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my name is Christophe Pettis I work for.a company called PostgreSQL experts.we're a boutique Postgres consultancy.based up in San Francisco and we're a.sponsor take one of the Flyers that's.from us that's all around there it there.they're great Christmas gifts let's see.just a quick rundown my personal blog is.v build calm these slides for this.presentation are available for download.there because you desperately need our.help for something I'm sure go to.PostgreSQL experts calm you can follow.me on twitter @ x @ xof and there's my.email address so hello so what we're.going to be talking about is PCI.compliance which is one of those terms.that everybody like throws around this.is always that PCI compliant remember.you have to be PCI compliant if you.don't you if you don't eat your.vegetables PCI compliance will get you.in the middle of the night so which so.PCI is the payment card industry.security standards Council which is a.bureaucracy that was set up I don't.remember exactly how long ago when.people realized that people stole credit.card numbers and now that we were.keeping credit card numbers on computers.that were connected to the Internet you.could see a lot of credit card numbers.are very short amount of time and there.were no standards for how you had to.secure these so a bunch of were these.from Visa and MasterCard and people all.sat down and came up with this the.security standard so if you process a.payment card so if you touch cardholder.information you have to comply with this.specifically you have to comply with.this document that's called PCI DSS the.data security standard so there's a.document that you can go and download.which I strongly suggest that you do if.you're in this position and read it.because it makes for very grim.terrifying reading the most recent.version is 3.1 which was updated in.April 2015 so why do we care about this.well you know we all want to get paid.and the way people pay for stuff online.is by a credit card I assume has what.was the last time any.have lost all my checkbooks I don't.remember checks now so if you touch.payment card information you have to.comply with the PCI full stop.you have to comply with all of it no.exceptions this is one of the first.myths is the idea that we're a small.site so we can we don't have to comply.with everything no you have to comply.with every single bullet item in the.entire specification if you touch one.credit card number if anyone needs to.send a text to their boss right now well.I'll wait so what does it mean to comply.with this standard you know and what's.interesting is you think given how grim.and important the standard is whether or.not you're in compliance would be like a.really obvious question but it's not.it's actually a little bit vague really.what compliance means is that you passed.an audit now this is where if you're.smart and I won't go into the details of.the various tiers but it's basically.based on how much how much credit-card.activity you process small sites can.self evaluate so you can tell yourself.yes we're compliant right because we're.sitting right now you can say I'm.compliant and sign a piece of paper and.you're done so that's really easy.compliance you know hope you're right.but but even if you have to self audit.you have to comply with every part of.PCI so you have to go through and.honestly ask yourself all these.questions and we'll talk about what.these questions are and how from a.Postgres perspective you comply with.them so if you take out your credit card.and there's this number on the front.it's you know 16 digits I can I can.remember when twelve digits were okay in.the case of an American Express card.it's 15 digits that's called a primary.account number in in PCI ease if you.ever touch that and by touching I mean.your code ever manipulates this number.you have to comply with PCI that's the.gateway it doesn't matter if you take.just somebody's name or something like.that interestingly enough if you even.take their the expiration date but not.the number I'm not sure what you do why.you do that but you that doesn't trigger.compliance but if you ever touch that.account number you do have to comply.even if you don't store it in the.database so even if you just accept it.and hand it off to some other service.you do have.comply with PCI however if you never.write it in the database your life got a.lot easier in terms of what you have of.your information security so so if you.comply you're safe right you know you've.done you've gone they say the auditor.said had you a piece of paper that said.we did it we did the audit and.everything's fine and the answer is no.you're never safe there is no safety.this side of the grave passing the audit.just means you're allowed to process.credit card information it doesn't mean.you're released in any way from any.liability so if you have a breach you.can have passed the audit yesterday and.be and have gone through every item of.the checklist and you are still.completely liable for every dollar loss.because of that breach forever so this.is why it you don't want to just sign.the piece of paper itself itself itself.certify you want to actually make sure.your systems are secure so what are we.going to talk about this talk because PC.you know full PCI compliance is a huge.topic we're just going to talk about.what you need to do for a Postgres.database for PCI compliance there's a.lot more involved in getting your whole.system front-to-back PCI compliant and.there are lots of people who can help.you with that including PGX one of the.things I like about PCI and I don't like.much about PCI is it's a good jumping.off point for general system security.for to get you thinking about what it.takes to secure a system so first of all.read the documentation go and getting.read a copy of PCI DSS we're not going.to grind through the whole thing in all.of its bullet points here because we'd.be here for years so we're gonna focus.on the technical matters as related to a.database but PCI goes into policies and.procedures that are far beyond just the.database so make yourself familiar with.those if you're in the situation that.you have to deal with this stuff and.this is the absolute minimum you need to.do for PCI compliance it doesn't.necessarily mean you'll pass an audit so.you know please don't send me a hostile.email saying well I did everything you.said you're talking we still flunked the.audit because that's this is the.starting point not the end point so yes.this is the start of your journey.the end so PCI has six areas with 12.specific requirements these are top.level bullet points in PCI um each one.of these means something for Postgres.and we'll talk about what it means for.each one so let's go through each one.it'll be great you'll love it.this is gonna be so much fun okay so on.we go the first requirement is you have.to have firewalls the specific word yet.where D is you have to install and.maintain a firewall configuration for to.protect cardholder data that's what PCI.says what it really means in this.section is in general that is the server.own that any server that's running that.has cart that ever processes cardholder.data offers only the minimum level.service to the public - to the public.Internet that it has - so don't run your.IRC server on a PostgreSQL box you.laughs I have seen this so your post.card server is just writing PostgreSQL.and only that in terms of you know.obviously it's fine to run net you know.NT it ntp and things that are necessary.to keep a server happy but don't run.your mail server don't run your you know.anywhere you're using that server don't.run other stuff on the box said for.definitely don't run your application.server all the SE boxes you're put as.your as your database basically make.sure only port 5 4 3 2 is available.don't have an FTP port don't have I you.know unencrypted FTP on a database.server that has credit card information.not so hot.and make sure you restrict access to it.using IP tables or whatever your.favorite infrastructure is to only the.application servers that have to talk to.the database don't have port 5 4 3 2.just hanging out into space being a.publicly accessible to Eddie comer there.was in fact a Postgres security bug that.allowed somebody to bring down your your.database server and damage data in it.without even if they didn't have a valid.login on your box if they were able to.get to five four three two it's been.patched but this stuff does happen.so first use PGH PA Kampf who knows what.this file is most people great okay.use it to restrict traffic to authorized.IPS and make sure SSL is on for real.make sure SSL is required not just not.just desired in the PGH be a cough and.run IP tables or something else to make.sure that note that that incoming.traffic is restricted don't allow direct.logins to the database host the implicit.phrases here from the from your general.infrastructure obviously at some point.somebody needs to be able to log in or.you can never maintain the box but.require a hop through a bastion host.especially if you're allowing people who.are remote and not in a single office.infrastructure and you know who works.that way anymore.nobody does so don't allow people to.just SSH and straight from the public.Internet into your box use a VPN don't.trust various SSH even on a non-standard.port I mean yes it's great if you move.SSH from port 22 to port a thousands.what you know and what's funny is that.people say we're going to move it to a.non-standard report and that.non-standard port always ends in 22 is.like uh you know it really is like I.know we'll paint the curb red in front.of the buildings and the terrorists.won't park there you know come on guys.think of something more interesting than.a thousand 22 for your 10,000 22 for.your Don State report you don't roll.dice or something okay requirement.number two is security is about security.policies don't use vendors supplied.defaults persistent passwords and I mean.you know dull but you'd be surprised how.many people know what the standard the.default have changed all the passwords.on all their routers how about on all of.their Wi-Fi boxes how about on that.cable box that provides the public.Internet access to your office do you.know what the a the password is on that.and look posters come ships complete.with a vendor supplied password in the.form of no password at all to the post.Chris user so you have make sure that.the post Chris user has a password.so goes your PGH be calm forget that.trust authentication mode ever existed.pretend that it is just banish it from.your vocabulary there isn't you cannot.ever use trust authentication vote on a.secure system . the the weakest you.could possibly use his ident or I'm.sorry not I did I didn't say that.peer I think I say I did here at one.point I should fix that always require.specific users even super users no one.should ever be logging into the Postgres.account the only reason is that the you.should give each individual human being.not a role but a person a super user.account to do changes to the database.very very few installations actually do.this but this is required by PC I don't.use the Postgres UNIX or database user.require specific users to go ahead and.muck with the database one thing you can.do with this is LDAP I put L that I put.quotes around friend and LDAP for anyone.who's ever actually managed LDAP server.but you can but having centralized.management of these users is extremely.helpful when you're administering the.system specific users in sudo never ever.have root login ever ever ever the user.the root log the root user should never.be used to log into the Box use a.password manager some way of managing.these passwords because you're going to.have a gazillion of them again LDAP is.great if you do if you could to set up.the infrastructure now sometimes you're.going to have super critical passwords.like you know the system will have a.root password no matter what I guess you.can revoke it but you probably don't.want to one thing you need to do that is.I strongly recommend that you take the.password rip it in half and give to.different people who don't like each.other very much copies you know don't.give like the two you know the two best.friends who you hired from the same.company maybe don't give them both.halves of the password because there.will be times that in.absolute disaster you need to you need.to do this for example your system.administrator just quit with no notice.but so but have some kind of custody.situation so that it needs participation.of multiple people in order to Glock it.this is just like a safe with a key in a.combination this is what banks do you.know banks are trying to grown-ups when.it comes to this stuff this is good to.be this is um so as far as PCI is.concerned versions of transport level.security less than one thing to don't.exist anymore they are not considered.secure that you might as well be running.in the clear.so for anything that's going to.manipulate credit card information.including your web your public facing.website for the user types in the credit.card number you have to require TLS 1.2.you cannot allow them to use 1.1 which.breaks a lot of browsers to which PCI.says this is the world's smallest violin.playing for you.so they've what's funny is about every.month I get a new update that says we've.just bumped this date at this compliance.date out by a month so now it's a June.2016 it used to be septet it was going.to be June 2015 so I guess they they.have heeded the call of how many.browsers this will break but I suspect.it's not going to change after this so.be prepared to change your ssl config to.to ban anything less than 1.2 as of that.date make sure that somebody subscribes.to and actually reads the p the the.announce list on post chris so you know.about new security updates because those.do happen and always immediately apply.these security related updates it's.really depressing when i log into a post.Christmas Eve that's supposedly very.secure and very important and it's.running post chris 9 to 9 to 2 you know.come on guys you can do better than that.and make sure you're on the debian or a.bun 2 or CentOS or whatever security.announcement list so you're getting.colonel up that you're getting.announcements about your distro and you.know don't please don't rely on you.happen to see something on Twitter you.know for whether or not you need to.there's a CVE out the.that affects you and keep up to date.with your patches have a plan to do this.not just oh yeah ones last time I.patched the database server what you.need to do is you need to make it.somebody's job and you need to make sure.they do it you know it has to it has to.fall upon somebody or some group of.somebodies and they're they have to have.pinned on the wall you must follow this.update procedure and this update.schedule and if a critical security.patch goes unheeded never ignore it.because probably there are already.exploits out there floating around.because usually the way people find out.about this is they found somebody found.and exploit first ever ever okay now we.get to the big requirement this is what.when everyone says PCI compliance the.immediate think they the immediately.thing thing they think is well this.means encryption right well and it does.and that's requirement number three data.security protect storing karhold or data.ok got it it's protected um you know at.last finally database stuff so this is.usually everyone's first solution is.they see no problem we just install.locks which if people don't know it's a.full full it's a full volume encryption.software encryption thing that layers on.top and encrypts the whole volume for.you you type in a passphrase doesn't.lock it and it's we run that on top of.LVM and we on EBS and the thing performs.about as fast as it as a USB key.but we're secure right no you are not.secure you have not complied full disk.encryption is useless let me say that.again full disk encryption is useless ok.it's good for laptops it's good for USB.keys it's good for portable hard disks.it is useless for servers uselessly.uselessly useless because full disk.encryption protects you gets exactly one.problem which is theft of the media.somebody you know dressed like the.Hamburglar walks into your datacenter.and Yanks a disk out how often does this.happen really I don't know but not very.often all these big security breaches.you hear about about target about Ashley.Madison about all these guys none of.them happen that way.somebody did not sneak in and rip off a.hard-disk.they did it by logging into the database.and running people you know they used P.SQL or the equivalent thereof and dumped.all the data and full disk encryption by.definition will not guard you against.that because you see if the database.couldn't read the the data it can't run.so the rule is at P SQL if you could log.into database when P SQL and see it in.clear text it's not secure so full disk.encryption will not help you here.I mean if you use it anyway it's not.going to hurt anything except your.performance but it is not so it is not.sufficient to to keep your data secure.always per column encrypt the data.encrypt the specific columns that are.sensitive you get better performance.also on this and it's much higher.security one of the problems of course.is key management is a pain here and key.management is a very complicated topic.that's a little beyond the scope here.but you do need to figure out a way of.managing the key that's going to decrypt.all of this stuff usually this means.keeping in memory in your application.server somewhere in a place that it's.probably that it's good to be hard to.get to by an intruder one of the.downsides that the thing that people.always fight with about key management.is how do we automatically reboot the.database unattended and the answer is.you can't you a pager has to go off at a.human being with access the key has to.go ahead and walk the data that's just.what you're signing up for for the data.this sensitive it sucks especially being.speaking as the person who frequently.has this pager go off it sucks but you.have to assume a human being will be in.the loop because any any key that's kept.someplace that could be is accessible.during an automatic reboot is easily.accessible to an intruder into the.system so the main thing you need to.protect is the primary account number.that's that 16 digit number on the front.of the card yeah so that has to be.encrypted you have to use a well-known.secure algorithm they a EES is generally.considered good enough you can use other.algorithms as long as you can make a.convincing case that's at least as good.as AES.you know this is like everyone's rule in.life is don't roll your room crypto.because you'll get it wrong you know and.you can't beat the keys in to code or.store them in repositories this seems.obvious but oh my gosh how many config.files are out there with secret key eat.with secret underscore key equals number.you know I do a lot of Django.development I love Django and Django is.terrible at this because the default.settings file does exactly that it's a.key so everybody know everybody who's.ever bought anything online has seen the.your Visa card ending in you know six.three two one or whatever um that's.called the basked number which is it's a.subset of all the digits PCI lets you.retain show the first six and last four.of the pan for display purposes so you.can keep that much in the database if.you want really just keep the last four.there's kind of no reason to keep all of.it the reason it's the first six is that.lets you identify the kind of card and.the print and the bank that issued it.but you know don't worry about I really.do you need to know that Citibank issued.the card the reason that only keeping.the last four is that you can also store.a hash of the card number this is a very.common technique because one.unidirectional hash because frequently a.customer service representative has to.get a get a credit card number type it.in and search on it and on an encrypted.field there's no way to do that with a.one-way hash you can then one-way hash.the about the value that was entered and.search on that index field great.technique but be careful with your hash.function if you're using md5 and they.have the first six and last four digits.of your number it'll take about thirty.five seconds on a modern GPU and that.numbers press probably an overestimation.on my part to pull the credit card.numbers out so don't do that.use a really strong hash like you know.sha-512 I mean really you know.computational complexity is not what you.should be worrying about here just throw.the biggest hash.you can you have a library for at the.problem so um people familiar with PG.crypto it's a control ships with post.Chris but it's an extension you have to.install it yourself and it contains.cryptography functions and every single.time people say well why don't I just.use that to encrypt the pan I mean it's.just sitting there you know this is nice.hash function there you know it does do.strong encryption it um.it's layered on top of a variety of.other libraries like open SSL so any.ciphers that are available in that.library you can get at that way I mean.you know libraries are sitting there so.let's think what this would look like it.would look something like well we're.just going to insert this number in.there and insert it into my super secret.table with with the card number and this.value and what's in your text logs down.why the unencrypted card number what.happened and you say well I would never.do that.yeah and then you turn you set log log a.min statement duration to zero because.you're trying to debug it a connection.problem and suddenly all these numbers.are appearing in your text logs so don't.do that this is the problem with using.with encrypting at the database level so.and this is another hop between the.application server and the database.server that the pan has to take in.clear-text and every hop is kind of a.problem obviously you have to secure.that link but you know come on.so my recommendation is always always.always do the the encryption of the.application not the database this is not.specifically required by PCI but I feel.it's the right thing to do I hate the.term best practice but it's I think it's.I think it's wise to encrypt into the.application and stored it have a just.storing it encrypted blob into the.database so let's see what this would.look like well loops so here's a sample.schema you know you I like you you IDs I.love you you IDs use it for everything.clean my bathtub with them and so we.have a UUID and there's a mess and.here's our mask card number last four.digits and here's the hash of it that.way i generated using you know some nice.function and here's the encrypted pan.it's a bite a because it's just this big.encrypted blob and here's the encrypted.CVV now everyone people know that what.the CVV on a credit card is remember all.these times they say what are turning.your card over and get the last three.the last three digits on the signature.panel that's the CVV or because American.Express has to be different it's the.four numbers on the front of the card.for American Express.so we'll encrypt that too because.obviously that sounds pretty sensitive.and the expiration date because the.expiration date you do not have to.encrypt under PCI that that you can.store that in clear text okay so what's.wrong with this schema seems pretty.everything's okay with this except you.can't store the CVV this is the number.one thing everyone gets wrong in data.modeling on the other side it always.pains me when people say I see these web.forms where you have to type in the CVV.and I know that they say where we're.gonna charge you five weeks later.because I know they're breaking pieces.they're breaking the PCI compliance you.can't store it at all not even encrypted.you hit well that's almost true you can.store it but only until you've run the.authorization and you have to run the.authorization immediately you can't.defer authorization if you're storing it.so okay that's why we'll just store it.you know because you can imagine that it.goes into the database and then there's.a background process that runs.authorizations and it picks it up and.runs the authorization and then we'll.just click null it out throw it away.okay problem solved right so about your.post Chris secondary with all those wall.logs they're being backed up or the.backup job that happens to run before.that queue is cleared out because no.storage means no storage not in wall.segments not in backups not in text logs.even in encrypted form PCI is very.explicit about this because the the.theory behind the CVV was it proved you.had the card in your hand.of course then merchants all went and.did this stuff that now it proves.nothing of the sort but they're still.clinging to this fond hope that it.proves that the card is present so you.can't do that ever so unless you're.going to run the authorization.immediately.right in the in the application server.not in the database.don't even ask for the CVV just don't.write to davis see that's easy.so requirement number four is encrypt.the data in flight encrypted.transmission of karhold or date across.open public networks you know I hope.you're doing that come on you know.generally these days we're kind of.entering this SSL III you know the SSL.is that has an unfortunate dual meaning.one is the generic class of site of.protocols including TLS and SSL and one.is the old SSL protocol so and some and.and this is an unfortunate mishmash of.the term SSL but we're kind of entering.this were over every website even sites.that are not super secure are our SSL.required so just go with that if you're.processing credit card data just make.sure that no just always redirect your.secure site and don't even you know just.even show the catalog pages if you're a.ecommerce site.and remember you can't use old-style SSL.or TLS 1.0 or 1.1 anymore use SSL for.Postgres require SSL connection suppose.Grist remember if you're using PG.bouncer u s-- tunnel because PG bouncer.doesn't speak SSL on either side of its.connection so you're gonna have to use.stumble to route these connections in a.perfect world use certificate management.so you actually issue proper.certificates to all your clients that's.I think the right thing to do it's a.pain in the neck because you have to.setup your own certificate authority or.do that kind of thing but it's worth the.pain I would strongly encourage you to.do that requirement number five protect.against malware so this is what it.requires protect all systems against.malware or regularly update antivirus.software programs specifically what.they're worried about our work machines.that are accessing the database like.your CSR's desktop machines your.developers machines because this is.actually how large-scale breaches tend.to happen if somebody gets a key logger.or gets it gets or is able to intrude.into a PC and hop to the database from.there so.assuming you believe what Ashley.Madison's corporate corporate said.that's how this bid true should happen.it's possible of course it was just a.DBA who did a dump but you know this is.how they say it happened and this is.plausible so this is not literally what.it says in the PCI but these the.requirement on number six is develop and.maintain secure systems and applications.this means kind of run your business the.way you know everyone says you should.not like most startups to run these days.so document your security administrative.systems administration procedures do.code reviews and audits make sure you.have real deployment procedures make.sure you have rollback procedures on.everything in case you push something.out and there's a bug you know I.understand the pleasures of continuous.integration and continuous deployment.and things like that but it does create.the situation that things that that you.do pushes and the next thing you know is.because all you're monitoring lights.went red oh I guess we had a bug.somewhere you know don't use your users.as your beta test fleet specifically.just to get it back to databases.requirement six five one as you can see.there are lots of requirements in each.of these sections says make sure you.can't you are invulnerable to SQL.injection attacks so when you're using.whatever library used to integrate with.Postgres make sure you're using proper.parameters for substitution don't build.SQL by text substitution because that's.how you get these parameter injection.attacks there are times that you have to.like for example if you're writing.scripts that manipulate tables and you.need a variable table name parameter.substitution can only substitute can't.substitute for structural parts of this.of the SQL like the command itself or.like the table name so you have to do.text substitution there but for the.parameters on an insert or on a select.make sure that you are using parameter.substitution not just plain text.expansion just remember all user input.is hostile and wants to kill you.you know it's knives and pins and sharp.things coming in from the internet a.the worst of anything that comes in from.a website so requirement 7 is restrict.data by need-to-know.so only people who must touch cardholder.data such as CSRs who are entering.orders or searching for customer orders.ya need have access to it so one of the.things this means and in the devops.world this can be a big problem is don't.give every developer production machine.access don't let don't let developers.just be able to log into the machine and.dump their credit-card numbers you'd be.amazed how many systems are like this.and make sure that you know who can do.what to your systems this can be you.know in a fast-moving startup this can.be a problem because you know you just.sort of like handing out credentials and.hoping for the best but you have to slow.down and kind of do things the right way.because the number one question that's.going to be asked on any breach as well.who did it and you need to be able to.answer that question and if the answer.is any of your developers could that's.not a great answer and if you use.production data for development or.staging testing make sure you scrub it.don't have hot credit card numbers in.there you know but and this can be more.challenging that it sounds because for.example what if you have a unique.constraint on the credit card number you.know or the hash of it so now you have.to come up with a bunch of them you.can't just use 415 ones as the credit.card number so whatever you're doing.with passwords now you're probably doing.it wrong as far as PCI is concerned the.the top level load thing is identified.on authenticate access to system.components but it's really specific.about this user accounts must be.associated with a particular human being.not a role okay you have it has to be.you know s you know it has to be s Smith.not DBA that logs into the box you have.to log out lock out accounts after more.than six attempts this is every account.on the system including UNIX shell.access how many people do this I don't.um and when users terminate it has to be.immediately revoked like while they're.sitting with HR you're pulling the plug.system passwords must be complex you.know the usual.you know has to include you know three.three three uppercase letters two.lowercase letters a digit and a blood.sample kind of thing but but you have to.enforce it you can't just put say please.do that it has the code has to reject.passwords that are not complex and has.to be changed at least every 90 days.they have to expire and you have to.encrypt them in transmission and this is.a great one this is I have flunked more.companies on this one you have to record.the last four and make sure that the new.password isn't the same as any of the.last four including shell access we and.now as a three one two-factor.authentication is required so you have.to have at least two of these a password.or passphrase a physical device or a.smartphone app or a biometric device for.access to a system that holds that.touches account information machines.that don't touch account information or.are don't have to be this strict but.this includes your website your friend.application servers that includes the.database what fun sessions when you.actually are connected to the machine.they must be logged including user.activity during this session you have to.know what everyone did and they have to.be terminated after being idle for.fifteen minutes this 15 minutes is.called out specifically in PCI.interestingly enough all these numbers.are are called out in PCI is specific.requirements you can be more aggressive.than this of course but you can't be.less for Postgres basically what you.want to do is make sure each user has.its own unique account log all the.connections and disconnections to the.Box logs all activity by directly.connecting users you don't have to log.everything that happens that the web.server does necessarily and if you have.that log information someplace else but.you do have to log all the activity by.directly connecting users one nice trick.here is you can turn log statement to.all and set that on the users so that.when they log in.suddenly there everything's being logged.and don't permit login users as opposed.to a super user it's fine to have super.users just po just don't have the.generic Postgres account be available so.requirement number nine is you have to.restrict physical access to the machine.you mean it means real security like.access controls video a mantrap you know.having worked in bank vaults that's the.one where you walk in the door closes.behind you you put your thing down you.put your hand down you answer a code and.you go back in it's all very impressive.not bad for something that's just.handling you know credit cards on your.server room of course you're probably.hosting in a data center so make sure.your cloud provider provides this for.the cloud they are providing to you and.requirement number 10 is basically log.everything you know it's track and.monitor all access to network resources.data and cardholder data all that stuff.make sure everything is logged and the.logs are kept secure and can't be.tampered with so I love just dumping raw.CSV logs into my post Chris machine and.that's totally not PC I world use are.syslog or something that ships the logs.off the system and this is the important.part make sure you can trace the log.record back to an individual person if.somebody did a DB a a PG dump and took a.copy or database make sure you know who.did that not just an account than an.individual that did it but remember that.you can't log the pan or the CVVs in.clear-text so this is another good.reason to encrypt to the application not.just in the database and eleven is.regularly test all your processes hire.an external penetration testing firm and.encourage your developers to poke at the.security on this I mean not to the.destruction of your production.environment of course but you know make.everyone make everyone feel like this.being secure is really important and.also when you hire a PCI out a company.hire ones that actually understand.security not just ones that push a.button and run a pen test against a.particular IP address I had this kind of.unedifying conversation I was I had.hired a company to do a penetration test.because the Gateway I was using.fired this particular company we always.a bad sign and so the and the next thing.I do I get a call that says we need you.to turn off your firewall what I thought.this was about security and they say so.why I said well our test is failing.because we can't get through the.firewall which kind of sounds like what.a firewall is supposed to do right I.mean and they would they were gonna.flunk me for this basically they were.saying well we couldn't get through the.front gate on your apartment complex so.we couldn't make sure your door was.locked.it's like so work with a company that.actually understands PCI it doesn't just.run pen test scripts pen testing is.great and be sure to do that and you.know go to another machine and run nmap.on them on your on your servers you know.one of the most important things is you.need to think like a burglar not you not.like a upstanding citizen so go to.another location you know go to a.Starbucks install nmap on your son and.run it against every IP in your machine.because you can be surprised what's.sitting there open and waving and the.waving and the breeze but may also make.sure that whoever you're hiring for.compliance actually understands your.security model and the last requirement.write everything down you have to.maintain a policy the dresses.information security so make sure the.procedures are documented policies are.set do proper risk assessment this is a.huge topic not going to go into it but.it does require all this and you know.really you should be doing this for your.database anyway remember that when.systems fail they fail at 3:00 in the.morning and you're gonna be operating on.no sleep and like two cups of instant.coffee.you'll want as much information as.possible to get the system back up.that's just a part of that so there is.an appendix and everyone uses it in PC I.called appendix B which called the.bargaining stage of grief you know.you're going through the kubler-ross.phases now you've reached bargaining.it's like don't know what if I do this.instead because sometimes you really.can't comply with with the exact wording.of the PCI spec because the PCI spec is.kind of ridiculous and is intended for.giant banks so Appendix B allows you to.write up this thing which is called a.compensating control basically it says.we can't do exactly what the standard.says but we can do.which is just as good you do have to.write it up and document it but for.example you may not be able to manage.route on all of your systems by LDAP for.example if you're on AWS that's not.happening so what you can do is you can.say well we'll block route login and.just use sudo for everything once the.instance of provision and before it.before any sensitive information lands.on it and that's actually an exam that's.actually what they uses the example in.PCI DSS is this specific case so you can.do this just remember it's not a Gen.I'll get out free jail card if you don't.need an external auditor it's between.you and your conscience and your.insurance company whether this.compensating control is any good if you.use the external auditor they have to.sign off on these so don't be silly with.them make sure that you really are.staying just as secure the idea is that.you're doing something that is just as.secure in your environment.that's what PCI requires so now at the.end of this you're probably thinking oh.my god and you should be no one can ever.comply with this honestly in my opinion.major there are two major credit card.brands I have experience with one of.them they're not compliant and they have.every single one of their credit card.brands start so you if you think they.can't comply how can we comply you're.probably right.so you're probably thinking we're doomed.it's a lot of work - for full and.correct PCI compliance and there's a.huge downside risk and you know the.problem is if there's a breach the you.can be liable for every single penny.that the bank and the consumers lose due.to this you know that we that that you.know when they when you get your credit.card statement and you say oh I didn't.charge that you call the bank and the.bank says oh sure we'll just reverse it.that lands on the merchant if there's.been a big it doesn't land on the bank.you know banks don't take risks that's.not their job bank's job is to move the.risk to somebody else and that somebody.else is you so but there is hope and.this this took like a hundred million.years I was hoping we'd get something.like this in like this like in 2003 but.finally we're getting there.which is remember that if you don't.touch the primary account number you you.don't have to comply with PCI so if you.never actually process handle the.credit-card number directly the first.steps were things like PayPal this was.like PayPal's big thing it's like you.that but then you have to kind of use.PayPal which is nuance I have new ones.for use on PayPal let's to say and it's.not suitable for every environment so.now we're finally getting a better.solution which is tokenization finally.took long enough.um in tokenization you hand the pan or.you send them to another website which.handles this which is the best possible.solution and you get back a token this.token is not considered a primary.account number because it's only good.for you for usually for a limited amount.of time usually as a single shot.authorization so PCI doesn't comply and.as long as you never store the pan in.your database even temporarily and it.transfers the PCI headache on to them.which is exactly what you want because.you want to be their headache not yours.there's one big gotcha which is there's.some interfaces that don't return the.token without actually trying to run the.card so you have when you shove you.they're intended for second uses you.know like subscriptions and things like.that so you have to run a charge on the.card but you may not want to run the.charge right then like let's say you're.you you only charge the card when the.order ships or something like that so.you need to do the authorization.immediately because if you store the pan.back in the database even for a short.time you're back in PCI compliance world.so this is something to be careful when.you're evaluating the API various api's.the biggest the probably the the one.everyone's the most familiar with these.days is stripe stripe has a really nice.API it's kind of sophisticated its kind.of complicated but this is a complicated.area of technology and strength does.pretty much all the right things you can.do you can get a token back without.without having to run an authorization.you can get a multi-use token they call.it a customer ID that lets you charge.for some.things like that I have no connections.to stripe they aren't even clients of.ours but I really like them they're what.we use to take credit cards on.PGX asite cyber source which is kind of.a huge messy api but they they've now.introduced a tokenization solution which.is a little baroque but it works.mastercard interestingly enough runs.their own my direct experience with it.I've just read the API Docs but it seems.plausible and so if you can use this.you're much better off than from having.to comply with PCI because once this is.all done and you're all this you can.move on to worrying about HIPAA but.that's another talk any questions I've.stunned everyone into silence good yes.sir.well um you need the typical model is.all the encrypted that well typical how.typical it is the the one I like let's.me is that the user signs on the website.they type in their credit card number.you pick up the credit card number.inside your application server you know.there's a post a web post comes in you.have this incredibly hot radioactive 16.digit number immediately encrypt it into.into the byte string pulling out the.hash part if you need to and that's what.goes into the database this doesn't mean.it had to get there now there was one.big hand wave there which is it had to.get the key from somewhere generally.what you need what I prefer to do is.store it in an in-memory thing like.memcache D making sure I've really.locked down that memcache deport and.require that that be entered when the.applications when the system boots.there's really no intelligent key.management there are unless you're.willing to kind of go crazy.with this stuff it's hard to do key.management that doesn't that doesn't.ultimately involve a human being.typing something in on system boot.because anything that anything the.system can read on boot an attacker can.read on but basically that does that.answer your question yeah.that's us last plug and thank you very.much for coming.

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