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How Do You Get Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 and Sign It On Phone?

hello my name is bill 40 i'm your.inspector of buildings welcome to.building department 101 these series are.designed to help you be informed about.your community and what your.requirements are for the building.department and for the property that you.own today we're going to be discussing.certain things about how to pull.building permits how to obtain them how.to apply for them and I hope that this.show will be informative many times I.get questions regarding you know that.building permits are not that easy to.obtain a lot of times is confusion at.the building department especially when.certain requirements are not clear and.so I wanted to take this segment to try.and clear up some of that confusion and.try to give some guidance on what what.the requirements are for different types.of construction so we're going to go.right into it here.some of the things that we'll be viewing.today will be commercial commercial.projects so that would be anything other.than a 1 & 2 family residential projects.which is most of you watching today will.probably be interested in is what do I.do on a residential project that one or.two family home so that that'll be some.good information for people what the.application requirements are for any.particular type of project they always.vary in different different requirements.for different types of construction.activity so we're going to try and get.some of that clarified today electrical.plumbing and gas permits these are the.types of things that are extremely.important to know about especially from.a building safety standpoint we want to.make sure that people understand what.the what the codes are and what the laws.are in those requirements.what an ordinary repair is that that's.always a really kind of a broad topic.and we're gonna try to bring some.clarity to that for you today as well as.work exempt from permits ordinary.repairs are not always that don't always.require a building permit in addition to.that we will be looking at required.inspections certificate of occupancy.fees penalties and violations which is.an important one and Zoning zba setback.requirements and ohlawd opinions to go.right into it let's look at commercial.building permit requirements first these.things may not concern most most.homeowners but if you do own a.commercial business and you're.considering opening up a business here.in the city you may you may want to.consider you know really having a good.look at this segment here so the.building code requires a construction.control affidavits our requirement for.buildings greater than thirty-five.thousand cubic feet so if you're in a.commercial space and you're in part of a.larger building but you're still in this.one little space that 35,000 cubic feet.includes the entire volume of the.building that your business is in so you.may be opening up a little store at say.seven or eight hundred square feet but.because there are several different.tenants attached to that then it may.require construction control especially.if you're getting into the alterations.of the building of any sort we don't.necessarily have to have those.requirements in place if it's just an.occupation of a different store with a.few minor changes that may not require.construction control but any any.significant alteration to a commercial.building greater than thirty five.thousand cubic feet a design.professional would be required so that's.that's a area times height that would.give you a cubic foot so just something.to keep in mind it's cubic feet not.square feet you want to make sure that.you fill out the application completely.in our commercial building permit.application there are several.requirements for design professionals in.engineers to sign the actual application.this may not be the case in some other.cities and towns but here in the city of.Waltham we do require it so that it need.an authentic application from the design.professional who's doing the work inside.the building permit application so.always something to consider.infiltration and inflow application.sewer fees for not only for commercial.projects but for residential as well.this is a big source of confusion for a.lot of people in ini which is called an.infiltration and inflow mitigation.basically what that is is there's a.consent order from the Department of.Environmental Protection.that requires a city to repair all of.the leaking water that goes into the.sewer system so infiltration and inflow.is actually freshwater underground that.actually flows into sewer pipes and what.that does that creates the sewer system.and the cleaning of the sewer to be to.be at a much higher cost when you put.clean water into a sewer system you're.actually increasing the cost of what it.takes to treat that soar and that refuse.so what what's required is that these.these things get looked at from a.registered professional engineer who can.do these types of calculations so if.you're going to occupy a space where.before it would say storage and now.you're going to turn it into a store or.a restaurant or some other type of use.those fees are basically the they.increase due to the fact that your usage.is increase so when you're when your.usage increases so do the mitigation.fees and I believe that you'll pay more.probably in your water and sewer bill.but upfront from that there is an.additional mitigation fee that basically.that money goes into a separate account.and it's used to to repair all the sewer.lines in and around the city so that is.a separate that is a separate approval.that's a requirement of the building.permit because it's a requirement of the.city so so before you can submit a.building permit those those fees have to.be calculated and that water flow has to.be calculated so we just want to make.sure that that people know before you.apply for a building permit you must go.to the consolidated Public Works.Department get at what's called an anion.I and then have a professional engineer.do the calculations for you prior to.applied for a building permit that will.help to you know expedite your building.permit application okay.stamp plans by an architect or other.professionals if an architect designs a.plan he's the one who has to stamp but.it's a work product and in under the.Building Code if a design professional.does does a design than he has to stamp.it so if it's done by it by an architect.it has to be stamped by an architect.maybe not so much in residential but.definitely in commercial it has to be.basically verified by signature and.sealed so I always want to make sure.that your plans are always stamped and.that's every page as well okay.insurance affidavits not only is there a.what's called a an insurance affidavit.from the workers comp basically it's a.state form that a contractor or a.homeowner will fill out basically you.have to check what what you are applying.for the type of work that it is and the.address and along with that will be.accompanied a an insurance certificate.if you're a homeowner perform performing.your own work you still need to fill out.this insurance affidavit it's a.requirement under state law but you may.not have to insure people for workers.comp at your house if you're the one.who's doing the work so you might be.exempt from that construction.supervisors license out on any.commercial project it's a requirement to.have what's called a Massachusetts.licensed construction supervisor this is.a person who's competent in the ability.to be able to perform construction on.your home or on your building and this.is a requirement for most projects in.and around the city whether it's.residential or commercial you want to.make sure that your your profession is a.licensed not only as construction.supervisors but again if it's a.homeowner and I'll get into that on the.next slide if it's a homeowner then then.that person also has to have what's.called a home improvement contractor.registration so construction supervisors.the person who performs the work who's.licensed and recognized by the state to.be able to perform construction and it.doesn't matter on what size project I.know that you've seen some of the bigger.projects out on 128 those projects have.they have design professionals and.registered professional engineers but.they also have licensed construction.supervisors who actually run.all the construction activity on site.okay so just something to consider that.you want to make sure that someone has a.updated license and that its current.there is owning repipe and parking.review for businesses that are basically.going from say say it's never been open.to the public before and it's a.warehouse and because it's allowed in a.commercial zone now you may have to.provide adequate off street parking for.those businesses that's something that.before you buy a business or you make a.lease for a business you want to make.sure that that there is no parking.requirement again if you're on moody.Street I don't believe that there is but.certain certain streets in certain zones.you are required to have what's called.off street parking requirements and the.amount of square footage for your.business usually determines how much you.need for that particular sized business.or the type of business there are.several different types of.classifications for business you want to.make sure that prior to you making an.agreement with a building owner or if.you before you make an agreement with a.tenant you want to make sure that your.parking requirements are a satisfactory.and that they they can be met there's.nothing worse than you know signing a.lease in which you can't you know fix.the building up the way you want or be.able to provide parking for the type of.business that you want you you always.want to check with the billing.department first to make sure that that.business use is legal in that zone prior.to any kind of private contract you may.sign so just something to consider.residential permits this is something.that all of you might want to tune into.because this is where a lot of the.confusion takes place with residential.permits roofing and siding a permit are.required for roofing and siding you.always want to make sure that you get.them we don't necessarily go up and.inspect the roof after it's done roofing.permits more or less are for that you.want to make sure the contractor is.insured and that that they're following.all the requirements for the for the.type of roofing that they're putting on.we basically glance at it to make sure.that it meets all the manufacturer's.specifications that it's installed.properly and of course the most.important thing is that it doesn't leak.citing the same thing you need you need.a building permit to remove siding or to.install siding that also includes if.you're doing a an asbestos removal from.a building if you're removing asbestos.siding and you're having a company do it.a professional company that company will.also need a building permit or a.demolition permit a partial demolition.permit to remove siding from a building.so I always want to make sure that you.have permits in this city at least I.believe it's statewide when you go to do.vinyl siding on a house you have to.remove the meter socket from the house.and reapply it to the new siding surface.that's there that would you that would.also require an electrical permit you.want to make sure if you're a siding.contractor or a homeowner that you don't.attempt to do that on your own.it'd be extremely dangerous if a screw.fell onto the live part of the box while.you were trying to remove and replace it.so it's very important to make sure that.you have an electrician do that.professionally ok decks and covered.porches now this is something that.people I would say that most homeowners.like to build their own deck if they're.gonna do something on their own a deck.is usually one of those things that you.know that a homeowner might attempt on.his own and I would certainly encourage.you to tell you that yeah it's it's.probably a good thing for you to for you.to try but there are certain.requirements for fastening and for.bolting onto the house a lot of times.you'll see that you'll see porches where.there'll be too many people on a porch.and it'll collapse and people get.injured or killed very very important.that decks are done properly there are.certain fascinating requirements certain.footing size requirements and certain.wind shear requirements for mechanical.connectors on a deck I would recommend.that if you if you're going to have this.done you have it done by a professional.a deck it doesn't seem like a dangerous.thing and usually it's something that.most people think well it's on the.outside of the house it's not a big deal.but it really is decks it's very.important that decks are fastened.properly and that they're constructed.properly so you want to make sure of.course a permit is required for these.things even to repair a deck.substantially you are going to need a.building permit if you have replaced and.wanted to.floorboards on a deck it's probably not.required but if you're pulling off a set.of stairs and replacing them and you're.putting on new railings and so forth.these things do require building permits.under the State Building Code so you.want to make sure that you have that you.have a permanent place a lot of times.people will go to extend a deck in an.area where well I'm just adding two feet.to it well you want to make sure that.you have a building permit so that we.can make sure that that the deck that.you're putting on is going to fit in the.required setback area of the property.that you're building so you can project.an uncovered porch into a setback for a.certain size for a certain amount of.space but the reason why it's important.to have a building permit for a deck is.that there may come a time when if you.know if you expand in there first of all.it's it's not it's illegal to not have a.building permit but at the same time you.could end up having to take that deck.out if it if it's non complying so you.just want to make sure that you have a.building permit in place you find out.what size deck you can build how far you.can go with it and if you can cover it.or not because there's two different.requirements a porch a porch roof.sometime may not be allowed into the.setback if if it's in the required.setback you may not be able to cover it.so again you always want to come and.talk to our building Department or if.you're looking at this video from.another city or town you may you may.want to consider speaking to that.building inspector.in that city in town they'll always give.you the the right advice and you'll.always know where you stand with that.it's better to do it legally than to be.caught without without a permit and to.do it illegally.additions and accessory buildings.require a plot plan as well as a deck or.a structure any structures that are.located on the property become basically.they become public record so we need to.have the only way to have an accurate.record of what is on the property as a.required plot plan and that can only be.done by a registered professional land.surveyor okay so you always want to make.sure that when you're going to when.you're when you're proposing a project.on your property you want to make sure.that you've you've met that requirement.by hiring a registered land surveyor a.professional land surveyor - - to.prepare you a plan for your proposed.project along with anything that exists.on the property as it is right now okay.a homeowner exemption now that the state.law does allow for homeowners to perform.work on their own houses the.requirements are that you have to be a.living resident so you can't own a.two-family and do your own work on a.two-family that you don't live in that'd.be the first thing on anyone and to.family if you live at the home and you.are the homeowner and you're you're.going to perform the work yourself then.the state code does allow for homeowners.to perform their own work again it's not.recommended if you don't really know.everything you need to know about the.particular project that you're doing.some projects don't require a building.permit but again it's always good to.check with the local building official.to make sure that the activity that.you're performing does not require a.building code issued building permit.okay so new homes additions these are.the things that a lot of times people.get confused with is their most Lots in.the city of Waltham are considered.non-conforming houses were built at the.time when certain zoning dimensions were.allowed and now that now that these.dimensions have changed as long as it.was built legally conforming at the time.it is legal but it's also non-conforming.so that means it doesn't meet the.requirements of today's setbacks or.today's dimensional requirements so what.we do is we actually examine the history.of the lot it's called called an old.Lawd opinion what we do is we determine.if that law is indeed non-conforming and.if it is then you're allowed certain.liberties of as far as setbacks and for.height and dimensions so if you have an.old lot let's just say you have an old.house on it you want to build a new.house we would do an old laud opinion to.determine how big of a house you can.have what you set back requirements are.there are actually special requirements.for setbacks for lots that are.non-conforming it's in the zoning on.it's in section 4 and you can read all.about that if you if you care to but but.what the requirements are for this type.of thing is basically what we do is we.do a title search.and we checked for contiguous ownership.from the time before 1942 until after.1953 to make sure the Lots haven't been.divided up it's kind of a complex study.and that's something that you won't.always want to come to the building.apartment forum will give you.information on what you need for that.type of that type of review I'll go over.that a little bit more the for the.application you want to make sure the.application is filled out and signed by.the owner and the professionals again.this is for residential you want to just.make sure that everything is filled out.completely.Matt blot lock Matt lot and block and.not necessary just the proper property.address will be will be sufficient I.know that there is that on there but.that's not a necessarily a requirement.you want to make sure that you have a.copy of the contractor who's working for.you a copy of their CSL license in the.home improvement contractor now I want.to talk a little bit about this because.a lot of times people will get into.problems with with a contractor who.comes in and does work the first thing.about a contractor that comes in to do.work or proposed to do work on your home.you want to make sure that you have a.contract in writing I can't express this.enough is that to be a contract or you.need a contract if someone doesn't want.to give you anything in writing it's.probably not a good idea to be involved.with that person because it is a.requirement that if you're a home.improvement contractor you must have a.contract and it requires that a certain.amount of information a certain type of.information beyond that contract so you.want to make sure that your contracts.are all in writing that you've signed.and dated it and that you have a copy of.that original contract that you agree on.without it I can't tell you how many.times I've been asked to step in on a.private contractual obligation and I.have no authority to the only.improvement contractor program is.regulated by the Department of Consumer.Affairs it used to be that the the.building Board of regulations and.standards used to regulate construction.activity within the HIC program and now.the Consumer Affairs Division handles.that so we have no authority to.involved with this except for the fact.that we have to check and make sure that.the license is present at the time we.issue a building permit so again there.there are certain exemptions for.homeowners if you want to do the work.yourself and you want to take the risk.certainly you have the right to do that.but it's never recommended that you go.with an unlicensed contractor or someone.who can do it for cheaper because.cheaper is never better at least in my.experience again workers comp affidavit.proof insurance and a waste of brief.form is also required a waste of reform.is basically just a form that's that.states where the job is where the debris.is going that's a massachusetts state.law or under DEP and that's Department.of Environmental Protection and they.need to know where the waste is going so.usually it's the facility at which the.waste will be dumped so if it's a.dumpster company that would be the where.you would say the location of the.facility is okay you're going to need.two sets of stamp plans with fire.department review so if it's a if it's a.residential project and you're adding a.bedroom it's gonna require hardwired.smoke detectors those types of things.need to be stamped by the fire.department whether it's commercial or.residential if you're adding anything.substantially to a residential home even.if you're proposing a bedroom and an.existing space in a basement that's.going to require fire department review.we want to see that plan stamped before.you submit it to the bill an apartment.for a building permit okay.certified plot plan showing the existing.and proposed structures again this is.for anything that you're gonna add to.the property that doesn't exist right.now that could be a shed that could be a.porch.it could be any other type of structure.a garage in addition anything like that.so any proposed construction on a on a.single lot will require a professional.land surveyor to provide you with a you.know provide you with a certified plot.plan showing the proposed and existing.conditions okay.construction control affidavits and.technical information you want to make.sure that if you're building more than a.two-family you want to make sure that.you have these documents in place prior.to this the middle of the application or.won't be accepted at the counter.plumbing gas and electrical permits um.only a licensed plumber can perform.plumbing work on your home it's a big.myth that that you can do your own.plumbing if you own your own.single-family home it is illegal for.anyone to touch plumbing in their home.the only thing you can do to my.knowledge as far as I know under the.plumbing code as you can repair a toilet.tank only that's the only thing I think.that's allowed for a homeowner to.perform plumbing in their home of course.nobody really thinks about it a big do.you know put it in a faucets not a big.deal you know but but these things are.really not allowed without a plumbing.permit without a licensed plumber the.electrical work in your home should be.done by a licensed electrician the code.does allow for a homeowner to do his own.electrical work provided that it meets.the electrical code that a permit is.pulled and that it's been inspected it's.never recommended to do your own.electrical work electrical work is not a.hobby.it requires the level of professionalism.that only an electrician can provide.it's never a good idea to to do.electrical work in your home but again.you're allowed to do that and no one's.gonna stop you provided that you have.the proper permits in place okay.you never ever want to touch gas work in.your home it's never legal for you to.connect or disconnect a stove or any.kind of gas appliance in your home again.this is something you want to leave to a.professional always call licensed.plumber or licensed gas fitter to come.and perform work on your gas your gas.equipment in your home this is real.serious stuff this is a lot of times.when you see an explosion at a house.nine times out of ten it's from a a gas.line that's either leaked to a breached.or broken a lot of times if people want.to do their own gas work it's never a.good idea so you always want to hire.professional to do those types of things.so rough inspections in final.inspections our requirements for gas.electrical and plumbing permits so along.with a building inspection rough.inspection rough gas and rough.electrical are also.wired some of the ordinary repairs that.may not require building permit our.replacement of any portion of a stair.system so if you're going to replace a.stair tray because it's broken that's.okay.but when you're replacing an entire set.of stairs or an entire set of stringers.now you've actually changed the height.of those those have to be inspected to.make sure that your that your height.requirements that your rise or.requirements have been met so if you're.replacing a whole set of stairs that.requires a building permit but any.portion of that may not require it so if.you're going to replace treads provided.that you're not going to cut new.stringers of stringers that little thing.that looks like this you may not need a.building permit you want to make sure.that if you're going to replace any.portion of it again you can always check.with your local building inspector okay.so you just want to make sure that.you're you're always that you're always.checking with you with your building.official to make sure you have the.proper guides repair of a roof less than.a hundred square feet that's something.that you know if you if you're only.repairing a portion of the roof and.that's okay you probably don't need a.permit for that painting paper and.cabinets and floors these are all.exemptions that you can find in the.building code pools less than 24 inches.deep do not require a building permit.anything more than that you should have.a building permit in place other.exemptions that are required to have a.building permit under zoning so a shed.may not require a building code permit.but it does require that you have a.permit under the zoning ordinance.because it's a structure and it is.considered something that needs a permit.so so required inspections soil.conditions inspections footing we're.going to be looking at the footings.we're going to be looking at soil.conditions that's a required inspection.this is on residential mostly.sealcoating and damp proofing of the.foundation a foundation as bill which is.basically done again by a professional.land surveyor.you want to make sure that you have a.plan that's showing where the foundation.has been placed prior to framing a rough.plumbing gas and electrical inspection.is required and a rough frame inspection.is required right after.that your insulation needs to be.inspected so that's a separate.inspection the finished gas electrical.and plumbing final building inspection.and final as bill conditions plan again.done by a registered land surveyor is a.requirement prior to the issuance of a.certificate of occupancy which is the.next thing here buildings are required.to have a certificate of occupancy from.my office prior to moving in so we want.to make sure that you have that.certificate prior to the you know you're.moving in furniture whatever you might.be doing occupying a building and so.forth.because it's we want to make sure that.the building is safe so you always want.to make sure that you have that.certificate in place okay.and again this is a the code that.requires this is the local zoning code.that requires that every building use.and occupy that are you that's used and.occupied needs to be applied to my.office for a certificate of occupancy.you want to make sure that you have that.whether it's a residential home or a.business or brand of building are you.building permit fees $12 per thousand.residential for for residential projects.its twelve commercial building permit.fees at $22 per one thousand dollars of.construction cost and signs have their.own fees depending on what size they are.and the square footage zoning violations.and penalties under zoning in the.building code under zoning could be up.to three hundred dollars per day so if.you construct something and it continues.to to be in violation you could be.subject to find so you want to make sure.again that you have the proper permits.prior to construction of anything.whether it be a shed or garage or a.porch you want to make sure that you.have the proper permits in place under.the building code which is 780 CMR you.could be fined up to a thousand dollars.per day this would be more for.commercial properties if you occupy a.building without a certificate of.occupancy.if you perform commercial construction.work especially if you're a licensed.construction supervisor you could be.exposed to those kinds of fines that's.why it's always a good idea to have a.permit in place that doesn't mean we'll.always do it but.if the if the violations are egregious.enough we want to make sure that you.know that you could be subject to find.so so in there are consequences other.than money this is a big thing too you.want to make sure that whenever you're.doing a project you want to have the.benefit of a certified building.inspector look at these projects again.this is all for safety reasons we want.to make sure that people are safe and.that they are that all the work that's.performed in a building is adequate for.fire and life safety and for plumbing.electrical and gas code and for building.code we take building safety very.seriously and we just want to make sure.that everybody is safe so it's very.important to know that these are you.know these are important things the.these are the basically these are the.requirements for ohlawd opinions.something that you want to make sure.that you do prior to a drawing up plans.for an addition or a new home and you.certainly can find this on our website.I'm gonna post this on our web site and.something always to just final note you.always want to check with your building.inspector again information is free.we're always available to answer any.questions and we would much rather take.the time to answer your questions prior.to you going ahead and just doing things.without without our knowledge.so that we can make sure that your.project comes out right and that you.plan for it and that that you don't have.any any issues while the project is.going on so we will we want you to be.safe and we want to make sure that that.we uphold the laws of the city and just.just for a final thought never perform.work without a building permit again.always check with your local inspector.to make sure that the work you're doing.either requires a permit or it doesn't.so that's it for this show and I hope.that we've been informative and we hope.that we can we can certainly help you to.plan in any of your future projects and.you can always come to our department.it's located at 119 School Street in.Waltham Mass thank you for listening.you.

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A great internet connection is all you need on your mobile phone and you can e-sign your Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 using the tap of your finger. Follow the guides below:

  1. Press the website of CocoSign and create an account.
  2. After that, tick and upload the document that you need to get e-signed.
  3. Pick the "My signature" option.
  4. Type and apply your signature to the document.
  5. Review the document and tap 'Done'.

It takes you in no time to include an e-signature to the Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 from your mobile phone. Check or share your form in your way.

How to create an e-signature for the Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 on iOS?

The iOS users would be happy to know that CocoSign present an iOS app to aid them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 , put to use the CocoSign program now.

Here's guideline include an electronic signature for the Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 on iOS:

  1. Insert the application from Apple Store.
  2. Register for an account either by your email address or via social account of Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload the document that needs to be signed.
  4. Press the part where you want to sign and pick the option 'Insert Signature'.
  5. Place your signature as you prefer and place it in the document.
  6. You can fax it or upload the document on the Cloud.

How to create an electronic signature for the Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 on Android?

The huge popularity of Android phones users has given rise to the development of CocoSign for Android. You can include the program for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

You can include an e-signature for Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 on Android following these guides:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
  2. Select your PDF file that needs to be signed electronically by ticking on the "+” icon.
  3. Press the part where you need to include your signature and put it in a pop up window.
  4. Finalize and adjust it by ticking the '✓' symbol.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Check and share your document, as desired.

Get CocoSign today to aid your business operation and save yourself lots of time and energy by signing your Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 remotely.

Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 FAQs

Here you can gather explainations to the most popular questions about Building Perm Application Form Revised January 10 2017 2016 . If you have specific queries, pick 'Contact Us' at the top of the site.

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