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The Steps of Customizing W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form on Mobile

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W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form Inquiry Instruction

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like to personally.congratulate you on being the finalist.of the honorable award.wow like.i don't even know what to say you don't.have to say anything you've earned it.you know how much this means to me this.is amazing.of course i do there aren't too many.people.to get to that level within 20 years.so maybe within the next few weeks.you can try to bring this beautiful.hardware home hey.you know i'm going to bring this.hardware home i hope so.but just remember there are some great.doctors out there who are also nominated.so you got to keep doing what you're.doing i will.ain't got to worry about that you still.having a special day for it though.you know what now that you mention it i.might need a new office.if this continues we may be looking into.it now all right.all right yeah well i've got to get back.to work all right i'll talk to you later.later oh which reminds me.since you are going to require to have a.subject.how about if you start with the young.man that's coming up next.who's that what are you about to find.out.i don't have i didn't get a chance to.actually go ahead and look at this file.in detail.okay but i've got this phone call from.terence.his parole officer all right turret has.informed me of.these situations well i don't want to.spill the beans yet.but there's no walk in the park wow but.if you are looking.to make an impact on the running for the.award.this is the one all right then bring it.on.you sure john you should know me by now.so mr frederickson.kenny you could just call me kenny.okay kenny you seem real familiar to me.have i met you for somewhere before yeah.the police station maybe.i think that's it it's been bothering my.mind since you've been in the office.but i think that's where i saw you yeah.it was so i understand you've been.involved in a domestic.altercation care to explain what.happened.nothing happened.you in the painting well.not really i kind of like that one.and my wife thought it'd be perfect for.the office so kind of just bought it.that's what's up so tell me something.about yourself where you from.what you like to do i come from a.bottomless pit.and i'm really only here because i was.ordered to be.well i understand that but.there's got to be more.do you have any interest or hobbies.that painting that you're looking at is.from a 17th century artist.let me guess castillo.yeah how'd you know let's just say i.read a book or two about it.that's great maybe you can show me a.thing or two about paintings.seem real knowledgeable about that.look kenny i know you just got.incarcerated it must be tough on you.but i feel like the best way for you to.relieve all that stress that's on your.mind is to talk about it.i don't have anything to say and it.doesn't have to be about anything that's.got you here.it can be about anything that's all it's.on your mind.look doctor dr francis please yeah.whatever.this whole after-school counseling thing.just ain't really gonna work for me.i need you to stop treating me like 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corey why are you even.asking.don't even go there you know i'm not.like that unlike some people.some people what's that supposed to mean.trying to say something.yeah giving your trifling record i don't.think you should have the audacity to.ask me who i'm talking to.okay and i apologized about this so.many times i don't know why you keep on.bringing it up.like what else do you want me to say.i've already apologized.so can we please move past that the only.one i want.hey i'm cool.so my parents have decided to stroll.into town for a few weeks.i love them and all but i'm thinking.about putting them into a hotel.what do you think.dave david.no no thanks here you go again.are you even listening yeah you talking.about the same thing i hear.everything you saying what what.david i was saying.my parents are coming into town.okay when when i told you earlier.remember oh you know you really do have.bad memories you should get that checked.yeah i've been told they said they want.to know.the man who's been taking all my time i.mean interrogate me.tara mate yeah no not at all.so you mean to tell me that none of your.past boyfriends.have been interrogated and pressured by.the old man watson.yeah you think you fooling.oh that also reminds me my sister's.gonna be staying with us for a few days.while her apartment is getting renovated.okay how's she been doing hell if i know.what do you mean how do you live in the.same city with your sister.you guys don't even talk much less see.each other.well we we just don't we're complete.opposites.don't you think you're too old to be.holding on regis i think well you guys.need to work on that.speaking of work.i got some stuff to do.you know what dave i wish i was your.laptop because i swear for the past six.months you've been in love with her than.me.david what.look i don't have time to play with your.little games or whatever you're trying.to do.i got some stuff to finish like go to.sleep.it's a nice day out your secretary told.me to meet you out here.hey kenny how's everything going with.you.everything's all right.i just came to apologize look.there's no need to do that once you've.been as a professional long enough you.understand that.everybody has a story no matter how odd.it may seem it's still a story.and you've been incarcerated for quite.some time.and i know it must be difficult for you.so i understand.yeah so how was your weekend.my weekend was all right see you in the.berkeley huh.yes i did proud alum.you familiar with california nah.i actually never been outside of the.state besides college.oh yeah it's cool does it matter.is that where you learn how to paint and.write.so tell me something about yourself.where you from why we gotta go through.all that man i told you my life is not a.fairy tale.well i like putting the small pieces.together.you know like i said before everybody.has a story.and the way our last meeting went you.know really didn't go so good.just trying to figure out more about you.that's all so what's your story.this meeting is not about me kenny it's.about you.look man i told you about the mind games.it's not gonna work with me despite what.you may have heard from somebody or read.on a piece of paper.you don't know who i am okay.so why don't you tell me who is kenny.fredrickson.when you expect me sessions just to.stand there and not say anything.it doesn't work like that you talk i.listen.why don't you try it sometime it might.help you.i'm sure you'll figure something out.you see all this tension right here.there's no need for it.what we have to do is just break the ice.honestly break the ice.for what look.as far as my life goes it's pretty much.self-explanatory.trouble trouble and more trouble you.name it.i was involved in it whether i was.guilty or not.i'm just here because the man with the.wooden hammer told me to be.so if you don't mind we could scurry.through these little heart-to-heart.sessions so i could.get back with my formal work.and what would that be my art.so you want to go back into paintings.yeah that too.but mostly poetry before i went to jail.i started writing a book and things kind.of got derailed.so i'd like to get back to that you know.i got a deadline to me.okay so this book you're writing what's.the title of this book.i mean if you really want to know i call.it.immaculate inspirations oh.sounds impressive it's all right.no i'm serious it really does so.let me guess you and the missus really.didn't see eye to eye when it came to.your artistic aspirations did you.just how i see it if a woman wants to be.with.some lame pushover dude just because his.pockets are deeper.and so be it but as far as i go i got.better things to do than to be here with.some dr seuss look alike.this whole sentimental crap is just not.for me.so if you're trying to have these.sentimental sessions i suggest you call.like a doctor phil or something i'm not.the one for that.once again this means over.about had enough of your little attitude.kenny and again this meeting is not over.till i say it's over.you and i both know what you have to do.to fulfill the end of your bargain.or you'll be going right back to prison.and i know you don't want to be writing.poetry in a cell.all day it's not your thing so quit the.bs.and why don't you work with me so we can.get somewhere.or you can go back into prison if that's.what you really want.so you can stop at all this bs all these.games that you're playing.unless you want to go back to prison and.write your little poetry over theirs.hey they don't matter to me and it.doesn't matter to me either.because i have patients who are willing.to be helped.i'll forget you then.it's fine with me kenny i'll call you.pro officer and ask for a transfer of.paper so you can have new therapists.come in.hey i'm about to leave all right take.care.i emailed terrence about kenny.thanks assuming you don't want these.what are those these are kenny's files.they came in today.i don't even know if i want to read.those.why don't you read it for me please.kenny lavar fredrickson born november.22nd.1981. he was found at the age of four.at a gas station abandoned by his mother.father left seven months prior.does it say anything about any other.relatives or family members.um none says here that he spent 11 years.hopping from foster home to foster home.earned a scholarship to nyu who kenny.that's what it says here honorable.student got in trouble with the law.armed robbery assault trespassing.expelled at 19 he was in and out of jail.he published two new york bestseller.books.of poetry wow who would have thought.you could say that again all right.once you leave those files right here.i'll get to home later.thanks.kenny it's me david what do you want.i was hoping that we could talk for a.little bit.all right.thanks can i get you a drink or.something.no thanks i'm okay all right.so what brings you around these parts of.town doc i know you ain't.too familiar with these negative words.as a matter of fact i play basketball.not too far from here.you yeah me i got a mean crossover.not to to my own horn all right yeah i.understand i mean.i was good back in my day too but.i know you didn't come here just to go.down memory lane right.it's not i can't say i know.exactly what you're going through but i.do know what it feels like.to be tossed to the curb especially by.your own family.really yeah my mom left me when i was.five.shortly after i was assigned to a foster.home.hated it wasn't until i got my accepted.letter to berkeley.i just took it i never looked back.well nyu was the best thing that ever.happened for me.until i got kicked out then.everything pretty much went downhill.from there.i mean you could probably tell by my.extensive rap sheet.so what happened that night you got.arrested which time.the last time well i violated my.probation.they gave me aggravated assault.she was supposed to be our bachelorette.party.i guess he wasn't expecting me to come.home early.came home saw her come in adultery right.in my face.next thing i know i was in the back of a.police car with the silver handcuffs on.me.this would have been a horrible.situation to handle.so what happened to her i have no idea.last time i heard she moved to new.jersey.that's how it is sometimes.you can't trust some people it's not.always how it appears to be.yeah who are you kidding but that's life.though.it's going to toss you curve balls and.knuckle balls.it's bound to happen wish you could.never let it affect you.what is this some type of.interventionism no.not at all but i'm sure anybody with a.little bit of common sense would have.did the same thing i did.even you you're right.i'm not saying it wouldn't be a hard.pill to swallow.because it would be you know most fights.happen because of lack of communication.somewhere along the line someone in.relationship stopped listening.and then assumptions are made.and after that all hell breaks loose.and all of that could have been resolved.by just communicating and talking about.it.talk what is there to talk about.what i'm trying what are you saying.don't tell me you condone what happened.that night.i didn't say that well it sounds to me.like you saying a man devoured my woman.is completely acceptable i don't mean to.say that kenny.well you need to choose your words.carefully please.i should have just finished them off.that night.you don't really mean that maybe i do.look in relationships.it's all about trust you gotta learn to.trust.and i feel like this past relationships.you got too much stuck inside of you.it's gonna affect you from future.relationships.you can't let that happen it's gonna.have to face the same consequences.of that first one and you don't want to.do that because it only hinders you.well i must be in denial or something.well you can use it as an experience and.learn from it.gotta handle your business someone else.will.yeah you got that right but that sounds.like it kind of hit close to home.no not really all right well.until you go through what i went through.then you'll be qualified to tell me.what's right and what's wrong but until.then.i don't think walking away like a punk.seems like a smart idea.in my opinion well thinking like that.would only make things worse.you know whatever trust is hard to earn.when that trust is violated you get to.walk with a little bit of resentment.you begin starting conversations second.guessing people.thinking if their motives are true or.honest.in the back of your mind your conscience.is telling you don't listen to him don't.trust her.nobody wants to live life like that.if you say so i'm serious.basically if you continue to do that.you're gonna distance yourself away from.people you do.trust and that's only gonna make you end.up lonely.now you can't tell me that you haven't.even done that to people you know.sometimes i guess exactly.and that's why i'm trying to help you.kenny this is not the only reason why i.came today too.i'm reconsidering taking back that.letter i gave to your parole officer.after that outburst.i feel like with a couple of sessions i.can help you.stop looking over your shoulders.and be open again.but you have to learn how to trust.and hopefully that can start with me.hey babe don't hey baby me.what is it now david it's 12 30 at night.where the hell have you been.please don't start this [ __ ].i had work you know that work yeah.work oh i know how much work you've been.putting in.and i get it but you should know what.time to bring your behind home by now.don't raise your voice in my house.i'm just coming home but 12 30..you mean to tell me you're meeting up.with clients three times a week at this.hour.who the hell is she she.there is no she you must think i'm.stupid huh.whoever she is she better be getting all.of you because i swear it ain't me.when's the last time we spent time.together time.you're complaining about time now you.weren't complaining about time when you.were swiping those cards away.excuse me excuse you yeah the cards i'm.still paying a balance for.what's wrong with you what is this what.you want.you want to check my phone go ahead go.check my inbox check my facebook.messages.go instagram is right there it's going.to reassure you to calm the hell down.what's wrong with you don't you dare.tell me to calm down i've been calm.and patient with you for the past few.months.you know what it's not even as serious.it's really not.let's play a little game then huh how.about we role play.this time you be karen and i'll be david.so you wait up late at night.waiting for me to come home no missed.calls.no messages all because your little.mistress is going down on you.the same one who was at our christmas.party the same one who's been walking.around here asking for special treatment.and the same one who's been calling here.and hanging up.and here i am looking like the fool my.friends ridicule me why am i in a.relationship why am i loyal.or maybe i should just leave huh is that.what you want.why don't you go ahead write it down.take a picture.[Music].so.don't move.sorry for the inconvenience mr francis.mr francis.uh just a quick update on the case we.were able to apprehend one of the.suspects.uh he's currently in our custody we're.going to be questioning them.we still have two suspects on the loose.though uh we know about their.whereabouts.we have our men on it we're going to.contact you if any new developments.do occur thank you yeah i know it's.unfortunate uh it's okay just a.note of precaution um while you're.inside the premises make sure.that all the doors are locked.um do not and i mean do not.enter the premises if you know that you.lock the door and it's open.okay contact the authorities myself.and we'll handle the situation i can't.tell you.just how many times people try to play.superman or they they try to be a hero.and.everybody loses when that happens so.please don't do that i won't all right.you have any further questions for me.honestly.just trying to get back to bed so no sir.i understand.well you have my contact information.notify me.if anything new occurs all right thank.you all right thank you.so.you're up early i know because i got.something to say.i'm sorry i know i've been messing up a.lot lately.and i know some romantic speech isn't.going to fix what's wrong between us.it's just that so much has been going on.with working so much as riding on this.year with the reward.sometimes i forget what's most important.to me.that's you so.i got you some flowers hopefully that.can put a.smile back on your face.so better than telling you how about.i show you i got something real special.for us tonight.well you have a lot of work to do.tonight then.okay and i'm fine with that okay.so i'll see you tonight call me.i will well get ready for work.i'll talk to you later love you.yeah i love you too.the goal is to create a definitive piece.that cannot be surpassed.that's deep is that a line from one of.your poems.nah i saw it on the back of a postcard.but i mean that's how i approach my work.every day.i'd assume you do the same i guess you.could say that.so when you're gonna let me see one of.your masterpieces you've been working on.i'm serious lots of people been talking.about how great of arts you are.you know i just want to see for myself.yeah.you know what.it's not the final copy but.everything's pretty much in there so.consider yourself lucky.well i thank you.my inspirations and visions come from my.experiences and the colors that pass me.by.they are precious they're aesthetic.they're immaculate.it's beautiful the way you word your.poems.thanks i like to think that.my words and my brush strokes are like.my gift back to mankind.so how's everything go with the.investors everything is.going good the deal should be done in a.couple of weeks.i just got to send them some new.material by the end of the week.that is if i could find something to.write about.let me guess writer's block you don't.even know the half.so what do you do to get over that.nothing special.head to the bar grab a drink or two me.and jack daniel's got a special kind of.relationship.i understand but don't you feel like you.can do something more.creative other than getting drunk you.know something to inspire you.whenever you find out what that is let.me know so what's your plans for tonight.just gonna be home watching tv so you.mean to tell me.you know no one who's doing anything.going to the club.nothing like that nope.so what have you been doing for the past.few weeks at home staring at the ceiling.waiting for some words to pop out of the.cracks.maybe what you need to do is clear your.mind.don't you go out tonight.you know i don't think ernest hemingway.or picasso were.waiting and staring at the wall of their.homes.trying to get something magical to.inspire them.try it i don't mean go out get wasted.nothing like that but try having some.kind of life experience.go to the movies the museum.you can even go to a lounge you never.know who you might run into.who can inspire you and besides.you and i both know that book right.there that you're trying to write.it's not gonna be your best work unless.you have some experiences.something to write about think about it.who wants to read a book of poetry about.somebody who stays home all day.you're right i know i am i'm a doctor.i don't usually do this but i want you.to have my personal cell phone number.and i want you to text me call me.whenever you feel like it.whenever you want to talk about anything.all right.are you serious yeah i'm serious.it's getting kind of late and i got a.whole bunch.of stuff to handle at the office so.i hear from you soon right.hey dave john has been looking for you.is everything okay.i'm not sure he didn't say.all right i'll find him.[Music].hey john david have you been looking for.me.how's kenny doing kenny it's been all.right just a work in progress.i know he's a character for as much as i.know you love your challenge.don't forget about your other patients.then i love you waiting for you and.that's my fault just been real caught up.with kenny but i'm gonna go handle that.it's not gonna happen anymore all right.well do your thing all right i'll talk.to you later.hey dave karen called what'd she say.it just said don't forget about tonight.all right thanks hey.i'm going for tonight all right i'll see.you tomorrow.david it's a friday night.must have lost track of time all right.well.don't work too hard i'll try not to.oh.okay.baby you in the kitchen.i'm sorry the person who were trying to.reach that voicemail watch and not just.set up.uh.it's kind of empty here tonight don't.you think.it's called 10 o'clock.balls in your court go play.you mind if i see here.how are you doing i'm i'm fine.i'm kenny that's nice.you upset his son i'm okay.so you come here a lot no.okay well i brought you a look kenny.kenny.i'm really not in the mood to make a new.friend tonight so i prefer if we don't.talk.kenny fredrickson yeah.as in the immaculate inspirations kenny.fredrickson.that'd be me what a small world i read.your last book.impressive thanks it's nice to know.somebody appreciates it.well i am a fan of the arts so now you.want to talk.i'm sorry i just been going through a.lot lately it's just funny to me because.two seconds ago you wouldn't gave me the.time of day now you know who i am so you.want to converse.i apologize i mean i bought you a drink.by the looks of it either you got laid.off from work are you having man.problems.close enough what are you a psychic or.something.maybe let's just say i know that look a.little too well.thanks so when does your next book come.out.actually that's why i'm here at the bar.yeah me and liquor have this bond when.i'm right and i like to escape from.reality.and how's that been going so far nothing.so far but.i mean i got you talking right.typical just like most men.come to the bar looking for a female to.climb into bed with.i mean yeah most men are like that but.not me.i kind of approach females the same way.they approach us.really and how's that with the extreme.caution.sad but true but most men would say that.yeah most men would but i actually get.paid for my words so that's something i.take very seriously.do you only write poetry no i paint as.well.really i haven't seen any.so um when can i see some of your work.[Music].i want somebody.[Music].oh.[Music].is.you make me feel so good.[Music].sweet.sweetie.hello.what's up cousin what you doing here.so that's how you greet family.you gonna let me in kind of busy right.now.i see.so what's up man this was in the.neighborhood.i wanted to come by see what's up you.know i heard she was out.i'm doing all right i'm gonna keep it.that way too it looks like you doing.better than.learning just all right though.look how's everything with the the book.and all.it's moving.you still mad at me look i don't i don't.blame you i just want to come by and.let you know that i'm doing better and.i've been working on my situation.for uh not really look i just got out i.am not looking to going back.good cause i don't got no money here.i don't got nothing valuable i know.believe me.i know we didn't leave on the best of.terms.but i just want to come by and.just i just want to see how you was.doing like i said i'm fine.okay well you want to.catch up this weekend talk about stuff.i'll think about it man.when you do that.i know that smile.is either you're really happy to see me.or you must have got into something.or someone kenny.you can stop smiling at me right now i'm.married.damn it must have been that good huh.it was so where did you guys meet.i mean after going through like 44 paper.balls and having.63 straight hours of writer's block i.finally took your advice.decided to go out i ran into her at the.bar.so what's her name her name is sweetie.her real name is sweetie yeah why.sweetie why you think.never mind i mean for as long as we've.been involved.the name pretty much fits her clever.wait you said you guys have been.involved now.yeah kinda.well please elaborate i mean i like her.but i still got my reservations about.her.well that comes with time everyone isn't.benedict arnold.but what you do have to understand is.that you got to be open.i'm not saying forget about past.relationships.but what you do have to do is look past.it.so what are you suggesting i'm just.saying.be honest with her it's okay to tell her.that you're seeing a therapist.maybe after that you know she might have.the same.reservations that you have towards her.i don't know about that i'm serious.by you telling her that she might feel.more open.i'm already open with her how by opening.the front door.yeah i mean she's lucky she even got to.see the inside of my house honestly.kenny no.anybody can do that anybody can have sex.with anyone.but once you open that door and let.somebody in internally.that's how you know something serious.especially when you can trust them with.your deepest and darkest secrets.yeah i guess so hey i was right about.you going out wasn't i.you were right i know communication is.key.i got you so what's your plans for.tonight.actually i have to head down to this.exhibit tonight a few investors want to.see a couple of my pieces.okay we're at at the ronald ware center.on wilkerson and third ave.sounds good i like the moves you're.making i'm trying to.hey you should come down and check it.out if you got the time.well kind of got a lot of work here to.do tonight but.if i finish on time i'll see what i can.do all right cool.i hope i can see you there me too thanks.hey good luck thank you.you consider yourself happy define happy.you know just happy.i mean i got my pen and my pad.my paint brush my canvas and my contour.man.so that's pretty much everything i need.well what about family.non-existent no siblings or cousins.i got a cousin well that's family.no not really what do you mean by that.nothing nothing like you don't know him.nothing or nothing like.he's just really not something worth.talking about right now.okay never mind then.i got an exhibition going on later you.should come by.i already made plans for tonight but i.will catch a rain check.i'll make it up to you though.somebody's calling the phone.i'm busy right now.what if it's an emergency if it was an.emergency they'll be calling 9-1-1.i still think you should answer.really yeah plus.i gotta go get ready for this exhibition.so i think it'll be.good if you leave now okay.if you say so.oh my bad hey beautiful.may i help you yeah i was.i was looking for ken.what's up so man i need to talk to you.about uh.about something i'll see you later.what you want now me hey.see you i thought you already did that.yeah we are family stick together.family yeah a lot familiar.man i can't undo what happened in the.past it's in the past.i'm i'm a different person now i'm not.that same person i'll be the judge of.that.you need something don't you no yeah.i need something well look like i told.you before i'm broke man.i don't got much look i understand that.man i'm just.going through some tough times right now.and i i need i need a place to stay.right now until i get my own place.you know i got a one bedroom apartment.and my art don't like sharing his face.with nobody.don't worry about that i sleep on the.floor i don't even know i'm here.i don't even know.what i got i got 50 bucks man put that.on the bills.no like us got no place else to go.all right you got one week.hi thanks kyle.and don't touch none when you're here.either i promise.all right well i gotta go get ready for.this exhibition.all right cool don't touch nothing.[Music].mr peterson how are you daddy it's good.to see you i'd like to introduce you to.two guys.mr stilling mr kalis these are your two.newest fans this is.quite the revolutionaries very.impressive i definitely agree.thank you guys i really appreciate that.i'd have to ask where do you get your.inspiration honestly if i knew the.answer to that that would probably end.all the creative struggles i go through.on a daily basis.it just comes when it comes i enjoy that.speech i enter truth you know.a lot of people rather come to grip with.them yeah i mean even at this age that's.something that i still have struggles.with.let's just say that um i'm getting help.for that still excuse me one second.i'm surprised you can make it.a lot of side is important to support.those who need it the most.thank you don't mention it so.this is the exhibit huh yeah this is my.sanctuary.how's everything going with the.investors pretty good.i mean we should be getting a big check.real soon.it's good to hear it seems like all that.hard work you've been putting in is.finally paying off.it better rent is due soon so you're.gonna tell me what it drinks.all right yeah right that way just make.that right.all right i'll talk to you later.hey beautiful hi.you enjoying yourself yeah it's okay.what do you think about the work um it's.nice.i'm glad you came out of all the.beautiful women here i'm sure i'm just.another pond.i make the difference hey ken.so i see you met my beautiful fiance.who kenny this is my fiance karen.karen this is one of my patients kenny.nice to meet you.i'm sorry i could have sway with.somebody else.does she remind you of somebody i.thought so.i find that hard to believe this one.right here is one of a kind.yeah i mean you know they say it's a.small world.they do i have a phone call coming in.i'll be right back.hey how's it going i know i know.a lot's been thrown at me yeah.especially with this new patient i've.been working on.kenny fredrickson i don't think you know.yeah honestly he's been one of the most.difficult cases i've had to work with in.a long time now.and i'm supposed to be writing a paper.to the committee for the award.been drawing blanks nothing coming to.mind.i know if i knew what to write i'd be.done by now i hear you.hey but listen um i'm about to get back.to this party.i'm downtown at the art exhibit with.karen so i'll call you back.all right talk to you soon.hey babe candy's been making a lot of.progress.don't you think it's funny to think.about it.two weeks ago if you try to get him to.say three words about himself.he couldn't even do that and now he just.seems more.open than usual.i think it has something to do about.this new girl that he met he's been.telling me about.she's really got an impact on him.it's crazy babe.are you okay there yeah.i'm fine.you're not still mad at me right no.i'm good.who's that uh no one.hey so you never told me about your day.you know same old stuff what about you.how was yours.some interesting.you mine was spontaneous.spontaneous that's interesting.yeah it'd have been nice to show me some.love in my event.yeah look kim i'm sorry about look don't.even do that.you don't gotta waste your time on mine.if you got more important people that.you need to spend time with and maybe.you should be with them look it's not.even like that.i don't care about him i want to be with.you you sure about that.cause look around ain't no money over.here.i don't care about that you actually.care about what's on my mind.rather than what's underneath my clothes.i'd rather spend my time with someone.who appreciates it.so what about him.that's just something i'll have to take.care of look.i don't have no time for the drama i.don't have my fair share already i'm not.trying to go through that it's.it's not going to be like that believe.me.so what you've been doing all day just.running errands you know.was it you said he was gonna tell me.[Music].[Music].it took me a long time to get down here.but i couldn't take sleeping in that.bathtub any longer.i told you yeah all jokes aside though.she's a big influence in my life.you know doc i got a couple friends that.could use your help.doc yes how can i help you guys.are you okay i mean if you want to talk.about your problems.we all ears i'm perfectly fine.but i thought i was a therapist here we.did too.oh i'm sorry oh no it's okay we're.leaving anyway.all right thanks for coming in today.guys.i'll see you in the week.hey john how's it going i should be.asking the same question.well i'm fine really this is the sample.of the complaints of the customers we.get.saying that you haven't been giving them.the time of the day for the money.they're paying for john what are you.talking about.if there is something going on at home.that i don't know about i suggest you.get to it.and what makes you think there's.problems going on at home so you thought.you were the only certified doctor in.this building.that's usually the case.john whatever complaints or issues my.patients are having.that that'll be resolved by the end of.this week so there's no need to go on.any further.well i hope so another thing how is this.fredrickson file going.federation case is going good everything.is running up to schedule.you do have a lot of clients do you know.i know that.another thing david you are disclosed.from getting the award so don't blow it.i understand are you sure.yes do you forget about that too john.when i say understand i understand.ah okay so we'll get to it asap.okay sir.come in.four o'clock is here well send them in.don't forget.everything good with you i'm fine.man i used to come out here every single.day.is this where you used to write not at.first.i actually slept right here on this.bench.yeah i mean i didn't have a place to.stay but.even after i got my first place i still.came back out here.i mean this place go way back those four.months was something special.this is actually where i got the.inspiration to write my first book.and then everything took off from there.what happened after that.you know they say the money started.coming in and.i had friends from out of nowhere i even.had cousins calling me that i never.heard from before.yeah money will do that to you yeah you.can say that again.so you told me you had a cousin y'all.real close.whatever happened between both of you.i mean we're not really that close.anymore.he got a bit of a gambling problem.what exactly.he took all my savings and blew it on a.horse.wow that's pretty messed up for a family.member to do.yeah that's not even the worst part it.got way worse.he just couldn't stop stealing from me.he.would go on my house take my stuff and.sell it to the pawn shop.i mean it got so bad that i got dropped.from my book deal.i was calling people and i was just.getting sent straight to voicemail.so when's the last time you heard from.him when i got out.he told me he changed but i wasn't.trying to hear that.i know what you mean.i really do.the thing about it is that it's that.people do.change and you got to understand that.that ain't true i mean not in this.situation at least.i know him and he's just the type of.person that he's just going to find a.way to adapt.and get money a different way i mean.there was one point where i was doing.that stuff with him.we would break into people's houses take.everything in sight.wow so did you end up finding a new spot.it's right at not yet.but it's not really that much of a big.deal i'm all right.and how are things going with you and.sweetie.do you call anybody else by that name no.just her and out of all the names you.could have gave her.why sweetie i mean it's just a nickname.but it fits very well yeah.if you catch my drift oh excuse me.yeah she not complaining i guess.so what's up with you today doc i look.like something is bothering you man.i'm fine i'm just a little tired that's.all.nah it ain't tired that i'm talking.about.something's going on no.i'm okay just fatigue we're working on.nah that's not what it is don't tell me.you have a woman problem stop.i'm good on that end.all right well i mean just a little bit.of advice for you.a candlelit dinner and some flowers make.everything that much better oh yeah.and some tongue action like i said.i'm good hey if you say you good then.you good man.so have you talked to her about.you seeing a therapist.come on so you mean to tell me you.haven't.spoken to her about you've seen a.therapist.i mean i haven't really got there yet.what's holding you back.let's just say i'm in a situation that's.just extremely hard to get out of.okay and i understand that.but with that trust there has to be some.sort of honesty.between them do you feel like.you're comfortable enough you know.enough about her or you feel like you.don't.i mean i'm not i'm not too sure i'm not.too sure where we at right now.well to fill you in.if you can leave your phone and not.worry about.her answering it that's how you know.if she asks for money and you don't need.to.ask what is she gonna do that's also how.you know.and last but not least.when you can give her your house keys.and not worry if she's gonna break in or.pawn any of your stuff.that's how you know house keys really.house keys house key is very essential.in a man's circle of trust.especially it lets a woman know that she.belongs.well i don't think we had that level yet.i mean but she did tell me that she's.ready to leave her man for me.whoa she has a man.i'm afraid so i was not ready for that.yeah neither was i but i mean.we talked about it she's down for me she.put all the chips in.i told her everything i had to tell her.about me and she's fine with that.so we good okay.it just seems like she's already been.honest with you and put everything on.front street it's just for you to.understand what you want to do with her.and not to lead her on nah.i would never leave her on i know her.too well for that.oh you know her.so what's your favorite color then.do you even know her last name.look doc i'm more like a.take it slow kind of dude okay.and i understand that because you do.have to think.things step by step.but you also want to let her know that.you still got homework to to do on her.you know what i want you to do what's.that.i want you to write down every trouble.or every problem that you have with.people learning about you.any insecurities any problems like that.and i also want you to stop having.insecurities with your girl.so when her phone rings you don't have.to ask so.who's that is that what you do.it's taking time but yeah.we got there with trust and.just listening and communication.you know everything isn't what it seems.to be.in a relationship and i'm not even.talking about in relationships.in life it's not always what it seems.you know what with a little bit of.patience.a little bit of trust and listening.hopefully your relationship can turn out.as good as me and mines.i'm pretty sure it will.you know i was thinking about having.some.in you in my book really yeah.well you know i used to do a little.something back in the day.back in the day like college or like.kindergarten.what difference does it make a big.difference.i do my modeling thing you know they say.i look like tyler banks.oh [ __ ].oh my god.babe call the cops call the cops.the cops are what they're not coming all.the way out here.well so who do you think it was.this is why i don't let people into my.place.kenny kenny.kenny what i'm hungry i feel like having.chinese you want some.whatever okay.you mind picking us up some while you're.out.you want me to drive your car yeah so.why can't you just come with me for one.i'm tired and.i don't feel like going back out what's.the problem.i mean considering what just happened in.my house what you think.wait so you don't want me being here by.myself is that it.oh that's how it is huh but you have no.issue when we're in bed together.for the past few weeks you'd think i'd.be able to stay here by myself but i.guess not.that's some [ __ ] look what just happened.to me.what you want me to say to you i.understand that but this has nothing to.do with me.yeah whatever whatever you better watch.your tone i'm not playing.acting like you don't see what just.happened to me in my own apartment.you don't even seem a little bit mad.about it.what i am mad about is that you're.taking it out on me instead of blaming.me you need to find out whoever the hell.did this.did you really just say that yeah well.what else do you want me to say kenny.nothing you don't even have to act like.you care no more we both know what this.is and what is it.oh you slow now you want me to spell it.out for you.no how about i.the only reason you gave me the time it.is because you took light into my poetry.if it wasn't for that you wouldn't look.my way.you just like every other woman out here.i don't know who the hell you think.you're talking to but you better.straighten your tone or else what.you gonna leave me go ahead.i just add your name to the list screw.you.[ __ ] lame ass [ __ ].kinda quiet over there is everything.okay.it's just one of them days.how's the book coming along.the book is done should be coming out.soon.sounds great i'm excited.so how's everything going with you and.sweetie.sweetie who what's that supposed to mean.you guys aren't talking anymore.i haven't spoken to her for quite some.time now.why what's the problem.have we gone into a big argument i.haven't spoken to her since.okay what was argument about.she thinks i don't trust her.well do you.i think you spent enough time to.understand if you do if you don't.i think it's time to stop playing games.and let her know how you really feel hey.what's up long time no see.yeah it's a little late so let's skip.all the small talk.what's that i just wanted to say sorry.i mean you've been straight up with me.since we met.so i feel like i should be.straightforward with you.i owe it to you to be honest honest.about what.i've been in and out of jail since i was.16..yeah and i just got out a few weeks back.so they kind of got me seeing the shrimp.so that explains yeah.okay so so if you don't feel like.dealing with something like me i.understand.so what exactly are you seeing a.issues i've noticed.i mean ever since i was little everybody.i've been involved with.either held me high and dry or betrayed.me somehow.well i'm not everyone what about your.parents.i don't have much to say about them i.haven't seen my mom since i was four at.a gas station.and i don't know my father.no cousins uncles aunts.yeah i got a cousin but he's just.another crackhead.what about your friends i know you got a.few of those.i got a couple of friends okay so where.are they.in prison my last relationship then.into uh we were engaged and we just kind.of fell off.look i know you've been through a lot.but despite all that you can't have.reservations for everyone you need.plus you still have me.babe hey.[Music].[Music].what is it a crime to get a book but do.you know what time it is.yeah i just got back i i didn't want to.wake you so i just wanted to come in.here and grab a bug.why who do you think i was nobody.but where were you nowhere don't worry.about it i.actually have these bathrooms just.i'm fine you sure.doc i mean look i already told you i'm.fine all right.all right i mean if there's anything you.got to get off your chest or anything.you want to talk about.i'm all here well thank you thank you.all so much.but no thanks all right i mean i'm just.looking out for you.so how was your weekend just splendid.if you want me to leave and come back i.could do that because i feel like i came.in the wrong time.there's no need to do that why you say.that.because this is our last session i had.no idea.yes i wrote a recommendation i'll be.giving it to the judge in the morning.so unless you have anything important.tell me this is it.i mean as far as i go i'm good.and as far as the book goes everything.with that is pretty much set in stone.they say it should be published within.the next five months.that's good so how are you and sweetie.doing.we progressing actually we about to go.on a mini vacation soon.we're too not sure yet.she said she wants to go somewhere.exotic.it's up to her you should try and take.your lady out sometime dog.what's that supposed to mean i mean i'm.just saying every now and then your lady.deserves something special.first of all what do you know about me.and my woman.i mean i don't know much but by the.looks of it.i can tell that you spend more time.behind that desk right there.than you spend at home as far as i'm.concerned.my woman is satisfied so all your.opinions and your concerns.not wanted okay.you know like i said before you can't.[ __ ] me like your [ __ ] don't.mother patients stop.i mean what are you even doing for your.women for valentine's day.i don't know dinner in the movie.same old you have no idea.huh that's exactly what i'm talking.about.i mean how much time do you think you.can do dinner in the movie before your.relationship gets routine.it's gonna get boring after a while and.eventually she's gonna find something or.someone else to get into.if you know what i mean.look at you kenny you think you know it.all now don't you.nah i don't know at all doc i'm just.speaking from my experiences.you're brushing off now like it's.nothing but sooner or later you're gonna.realize it's more than a missed cause.then it goes to late night entering.she's gonna start answering the phone in.the other room.then she's gonna start wearing dresses.that you like out with her friends.i mean sooner or later you're gonna.realize that the only relationship you.got.is with that liquor bottle and your.relationship ain't on cloud nine like.you thought it was i don't need this.here's your letter recommendation.it's the last time i'll see you in this.office.am i missing something doc you're not.missing anything but that door.all right i mean i'm just trying to look.out i remember like i said i'm all ears.and like i told you eight times already.in this conversation i'm good.all right um all i'm trying to say.is you gotta handle your business before.someone else handles it for you.and like i've been trying to tell you my.business is handled.okay cool oh yeah.checkmate.oh yeah tell the wife i say hi.close to doing your way out.tell me he just came for a friendly good.not so friendly i was just last meeting.here.so you treating him i'm a doctor what am.i supposed to do.of course i'm treating him you got that.right i'm just saying i never thought.you'd be treating him in particular.why is he some kind of serial killer you.really don't remember him do you.am i supposed to you got a bad memory.dude.come on december 6 2011..rebecca holmstead ring a bell.no when you said you were seeing kenny.frederickson i mean.they sounded a little familiar so.decided to look him up.well i do remember rebecca.i'm just a little surprised you didn't.realize that man how do you expect me to.so long ago look.all i'm saying is you need to watch.yourself.considering all he's been through not to.mention the altercation between you two.you know he picked your name out the.list right he what.i mean that's what his p.o told.[Music].[ __ ].you down here.[Music].money thank you.good night.[Music].hey i haven't seen you in a while.[Music].you okay i'm all right.can i get something dark please.[Music].where's mrs how is she.all right i guess.we're actually supposed to go to an.award ceremony tonight.[Music].but i doubt we're going.why not.[Music].i don't think she'll want to go.so much has been going on wrong between.us.i missed our anniversary.she's been getting late phone calls at.night.yeah yeah you're telling me a whole lot.right now.[Music].maybe it's cuz something you put in a.drink.maybe.[Music].continue.just not the same it's not.it's like we're not even on the same.page anymore.have you tried listening to her.you know if you download somebody else.well.i'll see you later.took you long enough you know me.gotta make an entrance whatever i have.to go to the bathroom real quick i'll be.right out.ah.about you say you're his pet already i.am.well kinda.wow you look beautiful.thank you you're welcome.so how long would you say we've been.talking for i don't know.a little minute now why do you ask since.it's a special occasion i figured.i'd give you something that symbolizes.how unique you are to me.a key yeah.so.[Music].[Music].[Music].okay.[Music].[Music].hello yeah he's trying to kill me i need.your help.what no yes please hurry come.hello yeah the dress is 55-63.is it your absence that makes me hate.you or the regret that makes me resent.you.how about the blood that drips from.hearing your name.my heart is cold my mood is blue.all for one reason there's no faith in.you.yo.hang on.i'm alright.that's right i tried content in the past.couple days man.i really didn't feel like talking to.anybody.damn dave i just look don't.it is what it is.i felt like it was bound to happen.sooner or later.what bound to happen.is that what you really think hell yeah.what'd you expect me to do take a.picture.you know what get the hell out of here.i don't gotta talk to you.it's not even like that then what is it.then.you tell me.[Music].here's outstanding achievements in the.field of psychology.the ronald ware award goes to.dr david francis.you did it man.was it worth it.hell yeah hell yeah.what look at your surroundings man.anybody want to kill the video situation.beautiful house.fiance nice career he threw it all away.you right.i did.i had it all.that it means [ __ ] because nobody.had to see what i saw.nobody felt but i felt.[Music].hey you know what.i'm cool with that.no regrets.and if i could i'll do it again.especially to that backstabbing bastard.kenny.i swear.i'm gonna let y'all talk this out.hey.assault i saw you.no you didn't you saw my sister.i've been trying to call you to remind.you that she was going to be spending.the night with us for a few nights.remember oh that's right.your listening skills and memory have.never been up to par we know that.no.i can't be i know what i saw.really i saw you you sure about that.because with an alcohol content twice.the drinking limit it can cause you to.see things.and make bad decisions damn it dave how.many times have we had this conversation.i'm always talking to you reaching out.to you and you don't even hear me.it's like you're not even here anymore.there's no use for me.i'll be hearing you no you don't.all you care about is your [ __ ] self.i'm done you can have it.you know as crazy as it seems dave i.actually believe it.what trust me see what happens is you.don't see it at first.she's been yelling for your attention.but all you hear is silence.you go by your daily routine minding.your own business until you realize that.something is missing.first you'll only talk on the phone when.you're not around.then she'll start to come home at all.times of the night nobody.every time you ask her where she's going.she'll either catch an attitude or be.short with you.you say where are you going she says.nowhere.you say who you going with she says why.do you want to know.before you know it the only relationship.you'll have is with that brown bottle.so you know who i was all along.yeah i knew.so why not the payback.oh don't get it twisted i thought about.it plenty of times.when i saw your name on that 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How to generate an electronic signature for the W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form online

CocoSign is a browser based app and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the most efficient method to e-sign their W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form .

It offers an all in one package including legality, efficient cost and flexibility. Follow these key elements to place a signature to a form online:

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  4. You will be given selection after choosing 'My Signature'. You can choose your written signature.
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How to create an electronic signature for the W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most accepted browsers around the world, due to the accessibility of lots of tools and extensions. Understanding the dire need of users, CocoSign is available as an extension to its users. It can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web Store.

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After placing your e-sign, send your document or share with your team members. What's more, CocoSign give its users the options to merge PDFs and add more than one signee.

How to create an electronic signature for the W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form in Gmail?

in Today's era, businesses have remodeled their workflow and evolved to being paperless. This involves the signing document through emails. You can easily e-sign the W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form without logging out of your Gmail account.

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How to create an e-signature for the W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form on iOS?

The iOS users would be satisfied to know that CocoSign give an iOS app to assist them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form , work with the CocoSign app wthout doubt.

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W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the W 3x Rrc 2011 2019 Form are:

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