.clock on all of you pretenders.the preceding was a presentation from.pokerstars.com.

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W9 Form 2015 2019 FAQs

Check the below common misunderstandings about W9 Form 2015 2019 . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

Need help? Contact support

How do I correctly fill out a W9 tax form as a single member LLC?

If your SMLLC is a sole proprietorship/disregarded entity, then you put your name in the name box and not the name of the LLC. You check the box for individual/sole proprietor not LLC. If the SMLLC is an S or C corp then check the box for LLC and write in the appropriate classification. In that case you would put the name of the LLC in the name box.

How can my employer charge me taxes when I didn't fill out any form (like W2, W4, or W9)?

Without a W-4 the default rate is Single 0 which will withhold the most. Employers are REQUIRED to withhold taxes. If you wish to change it simply file a W-4 with your employer.

Who do I send this W9 form to after I fill it out? Then what happens?

Send the W-9 to the business that asked you to complete it. Then the business will have your social security number or employer identification number so it can prepare a 1099 to report the income it gave you after year end.

If someone receives a gratuity do they need to fill out a W9 tax form?

It depends on the amount of the gratuity and the context in which it is received. First a W9 form is used when a business pays for services to vendors that it reasonably expects the payments will total more than $600 during a calendar year. The W9 is required to give the business the necessary information needed to complete a Form 1099 to report payments for services provided during the year. Gratuities received for providing services to a business would certainly fall under the 1099 reporting requirements and therefore a W9 form would be appropriate. Some businesses have a policy of requiring a W9 from every service provider before any payment in any amount is made. Not particularly a legal requirement, but given the frequent difficulty of obtaining the information after payment has been made, not a necessarily unreasonable policy to have. That is when the gratuity is received in the context of providing a service to a business. Payments for personal services are not subject to 1099 reporting and a W9 should not be needed. Payment of gratuities in the context of what we typically think of in terms of gratuity such as a wait staff at a restaurant or stylist at a hair salon are generally personal in nature and the reporting falls on the service person’s employer and not the person paying the gratuity, so a W9 in that case would not be typical. So did you work a weekend event for a business convention and they want to give you a $500 tip for doing a great job, but require a W9, yea I would probably fill out the form. Do you wait tables at a restaurant and the guest wants to tip you $50 for his business luncheon, I would probably not be inclined to fill out the form.

As a Canadian working in the US on a TN-1 visa should I fill out the IRS Form W-8BEN or W9?

Use the W-9. The W-8BEN is used for cases where you are not working in the U.S., but receiving income relating to a U.S. Corporation, Trust or Partnership.

Do W9 forms need to be filled out by hand? Can I fill it out in a text editor like Word instead?

No, W9 forms do not need to be filled out by hand. Assuming you have a PDF, there are many PDF editors which allow you to fill in the form on your personal computer and even insert a signature, if you have one. Mac’s Preview app does this on most PDFs. Word might actually do it as well, I simply don’t use Word. Google Docs has the functionality, as well.

What is a w9 form used for?

Yes. No law requires anyone to get a SSN to live or work in the United States. Example: http://www.notfooledbygovernment.com/SSA-letter-to-McDonald.pdf Just ask for a Privacy Act statement that actually meets the requirements of the Privacy Act. Confront them with the law, and tell them you expect them to follow the law. I have suggestions in my essay at http://wp.me/P7yY3A-4v

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