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The Steps of Customizing You Are Summoned And Required To Appear Before This Court In Courtroom on Mobile

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How to leverage The You Are Summoned And Required To Appear Before This Court In Courtroom ?

we've been studying the courts in heaven.and I am thrilled that the results that.I'm seeing in your lives.the testimonies I'm hearing and you're.going to see why today so let's open our.Bibles to the Book of Luke the.eighteenth chapter and we're going to.begin today on presenting our cases in.the courts of heaven Luke the eighteenth.chapter verses one through eight and you.may want to underline this there's a.number of significant thoughts in this.passage of Scripture that you'll want to.refer to from time to time and the Bible.says this is then Jesus told his.disciples a parable to show them that.they should always pray and not give up.one person says men ought always to pray.and not give up he said in a certain.town there was a judge who was who.neither feared God nor cared what people.thought and there was a widow in that.town who kept coming to him with the.plea grant me justice against my.adversary for some time he refused it.finally he said to himself even though I.do not fear God nor do I care what.people think yet because this Widow.keeps bothering me I will see that she.gets justice so that she won't.eventually come and attack me the Lord.said listen to what the unjust judge.says and will not God bring about.justice for his chosen ones who cry out.to him day and night will he keep.putting them off I tell you he will see.that they get justice and quickly.however when the Son of Man comes will.he find faith on the earth now we want.to learn how to present our petitions.how to present our cases before the Lord.see I want you to step into this.dimension and see God's passion towards.you I want you today to purpose in your.heart to begin to move with boldness to.begin to move with confidence before the.Lord before the courts of heaven first.of all let me say to most of us that if.there's anything we need to do we need.to get off the battlefield we need to.get off the battlefield the first thing.we must do is to step into the courts of.heaven or the first thing we need to do.in order to get into the courts of.heavens is to get off the battlefield.you can't be on the battlefield and in.the courts of heaven we have to.recognize the need for legal precedence.to be set for legal precedence to be won.for us before we run out onto the.battlefield we are in a conflict but.before it's a battle it's a legal.conflict do you understand that see I.think that the churches put such.emphasis on battlefield battlefield.battlefield we're in a war we're in a.war that we forgot that our greatest.battle is in the heavenlies not on a.battlefield I want you to know Jesus.never pray never pictures prayer in a.battlefield context he did however put.it in a courtroom and a judicial setting.as we saw here in Luke 18 verses 1 to 8.in this parable the widow is seeking a.verdict of justice from a judge an.unrighteous judge among other things one.glaring aspect of this story stands out.to me this woman in her efforts to deal.with her adversary never spoke to her.adversary once but only to the judge and.I'm concerned how many Christians are.running around talking to devils she.understood that when a rendering could.be obtained from the judge then her.adversary became of no consequence the.adversary.legal footing for hurting.harming stealing or otherwise tormenting.her would be removed the adversary would.have to bend his knee to the verdict of.the court once the court rendered a.verdict then it could be executed into.place the verdict from the court is the.legal wrestling that we do we wrestle.not against flesh and blood we wrestle.in a court of law and the executing of.it into place is the battlefield see.we've tried to run out to the.battlefield without verdicts from the.court so we found ourselves in effective.or even soundly defeated those days are.over.as we get off the battlefield and we get.on into the courtroom amen so this is.what the Apostle Paul was referring to.in Ephesians 6 and verse 12 when he said.for we wrestle not against flesh and.blood but against principalities against.powers against the rulers of darkness of.this age against spiritual hosts of.wickedness in heavenly places.now you're going to find out that those.categories there's seven of them.throughout the Scriptures speak about.different domains that God will lead you.into we found out that there are seven.different courtrooms in heaven not all.of us can go into every courtroom at.least not all the time but God will lead.you into different courtrooms there's.four of them that are open to everybody.concerning yourself concerning your.family concerning areas where he's given.you authority over then some of you are.beginning are being given authority at.different levels of authority different.responsibilities to go into on behalf of.the nation I don't think it's peculiar.that there are so many people in this.church that are somehow getting involved.in some form of politics some form of.social justice some form but you have.to understand that you will not win.those battles just because you have a.cute idea those battles must be won in.the courts of heaven before you'll ever.obtain them in the battlefield or in the.marketplace some of you are going to be.Daniels Joseph Esther's Deborah's in the.marketplace but you have to go into your.spiritual place of in the courts to.obtain the things that God wants you to.have in this world the big deal that's.coming I'll tell what I want so many.people come to me and they think just.because they can get in front of a.minister just because they could align.the pocket of somebody that they're.going to get the deal let me tell you.something these are not natural battles.you're fighting they're spiritual.battles this spiritual battles must be.fought in a spiritual realm and you must.get a verdict from heaven in order to.enforce it on earth if you obtain.something and you do not have the legal.right to it you'll have it for a while.but it will be taken from you because.legally the enemy will come back and say.he can't have it that's why so many.prosper for a moment and then just at.the right time the enemy pulls it all.away from you because you didn't obtain.it legally now tap your neighbor say I.think he's talking to you this morning.you know this this idea of wrestling you.know it's a very apt term for what goes.on in the courts of the Lord you see.through our maneuvering in the courts we.actually put into place the legalities.that are necessary for God's kingdom and.his will to be done I don't know if.you've ever been in a natural court.setting but even if you go there you'll.attest to it you'll see that this is.what happens in a natural court setting.I've had the privilege of being in our.court system here in Zimbabwe and it's.very amusing sometimes and very.frightening sometimes to watch what goes.on in our courts but at the attorneys.are there and they're maneuvering.they're operating they're wrestling with.each other to get the upper hand well.the same is true in the courts of heaven.especially when we're dealing with.principalities over regions it is our.job to enforce.the legal judgment that Jesus won on the.cross and we have forced it upon the.powers of darkness stripping them of all.the illegitimate aura t that they hold.over us both individually and.corporately now it takes some legal.wrangling to get this in place once it's.done once you have the legal mandate the.verdict you can watch on you can march.on to your battlefield and win every.single time see the battle that in the.courtroom always precedes the victory on.the battlefield let me say that again.the battle in the courtroom always.precedes the victory in the battlefield.see we are all learning to win in the.courtroom so that we can win on the.battlefield once we can change our.perspective once we can see this thing.differently and see that the primary.place of conflict is in the courtroom.then we'll be ready to present our case.so today I want to give you 6 points of.how to present your case first of all.presenting our case well we can only.present our case once we have read from.the books of heaven I'm always shocked.at how many people you know just suck.stuff out of the air well here's what I.think you're gonna you're gonna approach.demons and you're gonna proton mighty.God that's what you think I don't think.that's a good idea he says my word never.returns void it always accomplishes the.purpose we're enjoying sinners he says.my thoughts are not your thoughts my.ways are not your ways.I wouldn't go before God with my ideas.I'd go to God with his ideas you.probably get a better success rate if.you honor him with his ideas.in Daniel chapter 7 and verse T and 10.it kind of sets the scene says a fiery.stream issued and came forth from before.him a thousand thousands ministered to.him ten thousand times ten thousand.stood before him the court was seated.and the books were opened.who okay what a picture thousands and.thousands of angels a cloud of witnesses.thousands before him the books are open.the court is seated I'll tell you what.here's the good news.the books are open the books aren't.locked - they're not sealed they're not.closed this means that you and I have a.right to go look into those books we can.discern by revelation what are in those.books on a personal level those books.reveal our kingdom purpose they reveal.our destiny and we have to understand.this is not a once-off revelation you.know so many people say yes I'd know.what I supposed to do I wish I knew what.I was supposed to do I've been doing.this for forty five years I've been in.this country for 38 years down and.somebody says well yes you know your.purpose you I know part of my purpose.but each time I go before God it's like.oh there's another look into what God.has for me little by little line upon.line precept upon precept here a little.there little God begins to build you up.from grace to grace from faith to faith.from strength to strength from.revelation to revelation he doesn't give.it to you all of us he gives it to you.as you go and you open the book you look.in and he'll give you another glimpse.you'll say now take this ground I.promise you have got to show me what I.would be doing today when I started I.would never have started think about it.see we have to understand that it's not.a once-off revelation but it's a journey.of discovery when you're dealing with.cities or states or nations let me tell.you something.we need legitimate prophesy legitimate.profits profits to help us understand.God's kingdom and his will as it's.written in the books you know but a.prophet prophecies he's not telling you.your phone number.he should be prophesying what are in the.books of heaven about your future about.a nation there's an unveiling of secrets.that are contained in these books a.prophet is just reading out of the books.of heaven and declaring what he sees.once this is done then you have apostles.apostles to have a jurisdiction in a.given sphere can begin - they can begin.to present cases in the courtrooms of.heaven on behalf of nations on behalf of.churches on behalf of of businesses.that's why you have apostolic cover.that's why you want prophets and.apostles it's not some weird flaky thing.you run around and and it's not done on.earth it's not about oil on earth it's.about victories in heaven and we go.before God we begin to present a city.the state of the nation and the court we.begin to remind God of what was written.in the books about what he said we.present our case if we put God into.remembrance Isaiah said it this way.God said review the past for me let us.argue the matter together state your.case for your innocence man I love that.verse state your case argue your matter.come before me wrestle with me make your.case so that I can bless you God's not.angry at you.he wants to give you what you've can't.the case you present you see this.operation sets the court in motion I.just visualize a thing just let your.mind run a little bit just is it a.natural Court the prophetic the.proceedings start.now think about this the jurors on the.throne.Almighty God his son seated next to your.advocate.sometimes he's standing next to you.Jesus but sometimes it's the Holy Spirit.who's your advocate.there's a courtroom full of witnesses.you're surrounded by a great cloud of.witnesses Saints that have gone on.before you angels are witnessing this.and as you stand before the throne.just as in a natural Court the.proceeding starts with the prosecution.presenting its case that's a powerful.thought that you and I as mortal people.have the authority to set in motion the.courts of heaven you and I can set the.court of heaven in motion it's true we.begin to present from the books what has.been written from before time began the.court comes to session this is why in.Daniel 7 the court is seated and the.books are open see the gore the court is.going to make decisions based on what is.presented from the heavenly books the.books of heaven by you and by me as.individuals and corporately as the.ecclesia that's why all my prayer.meetings or joining together for.corporate times of prayer are so.important what an awesome privilege.God's given us think about it number two.once you're in the courtroom we have to.learn how to agree with our accuser.so you present your case you're.prosecuting a case you're trying to.bring to bear the witness of the Bible.the Word of God that's a book that book.is also open in heaven that's the book.God gives us the study that unlocks all.the other books through the revelation.of his word he is the word and every.word that he's written will never.contradict his word but once we have.presented the case of what has been.written in the books that we have to.understand the.we'll also encounter the accuser seeking.to deny us with us in those books.revelations 12 and verse 10 says then I.heard a loud voice at heaven say now.have come to salvation and the power and.the Kingdom of our God and the authority.of his Messiah for the accuser of our.brothers and sisters who accuses them.before our God day and night has been.hurled down see any and all accusations.that he brings to seek to disqualify us.from getting what is in the books has to.be answered this will require us not to.argue with him but to repent and humble.ourselves before the Lord we humble.ourselves before the Lord for art for.nations and for ourselves it is in the.interest of the kingdom that we do so.now in that parable and Luke 18 that we.just read it's a it's very interesting.to me that the next part after verse 8.verses 9 through 14 he gives a teaching.about two men that went up to the temple.to pray and he contrasts how the.Pharisee who was self-righteous and.arrogant prayed and while the tax.collector was very humble and.surrendered the end of the parable was.that the tax collector went down out out.of the house of God justified and the.Pharisee was not justified look at it.says says to some who trusted in.themselves that they were righteous and.despised others to men he was speaking.to these people two men went up to the.temple to pray one a Pharisee and the.other a tax collector the Pharisee stood.and prayed thus with himself god I thank.you that I am not like other men other.men extortioners unjust adulterers or.even as this tax collector I fast twice.a week I give tithes of all that I.possess.and the tax collector standing afar off.would not even so much as raise his eyes.to heaven but beat his breast saying God.be merciful to me a sinner I tell you.that this man went down to his house.justified rather than the other for.everyone who exalts himself will be.humbled and whoever humbles himself will.be exalted.there's a heart attitude that we have to.have when we go into the courts of.heaven Jesus spoke this parable a.connection to or at least as an.extension to his teaching of the.judicial place the woman who had.importuned see to be justified means to.render is just or innocent to be.justified is a legal position of being.found not guilty or innocent one of the.things that Jesus is teaching a.connection to the operating in the.courts of heaven is that God responds to.humility and surrender that's why I like.that song Lord overshadow me so much I.surrender I surrender.there's something about surrendering.that says God I you know what I don't.want to get in this place where I think.I deserve something I command heaven I.come at no no no no you know I've.learned something that there's times I.even know that I'm right but I would.rather not make the demand but rather.say lord I fall into the merciful hands.of God give me not what I deserve not.what I'm right about but what do you.deserve what do you think I deserve I.also render myself to your best interest.what would you do for me Lord because.I'd say what God always does more than I.would ever do for myself and he always.has hallelujah humility surrender they.carry a great weight in the courts of.heaven if we want to have an audience in.the courts.we must appear there was a humble spirit.and our broken and contrite heart these.are the sacrifices that God will not.despise Psalm 51 verse 17 my sacrifice O.God is a broken spirit a broken and.contrite heart you will not despise you.see to repentance we set in place the.voice of the blood of Jesus and we.release every other voice that has.testimony now I don't have time to teach.you today that but there are nine voices.that have testimony the blood the name.the the Word of God there are a.multitude of voices that we could talk.about you can study it on your own but.these nine voices can speak into the.court system as well and we can agree.with these voices in several ways one of.the primary ways that we can do is.through our repentance when we sense.accusations being used against us I'll.tell you what the accuser of the.Brethren is constantly accusing you we.should simply agree with them in Matthew.5 verse 25 it says that we should agree.with our adversary quickly in the way.agree with your adversary quickly while.you're on the way with him lest your.adversary deliver you to the judge and.the judge had you over to the officer as.you'd be thrown into prison sometimes.you get in the court of heaven and I.want you to know something you get.broadsided you didn't know that the.enemy had that against you it's no use.fighting him yeah but yeah yeah but.doesn't work in heaven just yes Lord.he's right I repent I bring it under the.blood of Jesus I humble myself that.accusation I know laughs I through the.blood of Jesus amen.you see the agree with your adversary.simply means that you're quick to repent.of anything being used against us in the.court of heaven I have no need to answer.for myself I don't justify myself for.any reason I allow the blood of Jesus to.justify me.then I can also draw from any other or.all of the other voices in the court.that would want to speak as well I'm not.even so sure that some of our cloud of.witnesses can't speak I you know it's.amazing what goes on in that courtroom.and we're only learning about it now so.let's ask God to keep showing us but.they will speak on my behalf only as I.have repented and have taken access to.the blood of Jesus.you see self justification can destroy.us but repentance will cause us to be.accepted we need to repent of anything.in our history or even in our bloodline.those kind of issues and we may not even.know what they are but I found that as I.get before the Lord sometimes he'll.bring things to my remembrance sometimes.he'll say do you remember this.immediately I don't let it become an.accusation I just confess that I say.father I see that that was a breach of.your law that was a breach of your word.that that's contrary to what your.scripture says that was considered this.or that was considered that according to.the law and as you grow in the law as.you grow in the teaching of the laws you.grow on the understanding of the word of.God guess what it shows you your sin not.to condemn you but to so you can confess.it so you can bring it to the courts of.heaven and have it washed as soon as we.begin to repent of the things that our.bloodline even those things that were.not aware of it's not uncommon for.either the enemy or the Holy Spirit to.begin to attack us in that bloodline I.know this there been times I've been.moved to sorrow we moved to nearly tears.conviction in my heart the sorrow from.the sin that I had Creek allowed or.didn't even know was there because the.repentance was so real but when we do.that it takes away the accusation of the.devil and it silenced his ability to.disqualify us.number three we need to learn how to.confess our sins see our words before.the throne of God are very very powerful.in Hosea 14 verses one to ten the.prophets urging us and urging the people.to use words to return to the Lord o.Israel return to the Lord your God for.you have stumbled because of your.iniquity take words with you and return.to the Lord say to him take away all.iniquity receive us graciously for we.will offer us offers the sacrifice of.our lips that's a powerful passive.description Hosea you see here's the.point right words right words before the.court of heaven are very powerful very.powerful you see it's because of our.words that God will forgive us the.sacrifice of our lips in departing from.iniquity and returning to the Lord give.the legal right for God to forgive us.that's why John told us to confess our.sins in John 1 or verse 9 he's really.talking about the legal right for the.forgiveness of sins he says if we.confess our sins he is faithful and just.to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us.from all unrighteousness.who doesn't that make a lot more sense.in a legal setting our words set legal.things in motion our words become.testimony and agreements with the courts.of heaven our words grant the Lord legal.right to fulfill his passion towards us.and his passion is always mercy and.goodness this is part of what overcomes.the accuser of the Brethren the word of.our testimony again in revelations.chapter 10 verses 12 verses 10 and 11 it.declares at the word of our.timon in agreement of God's purpose.overcomes and silences accusation that.verse says that I heard a loud voice.saying in heaven now salvation and.strength and the Kingdom of our God and.the power of his Christ had come for the.accuser of our brethren who accused them.before our God.night and day has been cast down and I.like this part they overcame him by the.blood of the Lamb by the word of their.testimony and did not love their lives.even unto death do you see how powerful.this is just tap your neighbors say this.is powerful for you tell your other.neighbor tell them this say part of the.word of our testimony is to confess and.use words that grant God the legal right.to be merciful to us the fourth thing.that I want you to see today is that for.us to come into concert and an agreement.with the voices of heaven and things.that sign us the accuser one of those.things is our offerings see your.finances have a voice finances our seeds.seed speak words are seeds words speak.finances speak blood speak these things.speak they have a continual voice so.when we bring our finances into the.house of God when we bring it to the.altar of God who me when we support the.work of God the kingdom of God with a.clean heart and full of passion towards.the Lord.these finances add a voice of agreement.with heaven.you know it's appropriate to offer.finances and then prophesy over them in.the courts of heaven.what we do we're becoming a part of the.operation of heaven in order to see his.will done on earth you see when you gain.a mandate in heaven over your finances.and you begin to declare it in the earth.you're unlocking the power of those.finances on earth Cornelius was not even.a believer he was a Gentile but he.believed in the God of Israel he.believed in God and so the Bible says.that his prayers mixed with his alms got.the attention of God to where God sent.an angel to him and told him what to do.and the angel went and found Peter and.told Peter of what to do and he brought.them together so that the church the.Gentile age could start that's us.I thank God for true Neeley us every day.of my life because I'm not sure we would.be here if it was left up to some of.those disciples number five we have to.resist the devil resist the devil in.order to get our prayers answered heaven.there comes a time to resist the devil.with well once the accuser has been.silenced and the wrestling match in the.courts is finished we are now set to.rebuke any and all demonic forces this.may be this may include the rebuking and.renouncing of any or every demonic.activity but it's amazing how quickly.the operation of the devil is stopped.and removed once his legal rights are.sorted so once you silenced him in the.courts it's easy to block him on earth.but many of us have been praying out of.fear I find you I find you i bind you go.away go away go away.devil devil stop it stop it I tell you.stop it.in Jesus name stop it I pray all night.and I know that God willed that means.you have to stop it the whole no why do.you think - by your much praying you're.hurt it's not your much praying it's a.you don't need to say very much to the.devil if you have a legal writ if God's.given you the legal rib if he's given.you the legal jurisdiction the legal.judgment you don't have to do very much.brain I mean I think you should still.pray and I think sometimes the praying.is while you're getting the legal.jurisdiction but once you have that then.it excuse me I'm serving I'm sure you're.served you're served are you listening.to me hmm.tap your neighbor say I might not have.been drinking a hundred percent right.when we have put in place through our.repentance the legalities of heaven then.and only then will the devil have to.stop and desist from all of his.operations you see the legal right has.been removed and the rights of his.operation are broken if we have rebuked.the devil and it hasn't moved it's.because he still has a legal right to be.there.Colossians 3:14 13 and 14 shows us that.Jesus that his sit in place every legal.thing every legal thing necessary to.break satanic strongholds look look at.this he says in you ever say you tap.your neighbor saying say you.and you being dead in your trespasses.and the uncircumcision of your flesh he.has made alive together with him that's.Jesus having forgiven you all trespasses.having wiped out the handwriting of.requirements that was against us which.are contrary to us or which were.contrary to us and he has taken it out.of the way having nailed it to the cross.so what what is this really saying he.say well every bit of paperwork against.us in heaven Jesus nailed it to the.cross and took it out of the way the.words handwriting of requirements or in.some verses ordinances actually means a.legal document and/or a law ordinance or.decree in other words here's anything.positionally Jesus dealt with every.accusation every bit of paperwork that.that the accuser can use to resist us in.the courts of heaven it's dealt with in.the heavenlies by Jesus he did it on the.cross it has been removed but that.doesn't mean the devil won't try to use.it whether it is our sin or the sin of.our bloodline just as you and I had to.appropriate what Jesus did for us when.we were born again it was an automatic.just because he died on the cross didn't.mean - you were born again he paid for.it in heaven but there came a time when.you have to appropriate it by confessing.with your mouth believing in your heart.asking Jesus to come into your life so.it is in the courtrooms of heaven there.are times where in specifics we must.appropriate or execute it into place the.devil will seek to use these things.against us but we must take the blood of.Jesus and with our repentance and our.faith put what Jesus did for us in that.given area.we verbally and with faith and forcibly.put into place the work of Jesus on the.cross on our behalf and then when we do.this we have taken away any legal.footing that the devil has against us or.that he can try to use in fact in that.verse of scripture the word contrary in.these verses means covertly put put it.back up there again look at this it says.having forgiven you all you're.trespassing having wiped out the.handwriting of requirements that was.against us which was contrary to us you.can actually put in there covertly done.against us there contrary but they're.done covertly there sometimes you don't.even know it's a covert action the.sacrifice of Jesus even deals with the.hidden things in our bloodline that are.standing against us when by the spirit.of Revelation these bloodline issues.come to light that's why we have you in.walking free that's what we have born to.grow that's why we have the the breaking.the bonds of iniquity but when these.things these issues in your bloodline.come to light you repair of these things.you apply the blood of Jesus you break.any place that the devil might have.against you or be trying to exploit and.what we do this we begin to be.positionally or at least position.functionally to get verdicts from the.courts of heaven you see once we've.excitement's the accuser of the Brethren.God is free to answer prayers on our.behalf and he does it from a Father's.heart he's for you he's judged but he's.dad if you he talks about the.importantly though you go before an.unjust judge how much for more will your.Father in heaven judging your behalf.we have a just judge he's your dad so.when you go you go boldly you go.confidently even when the accuser says.you've done this you've done this you've.done this you've done this there's a.broken heart you say yes I have I'm.guilty as charged but the blood of Jesus.my advocate you understand any legal.place that Satan has been using against.us is removed it's taken away you see.once the legal right is broken the devil.will go where he's resisted in James for.it's very clear therefore submit to God.resist the devil and he'll flee from you.where do we submit to God in the.courtroom of heaven once you have a van.date from Jesus resist the devil and.he'll flee flee are you following this.you see submitting to God involves.humility surrender repentance and.submission to the Lord.what's all this is in place and any and.every replace of rebellion is out of us.all we have to do is resist that he will.flee the devil no longer has any legal.right to stay in our lives our rebuke.now carries power and he mostly finally.my last point it is we need to learn how.to make decrees the last thing we do is.legal representatives.or as legal things have been ordered is.we are free to make decrees once we.received the order from the courts we.were able to make decrease the carry.Authority not only in the courts of.heaven but on earth our decrees are.based on what is written in the books.every objection has been removed and the.judge is now free to fulfill his.fatherly fatherly possessed position and.release his kingdom will in our lives.didn't Jesus say it's my father's good.will to give you the kingdom he wants to.give it to you but he has to do it.legally he can't just do it it must be.done on a legal basis does that make.sense.see now there's nothing resisting as.legally and the decrees now have power.our decrees have power to get the full.effect of this understanding I think we.need to look at our position in the.Bible the Bible says that we are priests.and kings in revelations chapter 1 verse.6 in revelations 5 verse 10 it tells us.that he has made us to be priests he's.made us to be Kings priests and kings.every one of you is a priest and a king.and and so what is the speaker well this.speaks of our spiritual positioning in.heaven these are places given to us by.and through the work of Jesus Christ on.the cross the job of a priest is to make.intercession to intercede the job of a.king is to decree things and they come.to pass when a priest intercede or when.priests intercede they grant God.the legal right to show mercy this is.most clear in the Old Testament where.the priest the high priest and the.priests would go once a year into the.throne room of Mercy they would place.blood of a sacrifice of a bull of a lamb.on the mercy seat and God would then.cover the sins of his people and not.bring judgment against them because the.for a year for an annual period every.year they had to do this but God would.cover their sins.annually all the sins that they.committed that year they would be.covered so his judgment wouldn't come it.was the day of Passover the Passover.lamb was prescribed by the Lord and it.would give God the legal right to roll.the sins of the people back for one more.year the sins of the nation and the sins.of individuals back for another year but.see God by his own mandate needed the.function of the priests to administer.the blood so that he could grant the.legalities that he needed to bless and.show mercy does that make sense so the.job of a priest is to strategically.intercede so that the legal things are.in place once legal positioning is.obtained then you move into your kingly.role and from that place in the spirit.you can begin to make decrees this is.why we are to be priests and kings to.our God now I think the best place you.can see this is in the story that we see.in John chapter 11 verses 41 through 44.where Jesus comes to the tomb of Lazarus.Vickery says then they took away the.stone from the place where the dead man.was laying and Jesus lifted up his eyes.listen when he said father I thank you.that you have heard me and I know that.you always hear me but because of the.people who were standing by I said this.that they may believe that you sent me.now when he had said these things he.cried out with a loud voice Lazarus come.forth and he who had died came out found.hand and foot with grave clothes and his.face was wrapped with a cloth and Jesus.said to them loose him and let him go.you see Jesus comes to the tomb of.Lazarus and he says to the father hey.listen I know I've already prayed see.Jesus has already been functioning in.this priesthood like he waited for days.he.his priesthood role for four days before.even journey to Lazarus is - he has.already dealt with every legal reason.why Lazarus died prematurely he has been.in the courts of heaven and he's dealt.with the accusations of the devil that.allowed Lazarus to die in an untimely.and timely fashion.he knows that everything is in place.legally for what he's about to do as a.result when he comes to Lazarus his tomb.he steps out of his priestly role into.his kingship and now he is no longer.interceding now his decree and with.authority he simply decrees Lazarus come.forth and I've heard preachers say if he.would have just said come forth.everybody would have come forth that's.not true that's not true because he.didn't if intercede for everybody he.didn't obtain permit for everybody he.obtained permit in heaven and a priest.for Lazarus.this isn't helter skelter the prophets.would tell you it's for everybody let me.tell you something some of you will get.your healings some of you will get your.miracles when you go into the courtroom.of heaven when you plead your case would.you humbled yourself when you've.repented and a man of God will stand up.and say be healed in the name of Jesus.come forth in the name of Jesus rise up.but you'll attract it a prophet will.speak something will unlock but it won't.be for money and it won't be a gimmick.it'll be the power of God unlocking.something for the from the heavenly for.you.but some of you have gone beyond you.you're beginning to pray for your nation.you're beginning to pray for others it's.quite frankly I'd rather see something.happened for our nation than happened.for me I'd rather have something.happened for the poor people I see on.the streets more and more of them lining.up begging because there's nothing that.we're doing for them God have mercy on.can't we unlock something in the.heavenlies to where wickedness is really.exposed can't we unlock something in the.heavenly for righteous men under the.blood rise up and take their place.righteous women rise up and take their.place is it it time is there a cause is.there not a cause or we're just gonna.keep praying for ourselves instead of.trade for our nation pray for those that.we employ praise for our standing in the.world praise from pray for these.elections the God would remove the filth.and the wickedness and the corruption.the righteous men would find places that.they would stand somehow a voice of.righteousness would be heard in the land.but somebody could stand it by the grain.of the nation of Zimbabwe and cry for.Zimbabwe come forth.[Music].this is not the Zimbabwe we were.promised nor is it the Zimbabwe that.we've envisioned.I'm tired of hearing we're so rich to be.can't before really things shift things.change in these times by executed.verdicts from heaven that we put into.place as we other words of governmental.decree the heavenly realm is recorded.and reorder and things come into place.for heaven to invade Earth now there's a.contract in heaven there's a verdict in.place that allows heaven to manifest on.earth what a powerful thing what a.powerful thing the Holy Spirit will help.us in our weakness to maneuver the.courts of heaven but as we do we become.a part of God's agenda for this plan.let's move forward and have his kingdom.come and his will be done let's move.forward and begin to seek but if what we.can do in the heavenlies bring them to.pass for our lives.for our families for our church for our.businesses.

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You Are Summoned And Required To Appear Before This Court In Courtroom FAQs

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