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youtube video

How To Draw Modern Florals Pdf Form: Draft, Finish and share

hey everybody welcome to this week's.live video I'm here with Ali from a leak.a design and she is gonna walk us.through how to draw a modern florals so.welcome Ali thanks for coming thanks for.having me.so for anybody who's watching live sorry.for that technical malfunction this.program just kicked us out for a minute.and we had a minor panic but.everything's back up and running so.hopefully doesn't kick us off again and.yeah so Ali for anybody who doesn't know.who you are can you just give a little.rundown of who you are what you do are.you from that kind of stuff.I'm the hands and heart behind a leak in.design I'm based at Dallas Texas and I.my new book its new ish it's not for a.year called hot draw modern florals and.we'll be talking about how to draw those.bars inside that look and then I'm.actually coming out with another book.and December and just an expansion of.how did by modern florals more.project-based like how did.now that you've know how to draw flowers.like how to create a project or.composition things like that nice so how.long have you been doing this like.what's your background so I graduated.and outside of school guys market angry.and decided to pick up doing art for.friends and family and things are on my.apartment people started loving it and.then they actually wanted to pay me for.it which is a little weird so I started.off with doing that then it turned into.wedding invitations that's where the big.movies and kind of got tired the dots.and I appreciate in my own normal for my.studio which is kind of everything that.I've kind of involved into I've done for.myself and then posted about it people.like oh I want that too so I did my.first mural on my own studio and then.it's just kind of skyrocketed.just done a Lululemon here in Dallas.pinin three mural or so it's been it's.been just kind of seen where my art has.taken me yeah for sure and that's really.cool so like what's your your day-to-day.like do you do murals most of the time.is that the like biggest part of your.job or what what are your average days.look like at the moment it goes through.weird stages so I also paint hand.leather jackets which are a lot of fun.so I typically have anywhere from five.to seven kits I paint a month so it's.either I'm painting a leather jacket or.I'm creating art for a mural or painting.a mural every most of the days this.enough answering email which is part of.the business but it's it depends if some.of these approaches which is yeah for.sure.so you you said like the beginnings of.your your art ish career I guess you.were doing like like calligraphy and.lettering too or disagree honestly okay.that's how it started yes and I started.getting tired of just doing a poster.actually to me about creating a book and.I was like sure why not so we did that.and it's just been amazing so have you.seen like huge growth since you did the.book oh definitely I think majority is.like my followers are from the people.buying my book and sharing the book and.it's just like this crazy nub of.interaction and creativity and I mean.people are buying it all over the world.which is just mind-blowing yeah it's so.cool like and the fact that that many.people are interested in learning modern.florals which obviously they are since.you're here in this group ready to teach.yeah I finally inspired a lot of like.challenges I like florals your way.started for my boat there's another.college going brown right now I think.it's like WTF floral.and vintage challenge and the girl.they're hosting matter really like hey.you don't really wanna Joe flowers pick.up this book so it's just I mean people.are the nicest and I sometimes feel like.I don't deserve it but I'm so grateful.for all of these people and shut up and.vibrations and people I'm just so amazed.and how following someone not started.with my book and like just a couple.months later and seeing their.translations of their florals and.putting their own spin on it and their.own style it makes my heart just so.happy yeah yeah and it's actually it's.interesting that you bring up florals.your way and WT florals cuz if both of.like two of the girls that are doing.that are Ottawa girls I know both of.them in real life which is great yeah.yeah so we'll have to link to those.those challenges and the show notes for.anybody who wants to take part in those.but um I think we should just like jump.right in and start actually doing the.stuff so I'll let you play with your.camera there a little bit and that I'm.gonna switch it now so it'll only show.you on the screen but you should still.be able to hear my voice and I can call.out any questions that might come up as.you're doing this perfect all right so a.little bit about the book so this is the.cover it is step-by-step instructional.book on again how to draw modern florals.there's cacti in there as well and.you'll see they're broken into steps.like so so we're going over the poppy it.broken down into four steps obviously.those further the steps that you do the.flower more tips harder the flower but.simple there's words there's pictures so.it covers a lot of learning what do you.call it not strategies but technique.here visual to learn not visual learner.or are you late to create something so.that's all that's fine I'm going to.switch my camera.it's little funky but hopefully I can.see it.[Music].can see it Ali do you happen to have a.different Wi-Fi connection or anything.because it seems like people are saying.in the comments that it's really blurry.and sort of choppy they can't really.understand what you're saying no no.should I take my can you hear me now.yeah it's a better word that's better.yep and then yeah and then can you just.move your camera a little closer to your.hands a little closer if you can yeah.that's good I think we should be better.now yeah everybody's saying that it's.better yeah okay we're back on track no.no worries so I'm using microns these.are the Pens I use just everyday.drawing anything doodling to do notes I.like to use two different sizes they're.typically like as your three year zero.one or zero zero five I'm not gonna use.a zero zero five for this section just.because it's video and it's really hard.to read those lines since it's really.fine like the smaller the number the.smaller the lines but we're gonna go.ahead and start so we're drawing a poppy.and we're it's gonna need to be like the.side of a poppy and we're gonna start.with the middle hopefully I can see cuz.I cannot see the camera so the middle of.the poppy has kind of like this dumb.shape to it so you're just gonna draw a.C and then lines down below that's.creating the dome can you move your.camera a little closer Ali you know.that's I've asked you a couple times to.do I don't know how close you actually.are onto your paper in real life but.pretty close if I do it in closer.okay okay and then move your paper yeah.there we go perfect right there.yeah sorry I cannot see whatsoever is.that it yeah that's good.awesome so now we're going to draw like.the hair like Center and it's just.random lines you can make them 3d all.right little like still here's like a.straight line or you can make them more.I don't even know what you'd call these.they're like just little ovals and just.keep going all the way around making.them different heights and then little.dots here I don't really think too much.about this the ones that I see people.overthink them they look like crap so.just really just kind of go making it a.little wild here you're kind of losing.the dome shape so we're gonna come back.and make the dome have a little bit of a.shade so it stands up and now we're.going to add the petals so we're doing a.side of a flower I start with the petal.that's facing you first so we're gonna.draw the top of the poppy and you're.just gonna make a wave.and then connect it to the center and.then draw another C so this is the side.of a pedal so this is like the bottom.part of that pedal and then we're going.to draw three more petals.joined this one so this is kind of like.the base so these other petals have a.starting and ending point to them so now.you have a sitter and petals so.technically you just drew a flower but.we're going to make it a little bit more.exciting I like dad folds to my flowers.so in order to do that you just kind of.draw a curve to whichever petal you.would like so I did this side petal so.this so like this is the underside of.the petal and this would be the.underside of the cuddle hopefully that.makes sense you can add some more Center.for shading this is where I switch to.the smaller pin and with shading it's.really important that all of your.shading lines are connected to the.center here so if we take this puddle.right here we want to start from the.center and work your way up.but for like these lines we don't want.to go straight down here we want to.curve them back to the center hopefully.I can see that yep until I get for this.petal we come out and so on here we want.to make sure that we're facing it back.to the center.like so we want to make sure that we're.not doing like a tall skinny tall skinny.pattern you want them to be as random as.possible I imagine yes.gotcha so for the underside of the folds.obviously we can't make it go towards.the center so they're just gonna be tick.marks upwards like so.you just do this all the way around and.for the top so you can just kind of add.a little tick marks like now we gonna.lose our gain adding in the time just.come in darken it beautiful it's it's it.just just got choppy again like a it's.it's sort of got blurry again it was.perfect the whole time you're drawing.and then it just got blurry again so but.um we will take a picture of that and.put it in the in the blog post that goes.with this too so everyone can see the.final result but that looks awesome so.if you were trying to learn different.styles and stuff like different other.florals and obviously people can just.also get your book but if you were like.you personally wanted to learn other.styles of florals and stuff like that.did you just actually find flowers in.real life or pictures of flowers and.kind of take those basics and apply them.to any different flower or how did you.kind of learn all the different ones.definitely I try to find inspiration.from real flowers just because if you.are looking at other people's.illustrations then their style is kind.of not on purpose but really kind of.embedded into your brain of like oh this.is how she drew it which is kind of.weird for me to say that because I'm.teaching people how to draw florals and.they're looking at my illustrations and.flowers but trying to expand on my own.style looking at real flowers is is the.best way to get that inspiration and to.like really break down the curves and.looking at the lines of the petals like.that's where you can like see which.direction your detailed shading line.should go things.that yeah so and I think that's like.really interesting it's just hard I.think as a beginner looking at a picture.of a flower and trying to imagine it in.like a line-drawing form so do you have.any I know you said that when you're.drawing the little details in the flower.that they should always point back to.the center but do you have any other.like one-off tips like that that you.found really useful when you are getting.started that one for sure is the most.like the most common error mistake that.I like see from people other than that.it's just like breaking it down into.Lake shapes like really complex flowers.can be broken down really into basic.shapes and forms and then once you break.it down you can kind of like sketch it.so like if you break it down.and say like this is your Daisy like.these are your two basic forms and then.this is your Center and then you can.really focus on your petals and then.working your way around that yeah so.when you I know you talked about this a.bit in your book but when you do stuff.like that would you draw those first.couple shapes with pencil and then start.with the pen definitely yeah okay cool.and as far as tools go do you mostly.always use microns or do you have other.things that you prefer two microns are.typically might go to pens I know I'm.friends with Peggy they just came out.with their own pens in the mix as well.just any pen that comes in two sizes or.any variation in thin line the thick.line is typically what I'll use or what.anyone can use so a ballpoint and might.be great for detail lines but you want.to get thicker and more felt-tip pen for.your ones.gotcha and that just adds conch bas.gotcha I gotcha.okay so we have a good question from.Jennifer and I'm not sure if you--if you.want to switch your camera back to your.face you can cuz I think most of the.questions coming up now are gonna be.more more basically you don't really.need to demonstrate them but so she.asked she said hi Allie I have your book.which is amazing the biggest struggle.for me is shading and details is there.such a thing as too much shading I feel.like I always add too much how do you.decide it's enough I yeah there.definitely is a point to where you get.far gotten detail is the same like we.kind of lost the detail up the center.like go back and like shade it back in.so actually I'm back yeah it's a bit.blurry again but it should click in in a.second I don't think it's the focus I.think it's just the connection is a.little bit slow yeah yeah it's still.blurry I'm not sure what the problem is.it's like Facebook isn't clicking in or.something it's so if you lose this curve.then add more shading lines to this.bottom puddle because it's going to be.if you think of like the direct light.hitting your petals the bottom petal is.going to have more shading lines because.it's underneath another puddle first is.a petal that's going to be direct to the.sunlight it's going to have a little bit.less shading lines if that makes any.sense.yeah and actually you're getting clearer.right now so I don't know if you wanted.to demonstrate that or yeah maybe yeah.it's better it's better than it was so.like this puddle is closest to the Sun.versus these two puddles so adding more.shading lines here and here is going to.make this puddle pop okay yeah this.puddle will have less detailed lines.then beat this puddle cool yeah that.makes a lot of sense and then another.one that's really good.Megan asked what do you do if you.accidentally go past your petal line.when you're adding the details.for a friend just go with it the one.thing I love is that the jolly nature.like in nature it's not perfect so.that's why I'm able to like have.confidence and draw flowers and plants.and things like that because I can just.be like yep this is how my plants gonna.look cuz in real life that could it.could be crooked and it could look that.way so just being able to like take that.imperfections in nature and know that my.flower doesn't have to be perfect.because it can be wobbly and wampie and.look flat because it could look like.that in our life you never know do you.ever like if you extended past that last.petal would you ever just add another.petal behind it like just make the.flower bigger essentially depending on.which type of style is I guess so are.you saying like if this petal line like.extended pass yeah yeah I'm so like I.guess if it was like this you could just.add another petal but I would make it.have some symmetry.and keep going so like if you add.another pedal you're gonna have to have.like another layer of petals yeah I.think that makes a lot of sense tons of.these to like not throw it away try to.like time off like that creative thing.of like okay how can I make this work.tabling and do you ever would you ever.go back around and add like a thicker.line around any of the petals I found.that I've seen some people that kind of.do that as part of their style you can.so like if you feel like you're like if.these still aren't having enough.contrast you can cut back to make it pop.just like.yeah for sure that's all it's all in.your own style cool so if anyone else.has any questions other questions feel.free to tell us them in the comments but.for now I'm just curious like if you.someone tells you sit down and draw a.flower what's the first one that comes.to your mind.what's the first one you draw probably.like like mine they come back and white.which is my favorite colors by having.that distinct Center and those distinct.nice overly curvy petals love that and.when you go to do them on I'm just like.throwing questions at you because.they're hitting my brain yet when you go.to do a mural somewhere what like what's.the do you use paint pens or what do you.use actual paintbrushes and stuff when.you're doing florals because then you.gotta get the different sizes kind of.the sound it's definitely there are.different sizes in paintbrushes.so having that different size of a.contrast you always want your thin lines.to be a thinner your detailed lines to.be thinner and then your outer lines to.be thicker so it really just depends on.the wall if it's like a really big.stucco a lot of texture obviously I.can't use a paint pen but I'll use a.paintbrush here from brush but if it's.like an interior wall then their paint.pens that I like to use and things like.that I don't I can't pronounce the name.of it.but I'll get with you and show you them.they're like yeah I'll put a link to all.the tools that you mentioned in the in.the blog post you so someone else is.asking if you have any tips for how like.building up a bouquet or a wreath and I.know that's in your book but just like.off the top of your head if you have any.quick tips for people when they're.trying to do that because I know it's.the same thing where you can see a.picture of one flower but when you try.and put them all together it can be.really overwhelming it is it's actually.in my second book like really detailed.stuff.my step so pre-ordering yeah but there.is this a smaller project in my book.that goes over that as well okay so for.anybody who's watching and someone else.just asked where they can buy your book.so I'm gonna put I have a link to Ali's.current book up on the page on my.website where the blog post for this.episode will be so I'm gonna put that in.the notes here but um Ali can you tell.us a little bit more about like what.you're working on right now and where.people can find you and all that kind of.stuff.yes easy to spot a leaky design you can.buy my book through my website if you.want a signed personalized copy or.through Amazon I know it was almost.selling my book for like $7 a while back.ago which is like a still of a deal it's.like crazy that's almost like cold sale.pricing which is in zinc so yeah and you.I know you said you were doing a book.tour right now yeah so I'm on a book.tour right now with my book my first.book this one I'll be I'll have a.location in Dallas and then I'll be in.Arizona in November you can go to my.website and look on those exact dates.and times and things like that.and then I'll be going on another book.tour for my new book which I have yeah.sneak peek and I'll be going on book.tour in spring so I'll be announcing.those dates hopefully this year so on.your book tour are you teaching like.workshops and stuff.I'm Betty Jean out of that book and more.tips and questions and all.so if anyone is in any of those places.they're lucky you're not coming to.Canada are you I try to go to so this is.like I'm on the end of my first book.tour and I try to go to Canada and it's.really hard because you have to have.like license or certificate or something.because I can't sell anything.so yeah it'd probably be the same if I.was to try to come to the States.yeah yeah I'm trying to work on it yeah.someone else is asking if you can talk a.little bit about what the new book.covers like compared to the old one yes.so it is a how to draw modern florals.again so there's gonna be even more.flowers to learn it'll be broken into.chapters so the beginning in the chapter.will be the flowers and it's step by.step pretty similar to how the first.book is laid out and then at the end of.that chapter it's going to be a project.so like wreaths frames I'm really known.for putting flowers with words that's a.lot how my murals have started and kind.of what I'm known for so I teach you how.to create those compositions and things.like that so it's just more.project-based and what you can do with.it outside of just drawing a single.flower stems leaves things like that.cool cool I think that that answers the.question yeah we just got a thumbs up on.the video okay so we got your website.your Instagram you have a podcast - I do.you talk a little bit about that I.record with my dad every Saturday so if.you're ever needing business tips or.inspiration we talked about what's going.on with my life I've been going to.breakfast with my dad every Saturday.since I was 13 and it's just kind of in.a mentoring session with him and it's.really grown over the years but now.since I have my own business.it's really we really talked about like.the highs and lows it's always like the.high part of my week and the low part of.my week and what did I learn from that.and leadership tips and dreams and.things that I I'm struggling with or.highs that I'm going with throughout the.week and we just kind of unload them and.talk about them and we have guests that.come on and talk about their stories and.things like that so it's a lot of fun.very cool very cool I can't say I've had.breakfast with my dad in a long time I.know although we don't have chick-fil-a.no actually I think I did see something.that they are opening at chick-fil-a in.Canada I'm not quite sure where you know.Canada's huge but I think it's coming.nice yeah no I've never even had.chick-fil-a ever so yeah always hmm.that's funny nice okay well is there.anything else that you want to talk.about or tell people or anything.exciting in your life well I mean it's.all exciting and of course now as we're.like wrapping up the quality of this.video is completely perfect actually.okay so selfishly because this is.perfectly clear right now and I know.people had trouble getting on at the.beginning because of the way that this.was all working can you do like a 2.minute speed round version of that poppy.again yeah okay perfect watch it I'm.gonna switch it no it's still fine okay.yeah can you see yep but you might want.to go a little closer if you can I know.the last time it was like right above.your hand and it was kind of hard to see.at the beginning so if they like I don't.know what tripod you're using but if you.can angle it a little bit it's like.super perfect.here yeah good yeah okay I'm gonna.switch in a different location where I.think I'm upside-down am i yes you are.so I need to be here yeah that's perfect.if you can I wish dedication okay all.right.papi so we're gonna start with the.middle and in the middle the poppy is.like a dome shape so we start with the C.and then we add in these like I guess.the sideways W if you want to look at it.that way and that kind of creates a dome.then we're going to add the center of.the poppy that puppy's like really kind.of hairy in the center so do a variation.of like these oval looking things with.straight lines you're gonna add some.like circles this part looks best when.you don't overthink it when you.overthink it it just looks like crap.try not to cuss consider cross a cuss.word you're good with that one so then.you just add like little diamonds now.we're going to add this we're going to.add the pedicle at his face since I will.you see bottom side of the sorry minus.the top first so it's just kind of a.wavy line upwards or connected app and.we're going to connect the fold.so this is the now we're going to add to.up the petal we're going to start with.the petal glue across from this one that.will be our base for these two petals to.start and end from.like so then we can extend our Center.out a little bit and we kind of lose.this Center so we're gonna darken it up.just a tad to make it pop so then we're.going to add the detailed lines and the.detailed lines you want to make sure.first actually switch pens to the your.smaller size pen we're gonna make sure.that every detail blind is starting from.the center so for this petal we're.starting here and going upwards we don't.want to make sure that we're doing a.pattern like a down up down up so we.want to have variations like so and I.always tend to kind of start in the.middle of the petal and then work my way.out.and then keep going this pedal I mean.this lawyer looks completely different.than the flower that I just drew so we.can make this pedal kind of Bend and you.do that by adding a dip at the end of.our shading line you see how that's kind.of looking like it's bending outwards.like so I'm so like if we get here a lot.of people tend to make their shading.lines come out this way but we always.want to make sure that it points back to.the center so it's a good imaginary line.back and then for the fold for the.underside of the petal we just do tick.marks this way.and so I know someone asks of like how.many shading lines do you do and so we.kind of lose our petals here so we just.add some more shading lines to really.make this these lines pop or this puddle.pop to where it looks like it's it's the.puddle closest to this Center there you.have it there's a beautiful I mean I.could like keep going all day but I.think we could watch you keep going all.day but yeah well that's perfect so it.went blurry for another 10 seconds there.but I think between that one and the one.we did earlier people shouldn't be able.to get it I got the poppies down yeah so.don't throw those out because I'm gonna.ask you to take a picture of them and.send them to us for sure.so we can put them in the blog but yeah.I think um I think that's about it and.of course yeah now it's perfectly not.blurry so if anyone has other questions.for Ali you can keep leaving them in the.comments and we can try and get to them.later we'll answer them in the blog post.when we post it and I'll just put that.back up on the screen really quick here.and it's not working there we go so it's.just happy ever crafter comm slash Ali.- Koch and I never know how to pronounce.that but now I do um yeah so um thanks a.ton for coming on here I think I think.people are gonna want to grab your book.I have it here and I use it all the time.love it.but yeah so I will I'll get all those.pens and stuff from you and get them in.a blog post so everybody can follow up.and start learning these on their own.yeah cool well thanks a lot Ali and I.will talk to you later okay bye.

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  2. Click the document you need to e-sign from your mobile folder.
  3. Open the document and choose the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
  4. Choose 'My Signatures'.
  5. Write your electronic signature and insert it to the page.
  6. Choose 'Done'.
  7. Print the document or directly share through email.

That's it. You will be done signing your How To Draw Modern Florals Pdf Form on your mobile phones within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature tool, you no longer need to worry about the usage of your electronic signatures and use our app of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the How To Draw Modern Florals Pdf Form on iOS?

Many apps have a more complex setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can esign form online safely with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below instructions will help you to e-sign your How To Draw Modern Florals Pdf Form from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Add the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. Write your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
  4. From your internal storage, click the document you need to e-sign.
  5. Open the document and choose the space you want to place your signatures.
  6. Write your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and send your How To Draw Modern Florals Pdf Form.
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

Select CocoSign electronic signature solutions and enjoy effectively working on your iOS devices.

How to create an electronic signature for the How To Draw Modern Florals Pdf Form on Android?

These days, Android gadgets are commonly used. Therefore, to assist its customers, CocoSign has developed the app for Android users. You can use the following intstructions to e-sign your How To Draw Modern Florals Pdf Form from Android:

  1. Add the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Choose on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to place your electronic signatures.
  4. Select the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Generate your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and choose '✓'.
  7. Save changes and send the file.
  8. You can also share this signed How To Draw Modern Florals Pdf Form with other people or upload it on the cloud.

CocoSign helps you to write lots of electronic signatures at anytime. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

How To Draw Modern Florals Pdf Form FAQs

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