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Advice of Fulfilling the Mbe Wbe Annual Update Affidavit City Of Austin Austintexas

welcome to MBE live where we discuss.minority and women-owned businesses.specifically in professional services.getting certified as minority or.women-owned businesses with the city.state or county I'm Michele flag already.a solution and I'm Sarah we're of we're.realty group okay so today's topic our.today's topic we'll discuss the ABCs of.certification so we're going to cover.MBE certification WBE certification so.those are all local municipal.certifications then we'll go on to DBE.which is for federal transportation.projects so that's your CTA pace might.run and then we'll go on to BEP which is.the state and then 8a and w OSB maybe.not in that order so I guess we can.start with the MBE WBE the local.municipal certifications correct and so.just as an overview local meaning city.of Chicago so those are certifications.that are five years they are good for.five years with a certification renewal.every year and it's it helps with the.city contracts that are anything.government back when it comes to.construction professional services for.the moat those are the two big when.architectural services sales so my.background is in real estate so for me.who helps from the standpoint of like.the schools and when the city has a lot.of real estate properties so you have to.think about it from that perspective but.for the most part is heavy construction.related a lot of housing analysis a lot.of consulting work yeah and actually.there was one that came out for social.media yeah so if there's anyone who has.a social media company check out the.Department of the purpose of cultural.services and special events special.events and so it's due mid-february so.that is something that actually is.pretty exciting because as you know the.city has a fair amount of events and.they have a department that takes care.of a lot so that could be something that.you're interested in I think the previa.kneading is the 24th I'm not mistaken.but it's all online on the city of.Chicago's website yeah and so so that's.MWBE and on for the city the sister.agencies they accept MBE W B.certification and for the general.requirements for that and this is the.case for most of your certifications.that are based upon you being a minority.or woman it has to be 51% owned by.whoever's claiming that certification so.if you're claiming to be a woman on.business then it needs to be 51% or more.owned by a woman if it's a.minority-owned business then it needs to.be 51% owned by minority so you can have.multiple partners and you can have.partners that are non minority or if.you're a woman now if you're looking to.get your WBE you can you can have male.partners or male owners in the business.but the women must comprise at least 51%.or more of that business for it to.qualify correct and so my business I'm.certified as minority women-owned DBE.currently and a couple other ones that.I'm working on but for the most part.those are the main ones that I try to.stay up the breasts and then share you.m:n WBE with the city chicago so the.next one the next certification was the.BEP which is business enterprise program.program and that is with the state and I.have I am certified I think I let mine.lapse I have to.double check but I think misshapen kind.of gold with that one to give everybody.a feeling what that's for and how that.can help them yeah and so with their.business yes so with the B P V that's.the state's program and that's the.Minister for CMS so that's central.management systems or services and they.handle the buying for the for the state.so so some agencies will have their own.website that you can go to to find out.about procurement but if there are any.goals attached to a project then it's.with VP and so they don't distinguish.between minority or women they're all.comprised in the B P program so those.are projects with say for example the.state lottery that was RFP that was put.out and then that has certainly BP goals.some of your higher education so the.state universities oh they also have.their own form their own procurement.website but they look to see that your.being pain certified for their for their.goals and so with that certification.they'll recognize the City of Chicago.but it's not reciprocal and so what that.means is when it's not reciprocal it.means that they'll accept your.documentation but there may be.additional documentation that you have.to fill out so your application may be.shorter but you still have to fill out.additional information for example.there's a lobbying affidavit that you.have to fill out after the on VP.certification and see there's a lobbying.affidavit you register with the.electoral Election Board and again this.is all related to lobbying.[Music].and then there certainly if you have any.relationship that you just have to.disclose so that's something really the.reason that they do it because I know.it's a lot of paper for all of them this.is lot of the same paperwork but a lot.of people wonder why do they ask you so.much paper because they are mandated by.the government local federal and so you.just they just want to make sure when.funds are being spent where your company.is getting fun from is it part of the.lobbying or you know because that the.there's no conflict of interest between.your business and the actual musicality.that you're doing business with exactly.and I think they are something in spying.is what make sure you disclose it so.there are some disclosure.responsibilities that you must have to.you have to make sure you are in line.with yeah and the BP program is similar.just like all the other programs where.you have to be 51% either owned by.minority or women owned business correct.and and then will also have a at the end.of the video will list all the websites.for obtaining the certification so we've.gone over we've gone over city we've.gone over state and now we will cover um.February yes correct better off and I.mean I I'm not I'm still researching the.federal side because I'm trying to get.to a stage right I'm comfortable but I.think I need to be have some more.project even though most people don't.have to I just personally I have chosen.is kind of.maybe this year what's 20 technically.you do have a forever one the DB Oh.correct yes so we'll talk on wool that's.a nice segue into DB logic we have one.side note for the DB so even though I'm.more professional services even there.may not be a lot of opportunities that.you can go after but the technical.services that I am exposed to outweighs.the actual the timeframe that it took me.to get the paper together so for.instance I am have my DB through the.Illinois Department of Transportation.and I have technical services all I am.meeting at an accountant I came in last.year and I had 30 hours and I forwarded.all my hours to have that service and.they did all my bookkeeping on a monthly.basis they cleaned up my books because.accounting to me was a huge issue.they have technical services or such.this is planning they have a.reimbursable up to $1,500 a reimbursable.account that you can take advantage of.but they say most people are not taking.advantage up but don't look at it as oh.I don't have any skill set to go after.construction but the technical services.to me far outweigh that as well because.it's one one industry like the city they.don't have as many technical services.they have some light weight training.downtown that anybody can take but these.are dedicated to my business and it.exposes you to a greater audience in the.long run.yeah and so actually Sarah you bring up.a really good point because I'm also DBE.certified but my certification is.through the city of Chicago and at the.time it was a good idea because I have.my MBE and WBE certification with them.but as Sara mentioned I died she.certified through I back for DBE and.they're all part of the Illinois uniform.who's the scene I enjoy and I had that.ulc it's something that we tend to.always forget because it's.acronyms and you know as Michelle.stating about certification program.we'll put those at the end and the links.because it's a it is a project so I do.have a spreadsheet with all my.certifications when they inspire and and.so that's just my tracking mechanism.they have CRN's you can develop but I.just have a basic spreadsheet that I.could put in my calendar and when it.expires maybe six months before just to.get it in my mind to start the process.yeah so the DBE you can be certified or.your host agency can be one of the.agencies that accepts federal or.receives federal funds in the area of.Transportation and host aired host.meaning Metro CTA city of Chicago so.those are the host agencies talking.about I think there's seven of them of.them for the DV aka disadvantaged.business enterprise there and so we have.a two different ones even though it's.recognized by the same I could go up.through the same project so it does not.exclude you it's just the technical.services that the host agency may.provide I do different than others so.for example I am the city of Chicago is.my host agency but I can also or.sometimes there are more I die projects.that are in the area of right-of-way and.they're more Tollway projects that are.in the area of right-of-way which is my.specialty.and so that was one of the reasons or.rationales for forgetting DBE certified.MC CTA also has right away opportunities.coming up with the red line extension as.well as Metro and I hope you found out.about that and how do you know it's.coming up because X what you want to get.in on the front end when it's when it's.in conversation as opposed to when it's.actually out there yes definitely.so one a couple of ways one a lot of for.most federal projects especially ones.that might involve eminent domain.where they might have the required.property they're certain they have to.abide by federal rules and one of those.rules is the uniform act and so there's.a lot of outreach that's involved with.that and and again even though your.company may not be a transportation.specific company all those agencies they.have outreach publicity any type of.communications public relations types of.services they need those services as.well but I found out about it I think.through their website and just kind of.keeping abreast of you go to their the.agency's website to see what types of.projects that they have ongoing which.ones are up for bid and then the buying.plan right as well so that's another.form of learning about things before.they happen because the buying plan will.tell you which quarter that their.planned for and then you kind of keep up.and go to the website and then look to.see when the actual RFP is actually.coming out so when they're going to have.their pre bit meeting and when the.responses to the RFP are actually do so.so with DBE you can have a house with.different agencies but I would - house.with the city of Chicago but if I had to.do it over again I would do it with I.die because of the the services that.they offer and they also have a each.year they have a conference I that has a.conference for dbe's tomorrow's.challenge tomorrow's reward or there are.always tomorrow's town.something's coming for lets me so I do.plan to go this year so hopefully when.they put that date out I can just mark.it just to put a face and then maybe try.to do more business yeah this year and.you know I've been in Ivan for the past.two years and I will say that it is.heavily construction related so if.you're if you're if you have some.professional services that are outside.of the construction area then it may not.be worth the trip down to Springfield.because I've gone in the past and I've.always kind of raised the question well.where are the right away people just.last year the last year I went they have.one person for right-of-way and and then.this year they might have some more so.because I've kind of put up a stink.about it.in the past I might have to go just to.kind of show up and maybe brings more.right-of-way people there but again the.service that they are services that they.offer are local so you can go to in fact.this up the street on Halsted okay the.DBE Resource Center so that has a.Resource Center specifically for dbe's.and the other agencies don't have like a.dedicated resource like that but if.there's kind of pros and cons because.Metro has I've heard Mitch's the fastest.as far as like getting your application.through and you know that type of thing.so it kind of depends upon your.personality your area of business who.you may want to house your DBE.certification way so we did local states.in front of should I interrupt it so now.we going on to state which is the those.are supposedly the longer and lucrative.contracts.contract so those are your in lucrative.in a sense of the way the federal.government pays they generally pay.quicker.I mean we're gonna shut down now but.under normal circumstances they paid.quicker than some of your local and.state municipalities so with the federal.programs there is W OSB women-owned.small business correct and then there's.the 8a program so the 8a program is it's.I would say it's race neutral gender.neutral but it is geared towards I guess.there's a presumption that if you are a.woman or if you're in a minority group.that you're economically and socially.disadvantaged and those are that's the.motivation or why they have the 8a.program so with wo wo s B that is women.base and you can self certify for that.self certify meaning they are going on.your application which stated to our.woman so they're not coming out to check.to see if you're a woman they're just.going on what you present to them right.right so there there's not a site visit.and actually they'll if you're already.either a WBE or FBE in areas that.recognize female business enterprises.they'll you can upload your other.certification then that kind of goes.along with supporting that your your.women-owned business.and then the other program is the 8a.program and again with that one it's 51.percent or more and that's the criterias.economically or socially disadvantaged.and economics are what you have to is it.your personal net worth is your business.so it's your it's your personal net.worth and what does the number have to.be less than so it needs to be less than.$250,000 and then and then they also.look at with some of these.certifications they look at the your.business but they compare it to.nationally what that business so within.that next code we talked about mixed.codes in a previous in our previous.video but it's where whatever that.standard is or that threshold is for.that industry industry okay so so the.threshold for a construction company may.be higher than what it is for a real.estate company because of the amount of.volume in the the price points in that.industry so are both qualifications is.it an and or is it or we'll see it's.just a big question because a personal.net worth from a two hundred and fifty.thousand that mean somebody could reach.there in real estate access was that.cash base or is that so that's the.that's sometimes you know because I've.gone to some soon it's like and I.haven't quite got great for me I could.say that I'm still trying to figure out.when I'm going to apply for the.application because the 8a is only good.for nine years.yeah there is an hour threshold so every.year the other ones they have a cap on.dollars but this one is whether you've.done business or not you just have to.the night.right right and so you want to be.strategic when you're doing the 8a.because you want to make the most of it.because it there is a set limit direct.so that's why I'm waiting I want to be.very strategic and be very concerted.effort how to network and how to.actually get things on my in business.and who I am targeting yeah so so in so.what I have.so my notes so an adjusted gross income.for three years of $250,000 a life.income so it's income that network.perfect so that's really doesn't include.your because your adjusted gross income.is well it's also your net worth so it's.your personal net worth is 250,000.relaxed correct um your average adjusted.gross income three years is $250,000 or.eleven and adjustments are we won't go.into details as far as how that's.calculated but it's not just your your.gross and then owned by someone with.four million or less than assets so.that's where you ask that you real.estate would come in mm-hmm and then.have the owner manage day-to-day.operations and also make long-term.decisions and the owner and the person.who's responsible for the decision.making three and then have all its.principles demonstrate the character so.with good character and this is across.all of the certifications most of the.applications if not all the applications.usually have a question asking whether.or not you've been debarred from doing.from any certification so it has any.agency in the state local federal.authorities said no on no circumstances.can you do business with this agency and.that may have been because of past acts.that your company is done or that you as.an individual of dying and that's that's.something to when you're making.decisions and you're entering into.agreements with with prime contractors.something to keep in mind because you.don't want to put yourself in a position.where you're being used as a.pass-through because the what will.happen is you will be debarred and the.prime will pay a fine and the prime.generally they've made a business.decision right and so they'll pay the.fine and continue to work whereas you.may be debarred from doing any business.on a state local federal level right for.five years sixty or seven years so in.that essentially that length of time.being stopped from doing work wool I.mean it puts you out of business you out.of business and then especially if you.were already doing business and so there.may be times when that may come up where.a crime would want to.like hey what's going on so definitely.if you're going after this I know people.say oh they could just pay me a check.that I mean just great.don't do that because it puts your.business at risk because you have the.most loose and if you want into going.into that reason then that's just not a.good business decision anyway but I will.say look out for that look at your.conference of B you know don't want to.give you a contract upfront because.oftentimes and we're so excited to get.the deal we're so excited to get the.project or just anything that we just.saw anything or we just start doing work.without any agreement in place and that.is very common just take some time and.then the ones that do business with.minority businesses all the time they.have agreements I mean I have agreements.I've sent to people just blocked out you.know just to kind of get a feel hire an.attorney if you can't find an attorney.you know I can definitely send something.of mine if somebody needed like a blank.got done teaming agreements even if you.have a proposal in place with and you.haven't even been hired to make sure you.talk about the terms payment and things.like that so the good thing about the.city is you have a login on the.compliance and you have to log in if you.were paid even if you weren't paid.anything every month there's a login.that it asks you how were you paid how.much were you pay when did you get paid.because they're doing the better.tracking math because this is because.this has been an issue for a fair amount.of businesses and so they just want to.keep keep tracking and that's a whole.nother that's another payment and.tracking and team agreements that's.another session yeah and actually you.raise a good point as far as getting an.attorney because one of and this again.goes back to I dive in the Resource.Center I'm doing another commercial for.them but that's how I first heard about.Michelle Cantor yes who's very good with.helping advising minority and.women-owned.this is and then she's also done things.with SBA and the Windsor Development.Center the Women's Business Development.Center so again as you obtain the.certifications.they'll have outreach events they'll.have workshops to let you know into in.to keep you out of trouble to keep you.in compliance and and this is a topic.that we'll have for another video but a.commercial what I always have trouble.with our commercially useful function so.that's one of the things that make sure.your business provides acronym for that.is CUF so make sure your business.provides a commercially useful function.and then that will also keep you out of.trouble as well that was it for today.hopefully you found this useful and you.guys forget to tip bits and as Michelle.said all the links to the housing.agencies will be attached to the video.you have any questions let us know.and as for mve live we are signing off.happy MLK day yes this is our service.

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