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this as well so.therefore you will you're bound to be.receiving such responses probably the.first effort that we must have II.how to fend off this trivial comments.which are which are addressed to us I.can still remember not the resourceful.presence of who I see III didn't see.that at the time and this was in the.year 2008 I was going from Chandigarh to.Bombay this was the initial phases of.when we were putting we are exposing the.same way as we are trying to show what.the important features of this law is.domestic violence protection of women.that gives domestic violence act was.just about the time it had been brought.out so judges had to be sensitized.people had to be told what is there what.are the important features there so I.was going there to the second day just.this morning I was telling her the first.day they were young resource persons.from the lawyers collector who had been.doing the sessions for the district.judges of Marussia imagine you have a.district judges on your row and the.persons who are addressing them or young.women motivated to your cause surely.they had something to say so therefore.by the evening by the time I arrived.they were saying sir the day is just.lost for us I don't think there is going.to be anything for us to redeem so I was.wondering what was the problem.so therefore domestic violence when I.say the domestic violence it was there.at the time that I was talking about and.I said now domestic violence don't talk.about men being harassed by women and.therefore there is a domestic violence.they must men also must have right we.will probably talk about the legislation.later I start from with the typical way.that our scriptures say neatly neatly.this is not this is not I'm taking.something as what is not there what is.there is nothing like a women's Harris.harassment of women getting harassed if.somebody will say we'll just say now.come on if you are going to be talking.about men getting hurt just keep it away.now we are going to be talking about.this one D I am worried about this and.this is something which has to be seen.there are bound to be objections bound.to be talks of from persons who may.trivialize what we are doing as.something which is simply not there we.are need.we trying to create something as though.something else or something it exists it.does exist everyone understands that and.otherwise if it is not so you can't have.in the same week when there was a.serious an incident as what had happened.in Delhi about the nearby are incident.on the same week you had ate another.girl who was raped in the bus in a.moving bus there's nothing which stops.the same time as we are all taught about.whether the Indian daughter of.documentary must be released or not a.three-year-old child there in Haryana.gets raped nothing changes it all starts.from a fundamental mindset of a.patriarchy that your male is there to.dominate and if there is a woman who.dries up to ask a question she ought to.be snuffed out she ought to be kicked.she ought to be silenced she ought to be.muted now this is it going to change.immediately we need to see that it.changes otherwise it's not acceptable at.all for us to be living when we have a.constitution now if in our Constitution.scheme of things we recognize something.it is not as if it is only because of.the Constitution it exists even as.otherwise men and women are equally is a.precept which is so natural which is so.obvious that if we are going to be now.saying it does it is not true and it is.only the Constitution which has made it.possible I would only say it's a it's.it's so untenable it is not even.possible to be making an argument about.that and bringing reasons as to how they.are equal I just take it as self-evident.I don't require someone to say Sun is.bright because it is bright and it has.to be proved how much of light is there.how much of heat is there it is.self-evident I would like to believe.that men and women are equal is.self-evident in every way that it is.possible scientifically they all say.that there is in fact probably a better.chance that more chunks that have child.is born as a female than a male or even.in the chromosomal combinations they I.think that is a dominant female which.exists then as a as a main so therefore.that is not even a talk but then.for us the same way if I carry a lineage.we say anything you see if linear.through a guru.they are parama guru or paramesha guru.so therefore if you are seeing something.like a legislation when you are seeing.la rural as something which is putting.it to place and then if it is a guru for.that is an act and if you are looking.for somewhere there Parimal guru.Parimal guru is something like what what.really gives birth to this and who makes.that possible it is the Constitution.probably still further as an.international law as to what makes it.obligated and apart obligatory and a.part to have a legislation like that.so therefore I thought I'll just give.you some constitutional backdrop to the.whole thing and then point out also to.some of the aspects of international law.obligations that compel s or which would.require us to have a legislation like.this and therefore we know some of the.important things are what our.Constitution lays down and what was.taken as the basis for vishakha.guidelines in vishakha look at how the.whole thing has happened.yeah person working in Rajasthan in a.village she carries a campaign against.child marriage and she is just a humble.person a social worker and it couldn't.be tolerated now here is a person who.wants to change the our lifestyle who.wants to change our beliefs wants to.change it will change our life systems.so this is will not be acceptable and it.just the simplest thing for them to say.is to simply stop your work or may.cannot come the matter could have they.first stopped if you believe that a.person what is more what is simpler than.merely asking the Tumen not to come or.to say now you will not come anywhere.here and then make your lessons or do.anything like that you die simply stop.probably or she could have simply been.stated if you are coming the next day.I'm going to knock you off then probably.should have you should have been knocked.out or she couldn't have come there but.then did something more they just didn't.stop her they violated her they violated.and modesty they raped her.the idea was to create such a serious.car that she would never not merely to.her to a.anyone else with similar similar.motivations to do something to do.something for the society to see that.these kind of child marriages don't.happen.it cannot be merely that two men stopped.being stopped it will not be any woman.who take that courage to come and that.is the kind of a message which they were.trying to give when they were doing this.look at again how sensitive the.situation was that if it was the case of.a gang rape and if there was a criminal.case which was registered in a progress.of investigation went on and convicted.or acquittal it was happening they.should have ended it was merely a case.of a person being an individual being.ravished and a criminal case a process.being set in motion and then the work is.taken up somewhere but then it didn't.stop and therefore when a case came and.said this is not appropriate we need to.see there was a women's organization.which was prepared to see that this is a.problem this is a danger in a workplace.and therefore we need some law in order.to see that this kind of a thing does.not happen recurrence does not happen.any other juda probably said the ways.because I come from the judiciary I.realize how people respond there is a.difference from how I was there about.ten years back as a lawyer and how I see.the things have how my brother brother.judges feel about so many things and.therefore if there was a judge at that.time who was looking beyond mere problem.a problem of a person who is raped and.therefore there was a case and where.there is an acquittal or a conviction.that the investigation is properly done.or not beyond that it was prepared to go.just looking beyond a particular case.and it was again not a any instance of a.rape taking place in any particular.working place for her.it was probably she was raped in the.dark raped in a field not in the place.where she was working when she was.working probably from house to house or.she was going there there were therefore.judges who are looking beyond that and.they said something which was very.important all that they said was they.brought this Vishakha guidelines within.the four corners of the constitutional.jurisprudence.they said article 14 provides equality.and.it ensures this protects equality and.then equal protection of laws also there.and therefore it is evident that women.must article 14 talks about a.non-discrimination and it talks about.equality non-discrimination must mean.that in a workplace for a person where.he works it must be a feeling where a.person feels equal does not feel.restricted fettered in any way seen in a.context of again when we are talking.about the Equality article 14 we talk.about 15 and 16 15 which makes possible.for a state to make special laws for.women and children in the matters of.education and other areas and article 16.about public employments these are.expressions of article 14 all of us know.this and then I am saying something.which is so fundamental again and this.fourteen fifteen sixteen all it didn't.stop there the the Supreme Court went to.one step more seeing the issue of.equality they seen through the prism of.article 14 article 19 a freedom of.fourteen one point of nineteen one g is.what it stated as a area which must be.focused which must be seen a right to.freedom to work to carry on an avocation.the way the person wants that freedom.must happen will have a meaning only if.a person has to safe environment to work.therefore if there is not going to be a.safe environment there is not going to.be a protection for a person and if.their person could be harassed or cannot.take an independent independent decision.there could be something seriously wrong.the Supreme Court did not actually.articulate that nineteen 1g as other.ramifications as well but then we all.know that it's just not nineteen one G.then you have also all the connected.articles a right to freedom of speech.for instance of what is stated their.freedom is also there which will have an.important important bearing on a right.to employment or avocation or freedom of.a movement where she can go where she.must be dead that's also is a.by that again you'll have a channeler.article in the article 19 under article.19 itself you have the freedom to prom.associations freedom of speech and.expression to me move freely throughout.the territory of India all these are.also to be seen as something which falls.from that and apart from that.Vishakha also looked at as important an.article as article 21 the norm which.will see through a right to life as.again something which is so important in.fact article 21 has been given such an.expanded meaning we have seen through.article 21 several of the judicial.pronouncements your right to good health.the right to life is just not merely any.life right to dignified life so article.21 seen as something that so important.so basic so a woman who is not treated.well a person who does not have safety.then she is she loses even a right to.life a dignified life so therefore.article 21 is also something which is.immediately seen as important which is.the basis for all this now we are used.to examining all rights as flowing from.something every right has a meaning only.if you correspond it with some duty and.duty it is for me which is very.important because in India at least.conventionally we believe that rights.the expression of Rights is more the the.vindication of Rights the assertion of.Rights it's all a Western concept for us.it's all duties that's one thought like.that at least well we all believe that.our society moved more on duties.essentially as governing our mutual.relationships than rights it is not.totally wrong.our approach had not at all times mean.that there is a right you.need to enforce it that is probably it.start there can never be a right if.there is not a duty to someone else but.what what lends primacy to our living.what is so important to us.everyone recognizes and and so is also.our Constitution when it makes what are.the duties our article 51 a so therefore.a duty to respect woman must be seen as.being reflected through the rites which.sample the women themselves have of how.we must respond to those duties and the.in the scheme of the Constitution all of.us know when our Supreme Court has.addressed many of our rights under the.chapter 3 through a chapter 4 what was.originally seen we have come through a.constitutional jurisprudence way we have.recognized that directive principles of.state policy assume enormous.significance and importance in that what.really directs the state to do a.particular thing is always very.important and we have therefore article.41 or 41 which limits the economic.capacity and development make effective.provision for securing right to work.that is important article 31 a 38.enjoying the state to secure social.order which promotes social economic and.political justice then article 42 42.which ensures provision for just inhuman.conditions of work and maternity.religion now therefore you will find.that when the Supreme Court was.referring through Misaka guidelines it.said at that time if there is a.particular area where there is no.legislation at all Constitution.recognizes certain things and the.international law obligations also.require us to have certain certain.institutions we don't have them.therefore if we don't have will.therefore have a legislation till a.legislation comes therefore when the.Supreme Court was referring to it some.of the expressions there which have.immense meaning and therefore I'll just.flag those.it says to strive towards excellence in.all spheres of individual and collective.activity then it says to develop a.scientific temper to protect and improve.promote harmony and spirit of common.brotherhood among all people.transcending religious linguistic.regional or sectional diversities to.renounce practices there are great.derogatory to the dignity of among the.this is 51 a cloth II talks about a duty.which you will see as you're a con yeah.yeah the other side a mirror image of.what would be there in order that you.have the rights properly exercised in.the the Supreme Court among other things.some of these expressions which it.referred to as gender equality includes.protection from sexual harassment and.right to work with dignity which is.universally recognized basic human right.universally recognized basic human right.is a right to work and free from sexual.harassment this is how the the Supreme.Court would put that and CSIS sees this.in this context provisions of the.convention of elimination of all forms.of discrimination against women and.article 11 there because you'll know.what the source is.sees certain things are so well evident.it is like ramen mohabbat which we keep.talking about here about we know the.story will still hear that is the sum to.something similar to that or what we.know we still see this because we hear.this because it it needs to be strongly.edged in our memories article 11 which.says State Parties shall take.appropriate measures this is what.obligates India a article 11 of the.Convention on the elimination of all.forms of discrimination against women it.says all parties shall take appropriate.measures to eliminate discrimination.against women in the field of employment.in order to ensure on a basis of.equality of men and women the same.rights in particular the right to work.in an inalienable right of all human.beings.the right to protection of health and.safety in working conditions including.the safeguarding and the function of.reproduction so therefore it.contemplates two things that there shall.be a discrimination shall be completely.eliminated the right to work is an.inalienable right and that shall be.without any fetter.in fact Oaxaca did just two judgments.surprisingly one judgment was right to.compensation there is nothing very very.unusual right to compensation or what.will be provided sons and there are two.other judgments which keep coming about.we need to just know them even before.vishakha came even before this case was.there there was a turn in the case that.was the case about a person in Delhi I.think it was a person in Delhi she was.she was just she had just then joined.the the it was a public it was a Export.Promotion Council apparel Export.Promotion Council and there was a.secretary to the chairman who took with.with him yeah girl a young girl of 23.years who had just then joined and if.she said she didn't know Stan typing and.when some passage was dictated she said.she didn't know but then he said no you.take down.he made it take down I said I'll be.there by your side and see that you type.film he said now I take care no no I'll.come with you so this man goes along.with with her to a place in the basement.of a there was a typing and her done he.sees sinful very close to her says no.don't come so close no he probably makes.an attempt to touch her he fends off.that kind of overture as well and then.it gets to be so obtrusive in his ways.she says no if you're going to behave.like this I'm going to get away from.this this is what happens then she gives.a complaint and then tells him the kid.is a man who is harassing me who.attempted to molest me he attempted to.do things which are inappropriate there.was an investigation done immediately.the person was kept in the suspension.and.mentally the charges the allegations.made by the woman were found to be true.in the 10 query and who has served with.an order of dismissal from service now.look at how our codes will normally look.I'm talking about a person as a judge in.a court as to how I look at things in a.court when a matter comes up before me.in a jurisdiction the eigene switch a.time and again placed as this the the.rules of natural justice have been.completely floated the court is the.enquiry has gone to a stage which is not.which was not proper the enquiry has.misdirected itself to areas which it.ought not have considered it ultimately.delivered a judgment which is so.capricious in nature that it cannot be.sustained.

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