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i will call the october.19th board meeting to order since 6 pm.the board has been in closed session to.consider the following.discussion of minutes of meetings.lawfully closed under the open meetings.act.whether for purposes of approval by the.body of the minutes or semi-annual.review of the minutes as mandated by.section 2.06.the appointment employment compensation.discipline.performance or dismissal of specific.employees of the district or legal.counsel for the district.litigation when an action against.affecting or on behalf of the particular.district has been filed and is pending.before a court or administrative.tribunal.and collective negotiating matters.between the public body and its.employees or their representatives i.will entertain a motion to come out of.closed session.so moved second.okay please call the royal miss patton.lee young hi gerkie i fitzgerald.aye wonky aye.okay the motion passes good evening and.welcome to the october 19th board.meeting.our mission is to educate students to be.self-directed learners.collaborative workers complex thinkers.quality producers.and community contributors please call.the role mrs patton.board members present this evening.kristen fitzgerald.donna wonky charles cush paul leong.joe kozminski christine gerke and janet.yang rohr.please join the board in the pledge of.i pledge allegiance to the flag of the.united states of america.and to the republic for which it stands.one nation.under god indivisible with liberty and.justice for all.okay we have reached the point in our.agenda for good news.i'm going to turn it over to seneca.mondini to share some good news.wonderful thank you often an unsung area.of our curriculum.naperville north agricultural science.teacher lauren francis was recently.featured.in the dekalb county farm bureau.publication.she was featured on the cover there was.a quite an extensive article.it's just really nice to see an area of.our curriculum that doesn't often get.highlighted.be really you know had the light shine.on it so we really wanted to share that.we're also happy to see the start of.intramural activities at our.junior high level we need the weather to.cooperate so they can keep.getting outside but it's nice to see.those kids out running.the district also recently hosted a.virtual incubator volunteer academy to.onboard and recruit new program mentors.this is our business partners that are.in the classrooms helping our students.and it's really critical that we.continue to get more and more business.partners that's one of our fastest.growing areas our enrollment has.increased by 73.this year alone so if anyone is.interested in becoming a business.partner and mentoring our incubator.students please reach out to my.department and we'll get you hooked up.okay thank you for that good news all.right we have reached the point in our.agenda for public comment.the board of education welcomes comments.from the public at its meetings.citizens who wish to address the board.of education should identify themselves.by name and home address.comments by individuals shall be limited.to three minutes.if the individual is representing.multiple individuals or a group.they shall be allowed to speak for five.minutes issues raised in public comment.will be taken under advisement by the.board of education but will not be.discussed this evening.issues raised during public.participation may be added to future.agendas or addressed by administrative.staff.the superintendent is the board's.designee to coordinate response to.public comment.and will apprise the board accordingly.as outlined in board.board of education policy 2.230.individuals addressing the board should.conduct themselves with respect and.civility toward others.individuals are free to express their.criticism regarding decision or policies.but the board of education of education.asks that they refrain from personal.attacks on our superintendent.board of education members and.administrative staff.when your time is complete a buzzer will.sound please conclude your comments at.this time.due to the time constraints we will.enforce the three-minute limit.at this point i would like to uh welcome.taylor sowatsky sawatsky.good evening and welcome 221 days.that's right it's been 221 days since i.last stepped foot in my school.my name is taylor swatzky and i'm a.sophomore at naperville central.i've gone to district 203 my entire life.and i've had nothing to complain about.not until now i miss all that high.school used to be.i wish that things could just go back to.normal but i understand that things.will not be the same if we go back to.normal but there must be a way.to give us in-school learning and.coveted safety at the same time.in addition to school dance is a big.part of my life i see and interact with.kids.at my studio from other local schools.talking to them i find hope for my.future.but i've also heard adults saying that.things will not be the same.if schools open up i hear them saying.that we don't understand.and that in person school would be a.nightmare but that hasn't been my.experience at dance where i love getting.out of the house.even with the robot checking my.temperatures eating lunch outside on.saturdays wearing a mask the entire time.and smaller classes not only that but.all of my friends that are experiencing.in-person learning aren't telling me.horror stories.but rather they're telling me stories i.wish i could be a part of in district.203.one of my good friends is currently a.sophomore at bennett and she is getting.the opportunity to see her friends.regularly.tur and many other students interactions.with people are a huge part of school.this is so important to her and myself.as well.i'm and you can't replace the feeling.you get when you see them with the.computer screen.one girl i dance with is a freshman at.francis high school.i was reminded of my own first day of.high school when she told me she drove.to the school the night before it.started.just to remember what door to walk into.while my younger sister got to.experience her first day of freshman.year.completely different all through zoom.you are only a high school freshman once.and those experiences cannot be replaced.with zoom.i bet many of you can still remember.your freshman year.that is because those memories are.important and they stick.but it's not just seeing friends and.making memories that are impacted by.remote learning almost all of my friends.agree that learning is so much easier.when you can build a student-teacher.relationship.these are all kids who've gotten to.experience both remote learning.and hybrid learning during covid yes.even with the new changes they agree.that it is so much easier.to form a relationship with the teacher.in the classroom than it is through zoom.high school is about getting to see your.friends taking classes that interest you.and preparing yourself for the outside.world.when i hear adults telling me that kids.don't understand.they're wrong adults aren't the ones who.are learning online.we are it is not important to understand.what adults think is happening.but rather for you to understand what we.the students are going through.thank you.[Applause].thank you for your comments taylor we.always love to hear from students.all right at this point i would like to.welcome.zachary emberton um please excuse me if.that's incorrect i'm just trying to read.the writing.good evening and welcome thank you uh.yeah that's that's.close enough um i my name is zachary.emberton my address is 2408 putnam drive.naperville illinois.um i'm here to address a an ethics issue.that recently came to my attention.uh through the use of a freedom of.information act request.it's come to my attention that a member.of this board used her.district 203 laptop to take notes.during a strategy session with the.democratic party of illinois.board member janet yang rohr appears to.have used her laptop.to take notes regarding how she was.going to disenfranchise her primary.opponent.danica mcmillan as recently as 2019.so i would like the board the school.this school board to investigate such.matters and figure out if any breach of.ethics or any breach of the law.has taken uh taken place i would also.like to know.i would also like to know if that's this.is acceptable behavior on the school.board.i guess well take your silence is uh.apparently yes.but i also have for anybody who's.interested.copies of the the emails that was sent.from her personal.all right thank you very much.okay thank you for your comments zachary.as a reminder issues raised in public.comment will be taken under advisement.but will not be addressed by the board.of education this evening.okay at this point i would like to call.william park.good evening and welcome good evening.sorry for the delay my name is william.doyle i do not have the best handwriting.as you can tell.i live at 1310 sunnybrook drive in.naperville here.i have three children a kindergartner.a third grader and a fifth grader who.i'll go to elmwood elementary.here to talk to you about hopefully.opening the schools back up.the students are the ones who are losing.out here i'm sure you all know that.you've heard that at many meetings.before as i've watched him.uh live streamed over the internet my.kids.were ecstatic to go back to school.this week ecstatic.i cannot tell you the gut punch they.felt.when my wife broke the news to them.after dinner.that they are now delayed two more weeks.to the day after the election.ironically enough we'll leave that hang.where that be.they're tired of tablets and devices i.cannot tell you how many times a day my.kindergartner tells me his eyes hurt.from being on an ipad all damn day.that's not how he learns he follows me.around.outside when i do projects if i take a.day off of work.he'd much rather be doing things not.sitting in front of a screen.one of many examples.let's look at the cdc survival rate here.they recently.redid their numbers and increased.survivability.the 0-19 age group you have a 99.99.chance of surviving covid.let that sink in 20 to 49 99.98.chance let's move to the worst statistic.70 plus 94.6.chance of surviving this is what we're.shutting down over.let's look at deaths okay the.the spin in the narrative went from.originally being the number of covet.deaths to now you hear in the news.cases because they want to keep the fear.going.let's not let the fear go.let's flatten the fear we've already.flattened the curve.it's done let's move on.what i find interesting is that.champions in ymca are still in school.buildings i can at least tell you they.are in elmwood i don't know about every.other building.but there are still people there and i.get teachers need somewhere to bring.their.their children while they're teaching i.find that a necessity absolutely but the.ironic thing is they're still kids in.the building.let's let everyone get back who belongs.there.i also find it interesting the dupage.county health department recommends.full remote learning let's go against.the recommendation let's break some.ground and let's do what other state.cities counties and even countries have.done they've opened.up and with that i was going to yield.back the remainder of my time in hopes.that you would use it to plan for.reopening but i obviously ran out.thank you.sorry thank you william all right.at this point i would like to welcome.holly blastic.good evening and welcome my name is.holly blastic.i'm here on as a parent of four district.203 parents or children.and on behalf of mom's demand action for.gun sense in america.last board meeting two weeks ago you.began discussion.on the illinois association of school.boards resolution to number two on safe.firearm storage i just wanted to follow.up on that discussion with you voting on.it tonight.and i am asking you as a board to vote.in favor.of that resolution this resolution asks.the association to advocate for.legislation.that strengthens child safe gun storage.laws in illinois.by requiring gun owners to store their.firearms whether loaded or unloaded.in a securely locked container if a.person under the age of 18 is likely to.gain access to the weapon without.permission.illinois's current law only applies to.children up to age 14..with increasing instances of youth.suicide and school shootings.this legislation falls tragically short.in protecting our children.and our schools safe firearms storage.laws their commonly called child access.prevention or cap laws.protect youth in three primary ways they.reduce school shootings.reduce the completion of suicide and.prevent unintentional shootings by.children.and an important thing to note since the.last board meeting.at that time i told you there were 221.unintentional shootings in 2020 in the.united states.in the scent the two weeks since we are.now up to 229..two of those took place here in illinois.the first was a three-year-old who.accessed a firearm in an apartment in.chicago.and shot themselves the second was a.five-year-old.who shot himself in the head and died in.his own home.from an unsecured gun so i don't.normally wear.my survivor button but the reason i aim.tonight is because when i was the age of.those children.firearm suicide impacted my family and.we still feel the impacts to this day.and i feel it's very critical if there's.action that can be taken.that you as leaders in the board take it.um.additionally i wanted to address some of.the concerns that came up on the last.meeting.i know there was thought that perhaps.this is not the lane.for schools to engage in um see storage.in this issue.the same thing was told to doctors and i.don't know if you follow on twitter they.say claimed it is their lane.and in my email i sent today i included.safe storage guidelines and suggestions.from the american academy of pediatrics.and the illinois chapter of the academy.illinois academy of.pediatrics but it's also the general.assembly has forced.you in this lane by failing to act.to prevent gun violence and school.violence.they mandate that you have school.shooting and safety drills as soon as.children are back in school this year.you're going to have to have them again.new research shows that these are.harmful for students and.staff involved that's mandated.the general assembly has mandated.suicide awareness and prevention.programs.in our schools that's ann marie's law.the critical piece of suicide prevention.is access to firearms.90 percent of suicides by firearm.are fatal all other means only four.percent.are completed it's the access to a.firearm that makes.the difference so.not only those mandates without mandates.you're also redesigning.and hardening your schools spending.money on.new entries and locked doors and school.resource officers.and it's about time that you could give.a mandate back to the general assembly.to prevent this violence so you can.focus on education.i'd also know that there was some.concern that this kind of legislation.could disproportionately affect.communities of color.there's nothing inherent in a safe.storage bill and there's no specific.bill in this recommendation.that would disproportionately impact.children of color and there's no data to.support it.however we do know that generally in the.criminal justice system in this.country there is bias in law enforcement.and judges and prosecutor discretion.and our school resource officers but the.problem here is.we already have a law that only goes up.to age 14.under age 14. when tragedy strikes.it is children aged 14 to 17.and predominantly children of color who.are being impacted and prosecuted.when the responsibility is on adults.it is also children of color who.disproportionately the victims of gun.violence in our country.so i think it is both in your lane and.it is an important cause to take up.to protect children and keep them out of.that criminal justice system.i just want to give you a few statistics.that came up last time.in the case of school shootings 80 of.the shooters.get their guns from home or the home of.a relative.i'll just say an alternative please.consider a resolution.um educating the community on safe.firearm storage thank you.thank you for your comments holly and i.should say every time i say thank you it.is on behalf of the whole board.um at this point i would like to welcome.christy.helm.good evening and welcome hi there.good evening my name is christy helm and.i am the single mother of a third grader.at elmwood.at the end of the day on friday which.was my daughter's last full day.of remote learning for the foreseeable.future my daughter's teacher mrs hack.was explaining to the kids step by step.exactly what will happen in phase two.she did a really really great job.mentally preparing the students for the.upcoming changes.and for that i really thank her at the.end of the day.my daughter closed her chromebook and.she looked at me.and she said mom.why do things keep changing my first.instinct of course was to respond to her.with one of the key phrases that we've.all become so accustomed to saying.something like well honey this is an.unprecedented time.or this is a really fluid situation.but i took a step back and i thought why.do things keep changing.for many district 203 kids the pandemic.is the hardest thing that they've lived.through.many students including my own daughter.had to see parent lose a job because of.cloven 19..they had to worry about things like well.i still have a house to live in.or will i have food to eat and it's been.even scarier for other district 203.students who saw their friends and.family members die from covet.these are really heavy things for our.kids to carry with them and think about.our kids simply do not have the.cognitive maturity to develop coping.strategies to deal with these intense.cultural traumas.the world is really scary and uncertain.at this time and school is supposed to.be a safe place for our kids.i argue that our kids need stability and.consistency.so they can feel just the slightest.sense of normalcy.it doesn't necessarily matter to me.whether our kids are in school or remain.online.what matters the most to me is whether.my child's schedule.is uprooted every four to six weeks it.is extremely.hard and disruptive for our kids when.they have to continuously.take the schedule that they just got.used to over the past few weeks.and throw it in the garbage to start.something new moving forward i hope that.you can keep.consistency and stability in the front.of your mind we all know that there are.many more changes to be made this school.year.and that is truly out of any of our.hands however i ask you the board and.the administrators.making these incredibly hard decisions.to keep my daughter in mind.why do things keep changing during a.time in which there is so.much uncertainty in the world let's.remember that district 203 schools.can be the sense of normalcy that so.many of our students desperately need.thank you thank you for your comments.christine.all right at this point i'd like to call.adam russo.good evening and welcome there seems to.be.agreement that remote learning is not.optimal for the kids in district 203.there are educational social and mental.health consequences that all kids in the.district are experiencing.so given these truths what is the.strategy of the district for moving.forward.naperville district 203 again has won.accolades as a top performing district.this has been achieved year after year.and is no small accomplishment.the district has consistently.demonstrated excellence in graduation.rates.test scores student athletes and many.other metrics that define a great.district.as we all know the district is one of.the main drivers that makes naperville.thrive.with a solid real estate market downtown.area and multiple large businesses able.to headquarter in naperville.but i can't help but wonder what will.happen to this district and by extension.naperville if the status quo continues.how can naperville district 203 be a.high performing district if there are no.kids in school.how can the kids on the various measures.that determine a high performing.district if they aren't given the.opportunity to think critically.i have children at each level elementary.junior high and high school.and what i heard during parent-teacher.conferences across the board from.virtually every teacher.was most kids are attending class albeit.with their cameras off.many are completing work but there's.extremely limited discussion as the kids.don't feel comfortable speaking through.zoom in my view this is where the.learning takes place.where thoughts are formed spoken.challenged and reformed again.they've lost about five months of school.how much ground will they lose to other.states or local private schools if our.number one rated district remains closed.i'm bringing this up because with the.arbitrary nature of metrics that the.governor and idph has in place.inevitably this hybrid plan has.experienced the delay.and at this point the board should be.clear in its mission for the district do.you want to remain a number one.district or be just like everybody else.the steps to remain number one aren't as.risky as they appear.by your own surveys 70 plus percent of.parents want to send their kids back to.school.this should be a no-brainer the process.to get the kids back in school should.move forward.and let the parents make decisions for.their families which begs the question.what about teachers.well i think either teachers are.considered essential or they're not.i personally believe they are essential.they're amazing teachers working really.hard but unfortunately they're being.yanked around.by inconsistent policies on whatever.level you want to put it on.the process has to move forward hold the.distinction of being a top-rated.district by listening.to what the families in the district.both want and need lockdowns.are a luxury of the red parents of all.backgrounds.want their kids back in the classroom.thank you.thank you for your comments adam at this.point i'd like to welcome.lauren person.good evening and welcome hi my name is.lauren person.integrity is doing what's right when no.one is looking webster would say it's.the quality of being honest and having.strong moral.principles when thinking about the time.since the previous meeting or what has.been going on.been going on since march integrity is.not the word that comes to mind.whether there's an issue of integrity or.transparency many of us.are beyond frustrated by the apparent.lack of communication.schedule changes that continue to.eliminate instructional educational.minutes.teachers learning of plan changes and.shifts not on a daily braces but in some.on an hourly basis throughout the day.why after two weeks there has been no.response from mr bridges or the board.regarding the excellent input provided.by.teachers parents and especially students.who took their valuable time to come up.before you in the last meeting mr.bridges after the board approved your.appointment in 2012 you were asked by.your interim.about your interim time in the district.you responded.that it provided you with a great.opportunity to really get out and about.throughout the community talk to parents.community.leaders teachers parents and students.how did we get here i think we can all.agree that this pandemic has put you and.the board to the test and.thinking you are all you have all fallen.short.saying is one thing but the test is in.the doing and your actions to date have.have resulted in the following.principles further burden to share and.implement what can only be described as.chaos in their buildings.burnt out teachers who feel their voices.are not being heard.constantly changing students schedule.which limit further the time they are.in front of their teacher due to.conflicting work schedules parents.unsuccessfully trying to work closely.with their younger children during the.day.or worse yet leaving older children home.alone to fend for themselves.and as you well know i hope this only.scratches the surface.you have said that your role is to.support the principles and use them as.your window into the classroom.well from the perspective of many here.tonight that window appears to be.completely fogged over.i say this because the focus of.everything we do needs to be on.our students and our students are being.harmed in ways that may only surface.from years.from years from now does what being.done show integrity or transparency do.your actions take into account the harm.that the lost year of education and.developmental will have on this.generation.you sat with that student and said you.wanted the students to know that you are.approachable.that you're somebody who wants to hear.from them if they have information they.want to share.questions they want to ask actions speak.louder than these words spoken.don't ignore the voices of your students.or allow for for.further damage to be done our students.our children.need more face time with our respected.and hardworking teachers.mr bridges have integrity be present for.your teachers the building.administration.students and parents to the board of.education you are just as much held.accountable to these words.you have lost so much respect trust from.the community parents teachers and now.students.do the right thing now.thank you for your comments lauren.at this point i would like to call jack.person.good evening and welcome good evening my.wife and i moved to naperville years ago.our three children all went to district.203 schools.our options was a parochial education.however we believe.the quality of education and district.203 offered.was unparalleled i questioned this for.our grandchildren.is bennett the answer i think not one of.our children has settled in the atlanta.area with their kids.where schools and sports commenced as.planned in august.teachers students are in the classroom.five days a week fully engaged in the.learning process.with valuable social interaction with.peers which is of.immeasurable importance another one of.our children live in lafayette indiana.they started school in september in the.classroom with the option to stay home.if they need to stay home due to.compromised health.also our neighbors in indiana are aware.you must be aware the students and.coaches and athletic programs are.adhering.to protocol to safety and having success.now seven months af of discussion you.finally.have or had a plan to quote mr bridges.september 22nd article in the sun.that priority group to return will be.students in early childhood.through second grade in mid-october.followed by grades three to five.a couple of weeks later he said honestly.that's not enough.and that plan has now been delayed we.are learning how to live.safer teaching our children how to live.safer with social distancing and mass.how can we meet as a school board since.march and in seven months not have the.children back in the classroom.if i've ever been disappointed in.someone it is a superintendent who has.done.little in the role you hold the.superintendent.you have failed the students.underestimated the teachers.and treating education as a.non-essential program.oh how i would miss a teacher walking up.to a desk saying here let me help you.the chromebook education has taken that.away.it has also taken away the interaction.of with other students.healthy extracurricular activities.sports music arts.the value of education you do you do not.see from the tower of the district.office.and i did hear intramural sports and.you're patting yourself on the back for.that.you should be patting yourself on the.back for classrooms i wanted to point.out to the school board members.to each of you 1999 district 203 school.board ousted their superintendent.that superintendent was doing a good job.but they felt.they needed to make a change 1999 it's.not that long ago.what grade do you give your.superintendent are you accepting what's.happening to the students of the.district.what about the children that have.special needs and education.chromebooks i don't think so really.chromebooks for special.needs.by now we've learned safety protocol we.cannot only survive we can succeed.let's do it together let's do it for the.children the future leaders of the world.are our children our grandchildren.they're.in the district thank you for your time.thank you for your comments jack.at this point i would like to call.jennifer cupp.good evening and welcome hi thank you.my name is jennifer cupp i have twin.girls.in third grade and a son in second grade.my husband works full-time i work.part-time.and like many other families we are.wishing we had 10 arms and 3 clones of.ourself to manage it all during the.school day.today i reviewed my daughter's iep.paperwork.for her annual review and additional.needs.i'm so proud of her bubbly personality.ability to make friends.laugh endlessly and give 100 percent.effort.while we celebrate this along with the.areas that she has.made strides in last year earlier today.as i read through the statistics the.evaluation.and testing results i became so deflated.and my heart just sank not only knowing.that additional needs are apparent but.furthermore how are they going to be.fulfilled in a two and a half.hour in person school day when she needs.to be present for math and literacy that.occurred during that time frame.and since then obviously that has all.changed.due to the email that came out earlier.and i don't think a chromebook.is the answer it is apparent that the.educational support needs for in-person.learning are crucial to her development.and academic growth and i believe.obviously there are many other children.in the same situation.how are these needs going to be.fulfilled in person.for the iep students whose academic.growth weighs.so heavily on the support staff.why hasn't there been any direction or.transparency as to what this will look.like in the school.setting return to learn plan.governor pritzker's intentional lack of.transparency.via esby is not how it is being done in.other states.it's deceitful we need data transparency.and effective communication within our.school district.how often have you been in communication.with our governor.or isbe to fight for the students needs.and education.we can't settle and become complacent.i ask each of you to do the same.we are literally on day one of this am.pm model.an email that came out a short time ago.by the district is content to continue.the am.pm remote plan remotely.how is this at all beneficial to how to.as compared to the plan we have been in.for the past seven weeks.it is much easier for an elementary.school student to follow instructions.when personally directed by a teacher.rather than technology.why not let the parents choose whether.they would like their children to be.in person or remote like adam russo.illustrated earlier we have been on a.complete remote schedule for the past.seven weeks for a full day.it works best for keeping the students.engaged under the circumstances and is.least disruptive to the parents and.caregivers working from home.please be an advocate for the students.and if you are student-centered.and in it for their best interest at.heart please show it by your actions.thank you thank you for your comments.jennifer.at this point we'd like to call sarah.forster.good evening and welcome good evening.thank you for.thank you members of the board.superintendent bridges.and and the administrative staff.my name is sarah forster i live at 1318.brush hill circle in naperville.and my daughter is a sixth grader at.washington junior high school.i have another daughter who's two and so.the spring.from march to may was chaotic but.it doesn't have to be that way now.this fall principal john vogel.and the washington junior high school.counselors and staff.have done an excellent job with my.daughter.with the students with morale and it has.just been a great environment to be able.to have.online school however.my daughter just started sixth grade she.started junior high.she was a washington junior high school.fifth grader so she's familiar with.the school but if she's out on the.street and sees some of her new.classmates.especially if they're wearing masks but.or not even if not.who didn't go to her elementary school.she wouldn't recognize them.junior high is a time to build those.friendships solidify them.to help you get through the rest of your.time through school.and even through life i'm sure many of.us can remember.friends that we've made when we were.young.regardless of the metrics we need to.figure out.how to get children back in school.this year i i am fine with the.the new model the.the block schedule i think it will be.better it'll be less tiring for my.daughter.we are in a situation where changing.things now.again would be very disruptive and.challenging for everyone involved.let's think about how we're going to.make it not be this way.in the fall of 2021.how are we going to have every student.in school.every day to to continue on.we need more space will we need.air scrubbers we need better.protective equipment for our teachers.covid has not killed any one under the.age of 20.from my read of the dupage county health.department metrics.so this is not a risk for children the.care is going to get better but vaccines.are not going to be available.for children under 16 before the fall.maybe for adults hopefully for teachers.and staff at the schools but not to keep.the spread from continuing.please think about the fall of 2021 as.you go on with your discussions.thank you for your time thank you for.your comments.at this point i would like to call.rachel simner.good evening and welcome good evening.thank you.i am here today to reiterate a message i.delivered to the board two weeks ago.about iasb resolution number two.this supports safe gun storage.the resolution asks the association to.advocate for legislation that.strengthens.child safe gun storage laws in illinois.requiring gun owners to store firearms.whether they are loaded or.unloaded in a securely locked container.if a person under the age is likely to.gain access to the weapon without.permission.currently illinois safe gun safe storage.law.only applies to children up to age 14..with the increasing instances of youth.suicide and school shootings.we need stronger safe gun storage.requirements that protect school-age.children earlier this year.one of my son's schoolmates at kennedy.died by suicide.this was a girl that he played with.after school in champions.in the fourth grade.he didn't understand why she would do.this.especially at the age of 12. my son is.12 as well.i begged him and my daughter to never.do this but it would be so much easier.to do this with a gun than it would and.not would in.any other way.here are some statistics i'd like you to.consider.the rate of firearm suicide among young.people has increased 56 percent in the.past decade.41 percent of adolescents in gun owning.households.report having easy access to the guns in.their homes.over 80 percent of child firearms.suicides involved a gun belonging to a.family member.young people have the fastest growing.firearm suicide rate of any age group.over the last decade 73 to 80 percent of.school.shooters obtain the gun or guns from.their home.or the homes of relatives or friends.4.6 million american children live in.homes with guns that are both.loaded and unlocked.you can have an impact on these.statistics please do so by voting yes.on resolution number two and i'd like to.add that.police chiefs have free gun locks.available thank you.thank you for your comments rachel at.this point i'd like to call gm.[Music].revent me sorry for my pronunciation.good evening and welcome good evening.thank you um.my name is jam ravetna i was here two.weeks ago.to address the board and the.administration i appreciate the chance.to do that again.tonight it wasn't until just one hour.ago literally that i i decided to come i.heard.i saw the email regarding the the change.in plans for phase two.and it compelled me to come i have so.many things.racing through my mind right now one of.which is my heart breaks for those.parents that are here tonight and those.parents in the district with with.younger children.in the district the anguish they must.feel.watching their kids fade in and out.as they as they stare at a computer.screen all day i'm fortunate enough to.have.already put two of my children through.203.and my my last child is a senior at.naperville north.she has the strength and fortitude to.muster through.six hours of commuter screen time every.day um.that's not what i'm here to talk about.and like last time i'm not here.to to lambast the board about getting.our kids back in school.i believe that should be done and it.could be done but that's not why i'm.here.i'm here again to talk about the quality.of the education that they're getting.online and last time i was here i said.you must do something to improve that.quality i.i see no evidence that that's been done.it's been two weeks but something could.have been done.i see no evidence that anything has been.been done in that regard.i'm i'm here to be more specific with my.request.i'm here to request that the.administration and the board.hire an outside consultant or at least.pursue some initiative and embark on.some initiative with.called a project called some effort.something.to to improve the quality of the.education that my child is receiving.online okay this this requires.expertise that i don't think the.district has.it requires materials to be adjusted and.modified to the online.environment i don't see that that's been.done.and if it has been done it hasn't been.done very well quite frankly.okay so so i'm asking that that the.board.and the administration.embark on a search to find that.that assistance that they need to make.this happen and make it happen very.quickly.this year slipping away and and it's.evident that that we may not be.returning to school.until until next fall so let's not.let this year be wasted with with.mediocre.online education let's do something.about it starting right now.okay and and i will tell you what i will.do i.i won't just tell you to do this i will.spend the next two days.researching and making calls i this is.my business is consulting i'm not in.this education field.but i know consultants i can find them.and i will find a list of consultants.that we could perhaps use.to make this initiative happen and i'll.i'll.i'll send that list to the board and the.administration and i'm hoping that.something will be done.and something will be done very quickly.thank you thank you for your comments.jam.at this point i'd like to welcome john.malarkey.good evening and welcome good evening.i'm disappointed in the hour and 40.minutes prior to this meeting of being.notified of the failure the return to.learn program to restore the children of.naperville's right to a quality.education.i didn't have the time to appropriately.prepare.comments but i just couldn't sit at home.and let others talk for me anymore.our mission is to educate students to be.self-directed learners collaborators.complex thinkers quality producers and.community contributors this is the.mandate.us people to naperville naperville's.residents came here to move.forward the leadership of this state.this city.and this board have failed to move.forward.not only will our children now be.prohibited from their classes but my.understanding of the email tonight.is that remote learning will be reduced.as well to only have synchronous.education during their in-person time.and self-guided when otherwise.so i'm a little confused uh i just spent.a week in disney world my family.we flew on a packed flight round trip.nobody's sick i spat in fate's eye.and i flew to new jersey on september.11th.with 30 other like-minded baseball.players aged.25 to 73 god bless the 73 year old.nobody got sick i coached baseball.all summer i played in naperville park.district.adult softball all summer not sick.i'm a little disgusted where are you.naperville.there's only about 20 people here how.many kids are in this district that.you're not here.to make your voices heard the lie of a.dangled carrot of waiting for a vaccine.that will likely never occur or far too.late is paramount to child abuse.i'm the child of divorced parents when a.divorced parent fails to provide for a.child's education they are held in.contempt they have wage garnishment they.are frequently found guilty of.negligence and child abuse.that is the nature of the crime being.committed against our children today the.naperville park district this summer had.the brave willingness to stand up.to the abuses of our children in.springfield and file suit to protect.youth well and adult sports ladies and.gentlemen are you.brave enough to stand up to the state on.behalf of our children through.any legal method possible.i made a choice when i was in eighth.grade for a variety of reasons i was.moved from a public school in pinebush.new york to a parochial school.i made the choice of returning to the.public school system because i.recognized that in that circumstance my.education was lagging.i am here to speak for the children too.young to be able to make that choice and.yet.you've all heard from my five-year-old.remember little jamie yay tall curly.hair really cute.he made his he had shown so much more.sense and leadership than most of the.adults that i've seen he stated his.objectives his concerns and his.preferred outcomes.his eyes hurt from being on a screen we.have a mental health problem in this.country folks.electronic addiction is a thing and.we're teaching.our children to participate in this.addiction.how much more screen time is appropriate.has anyone asked a doctor of.this instead of constantly shifting the.lines in the sand for covid.the outcome of the decision stand up.fight for our children or admit that.you're unwilling to do so and please.stand aside.thank you.thanks thank you for your comments.um i do not have any more people on my.list.does anyone else in the audience wish to.address the board of education.okay this will conclude our public.comment period.as we finish our public comment period i.want to thank each of our participants.on behalf of our whole board of.education.we appreciate your advocacy for your.children.i also want to acknowledge the many.public comments submitted by email.from many of our community members we.also appreciate your advocacy.we understand that this is an extremely.frustrating and difficult time for our.community.i want to assure each public commenter.regardless of the format in which you.have commented your concerns have been.heard by the board of education.i also want to take a minute to thank.all those who are emailing their.thoughts and questions to the board.we read and review each email.value them greatly at this point there.are some times when due to the volume of.email we are not able to respond in a.timely way to each one however.each of these emails is read and.considered.thank you for taking the time to keep us.informed and we consider you.a vital part of the process of.reflecting the views of our community.as a reminder to those of you who public.commented our design to respond to.public comment is our.superintendent and he will apprise the.board accordingly.okay at this point we will go to monthly.reports on our agenda.does any board of education member have.a question regarding our monthly reports.okay all right so we will go then to.action by consent.i was the board of education member who.reviewed our bills and claims.so at this point i will move approval of.warrant number 102.8770 through warrant.number 102.9348 totaling 18 million 910.cents 412.75 the period of september.22nd 2020 to october 19.2020 along with the items of our consent.agenda.second emotion is second or heard.please call the royal miss patton.kozminski.aye liang aye wan key.aye gurkey aye yang rohr aye.fitzgerald aye cush.okay the motion passes so we will go now.to communications listed in board docs.are our written communications our.freedom of information act requests for.your review.and then we will go on to item 8.02 our.student ambassador reports.who would like to go first great shay.thank you for coming we're glad to have.you guys back and we look forward to.hearing your report.all right so i have a few events to.report on that happened at naval north.over the last month or so.our girls and boys varsity cross country.teams both went to and won their.conference meets.a few non-athletic events occurred also.including.mr nnhs which is an event for seniors.that usually happens inside but we were.able to host outside.in the parking lot along with a bags.tournament and a couple plays over the.last few weeks also.and speaking personally as a senior we.haven't been able to.attend many in-person events that.seniors normally get to go to so this is.definitely a.good boost for morale and engagement in.our schools.also we've been working for through a.few kinks and e-learning.including the amount of time on zoom.compared to the amount of time.asynchronously.for students and mr wachdol our.principal is definitely able to give me.some helpful insight from the part of.the teachers regarding that so.as we move into the block schedule with.longer periods.it'll be interesting to see how that.changes.and plays out and uh another issue that.we had was one-on-one time with teachers.but.now that we have some time accounted for.that in the block schedule also.i'm hopeful that those issues will start.to be relieved as well.so.great thank you for that report shay.william.thank you i just want to report on some.events that have happened at naval.central recently.so first of all the psat for juniors was.held at the building this past wednesday.additionally last week was homecoming.week and there were a couple of events.that were held at the building as well.junior and senior class games and the.drive-in movie night were both held at.the physical location there's also.currently a petition with over 1.300 student signatures calling for.letting teachers work from home if they.or their family members have underlying.health conditions.so i thought that would be a notable.thing for the board to know.additionally all fall sports are.currently either over or in the process.of ending at naples central high school.and early college application deadlines.are approaching for seniors.most around november 1st or 15th and.today was the first day of asynchronous.learning obviously for our new block.schedule system.going into this just based off of what.i've gathered from.some student certain teachers that i've.talked to there's a mixed.feelings among students they're hoping.that this new phase is going to provide.more flexible time to work.and will be less overwhelming but also.many students and teachers are.nervous because with a new schedule.comes a lot of new uncertainties.so like shea mentioned we'll see how.that plays out.thank you to both of you for your.reports as well as your conversations.with your principals i know that you all.are both on student government and know.how much the student government is a.part of those conversations as well as.helping to put on some of these events.so thank you for your work with that.okay we will go on to.superintendent staff school report.or me.it's not working.there we go thanks logan.thanks for your patience and then we'll.go ahead and pull up the slide deck.please.all right thank you all right from the.very beginning of our response to the.coven 19 pandemic i have.stressed the importance of the need for.us to be flexible and fluid and able to.quickly pivot as our conditions change.today is certainly a prime example of.that and while i know the announcement i.made earlier this afternoon is not what.i hoped for.as we prepared to transition more.students in personal learning.it isn't necessary at this time today.the dupage county health department.announced that the community has been.moved to red.for substantial community spread after.reviewing our return to learn.plan and reviewing guidance with the.dupage county health department this.afternoon.we will be taking a pause in our return.to learn plan district administration.will continue to monitor local health.metrics and is set november 4th.2020 as a tentative date to implement.the next step in the return to learn.plan.covet 19 activity and continues to.increase rapidly in dupage county and.the risk of state-imposed mitigation.measures is growing more likely.as of today october 19th the level of.disease activity in dupage county now.meets the criteria identified.for substantial community transition.when community transmission of coven 19.meets substantial level.the health department encourages 100.remote learning to help protect the.health safety well-being of students.teachers school staff families and.communities this elevated level of coven.19 community transition.transmission marks a shift in in the.return to school framework and.represents a call to action for the.county represent residents.as well as for residents of our our.community i'm calling on you to please.practice the prevention methods shown to.be effective.by wearing a mask whenever outside your.home maintaining at least.six feet of distance from others.regularly washing hands.and in conversation with the health.department where we need particular work.is avoiding in-person gatherings.particularly where all of these.practices are not followed.the timeline for returning more students.to in-person instruction is really up to.all of us.by practicing the prevention methods.described we can't control the spread in.our community.and get back on track so i'm asking.everyone to unite to get this under.control.this evening we're going to briefly.update the board of education on the.status of our return to learn plan.as a reminder our plan identifies four.separate stages and we were in the.process.of stage two at this time.as a reminder in order to evaluate our.status we will be monitoring and.reviewing both the health and.operational metrics.for health metrics we'll be monitoring.the community spread across the county.as well as within district 203 community.for operational metrics we'll be.monitoring our supply and ability to.refill necessary ppe.as well as our ability to appropriately.fill daily absences due to coven 19.related illness and quarantining.retirement requirements.it is important to remember that this is.an ever-evolving situation.and adjustments may be necessary as we.can turn you to.to deal with the virus the decision to.move.between stages is not based on any one.single metric alone but is reflective of.specifics of how the numbers are coming.together.to create the big picture of how.controlled the spread of the virus is.within our community.and dr igel will now speak more about.the metrics and the information.we have reviewed you may remember from.our last meeting that the dupage county.health department has established a.framework for schools to determine what.type of mitigation strategy should be.applied.based upon the level of community spread.they are monitoring many different.metrics to help guide their overall.designation.community transmission is determined by.the highest category in which a single.metric.is met or exceeded prior to making any.changes from.one learning model to another the health.department recommends seeing a trend in.the data over two weeks.and considering other things such as.health metrics.case and activity outbreak specific.trends and distribution of cases.and absenteeism among students and staff.within our schools.as you can see from the information on.this slide we have seen an upward trend.in all of the health metrics except for.one.the metric that is most concerning is.the increase in the new cases per.hundred thousand.it has moved into the substantial stage.which in turn moves the entire county.from a moderate level of community.spread to a substantial level of.community spread.additionally we've seen an increase in.the positivity rate moving from the.minimal range to the moderate main.range we are definitely concerned about.how the data is trending within our.county.we also discussed at the last meeting.that we are monitoring our data within.the district 203 community boundaries.this is done by utilizing all of the zip.codes for the students within our.attendance boundaries.again we see an upward trend in both.metrics with the new cases moving from.the module.range of the community transmission.based upon the metrics established by.the dupage county health department.while the positivity rate has continued.to climb it does continue to be in the.minimum range of transmission.but should it exceed five percent that.would move us into the moderate range.it's important to note that the.beginning at that beginning october.eighth.northwestern began calculating the.number of cases per hundred thousand.using the cdc formula which was a change.from their past practice.that could be one of the reasons that.we've seen a large increase from october.5th to october 12th.this slide provides the number of.positive cases in the number of.individuals who have reported that they.were quarantining over the last two.weeks.it's important to remember that these.numbers only reflect the total number of.cases that have been reported to us.we will continue to monitor this closely.and we'll be including.these in our covid dashboard that will.be posted on our website the dashboard.will be updated on mondays and will.include district cases.the dupage county health metrics as well.as the district 203 community metrics.this chart shows all of the health.metrics in one place and is color coded.to match the category of community.spread it represents when you look at.all of the data from the past two weeks.you can see that the health metrics are.not consistent across all the different.categories however.all but one of those metrics are.trending up the cases per 100 thousand.in both dupage county and the district.of 203 community both fall in the.substantial range of community.transmission.when making decisions about moving.between learning models the district.must consider the overall trends of the.data.at the county and the community level as.well as the district level.considerations.today the dupage county health.department recommended that districts.move to remote learning for most.students due to the change in the level.of community spread from moderate to.substantial at this time we are.recommending an adaptive pause to our.plans for in-person learning for most.students given the recommendation from.the dupage county health department.and that the metrics within district two.or three continue to trend up.the increasing numbers are concerning.and we are asking families to continue.with the collective commitment to health.and safety protocols.wearing masks and using social distance.together when following these guidelines.we can.work to make in-person learning an.option for our students.as a reminder these are the mitigation.strategies that we should put in.put into practice based upon the level.of community transmission.as we mentioned covet 19 mainly spreads.from person to person through the.release of respiratory droplets within.and when an infected person talks.sneezes.or coughs these droplets can land in the.mouth or nose of individuals that are.nearby.the more a person interacts with.different people and the longer and.closer the interaction.the higher the risk that the virus.spreads so it's important that the.mitigation strategies focus on reducing.the number of people an individual comes.to contact with.across their school day we do this by.limiting the number of students within a.cohort and.increasing or decreasing the amount of.time groups of students mix throughout.the school day.as the community spread has increased to.substantial we will be implementing low.risk activities associated with stage.one.which calls for e-learning for most.students and in-person instruction for.priority groups of students.mr frank is going to discuss what the.school day will look like for our.students at.ec and elementary thank you.we would like to provide the community.information about schedules.as the change to remote learning likely.raises many questions.about which schedule will be fouled.tomorrow and beyond.early childhood students in the half day.program will continue remotely with a.half day schedule tuesday.through friday on mondays half day early.childhood students in am classes will.meet with their teacher virtually.from 8 30 to 9 30 and teachers would.provide the 90 minutes of learning.activities.for students to complete in a self-paced.manner outside of that time with the.teacher.pm students on mondays will also meet.with their teacher.for an hour from 12 15 to 1 15 and they.too would.be provided the 90 minutes of learning.activities that would also be self-paced.for now elementary students will.continue with the am pm schedule which.began today.on mondays all elementary students meet.with their teacher virtually from 8 15.to 10.45 and students have two and a half.hours of learning activities to complete.outside of their time.with the teacher on mondays tuesday.through friday.students will meet with their teacher in.the am or pm as scheduled.with the asynchronous self-paced.learning activities provided.to complete the five-hour school day.it's important to note that any schedule.that allows for.in-person learning at the elementary.level must coordinate with other levels.as we are required to provide.transportation to many of our families.this and every other hybrid option we.have considered.has pluses and minuses and any.transition to a new schedule can be.challenging.for young students even in the best of.circumstances.this am pm schedule was designed based.on an in-person.learning component in light of the news.from the dupage county health department.earlier today.we will be reviewing the current am pm.schedule this week with our principals.and our educators.we'll communicate any scheduling changes.to elementary parents.as soon as possible but no later than.the end of this week.good evening today was an e-learning day.and tomorrow begins the new block.schedule.for both the junior high and high school.levels.i'm going to recap the information that.was shared with secondary families last.week highlighting the new schedules.the block schedule will remain our.school schedule whether we transition to.stage three or move backwards.to stage one this schedule is more.consistent and sustainable for students.teachers and families while the news.from the dupage county health department.has us pausing in our progress.we hope that continuing the block.schedule as planned will have our.students poised for success.in an eventual move forward with.in-person learning.this sample schedule at a glance is a.typical junior high schedule for both.stages two and three of our return to.learn plan.all students will continue to receive.learning virtually on mondays.following their nine period class.schedule the students will engage in.both synchronous and asynchronous.learning from 8 am.to 2 50 pm students will have the first.half of their classes on tuesday and.thursday.and the second half of their classes on.wednesday and friday all students will.have lunch.during the 1 to 1 30 pm time frame.with small group student support as.allowable beginning approximately at 1.30..there are blocks of time built in both.at the beginning of the day.from 8 to 8 30 and the end of the day.from 1 30 to 2 50 to access teachers for.support.engage in small group instruction by.teacher invitation.or complete asynchronous work.this slide illustrates the general.schedule that will govern high school.students during stages two and three.as mentioned earlier this block schedule.will be the schedule we follow in all of.our stages of return to learn.we believe the schedule is more.consistent and sustainable.within the hybrid structure of learning.this schedule allows students to focus.on fewer courses each day.and embeds more flexible times for.accessing personalized learning from.instructors.the block schedule provides longer class.periods where educators can.differentiate learning for students.as you can see from the sample schedule.on the slide the high school student.attends periods 1 through 4.on tuesdays and thursdays and periods 5.through 8 on wednesdays and fridays.where you see a different order to the.class periods.arranging periods to meet in the 6 7 8.5 order moves our lunch periods to the.start and end of the days.classes will now start at 7 35 a.m and.end at 1.30 pm students will have the time from 1.30 to 3 p.m.where they can access their teachers.with questions and support.mondays will remain an e-learning day.and students should expect work from.each of their courses on mondays and.should plan for times.where they may be synchronous with.teachers students will also confirm.their attendance on these days.in this schedule and the progression.through the stages.that were shared in a previous slide.students individual needs will be.addressed.through a variety of means giving staff.the flexibility to address those needs.on mondays.and in the afternoon during the block.schedule.our connection students started their.new schedule today with students.attending in-person instruction.five days per week for half-day sessions.we have prioritized in-person.instructions for these students.and will continue with this schedule for.the upcoming weeks.the reduced class size allows for.students to maintain social distance.and the schedule has been carefully.developed to ensure groups remain static.we will be carefully monitoring our.health metrics and cases within the.district to guide our decisions about.in-person learning.similar to our connection students we.have prioritized in-person instruction.for our students in specialized.classrooms and we will continue to do so.our students in k-8 or k-12 specialized.classrooms will continuous plan to.attend in-person instruction.and alternating day hybrid schedule.since those classes will also be divided.into cohort two cohorts class.sizes will remain small allowing.students to socially distance and.students to remain in static groups.during their time at school.however we will be carefully monitoring.those health metrics and may need to.slow down our previous plans of moving.to four days per week.of in-person instruction beginning the.week of eleven nine.we'll be carefully watching what comes.next.the community will continue to be.updated about our return to learn plan.via talk 203 system social media outlets.as well as the website up.updates at naperville203.org return to.learn.as dr igo mentioned earlier we are in.the process of publishing a cova.dashboard which will be placed on the.district website beginning next monday.and on next monday we will send a talk.203 message.to the community uh with an update on.our health metrics locally.in preparation for board presentation on.november 2nd regarding our next steps.the tentative look of metrics allow to.return.to our plans for wednesday november 4th.we'd be happy to answer any questions.okay on behalf of the board of education.i want to acknowledge how incredibly.frustrating.this we we understand this news is to.the students parents and teachers who.expected to return to school tomorrow.we understand that this leaves very.little time for parents to prepare.students for this enormous change and.that this burden is even greater for.working in single parents without.flexibility in their schedules.we understand that this requires all of.us to change.course literally overnight we greatly.apologize for this however the guidance.from dupage health department became.more stringent over the weekend and is.unequivocal.that we should return to remote learning.if you are in a situation where you must.have child care please contact your.principal.every member of the board of education.is a parent.we understand that the many changes due.to our stage plan are difficult.and even more so when they are changed.abruptly due to the health metrics.since our board of education meeting two.weeks ago when plans were outlined our.covid numbers have gone straight up.after a stable month in september and.the beginning of october we did not.anticipate this trend.we know that many of you are frustrated.with the changes to the schedule in.order to allow for in-person learning.and that this will be particularly.frustrating in full remote.please know that we share your concerns.and are working as quickly as possible.to address the concerns the new model.has raised.we know that these challenges make many.of you feel like you are carrying these.burdens alone.please know this is not the case we.understand and share your burdens.and want to do everything we can to.assist you and your students.i want to thank our superintendent and.staff for responding so quickly to the.updated guidance from our department of.health.i will now begin with questions from the.board of education.who would like to go first.joe.yeah thanks for the um update um.this is a really challenging situation.as christian was saying.um and it's important that we have to.balance.our academics uh social emotional.learning.equity access to services especially.safety.right now so you know.the health department has.[Music].updated its numbers these numbers have.kept rising.and i think this is the right call.i'm i wanted to ask about the schedules.you mentioned that you'd be reviewing.the elementary schedules.these were designed mainly for you know.hybrid going back to hybrid.um i i think.looking carefully at that at that is.important.and you know is that an ideal situation.for um you know the return to.online um.and as quickly as possible also because.yeah um as people said these transitions.are tough.um the other thing.is um you know as we go forward.you know we're implementing the new.schedule at middle school and high.school.and we did a survey a couple weeks ago.about how e-learning was going.um and we had a very high response rate.so we got feedback from a lot of the.community.we hear from a number of people through.email through public comment and we.welcome that.um but to get that sample of how things.are going.um is there going to be um.some sort of survey for parents and for.um you know teachers as well.to to evaluative after a couple weeks.well we plan to look at a number of.metrics as we progress through the next.couple of weeks um.as was referenced we'll be reviewing our.schedules and our plans for the next two.weeks.uh and then hope to return to our plan.uh on track for november 4th.do you have additional questions jill uh.we can move on to the next one.somebody else can go i can't hear you.somebody else can go okay sorry who.would like to go next.donna okay thank you for the report.um some of my questions are very short.so i just want to make sure i understand.as we remain.in stage two but we're not moving.forward within that stage but we're not.moving back to stage one we're staying.kind of just taking a pause where we're.at in stage two is that correct.yes that's correct okay and so.because we're not moving out of stages.the teachers will still be in the.buildings every day correct.that's the current plan okay and i just.think it's important that we understand.as a mathematician myself.and a previous math teacher as we're.looking at the case.i know that as we look at the metrics.some.[Music].people feel like it's not fair to look.at the total number.of cases because as our testing.increases the total number of cases.increases but.from what i'm understanding is we're.really looking at the positivity rate.and that change in dupage county from.4.5 percent.to 6 percent in the positivity rate and.then the change.particularly in district 203 from 3.13.to 3.78 to 4.87.that that's really the metric that we're.using more than the number of cases that.we're seeing.is that correct too i think it's.important to note that i'll let dr igo.speak that it's not just one single.metric it's looking at multiple metrics.not only where they're at but where.they're trending and as dr ago presented.all their trending up but one.drago yeah that is absolutely correct we.are certainly looking at positivity.right but the.cases those new cases are actually per.100 000.per people so it provides us with some.stability as we look at those so we're.really looking at both of those things.okay kind of as they come together okay.i think it's probably good community.understand though that.the positivity rate is affected by the.number of positive cases over the total.number of testing so it takes out that.idea that if if we increase.um the number of people getting tested.that the the number goes up so that that.kind of takes that factor out of it.correct.that is correct okay i those are three.they're quick but those were my three.questions i have some more but i'll let.somebody else.okay who would like to go next.janet.you mentioned there's a change in.methodology for um.the the calculation of uh positivity.rates per one hundred thousand.um can you tell us more about what.happened with that methodology that.would have increased.the the numbers we're seeing.unfortunately i can't necessarily tell.you specifically what it was so.on the website when you go to look it.lets you know that they changed it.to using the cdc process but it never.indicates what the original process.was so it's hard for me to make a.connect uh.make a comparison between the two um but.it did seem like when i looked at.everybody's numbers there was definitely.a larger jump.but then i also saw that jump continue.am from where we were so we went from.153 to i think it was 206 but i'd have.to look that up to be sure.okay in the um in the note.to to the community today i think we.said we're on pause until about november.4th what are we looking for in order for.that.for for us to resume um the process.we're looking for a combination of.things we're looking to see that.positivity rate really we're looking to.start to see things.trend down we'd like to see us move out.of the substantial into the moderate.and then we'd like to see our numbers.continuing to trend.down um.overall so that we can make so we can.start to bring students back into our.building safely.is it that essentially when we look at.like slide.six we're looking for everything to be.not in red ideally everything would be.hold on let me get to slide six so far.sorry slide slide five or six um.for dupage county we would it's kind of.a combination of things we'd like dupage.county to.be back into that moderate stage but.we'd also then like to look within our.own community numbers.and like to see our community numbers.hitting that moderate stage so.there won't be a possibility or an.opportunity.where although the county as a whole.might still say substantial when we pull.our district numbers.we've seen a decrease within our.community numbers that places our.community at a moderate level where we.might say.now that that our community is here we.are trending in the right direction.we're ready to bring students back so.sorry it's actually.it would look like slide eight and it.seems.nice yeah um.and so i ask these questions really so.that.you know i think it's good for the.community to have that transparency to.know what to expect to be able to watch.this along with us.so that they they know you know what may.or may not.come in the future absolutely.i see christine first and then paul.as we put this pause on returning.is um champions and the y able to shift.with us.pretty much in real time is like from.what we're seeing today.and then i think there was i'm.forgetting where i just saw it.anybody any students that need meals.that's still.available to them in this next two week.period nothing has changed there.yeah so actually the the answer to both.of your questions are yes.we did put out child care information.and the email.to the community this evening and so.that's a link to.an updated page on our website that.parents can can go to to get more.information about child care that's.actually.available as of tomorrow morning okay.and meal assistance continues as it has.been.so families have access to that as well.okay paul.i understand this is a last minute.decision and that.the schedule for this week likely needs.to be.the hybrid block schedule that was.communicated.quite some time ago but.and i acknowledge that we've been asking.the parents to be flexible adaptable.in this fluid situation what i would ask.that the administration the teachers.also be flexible and adaptable.so we can get back to what is hopefully.the most productive.remote learning schedule do you think.it's possible to get us there as quickly.as possible.and how about next week monday starting.and if not what are the obstacles.preventing that.yeah so i'll begin by saying that we.will take a look at our scheduling over.the course of the next couple of weeks.part of it will you know again trying to.prevent as many.changes as possible i mean i know we've.had to make changes and we've had to be.flexible.but trying to limit and control that as.much as possible to eliminate the.frustration.we've asked teachers to prepare for this.week in the environment that we created.but as we look at metrics through the.course of this week and get a sense of.you know if we think we're going to get.right back on track pretty quickly.you know then we may just work through.it or make model you know modest changes.but if we're if we stay in it if we feel.like we're going to have to stay in this.longer.and we will maybe have to make more.substantial changes so it's just going.to monitor the metrics.we'll work with our learning services.team to review our schedules.and make decisions as we go.so i'm hearing minimum two weeks in this.schedule.that's what we set and based on the.current metrics and the trending that's.what i would anticipate it's elise going.to take.thank you.charles.thank you um okay a couple of questions.for me.first of all uh thanks for the dashboard.very helpful to have the data and be.able to look at it.mention that it is going to be posted on.the district website.so thank you for that as well i think.the community appreciates.having that posted the other thing is my.question is really around.the frequency of the updates how.frequently you're going to update it.that is it going to be weekly daily.what's.the yeah we will update them weekly so.every monday.the dupage health department provides us.with the update so we'll use that as.kind of our guide.and we'll use the weak and rear okay.so the data will be updated consistently.on the same.on the same day yep so the data is.consistent weekly the county updates its.metrics every monday.and so then okay perfect thank you um.the other question i had was around the.champions program champions and the y i.tend to use those synonymously but um g.can you speak to.the level of utilization and then any.feedback you're getting.from the um the parents who are.utilizing that option in terms of.how well it's going or not well without.going whatever the feedback you're.getting.sure to to this point mr cush we've had.um.a couple hundred children in um child.care.in our in our schools um that hasn't.been at every every building due to.space needs and as well as enrollment um.we the feedback that our principals have.received has primarily been pretty.positive.uh from the folks that are using our.champions or our ymca programs.specifically we've had a number of.families who who have.received financial assistance who may.not have had a.another means to provide for their child.during the day and so that that that's.come through pretty clearly that way.they i think that what has been the the.learning for us.specifically has been in trying to.coordinate.the classroom instruction where it's.coming from you know we might have.for example five or six or seven third.graders.in child care at a certain site many.from different teachers maybe within the.same building or actually from.from different buildings and so.helping our champion staff and helping.our ymca staff.support those students with different.lessons and different activities going.on simultaneously.i think is something that we anticipated.but.but maybe not comprehensively and so.we've adjusted by.having a kind of a point person a.contact person in the building that.that ymca or champion staff can go to.for for questions and to kind of liaison.with the teachers.have we gotten any additional feedback.as to because when you say it's a couple.of hundred students that actually.that number surprises me just candidly.given the availability of the program.any thoughts as to why the utilization.isn't higher.or is it about what you expected it to.be when the program was designed.i think i expected a lot larger numbers.may that may have come from concern that.we would just wouldn't.simply have space for the number of.families that might need it based on.survey information we did.back in june over the summer time.ymca and champions who have been more in.touch with families who have reached out.and inquired about the programming.um have have stated that families have.kind of talked about sort of holding and.waiting until maybe we got into.later stages this year like being able.to.to make make it work from home from.their perspective for a while.waiting to see how things go before.actually enrolling in.in the program so i do think that of the.families that that maybe.thought they needed child care back in.june uh some family.some parents have you know their their.work schedules may have changed or they.were able to.we're aware of families that have potted.their children.together in the neighborhood and.therefore didn't need.ymca or champion so lots of reasons why.they may not have.engaged in it but um you know our.numbers are a bit lower than i.than i than we prepared for.all right thank you um and my last.question.is um going back to the block schedules.so if i remember correctly when we first.introduced this i guess it was.when we outlined the return to learn.plan last last meeting.the decision to go to the block schedule.was not dependent upon.returning back to the schools correct.it was for other reasons.so we looked at a number of things about.the block schedule for the secondary.level i assume you're.speaking to yes so we um.so when we looked at coming back to.school we wanted to try to lessen the.number of passing periods and times when.students would be mixing.and so the best way to to mitigate that.would be to have them go to only half of.their periods each day.which would in decrease their.times when they're passing with each.other and changing courses by half each.day.and so that also though the block.schedule also gives us the opportunity.to have a little more flexibility.at the high school for example with 85.minutes.they can get into zoom and break in the.middle maybe go out to a breakout room.and or do some asynchronous work and.then come back together and have a.discussion and so.hopefully we'll be able to get a little.deeper into some of the.the instruction and the discussions that.are that make that make the courses more.robust.okay so thank you for that so so the.decision wasn't necessarily just about.the ability to to come back into.building because if i remember.when we talked about the need to be.flexible we talked about you know trying.to get students back in the schools.but then at the same time we said we.wanted to make sure that we maintain the.flexibility dan always talks about.fluid the fluid situation so.had we moved forward with what we were.planning on doing.tomorrow right and start that and then.the numbers went south and we had to go.back to.return as opposed to pausing which is.what we're doing now.the plan wasn't to go back to non-block.scheduling right.it was to it was this it was built.around the the.ideals not just about it being about in.person or not in person but around some.of the other benefits that you mentioned.and so therefore if we have to go back.and forth fluid.the block scheduling isn't dependent.upon whether we're in the buildings or.whether we're remote.that's cool the benefits of it weren't.dependent upon that some of the feedback.from students as well we heard was that.um it was a lot of it was overwhelming.in students words to have.to go to each and every class every day.and spend a short time with the.asynchronous work and so.they also felt that it would be more.advantageous as a student.to concentrate on four periods per day.okay so when we evaluate it we'll be.evaluating it holistically not.necessarily about it being.in person versus not but just looking at.the benefits overall.correct okay thank you.did you have another question okay.i think everybody has had one round so.i'll go with a couple of mine and then.we'll start again with our second round.so again i want to thank our.administration for.their quick change that i know that was.required in terms of our health metrics.from our county.so thank you for your quick work on that.in terms of our elementary schedule.um i have a couple concerns that i've.heard from parents specifically today.about the new model um specifically with.regard to the asynchronous time.so i know that we have spoken in terms.of the evaluation.of this being over a couple of weeks.while we're looking at the metrics.however.[Music].as we continue to look at that can we.look.as well at that asynchronous time and.and kind of how.that's working for parents particularly.in the new model where they have.that all lined up kind of in one group.where they don't have you know the.teacher there with them.yeah so we we actually are going to move.pretty quickly um.today in fact i was already speaking.with principals we had a meeting.earlier today to to talk about how.things were going already.um as i was getting feedback and i know.our principals were getting feedback.about about today.it'll be difficult to get a a true.assessment.after a single day or just a couple days.of course but.but we know that our our stage one.schedule and and i think as our parents.have.reflected on today and shared feedback.um in many ways was more effective.in terms of time with teacher and and.engagement with students so those are.things we're going to be.continuing to talk about over the next.couple days with our principals.and also with our educators because as.mr bridges said.our teachers did prepare for this week.and and just moving into.or back into a schedule you know quickly.without any any real plan time won't be.effective as well.so we do need a few days just to just to.look at that and make those adjustments.absolutely and especially with our.teachers changing overnight.we absolutely understand that burden and.i can't frankly i can't even imagine it.coming from their side.so thank you for looking at that and.thank you for incorporating their.feedback.as well as the feedback of the.administrators and the.parents and students another concern i.heard specifically about the elementary.schedule.it's with regard to how we structure.time periods for pi and honors math in.order to be able to be in person with.the fact that there's both fourth and.fifth grades and the same teacher many.times in it.you know in a building working with.those students are we going to be able.to make any adjustment to that during.that time period that we're looking at.it.i don't know yet what those adjustments.will be but that is actually a part of.the conversation we've had.schools have made adjustments.differently.based on the number of children that are.in project idea.and or honors math so so we do have.different schedules based on.the building's enrollment in those.classes as well as the overall schedule.but that is absolutely on the radar for.for continued conversation.thank you and i think um something that.we've heard from parents.as well is like as much feedback as we.can gain where they're able.to express whether it's through a survey.whether it's through.a home and school meeting whatever the.kinds of feedback that we can gain from.parents.especially when they're able to go back.and forth and understand you know kind.of have that question and answer.i think that's really positive.my next question is with regard to the.junior high in high school schedule.so i know that you talked a little bit.about the evaluation that has gone.forward with regard to that model.are we continuing to look at our variety.of courses and how we're going to be.able to.accommodate the amount of time that's.necessary for say.example an ap course that has specific.um you know benchmarks that we have to.meet before those testing in may.um are we are we evaluating that as.we're looking towards.you know you know the pause with the.remote.in terms of if we're going to be able to.make sure that we're able to have that.instructional time for those courses.sure we continually look at those.courses and one of the.i think the black schedule affords us is.not only the 85-minute blocks to spend.some time.with our students who are both.struggling.and not doing well with the e-learning.but also those students are excelling.and need some extension.particularly the ones you mentioned who.may have ap.courses and tests coming up the block.schedule allows us to move fluidly.between the stages as well.so we can get back to in person without.changing our schedule.to a degree and still be able to to.foster those mitigating strategies that.dr igo has talked about.and i believe that when you talk about.students who may need some in person we.are still currently planning to bring.students in.on a small level and some of those may.be students.at those upper level or the lower level.who need just in-person learning or.time to work with teachers individually.labs and things like that.okay so i know that that was allowed for.in the dupage county guidance that they.wanted to.give districts the ability to make the.decisions in that regard so thank you.for that and for continuing to look at.that and frankly.student feedback about how things are.going in this black schedule as well as.the previous.and how things go with when they are.pulled in for in-person i think that's.really important too um.my next question is with regard to the.metrics specifically with regard to.community spread.in terms of the junior high and high.school so looking at our charts.we we note separate mitigation.strategies.for various levels and i know that in.our high school and junior high we we.just.we have a little bit you know more time.where there are passing periods we've.worked to cut them down but they they're.they are available and so i'm kind of.wondering what kinds of things we can.make clear for our junior high and high.school parents about what the metrics.need to be in their.stages in order for us to bring students.back.where there's going to be mixing of.cohorts.yes that's really going to be kind of.dependent upon um.where we are so like within that.moderate high moderate.kind of range in that early stage too.what we're going to do is we're going to.lower the number of kids we have in the.building to down to 25 percent and then.we would have some mixing of groups but.there'll be less mixing because there's.less kids actually in the building.one of the things we've learned from the.health department is that we should not.necessarily be concerned about the.passing periods.that kids are involved in because that.comes quick and we're not necessarily.concerned.but what we really want to be concerned.about is how often they mix with.different students.because remember the virus passes the.longer you're with somebody and the.inner the length of the interaction.grows.so it's really about making sure we.limit the number of students.that a particular child interacts with.during the course of the day.does that make sense yeah okay okay.okay um i'll go on to the next okay.donna.okay so my questions um are kind of.multi-tiered here on schedule so.i just want to make sure the first.question is just reviewing.we're reviewing this schedule and we'll.communicate the schedule if there's a.change by the end of the week for.elementary only.the other schedules the junior high high.school early childhood are staying.the way there is we're not reviewing.those because i just heard right is that.what i've.i'm hearing yep that's correct.that's that's correct for elementary um.we've already begun.you know conversations around the.schedule with acknowledging that.the the schedule for stage two really.was built in part.on in-person learning okay and so.without that piece over the next couple.weeks it'll be important for us to look.at.you know can we make adjustments that.that support our learners our youngest.learners especially.without having to go back and forth.repeatedly.right so we have to also keep our eyes.on the fact that.we hope to bring in-person learning soon.and and we don't want to keep moving.back and forth within those schedules.okay thank you also in regard to the.schedule.can i want to better understand our.instructional minutes for all the levels.and.the from the previous model to this.model.and what's required i know that require.the state requires.the two and a half hours of synchronous.i think that.what was happening as always happens in.203 our teachers went above and beyond.and some of them were doing much more.than that.and so then when we switched into the.new.schedule particularly at the elementary.school i think that some of the parents.felt that there was a.a change in that instructional amount of.time.so i want us to understand at all levels.the instructional minutes and the.changes from previous to current.yeah so for elementary mrs wonkey it is.absolutely that five-hour day and that.is a requirement that we have.with with the guidelines of two and a.half hours of that minimally being.being synchronous so i do believe as.i've been.you know talking with educators with.principals and.and visiting even with families that.have provided feedback that.our teachers have once again gone above.and beyond.and and many of our our learners are.getting far more than that two and a.half hours of synchronous instruction.which was possible in our in our stage.one schedule.so i would never want to tell an.educator to to slow down and.stop giving children more of of what's.good.but but that certainly did create um.i think a dependence and expectation if.you will.that when we move into a a stage two.type of schedule.that that asynchronous time seems like.so much.and it's uh it's more uh compacted.together.as opposed to the the previous schedule.where there was synchronous alternating.with asynchronous time.so really the time is approximately the.same schedule wise but in terms of.execution.and implementation our teachers did go.above and beyond.and when you take into account the.transportation needs or the change.from going fully remote to transporting.students at both the junior high and the.high school level there is minimal loss.of instructional time.40 minutes at the junior high level and.20 minutes at the high school.are you done sorry.okay i guess i have a little bit of a.follow-up since we didn't have.loss at the elementary but we have this.smaller loss and you said due to.transportation it's not.um what was our reasoning or rationale.behind.um those small losses that we had at the.junior high in high school.sure i think we have to take into.account that we're transporting students.at all three levels and so there has to.be a little bit of a give and take but i.think we felt like.moving to in-person learning from fully.remote for our junior high and high.school students.was the best scenario unfortunately.given what we learned today we have put.that on pause but we also believe that.that block schedule.will allow us to start to practice that.block schedule give students.a taste of and and some familiarity with.that block schedule.so that when we can move to in person.and start to move.20 the 25 and or the 50 percent mark.that they are ready to do that and.understand what instruction looks like.in that block model.thank you.joe sorry.regarding the health metrics for.returning.to the classroom.[Music].good to see that the dashboard is going.up and will be updated every week.[Music].if we see things continue to trend.upward.um which is likely looking at.counties around us and the rest of.dupage.um would the return date be updated.regularly as well you know we don't.really want to hold people until.november 2nd if things are still.continuing upward um you will that be.updated weekly also yes that's correct.thank you um and then uh.regarding the 10 percent in schools um.have those students been identified and.are they in school now.or is that still in progress.the answer to that both or yes so some.students have been in they have been.identified.through various methodologies whether.it's our plc teams.whether it's our counselors or other.reasons why students might need some.additional support from our staff.and that 10 percent might be different.from day to day and week to week so.they're continually.re-identifying students as students.begin.to struggle with grades for example or.work completion.or their social emotional well-being.is questioned by staff or other students.for example who are saying.you know a friend of mine is really.struggling and may need some support and.so.we're continually looking for reasons.that students might need support and how.we can do that for them.and that's at both the elementary and at.all levels correct the 10 percent.at elementary because we're really.dependent on a homeroom teacher.who has to provide that instruction.really for students who are.are present and not um we're not after a.10 percent.mark as it is in the secondary we.certainly are bringing in our.our sort of most vulnerable students.that being students who are in our.specialized.classroom programs and and such.and just to follow up on that if there.are students who are really struggling.identified by the classroom teacher or.uh parent or something uh is there a.conversation with the.principal or um you know who who can.parents go to with any of those kinds of.concerns.right that would be with the classroom.teacher and the building principal at.the elementary level yes.thank you.i don't see any other questions on this.side is that correct.okay how about on this side okay.okay sure yeah sorry.okay all right so i i'm sorry i just.want to go back.we are not we are not evaluating our.junior high and high school schedule or.we will continue to evaluate it as we go.forward just based on feedback.we will always be reviewing that.schedule and of course the feedback is.going to be paramount to how our.students and.staff are feeling that it's being.successful.okay thanks okay um.i have a specific question with regard.to the guidance we've received from.dupage county.um how you know what kinds of things.have we learned for them.in terms of what is spreading covet and.what is not spreading and what kinds of.things.i know that not everything is in control.of our community but some things.probably are and so what kinds of things.can we be working on as a community so.that we can arrest the spread.of the disease so that we're able to get.back to school you know uh.part of my opening comments in terms of.requests.for support from the community to help.us get back on track.was addressing that particularly what.they had mentioned was.community-wide county-wide.community-wide lacks wearing of masks.when.walking through populated areas even if.it's outside.but then also in-person gatherings where.social events with sleepovers or large.group gatherings.you know i think we've we've seen some.on social media some.some gatherings of high school kids.without any proper social distancing or.masks.so it's about that vigilance of just.remembering that these.protective mitigation methods are in.place for a reason.uh and that you know in the more we.adhere to the recommendations from the.health department.the page county health department.department of public health.the to mitigate or slow the spread.the quicker the numbers are going to get.back to a place that we can get back in.school so.limiting those in-home gatherings.wearing masks when possible.watching distance and being vigilant.thank you go ahead.okay so now i'm i've got to go back to.the schedules because i'm a little.confused i think i heard two different.things.so the middle school in high school of.course we're always reviewing.to make sure that things are looking the.way they are but.right now the middle school and high.school schedules appear to be.where they're going to be and where.they're going to stay and the elementary.we're still reviewing with lots of more.feedback that's.a little further under review is how i'm.understanding it is that right.that sounds correct yes okay thanks i.just wanted to make sure that i.heard that okay um so.i've heard concerns from the community.um and from.uh some others uh can you please go.through the process.of how i mean our staff is really our.our experts.in out in the field working with the.students can we please review.for the community what the input how.we're seeking input from staff.in this process.yeah we've done that through multiple.ways over the course the development of.our plan.at various points throughout the plan.we've brought groups of educators in.you know to to you know i can recall as.we were talking about stage two.tell us based on your experience what.are some things that need to be in place.to be successful with stage two.groups of educators problem solving.around the table we've used educators to.demo.uh and try out the technology that will.be used as we move into the next phases.so multiple stages along the way we.bring in our principles our educators.to help problem solve and help create.the structure around our plans.and and as you mentioned principles as i.answered this question for a community.member they're constantly seeking input.from their staff and their teachers as.well correct.that's correct okay um the junior high.and high school.end of the day is indicated as support.student support and professional.responsibilities can you give us a.better.understanding of what those times will.look like.with a variety of what activities might.be occurring in those times.of course that is a time when teachers.can meet with students in small groups i.an example of that might be a a group of.students who are working on a project.together that might need.input or feedback from a teacher.individually or maybe on a paper or some.kind of a project that they're working.on.it might be a time to re-teach students.who maybe.fell short of an assessment and need.some re-teaching of some skills or.standards that they might have missed or.not have mastered yet.it might be a time for our special ed.staff to.provide related services and other.additional support for our students with.ieps or 504s.might be time for counselors to work.with students.whether it's college and career related.and or.social emotional related so there's a.multitude of things that staff can do.during that time with students.as well as time for them to discuss.data that they have on students and make.decisions.for instruction moving forward to better.meet the needs of students as they.as they continue through the coursework.so that time could be initiated by a.teacher seeking.to spend extra time with a student or it.could it also be initiated by a student.seeking extra help as well.very definitely two-way two-way.communication okay.and um i have a question from a student.that i'd like to pose um i was asked.just today.if if when we move into into in person.which i know we have a pause on that but.um.are snacks going to be allowed in school.for the high schoolers with their.six-hour day.and or are junior high students with.their like four and a half hour.in-person day allowed to have snacks.in school yes so all of the buildings.have designated an area where students.can stop what they're doing.and have a snack throughout the day if.they should need.especially most importantly if they have.a medical need for that but.even just the regular run-of-the-mill.kid who needs a snack in the middle of.the day that will be some designated.areas for them to.to take part to partaking that but for.the.the community members that are concerned.about that that's not occurring with a.mass coming off in a classroom.that's correct okay thank you.okay additional questions from the board.okay um i know that we did have some.questions from our.um student ambassadors one that was.raised by um william.are you able to address that one from.the with regard to the petition.that he had or no well uh.yeah briefly we take under consideration.any any of our staff members who are.eligible for a disability.and accommodate them as necessary our.human resources department under the.support of our chief human resource.officer bob ross uh and his team meet.with individuals who think they may be.eligible for an accommodation.and then we work with them.collaboratively with them and their.representation to try to design.accommodations that are best for them.i can't talk specifically about any.individual staff question any.accommodations.did you hear that william okay did you.all have either.either of you have any additional.questions no okay.yep so i just want to take a moment to.say.um i i just want to thank our staff.and our superintendent and all of the.teachers and all of the custodians and.support staff and everybody else.working very diligently in all our.buildings i know that.we're moving towards moving students.into the building i know for some.community members we're not moving fast.enough and i appreciate their concerns i.appreciate and hear them.but i really know that we.as a district are exemplary and continue.to be.and i feel that as.the superintendent and the staff um.you know have criticism from the.community members i want the community.to know that we hear that but i want to.lift up the community the staff and the.superintendent.for all that they've done because i.don't believe any other district.is doing it any better and i just feel.like it's important that we.recognize the long amount of hours and.time spent into this plan.and thinking about students on behalf of.the board as well.we all have students foremost in our.minds with every decision and i want to.just thank.dan and the staff thank you.i think the whole board would like to.associate themselves with those comments.because we all agree that there has.been an enormous amount of work from our.superintendent.his team and our educators and all our.staff to.go through this process together and we.really are united.in ensuring that we're able to look at.serving each of our students and.families the best that we can and we.know that this has been enormous.challenges.and we appreciate all of your hard work.to overcome those challenges.so thank you on behalf of the whole.board.okay so we will move then.to our next item and that is.sorry my screen went to sleep.we're going to talk about the fy 2021.2022 budget calendar.which is loaded for the board's review.we're in the process chief financial.officer mike francis in the process of.working toward building the budget.for the coming school year i'll be happy.to address any questions regarding that.calendar.are there questions from the board with.regard to the fiscal 2021-2022 budget.calendar.okay then great so we'll move on then to.our enrollment update item 8.06.another annual report is a presentation.to the board of education of our.enrollment summary for.uh the current year so we have posted.for you memorandum summarizing the.enrollment for the current school year.as well as an overall enrollment summary.and chuck freund stephanie posey or mike.francis any additional comments.other than what's in the memo.not not more than what's in the memo no.we have to answer any questions you have.regarding the enrollment summary.questions for the board regarding the.enrollment summary.oh okay charles i'm sorry it's hard for.me to see your hand down no it's okay no.worries.not not so much a question but a comment.and i i apologize.um is there a way to put a.column on the right hand side that just.does the math for me i mean i can do it.if i really need to but.it'd just be helpful to kind of.understand the trends unless i'm missing.that.yeah i guess we can do that in the.future.uh mr bridges i would like to make one.comment yeah additional comment we will.um.we will be engaging with dr coffran or.we're.recommending to engage with dr cochran.again uh this year to update the.financial projections.he'll be using the september september.30th.uh enrollment data that that's in the.report.as well as updated live birth.information.to update those financial projections.and we'll be using those.as one data point to help make us make.staffing.recommendations to the board next spring.thank you obviously it's concerning to.see our enrollment be down.um i know that um we expected that on.our high school level.um to what degree i'm not sure but we.want to try to continue to see that our.trends are.more consistent with what we've seen.through the studies.previously and yeah.any other comments or questions from the.board.okay all right so then we'll go on to.the annual posting of board approved.resources.before we do that we're going to do an.assessment overview oh i'm sorry.i'm sorry i didn't mean to skip it dr.patrick noelner our assistant.superintendent for assessment and.accountability is going to provide an.overview.board of education on the status of the.illinois report cards.as you're aware as a result of the.suspension of in-person instruction last.march.assessment looks a little bit different.this year on a state level so patrick.will provide the board with an overview.of the report card.patrick good evening board of education.superintendent bridges.pleasure that i bring forward to an.update of our.status of assessment accountability on.the next slide.some of the outcomes i want to highlight.have to do with the.future status of the illinois report.card the identification of summative.designation statuses for the year we.just completed.i want to talk a little bit about what.we've completed in future assessment.activities.and then lastly i'll hit on the.clarification of next steps for us.next slide as in years past the illinois.report card will be.embargoed until in this case it's.october 30th.noon on october 30th that's central time.at that point i've conveniently included.the um.the url so that you could take a look at.our data and any other public school.district data.in the state of illinois there's data in.there that's not available because of.the fact that we went into.remote last year we were unable to.administer.our accountability assessments including.the iar.the sat the psat and so on and so forth.so you'll.glaringly absolutely miss achievement.and growth data from last spring right.so this is the time of year.when we would be releasing and talking.about how fabulously we did.based on last year's results.unfortunately none of that information.is available.as well as anything that we have about.achievement gap or five essential.climate survey results as well there is.some data in there and it's as clean as.i promise you i can get it around.attendance.graduation rate on track in terms of.ninth graders on track and then.mobility as well and just to stress.inoculate you a little bit we didn't see.massive changes on any of those metrics.so when you go in there.on october 30th and you take a look at.some of the information we provide.you can be confident that that.information is as accurate as possible.and it's relatively.stable too on the next slide.the here's the story with summative.designations if you remember.a few years ago the state of illinois.under essa's.accountability plan decided to basically.identify schools based on a variety of.metrics and i listed some of the.some of the pieces up there proficiency.that's percent of students that meet or.exceed standards.the growth from year to year absenteeism.rate english learner proficiency.progress.climate survey ninth grade on track grad.rate etc.none of that because it was unavailable.last year due to covid.the state has graciously decided to.advance the prior years summative.designations to.every district in the state of illinois.so those will be identified as the.school year 20.summit of designation statuses so the.great news is.we continue to be the highest performing.unit district.not just large unit but the highest.performing lar unit district in the.state of illinois.um and we have the highest number of.exemplary schools.in the state of illinois where across.any any district size.and just as a reminder we had 12 last.year that were exemplary.and nine were commendable none were.lower than that rating and and read.if you're wondering anne reed does not.receive a designation.only because of the type of school on.the next slide.so far we've been able to finish the.september 23rd 2020.s.a.t administration that was given to.most all seniors at our high schools.successfully we are starting to see the.results from that i know a few of you.might wonder well how did we do on that.as soon as we have an intact clean data.set we'll take a look at that.and compare it to um the last time we.gave this test to juniors in the spring.so also on the 14th of october we.administered the psat nmsqt.to all juniors both high schools.successfully we'll probably get those.results.late november early december we'll do.the same type of analysis compare that.to.last year's on-time psat nmsqt.administration.and then lastly we've been kind of.moving forward since the summer.administering psa i'm sorry nwa map.growth reading and math.to students not all students a subset of.students new students for whom we don't.have.academic records potentially.or academically talented student as well.as students that are considered at risk.and that's across k well.across elementary through high school on.the next slide.here's the future plan of course the.first bullet is contingent on in-person.instruction and.and as at this point you know where that.is our plan is to administer.kindergarten through eighth grade census.which means all students.reading and mathematics upon the return.to and learn in person learning.and then we'll do a final assessment you.know if we're.able to in may we're not doing the.traditional three times a year.the fall winter spring it's going to.turn into a winter spring.type of situation for us accessory ll's.if you're interested that's the.accountability assessment we're mandated.to.administer to students that are el.eligible it makes.it helps us make determinations of who.continues to need.english language services who's.proficient who's ready to exit and so on.and so forth that.is scheduled for january february we're.proceeding as though that will happen.we're prepared to administer that.if the conditions permit and then of.course the illinois assessment of.readiness that's our english language.arts and mathematics.accountability measure we administer.that to most third through eighth.graders in april thankfully pearson won.the award.and so we're hopefully if we're able to.do this continuing with the same product.which requires less professional.learning for staff.on how to give the test and how to set.up and things like that.the next slide dynamic learning maps.that's a test that's administered to.less than 100 students in this district.it's an ela math and science assessment.third through 11th grade it's given to.students for whom you.for developmental reasons couldn't.administer.like a traditional iar or in the past i.sat.and then lastly we're poised to.administer the illinois science.assessment that's our.that's the state required um next.generation science standards aligned.assessment that's given to 5th.8th and 11th grade students and we're.set to give that in.april as well on the the next.two pieces we are as under typical.conditions ready to administer the psat.eight nine it's we're not giving it to.eighth graders we're giving it to ninth.graders.and then the psat 10 and then the sat to.freshmen.sophomores and juniors in the spring and.then lastly.we're in close contact it's pretty much.weekly at this point with the college.board.having conversation with them about the.format of.ap testing i know a lot of parents are.interested in that and students are as.well.they are at this point flexibly.preparing to possibly administer.um in person as well as virtually and.they're actually seeking our input.into what we from a from the classroom.level perspective would find more.desirable.you know that decision might be dictated.by outside factors beyond our.control and the last summary slides.really next steps of course we know.we continue our work to do with respect.to achievement gaps.despite the fact that we can't assess.directly in a formal way we knew we do.know that they exist.and we continue to obviously focus on.evaluating and identifying needs at.multiple levels in the district we're.proceeding with the academically gifted.and talented.identification process i know that's of.interest to parents.and we're really limited to actually.doing that in a large broad scale way.when there's in-person.instruction of course we'll keep you.informed related to any changes with.respect to accountability.we've been told by the us department of.education that.the expectation right now under the.current administration is that these.tests will be administered there will.not be waivers this spring for.accountability tests of course you know.um many things could change this and.other things could change after november.3rd so.there could be a shift in direction and.you know we stay closely connected to.the people that you know hear the.decision making around that issue.and then lastly mike francis is going to.do the traditional site-based.expenditure.reporting portion of the essa required.accountability piece probably at a.future date when he does a financial.update.so that concludes my quick uh overview.of where we are unless you had any.questions i'd be happy to answer.thank you for the report on the.assessment and the report card.questions from the board.paul on our next steps you talk about.proceeding with any variety of tests.assuming we go back into brick and.mortar.do you have a proposed calendar for that.or are we go are we going to go along.the lines of what previous calendars.used to be.or will there be adjustments um.tragically this afternoon i distributed.a calendar.a few hours before we we made the shift.and so there is a calendar in place.that's been distributed to all.schools all administrators we've.included.a variety of staff that are involved in.that process.it was and we're flexible you know we we.have it set up we've incorporated and.built in.the timeline around doing nwa map growth.as well as the gifted and talented.identification process so.you know we'll we'll be nimble we'll.we'll we'll be flexible with respect to.the time we have.obviously it's probably going to look a.little bit different uh.time frame wise so should interested.parents.communicate to the their school's.principal and administration.or um we're gonna just we're gonna.that's a great question we're gonna.we're we will communicate tomorrow with.principals about next steps given the.fact that we're.you know taking an adaptive pause at.this point so yeah they should reach out.but we'll also be sending out probably.some district level.information as well in terms of next.steps we anticipated doing that.until obviously the last minute shift.thank you.yep.okay i don't see any additional.questions from the board is that correct.okay i just the one thing i just want to.highlight i know that we have gone on.this pause but.um it is um.so essential that we're able to get our.students assessed.so i know that and i say that to you and.to dan.you know just in terms of having our.educators have the tools they need.and our administrators i am very.concerned.about the exacerbation of achievement.gaps through.remote learning and i know our board is.as well.and so the the more quickly that we can.get that data i know that we.you know when we go back we may you know.as our data has shown just from the past.two weeks.things can change in a week things can.change in two weeks and so the more that.we can get that factored in as soon as.we get our kids back to school i think.that we really need that benchmark.um so that we can work from there and.just work on growing.so can i just make a comment of course.of course i'm sorry i wish i had a.question.well you know the assessment person is.of course going to endorse.testing more but um i just want to.acknowledge that teachers are assessing.kids.and so i don't want to paint a picture.as though these are the only tests that.we use or understand or interpret to.make decisions so.you know full credit to the people that.are trying to make this happen meant.you know through in a virtual context.right now so there we do.have an understanding of where students.are may not be optimal but.you know what i mean absolutely and.thank you for pointing that out that is.absolutely true.you know just in terms of us going.forward as a district i'm trying to be.able to you know determine.how we go forward and how we um you know.work with students.to um continue to build.the standards that they may have missed.out on last year or this time.you know that that's where that that.knowledge i think will really help.okay any other questions okay so then we.now we will go to the annual posting of.board approved resources.okay this is just the annual.notification of the board of education.in the community of the posting of our.approved k-12 educational resources uh.if there are any questions.our director of curriculum instruction.jennifer donatelli is here she'll be.able to respond to those for you.questions from the board i do have a.question there's been.there's been a couple of resources that.i've had parents come.with concerns about in terms of their.level of cultural responsibility and i.know that we're auditing our curriculum.but some of these resources um you know.have.some areas that you know parents may be.concerned about.how are we going to assist our educators.in ensuring that we.are if we have material that we may be.evaluating as a part of the equity audit.that those teachers have the um you know.context.um and are able to deliver the context.to their classes during the time period.that they're still on our curriculum.list.and you know perhaps they may be phased.out as a part of a part of the process.perhaps.not but during the time period right now.where we haven't finished our curriculum.audit.how are we addressing concerns when.they're raised by parents.it is oh there it is it is on i just had.to touch it.um that's a fantastic question and.we are going to in collaboration.learning services and collaboration with.rakita leaks is continuing to work with.our midwest and plains equity center.and rakita and i have had conversations.about.designing some professional learning for.staff and.addressing some of those concerns with.the texts and ensuring that we are.you know able to are that our teachers.feel confident.in in you know handling and addressing.certain content in texts and that.they're comfortable with.you know engaging in conversations with.students.about those different areas.did my text go out sorry i wonder if my.microphone went out does that help.answer.the question yeah were you did you have.something dr leaks.yes i was just going to add that we want.to help build teachers capacity.um to be able to effectively.you have those conversations with with.students.some teachers right now would like to.have that type of.support and professional development and.so as.jenny donatelli just just mentioned we.are.collaborating on that in partnership.with the midwestern plains equity.assistance center okay.so just reiterating what she stated.thank you and i know that there.that that's a long process with the.midwest equity center and that it's.probably even maybe a little slower.right now because of all the other.things that we have going on.but i really appreciate the efforts that.you are undertaking to ensure that our.educators have the support that they.need.so that when they are handling these.kinds of texts that they have that.ability to provide the context with.their students so their students are.able to ensure that.their teachers understand their needs.and understand their experiences.as they're going through this kind of.class work.any other questions from the board okay.then we will go on to the president's.report i do not have a president's.report this evening.so we will move on to board of education.reports item.8.10 board of education reports.paul.i've been receiving a lot of.communications from.community members a large amount of.specifically doctors who are interested.in perhaps forming some form of some.kind of advisory committee.regarding pandemic issues i was.wondering if the board or the.superintendent.would be interested in listening to that.group.if they were to forward an opinion much.like we have a.a finance advisory board.so we do have a medical advisory board.in place already.we can get some background information.for the board of education.and the role that it plays for us and.i'll report that for the board.okay so we'll move on to discussion.without action we do not have discussion.without action this evening.so we'll move to item 10 discussion with.action item 10.01 iasb.resolutions okay the board had asked for.input from the.administration regarding a couple of the.resolutions particularly number two and.seven.um when we left the last meeting so i.think we reaffirmed that.we do support the committee's.recommendation on resolution number two.and we find that the the most.significant rationale for that is the.iasb's role.and position statement tend to deal.directly with issues that happen inside.the school district.so for that reason we feel to be.consistent.excuse me on item number seven you know.our tendency is to.you know usually kind of support more of.that idea of local control.but in terms of the way this one.particularly is written it does create.some.opportunity for the discrepancy and.differences around the state.uh if there's not consistency from an.overall governing body so.um while we do tend to support local.control we're open to uh the board.taking a position of.uh not supporting this recommendation.and so we'll support the board's.position on that.okay so thank you for those.recommendations um.comments and questions from the board.discussion about.our board positions on regard with.regard to the resolutions.i see charles's hand yeah sorry so just.a question can you repeat.the uh administration position on number.seven again for me i'm sorry.yeah we tend to favor a support of local.control but in terms of the way this.particular resolution is written it.could be a little.could cause from a little bit too much.um.discrepancy within the state and.uncertainty on on.decision making by more local so we.would be open to the.you know if the board felt on this when.there was some discussion last time some.board members.were hesitant to support the committee's.recommendation so we could go with that.recommendation.so on two you're recommending to go with.the committee's recommendations.seven years recommending to not uh to.seven were.indifferent oh got it okay.oh sorry janet on number seven.uh one of the open questions we had from.last time was uh whether.essentially are we reading it as is like.just the the.be it resolved that statement or do we.also.um take in the district ration now which.you know they're we talked about they.are a bit.at odds with each other.so i think we were asking um you know in.what manner would this resolution be.lobbied.like as written or as written in the.district rationale did we happen to look.at.what what would be the case there.i'm sorry i don't understand your.question uh.so what we discussed two weeks ago was.that the.resolution just the the very formal.resolution um.seemed like something that was already.in place and so a few of us i think.said that the resolution seemed.reasonable.but then when we read the district.rationale that's underneath it.that you know doesn't i don't think.usually appears.in these statements you know later on.the district rationale seems actually at.odds with.the formal resolution so we.were so an open question we had was.will this resolution be lobbied as.written.or will it be lobbied as written with.the district rationale.i'm not i would turn it over to a board.member who served as a delegate.joe do you know from any of your.conversations with the.um you know the various.isb staff and the submitting districts.what the intention is with regard to.this resolution.i don't know.[Music].exactly what what the answer to that is.our first meeting about these.specifically is going to be next week.so i may have more information after.some of those discussions.when do we have to have these positions.taken i'm trying to think.when is your voting this summer's not.until.mid-november the um 14th.so we could vote on these um on november.7th.or november 2nd.i would be i don't i'm i'm interested to.hear from the rest of the board but.i think the more information we have the.better in my opinion.in terms of the rationale for this i my.concern with.local control pandemic with regard to.number seven.is that i would be concerned.if if that would put isb in a situation.where they would be trying to.should there be a statewide declaration.lobby against it.um i think that you're right we have a.regional approach right now and so.looking at it at the top when it talks.about the regional approach we have the.regional approach so it seems like it.would be supportive of the regional.um but i in terms of their rationale.right there where they're specifically.talking about.the local control it appears that they.are looking for more than that.and so i guess i would be more.interested to hear how that's.interpreted and what that would mean.that.isb would be lobbying for likewise.um i think that the speakers that have.spoken on behalf of resolution.have made a compelling case in terms of.um.you know the things that we are already.handling in the school context with.regard to.um active shooter drills etc and that.the.the idea that um you know.those types of concerns are already in.the school building.however i am somewhat sympathetic to the.fact that.isb is carrying a lot of burdens for us.right now we.are all maxed out on pandemic return to.learn and when we get back to school.we'll be looking at disparities in.educational outcomes.and a whole manner of different things.assessments school calendar.etc all looking at mitigating those.losses.and so i guess i would also be concerned.what kinds of things you hear on the.call about that joe.in terms of isb's level to carry the.water here.um i think without a doubt we want safe.schools and so.in theory we all support the we you know.we all support any actions that we can.take to make our schools safer.um but i would be interested to hear um.how overwhelmed they feel with our.legislative burden and whether or not.they can take that on at this time.yeah i can uh report back after that.would the rest of the world be okay.since we do have the time until later in.november.if we would not take action this evening.on the resolutions.and wait until after joe has his meeting.okay so how do we do that then do we um.put emotion to table.do i need a motion to table that action.oh excuse me donna sorry.um i'm fine with delaying it but um i.think that the reason that number seven.is clouded.is because if we think about the.timeline of when joe was writing the.resolution on behalf of our district and.we think about.what number seven was written in that.same timeline.so when they wrote the resolution the.timeline.illinois was being treated as one state.and.as the governor's orders were dictated.to the whole state.and then as you remember then we changed.into.very large regions where we were still.associated with uh cook county even the.counter colle.even our counties and then later we were.just it was.changed again so the regional approach.was something that came.i'm i'm pretty sure significantly after.this was written.so that's why i think we have some.confusion but i think.the spirit of it is in the district.rationale and that's where my concerns.are.is in the spirit of it.so joe can you get a real good handle.for us on that so that we know whether.what we're supporting yeah i mean i i.also said.uh last time um that i didn't think the.wording of number seven added anything.even if we did support it.um it's not.going to be something different than.than we're.doing right now um and so.really the only there could only be.negatives.really by supporting it um in addition.to your meeting.i also have the isb um large district.board presidents meeting on friday so.anything i can discover as a part of.that i believe it's with tom bertrand.and some of the other groups.or some of the other staff from that so.anything i could discover as a part of.that i also will.and i will specifically address our.concerns so.between those two we should have a.little bit more information christine.just as we're talking just for um.more to think about until we do vote on.these.i have something in the back of my head.that even if like a resolution.is adopted that the wording of it is and.this might be tracking with.um what we're already saying the wording.of it could end up.somewhat different once it's actually.spot.if a sponsor picks it up and.there could be some iterations from the.way the resolution was written and what.we had.voted on to what a bill could actually.look like.correct correct okay so i'm just.i'm i'm thinking not only with number.seven but with number two.that in life so for me right now if we.were voting tonight.i would want to adopt number two.um with the idea that that wording could.change to where.it's it could get narrowed down to where.it's more of an iasb.topic i guess does that make sense like.i'm not sure what you mean by that like.so i'm just thinking.that like with number two the resolution.is worded a certain way with gun storage.and one of the concerns that we have is.that it's not really an iasb.um topic to take on.on our own but the way things kind of.as the the resolution would go through.all of the processes of becoming a bill.or eventually becoming law it could.end up being a little bit different so.then it might then.sort of morph into something that iasb.would take on does it so.it's just more i'm just making sure that.i'm sort of thinking through.how that process could change a little.bit change the wording and the.the meaning i'm thinking through this.out loud too i'm sorry.no i think i think you're absolutely.right the legislation.changes from the resolution the.resolution though.isn't unable to be changed so like that.that's the weird part of this process.they aren't able to.modify the language and i think um.in in specific with regard to isb.i would love it if isb had additional.partners in going forward with this not.just carrying it on their own but.i also acknowledge the importance of the.um the subject matter.you know our responsibilities and in.that regard already.so um go ahead donna i'm sorry.so i spent an enormous amount of time.researching.um gun storage in illinois today more.than i.you know have thought about and um it's.interesting to me that this resolution.would have us advocate for legislation.um is the beginning of it and there is.currently a house bill.in illinois 2254 that is.even stronger wording than this.resolution.as far as it looks to.not just to lock not just a lock.container but inaccessible or unusable.to.any other person not just the 14 the age.14 or an under but to any other person.and the violations that they go into.range then based on if it's a minor who.you know 14 years or younger so.i almost think that this is a ready in.process.it's just a matter of more individuals.locally reaching out to their.legislators as you.as we would and encouraging our.legislators to move forward on this and.so.i feel like a commitment to this.resolution is.not part of what we want to charge the.iasb with but i feel a personal.commitment that i will reach out to my.legislator.and make sure that i they know that i.support the house bill 2254.going forward so i feel like that's a.maybe a better approach for.um people to take as far as getting.getting this to the point where it needs.to be because this is almost weaker.than what that bill is that is in.sitting right now.in legislation so and it's gone back to.the.rules committee but i feel like i don't.want to take a step backwards either.you know so of course with every.congress.or whatever convening of the general.assembly they would reintroduce it so it.could be that it would be modified.during that process because we'd have.that.that new crop of legislators.okay however let's go back to our.discussion.about gaining additional context from.both the isb.um large president's luncheon and the.joe's.virtual seminar with regard to the.general resolutions process.and um i would entertain a motion to.table.item 10.01 until our next meeting i.moved to table.item 10.01 second.emotion in a second i heard please call.the role mrs patton.lee young aye kazminsky aye.fitzgerald aye.yang rohr aye wonky aye.okay the motion passes we will table.this discussion until our next board.meeting.okay at this point we will move on to.item 11 which is old business we do not.have any old business.so we'll move on to item 12 new business.we do not have any new business.and so we'll move on to item 13 schedule.of events.next board of education meeting is.scheduled for monday november 2nd.as mentioned earlier in our presentation.not on this calendar but we on october.26 we'll make sure that we update uh the.covid uh.dashboard on our website and an update.to the community on where our metrics.are stand will stand.and i'd also like to highlight that the.november three has been declared a.holiday and there will be no student.attendance or staff working on that day.and that was mandated by our state that.november third attendance correct.that the fact that we have the the no.school day that was mandated by our.legislature.okay uh so we're through our schedule of.event that means we are to item 14.item 1401 motion to adjourn i will.entertain a motion to adjourn.i move to adjourn second.emotion in a couple seconds are heard um.all those in favor.aye aye all right okay the motion passes.

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