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The Definite Guide to State Of Louisiana Ss972 2014 2019 Form

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Instruction of State Of Louisiana Ss972 2014 2019 Form

little early gadget play and.[Music].[Applause].[Music].but our will the defending change hello.everybody Chris Harris here and welcome.to classic high school football on your.review we've got a terrific game for you.from the 2015 season a matchup of five.eighteenth's from Louisiana Scotland.Ville and Zachary the district opener.for both teams year in and year out.Zachary high school out of Baton Rouge.is a big school title contender in.Louisiana they've won at least 11 games.the past three years including 2015 when.they won 14 games meanwhile Scotland.Ville has only recently ascended to the.top of the 5a division the Hornets have.won 10 or more games in each of the last.three years and own a 48 and 13 record.over the past five seasons after not.winning more than four games the.previous five years quite the turnaround.now both teams were led by outstanding.dual-threat quarterback s-- senior.Lindsay Scott jr. of Zachary was one of.the more decorated cubies in state.history.Scott was named Louisiana Gatorade.Player of the Year after the 2015 season.which he threw a for over 3,000 yards.and ran for nearly 2,000 on the other.side Scotland ville quarterback Levi.Lewis was equally effective throwing and.running the ball just a junior in 2015.Lewis averaged over 2,000 yards passing.in 1,000 yards rushing each of his years.as the Hornets QB Lewis has legitimate.for five speed in the 40-yard dash this.game is more like an arena football game.defensive stops were far and few between.you know it come down to who can make a.key stop when it counted zachary in.Scotland Ville enjoy the game we'll see.you again after the first quarter.[Music].just a couple more minutes away before.kickoff between Zachary and Scotland.villas were in Zachary Louisiana Jeff.Palermo and Jason declare and the third.member of our broadcast team is jessica.province and let's send it down to her.for this injury report as Donovan.Perkins will be starting after suffering.a shoulder dislocation against.California but not necessarily starting.it Skelton Holland that was our peak.performance physical therapy.injury report the captains for these two.respective teams at midfield for the.opening coin toss Zachary again four and.one on the year coming off a 44 34 win.over Dutch town Lindsay Scott a big game.rushed for three touchdowns threw for.two touchdowns the only loss for Zachary.just heard Jessica talk about that game.against Calvary Baptist a couple of.weeks ago they lost in that contest to.the Cavaliers 42 to 28 there's a look at.Lindsay Scott senior 6-foot 205 pounds.and will give you a stance a little bit.later on but last year he was the 5a.offensive MVP and we're looking forward.to a big night from him he's had some.big games already this season in that.game against Catholic high early err the.season the Broncos had 504 yards of.total offense Eenie threw for 199 yards.in that game for the Scotland Ville.Hornets their first year head coach is.Robert Valdez they're five and O they've.won their five games by an average of 28.points as you look at coach Valdez.it's 41 years old his overall coaching.record at 69 and 35 he takes over a team.that last year went nine and four four.and two in district play and lost his a.curry in the quarterfinals.it was the second straight year that.Scotland villain made it to the quarters.in coach Valdez leaving West st. John.for the opportunity to coach at a 5/8.school and here he is and he has this.Hornets team at a five and OH record big.last week for Scotland Vil Jason as they.defeated Washita 39 to 20 yeah and it.doesn't get any bigger than that I mean.Washita those schools that you think.about up in North Louisiana difficult to.get through during the playoffs and you.go up there you know midseason form and.you're able to take those guys on and.win that's a that's a big win for coach.Valdes and it's it's amazing to see what.he's done with this offense and we'll.talk more about that Jeff as the game.goes on there you look at coach Brewer.ttan David Bruton he led the Broncos to.the state semifinals last year before.they lost to eventual state champion.Acadiana this is his second season at.Zachary his record is 16 and 3 is.overall record is 72 and 30.he has fired up for this one both of.these coaches have led teams to state.championship games both of them finished.up finished as runner-up Zachary David.Bruton led Lavonia to the 3a state title.game in 2013 where they lost a union.parish West st. John when Valdez was the.head coach there he led them to the.state title game in 2011 we are set for.kickoff from Zachary Louisiana Martel.Fontenot has a Twp and this kick is.heading towards the sidelines and it is.out of bounds so an early penalty in.this game and good field position for.Scotland Ville who's averaging 42 points.a game they play a fast pace kind of a.helter-skelter type of offense no huddle.a lot of inside zone rushing and.previously Scotland Ville they were a.pro-style offense so now there are a.spread offense and coach Valdez says the.team has really bought into that yeah.and you know when you got a mature.quarterback like Levi Lewis and you have.new coaches coming in implementing a new.system you would think that oh it may.take a while to adjust but when I was.talking to the offensive coordinator.right before the game for Scotland ville.he says they have just picked it up.adjusted well and really what you're.gonna see tonight is Scotland Vil.showcasing their athletes trying to put.him in space and Levi can do it running.it with his legs as well as with his arm.through the air there you look at Lewis.he's thrown for nearly a thousand yards.he's rushed for over.500 yards on to seize it and he'll hand.it off to his running back this is.Trenton Charles and he has brought down.Taiwan.Bearden making his presence known early.in this game.he's a three-year starter a senior.linebacker for the Broncos a loss of.four let's take a look at the starting.lineup for Scotland Ville brought to you.by peak performance the offensive line.Brian Thomas.Manzi Williams travelease Harris -.quaddle Lewis and Roderick Thomas who's.a junior Williams as a senior Harris as.a senior Lewis as a senior and Bryant.Thomas he's a future d1 prospect at.junior six-foot for 270 pounds second.down and 14 now for Levi all day to.throw and has his man and it's caught at.the 41 yard line four yards shy of the.first down that's Tyson hyvs let's take.a look at the rest of the skill position.players for the Hornets hives as a.senior you also have out there David.Armstead Chris Johnson did not play in.this game last year he had an ACL.injuries a big-time player for Scotland.bill and then the running back.Trenton Charles who's averaging six and.a half yards a carry third and four now.for Scotland Villa in the opening drive.of the night Lewis looks throws caught.but his man falls down a yard shy of the.first down it was there if the receiver.was able to stay on his feet but Trent.Charles could not add sits fifth catch.of the season and Scotland Ville now.facing a fourth down and a long one yeah.and I know Lewis wants this one back he.threw it a little low and made his.receiver go down and kind of scooped it.a little bit couldn't keep his balance.touched his knee on the ground and.Scotland Bill's got a decision here to.make it looks like they're trying to.sort it out right now.shall we go forward or punt it and I'm.sure Zachary is gonna probably play a.punt safe situation here that's the way.it looks like now someone is retrieving.back to receive this one for Zachary and.that would be PJ cannon on to punt for.Scotland Ville that is to Quincy Jones.and we have a stoppage in play looks.like maybe a delay a game called here.prior to the snap delay of game.offense 5-yard penalty go forth Dow.jeremy white is our referee tonight and.so that pushes the ball back five yards.now back to return for Zachary Douglas.Coleman very dangerous player soda.quincy jones has to be careful with this.putt.little low snap but plenty of time for.jones to get to punt it and a nice hang.time there and a fair catch called at.the 33 yard line that's how you minimize.a dangerous return man with a great punt.like that and Zachary's offense.averaging 41 points a game led by.Lindsay Scott who committed to Syracuse.University this week he's a 6-foot 205.pound senior he's thrown for nearly a.thousand yards he's rushed for 663 yards.had 21 touchdowns last year this year he.has over 1,800 yards in total offense a.dynamic player wanted a top quarterbacks.in the state and a high snap and Scott.now has to just fall on it and he barely.gets on it before a couple of defenders.come crashing in on him big loss there.of about 14 yards well I think what.you're seeing Jeff is just some early.game jitters I mean on that last third.and for Levi Lewis had he thrown it an.accurate football the receiver had a lot.of room to run and just some jitter.setting in and really I didn't see a bad.snap but Lindsey Scott is capable of.obviously handling snaps out of the.shotgun miss handles it and and you know.a big loss there so I think that those.jitters those emotions we talked about.in the pregame are definitely out there.well Celt Hollins is out there as the.starting center as Scott is flushed out.of the pocket Scott doesn't have much.room to run and he'll go down at the 21.yard line great pursuit by the Scotland.ville defense who's only allowing 14.points a game let's take a look at the.starting lineup for Zachary just talking.about Kelton Hollins he's a commitment.to TCU Terrell Turner's the first year.starter Trevor Jack's Jackson as a.returning starter there's also Blake.Anderson and Dominique holding on that.offensive line they average about 280.pounds on that old line let's look at.the skill position players Terry.Sullivan.Trey Shropshire Douglas Coleman Sharon.white and RJ Newton March 8 Newtons been.a really nice player this season 14.catches on the year third and long scott.has time to throw heaves downfield and.just past his intended receiver that is.Shropshire the sophomore who coach.Brewer ttan told me keep an eye on him.they're trying to get him more involved.in the offense he's only a sophomore but.has a huge huge upside to him well it's.interesting the similar strategies that.both of these defenses have been ploy.Don the first series there they're not.putting a lot of pressure on the.quarterback but one thing they're making.sure that they've got secondary deep we.saw that when Scotland Ville had the.ball and now when Zachary had the ball.Scotland Ville did not put a lot of.pressure on Scott make sure that they.didn't get beat over the top Martel.Fontenot the punter has to handle a low.snap not a great punt and Scotland Ville.is gonna have great field position in.Zachary territory at the 46 yard line.well we were expecting a lot of points.in this game but so far the two defenses.that forced three and out let's take a.look at the starting lineups for the.Zachary Broncos again our starting.lineups brought to you by peak.performance physical therapy there's the.defensive line Aaron Celestine he's a.good one a six-foot one senior then it's.Michael James Darryl Brown and Brad.Jones a returning starter six-foot to.junior first in ten at the 46 we'll take.a look at the linebackers in secondary.for Zachary and they'll hand it off an.inside run here to Trenton Charles and.Charles is to the 25 15.touchdown 46 yards on a dynamic run by.Trenton Charles his ninth touchdown run.of the season.well Jeffrey let the track meet begin.this is what we expected and before that.play got off one thing I was about to.say is I can assure you this wasn't.going to be a 0-0 football game and you.can now begin to see how explosive these.offenses are and you saw Charles there.take the ball with quickness.40-something yards into the house.Scotland Ville on the board forced on.the board first what a cut he made in.the middle of the field er that was what.was the most impressive thing about that.touchdown run and hopefully we'll get a.highlight here for you and the extra.point try now coming out now Scotland.Ville has had some issues with the extra.points and so the man that will be.handling the kicking is Jonathan.Robinson tonight and Robinson's kick was.blocked so Scotland Ville will have to.settle for six but it was an impressive.six points as Trenton Charles with a.nice touchdown run in Scotland Ville has.the early lead here on the Cox for game.of the week.Scotland bill kicks it back over to.Zachary the return coming up here this.is Coleman trying to get it to the.outside good pursuit and he's going to.go down at the 20-yard line.excellent job by the kickoff coverage.team by Scotland ville Daryl Moses.junior linebacker one of the guys there.to contain a dangerous return man and.Doug Coleman so it's 1st down and 10 at.the 21 Zachary's first driving tonight.didn't amount to much because of a bad.snap between the quarterback and the.center trips to the near side here for.Lindsay Scott they said they wanted to.establish the run game will we see a.handoff here to Terry Sullivan.well another high snap Scott keeps it.doe but not much running room Scotland.Ville all over him defensively there was.number 11.Bryce beat Minh defensive back coming in.let's take a look at Oh Scotland Ville.linebackers didn't get a chance to see.that before.Reggie Cleveland will actually be.wearing number 30 tonight so he'll be.wearing number 30 but Daryl Moses and.then to Quincy Jones is the Lady tackler.and then the defensive secondary for.Scotland bill if we got a second to look.at it.now there's the Zachary offensive line.we've already showed you that we'll get.back to the secondary here in a second.Scotland Vil defensively only averaging.14 points a game a little delay we had a.helmet pop off on the last play so they.pull your head to come out of the.ballgame that was our own right so and.this is Terry Sullivan Sullivan gets to.the 28 yard line in he's brought down a.couple yards shy of the first down and.he was brought down by number 44.Scotland Ville and that would be Tristan.Brown let's take a look at this Scotland.Ville secondary you have dwayne williams.also refer to as DJ Williams Kelvin.Joseph Marquis Britton and then Bryce.beef Minh who has a couple of.interceptions on the season.Kelvin Joseph fossil has an interception.very fast and athletic defensive.secondary so third down and about three.for Scott here comes the pressure and.he's going to try to run for it and he's.going to be very close it's all gonna.depend upon the spot but great job by.Scotland Ville to bring him down Terrell.Moses was there along with caleb Carter.and he did get enough for a first down.well in the heads he play there by.Lindsay Scott and you can see right.towards the end of this run instead of.trying to beat him to the outside he.went north and south with the football.and those are the the little plays that.you expect out of your senior in order.to keep the chains moving for your team.now that's just one of those little.plays he have that is so significant.last week Zachary defeated touchdown 44.to 34 Scott had a big TD run in that.game of 65 yards last year he threw for.over 2,200 yards and he'll go to the air.here on first down and has a man it.breaks away from his defender in a great.job on the catch believe that was.showering why.and it was a nice grab by whites and a.40-yard line big pick up there of 29.yards well it's got let this go I said.it's a dangerous football he wasn't.really thrown on a line he's falling.down the ball is kind of floating you.see him get flushed out of the pocket a.little bit and this is just when you.have confidence in one of your receivers.to go up and make a play you think your.guy is better than their defensive back.he threw it a little to the outside to.where only his guy could get in shower.and white makes a big play for Zachary.xx catch of the season for white he had.six grabs last week and now Scott will.run Scott no not much area to run but he.somehow able to get four yards out of.that that was pretty good there by.Lindsay Scott yeah they've kept him.pretty bottled up in terms of rushing.the football so far in this game again.with both of these quarterbacks one.thing you've got to be concerned about.is their ability to rush you've seen him.mostly playing this sort of prevent and.having a Scout guy on the on the.quarterback and there he's able to.really make a couple of yards out of out.of nothing so second down and five three.wide receivers to the far side it's.Scott and Sullivan in the backfield and.Scott takes it again oh well all of a.sudden the pocket breaks in a big sack.that is a huge play that is Reggie.Cleveland with the sack.he is coming off a really good game last.week in the win over Washita man makes a.big-time play here yeah and I don't know.if you can see him coming through the.bottom of your screen there and you know.I was able to get through that defensive.line just at the tail end of the play.Lindsay Scott got his eyes down the.field like he's supposed to didn't see.him coming and then you piggle off there.third down and 13 this film might be.four down territory for the zachary.broncos if they're able to pick up.something at least halfway positive four.wide receivers they're split on both.sides scott takes a few steps back fires.it over the middle of the field and it's.incomplete.that was intended for white Bryce.Beakman was all over I mean that will.force Zachary to put the football since.they didn't pick up any artists you can.see here Scotland Ville is clearly.Darren you know Zachary to rush the.football they're dropping people back.they're almost kind of playing his own.back there that ball was thrown into.double coverage the windows are real.tight and you know they're gonna have to.start trying to loosen this thing up.maybe by running the football a little.bit Martel Fontenot ready to punt it.away to Scotland bills DJ Williams who.has one touchdown on a return this.season fight knows last puck was not a.good one and it's a fake fake in the.middle of the field in Scotland bill is.there they read it like a book.DeAndre Williams makes the big-time play.and Scotland Ville will take over at.their own 44 well that thing was slow.developing even for a fake punt it was.sort of a double reverse it never really.got going well the guy that was intended.to take the ball around the end could.never really get his momentum going.great heads-up play there by Scotland.Ville for a change of possession so.first and ten at the 44 yard line and.Scotland Bills offense back out on the.field Zachary did not want to give up.big plays in this game defensively they.already have and that's why they're down.six to nothing give it to Trent and.Charles who ran 40-plus yards on a.touchdown run this.maybe a half a yard as they stuffed them.there at the line of scrimmage bringing.him down for Zachary Justin Jackson a.transfer from Livonia was there and like.I said only a half a yard on that carry.still have to take a look at the.starting lineups for the linebackers and.secondary for Zachary maybe we'll get to.that here shortly.second down and nine and a bad snap and.Lewis and it's still loose look at this.Merry Christmas early what a Christmas.present there for the Zachary defender.big-time play it's a touchdown that's.Taiwan Bearden Wow anti-lag down though.let's see what your flags all about.Taiwan Bearden that's their big leader.on defense coming up with a big play to.you know get this Scotland Vil team.going that's come out rather stagnant a.little flat here and you know big play.on defense never hurts and let's see.what the flag may be and if this thing.is coming back could it be a block in.the back or something like that even.though Taiwan Bearden had nothing but.green artificial surface in front of.them you will have to hear from our.referee jeremy white when that ball.really just popped right into his hands.here good foul on blue away from the.play I'm asking if they want it on the.try okay so the touchdown is going to be.good yeah and they can assess the.penalty either on the extra point or on.the on the kickoff.they'll suss it on to kick off with this.game being a six nothing game I was.thinking maybe Scotland Villa thinking.like you Jeff like you you know pushing.back they definitely not go for two and.that becomes a heck of a heck of an.extra much like the NFL like giving a.lot of kickers gray hair so far this.season so two big plays wasn't it.no offense here to Zachary's defense but.wasn't expecting the first big play from.them to come from there no absolutely.not him we've seen two botched snaps.already by both teams and that time you.know Scotland Ville was not as fortunate.as Zachary to recover theirs falls in.the hands of Taiwan beard and into the.end zone and scott zacchara has a chance.to go up ashton pastino puts it through.the uprights he is now 23 of 25th 25 on.extra points and the Zachery Broncos.have the lead after the defensive.touchdown 7 to 6 is our score on the Cox.4 game of the week.Scot barking out the signals quick throw.here and it's caught by white can he.make a defender myths no he can't.great tackling so far here by Scotland.Ville they're all over these zachary.skill position players right there.defensively for the hornets again Reggie.Cleveland he was a guy that was really.banged up last year we had a couple of.Scotland Ville games and he was dealing.with some lower leg injuries just.nowhere to run for white six-foot one.junior who had a great sophomore year.had a bit of a slow start to this season.but mentioned earlier had six tackles.last week in coach Brewer ttan thinks.he's ready to have a big second half not.much running room there for Sullivan as.Caleb Carter very versatile player for.this Hornets defense 30 tackles on the.year he was in on that tackle for.Scotland bill the Hornets defensive.coordinators Shawn Beauchamp he is a.holdover from the crew that Eric Randall.had here as the head coach actually it.was between Beauchamp and Robert Valdes.as far as who would get the head.coaching job here and Valdes ended up.getting it third down and five Scott.needs to make a play fires one and that.is caught by trae Shropshire and he's.got enough for a first down yeah that's.it that's a great throw in rhythm there.great catch by Shropshire and this is.what all young receivers need to see.once you catch the ball you get north.and south he actually ran that around a.little short of the sticks but he was.able to get upfield convert that first.down.Zachary on the move based on the stats.that Zachary had posted on MaxPreps that.is his first catch of the season again.coach Bruton hold me they look to get.him a little bit more in the offense.involved these six-foot-three.makes his first grab there.so that's the end of a very interesting.first corner.Zachary on a defensive touchdown they.connect on the extra point.Scotland Vil doesn't and that's the.difference after 12 minutes.second quarter coming up on the.for game of the week.a relatively slow start to a game that.was expected to be a high-scoring affair.Zachery on top of Scotland ville 7-6.after one both quarterbacks scott of.zachary and lewis of scotland ville.taking their time sizing up the opposing.defenses like a fighter in a boxing.match but with the offensive weapons in.this one something was bound to give one.of the more exciting quarters we've seen.in a while is coming up you're watching.classic high school football on your.view.[Music].great night for high school football.were in Zachary Zachary leading Scotland.Ville district opener for both teams.scoring so far at Taiwan beard and.fumble recovery for a touchdown for the.Broncos and then Trenton Charles had a.TD run for Scotland Ville and that is.our scoring after one quarter yeah you.would think by the way the first quarter.wood was played that Scotland bill would.be a big but you know Zachary was able.to get that big defensive touchdown that.you talked about and able to go up by.one point but I really expect both of.these offenses to begin to settle in and.you know you'll start to see some of the.points go up on the board.Scotland Ville has been really good.defensively to season I mentioned it.they're only allowing 14 points a game.Scott will roll out to his right he's.got to turn it upfield though and there.he goes to the 35 to the 40 bouncing off.tacklers as he stumbles to the 50 yard.line great run of 27 yards well in my.opinion this is what makes him so.dangerous one of the best high school.football players in the state when.Lindsey Scott decides that he's gonna.run the football he's as good as any.running back out there I mean he is.quick he's elusive and you can see he's.got some speed and that's a quick burst.big gain and now Zachary at midfield.first and ten at the 50.then another mishandle by scott and he.loses a lot of yards there he loses 15.so scott could not handle that looked.like that snap had a little mustard on.it well it did but you know for Lindsay.he's upset with himself you can see.there this is not a snap that he can't.handle I think he's looking for things.to happen out there with his receivers.and I'll tell you what no matter how.great of a player you are when you lose.focus of the simple things then you know.that hand-eye coordination you know.those things can happen and that's the.second time we've seen that happen in.this ball game you look at David Brewer.tson when he took that Lavonia team to.the state championship game a Miss snap.hurt lavanya's chances to win that game.Scott under all kinds of trouble somehow.gets rid of it and it's caught.and that's Coleman and he was one man.away from breaking up and you're exactly.right Jeff if that tackle isn't made we.know the type of player and speed that.Coleman has but Scott very fortunate to.get that ball out.Scotland Ville dialing up the pressure a.little bit more Lindsay Scott forcing.him to you make a decision a lot faster.Coleman gets the ball and fortunate that.Zack Scott levels a burr triple of.Terrell Moses junior on the tackle 17 on.the season coming into this game brings.up third and long Scotland Ville not.afraid to take chances with the Blitz as.he saw there they normally run out of a.4-3 cover to defense a lot of returning.starters from a season ago Scotland.Ville again last year won nine games.under head coach Eric Randall third down.and 16 Scott's got time to throw this.time now here comes the pressure and.he'll have to throw on the road and it's.caught but just shy of the first down.by a yard bringing up fourth and one.Sharon white makes the catch he's had a.nice night tonight but I think you got.to go for it here if you're David Brewer.- yeah they send three receivers deep.none of them are open obviously they.were looking for the home run ball you.can see their white freeze up late.across the middle and you know.question they're going to end up going.for this job Scott will actually get.underneath Center for this fourth down.and one first he'll try to draw Scotland.Ville offsides and then I think Zachary.is gonna call the timeout here nope.hey-oh court Andy.look at this Scott's gonna take you to.go how about that touchdown Broncos you.gotta watch out for Linda Scott I mean.he is just you know I really think what.happened here is he's caught Scotland.Ville a little axe just like you were.wondering hey are they gonna call the.timeout are they gonna go for it ma'am.there goes the snap almost a miscue on.the snap it looked like he almost.fumbled it and really was just gonna be.a quarterback sneak realized he could.get around the end right there here you.go.I think there was almost a way you.didn't catch it there but you know just.a little daylight on the outside and.that's all you need for Lindsey Scott is.a little daylight and he knows where to.take the football yeah I was keeping my.eye on David Brewer ttan the head coach.for Zachary and I was looking to see if.he was gonna call timeout and just kind.of his body language looked like he's.saying all right we're just gonna call.time we didn't draw offsides it's now.and I agree with you I think there was a.bobble there on this exchange again.normally Zachary's in shotgun formation.he doesn't take too many snaps.underneath Center and that extra point.is blocked and it's not going anywhere.I mean no fields blocked I don't even.think they even tried it no no they.never got it off so it's a 13-6 game.Lindsay Scott if you haven't seen him.play well you're in for a treat.that's just the start of it when it.comes to number 18 for the Broncos we'll.be back after this here on Cox on the.Cox for game of the week.Oh an onside kick but Scotland Ville.recovers it Wow a lot of surprises in.this one and this is what it's all about.two great teams going at it in the.district opener might as well come out.swing it well and that one does surprise.me I mean you know I guess it's surprise.but fortunately it didn't surprise the.up men from Scotland Ville they were.able to recover the ball and the good.news is now mr. Levi Lewis gets the ball.at midfield so the PlayBook is wide open.for Scotland Ville you know and you know.I give I give credit tomorrow my old.teammate brew for some guts they're.going forward you know David Brewer ttan.he was part of that 1990 Catholic High.team I went to the state title game.Jason remembers it so well and this is.Levi Lewis who doesn't have much running.room here and look at that Zachary.defense Broncos on a stampede there they.bring them down Taiwan beard in there.defensively along with a couple of other.black jerseys while we got a second.congratulations Dale - Dale wider on.getting win number 300 last week against.turtling - Catholic what an honor right.there yeah I mean 300 wins is 300 wins.and you know you know the thing about.coach whiner is you know one of the.things he focuses on more than football.is trying to create young men good.suitable men for the community and.that's why it's been such an honor for.so many people to play for Coach whiner.Levi Lewis somehow stays on his feet and.that finally goes down at the 45 yard.line beard and again there for Zachary.and also there for the Broncos is herb.Cummings who makes a lot of place for.this Zachary defense in third and long.and so far Levi Lewis having a hard time.just finding any time to throw the.football or finding any wide receivers.open downfield well yeah and I was.talking to coach carrier before the game.he actually made some switches back.there at defensive back and moved some.move one of his receivers at defensive.back just just for this game putting his.best athletes in.to try to slow this Scotland Vil team.down the left-hander Louis winds up.fires man wide open and it's caught.tennis it's gonna be a Scotland Ville.touchdown on third and 14 55 yards Chris.Johnson.well and I was just talking about making.some of those changes and there you go.Scotland Villa exploits the defensive.back there and I think that was Braylon.Jones on the coverage and again Levi.Lewis shows you his arm strength while.he's such a gifted player as well he can.beat you through the air and I tell you.what here you go on the replay and I.tell you what he just leads him.perfectly on this ball his receiver.creates separation and bam big plays big.plays after big plays that's the way.these two teams are scoring that's the.way we expected him to score Braylon.Jones was beat there he's one of those.offensive players he talked about they.go for two and wings it in there but.incomplete to Armstead so Scotland Ville.still down by one point third down and.11 here for Zachary at the 35 yard line.Lindsay Scott three wide receivers to.the far side man he goes back to pass.four-man rush miles all over him gets.away from him.runs into his own man now a couple more.Hornets after him and he completes it it.looks like it in the far side are you.yes what a catch at the 47 yard line and.that was Doug Coleman Wow I mean this is.just you know I mean he's showing arms.Street here really after he alludes a.couple of rushes in the backfield there.obviously he's able to get free but.here's where the arm strength on the run.a deep out just to get the ball down the.field the receiver though you got to.give him a lot of credit Jeff he comes.back to the football and makes a play.for his quarterback Doug Coleman's got.some offers from Louisiana Tech and.Southern Miss went to the Mississippi.State camp and really turned some heads.as a cornerback that might be his future.position in college again on the run.this time Scott throws it away you never.know with him you got a way to make sure.that ball goes out of bounds because on.that last play I thought he was just.gonna throw what well the one thing that.Scotland bill is doing well is they're.taking away his first options you're.wondering why is Lindsay Scott extending.the place.in rent well because those first couple.of options is five to ten yard routes.just aren't open scotland feels jumping.those routes and pick cotton.they've got deep coverage of the.secondary and so they're not open and.lindsey's having to buy himself extra.time to make something happen with his.legs second and ten at the 47 Terry.Sullivan in the backfield along with.Lindsey Scott and Sullivan will get a.rare carry here and that's why Ed's have.been running the ball much Scotland.Ville has stopped him.Reggie Cleveland having a huge game.tonight give him a tackle for losses he.loses the yard and another third and.long coming up for the Broncos.yeah good look at carries although they.cannot get this running game going and.here you can see Cleveland coming up.making a big play he's been all over.this field tonight it's almost like he.started in the backfield he was he was.in the backfield that fast he's got a.nose for the football I mean he's really.doing a good job at getting himself in.position to make the play trips to the.near side they rushed for again and the.pressure come in and they dumps it off.and there's some room to run a first.down and the receiver takes on the.defender dunk Coleman picks it up.tackled by Kelvin Joseph but another.third down and long conversion for the.Zachery Broncos.looks like this offense is starting to.hum now well they are and they're.starting their which is what I thought.they were gonna have to do if they can't.get that running game going they're.gonna have to complete some of these.short routes you know you're not getting.the homerun ball every time but it's.enough to get you know five seven ten.yards and move to change Scott will run.it on the quarterback draw and he's got.room to the 20 15 10 splits the defense.of the night for Lindsay Scott well I'll.tell you what this is the second time.we've seen it tonight when he makes up.his mind that he's gonna run the.football I mean he is direct with it and.it's North and South it's quick and you.can see here Cleveland get the pressure.on the edge and then he saw he was.flushed out the pocket he just turns.into a running back and he's so strong.you could see the lower body strength.hit him up top is not going to do it and.he's able to get himself in the end zone.second rushing touchdown for him tonight.and the folks in Syracuse are smiling.after that one that was sweet you know.what they're thinking.he's coming back oh so Lindsay Scott to.TD runs tonight.and Zachary now late sit by 8:20 to 12.on the Cox board game in a week louis.play-action fake zips it over to middle.wide open that's Torres Williams and.Williams is inside the 5 touchdown no.flags.yeah there is a flag what in the.backfield oh there it is 33 yard long.wondered if it's a I'm not sure what it.was but I tell you what he was blown.coverage that's exactly what I was.looking to see if there was a late hit I.didn't see after Levi released I think.it's because they're talking with Robert.Yale does yeah so you know a rough in.the past or something in that nature but.I tell you what that was blown coverage.complete blown cover so that was the.roughing the passer call so the.touchdown play how many big plays have.we seen on third down here tonight and.fourth down remember one of Lindsey.Scott's TD runs was on fourth down well.and when you spread the feel out you.think you know your Zachary you're.starting to settle in and and you've got.things kind of covered but I mean you.know you spread the field there's so.many athletes that can get into space.and this time you know it was Simmons.able to get out there.blown coverage and Vista tied a game and.diving trying to get a the football over.to go on and he did what a play wow this.is just a heads he playing a fortunate.play that he didn't fumble it.Levi Lewis not a big guy but he reaches.the football over the plane and.obviously couldn't see it from here and.the line judge said he'd cross broke the.plane but there is a flag down.the two-point conversions good so I.guess that's gonna offset the 15-yard.penalty previously that was called.against that well no there's been two on.Zachary right it hasn't been clean after.there's been a there's been a lot of a.lot of personal files on touchdowns.let's look at the touchdown pass again.just a strike here to Torres Williams.who was wide open yeah I mean he was.free and able to break a tackle big guy.there and get it in the end zone and put.Scotland Ville right back in this one so.Levi Lewis has a touchdown - touchdown.passes one to Chris Johnson another one.to Torres Williams both of them 55 yards.if I'm correct on that so now they're.gonna be able to kick it kick the.football off at the 45 yard line of.Zachary so I would think we might see.another we've already seen a onside kick.we've seen kind of a squib kick that.almost resulted in a a turnover we may.see something here.well this game has lived up to the hype.so far Jason yeah we knew there was.gonna be a lot of points scored it.actually you know when the jitters the.opening kickoff jitters were out there.they were we're not able to get their.offensive going but but they're.definitely in full cylinder now Scotland.Ville looking to try to pin zachary back.but a nice return out to the 27 yard.line.Zachary folks wanting a flag there at.the end but they're not going to get it.and so it's going to be 1st down and 10.now for the Broncos 350 to the 25-yard.line to Quincy Jones on the tackle for.Scotland Ville well I might you know my.prediction before the game this was.going to be in the 40s we're at the.midpoint of that right now and you know.also said it might come down to which.team can get that late stop at the end.of the game and yeah we'll see and it's.been filled with big plays we haven't.really seen the grinding kind of drive.three yards and a cloud of dust with.these two teams and there was all kind.of movement before the snap yeah that's.gonna be offsides with Zachary they they.look like they jumped there and the snap.between the quarterback and the Center.has been an issue tonight for Zachary so.first down and 15 now for the Broncos.coach brewer 10 probably saying man how.was that guy so wide open last point and.then you walk down to your defensive.court here is Lindsey Scott makes a.couple men miss and then he gets.sandwiched at the 24 yard line so now.it's second down and 11 after a run of.just four yards for Scott.well and I get the feeling here kind of.backed up down in their own territory.you know Bruce and feels to some degree.fortunate to have time I'll be in a tie.football game the way they started of.course they've settled in and I think.he's gonna be fairly safe with this.football he doesn't want to give.Scotland village an s' with with only a.few minutes left in them in the half.second down and 11.Scott rolling away from the pressure and.off the hands of the receiver white.third and 11 but the way tonight is gone.this is right where Zachary wants it.third down and 11 and that's the route.that's going to be open I think the.majority of the game for Zachary that a.little drag route that intermediate.route right in the middle of that zone.and you know I think that's gonna be.there for Zachary look for that play.more in the second half just over three.minutes to go Robert Valdez his team.five and OH.after a great run at West Saint John who.talked about Lindsey Scott's father.earlier who played in the CFL II he was.a star player Baker High School Lindsay.Scott senior quarterback / running back.Scott a little inside handoff here.trying to catch Scotland Ville off guard.but the hornets who floated of also well.able to recover quickly Terrell Moses.jr. along with DJ Williams and that's.fourth down and Zachary is gonna have to.punt the football yeah and I mentioned.early I thought that Bruton would.probably pay it relatively concerned.don't want to make any mistakes back.here in their own territory you're gonna.have to punt the football but at the end.of the day I mean with two minutes and.50 seconds left in this game I mean in.this half that's an eternity son at.least these teams can score in 20 30.seconds so he has plenty of time you.know for Scotland Ville on the clock I.tell you what this game it's either been.boom or bust right either three-and-out.offensively or you you hit a big play.and score a touchdown and that's because.the one thing that's been missing out of.this football game which both of them.seem.wanted to do from the start was get the.running game going neither I'm Han but.there's been no running game except from.the quarterback position tonight you're.gonna see a ton of rushing yards in the.stat line but that's because the.quarterbacks have escape ability and can.pick it up on their own but in terms of.rushing yards from the running back and.I think it's gonna be very little other.than Trenton Charles's touchdown for.Scotland Ville the 1st and tonight.there's been nothing else when it comes.to any kind of yardage by a running back.so on the pond is Martel Fontenot he's.averaging 30 yards a punt his first punt.was a short one that resulted or led up.to net Trenton - there's a low snap he's.able to handle it though good punt.though and then DJ Williams got out of.the way at the last second and the ball.rolls at the 28 yard line words down so.239 left to go before half-time and we.get to see Levi Lewis back out there.again who already has two touchdown.passes tonight.that's 11 touchdown passes for the.junior yeah and I want to at least give.credit to Martel Fontenot on that last.play that was a low snap he did a great.job of scooping that punt getting off a.great punt as you mentioned and you know.pin in Scotland Ville backs a good job.good concentration by Fontenot on the.punt brand new turf here in zachary and.it's beautiful and a true hop there to.the punter yeah it probably helps it.helps a lot you're right Levi Lewis QB.Trenton Charles just a sophomore right.behind him.and Lewis keeps it lewis running in.between the tackles and then got slammed.back only maybe a pickup of two or so.making a tackle was herb Cummings.five-foot-ten junior linebacker the.defensive line is really to strengthen.the Zachery defense and they were.anticipating Scotland ville to throw the.football here they knew oh yeah that.their weakness this season has been.giving up the long touchdown pass and.Zachary has given up two of them tonight.second down and eight play-action fake.Louis he's going deep again and his man.is wide open this is Chris Johnson again.and he peeps the defender into the.endzone for another Scotland Ville.touchdown way and that was Braylon Jones.again we talked about you know he was.converted this week to defensive back.and you know he's one of the better.athletes on this team and they needed to.put some of their best athletes at the.defensive back position but again if you.look here on the replay.Braylon Jones got beat very early in.this route and then Levi Lewis knows he.can make that throw Wow yeah I mean it's.just you know it wasn't even close he.was and Jeff he was beat very early in.the round it didn't pick it up and you.know you can't give it to him that easy.second time tonight Lewis and Johnson.have connected Louis three TD passes.Scotland bill calls a timeout they want.to talk about it they have regained the.lead late here in the second quarter 26.to 20 Chris Johnson by the way to Lane.Southern Miss lot X some of the schools.looking at him but tonight he looks like.a guy that Zachary has no answer for.well Jeff I'll say it like this with the.name like Chris Johnson you know he's.got some speed okay yeah.Chris Johnson that's just a great timing.we know what the other chris johnson can.do but this one is showing you what he's.capable of in his speed and you know.that's why those schools are very.interested in him.he can create that separation and then.he's got great hands Amy to haul it in.Robert Valdez said that Levi Lewis kind.of reminded him of a little Michael Vick.hopefully now that you say that you know.but but obviously probably not the.height know they might Michael Vick and.the only thing that you know he's a.little bit a little bit shorter so look.at the numbers.Johnson has put up that was heading into.tonight that average is now it's a.little bit higher than 15 he's had two.big touchdown catches all right the.two-point conversion pump fake and Lewis.just lost one up there and trying to.make an old al Beckham type catch there.was Johnson that one is not in his.repertoire at least it wasn't there that.time but yeah but he had to climb the.ladder for that when Levi was under a.lot of pressure but you know the other.thing too is you still got to give.credit to leave that to where only Chris.Johnson could potentially make a play on.net football well while we have a second.here we want to thank Louisiana left for.their support of this telecast.specialize in a customer service.equipment rental parts and trained.Louisiana left has been serving its.customers since 1982 check them out.online at la left calm or call their.Baton Rouge area office 75357 hundred.that is Kirk Robinson.handling things tonight behind the end.zone beautiful night to be up on high.you know when you get deeper into the.season you start to you start to see.them in the in the coats and then yeah.actually for a person that's afraid of.heights it's never a beautiful night to.be in the lifts for me anyways I don't.see 20 people all right good decent.kick-off here returnable though from the.11 and oh shut down at the 22 yard line.Zachary has been really good on kickoff.coverage tyson hives making a tackle I.wish LSU is this good on kickoff.coverage yeah yeah that'd be that'd be.good and look you know we mentioned you.know in exact words last series they.punted the ball with about three minutes.left that's an eternity Scotland bills.already scored and and you know Zachary.still got a minute 43 left on this clock.so you know I expect with the senior.quarterback Syracuse commit that this.playbook is still going to be fairly.wide open down a touchdown and they're.gonna try to get down this field and put.some more points up four-man rush but no.one calls to Scott so he winds up in.thrones going deep it's as bad as.how about this it's a video game tonight.John Coleman well this is it this is the.type of football game we expected it you.have it as I told you from that first.touchdown from Charles I said let the.track meet begin and it really has not.slowed down and I'll tell you what that.was pretty good coverage there at the.beginning by Bryce and he just didn't.stay with the play.I mean Douglas Coleman just eventually.ran by him it's Lindsey Scott's going to.show you his own strength I don't know.if we'll pick this up mid route but the.defensive back is right there in a.position to make the play but when the.ball goes in the air that's when the.separation is created and the big play.there so after a 68 yard touchdown pass.there's a 73-yard 77 yard touchdown pass.between Lindsay Scott and Doug Coleman.who had a touchdown catch last week on.five receptions HIDs long this season.was 71 well they just eclipsed it there.with 77 yards well you know here goes.that that stat reel that whole stat reel.by Lindsay Scott he's got two on the.ground rushing the ball he's now got a a.bomb through the air and you know when.you look in the stat lines and see how.he accumulates so many yards both.rushing the football and throwing it.it's a good example right there.the extra point was good so Lindsay.Scott and Levi Lewis are put on a show.here tonight there's a look at Lindsay.Scott who has a couple of touchdowns.running and now he's got a touchdown.pass the only thing I'm wondering is if.our little scoreboard on TV can hold.four you know we're gonna get there but.who knows the way this one's going the.scoreboard is getting a workout that's.for sure but again it's the big plays.though yeah you know it's not that and.that that's what each team each of these.defenses and they will wanted to guard.against it but it's just phenomenal.athletes on the offensive side of the.football making big plays font nose kick.gonna be taken at the 5-yard line.and uh-oh lot or room to run and not.many Zachary Broncos there big time.return here as that is Kelvin Joseph I.believe he's in aren't a saint he's down.to go one oh no Hey look here goes the.judge I had a good angle here Jeff he's.in the end zone you'll see it on the.replay 95 yards on the return for Kelvin.Joseph and just like that.Scotland Ville.[Applause].I think they did bring him down at the.one let's see here here goes the replay.and you can just see here we come with.Joseph sees this whole Batum he's going.right now and it gets to the outside.that's a great cut continues to break.tackles and here's where let's see if we.can pick it up getting down see him.zooming in but watch that right foot I.thought that right foot right here goes.on the right side of that pylon right.watch right here Jeff see that kicks the.pylon so I think that's a touchdown with.a way that right foot kicks long way.they got it at the three yard line.I mean a memory I never saw titled so.they got up down actually at the three.but where they have the ball marked at.is where you would attempt a two-point.conversion well let's see if we can see.that what we may not be able to pick up.is the left foot if it went down much.earlier about the three yard line but.that right foot.definitely kicks the pylon that's why I.was thinking it was a touchdown just a.tremendous effort here and here's where.we need to be looking at the left foot I.didn't see the left foot I got to touch.- yeah yeah it's a touchstone that's.what we believe so.yeah there is a mass confusion here in.the press points to London outfits that.touchdown really no signal at all from.the referee right so Jeff look in your.crystal ball and tell me when do you.think high school will start having.repointing years down the road do you.think it all they would have it in the.state championship game that would be.the only way it's coming it's coming.trust me maybe you know maybe I don't.think with technology and proven and how.fast you can do real time here here we.go I can't believe you're doing a great.job.he's clearly and getting a look at it.yeah and I'm blind and I saw you go I.Jason - queer you know getting ready to.say both of these offenses only need one.play to score and actually it'll need.any plays yeah you can take a calorie.counter remember when there was just a.little bit over three minutes left to go.saying well maybe we'll see one more.score and I think we've seen four during.that period Scotland feel punted it at.the minute mark and we've seen two.swinging out the Charles - spin move and.into the end zone we still got a minute.fifteen of mini-14 left we might see two.more possessions before it's over with.well for those day grew up in the tecmo.bowl age of video games this is very.reminiscent of what you would see in.tick mobile can I change love for you -.the methods for the forties meet the.first half the first path it would be in.the 40 all right 114 left to go before.half don't go away because we might see.a couple more touchdowns.shall we remind the viewers this is not.the big 12.that's how they played in the big 12 I.mean you know 6350 scores this is very.reminiscent of a big 12 game.so Scotland Vil will tee it up here one.more time to Quincy Jones will kick it.Zachary looks like they'll have well.based on the scoreboard if that's.accurate which I don't necessarily think.it is three timeouts left but we'll see.- Quincy Jones kick will be taken at the.11 then here's Doug Coleman Coleman's.got a blocker in front of him but.Scotland Ville brings him down at the 31.yard line one of the men there Daryl.Moses making the wrapping them up you.know and you got to be preaching on the.sidelines look don't get beat deep how.many times do you think the coaches are.saying that on the sidelines don't get.beat deep you know and you know if they.have to give in a place it would be to.the running backs but they're they're.there they're shutting that down and.then the other place is of course.Lindsay Scott can beat you with his legs.we've seen him do that twice tonight.[Music].first and ten at the 31.Scot will hand it off sullivan and.conservative play call there with a.minute left again there's just not much.running room tonight though for Terry.Sullivan who came into this game with.476 yards rushing and ran for 74 yards.last week against touchdown and coach.Brewer tson told me that that was the.hardest 74 yards he's seen a high school.football player ever run second 10 Scott.will try to find a running Lane here.stays on his feet till he runs out of.bounds and then a flag very late with a.38 yard line tre Shropshire is maybe the.guilty party here for Zachary.I'm guessing we'll get a call here soon.[Applause].there's a personal foul and then that's.what I was wondering I think that's what.was taking a lot of the time and.obviously they'll accept the personal.file so now it's second down and long.and I mean lon it's well they finally.can throw long in this one second out in.26 at the 15-yard lock you want to make.sure you don't make a mistake here.though you don't want to pick six or.something like that so a quick little.pass and it's caught that's I believe.white get steps out of bounds to 28 yard.line so they make up about 13 yards of.it well this is an interesting very.interesting call here because it's its.third and third and I guess about 13 say.just an inside but handoff and get out.of here the problem is no the problem is.if you don't pick it up and Scotland.bill calls a timeout you know they only.need as we've seen a couple seconds to.score.Scot will throw and it's caught by.Shropshire Shropshire may get the first.down here and he does good tackle by.marquis britain and a nice play there.Shropshire six-foot-three 175 pounds a.nice run after the catch well and that.play is big big for a number of reasons.but but most importantly even if they.don't zacchara doesn't score here it.will likely prevent Scotland Ville from.getting the football back in this half.and a good play by Shropshire getting to.the outside and getting that first down.on a big third down conversion you look.the ball at the 44.Scot could throw this one very close to.the goal line so let's see if maybe he.rolls out and tries to heave one down.there now quarterback draw Scot fouling.a couple of blockers bounces it to the.outside and he runs out of bounds at the.43 yard line.Scot falls down or with some contact.there at the end 6 seconds left.the field goal kicker for Zachary is.Ashton vestido whose long is 34 yards.this would be a 51-yard field goal so I.think they'll take a shot to the end.zone here Jason was just six seconds.left well and I saw the Zachary kicker.one of the kickers that had a leg from.this distance he was actually hitting.them from about 50 yards before the game.but I think you're right Jeff I think.you're gonna put the ball in the you.know the hands of your best player.Lindsey see if he can make something.happen he can clearly reach the end zone.from here probably throw it on the line.and you know you're gonna be looking for.Coleman or Shropshire are gonna be your.two guys that he's really gonna be.targeted let's take a look at the.district standings coming into tonight's.game there was a game played last night.the first game in district four or five.and how about Live Oak.and Bret beard getting win number one.for live Oh first-ever win over Denham.Springs as they defeated the Yellow.Jackets 16 to 14 so coach beard and Live.Oak for two over on I want to know in a.district but look at how good this.district is Walker's five ago Scotland.bill five of them Zachary ranked number.seven in class 5a and don't forget about.Syd Edwards and the central Wildcat.central taking on Walker tonight it's.the other game at district for 5a for.many years Jason the premier 5/8.district was with Catholic and Dutch.town well I think times are changing oh.no they have changed all right six.seconds quick pass and it's caught and.then the receiver RJ Newton knocked out.of bounds 29 yard line two seconds left.you know not a bad decision they're.gonna let the field goal kicker come out.down and make a kick as I mentioned he.was he was actually connecting from.about 50 yards so you pick up a little.bit move it in and it looks like it's.gonna be you know about about a 45 yard.46 yard field goal attempt again 34 is.as long and it's gonna be a 46-yard.field goal from the near hash mark the.thing you're gonna be looking for here.is that he doesn't drive this football.he doesn't kick it to low he takes his.time goes through his routine and gets a.good kickoff here not much wind high.snap the kick isn't long enough that's.the question no it's not and Scotland.Ville cannot return it this is not.college football or the NFL once that.ball goes into the end zone it's a touch.back so that's it.Wow one an explosive first half Scotland.ville leading Zachary 34 to 27 in a very.explosive game here tonight between.these two teams looks like we are gonna.have a chance to talk.Scotland Ville head coach Robert Valdes.but quick recap of the scoring it.started with Matt Renton Charles 32 yard.touchdown for Scotland Ville Taiwan.Bearden then picked up a fumble for.Zachary and ran 32 yards for his score.can you believe Jason our score after.the first quarter was just 7 to 6 yes so.much for that defensive battle right but.we knew these teams were gonna settle in.and put up some points they have that.capability and you saw points all over.the field Scotland Ville trying to.improve to 6 and OH on the season.they lead Zachary the 7th ranked team in.class 5a by 7 we'll be back after this.and when we come back it is going to be.the Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance.halftime show on the Cox for game of the.week.you're watching classic high school.football in your view I'm Chris Harris.and it's halftime of a five a game from.2013 featuring two schools from Baton.Rouge Louisiana Zachary and Scotland.ville it's really hard to believe what.we just saw 48 points scored in the.second quarter 28 of them by Scotland.Ville we were watching a football game.and it tracked me broke out 3427 at.intermission Scotland Ville.with the lead the second half is coming.up and it promises to be just as.exciting we'll see you again after the.third quarter 34 to 27 is our score and.with that kind of score at halftime.you could bet there were some first-half.highlights so let's try to show you as.many as we possibly can before the start.and Scotland got it all started quickly.on this touchdown run by trenton charles.that was the best running play by a.running back all night yeah that's right.there had been a lot of yards by running.back but here goes another quarterback.who knows how to run the ball that's.Lindsay Scott the first of a couple of.TD runs for him tonight here's a long.touchdown pass between Levi Lewis to.Chuck Chris Johnson those two connected.twice in the first half on touchdown.passes Lindsay Scott again doing it with.his legs this was a 34 yard touchdown.run as he shows the explosion to get.past the Scotland Ville secondary and n.Lewis wide open to Torres Williams who.is able to beat the zachary defense into.the end zone.more highlights Lewis again and here's.Chris Johnson again as he beats the.zachary defense and he is just too fast.into the end zone that was 77 yards.there and then Lindsay Scott excuse me.that was 68 this is 77 - Doug Coleman.who makes the grab in stride and then we.got one more for you a 95 yard kickoff.return for a touchdown by Calvin Johnson.you know Jeff here's that touchdown we.were looking at see if his foot gets in.the only and the only play that didn't.make it was the one defensive play.Zachary actually scored a touchdown on.defense.all right Zachary gets the ball to begin.the second half and there is a flag down.on this return that got up to about the.30-yard line that was Coleman on the.return in on the tackle for Scotland.Ville Jalen Pitts and looks like Zachary.will start deep in their own territory.so the score was just 7 to 6 after the.first quarter Scotland Ville erupts for.28 points.and for Zachary they scored 20 points in.a an electrifying second quarter had.people on their feet here at Zachary.high school well look you look at both.of these offenses and you say well.they're very similar because they spread.it out and run this sort of wide open.style offense but actually they do do it.a little differently Zachary although.they run from the spread who want to be.a little bit more methodical I know.coach birch and I played with them he.wants to get that running game going in.the trenches I fully expect him not to.abandon the running game and get that.going but on the flip side of the.football.skyla bill loves to keep that high.octane organ type offense going first.and ten at the 18 yard line for Lindsay.Scott and Scott will hand it off to.Sullivan again still no running game at.all for Zachary when it comes from Terry.Sullivan as Scotland Ville has taken him.out of this game the offensive line just.has not been able to open up any holes.for him Malik grant coming off the.bottom of the pile for Scotland Ville.and you know he wants to establish that.running game because you know he it also.allows you to take Scotland.offense out of rhythm if you can get.some some first downs going and get a.drive going that that offense is sitting.on the sidelines and maybe you can.disrupt their rhythm a little bit.central is scored again they lead Walker.34 to 13 as Scott runs it around the.left end puts his head down still keeps.the feet going and he is knocked down at.the 25 yard line he's two yards will.called a short three that will call two.yards third down and two coming up for.the Broncos well you can see here look.they're not lining up as fast as.Scotland ville they don't huddle but you.can see it's a little bit slower getting.to play in getting it set a little more.methodical and they're going to try to.make sure that they have a good play.down up here to try to convert on about.a third and two and get this drive going.Lindsay Scott has been successful on a.lot of the short passes so far in this.one looks like a bit of an audible here.is now Sullivan moves to the right of.Scott and rolling out to the right as.Scott throws and it is caught nice grab.in front of the defender and the.receiver stays on his feet up to the 48.yard line nice grab by Shire in white.looks like a Scotland there is a flag.dough so let's see Miller is that just a.shoe I think that was slag are some.towel or some outlet Ville golden.Tallmadge we got enough flags flying.around but I tell you what this is one.heck of a throw and even a better catch.because he really you see him coming.around they gave him the option to run.it or get his guy out in the flat and.he's really zips that in there defensive.back closed in on it made a great play.but if you don't tackle these skill.players you can see he almost got free.and took of the distance from the 47 now.for the Broncos as Scott will keep it.run straight ahead for about three.tackled by DeAndre Williams who has 25.tackles on the season.DeAndre Williams six-foot-three 250.pounds.number six for Scotland ville he's got.the frames and definitely play in the.Southeastern Conference well you can see.already it feels like Burton again has.come out with the intention to slow this.football game down I mean they're you.know they're eating up a lot of time on.the play clock before they get the next.play in there trying to run the ball.either between Sullivan or Scott Scott.will run here Scott still on his feet.and take it down at the 45 yard line and.once again.DeAndre Williams there with the tackle.some of the schools looking at Williams.right now southern tech Tulane and.Missouri looking at number 6 for.Scotland oh and you can see look if they.can't get the running game going with.Sullivan that's I think two or three.called runs from the quarterback.position on this drive and this is.really the first real methodical Drive.that we've seen all game now 27 points.giving up tonight by Scotland Ville the.most they've given up this season third.down and two here comes the pressure.they pick it up and the pass is complete.that is white inside the 40 pushed out.of bounds by Bryce beetman and you're.right a nice methodical drive here for.Zachary they've already chewed up three.minutes and 23 seconds of the clock in.this third quarter yeah a whole.different pace too and you can see that.it's clear that that's what the game.plan was for the Broncos they're in the.half and you know looking for a lot of.this underneath stuff sort of this dink.and dunk stuff three and four yards here.good drive this far and now getting a.chance to run it but not much there for.Terry Sullivan.maybe yard that was it was that wrenchy.Cleveland with a great open field tackle.I believe it was only a yard of our gain.of one Caleb Carter also there.defensively for Scotland oh yeah they've.tried that play multiple times with.Sullivan and they just you know Scotland.Ville is keyed in on it they also know.that Burton you get a good look at him.there wants to get this running game.going second down and nine now Scott.stops throws heaves it towards the end.zone the leaping grunt Shire a nice grab.inside the 5 to the 3 yard line pick up.a 35 yards by this receiving core force.coming for Zachary it's just.unbelievable actually the ball is a.little under thrown he had him beat.Shropshire comes back to the ball.catches it at its highest point most.importantly well covered they're able to.hang on to the football not let it hit.the turf that's one heck of a catch.marquise Britton had great coverage on.that play but a great catch by.Shropshire and now this is Sullivan into.the end zone touchdown Broncos well.that's one heck of a drive that Zachary.put together you saw the full package.there you saw the running game although.getting it going with Lindsey Scott's.feet but then a good throw towards the.end of this Dr Greider kid better catch.there by Shropshire and then mr..Sullivan we've been calling his name.wasn't a long run but he was able to get.himself into the end zone.the Zachary showed you the full package.there their full offensive package on.that first drive a real statement draft.coming out in the second half six.touchdown run of the season for the.senior Sullivan who scored a 26 on his.AC T really just a complete back for.Zachary pastino on the extra point try.is good and we are all tied up at 34.after a four minute and nine second try.for Zachary finished off by the.touchdown run by Terry Sullivan we start.at 34 34 when we come back 34 34 is our.score 751 left to go after a very.impressive drive to begin the second.half.put the zachary broncos who will now.kick it off back to Scotland Ville and I.see the way he's got this thing teed up.I do not think he's kicking it deep at.all it's gonna be maybe one of these sky.kicks over here to the left-hand side of.the field but they don't want to kick.this ball deep after they saw what.happened the end of that second half 95.yard kickoff return for a touchdown by.Kelvin Joseph pastino with the kick here.and what do we have we might have an.offsides penalty everybody was really.close up to the line.I think illegal formation now I call it.offsides.I think I heard this correctly in the.press box as we were slamming down.chicken fingers and Patrick thanks to.spice just add it to the great pregame.meal I had from pod news I believe.someone said that Scotland villas not.had a penalty in this game cuz that's.not about right there might have been.there has been a lot well I don't know.it seemed like there was one on their.row well if they have it's one or two.yes yes I mean but but I thought that.they were penalized on one of their.touchdown where they've had to go back.or either kick because that was the only.one though that I remember yeah but.these two these referees have let these.two teams play I mean we haven't had.holding or pass interference or any of.that kind of yeah alright here we go.again with mr. Joseph and Joseph gets.out across the 40 well maybe to the 40.that's about it and so Scotland Ville.and Levi Lewis will come back out on the.field yeah he did get across the 40 so.they mark it at the 42.[Music].[Music].that's the right tackle who will be out.of the game for Scotland ville and a.pass wide open on the far side and a.first Hennis Chris Johnson well in.virgin and the defensive coordinator.have come out we're not going to be beat.I mean deep then the defensive back was.was ten years ten yards off of him even.after he caught the football so they're.not gonna they're gonna do everything.within their power not to let Scotland.ville throw another one over the top and.that's Braylon Jones who's had a tough.night so far tonight trying to keep up.with Chris Johnson they go right back to.him and it's pitching catch between Levi.Lewis and Chris Johnson who makes an.undergrad but he was hit immediately and.he only gets six yards that time but.he's forcing Levi Lewis to make the play.to make that throw I mean he's 1012.yards off of them that a little hitch.route and as long as you know they're.gonna they're gonna give it to Scott.Lavin Valdez is gonna say we'll take it.he'll run it here with Trenton Charles.and maybe our that's it well these run.defenses have been really good in this.game that's Darryl Brown a senior on.that defensive lineman as I mentioned.earlier that's really no flag at the end.of all that when I was just about ready.to say the defensive line has been the.strength of this zachary defense that.has allowed a bunch of points in this.season gave up 34 last week to touch.town gave up 42 to Calvary Baptist in a.game seen on ESPNU let's get the call.well there's a penalty on Scott about to.say you were speaking it into existence.in week one for Zachary they scored 56.points when they defeated Wilkinson.County in Mississippi but they gave up.30 for the fewest points they have given.up in a game this season it's 25 to EA.when they defeated the Spartans on East.dissention homecoming night third down.and long now.so a tough situation here for Scotland.Ville they got to get to the Zachary 35.yard line but we have seen big plays on.third down and long tonight we've seen.big plays period but it seems like more.of them have come on third down.you better believe that that Zachary.secondary is gonna be playing it safe.looking for the chains making sure they.keeping the receivers in front of them.Lewis will throw it that's time to throw.a nice pocket form may you leave it up.he'll go deep and it's it should have.been intercepted but somehow it gets.over to David Armstead wow what a.playing well it looks like coach Bruton.was gonna blow blow a gasket there.because Olmstead actually ended up.getting behind watch watch if you could.pick it up on the replay good job on.Braylon Jones side with the double move.he actually keyed in on that but he gets.behind him you can see in the screen.there Jeff he was behind him Zachary who.is able to make the deflection and but.the thin bounces right back into his.hands.fine Pruitt ins gotta be saying we.finally defended a long ball well and we.couldn't make the play yeah so now you.know we haven't said this too often but.Scotland Ville is in the Gary Lewis red.zone Jerry Lewis properties red zone.after Zachary got into the Gary Lewis.properties red zone we haven't been able.to say flying over the red zone.no sense in coming down in that area.only a couple of yards on that carry.well maybe three to the 13 yard line.halfway through in this third quarter.first possession of the second half for.Scotland Ville.quit throw out into the flat and this is.Armstead made a nice move to get at.think he's got enough for the first down.before a couple of Broncos brought him.down.Taiwan Bearden and I really like this.chess match going from between these two.coaches both of these coaches are.adjusted well on the fly why does this.play work well the Zachery secondary is.10 and 12 yards down the field instead.of in Scotland Ville forcing the issue.they're taking these little routes here.these little wide receiver screens and.coming out the back field you know.they're just taking what the Zachery.defense has given them so great.adjustments so far about both of these.coaches that have DJ can and also on the.tackle there but first down for Scotland.ville 1st and goal and the pitch and.trying to get it that's Reggie Cleveland.getting a carry to the 3 yard line.little toss out of my typical II.comes out of the a bat look Scotland.fields got a great offensive line.obviously they lost one of them and they.feel that they can power this thing in.there another pitch to Cleveland but.Zachary there wait for him defensively.he was able to at least move the pile.ahead for a yard but in the backfield.was errant celestine for Zachary and.it's third down and goal from the 1 yard.line here is Scotland Hill trying to.power this in well I would go away from.that I mean with Levi Lewis and his legs.is a bill.I'd spread this thing out put him in the.shotgun and give him options with the.football or maybe a pass to Chris.Johnson who has got single coverage on.the outside and just throw one up there.and see if he can go up and get it well.they're still in this tight formation.louis parking out the singles juggles.the snap pitches at the Cleveland.Zachary's defense comes up with the.stand that they needed firing through.they look to be Keenan Tate and that was.a big play the play that Zachary.definitely needed tonight actually.Zef Donovan Perkins I think on the.tackle not Keenan Tate yeah well I don't.mean to second-guess an offensive coach.an offensive minded coach's cut 34.points but by half but but I just I.disagree with going to this eye.formation that's just not what they're.accustomed doing not as comfortable I.would have put Levi Lewis at least in.one or two of those plays in the spread.formation giving him a chance to you.know to take advantage of the play.himself they're gonna go for it on 4th.and goal at the 6 but they call timeout.to Scotland though so 313 left to go in.this third quarter we're all tied up at.34.last night live oak a great victory over.Denham Springs and Jessica standing by.with live oaks coach Brett beer last.night with denim coach came out on top.1614 tell me how big that win was for.your team oh you don't realize how big.it is to turn around there at the end we.picked the ball off and you can see the.kids crying on the sidelines you see.people in the stands crying how big it.was for the loss of community a lot like.it was how many kids are getting better.every day.we were physical had a chance to win a.ballgame there late and executed now you.talked about the kids beginning to be.physical each week you're putting up.huge numbers going into we got a massive.physicality and we've got to be more.physical week in and week out we don't.have a lot of speed so we've got it.we've got to negate that by being.physical and that's what we're preaching.to be tougher to be men and just you.know get hit keep getting up and just.enjoy the ride they were down to 28 13.what are you looking to do with them.well I mean we're gonna Scott a.turnaround and you know that's gonna be.a big week for us we feel like if we get.to five and five or five wins gotta give.us a chance to get in the playoffs which.is what we wall.and so that'd be our fifth when I change.to our fifth whim and that's really how.we're gonna sell it to move on from.denim thanks so much for joining me they.go kill a second.Levi Louis on fourth and goal fires a.strike to David Armstead in Scotland.Ville as regained the lead.well this is what I wanted to see him do.well first and second and third down put.it in this guy's hand I mean he can make.these types of plays great route there.and I mean he fires that right on the.money and you know that's what Scotland.Ville is used to doing the other thing.is I don't disagree at all with going.for it oh you might be saying hey why.don't you kick the field goal.well we've seen they've had trouble.making extra points so so you don't have.a lot of confidence in in trying to kick.a field goal so I think it's obviously.the right play call and they're gonna.line up go for 2/3 touchdown catch of.the season for Armstead the two-point.conversion is no good as the pass sales.through the hands of Tyson hug but.Scotland bill regains the lead they're.up by six with 309 left to go in the.third corner and an exciting one here on.the Cox 4 game in a week David Searles.of crown trophy invite you to stop by.and see the hottest new item Yeti coffee.mugs ready for engraving with your logo.great gifts and great service at crown.trophy unsure wood for forest Boulevard.in Baton Rouge a Yeti coffee mug yeah I.bet you ten things nice I mean if it's.anything like those coolers first and.ten for Levi Lewis in the Scotland Ville.Hornets 122 left to go in the third.quarter we have not seen the spread or.the difference as far as the points go.as far to be in a two possession game.it's always been a one possession game.as far as their difference in scoring.between the two teams.you know and I was mentioning earlier to.you one of the things that this game may.come down to us said hey which team can.make a stop at the end but Scotland.Fields had trouble converting their.extra points and so are their two-point.conversions and you can see the score.six so you know it could come down to.you know those missed extra points or.missed two-point conversions just over a.minute to go and Counting first down.play coming up for Levi Lewis pistol.formation now Charles comes right to the.right of them and Charles gets another.carry and Charles is off to the 35:30.shoved out of bounds just inside the.30-yard line and now all of a sudden.Scotland vil able to get Trenton Charles.involved here yeah and they got it going.earlier on the play before is that a.flag out there is that another one of.these towels coming back it looks like.it's gonna be against them and to 38.yard line that flag is sitting apparel.and I was gonna say well while we're.making comparisons you know when you say.Charles and the way he looks and shifty.and a smile you think Jamaal Charles.so that negates the penalty or in a.first out I should say but looks like.it's gonna be first down yeah in about.three maybe because it's a yeah well the.fans here at Zachary and the it is.packed still no one is left they're.enjoying this nice night for high school.football a little warmer than yeah last.week Andy Pettit you better not go get a.cold drink or something cuz you go miss.two touchdowns stay and you see first.down and to see if they maybe take a.shot here no I gotta go right to Trenton.Charles and big-time hit as he crossed.the line of scrimmage keeping them shy.of a first down that was Taiwan Bearden.we've been watching Bearden play for a.long time it seems like him and Lindsey.doesn't seem like they've been here.forever.yeah so that's a great play by their.their big captain on the on the defense.quarterback of the defense Bearden.they're stopping Charles.so second and one as the third quarter.is coming to a close.Scotland ville leading it by six chance.to go up by two possessions Charles.around the right end and there's a lot.of room for him to run and then he's.brought down at the 38 yard line a gain.of about 10 on the final play of the.third quarter the Scotland Ville Hornets.leaning the zachary broncos 42:34 and.scotland Ville on the move they're on.the Cox for game of the week.it's a tight one in Baton Rouge Scotland.Vil clinging to a 4034 lead over Zachary.outstanding games from both cubies.Lindsay Scott jr. of Zachary Levi Lewis.of Scotland ville both living up to the.hype Scott is now at LSU where he'll be.fighting for the starting job after his.freshman year and Lewis will be starting.his freshman year at the University of.Louisiana Lafayette this one goes down.to the wire.enjoy the fourth quarter Scotland Ville.and Zachary from October 9th 2015.[Music].Scotland Ville let it at halftime 34 to.27 it's now a 42:34 game with Scotland.Ville moving to football against this.tired.Zachery defense let's send it down to.the sidelines in jessica province has a.very special guest you're right Jeff a.very special guest says but much of this.would not be possible without the.principles I'm joined now by Zachary.principal Joe LeBlanc and coach I'm.saying coach you were a coach at.Catholic High School and you actually.coach coach Burton I did many years ago.coach Bruton is 20 years behind me I.actually graduated from Cali guy in 1972.he graduated in 92 last night we had a.25-year reunion of of his team so he's a.pretty special guy my dad and his dad.were best friends in high school his.brother and my brother are best friends.I stood in David's wedding when he got.married so we go back a long ways it's.good.yeah I was gonna say it's got to be nice.having somebody with that kind of.relationship back on your faculty right.he's like family he's like a little.brother and it's great to have him here.now some of the things that y'all do off.the field some a CTS buyers can come a.little bit about that we just finished.our ninth and tenth grader just finished.taking a test that we call a CT aspire.test it's a pre test for the end of the.year where we measure where the students.all right now in hopes of giving them.that giving them a very similar test at.the end of year and that test will tell.us how much progress they've made over.the course of the year and let us know.if we're doing that job or not well mr..LeBlanc thank you so much for joining me.we missed the touchdown we're gonna get.back up to it let me go back and watch.myself okay Jeff all right the fifth.touchdown pass of the night for Levi.Lewis and again for the third time he.connects with Chris Johnson and it's now.46 34 is Scotland Ville goes for two.Lewis rolling out to his left fires one.into the end zone does he hang on to it.oh it's actually ends up being no good.you can't return the two-point.conversion for a score let's take a look.again at this touchdown pass another big.play over the top of the Zachary - yeah.what they were trying to prevent and.hope thinking that they've gotten this.situation under control but there you.are getting behind the secondary again.and I think that might have been Braylon.Jones again getting beat for the.touchdown but Levi Lewis doing it again.with his arm and showing you how.prolific he is through the air so for.the first time tonight it's now a two.possession game so let's see how Zachary.can respond we know they can score.points in bunches and they're gonna have.to really get it going now.so three touchdown passes to Chris.Johnson the other went to Levi Lewis and.the other one went to Damon.David Armstead on that fourth and goal.the last time Scotland bill had it the.Achilles heel for the Zachary team all.season has been the defense and that is.proven to be the case here tonight they.just have not been able to come up with.enough quality stops.and a lot of big plays by this Hornets.offense the kick by to Quincy Jones.taken at the 11 yard line and it's.returned by Shropshire and he fumbled a.football I think he did that balls out.and are they saying he oh wow this is.gonna be close maybe he had I mean Trump.shines the tall guy maybe he had a knee.on the ground but if they've made the.call they're not gonna review it but.I'll tell you what the way I saw this.football come out I sure thought that he.was still not down.let's see if we can get it here he would.never could really get who man plus yeah.I didn't see a knee down prove that.right knee you just can't see.necessarily whether that right knee was.down before that ball pops out some good.shots there.Jeremy white the referee was pretty.emphatic that he was down there was also.a penalty on the return so Zachary is.gonna start deep in its own end well and.that's fortunate because if you lose the.ball right there you know and in.Scotland Ville gets another crack at.this and let's see if we can see where.that knee comes now that's a fumble.that's a fumble yeah break for Zachary.let's see if they can take advantage of.it that's a great shot on that last one.good job to our camera guy zooming in on.that deal all that traffic around them.first and ten at the 15 Lindsay Scott.will run it straight ahead gets hammered.as he crosses the line of scrimmage.picks up about three yards he was.tackled by Scotland Vil's.Malik Grant's 11 minutes in this game.still no panic I mean you know Zack URIs.offense we've talked a lot about it.today and you can see Scott still.running the football.I don't think Burton's ready to you know.abandon his strategy yet you just start.taking deep shots down the field it's.way too early for that he would like to.keep his defense off the field for a.little bit though yes when in mind.another grinding drive here and then.hope that that defense can come up one.stop and then get the ball back with a.chance to tie it or win it.Scott's got time to throw here now here.comes the pressure he's going to have to.make something happen he's across the 20.and slides.that's about the 21-yard line that's.gonna bring up third down and for good.coverage downfield by the scotland Ville.secondary right almost looked like he.was on a slip and flat he started.sliding at the 20 and ended up at about.the 30 down there's fresh this he.brought it back at new people at home.looking like the inner first down but.they brought it back five yards because.that's where he hit the hit the deck.trips to the near side Shropshire is to. the wide receiver to the far side.[Applause].third down and five rolling out and.keeping it as Scott and he's got the.first down and more.across the 40 to the 46 yard line Wow.big play there by your senior.quarterback and what actually opens this.up Sullivan had not been able to get.going but he was the decoy on their.watch coming out the backfield.watch the Scotland Villa secondary kind.of commit there for that key second.opens up a big big Lane there for.Lindsay Scott who knows how to take.advantage of it that brief pause on the.fake handoff to Sullivan as he said just.open it up for Scott to pick up the.first down it's great call because they.know they've been won Sullivan to get.gone they've been running it to him and.then faking it off of it good call there.and I don't know what happened here it.looks like the center and that is not.Kelton Hollins out there anymore.remember he well he wasn't snapping the.football anyways he's now moved over to.guard cuz they got a new center in there.for Zachary and I think he forgot what.the snap count was is Roy McKnight.snapping the ball ere you look at coach.Valdes first down and 15 now after the.five-yard penalty it's been the other.thing that's been nipping at Zachary's.heels here tonight a lot of five-yard.pre-snap penalties against the Broncos.and they've had a lot of first and 15.situations so Scott will fling one over.to the near side and it is caught at the.47 yard line.Doug Coleman making a grab Coleman he's.got offers from Louisiana Tech Southern.Miss also LSU taking a look at the.six-foot-one senior again he performed.very well in a camp in the summer at.Mississippi State fact that a lot of.people thought maybe you know what he.might be a better cornerback sometimes.he lines up at cornerback as well second.down and 10 as they make up the five.yards lost on the penalty Scott will.look to throw.Scot now rolled out to the nearside.flips one out and there's his receiver.who makes the grab in Scotland ville.territory.another nice grab by shire in whites in.a 34 yard line and that's a gain of 21.and what's impressive about this throw.we know he has the arm strain but this.one he puts a little touch on it he.knows he doesn't necessarily need to zip.it in he kind of makes sure he floats it.over the defensive back head and that's.what makes that's what makes the Lindsay.Scott such a such a good player good.prospect and why you know d1 school like.Syracuse's is interested in it while now.at the 34 yard line of Scotland Ville.Scott Servais the defense has a little.bit of time and now the pocket breaks.down on him he's going to have to run.and take off throws on the run into the.end zone wide open touchdown Trey Shire.with the touchdown grab and Zachary.we're within one possession again well.it doesn't take long we know they needed.to get a score here obviously Shropshire.beats his man and brings that ball in.but what keeps this play alive his watch.when Lindsay Scott scrambles his eyes.are down the field look he's looking.down the field you see his eyes down the.field that's what makes him good a lot.of quarterbacks would have just tuck.tuck the football and taken off with it.but he's still you know keeping an eye.on his receiving core able to make that.pass and great play there for the extra.point.low snap and it is through the uprights.so now it's a five-point game.46 to 41 first one to 61 jinkin I said.40 Widmark we'll be back after this on.the sport game in a week 46 to 41.here on the Cox 4 game in a week.Scotland ville leading Zachary still.over 9 minutes to go in this one.Scotland Bill's deep Fenner excuse me.Zachary's defense needs to figure out a.way to slow down.Scotland Ville make a stop but let's.take a look back at that iti Technical.College scoring drive seven plays 85.yards two minutes and 38 seconds off the.clock.Lindsay Scott delivers another touchdown.play as he threw it to trace wrap shire.yeah the first thing that Zachary has to.do on defense is they cannot they just.cannot give up the home run ball we've.talked about that since the beginning of.the game.but it's even more important now than.ever as this game has winded down in the.4 so if you can begin to protect against.that you know and then key in on some of.this other stuff I think they have it.they would have a shot and at least.getting the football back without.suffering any more points two touchdown.passes for Lindsay Scott he has ran two.touchdowns into the end zone.five touchdown passing performance by.Levi Lewis what a ball game to begin.district play for these two teams in a.district that has improved immensely.here over the last couple of years.flag down on this return we've already.seen Calvin Joseph returned one for 95.yards flag is in a very weird spot on.the field though on a return as coach.David brewer tin will hope his defense.can make a play when they get back out.there yeah that's the other thing you.know try to get a big play on defense.an interception you know they had a big.play you know in that first quarter and.even the defense was able to score but.they just need something to right the.ship here on defense.[Music].14 touchdown passes on the year now for.Levi Lewis very humble young man fits.the mold of the offense that Scotland.Bills running this year just consistent.as you've seen tonight hasn't made any.mistakes really can extend the play well.coach Robert Valdes has been able to.send a couple of his former quarterbacks.to Southern University here when he was.at West Saint John II coach tre Joseph.Austin Howard Levi Lewis looks like to.be his next prodigy who's gonna head on.and play college football somewhere as.Louis keeps it and gets maybe two or.three yards Wow that ball he'll come out.snacker he says they have it now the.referee is saying that the ball was down.yeah it looked like it it was late in.the play only one turnover tonight now.it's forced by Zachary ended up being a.fumble recovery for a touchdown it's the.only highlight we've seen here.defensively for the most part so second.down and eight Scout 1 Ville they would.love to have a long time consuming dry.here's your replay here and no he's not.yeah he's clearly down yeah I think the.whistle had also blown yeah prior to him.actually hitting the ground.kudos to our camera folks they're on it.some great shots tonight Lewis keeps it.as he gets it to the outside and stays.on his feet.uh sure it out of bounds at about the 44.yard line 10-yard run by Levi Lewis.who's been doing most of his damage with.his arm with the five TD passes but.shows he can also run the football as.well with the best of them was their.flag down no no flag down so 1st down.and 10 as they moved the chains on the.far side of the field.when you can see Scotland Ville here.taking a little more time than they.normally do of course they'd love to.choose some of this clock up as well as.get some more points try to make it a.two-possession football game Charles to.Kerry and there's a big seam forum all.the way up to the 28 yard line before.Zachary brings it out and Trenton.Charles has had a huge second half for.Scotland oh well you know it looks like.a bad play for Zachary but at least it's.not in the end zone I mean you do give.up you do give up a long run in play.here we saw one similar to this Britain.in the first half where he scored a.touchdown got tremendous speed but they.didn't give up the big ball over the top.and you're still going for Scotland.Ville to make more plays to get into the.end zone.Braylon jones on the touchdown saving.tackle and then we get a little bit more.trenton charles who just runs so hard.right up the middle.that was what Coach Robert Valdez.combing went if you give him a crease.like they did on that last play he's.going he's quick I mean he's quick and.he exploits it and once he gets in the.open field he's very very difficult to.handle Marcus Stokes is there.complimentary back we haven't seen him.at all tonight it's been all Trenton.Charles who's only a sophomore.remember that ain't threatenin Charles.he looks like he's also got a Division.one college football future ahead of her.[Music].Charles gets it again this time hit.behind the line of scrimmage nice job.defensively by Zachary if there's a guy.on defense that's gonna make a play.it's Taiwan Bearden's well no doubt.about that I mean he's their leader he's.the one getting them in the huddle.saying hey look guys we got to get the.football back you know this could be the.meaningful district game we got it we.got to get this ball back and really get.those guys jacked up in Scotland ville.player Brian Lynch a tight end coming.off the field unable to put any pressure.on his left foot and so a third down.coming up here for Scotland though they.have to get to the Zachary 17 6:35 and.Counting in this final quarter oh they.tremendous ball game here tonight at.Zachary.luis will throw got all day into the end.zone ducked away finally as Thackery.defensive back makes a play well that's.a huge play there and I'll tell you what.that play actually took a little longer.to develop than it was designed but as a.you can see the crossing route in the.back of the endzone and you can see Levi.Lewis wants to get him the ball earlier.he's still covered so good job by the.defensive back it really just throws it.out there to see if he can free up and.I'll tell you what that's textbook when.you need a big play from your defensive.back you actually get it and and you.know they have to be jacked up about.that that was PJ can and they've got the.hand out there to deflect it he's an.outstanding baseball player too for the.Broncos so fourth down for Scott.windmill up by five points and we have.movement on the line and I think it's.going to be against Scotland at least.that's what the Zachery defense thinks.and that's going to push them back five.yards well the other thing here is is.you know Scotland Vallabh viously does.not have a field goal kicker who's.capable of hitting it from this distance.so they're gonna they're gonna go for it.doesn't make sense for them to Punk the.football because if he goes in the end.zone he essentially only picking up.about eight to ten yards so you know.Zachary's got to make sure that they.payin mindful of those first down sticks.but also mindful that Levi doesn't throw.it over the top this could be the game.the play that shifts the momentum one.way or the other fourth down and 12.Louis.has to step up a little bit flushed out.in a pocket.needs to make a place a curries all over.he just heaves it up towards the end.zone a complete Zachary's defense.finally gets a stand well and that's the.one that they need it.you know they again the reason that.Levi's Luongo flag down at the 16 I was.wondering why there was some hesitation.there from the Zachary sidelines and.it's going to be against Scotland bill.but again the reason why I Levi Lewis.that football earlier is because the.secondaries exactly had great coverage.they forced them around in the pocket.and then had no choice but to throw that.football because it was fourth down and.you're right that is the play that this.defense really needed and this can be.that momentum shift in play for this.crowd this fan base they now know that.they have the football and an.opportunity to go up in this football.game with six minutes left.the Zachary student section they are.into it everyone has been into it most.of the fans here standing on their feet.on the near sidelines 1st down and 10.for Lindsay Scott and the Broncos at.their own 29 yard line plenty of time to.march down the field and take the lead.they give it to Terry Sullivan deep.veins off of one defender and gets to.the 34 yard line tackled from behind.Reggie Cleveland makes the tackle boy.and how much we coach Bru love to get.Sullivan going right now at that.six-minute mark and really begin to.chuck this is what they've been wanting.at him he's a big back and you can see.it's going to take a lot of people to.bring him down and you know as that.defense starts to wear out on you this.is when you have an opportunity to get.that running game going and really grand.that clock down second down and five.Scott his man was not open so he's got.to take off with it he's got the first.down and then is shoved out of bounds at.the 41 yard line.Kelvin Joseph came up to apply the.contact and not come out of bounds but.it moves to change for Zachary 5:22 left.to go for David brewer tson and the.Broncos.who will make a play out on defense for.Scotland oh I need someone to step up.here to try to stop Lindsay Scott or.Terry Sullivan Sullivan gets to as he.was hit at the line falls forward.DeAndre Williams who has four six speed.and outstanding strengths brought down.the ball carrier Sullivan only two yards.and you can see Zachary is very very.methodical and didn't hit the play often.trying to trying to milk as much of this.clock as they can trips to the near side.Shropshire is the wide receiver to the.far side.quick pass on a bubble screen and this.is white white into Scotland Barrett.Scotland Territory still on his feet.dragged out of bounds at the 30 yard.line they want a horse-collar penalty on.the Zachary sideline but they're not.going to get it why this is going to be.close she couldn't really tell obviously.sometimes the takedown looks a little.bit more vicious than it is the question.is is did the Scotland build defensive.back here goes the quick little bubble.screen and shyrone.white makes some great plays here second.effort yeah but that's that's it's just.about as close to a horse collar as you.can get fortunately it wasn't thrown.there and the good thing is that the.players okay first and ten it's a 29 now.of Scotland Ville Scott and the Broncos.on the move once again Terry Sullivan.running straight ahead gets a hard three.yards okay and there's a penalty coming.in as Zachary sideline was waiting for a.flag it was not where the tackle.occurred it was away from that it looks.like a skirmish with one of the.offensive linemen I I couldn't tell if.it was 74 he's a personal foul penalty.on the Hornets that moves Zachary inside.the Brian Harris Audie red zone it's in.the bottom right hand of your screen.here always the second guy get the.content right yeah or the penalty they.were going at it was a little.extracurricular there and you mentioned.it one evaluation for one of your keys.to victory for Scotland Ville keep your.composure that time that was not the.case for Caleb Carter first and 10 now.at the 13 for Zachary.Scott will roll out to the right Scott.gets hit from behind by clean would.still move in a pile to the six yard.line.[Applause].under four minutes to go and that's him.just showing you his lower body strains.and the reason I actually think the.school is going to is a good comparison.donovan mcnabb is because you know.McNabb was a big strong quarterback that.lower body strength and you can see.there Lindsay Scott showing you his.strength just carrying Scotland field.defenders closer to that goal line.second down and four Scott to Sullivan.Sullivan running right into the heart of.that Scotland ville defense they push.him back but his forward progress looks.to be stop shower the first down as he's.inside the 5-yard line and that clock.keeps ticking as we're approaching the.three-minute mark well then I know that.the idea is to run the ball to milk the.clock but now if I'm coach birch and I'm.saying look my first objective is.getting the ball in the end zone the.heck with the clock you're obviously if.you're gonna score there's going to be.plenty of times with Scotland ville left.on the clock but my first priority is.making sure that I call the best play.that I have in order to get me a.touchdown and get ahead in this football.game they'll bring the chains over to.see if he got enough for the first down.needed to get to the three and a half.yard line and it's close gonna get it oh.boy an inch.so third down and an inch coming up here.for the Broncos down by five well and I.wouldn't even hand this ball off a god.lion Lindsay Scott right up under the.center he already had a quarterback.sneak four plus yards Hyde line up right.on the sinner and I would tell him look.I know I don't need any jitterbugging I.don't necessarily do first down that's.what I need just just push forward tell.that offensive line the same position.coach Burton played you know he likes to.get down here with the nasties and just.push those guys back and try to get a.first down this has been a great high.school football game district opener and.for 5a looks like they'll still lying.Scott up in shotgun formation.Scotland bills well I think they're.looking to see yeah and then they're.gonna hurry up and do it that's that's.kind of what they did the last time.Scotland a quarterback sneak what.happened oh there's a whistle and.there's a flag did I get that I don't.think they got sets yeah.Wow that's gonna hurt if it is go from.third and inches to maybe third and five.so it is a legal procedure so that.pushes the ball back out to the nine.yard line.[Music].well this definitely changes things and.you bet you know he'll be in the shotgun.down and you know I probably get him on.the roll he's had successful success.with that and giving him an option to.either pick it up with his legs or he.can see one of his receivers out there.in the flat hit him took Coleman the.wide receiver to the near side Scott.will keep it finds a little prince' ease.into the edge Oh touchdown touchdown.Broncos third TD run of the night for.Lindsey Scott and not afraid of the play.call but obviously it worked I mean I.just I hate taking away one of the.options from the quarterback which is to.throw the ball but that was a design run.fortunately that ye saw that Creason was.able to hit it as you can see here there.was no intention ever to throw that.football great block by Terry salt yep.gets in there and gets that block and.then fiver to get in the end zone.fouled Blake Anderson as well the.offensive lineman who was pulling and.the former offensive lineman Bret beard.loves that Smash Mouth football so the.two-point conversion try to make it a.three-point game even though it's.unlikely that Scotland bill would try.field goal and a quick pass into the end.zone on a two-point conversion executed.perfectly whereas the old Tim Tebow play.but he wasn't the jump.grabbing it in the end zone therefore.Zachary was our J Newton 227 left to go.don't go away it's a three-point game.on the cash for game in a week. for thinks Louisiana left for.their support of this telecast.specializing in customer service on.equipment rental parts and training.Louisiana left has been serving its.customers since 1980 check them out.online at la left comm or call their.Baton Rouge area office at 75 350 700.Jeff Palermo Jason McLaren Jessica.Provence for this instant classic.between Zachary and Scotland bill.Scotland Phil's got one more opportunity.as they start this drive from their own.39 yard line again a five wide receiver.look for Lewis as he looks over the.defense.Zachary jumped offsides I thought well.they let the play continues Lewis no one.opened downfield still no one open.downfield and now he's just gonna run.out of bounds at the 43 yard line man.there's wide receivers all over the.field but nobody opened no and you got.to give credit mean you know Zach Ertz.kind of pop wouldn't call it a prevent.but they definitely play in a deep zone.they don't want it to get behind I mean.you know you also have to give Levi.Lewis credit there for not just for.someone cuz I turn over right here Jeff.a fumble or interception or anything I.think that ends the football game so.second down with just over two minutes.to go from the 43 yard line three wide.receivers to the near side two to the.far side Lewis zips one over the middle.could not make the grab no yeah trying.to get Charles there on a little seam.route he really didn't have much of a.window in there Charles not a very big.guy but you're right he tries to throw.it in there know what I'd run here I.don't want to draw back to Trenton.Charles I'm third down at seven because.here goes you can see well he's pretty.good thrown football he had a chance to.make that play but I hear you you you.you would look at that draw has been.successful and a little misdirection.maybe he was been running the ball so.well here in the second half but it's.also hard to keep the ball out of Levi.Lewis's hands here comes the pressure.and he's got to take off it makes a.great move to get into Zachary territory.still on his feet all the way up to the.30.three yard line what was I thinking just.give the ball to number one and get out.of the way it's sort of like a draw like.a drop yeah but again this is just a the.Leitz making plays I mean Levi Lewis is.a phenomenal athlete we've mentioned it.all night and you can see here you know.just he knows he's got to get across.those chains and he's doing everything.he can't so shifty he also plays a.little point basketball point guard and.he pick up a lot of that shiftiness from.there as well Brad Jones was in the.backfield quickly for Zachary but it.looked like he was just trying to.contain Levi Lewis 1st down and 10 now.Lewis back to work no one open this is.like playground football right here now.here comes the pressure he's just got to.get rid of it still on his feet how does.he do it now and then he looks like he.gets hurt but he's still on his feet and.he's galloping to the 20-yard line to.defend any slide like he got hurt there.oh you talk about video a B but the C.buttons jumping hopping but I will tell.you he missed you're on I keep wanting.to call him Jamaal Charles but he missed.Charles I watch it I don't know if we'll.pick it up but he was wide open in the.middle of the field just didn't see him.and this run here is just I mean it's.nothing less than spectacular it's just.here's where you saw this hop coming up.over here I thought yeah maybe it's a C.or D button but gosh you know today's.the see that's where you saw Charles.coming across the middle you screen.there you could barely catch it but he.was wide open he I know he had started.to scramble a little bit maybe he saw.him he would have walked into the end.zone.what a run my gosh does he get tired I.don't know coach David Burton is hoping.he's that was it he hoping that he just.empty the tank right there wisely it.he's like.eighteen yards away now from possibly a.winning touchdown for Scotland ville and.a six and OH record for the Hornets well.and again I have to point this out.I mean Scotland Ville no matter how much.time is left on the clock I sense that.they're gonna be playing for the.touchdown I just don't think that they.have confidence in their field okay.that's it to even attempt to feel good.so they're going for the win this is six.or nothing right here first down and ten.at the 18 Brian Harris Audie redzone.Lewis will just run it why not to the 15.to the 10 and down he goes at the 8 he.was hit hard there clock ticking it's.work approaching a one minute mark of.this game should be first and goal once.they marked the football and actually.second down he's second down in less.than a yard.do you consider calling timeouts if you.coach Burton just to say okay if they do.score I preserve a little time on the.clock.you might after this play let's see what.happens Lewis waiting for the snap he.takes it quick throw out into the slant.his man catches it down to the two yard.line it's now first down and goal that.will stop the clock with 33 seconds left.dude I got a goal line stand and I'm.Zachary the catch was made by Trenton.Charles well and this I will tell you it.actually plays if anything plays a.little bit into Zachary's favor when you.have this sort of spread you know spread.offense it gets narrow down there when.you're on the goal line so we saw Scott.Laville struggle of a few series earlier.with their with their goal on package so.Zachary does burn a timeout here stop.the clock with 29 seconds left 49 46.Zachary leading Scotland Ville David.Bruton has sweated through that visor he.has here tonight.one of all game from Zachary I think.this is live oh yeah it has the.expectations of what we thought I knew.we had a good one but no one could have.imagined it would be this kind of a.knockdown drag about thriller yeah when.you survey the crowd I mean everybody's.on there hung their feet you know trying.to I mean this is this is a nail-biter.down to the wire and you know I.mentioned these schools are not very far.apart from each other kind of crosstown.rivals this is you know like you said it.is lived up to all the hype there and.speaking of hype you see the Scotland.Ville band get themselves hyped up so.first and goal from the two Louis will.actually take the snap from underneath.Center i-formation Cleveland the.tailback here's the pitch to Cleveland.gets to the 1 did he get it oh boy.Zachary Stevens comes up with a.humongous play well and I mentioned it.you know when you get down to the goal.line.Scotland bill has to start trying things.that they're not used to I did not see.who made the hit but as soon as that.helmet hit the running back that ball.comes out I mean it just pops out to I.think it was kam chancellor who knocked.it out just like watches boom ruffians.who else one bearden I saw Bearden come.running to the sideline first that's why.I didn't but he came running because of.the hit that he made and that's gonna.let's go seal it.water plane well your heart breaks for.Scotland Ville and Reggie Cleveland he's.hard very hard to feel Wow I think.Hobart should know whether he's still.scratching his head he can't yeah he.can't believe it I mean his defense has.been the Achilles heel but at the end of.the day it's the defense who saves the.day.and saves the game form essentially and.I mean Bearden I mean we think the.players on this team that's one of the.leaders that's one of those players that.you expect to step up and just did not.want his team to lose his football game.and I mean just a textbook tackle right.there.Bearden had the fumble recovery for a.touchdown to get Zachary on the.scoreboard and he makes the play of the.day to keep Scotland ville off the.scoreboard and from winning this game.well I hope we could see this one more.time I mean this is undoubtedly the play.of the game.well David Brewer Tanana Zachary Broncos.do it they improved the five and one.with a thriller over Scotland ville 49.to 46 what an effort by Scotland ville.let's take a look at our mellow joy.game-changing play number 40 he's lined.up look at him as he comes across the.edge and there goes up in time what a.hit what I mean he dislodges everything.he dislodges the ball the player and I.mean yeah wow what a what a hit when you.need one we'll get another look at it.somehow Zachary recovered that father it.is a quick beard and just knocking that.ball loose into the end zone and someone.in that black and a black jersey able to.recover that loose football for a.thrilling win for the Zachary Broncos.and you know Jeff that's the one place.that this Scotland ville offense has.struggled a little bit when they got.down to those goal line situations we.saw him try to run some of those tight.packages as les mile pitch place you saw.him do it there and running back fumbles.the football.what a finish to this one.Zachary holds on to win on a final goal.line stand and resulted in a fumble.recovery in the end zone unbelievable.Lindsay Scott jr. wound up with 350.yards passing and two touchdowns.along with 208 yards on the ground and.three more scores.Zachary wound up winning the 5a state.title in 2015 their only loss was to.Calvary Baptist Academy Scotland Ville.didn't lose another game until a.heartbreaking one point loss to.Mandeville in the second round of the.state playoffs we hope you enjoyed this.one.now don't forget we'll have great live.high school football on your view this.fall check your local listings for games.and times I'm Chris Harris and thanks.for watching another exciting classic.high school football game on your view.[Music].

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How do I fill out a CLAT 2019 application form?

How do I fill out the college preference form of the CLAT 2019? If you are AIR 1 and eligible for admission to all 21 NLUs, which one would you prefer? That is your first choice. Your first choice is not available. Out of the remaining 20, you are eligible for all 20. Which one will you prefer? That is your second choice. Your second choice is not available. Out of the remaining 19, you are eligible for all 19. Which one will you prefer? That is your third choice. Repeat the process till you have ranked all 21 NLUs. All the best.

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

After how many days of filling out the JEE Main 2019 form will I be allotted a test centre?

The date and shift for Paper-1 and Paper-2 will be available by 5th October, 2018. However, the exact City of examination for Paper-1 and Paper-2 will be available by 21st October, 2018 on NTA’s website.

How to decide my bank name city and state if filling out a form, if the bank is a national bank?

If your bank is national but has a branch in your town/city you can enter your town/city as the bank's address. Your employer is not relying on the bank's address you enter on the form.

Are there any chances to fill out the improvement form for 2019 of the RBSE board for 12 class?

Hari om, you are asking a question as to : “ Are there any chancesto fill out the improvement form for 2019 of the RBSE Board for 12 class?”. Hari om. Hari om. ANSWER : Browse through the following links for further details regarding the answers to your questions on the improvement exam for class 12 of RBSE 2019 : how to give improvement exams in rbse class 12 is there a chance to fill rbse improvement form 2019 for a 12th class student Hari om.

Is there a new i 9 form for 2019?

If anyone wants to crack UPSC CSE in any circumstances than s/he must know the following “CIVIL SERVICES OFFICERS”. N. Ambika- IPS officer (Must must read)- She got married at the age of 14 and blessed with two children at 18. Rakesh Sharma, AIR608 CSE2019- Visually impaired. Sparsh Gupta, AIR562 CSE 2018- Visually Impaired Anu Kumari, AIR2 CSE2017- Mother of a 4year old child No Amount of impediment can stop you and if there is any than it's only and only you are yourself. Now let's talk about those so-called circumstances one by one:- Family's responsibility factor:- Some of you are arguing that yo Continue Reading

Is Form I 9 required for all employees?

Yes this is correct. You and the employee are required to fill it out and you are responsible for validating their supporting identity documents. You must also retain the forms to be available in an audit. All companies in the united states are required to do this.

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