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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling out Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Alabama Forest Owners Afoa Online

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The Definite Guide to Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Alabama Forest Owners Afoa

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A Complete Manual with respect toHunting Lease Liability Insurance Alabama Forest Owners Afoa

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that I'll.take that over what could have been the.alternative so I always good to be.careful not let your attention one or.two much but I really really want to.talk today is really my talk is more.instead of the history of hunting kind.of lessons learned over 30 plus years of.dealing with hunting clubs and hopefully.be something that will pick your.interest ER or get you to ask questions.or think about it I know quite a few.folks here because I'm go to some of you.lease your land of hunting clubs or.you're in hunting clubs or or both when.I'm talking today about a hunting lease.really you can use the word a.presentation on use of the word license.and lease interchangeably resource.management service uses a license and a.license really from.legal standpoint is a better instrument.for for hunting clubs the least because.really a license is considered a.privilege Annalise conveys something.with that a license really is given.permission it can be revoked at will it.gives you a lot greater assurance from.the liability standpoint if you have a.problem with a hunting club but I am.going to use the word interchangeably.today and most of us even knew those of.us in our best holiday honey beliefs.even though we use a license a little.bit of history on hunting leases I can.date some clothes back to the 1800s when.a group of folks would get together and.have what they call it an outing club.and some of the first ones where the.Adirondack Mountains in New York the.Poconos in Pennsylvania and the south.along the Mississippi River were some of.the first clubs came up the oldest one I.personally know about is Ozark island on.the Mississippi River charted at 1892.has a hunting club and it's still in.existence today so you know that one's.been around a 125 + years now but the.earliest leases many cases were.handshake agreements I started out with.Anderson totally of Mississippi and.Anderson pulleys earliest agreement.somebody would come up John Tully and.say I'd like to hunt this section of.land I'd like to hunt the such a wimp.wing such-and-such rose and they would.shake hands and perhaps I'll fix paper.and that was that was the agreement in.the 20s and 30s some of the mid western.clothes started sin outing clothes.hanging clothes be informed and actually.put into law tax advantages for.landowners to keep their land open to.the public that exists today for example.in Wisconsin or Michigan you can lease.your land to a hunting club and you can.pay $25 neighbor in taxes are you can.have it open.public will pay three dollars an acre in.taxes and that there's quite a.difference there so there's a great.legal incentive to keep land opening in.some states one of the first legal cases.involving a hunting clubs in Mississippi.marico hunting club actually went all.the way to the Mississippi Supreme Court.who upheld it as a hunting club they had.the right to patrol and post their.property and prosecute trespass and so.that really gave many clothes legal.standing to to be units that could.control a piece of property in the 60s.70s and 80s needing a large southern.forest owners the international papers.the Georgia Pacific Western belts and.others began leasing their land to hang.clubs became more than a handshake.agreement was often fifty cents a dollar.a couple of dollars an acre but but it.was a legal agreement and it was kind of.started hunting clubs in the late 1970s.International Paper really began to look.at hunting clubs as a business and they.actually set up a business model around.any clubs and to my knowledge that's the.first group that did is that in the.eighties demand for a really good.hunting property it's just accelerated.at least an accelerated pricing and kind.of process to where we are today in 1989.Clemson University the survey of hunting.clothes across the south the top three.reasons for leasing land on that.surveyed access control protection of.property public relations it was seen as.a good thing in the community to lease.land the local folks and income ranked.third it was not one of the top two I.certainly done a couple of years ago.income are increasing the value of the.land right number one protection of the.property was number two and then.community relations allies number three.but it really it has the kind of.business that has to become a good.source of income for landowners and it's.kind of the model we're in today if your.land honor los angeles your land well a.source of income better control property.a good man club can actually make your.property more valuable and I know that.that's kind of contrary to think about.tickle if you're hunting club you're.there you do a good job you raise the.value of the land the land owner sells.it reaps the benefit the cutest the club.put into it over the years but studies.have shown that will manage property.good and included place can raise the.value of the land offers unclose offer.the opportunity to improve wildlife.management the property quality deer.management programs tried burning.programs small game programs turkey.hunting whatnot you've got a group of.people there you can't control what's.going on you can manage if you get clubs.around you into a cooperative or an.association you can you can really do.some good things across a big piece of.property a lot of advantages the.disadvantages for a lab dollar you're.going to deal with honey clubs and you.know over the years I've try to figure.out how to deal with lagers with a funny.clothes could be a tougher challenge I.think it's hanging close so you know any.clothes always have problems that need.you to help me solve the administration.of hanging clothes if you deal with more.than one can have been placing time up.and then you do have liability of legal.exposure from 100 club perspective why.would you want to be in a club well.safety believe their high comes out as.one of the first reasons in every survey.every opinion poll taken you know you.know who's on the property have a good.idea where their honey it just seems to.be us you feel safer than honey on.public land tradition in Colorado I'm in.hunting club that we started in 1983 I.can't imagine not playin in that Club.it's a good group of 12 of us and know.each other our kids have grown up.together we have like a lot of fun a lot.of tradition and I can't imagine being.away from that and a lot of folks have.many clubs can relate very well better.manage property we have a quality near.management program we have limits on the.type of books which you from being.anything and inside spread restriction.lessons child's first beer and they can.take any legal beer they want to but we.think that allows the property to be.better managed and I think the cunning.experience is better the disadvantages.if you're a hunting club the cost lease.rates have gone up I think they've.started to flatten out across the south.and Abbot but they have gone up quite a.bit as lease rates go up the members.drop out you have turnover and that can.create dissension within the club and.the greatest disadvantage is if you.don't own the land it can always be sold.and that's just for reality of life and.I've seen it more times and then I want.to that's probably the greatest.disadvantage for a hunting club if you.don't own the land that your clothes in.a couple of words about pricing there to.pricing models one is market pricing.basically that's where you fit it off.you get the highest return you can and.Mississippi every 16th section belongs.to the state and the month of those 16th.sections or at least every three to five.years for hunting that money generated.goes to the schools it's done on a bid.process it basically sets market value.in every county in mississippi and it's.a strictly bid process fair market is.where you take into account well you've.got a good group of folks in place.they're taking care of the land okay.here's the value I could get but I will.have to trade some of that off for care.and protection so that's kind of the.other system the advantages of market.behave or market pricing into the.greatest return the disadvantages if a.club feels like their own the land only.because they've been the high bidder.they don't have a lot of them sinning to.protect it they may try to kill whatever.they can they may try to get whatever.they can from the land over a three to.five year period say well we'll probably.lose it so so who cares what happens.next year so you get potential for a lot.of abuse from that system the club.really can't make.that's under under market value they're.stressed to pay the lease so putting in.food plots putting in amenities helping.to the landowner with these keeping the.roads up that's an extra cost they.probably can't solar fair market pricing.you can build a better relationship with.the club you can work with the club to.have the club invest in property to do.improvements on the property to take.care of it the club feels like they're.going to have a year here therefore.willing to make that investment and that.really offsets a loss of revenue to the.land art what are some factors in.setting prices land owners always ask.you know how much is my land worth for.hunting well certainly the market the.area is in Alabama the black Prairie.along the Alabama River you can name.other places that just have a tremendous.market for honey you know if you've got.land there you're in the sweet spot for.my money Club standpoint if you've got.deer turkey hogs fished waterfowl small.gain the more of those you have on the.property the more diverse the property.is typically the higher value can.command the quality of the habitat.percentage of hardwood you have.percentage of land and streamside.management zones age class of the timber.how the timbers manage our their food.plots in place or you as a landowner.willing to allow the club to put in food.plots all of these can contribute to how.to process a hunting lease access you.have good all-weather access every time.it rains do you have to to take four.wheel drive and try to get in and out.you know access is very important.pricing at least availability of.electricity the road system on the.property does it have permanent water.does it have food plots amenities.pricing as well I think the other thing.is know your customer you know it's.always good to lease to your neighbors.to press their clothes I can take care.of the property sometimes that's just.not the way it works out do you have a.piece of property that somebody's.willing to pay a little bit more and.they live in birmingham er our.Tuscaloosa and you know obviously I'll.have any place to hunt close to home but.it's within an hour they're willing to.to pay a little bit more to be able to.access that land they want to help.improve the property now when you.interview a potential club you get the.sense that they want to be a partner.with you and help improve the lander.they're just there to hunt and go home.so all of those can really play a role.in determining the value of the lease.just a couple of words about an.agreement I do advise anybody that deals.with a mini club to have a lease.agreement even if it's a very simple.document something that says where the.land is as a map of the land so.everybody's clear what you're talking.about how much it's going to cost the.club a year what you as land owner.willing to do what you expect from the.club have a clause that requires.liability insurance and I'll talk a.little bit more about that in a minute.and how the closet states how the.agreement can be amended renewed.terminated and I do encourage every many.club member to have a copy of the.license because every hunting club.member doesn't need to be something just.the president has or just the person you.deal with ask everybody needs to know.what it is because it club member.doesn't take good care of your property.it causes the club to lose the license.they don't need to say well I didn't.know I couldn't do that that need to be.the excuse and the other thing I would.say is in this day of lawyers being more.and more important as having the.agreement reviewed by an attorney again.it's a one page basically handshake.agreement with a few turns out line.always good to have that.detection should you do an annual.agreement for multi-year agreement well.the annual agreement lets you respond to.changes in markets on a more regular.basis gives you a little bit more.control over the property but oftentimes.with the multi-year agreement the.clothes are willing to pay a little bit.more to have that certainty so a.three-year agreement of five-year.agreement oftentimes it wouldn't pay a.little world the front end to know.they're going to be there for 35 years.it gives a real sense of stability of a.real sense of partnership with the.landowner liability insurance being.talked this morning about our outdoor.underwriters and some of the insurance.vehicles they offer i will say that we.use outdoor underwriters and we think.they're the best in the business I given.by an unpaid plug they really know the.liability business ed Wilson's being.referenced started that business but.while hunting is amongst the safest of.all activities I do encourage you to.make sure the club has liability.insurance and that the landowner is.named it's also ensured and that.agreement the lease agreement can.specify what you as a landowner want.that Club to have from a liability.standpoint Ian dollars per occurrence.etc looking down the road you know what.are some of the things that perhaps are.coming or or maybe out there for the.future hunting leases I think that.hunting clubs are going to continue to.place a premium on the experience so.more you can do as a landowner to create.an atmosphere that creates a quality.experience for the club members and for.their families I think that's going to.pay dividends I think that connor's are.going to be looking for more than just a.place to go shoot something it's going.to be a place they can go enjoy that the.overall experience of getting out prime.hunting lands again Alabama River.example Tom quality lands are going to.maintain a premium in the market and I.don't see that changing anytime soon I.do see across the south on average.properties prices started to flatten out.quite a bit and I think we've kind of.seen the peak of rapid rise and we're.going to see more of a flattened out of.a process i do see landowners looking.for ways to get value from.non-consumptive uses Becky talked about.some things earlier but horseback riding.early and camping some Donna traditional.hunting and fishing opportunities are.awake perhaps increase revenue and one.thing I see that's very positive there's.a major effort to recruit youth in a.hunting clubs you know get the children.involved get the kids and grandkids.involved recruit that next generation of.hunters and I see clubs making a big.effort to do this and I think it's very.positive our mess is pushing the idea of.a recreational license as opposed to a.hunting license and just trying to imply.use the property year-round come out and.hide come out and bird wives come out.ride the ATV and patrol the property to.do it a responsible manner and you know.bring the family let this be something.the family can be involved in and that.does get a better use of the property.around it gets folks on the property.around and hopefully cuts justifying.offset some of the process being paid.and finally this is just a few things.that perhaps we've seen over the years.it really pays to get a good group of.folks in place and work to keep that.group of folks in place on the property.I think long-term that's probably the.best lesson I could pass along another.thing I've seen is the more clothes pays.the more they expect so if you increase.the lease rates expect the club's going.to ask you for more that's kind of a.trend we've seen I think a fair market.pricing does pay you the greatest.dividends in the long run we have put.the most cash in the bank.we'll get the better care of the.property and protect the value long-term.and I think that more than offsets the.loss of direct revenue as opposed to.pity as opposed to bidding yes exactly.and I do think it's important to require.a standard of behavior from the hunting.clubs you know if you've got a club in.place that your neighbor is always.calling and complaining about trespassed.always calling and saying with kids from.the club or right across my property.complaining whether throwing beer cans.out as they go across my property to get.to your property you know that's just.unacceptable to stay at time and I guess.the finalists I pass along its expect a.standard of behavior from the club and.if I don't live up to it find someone.that will because they are good clothes.out there but i think the hunting club.business hunting clubs are great way for.landowners to have their property.protected to get some revenue from the.property from a club perspective it's an.opportunity to really build a tradition.enjoy hunting with your friends and.family on piece of property that while.it may not be yours you come to think of.it as yours without a big lad.entertaining questions I appreciate it.

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