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hi everyone welcome back to my channel.my name is Jennifer from AFRICOM home of.smart receiving smarter spending smarter.living strategies today we're talking.pensions in the UK so I'm gonna tell you.the difference between the state pension.and having a private pension some of.obviously the benefits of having a.pension as part of your financial.freedom and long term income sources I'm.going to also tell you some of the got.just to look out for when you are.involving pensions so that you know what.to look for to keep more of your money.in your hands I'm also going to be tell.you how you actually gain income from a.pension when the time comes I'll also go.over the choices involved in pensions.for your investments I'll give you one.particular website that I have used to.set up a private pinch of myself and.finally I'm gonna share with you how to.give yourself a free P rise if you have.an employer pension so today be sure to.stay tuned if you're brand new today.I'll give you some 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your payment.isn't based it in the stock market so.often people will say I'm not interested.in stocks and shares it's to ski if you.are actually banking on having a private.pension or a state pension you are.investing already you may not realize it.but that is how they are making your.money actually increase in value to give.you an income in the future Israel the.most people in the UK have a pension.through their workplace so that means if.you're an employee of a large.corporation or a small business in some.way you have an amount of money deducted.from your wage pre-tax.from your top lane their maximum ain't.no money you're gross that your own.every month that goes to your pension.its benefits to this firstly European.pre-tax so that means if you have that.same amount of money going into your.pocket you would actually lose money.because if we take tax on the total.amount so if you earn one hundred pounds.you would effectively only get eighty.pounds of that once tax has been taken.off the benefit of having a pension of.course is about full 100 pounds will go.straight towards your pension fund.investments but a great thing as an.employer usually it will match your.contributions or perhaps even more this.is a crucial crucial thing you've got to.find out what your contributions are.from your employee.so if your employer is actually adding.contributions on your behalf they tend.to get tax breaks for doing that as well.they will actually some things you can.put your national insurance.contributions that you would defeat on.that money too so that part is really.growing without your having to work for.it if there is any kind of free.contributions made to your workplace.pension I want you to do this right away.and I want you to take that money and.run it is a free p rise with oh you.having to exchange time for money which.is obviously one of the fundamental.things in the cash flow quadrant we're.trying to be an investor not give up our.precious time to earn money there's.automatic generated in the background.for us so if you have free contributions.in any shape or form with your workplace.pension I strongly advise you to take it.and embrace it it's making your pension.pot double or perhaps triple or whatever.the contributions are without you having.to work it's free money and we love free.money typically it is your.responsibility to say how much of your.salary is placed into that workplace.pension and you also have the option to.opt out completely.I'd really strongly aren't you that if.you get contributions in any way from.your employer without giving you free.money on top of your pre-tax money that.you're putting in please do all you can.to not opt out we're trying to build as.big a pot as we can.potato because taken from our salary.pre-tax so that means if you're a basic.tax payer reads you for example will put.an ATP.and the government will give you back 20.pounds on top making that 100 pounds.after the higher tax bracket that's up.to 40% you could begin fine.so you put in 60 they put in 40 on top.so it's an incredible benefits for more.money going in your pension pop for when.you're all done we use the principle of.compound interest here so it's the same.as investing the same as when we use an.investment eisah to grow our fund we're.not looking at the total amount its that.compound interest so it's basically your.interest.I'm your moment you've actually missed.it growing more interest every single.year so it adds on it's not just the.amount you invest it's the interest on.top that can really exponentially grow.your wealth so quickly with time and.this is long-term which is why I painted.is for at least maybe 10 15 20 years in.the future so in the UK there's actually.a limit currently of 40,000 things can.be put into a pension up to a hundred.percent of your wage also if you wanted.to put it into your pension but not.forty thousand pounds it would need to.be split across different patients to.your private your workplace so with a.workplace pension of course you tend to.have limited choices for a particular.number of reasons the first being that.your corporation that you work for has.gone to one particular pension provider.or insurance company they've said.collectively we have this amount of.people give us the best pension to suit.the collective needs so generally you.will have lower charges and we're going.to talk about charges and paintings and.why it's so critical to understand them.but you'll also tend to have limited.fund choices of course you may log on to.the workplace pension portal for example.and see that you can have low medium or.high risk so there's not much selection.there and you tend to not really.understand what unum basting.so of course for you as the person who.actually drawing that pension eventually.not having as much choice really means.we're not sure about what can a growth.and what kind of returns on our pension.that we can expect the flip side is of.course we're probably not being charged.as much in fees as if we were just an.individual using that company in.particular for our pension but also.we're getting those workplace.contributions that free money to our.port so that's making that pot much.bigger and of course the bigger the pot.the more.passive income Yule January in the.future but also the quicker it will keep.doubling and exponentially gruel for you.if you want more choices and perhaps the.limited amount that your company pension.is offering you that's where we use a.private pension or asset s I'm PP if.you're self-employed as well then really.I strongly advise you looking into a.private pension as a form of income in.the future I always say that I kind of.toss between if you have an investment.ice and a pinch and it's really.dependent on your financial goals when.you want access to the money and also.how much money you actually want to put.in to your long term freedom goals.obviously if you're self-employed if.you're able to put more money into.pension a private pension pre-tax if.you're running a company the more money.that you can put out the door before you.actually pay tax watching your benefit.you're still getting the same uplifts.from the government that twenty to forty.percent depending on what tax bracket.you fall into.you've got your national insurance.contributions as well being affected so.really as important to perhaps consider.having a pension and then also having an.investment eisah to build wealth that.you can access before the age of 55 I'm.going to talk about in another video how.to set up a private pension using.pension b-but it's a company that I've.actually used to set up a pension for my.family it's super easy there is lots of.other pension providers out there so by.no means you don't have to do exactly.what I do but if you found this in.having a patient provider a private.pension of your own by all means check.out pension be I'll leave a link below.that's actually really great offer.pension be will give you fifty pounds.and me fifty pounds so that's not bad if.you want to sign up for them there's a.code for it sort of fatal link for.friends and family by all means to check.them out you're not obligation to set.one up remember the total contributions.pair you're currently is forty thousand.pounds per person to a private pension.and a workplace pension if you go over.that forty thousand pounds a year if you.go over that amount you'll actually be.hit quite heavily with tax so it.certainly wouldn't be the most.tax-efficient you might want to consider.and an baseman.I said for your money in that instance.but as always if you're in that bracket.you're going to probably go over that.40,000 I would say probably based.consult a financial planner or advisor.to make sure you're being as tax.efficient as possible more money is.staying in your hands which we love and.the UK we are also lucky enough to have.state pension fund amount of a pension.is roughly 500 to 600 pounds a month at.the moment and the UK per person you had.to pimp in 30 years of national.insurance contributions for yourself.employed or employed by a corporation.you will have been paying national.insurance contributions it's really.important if you aren't personally not.paying national insurance contributions.through unemployment or perhaps you're.staying at home with a family that you.made sure that you're getting the.credits available to you to sure that.you've actively chosen not to be more.but you're still doing something with.your time.for example that could be if you're.claiming unemployment benefit working.tax credit you're perhaps getting Child.Benefit even if you are above the.threshold for child benefit often people.will actually just take their loans and.then give it back so that they're.actually allowing those years are thirty.years straight to add up if you don't.manage to get thirty working years with.National Insurance credits then you will.actually lose part of that full pension.but will be a pro-rata rate based on how.many years of contributions you actually.mean so it's baitul that you can check.regularly how your number of years is.totalling and I don't know government.website that you can do now you put your.National Insurance number and it will.show you how many years you are showing.towards your pension no rain no I'm 37.if you're maybe in your thirties.watching this I want to strongly see.that it's going to be no guarantees for.a state pension a lot of people right.now in the UK are simply believing that.the government will take care of them in.the old age very no five to six hundred.pounds per person or let's see a.thousand pounds up to twelve hundred.pounds for a couple is not going to.allow you to live a good and fulfilled.life it's going to be a stroll.particularly if you're paying rent or a.mortgage payment still in your sixties.which a lot of people are moving towards.that no because if over budgeted how.long it would take them to pay off their.mortgage.I want to strongly say to you if you're.in your twins.authorities watching this right now I.want you to take full responsibility for.generating income in your future when.you choose to retire and just your life.in general I am pretty certain by the.time I get towards 65 but the age limit.will probably have increased for a state.pension now I'm own for state pension.will probably have dropped even below.that 506 in the pain mark but also it.might be means texted which means that.not everyone will get it I just can't.allow those kind of variables in my life.I have to know that in my twilight years.I'm able to enjoy life and actually live.an exceptional life and I want that for.you too so by no means don't rely on the.state pension as your only source of.income it was a really interesting fact.I played around on the pension beat.pension contribution calculator so it's.a fantastic little tool on their website.that they say tells you how much of a.contribution every month you would have.to make to get a particular income in.your retirement years so if I was 35 and.I was putting in the kind of average.wage contribution in the UK so the.average wage in the UK is just about.29,000 pounds that's obviously the.demographic from Scotland to London so.that could be completely skewed by the.London in southern wages of course.29,000 pounds 8% is the current minimum.that you're putting into pension through.automatic enrolment in the UK which.works out is just under two hundred.pounds every single month if you peered.from the age of 35 to 65 and then took.out your pension that would only be an.additional four hundred and twenty.pounds a month income ever ends up being.in that thirty years time that was the.only form of income it's not enough to.live on if you've still got council tax.still got bills to pay.heaven forbid yourself a mortgage scipio.of that it's just not possible.and obviously about 400 pounds is.initially 400 pounds worth right now.that's 30 years in the future it's not.including inflation in any way so I.guarantee that's going to be our.incredibly tape drugger you just.couldn't survive in that kind of money.if it was your only source of income.that's assumed at 65 we don't have a.mortgage payment we don't have any day.you've used my ten percent real you're.loving it you've got financial freedom.you're doing everything you.but if we want to let's see between.eighteen to twenty thousand pounds.instead is our yearly wage from our.pension we would actually have to be.contributing roughly eleven hundred.pounds a month enter a pension at the.age of 35 until we retire at 65 that's.assuming a five to six percent return on.your investment in your pension and then.the charge is taken off every year that.kinda money equals forty four percent of.your take-home gross wage every single.month an astonishing amount that's just.not practical for a lot of people and.that's why really our pension has to be.part of our bigger strategy so how did.you actually get an income from a.pension well when you hit the age of 55.for a private pension or 65 if you want.to define it you can actually take up to.25 percent of that pension fund as a.tax-free lump sum a lot of people do.this because it allows them to pay off.their home right away.an average pension pot in the UK is.roughly 150 thousand pounds to two.hundred thousand pounds so it's not a.huge amount of money because roughly 33%.of people are only contributing to their.pension in the UK a working age which is.staggeringly law it should not be the.case we're living completely blindfolded.as if the government is going to look.after us there's actually two different.ways that we can actually make an income.from our pension the first is we can buy.an annuity annuity is a financial.product we can say to leave by our wage.for the rest of your life or for a.certain number of years so can actually.be given even after you pass away so you.would take that whole pension pot and.use it to buy an income let's say twenty.thousand pounds a year or twenty five.thousand pounds a year lots of different.annuities where you can buy up we just.based on inflation as we own it.increases every year can be given when.you've passed away so I suppose can we.see you it for a number of years as well.and a contribution the other way is.doing a principle called drawdown which.effectively is what we do with our own.basement.Isis strategies well it's basically you.take an income that can be any depending.on what you want from your pension pot.as a total and then we leave the rest of.that port setting the air to go further.interest so of course it's going to be.dependent on what products you are.actually.and what kind of return you're getting.what charges you're getting from your.pension company as well.and obviously you can vary it depending.on how much you want to actually take as.an income a lot of people generally take.that 25% lump sum to pay off the.mortgage and debt and then do draw down.a lot of other people do enjoy having.annuity because it's guaranteed income.it really is based on what you prefer.for your financial security in your.retirement years so what are some of the.gotchas of a pension well in particular.you have to be aware whether it's a.workplace pension or a private pension.about the charge is involved pensions.obviously big businesses a lot of.companies out there and the charges and.fees that are put on by these insurance.companies or the pension companies will.eat into your pension pot without you.realizing absolutely be careful about.just how many hidden charges that are as.well a lot of companies will give you an.entry fee so actually setting up a.pension they'll put a fee on there for.you though to exit fees if you want to.move your money out from them to another.provider they may also charge it if you.stop making contributions to your.pension I really like pain should be.because there's just one flat fee and.it's between 0.5 percent and 0.9 percent.one fee for my pension and obviously.computer and basement eisah it's.generally a little bit higher than some.of the funds fees that we would see on.index-linked funds or low-cost mutual.funds just really again the place where.you decide if you want to do your.pre-tax money and get the biggest pot.you can or if you want to have post tax.money and have access before the age of.55 another good shot as we've talked.about is there's limited choices.particularly with workplace pensions for.me I to the benefit of a workplace.pension because it's free money from.their contributions as well I don't need.to work for it and they're giving me a.pay rise in my case they're actually.tripling my contributions which is.fantastic there's normally I would walk.away from that kind of money but I do.have limited choices and I've also got.quite high fees associated with that.limited choices I go for as high a risk.as I can because I know it's 30 odd use.of me I don't need to worry about it I.mean.take my pension from age 55 but for me I.know that the stock market will allow.for natural growth in my pension another.gotcha for people and so they just don't.have a clue where their pensions aren't.from their workplaces and also how much.they're worth pay times to actually move.job and your life from a different.corporation have you actually thought.about where your pension contributions.were made and how much is it worth no.particular efforts five or ten years ago.you're starting a great thing is.actually to ask a pension company to go.and get those past pensions for you.because you never know that could be.considerable amount of money that's just.building rules for you that you can have.in your current pot by only let's just.talk about how we create other forms of.passive income so on this channel I want.you to live financially free that means.as soon as possible.you have passive incomes whether it be.in basements staid businesses everything.outside of your day job that allows you.to then have choices whether you work.whether you travel whether you actually.do then a business that you love.full-time I would say if you're.brand-new to looking into financial.freedom to creating passive incomes that.could support your life and design it on.your terms you do one thing and that's.simply to take advantage of free.contributions to your workplace pension.as a result of this video the positive.state to actually meet your pinch and in.your retirement use as comfortable as.possible but you're actually taking.ownership of the financial security you.have I would really strongly advise also.looking into a basement Isis if you.learn about the stocks and shares market.which I paint is actually invested in.you will not it's a way to put your.money long-term to again grow a form of.passive income that you could use to.supplement your household income every.single month you can also think about.side businesses before we got only given.this story so Colonel Sanders who's the.man behind KFC of course he actually got.to retirement age in the US and he was.so disgusted and has pension.contributions that he was receiving.every month he just could not live off.that small amount that that's when KFC.was started he had this chicken recipe.everyone would tell him how fantastic.laws and he decided he was going to fall.out and sale it to base drunks so here.at Rose I think he was approximately one.in restaurants before somebody actually.signed up to say they would sail it for.him and he would receive a cup of the.profits so I don't want you to be like.caramel cylinders and how to sell your.chicken to make an income I want you to.know that you're in basements and your.passive income when you choose to retire.whatever age that is before 55 if you're.using in basements or after the age of.55 with a private pension or looking at.the state pension and also to top.yourself up I want you to know that you.and your family are safe and secure.thank you so much for watching today I.hope you really enjoyed Larrick pensions.as probably a sentence I never thought I.would see but as always leave me a.comment below if there's any other.topics you would like me to cover as I.say I'm going to leave I badou shortly.that actually shows you how to set up a.private pension if you're self-employed.or you just fancy having it as part of.your financial freedom strategy I'm.going to teach you how to do that with.pension B so you can check that out it's.Gomes step-by-step tutorial and go over.to mama for AFRICOM to see the full.notes and breakdown of this video thanks.so much for watching I'll see you fairly.soon.you.

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How do I make an online payment check out form directly to my bank if I do not like PayPal?

I cannot tell if you are a developer creating an online payment form or a consumer asking about the check-out and payment process in general. I will answer for the consumer's perspective:Short answer: debit cards issued by your bank offer the best compromise between directness, convenience, and security when paying online. If the website doesn't offer fields to input bank account and routing information, you cannot directly charge your bank account for a purchase from an online check out form. This is usually a good thing. Do not provide your bank account information to arbitrary merchants online. You may compromise your security by doing so because many banks have little protection against fraud from direct withdrawals. If you must pay using your bank account, try calling the company. Their phone representatives might have access to payment methods that are unavailable online, and they can process your order over the phone. Again, do this only if you trust the company. Although PayPal enables you to "connect" your bank account, you never directly pay from that account when you check out with PayPal. The merchant never accesses your account themselves. PayPal withdraws the order amount from your account and disburses your payment to the merchant. Similarly, debit cards provide what seems to be direct access to you bank account, but there is still a layer in between: the debit processing network. Some debit card providers offer similar protection against fraudulent transactions as the protection credit cards typically include. Arguably, payments by check (cheque) and "direct debit" can be considered indirect as well (in the US, at least), because these transactions must pass through the ACH network. Withdrawing the cash at your own bank in person would be the only true direct method. Similar wire transfer systems of payment exist as well that enable transfer of money electronically. However, ACH and wire transfers are seldom used for online payments unless the value of the product is quite large. Both offer almost no protection against fraud. Here's a quick, (very) simplified illustration of the path of these payment methods:Merchant > Check (ACH) > Your Bank  Merchant > Account/Routing #s (ACH) > Your Bank  Merchant > PayPal/Other Providers > ACH > Your Bank  Merchant > Debit Card Network > Your Bank  Your Bank > Wire Transfer Network > Merchant  If you're interested, some large online retailers such as Amazon.com allow you to add bank account information to create a payment method that sources fund from your bank. These large websites have the credibility and resources to offer alternative payment methods. PayPal and other payment providers like Amazon Payments or Google Checkout offer more security to consumers because they provide an additional layer of protection between the merchant and the consumer's cash. These systems also have additional buyer protection features (which can be a pain to merchants because buyers often win cases unjustly). I personally prefer to use credit and debit cards when making purchases online. I feel more comfortable with the additional protection included over bank account transfers. Plus I'm a sucker for the cash back rewards that many cards offer :)Thanks for the A2A!

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