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The Information Guidance for How To Fill New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card 2018 2019 Form

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youtube video

Check How to Enter the How To Fill New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card 2018 2019 Form

it sounds very simple but smoothie on.YouTube ask us a question which I think.actually a lot of pet people are.stressed about so let's go with that.so smoothie on YouTube says you guys are.so great so many good tips on your.channel Thank You smoothie it's a he.says I'm a bit stressed about arriving.in New Zealand can you tell me or Haiti.how it is - at the airport like custom.bio securities and else the whole.arrival arrival process.[Music].so that was how to read a struggle on.this one I named it alright so um yeah.that's kind of a subject of stress for.quite a lot of people it's kind of like.okay I'm gonna board the plane from you.know wherever you're from so you know in.JA France the UK USA and and then you're.gonna land in New Zealand and then what.happens you know you left to your own.devices and you're like oh what's going.on okay so you land in New Zealand the.plane lands safely in New Zealand.probably at the Auckland therefore it's.New Zealand's largest airport and where.I think there is something at 96% yeah.so then you need to unroll your plane so.don't be the first one to like stand up.on the floor like in the plane and grab.your luggage and just you know cannot.run yeah exactly you know like the plane.goes from France to to back so you know.once you turn you stand up you take you.know you think they luggage art and and.you know you get out it won't get you.out any faster we always see people kind.of try to rush their way and it's quite.funny how you should arrive at customs.of baggage collection before them so it.doesn't matter so the first thing you do.that you unbolt the plane and now they.all kinda pod is super well signposted.so there is lit seonyu almost one way to.go um you are you you follow the arrows.and you start making way through the.airport is very very simple.yeah I'll stop at the bathroom if you.want to and then the first thing you're.doing is to go to pick up your luggages.yeah.is that Icarus oh yeah yeah who's you.need another one better security you.don't have that I wasn't sure if or you.go through immigration customs first.know I think mate now you go through.passport control but oh yeah here yeah.so then the first step is you go to buy.spot cool cool okay so yeah after you've.gone and followed all the signs the.first thing that you're doing is getting.your passport ready because you're going.to be going through immigration and.passport control and if you have an.passport which is from from Europe or.from the UK from Australia those sort of.countries and you have an e Passport.there is a smart gate at the Auckland.Airport where it just scans your.passport you look up at a camera and.show your bright shiny face like Robin.likes to do.and make everyone laugh at the airport.by pulling faces but yeah they basically.you can you look up at this screen and.this camera and it showed and you just.yeah it takes photo of you and then you.just walk on through the gate will.hopefully open if everything's okay with.your visa and your if you've got like an.automatic visa rora if you're coming on.a visitor visa which doesn't need and.doesn't need like an extra meter on top.of that then you'll be able to go right.through and passport control with ease.but if you do have a passport from any.other country or if you're having like.if you're coming to New Zealand on a bit.of a different visa then you'll have to.go and actually talk to one of the.immigration officers there's queues to.line up and just basically you see the.immigration up with a survey look at.your passport and usually ask you a few.questions in my VM it might be actually.what to declare because you also need to.hand over your arrival card your.passenger arrival card and which will.get onto you a bit in them in the moment.but yeah it just ask you a few simple.questions and usually it's just like yep.there you go go January's like that if.you do have visas that have some.conditions this is one of the options.where I can actually check your.condition so let's say you're coming in.New Zealand on a working holiday visa.which are you to work and travel in New.Zealand and your visa may have some.conditions like you need to have medical.and travel insurance for the length of.you stay or need to have a minimum.amount of amount of money on your bank.account and all those count things so.this is when they may ask you you are.you your kind of paperwork yeah that's.pretty much it so usually you got a guy.which has very stern face and ask you.one question.stamp AIDS move on actually very often.you don't even have a stamp so yeah he's.a pretty old-school sorry.not really but yeah I suppose like when.you go through the smart gate they don't.and they don't exactly stamp your.passport though yeah yeah all right so.once you move from there then finally.you go through the gates because you.sorry but like so once you have done.basically kind of the paperwork you can.of are a load into New Zealand I wants.your load into New Zealand then you can.go through the rest of the formalities.which is picking up your bags and then.the rest of the of the process but you.pick up your bag you need to find which.one is the correct.Rahzel for you so you find a great.carousel for your bugs yes so usually.they have signage of them even when you.first enter the baggage claim area there.is a big sort of TV screen listing what.flights and you know that just come in.and which number carousel your flight.and is where you can collect your.baggage but then along the whole all the.baggage area each carousel has a really.well signposted number and then it says.it even on the TV screen for each.carousel which like that carousel is far.so that fit is super easy just go over.there and wait there's usually a lot of.trolleys and stuff you know how air.Potts work there's a lot of luggage.trolleys that you can pick up and go and.wait for your luggage if you need to.doctor yeah one thing you're gonna.notice is that there is a red line on.the floor all around the carousel just.to so you stay behind me so people that.see they're against they have this the.place to move and go pick up their bags.so just make sure you kind of respect.that and that the if you miss your.luggage as well you know it's not too.bad it just goes in a loop and it comes.back again yeah it happens to us all the.time because we're so busy taking.pictures of filming or doing this just.for our tips videos and then we're like.oh no we just wish delegation.it just takes yeah we just always the.particles okay now you have you have.loaded all your luggages onto the do you.only know calmly if you want to take if.you want your only I mean trolleys are.not compulsory but so far you put them.in the car because much more fun.yeah so you put them on the cart and you.have all your luggages with you so.that's all the positions that you can.have when traveling in New Zealand and.that's your time to pass through.biosecurity and so you're gonna arrive.between front of two signs that's gonna.say nothing to declare or something to.declare yeah so and yeah like from.Aceves there's two aisles that you can.walk through there's also another aisle.for like New Zealand passport holders.and non New Zealand passport holders so.obviously you just follow whichever one.applies to you but usually that that's.more when there have been an influx of.flights and it's really busy but most of.the time there's someone waiting at the.end just telling you where to walk and.where to go so there's there's a lot of.them stuff at the airport basically sort.of ten.you where to go what to do so you don't.really get lost or anything like that.so after you've queued is anything later.I just want to say so but nothing to.declare.or something to declare if you have any.doubts declare it honestly almost.everything I think there is never a.single time when I came back into New.Zealand that I did not have something to.declare I never had to surrender any.item so anything most no time was formed.you know no reason so for example when.the Ryan I goes to the South Pacific.Islands and we go we always have own.snorkel mask and I love to do snorkeling.and and you know free diving and all of.that in the South Pacific and because it.has been in the you know on water and.everything like that despite the father.we clean them really well.we always declare it and then when they.ask us and you clean it with tell them.yes we use soap and we clean you know be.clean on the gears they okay that's good.you can pass but we've declared it if we.don't declare it and then they find it.and then they find something wrong with.it then we may have a fine is the same.for the food it's the same for what for.turn of items actually in fact we have a.full video about that but you know.biosecurity in New Zealand so make sure.you check out this video so you know.what to declare but just just to making.sure we've been making very clear any.food any items that have been used for.any outdoor activity only to be declare.so that usually cover almost everything.so just keep in mind yeah so that.declaration process actually begins when.you're on the plane and you're given.your and passenger arrival card which is.the thin piece of cardboard with.basically a form to fill out on there on.the front of it it hands and in and.spaces for you to fill out your personal.details so your name your passport.number where you're flying from all that.sort of thing and then on the back.there's a sort of like tick tick box.multiple or they call multiple answer.questions or whatever you call those.things and where it's kind of like yes.or no answering questions like do you.have this in your luggage do you have.you brought with you ten thousand.dollars worth of cash with you you know.that sort of thing and you just tick yes.or no and it's this bond that you.actually need to keep with you and you.when you.go through the biosecurity which is the.step that we're just talking about now.when you actually finally get to the.biosecurity officer after you've got.your baggage from the baggage claim area.this is the card that you hand over to.him and that's basically what you are.declaring he reads that and if you tick.yes to any of those questions and he.will ask you more questions on that but.if there has been something that you've.forgotten about that you were like oh.actually yes I do have an apple in my.bag or something this is also your.opportunity to verbally declare that to.the biosecurity officer so if he when he.says do you have anything to declare you.say oh actually I packed this so I've.done this is that okay tightly it's.always best to just basically you know.actually say like I do have things to.declare even if you're not sure and even.if for instance you're unsure you know.if sometimes you're not allowed to well.one of the things you need to declare is.plant-based products and you might have.for instance a wooden and hairbrush or.something and you buy like something.made out of cards the deck of cards is.made of paper we get stuff every single.time because we're restaurant with a.deck of cards to play some games you.know lanes or when you trouble every.single time they stop it they ask us if.we can open a bit laura is gonna go.through that but yeah every single time.they check our backs because of a deck.of cards yes so all those sort of even.small things that if you're unsure about.you just say like oh yeah well I do have.this that's made out of wood or if you.have this saw you know so it's always.best to declare because if you are.trying to you know if it looks like.you're trying to hide something or.smuggle something through biosecurity.that's when obviously they're gonna give.you a fine and you do if you have.something found in your bags that you.haven't declared then it is an instant.400 New Zealand dollar fine so do bear.that in mind that's not a good start to.your holiday so yeah so yes so this is.the power you're actually the.immigration of not the immigration.officer the biosecurity officer is going.through the questions with you most of.the time it's just like yep okay and go.through type thing and do you have.anything that sad about that part no.sometimes they just asking it you know.when you bus you bug into the x-ray and.they have a doubts about something you.ask em you know can I look into the bag.and yeah.just check it and as I said usually.that's when people start sweating but.it's littie the deck of card or the.wooden toothbrush oh yeah you know just.something like that that is just as.silly as that yeah that do the thing.that people get this stuff or the most.part is their shoes and so if you do.have you know you're the sole of your.shoes is dirty hiding some dirt then we.can that will give you a brush and you.will have to brush it but that's that's.basically know that you asked about it.yes so that actually just brings us to.the final step which is actually just.putting your bags through the virus.security x-rays so once you've gone past.the biosecurity officer you then have.this sort of last x-ray thing to do.where one of the attendants and helps.you with your bags to put it onto a.little bit of a carousel which puts it.into an x-ray you put all your luggage.onto there that's including and any like.carry-on luggage or check-in luggage.every basically all the bumps that you.have you put into the x-ray and yeah.they basically just stem check with that.whether there's anything that's been.flagged up and they might need to check.your bags after that most of the time.they don't most of the time if you you.know you've declared everything they.just stand yeah they just help like well.they just basically let you on your way.and you go out into the arrivals area of.the Auckland Airport and but otherwise.if there is any problems they will they.will just breathe to the side and side.and maybe ask you a few questions or ask.to see something in your bag yeah and.then moving on to the neck the last step.of you know your time at the Oakland.Airport is finding you transport to go.wherever you will need to go next so.either you have already sorted out the.contraband or car rental and most often.they will offer free shuttle pick up.from the airport so then you find a sign.of of where they are but they're usually.always in the same place which is a.passenger pickup area or otherwise you.can take the sky bus which is the bus.that goes all the way to Oakland City.you can take the Super Shuttle with the.shuttle that goes door-to-door to any.addresses in Oakland which is really.fantastic and actually the best value.for money and if you want to catch an.uber which is really not as cheap as you.think in New Zealand you can get that.phone also.areevo pickup area and yeah it's very.simple there is not much else to to say.about arriving in New York and therefore.beside from if you decide to do some.duty-free shopping this will be before.you pick up your luggages so that's.that's in the stamp duty from when you.walk from your plane to going to pick up.your luggage and actually even before.customs so it before immigration so.that's really just in that that's it.yeah right here if you get yourself some.alcohol also single cigarettes and they.are signs all over the airport with the.current and low ones so you know how.much you can actually bring with you but.yeah if you did find this video super.useful we have plenty more on the.channel and to say thank you for all our.hard work hit the like button that's.always really nice to just you know we.spend a lot of time helping you guys out.[Music].

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How To Fill New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card 2018 2019 Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding How To Fill New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card 2018 2019 Form . Let us know if you have any other questions.

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