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How to leverage The Form100 Calendar Year 2019 Navajo Tax Commission ?

what's going on everybody this is Jeff.with living in Arizona and today we are.going to touch on the subject of taxes.so a lot of you guys have asked.questions about house taxes in Arizona.and that's why we're going to touch on.this subject we've actually pulled data.from kipling juror and business magazine.and we're going to be reporting on what.we discover about the taxation rate here.in Arizona so if you're excited about.this video go ahead and crush up the.likes what's going on Chuck Miller so.we're also going to talk about auto.registration and doing business here in.the state of Arizona and where it ranks.against the rest of the nation so if.you're new to this channel also you can.subscribe and turn on the bell if you.want to keep up with these live feeds.when they happen let's go ahead and dive.in here and talk about this so if you.are a person say living in I don't know.one of these states so the most tax.friendly States let's just give them to.you like that how about that so.Washington Nevada Arizona Alaska Wyoming.South Dakota North Dakota Florida and.New Hampshire.so Arizona is among the top states that.are the most friendly in terms of.Kipling jurors overall ranking the worst.states to beat to be in if you don't.like taxes Nebraska Kansas Iowa.Wisconsin Illinois Ohio Pennsylvania New.York Connecticut and New Jersey believe.it or not California is not considered.the worst so Illinois is actually I.think Illinois ranked is the worst state.for taxation so here's here's a way that.I'm going to put this okay if you are.living in a place like steak Queen Creek.which is where I'm at and say your.household income is fifty-one thousand.dollars and you are married okay so you.make fifty-one thousand dollars a year.and you're living in southeast Phoenix.you would pay a 12% marginal tax to the.federal to the Fed and you would pay.five point six three at that tax rate.2882 dollars would be your taxable.income.FICO would be three thousand nine.sixteen state would be 993 at a 1.94 and.then so your total tax liability would.be seven thousand seven ninety one and.you would be left with forty-three.thousand dollars so that just puts.things into perspective but I'm going to.go a step further and I'm going to.actually give you the the totals of the.state income our state taxes across the.board right so if you're living in.Arizona which is considered one of the.most tax friendly States believe it or.not this is what it says on Kiplinger as.of october 2000 19 while the grand.canyon state doesn't does it does have.an income tax the rates are notably low.if you're a joint filer you won't hit.the top tax bracket until your income is.over three hundred and eighteen thousand.dollars helping earn a Arizona a place.among Kipling jurors top ten most tax.friendly States the tax on gasoline is.also one of the country's lowest so sale.tax taxes lien high though in some.cities tax groceries so what they're.saying is the inka of the income taxable.is low but where they kind of get you.here is on sales tax so sales tax five.point six percent state levy so that's.the state tax but where they get you.even further is depending on your city.tax so localities can add as much as.five point six percent to that but the.average combined levy is eight point.three nine according to the Tax.Foundation many cities in Arizona levy a.tax on food for home consumption like.Tempe for example one point eight.percent Scottsdale one point six five.percent Phoenix and Mesa are notable.exceptions so do you want to check your.cities when you move there into Phoenix.or Arizona you want to check the city's.tax so it's five point six percent flat.rate but your city could tax as much as.they're saying five point six percent so.income income tax range on the low end.two point five nine high end five point.four four five for effective tax rate.two point seven seven for single filers.three.to for for joint filers so motor get uh.motor fuel taxes gasoline nineteen cents.per gallon tax okay.diesel 27 cents property tax in Arizona.Arizona residents pay an average of.seven hundred and fifty four dollars in.taxes per one hundred thousand dollars.of assessed home value so vehicle taxes.sales taxes due rate depends on home.address of buyers Arizona levies and.annual tax based on cars sticker price.and age the assessment is at 60% of the.MSRP that price reduced by sixteen point.two five percent for each year so if.you're one of those people driving a you.know a GMC Chevy Yukon 2019 expect to.pay a pretty high registration fee if.you're one of those people who's driving.a 2011 Honda Civic you're probably not.going to be getting hit too hard by.Arizona registration so it depends on.the MSRP of your vehicle and also some.other variables that play into here like.you'll see though the rate is $2.99 for.four new vehicles two dollars and eighty.cents for used vehicles for each $100 of.assessed value Wow.that's kind of an interesting metrics.they're using for example for a new car.they cost twenty five thousand dollars.the first year assessed value would be.fifteen thousand dollars and the VLT.would be four hundred and twenty dollars.so a twenty-five thousand dollar car.you're looking at if it's a new car it.would be assessed value at sixty percent.fifteen thousand dollars you would pay.four hundred twenty dollars in.registration so hopefully that makes.sense then they have this thing called.the syntax right so for those of you who.are into cigarettes tobacco smoke less.tobacco snuff cigars beer wine liquor.I'll go ahead and go through that so.cigarettes tax two dollars per pack so.wherever you're at find out the the.normal price of it the cigarettes and.then add two dollars to it depending on.where you're at they also tax all.for snuff chewing tobacco and smoking.tobacco it's 0.5 cents to 22 cents per.ounce cigars 22 cents or two dollars and.twenty cents per cigar beer 16 cents per.gallon 184 cents per gallon liquor 3.dollars per gallon okay I'm trying to.move fast because it's kind of dry but.taxes on your wireless service this is.always a tax that really irritates me.twelve point five seven percent.inheritance and estate tax there is none.so that's kind of good.I'm gonna check some of the comments.real quick because I'm moving fast here.so we've got 13 people who crushed up.the likes thirty people watching I'm.going to be answering some of your.questions talk about the businesses.surprise Tennessee didn't make the best.list I'm surprised too California is not.in the United States says Chuck Miller.lucky enough I'm tax exempt I am 100%.disabled by Veterans Affairs I don't.think we should pay taxes I retired at.36 years old I would never ever pay.taxes to those people again.okay so Jason I live in Illinois enough.said yeah Illinois was rated one of the.worst states for taxes surprisingly that.low gas tax is misleading though because.gas is high in Arizona at around $3 per.gallon many places in US or around 239.okay.Tennessee zero income tax nine point.five percent sales tax so see they kind.of get you on the other end like Nevada.like you know Darlene says well this.kind of tax polygamy is not looking so.bad just joking for nephal age Allah.says yay no tax on inheritance there you.go so that's kind of cool.now if your business if you're looking.to do business here and you want to know.where the best states are to do business.well I'll say Arizona does not rank in.the top ten for that but I'll tell you.the top ten states to do business.Wyoming is number one they have a.corporate tax rate of 0% individual.income tax of 0% sales tax rate of 4% so.we've heard about this there's a lot of.people who have considered moving to.Wyoming just to have a company it used.to be that if you had a Delaware court.remember del corpse those were really.popular but we'll see where Delaware.ranks on this list of small businesses.for best for to form an LLC number two.is Alaska number three South Dakota.number four Florida number five Nevada.number six Montana number seven New.Hampshire Utah Oregon and Indiana the.worst states to form an LLC New Jersey.California New York Connecticut.Minnesota Ohio Maryland Louisiana.Vermont Iowa I was just not looking very.good for any reason why would anyone.live in Iowa I was I don't know it's not.like on this tax list Iowa just doesn't.rank very good and also it's not a very.pleasant place to be I don't think.because there's nothing in Iowa I mean.corn literally that's all I remember.about Iowa so the fact that it's also.over taxing they should take them a.lesson from Wyoming actually Arizona.just kind of ranks in the middle of the.pack I would say the thing about having.a business in Arizona that I don't like.is every three months you have to file.with the state and that is annoying I.like one of those states where at the.end of the year you file Hawaii also did.that where you have to file every.quarter so I just didn't care for that.thanks to the 17 people who crushed up.the likes I know this is a boring.subject a lot of people don't really.care for tax like videos it had to be.done because people were asking and.that's where we're at now Baja girl.notice you are wearing a long-sleeve.shirt this is the weather we have been.waiting for gas prices do suck here yeah.I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt but it's.it's like a gym shirt it's really it's.kind of thin I just like wearing.long-sleeve shirts especially these thin.ones but if I was wearing a sweater that.means we've officially entered cold it.was a beautiful day again today I'm not.just saying that to rub it in I'm saying.it was a beautiful day you can.incorporate if you pay a lawyer in.Wyoming so Chuck saying if you hire a.lawyer you can still live in Arizona and.have a Wyoming corporation so that's.pretty cool no thanks for that Chuck.elderly people are losing their homes or.moving because the property taxes here.are so high it says Darlene let's let's.tile that.a little bit more why is so if you're.trying to retire in Arizona okay so in.terms of being a retiree in Arizona.actually most tax friendly states for.retirees Nevada Mississippi Alaska.Georgia Florida Pennsylvania Kentucky.New Hampshire the step below that is tax.friendly and those tax friendly states.for retirees are Washington Texas.Louisiana South Carolina Alabama.Tennessee Virginia Arizona is what you.consider mixed so it's not it's it's not.the best and it's not the worst it's.just middle of the pack so the Grand.Canyon State is a major retirement.destination with plenty of sunshine and.low personal income tax rates at four.point four point five four percent.Social Security benefits are exempt as.is up to twenty five hundred of some.retirement income the shadow on this.picture stiffs sales taxes which in many.places are also levied on groceries so.she was saying something about property.tax so here's what it says about.property tax the median property tax on.Arizona home value of one hundred and.sixty seven thousand or one hundred.sixty seven thousand dollars is one.thousand three hundred fifty six so if.your median home value is there about.two hundred thousand you'd be looking at.around fifteen to sixteen hundred.dollars and if you were to double that.make it a four hundred thousand dollar.house you'd be looking at almost four.thousand dollars a year in state taxes.so that's pretty high huh tax breaks for.seniors homeowners who also who are at.least 65 years old have resided in their.primary residence for at least two years.and fall between certain income limits.for 2018 the owner of a property must.have a total income of thirty six.thousand dollars or less and multiple.owners of a property have a combined.income of forty five thousand dollars or.less so this is if you're 65 65 years.and older make less than forty five.thousand dollars as a.couple can apply to the Assessor by.September first to have a valuation of.the property frozen for three years that.frit freeze can be renewed every third.year homeowners who are at least 70.years old have either resided in their.primary residence for at least six years.or have lived in the state for at least.ten years and do not receive more than.ten thousand dollars of taxable income.so there are some workarounds for the.elderly in Arizona but like I said it's.considered a mixed mixed bag a mixed.review for whether or not it's a.retirees best place to go so we have 23.up likes thank you everyone up liked it.and yeah though the people are saying.taxes or not really what I want to talk.about tonight and I apologize then we.had to touch on this subject I know it's.not a fun one I don't really look.forward to ever talking to my tax guy.because they're always gonna say this.and that about how much have I liked it.when I used to think when I was when I.work for someone I'd always get a tax.return although there's a silver lining.with that because that means all year.I've been paying tax will income into.that right so anyways guys thanks.everybody crushed up the likes and watch.these videos and drop a comment below.asking me to make a video this one comes.by way of recommendation and request so.I shall see you guys next time.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Form100 Calendar Year 2019 Navajo Tax Commission online

CocoSign is a browser based app and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the most useful method to e-sign their Form100 Calendar Year 2019 Navajo Tax Commission .

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in Today's era, businesses have remodeled their workflow and evolved to being paperless. This involves the signing document through emails. You can easily e-sign the Form100 Calendar Year 2019 Navajo Tax Commission without logging out of your Gmail account.

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