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[Music].and what a day it is to tailgate taking.a football game here in Manhattan.homecoming in Kansas State divide us up.opponent as they could ask number.who's calling Oklahoma taking on the.cat's here.[Music].Williams will join us in just a moment.last week we saw Clemson take down.Louisville and you talked about the fact.that you thought Clemson was being.disrespected somewhat they're still in.the top 4 according to the AP poll this.Oklahoma team is in the top five how do.they stack up well with today we're.gonna see five of the top seven teams in.the ranking with Oklahoma and to me.they're right up there on tape and.hopefully a person with Ohio State is.the second best team in America we think.Oklahoma we think man Lincoln Riley in.this offense but they're up there with.the ha state because of this defense in.the job Alex grinches done not only are.they up there with the ha state because.of defense they're legit national title.contenders and they've got a national.title winning quarterback in jail and.hurts Allyson he transfers from Alabama.what impact.[Applause].a championship it takes the right.mentality and plane to your own stand.they're not worrying about anybody else.didi Leon told me he gives us confidence.and an edge because we know he knows.what it takes to win a championship.he said it's about the amount of work we.just follow his work and plan as our.quarterback annamaria said everyone.respects him because of it we want to.get to the top of the mountain.[Applause].we are set to go k-state won the toss.[Applause].to the third quarter so Jalen Hurd's.standing by is Oklahoma we'll start with.the football.and we are underway TJ Pledger for the.ten yard line.as a crease.but a good field position for the.suitors out to their own 34 yard line.and one a weapon Jalen Hurd's has David.City left and they use him in so many.different ways I mean he's a dynamic.receiver that is big he's athletic he's.very physical he can break tackles and.so they can get him the ball in the pass.game but we'll see him today they're.gonna utilize them in their run game as.well but one of the best receivers in.all of America.assuming he becomes proactive this.season Tom McShea sees him going in the.top ten he's got that kind of talent.seedy lands to the top of your screen.first and ten for the Sooners got their.own 33.[Applause].it's to throw on first down.swings one down the side lock.underthrown making the adjustment and.hauling it in as Lee Morris or check.them Charleston Rambo terrific catch and.trust shown by Jalen hurts when we talk.about seamen they tasty lamb on a double.boot clear out some guys and they get.Rambo are they're young talented.receivers on online back.adjustment to the ball outstanding start.for Oklahoma's dynamic offense.[Applause].to keep her inserts plates to tackle.with the quarterback he's tough to bring.down picks up six yards let's take a.look at Jalen Hurd's with today's Nissan.Heisman watch and how he stacks up with.Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray as he.looks to make this a Sooners cap trick.for the Heisman Trophy it's going to be.hard right it's going to be hard to keep.his name.from not being called when New York cons.he's done it with.his legs it's been a seamless transition.he's gonna keep it again.looks like Oklahoma's got it back.[Applause].really nice hit by defensive ends by.Hubert right there.watching the right side of screen 56 put.his helmet right on.fortunate bounce offense.comes from the bells out again.and it's recovered by Kennedy boots.[Applause].[Music].an interesting move here by Oklahoma in.spite of the fact that its fourth and.three they are going to send out the.field goal group.[Applause].for to get the Sooners on the board.it's perfect so far in the season his.season-long third.this would be comfortably this season.long he has no issues drills it right.down the middle Houma has the early lead.[Music].how much margin for error.in the big 12 if they are to have an.opportunity to play in that championship.drive and get to the college football.playoff not much you would think Bible.Susan alongside Dan Orlovsky Allison.Williams here in Manhattan the kid.Riley's team takes a field goal to begin.but every time that Kansas State gets a.stop even to hold to a field goal it's.this offense got to be a whip yeah when.you're playing someone that scores 50.game and.where you walk up the field feeling.great.[Applause].Phillip rooks will take a knee.[Applause].we know about the offense for oh you how.about the defensive improvement they.have made this season last year couldn't.crack the top hundred and scoring.couldn't crack the top 114 or better and.opponent's yards tackles for loss not.impactful as well but damn enter Alex.Grinch and the improvement totally.revamped this defense revamped their.mindset the stuff that they did up front.in their coverage not say the biggest.thing is he's allowed to plug this.defense in its players to play.completely free.[Applause].Thompson with his own read to Gilbert.and he has stood up right at the line of.scrimmage may have lost a yard and.fields came up to help and make the stop.for oh you Chris Klieman took over for a.legend when he was at North Dakota State.Kraig ball taking over for a legend in.bill Steiner at Kansas State great road.win against Mississippi State to start.off the year and his defense is going to.have to be that good if not better today.against o you to have a chance.quarterback run.that's a big part of their game plan.today I would think with Skylar Thompson.speller Thompson has become the main.weapon for this football team in the.past game obviously but really in the.run game they'd become a lot more so.reliant on his legs and really we've.seen it in second and long in third and.long situations Oklahoma will be.prepared for that Alix Grinch will.understand that's what this offense is.doing well right now I would expect to.see on third downs five guys across the.line of scrimmage and then pay attention.to the two end guys for Oklahoma being.potential spies droppers keeping eyes on.Skyler Thompson a third down and eight.to start it's only a three-man rush.Thompson at the pocket hit from behind.and the three-man rush gets home.Ronnie Perkins is able to bring him down.and it is a three and out for a Kansas.State offense that has done this far too.often go three and out well it starts on.first down and it's about Oklahoma.defense Oklahoma first down gets a.tackle for office something they pride.themselves on and then they set you up.in the second along and obviously third.and long they get late to get their pass.rushers going plates and coverage off.the field.Devin ankle can be a field position.changing.you drive city land back to the 15-yard.line little stumble for laughs.he's bottled up at the 25.step aside.[Music].welcome back to Manhattan perfect day.for football and a pretty good start for.Kansas State three and out on offense.but getting a stop defensively against.this Oklahoma offense has to be.encouraging.Chris Klieman the defensive coordinator.Scottie Hazleton are back on the field.again with oh you starting at their own.25.[Applause].let's get me.easy flip to Rambo.no game of the art good job to rally to.the football but to Rhonda cursive.it's a nice job by Macpherson and.Sullivan that's something Oklahoma does.really well they throw the shallow if.the linebacker drops if now it becomes.quarterback drop both those guys rally.to the football whoa.[Applause].I snap backwards pass CD Lam right back.to Hertz it's a trick play and it works.to perfection and the up and field it's.Nick best way down the sideline and.tripped up inside the ten.the creativity from Lincoln Riley 68.yards and its first to go.[Applause].plenty.throw at the CD Liam back he flips it.back to jail and hurts.on the plate faking a book on purpose is.completely uncovered and again the.creativity of Lincoln Valley on display.the Blitz hurts out of the pocket he's.going to try to run for it.pushing the pile.play not dead yet he's at the : is he in.Oklahoma thinks it's a touchdown.touchdown.[Applause].that's 220 pound running back that may.not have the speed of Kotler Murray but.once he gets into the mosh pit dad it's.hard to bring down.vice by two or three guys on Kansas.State watch the leg Drive and the leg.drive and obviously some of those big ol.ayman come and be a part of that big.rugby scrum push watch impact right.there at the three or four yard line and.then the leg drive.look like he crossed that day.Birkett out to the point after.[Applause].and on the 10-yard touchdown run by.Jalen Hurd who doesn't live in rushing.touchdown of the season.it's 10.2 poyu.a true freshman from Hawaii against the.second half start your first reaction.when you were told to he's gonna start.the second half.gotta win the game one way or another.I'm always gonna be a team guy.coached he made the decision that he.made and they were national champions.I'd be able to say that for the rest of.my life that day made me who I am I.wouldn't change it for the world.and Jalen's ties to the tide continue to.show since he came to Oklahoma we heard.him refer to the media and the rat.poison Allen excitement song heaven.victory cigar lesbian baby Tennessee and.his head coach Lincoln Riley says you.know what Hank it's pretty cool actually.he is totally good with it he's just.we'll always be a part of me Alabama.will always be a part of Jalen he's all.owe you right now he's enjoying this.place that we can't change the past it.will always be part of him he gets it he.said I root for Texas Tech when we.aren't playing them and he's going to be.the same way Jalen is with Alabama.this is just McCann's estate minute as.they were starting at the real.26 yard gain I'm Gilbert out of harm's.way.well they guess right on the movement by.Oklahoma's defensive line catch him in a.slant it's the right play call where's.what Alex Grinch died up dialed up for.Oklahoma huge run in there I mean first.down it's gonna be so important for kids.to have some successful.[Applause].Thompson off play action lost one of the.sidelines but that's too high for chip.Aston Taylor.[Applause].[Music].later on tonight it is now it's football.primetime presented by bass pro shops.and Cabela's Notre Dame and Michigan at.7:30 the ESPN on the AV on ABC in the.ESPN at Notre Dame hasn't wanted me in.our purses 2005 Michigan's defense's.legit they're gonna come after Ian both.the big thing is making sure he gets it.out of his hands early on not to take.hits.[Applause].but it knows.he's fighting through injuries and he's.trying to take three suitors.knowles has a chance to make explosive.plays that they can get him on the field.but ever since but win over Mississippi.State he's had a need he's had an ankle.and he's been on a pitch count is Malik.knows is a difference maker for this.offense I told you guys I think he's the.next really good NFL wide receiver.coming out of twisting Georgia Nelson.Tyler Lockett he's big he's strong he's.athletic he's long great hands if he has.a big game this is gonna help Kansas.State's offense immensely.[Music].[Applause].is Jordan brown he was out last week as.well.he gets the five yards back Skylar.Thompson today well the big thing is.don't look at the scoreboard right.Oklahoma's got a great offense you just.go play against the defense every single.play you're going to hear me say this a.lot Oklahoma what you see is not what.you get both pre and post snap and.you're going to have to be willing to.throw the football downfield to create.some offense and hang with the.high-scoring.Sooners now they've got Knowles back on.the field for second down and long at.the top of the screen.Thompson.[Applause].[Music].first down.of 22.well what you see is not what you get is.really upon this five guys like long.line of scrimmage two safeties at the.snap you're gonna watch these safeties.go from too high to one high and then.those guys that were up on the line of.scrimmage drop back and play secondary.level spy guys but that is going to be.the theme for this offense as a.quarterback I see something pre-snap I.cannot expect to see the same thing post.snap Thompson's got have great eyes.a great pass protection on IED last play.and off to Harry Trotter.chris daggett 21.[Applause].about seven yards close to eight for the.wizard I have named him the wizard by.the way the fact that no one at this.point has nicknamed Harry Trotter the.wizard to me is like malpractice yeah.they're lost right he's become a really.good player for them and I love right.now what Kansas State is doing talked.about having to be aggressive take some.shots we saw some balls too Malik knows.now we're getting the perimeter run game.going cutting on the outside show open.up some play action for them as the game.goes on.- Youngblood a freshman except the first.down.[Music].right now it feels like Kansas State.offensively in their offensive.coordinator Courtney messing him he had.mentioned I can't go to lifeline.I've got try to anticipate some stuff.that Oklahoma's going to do and take.advantage of it and that's three plays.in a row that he has anticipated who.they expect Oklahoma to do this.I've got a call this.got two tight ends out there both.to opposite sides of the field I'm gonna.run a little option.[Applause].your over-under today was three of.double-digit play touchdown drives.Kansas State hat down but they just got.their first how many plays ten.I love the finish to the drive putting.in your quarterback hands nice seal on.the edge easy option for him.Kansas State on the board a touchdown.drive for Kansas State that takes more.than five minutes on the clock.from the seven betrayed.[Applause].stood up shy of the 20.till it hurts trying to adjust sidearms.a flip over there see DeLand.what a play by Jaylon hurts keeps his.composure James his eyes downfield and.Oklahoma picks up 30.this is incredible the fact that he.stopped the ball right stop the ball at.his ankle gathers it has the awareness.to keep his eyes downfield through.pressure and find C delayed and then.thrown after football tore that was an.incredible play and it's it's the weekly.routine for Jalen hurts.Hertz in the secondary running through.tackles down to the 26 yard line he's.got a first down if the play stands but.there is a flag down back here midfield.[Music].and the reason they're making that.announcement is because Crede Humphrey.the center lost his helmet on the play.well normally if you lose your helmet.and college football you have to come.off the field for at least one play but.not if you lose your helmet because of a.penalty by the other team so treat.Humphrey could stay on the field and add.it all up it's a first down at the 13.yard line for Oklahoma 15 yard run in a.13 yard penalty.big thing is are you gonna put it.and the redzone by himself if they do.throw at you.that they hand it off the tray sermon.physical run down to about the 7-yard.love it's up six but that's where a guy.like Lam helps her office because down.in the red zone no I don't want to.single it off you have to play with two.high safeties.meaning you can't have enough people.down near the line of scrimmage in the.box for your run game and it helps her.run game having a player like that and.the attention.except the middle at the Golan he's in.again second rushing touchdown for.Chandler arts and Oklahoma extends the.leaf.[Applause].which strike watch talen hurts watch.where he starts shifts laterally to his.left doesn't hand it off keeps him.himself and there's a huge line and he.finishes again at the goal line launch.point when it comes to the run game.Oklahoma will change the launch point.and their earned the pass game they'll.change the launch point in their run.game for the quarterback better than any.other lot of weapons Jalen Hurd's has.become in this Oklahoma offense got the.10 point lead.Jevon hurts now has 12 rushing.touchdowns this season to go along with.20 passing touchdowns he's just racking.up incredible numbers the average is.just shy of 400 yards of total offense.per game by himself 43% of FBS teams.don't average that much total offense as.Jalen Hurd's does all mine so he.averages more yards per game by himself.than almost half of the teams in college.football he's already got a buck 71 in.the first quarter today pretty good.leads America and yards per 10 yard how.about this he's the 5th leading rusher.in America at any position.[Applause].Phillip rooks.and a good return out to the 31 yard.line for Kansas State.two tight ends.scowler Thompson back to work with James.Gilbertson was right maybe Gilbert.breaks a tackle.this is a young man that did not get a.power five offer out of high school he.goes to Ball State and became an All MAC.running back at Ball State.but now gets a chance as a fifth year.graduate transfer to come play in the.big 12 for Kansas State he's become.their premier backup their offense and.I'd say the best quality that he has is.his vision and he showed it right there.like getting into the hole felt a.linebacker get out of place to vision to.bounce it outside and get six yards.[Applause].let's uh play action for Thompson throws.on the one as Jack Stanny freshman.fullback makes a diving catch his second.of the season and it's good for the.first down.really nice job anticipating pressure.from Oklahoma beating that pressure with.a quick throw a better throw it needs.probably another 15 20 yards that's my.kind of body type for a guy to make a.catch almost looks like it looks like.almost looks like the play-by-play good.file cabinet maybe is a big block stuff.where you were going.just trying to get kinda wondering why.you were looking at me well you said.that.[Applause].prease into the secondary forgiver.artists is way down to the 35 yard line.before his birthday.[Applause].watch the movement by the defensive line.they stem in you've guests running foul.and that's been the theme for the first.quarter right now with Kansas State is.their guessing right on what kind of.movement.Black's on the perimeter with cut a guy.and beautiful put a new ground get north.and south by Gilbert.the state does not have to snap the ball.before the end of the quarter looks like.they're gonna run a play though.he's got a truck yep.we'll take us to the end of the first.quarter Oklahoma on top by 10 with 16.more yards for a ground attack the.Kansas State has to lean on today they.want to stay in this game.[Applause].17-7 start the second quarter and we.continue dr. peppers championship dr.game of the week publishes and Dan.Orlovsky Allison Williams here in.Manhattan.it's a first down at the 20-yard line.for Skylar Thompson and the Wildcats to.start off quarter number two quarterback.truck.[Applause].the ankles at about the 15-yard line.falls down to the 30-yard line.seen a lot of pre-snap stuff.horizontally by this Kansas State.offense whether it's jet motions that.time ground they flushed the back all.the way to the field trying to get.numbers out of the box to help their run.game you gotta be very aware if you're.Oklahoma right here for a play-action.pass on this run look.[Applause].screen setup to show but he's got.nowhere to go no blockers out in front.helpless as tre Brown got their first.also arriving quickly was Kenneth Murray.so now you're back to 30 long for Kansas.State I like the job although they were.anticipating ok alert for a play-action.pass and then dropped numbers there help.them protect against nobody getting down.field third and 10 here anticipate blitz.oppose Kansas State not want to see if I.can get Malik Noel's one-on-one where's.one of these corners who struggled to.cover so far today up top.[Applause].so it looks that way.instead of.go to state 13 yards they'll mark him.out inside the fire love so many things.about a great standby why can't Gail.watch the ball come out of Scout.Thompson's his right one Gill is turning.his head anticipation absolutely.picture-perfect I can't escape Hilarion.Turner yell the strong safety that's a.pretty good matchup I have to think for.Kansas State to get the slot receiver in.the safety.[Applause].Thompson finds.- William.[Music].[Applause].the 10-yard luck.[Applause].the result of the play is a touchdown.[Applause].kicking deepest.[Applause].they started corner for Oklahoma who has.been kicked out of the game.we'll see if we can pick it up here.c'mon dig right in this.take some kick get long.[Applause].but senior to do that in that moment.teams leave in nickel now so they have.defensive backs but Lincoln Riley told.us we're really only bringing three.troop corners to this game we've got.motley tray Brown and Jaden Davis so now.one of those three has been ejected so.now a true freshman Chapin Davis he's.gonna play the rest of the way and it's.1714 as Parnell Mondelez afternoon is.over.they're whooping it up in that student.section.as they believed here in Manhattan.they're teeth giving Oklahoma all they.can handle.serving.up the middle at by Wayne Jones for yard.gain on first down really if you're.Kansas State defensively the goal is.just continue to force Oklahoma to snap.the football no easy there's such a.quick start offense don't foul them to.go score two minutes wake them make.snaps and go.my action seemed route and that is a.completion all the way out to midfield.22 yards.sprayed Willis cut loose.that's an incredible graphic they only.run 64 plays a game which is 119th in.America yet had the most yards they've.snapped the ball seven times less than.their opponent and have 2000 more yards.than.and that's crazy and they get CD Lam in.space with a blocker out in front he.stays inbounds and picks up another.first down when you are number one in.America in plays of twenty yards or more.thirty yards or more forty heart surf.bar it doesn't take you many plays and a.lot of time off the clock to get down.the field school yeah you guys had all.week hey if your defense what do you do.you know to try and stop them I said you.don't if you just have to try and slow.them down.as you see these explosive in the.disparity of the game is this is what.opens great and it's not.Kansas they offensively coming into this.game has been good.it's unrealistic you have to try and.slow them down and make them snap the.ball.man rush hurts out of the pocket.makes a wallop right at the first down.line - game lag down to the secondary as.well it looks like Hertz picks up nine.yards on the run.in Kansas State.seven yards per carry to a quarterback.in a non sack situation the marriage it.doesn't sound great when you're going.off.seven play of the drive.once again chairman Hertz out of the.pocket again inside the ten yard line.before he's brought down and now it's a.big third down third about three and a.half for Oklahoma just inside the Kansas.State salmonella market down right at.the 10th so it's third down at four.[Applause].just watch Jalen Hurd's put his right.foot in the ground right there gets.Daniel green to overrun.we continue to harp on the fact that the.special ed because strong athlete that.he is.[Applause].two touchdowns for Oklahoma.Jalen Hertz runs.[Applause].zoomy could be in.there he goes again tripped up and now.what is Lincoln Reilly do it's 4th down.in a couple from the 8 yard line.[Applause].why hubert made the stop.[Applause].does this surprise you at all but the.field-goal unit would come out on 4th.down and - it does with the quarterback.that I have and the power run game that.I could employ it with with Oklahoma's.orphans I am surprised that he would not.go for this especially you know if.thinking ok my defense hopefully would.settle down and we could at least pin.their offense back and make them drive.Burkitt's is good from 25 yards away.six-point lead for Oklahoma midway.through the second Lincoln Riley.replaced Bob Stoops three years ago at.33 he was the youngest FBS head coach at.the time and of course that connection.traces back to being a walk-on.quarterback from Mike Leach Texas Tech.but then while he was at East Carolina.Bob Stoops calling Mike Leach go ahead.Lincoln Riley on the staff there as well.through 2009 asking for a recommendation.for a higher.and my cleat said I'd hire Lincoln Riley.if I were you turned out to be a good.movie.Youngblood on the return a peach kick.and this is going to give Kansas State.terrific field position.screener to Youngblood.[Applause].we get to the 45-yard line except three.we're using that as their run game right.there they'll put the slot into the.boundary if you're gonna continue to put.numbers to defend our run game that will.kick that bubble out there and we don't.care if it's only four yards that's just.the same as us calling the run on first.down and feeling good about it now.second and six is exactly where Kansas.State wants to live because they can use.run they can go play-action.when you drop back whatever they want.straight ahead run Kaiba spins.[Applause].Jenny Davis came up to make the stop.that is good enough for a Kansas State.first death the thing that Oklahoma does.defensively that's helped them so much.this year is the movement and the stunts.by the defensive line they don't do a.bunch of them they just do it a lot now.it's great because you changed the gap.that you're in before the snap but it's.also dangerous because if you get caught.in that stuck by the offense and they.run where you're leaving people's big.plays that was a perfect example of it.comes a blitz quick slant.[Applause].but I didn't know about the 31-yard line.and we are in his stadium it is Bill.Snyder family Stadium and it really is I.think fortuitous for Chris Klieman that.he replaced Craig mold of legend and.North Dakota State because he said it's.not easy when you come and replace.literally the legend of a program but it.prepared him to come here and try and.fill co-signers in the expectation he.said he was ready for the third the big.expectation in the standard that had.been set by coach Snyder.[Applause].Overton and by the way we're not just in.Bill Snyder family Stadium but we are.right down the road from Bill Snyder.highway what does it say about the.football stadium and literally like the.only paved road into town both named.after the same it had some success.revered in town as he deserved 50 so I.was telling you guys when I think kids.date I think boom boom I think Bill.Snyder and I think purple yep it's it's.become a brand for them they play here.third down of five.[Applause].quick out short of the first down is.wheeler and now you'd think that.Oklahoma might call the Tata.down in about a yard maybe a yard and a.half.[Applause].[Music].no need for luncheon Riley to take a.timeout.good location on the throw.and a good cop just the stretch by.wheeler right they're not able to finish.it through just slipped out so here.comes the five the live kicker late.Lynch from 35 yards to try and make this.a three point game once again.[Applause].he's put on scholarship after the first.game last year and he connects.step aside for just a moment terrific.first half here.but in a tussle they stayed here.short kick.losing his footing his TJ Fletcher.Oklahoma started time on the clock in.two timeouts at their own 24 yard line.oh you has three touchdown drives.already this season then our 75 yards.were better that had taken less than a.minute and 21 off the clock as Hertz.[Applause].regi Walker there's anything to say.about it.the job by AJ Parker - Reggie Walker.chase down from the backside of the.corner AJ Parker whose plan cover - you.know that flat defending corner comes up.willing enough to be aggressive on the.tackle.coming off the clock as well 53 seconds.and it hurts backwards pass it is.another trick play masculine pulls it.down now he's gonna fire one.[Applause].let's watch AJ Parker down at the bottom.of the screen as this plate develops.he's playing a cover to corner down in.that flat watch the discipline sees the.backward caste.[Applause].and then he just plays an instinct folks.because not only a partner but everybody.on that defense plays with great.discipline.it'll fall for the trick they've already.seen at once tits ball right place right.time AJ Parker with his huge played in.this half.the state has all three of their.timeouts.[Applause].Thompson.the Mossad line broke it up.well done by Trey Brown right in front.dalton show coming up at the half by the.way we'll check in at the Capital One.halftime report what's going on between.the Buckeyes and Badgers in a rainstorm.the ACC Coastal very much up for grabs.it always seems to be a good day for.quarterbacks in college football this is.another one talk about all the back.big thing for Canton state right now is.your play calling nothing risky with the.football you want to score a touchdown.but you just got given points you might.be able to try pop a jar here.just get the snap off.like M Gill obviously would Scouter.Thompson thinking he was running a slant.kind of pulled up and broke his route.off at the six yard line.look like Skylar Thompson sauce soft.coverage or vacated area and why keen.Gill just didn't see it fast enough.[Music].now third down Kansas State and I just.got given a gift in many ways I know you.want to go be aggressive here but I'm.thinking maybe a screen a draw something.that keeps the football out of harm's.way cuz I don't want to just give it.back.[Applause].Oklahoma shows blitz here they come.quarterback trout.eh-eh Parker picked turns into six.Skylar Thompson and Jaylyn hurts now.both have a couple of touchdowns on the.ground.Kansas State with the point after the.four-point lead.we're back at 30 seconds.this is the 27th time at Kansas State.has posted a top five team they've only.won twice and not since 2006.on his feet by Trey Brown.Oklahoma still has to time aggressive.will they get at 16 second to the couple.of timeouts.he's going to go downtown climbing the.ladder didn't make the catch is Rambo.and at the very least they are now in.field goal range might as well call one.of those timeouts now with nine seconds.to go and Lincoln Riley does exactly.that.we got Rambo running down the middle of.field on a linebacker Elijah Sullivan.Goolsbee a safety plate so far over the.top watch this throw by Jaylon hurts.staring right down the middle of field.I got a wide receiver and a linebacker.throw it up and then Rambo not only.going up high to catch it but high and.the watching and quickly when he catches.his ball tuck down to his body to make.sure that Goosby couldn't come over the.top and knock it out nine seconds.we're still looking over the sidelines.we could Robin I'd have to call timeout.don't they get the playoff.Hertz he's in trouble he goes down.is he in field goal range malinka Narada.can call timeout but taking a sack there.if you're tailing hurts to suppose 10.yards as wife Huber gets him.this is gonna be a 50-yard attempt.[Applause].plenty of distance it is good.so Turkish finishes the first half with.another new career-high 50 yards away.we've got a one-point game at the break.after the brick.[Music].this is the big 12 on ABC and a big.surprise so far better than a three.touchdown underdog Kansas State at home.against number five Oklahoma but it's a.one-point lead for the Wildcats to start.the third quarter with the football and.it will be Phillip Brooks to bring back.the second half kickoff and a good.return.close to the 35-yard line before he has.finally brought down Bob with Susan Dan.Orlovsky.Allison Williams an eye-opening first.half and not even so much on the.scoreboard for Oklahoma's offense this.is pretty much their average the average.about 50 a game their defense though.giving up 24 to Kansas state surprises.you how much they haven't done anything.well defensively their defense has.gotten run on especially first and.second down they've been beaten man.coverage and this was a defense that has.really been trending and being a.difference maker for Oklahoma very few.tackles for loss so they've got to make.some Corrections defensively stop the.stunting and be better in man coverage.and off to Gilbert to start off the.second half police police belief that.was the message from Hurst climbing to.his team at the half really pleased with.the lead and told his guys we have.played a great second half to try and.beat a great football team and really.happy with the way his offense was able.to move the ball really balanced.offensively because they've been able to.run it utilizing some power their inside.stuff has been effective he said that.helped us keep them off balance because.then we could use our play-action.now Oklahoma's got a chance to get a.stop on the events they have forced.third down and long.[Music].so an early third down to start this.half here 30 38 yard line as a play.caller you are thinking okay if Skylar.Thompson needs to be aware of this six.seven yards here is different than at my.only 38 yard line so a underneath.completion in a one-on-one matchup it's.plenty to force her coach to go maybe we.go for it on fourth and three you've.exposed the slot of this defense.a three-man rush Thompson takes a shot.for shown at the scene and he's got a.first down.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].watch the eyes of Skyler Thompson and.then the belief okay what I'm seeing is.right let the ball go so hesitation and.a beautiful throw.meeting sholden.really impressed with his timing today.his understanding of trusting his eyes.and let the ball go when he needs to.Oklahoma's defense was number seven in.America opponent third downs coming into.today.Thompson on a bootleg.tuck it under spin as train brings him.down inside the 20-yard line.that's a three-yard pickup but here's.the thing everyone might be looking at.that and going on to only a three yard.run by the quarterback but what that.does is when you make that decision as a.quarterback your coach calls kind of.shock play right play action let's try.to hit that and it's not there and you.make the right choice because no one was.open you're telling your play call call.it again I'll continuously make the.right decision with the football really.nice job by Thompson.[Applause].quick hit her to the outside and.complete and once again it's a third.down third and seven at the nineteen has.intended for Nick Lehner's.[Applause].now what are you dialing up into.Courtney messing it involves what which.you had success on third down with is.some seen ball some some as if.offensively you've had some balls go.down the seam so I got to anticipate.Oklahoma not giving to me that I'm.thinking Oklahoma's gonna play a middle.field close coverage one on one on the.outside and I've got to find one of my.guys on the perimeter that wins on like.an outdoor comeback.so you shows blitz here they come it's.picked up shot over the middle and it's.broken up.feels the free safety a really nice job.on Samuel wheeler the intended receiver.and now it's fourth down and it'll be a.field goal try for new to state no.Tahoma did just act offensive do they.pressured they went to one high safety.meaning everybody who's playing man.coverage that ball has to get thrown to.the outside.good job by Oklahoma defense darling up.some blitz getting off the field.like Lynch so far this season eight four.nine.and make it 9 protect.as a state extends their lead.a football in one of the best college.towns you will ever find.[Music].[Applause].sooo yard line.[Music].it's out close to the 21.now run it on first down with Kennedy.Brooks he leaves his way for five.kind of interesting came into this game.thinking in Oklahoma's perimeter run.game is so good well Kansas State their.perimeter run game has been the.difference in Oklahoma's defensive.lineman movement has been so available.Kansas State's defensive line in its.movement and starts after the snap it's.really helped them in some run game.situations.come spun off underneath.a gain of a yard maybe a company.Jeremiah Hall calls it in it will be.third.[Applause].it expects some condom.and try to get some rub by him here.sitting there pre-snap and he's got a.safety track.instead hurts with a safe expected.Eric gallon drops back off the line and.gets the best offense.but first punt of the day for the.Sooners.[Applause].to play call.see Liam took numbers here one-on-one.with Galland an outstanding job again.underneath that throwaway please the.Kansas State Wildcats to start the.second half.leaves mud shot barely gets it away.takes a sideways hop and a good one for.Kansas State it's finally touched at the.46 yard line of Oklahoma.the pressure forced helium ball a.19-yard by.bapak shoes and Dan Orlovsky Allison.Williams.Gilbert up the middle.territory for Kansas State Gilbert picks.up seven but you actually have some.members of Darren's Brooks so Darren.Sproles that came out at the draft.together we go to the Senior Bowl.together and I remember the first time.first day I see Scrolls I go don't play.this guy scared of Claim yes right I.mean I just obviously I judged him off.his size first day I give him a handoff.draw he gets about ten yards downfield.he sizes up the safety and absolutely.allen iverson crossed him over us at our.mint Navy maybe I was wrong ladies got a.chance Thompson on a bootleg choice one.downfield for show.it's the same play that Thompson had.thrown away before under pressure look.at the air and he totally throws show.open leading him to the sideline.beautiful art of that football and shown.coming alive in the second half that's.because Skylar Thompson was willing to.throw that same play away before.Courtney Messing hems play card are.loaded up again.[Applause].for the screen for the quick inside the.five.close to the first down steps out right.at the marker.it might be first to go people always.ask the question of like how does having.a run game really work Kansas State's.run the ball well one play action we.just saw it - you're committing numbers.to stopping that run and that's why.we've seen some of these battles.just can't state office because your.home about look I gotta get his mother.got closer to the football and it.becomes a numbers game.first and goal at the three.[Applause].quarterback run Skylar Thompson.[Applause].number five is on the roof 34:23 we.played by the quarterback some throws.how about the quarterback power down the.redzone.collapse the line follow the.give the endzone your coach get up.Wildcats on top.Autotrader till game winner lot more.push-ups the baby got expected to do.today here at man.four points on the board for Kansas pain.enabled boots.no man.taken by TJ Fletcher he lost the.football they state thinks they have it.special teams.[Applause].Samuel wheeler recovered the football.the officials have already signaled that.it belongs to Kansas State.bunch gallon coming from the right side.her spirit there number one he popped.that bowl out and the look let's Samuel.wheeler at the bottom watch him curl his.knees up right detective football it's.almost fetal position you curl your.knees up to protection.[Applause].what an opportunity they have a fumble.recovery on the kickoff return.trying to extend an 11-point lead.[Applause].get outside his Gilbert gets down the.sidewalk.yes to the cursed.[Applause].like Justin boys.the run game for Kansas ages the story.of the they came in here a Palin defense.that's running between the tackles they.saw something on tape that they wanted.to take advantage of and it is getting.the ball outside they've done an.outstanding job of cutting and they're.lined up in the same formation.look at this formation you've got your.quarterback with almost a triangle.formation but the backs play action.off of it Thompson under pressure he's.going to go down.so the play-action did fool the front.for Oklahoma it couldn't hold up in.Lawrence Stokes he got through a loss of.seven rested as Alex drench here on.third.or rather second down and about 1700.melech screech I'm anticipating a.quarterback.especially in this 2x2 formation we've.got two receivers one side to seem as.though they said that's what they scored.on at the end of the first half.anticipate a quarterback draw.[Applause].Thompson to throw instead.[Applause].three.[Applause].by Skylar.one hint you trusted put the ball on the.line in between three defenders and then.we.[Music].to win this game.it's because the timing and anticipation.that he's happy.you got NTC pitch quarterback run there.it is Thompson.[Applause].[Music].beautiful job by Thompson seeing the.safety food and.bounces out and uses that speed how.about the offense responding to the.turnover injury but the.[Applause].behind this offensive line.[Applause].[Music].doing exactly what their coaches have.been challenging that to it.the wrestler each unit was told that the.running backs are told keep going.[Applause].receiver's you've got to be.it's threes that good enough you've.gotta score touchdowns.they just tried a short kick off again.it was taken by plungers a good field.position.Siddalee breaks a tackle.nowhere to go take some.but an outstanding job by Walter Neil.we've talked about some of the corners.eg burgers his willingness the tech boom.[Applause].just to run the.makes it second down 20.I check down underneath to trace sermon.and that gets 10 yards back so now it's.third and 10.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].and oppression okay its asset to us to.stay on his feet he's gonna get student.near the night of spinach.[Music].[Applause].was done and their defensive line can.after oklahoma's off.[Music].Youngblood with an immediate fair catch.[Applause].36-yard punt for muncha hit three-man.rush.down the sideline making a stumbling.catch his Jordan Brown.and that is good for a first down.another third and long conversion for.Kansas State they play cover - Skylar.Thompson sees the coroner no hesitation.the coroner drives the out that leaves.that honey hole shot down the sideline.beautiful throw to the running back a.lot of times when you put a running back.out there corners won't pay attention to.them they put the running back out there.Davis was extra aggressive to the slop.beautiful throw.[Applause].scream - Louie Youngblood.hurdles for six o'clock rolling with a.minute 15 to go in the third quarter.[Applause].remember two ways that you can try and.stop the run numbers we've seen Kansas.take take advantage of that with some.bubbles or pressure you blitz that's.exactly what Oklahoma did and Kansas.State anticipated it and told Scott.Thompson he blitzes you throw that.bubble they've continually had Alex.grinches number when it came to.anticipating what he was gonna do.tronic drag his way for yardage his.Gilbert runs down to the line of.scrimmage and they will have to run one.more play before the end of the quarter.they should have no waited another four.or five seconds so they snap that ball.and then they would have let the quarter.bleed down and gained a timeout on this.third and five now you're gonna have to.snap it.so last last they're down Oklahoma.played cover two I still think they're.gonna come after you play man-to-man.coverage.I would keep my eyes on Dalton shown for.Joaquin Gill Gilbert limped off.quarterback run Skylar Thompson right up.the middle.easily picking up a third down.conversion and a first down 15 yards and.that takes us to the fourth quarter.can you believe what we're watching here.in Manhattan.[Applause].[Music].interstate leads Oklahoma 4123 as we.start the fourth than continue dr..peppers championship drive.week.and what was supposed to be least.according to the oddsmakers a.continuation of the tribe maybe towards.the college football playoff.for Oklahoma and.a lot to say about that up the middle.inside the 30-yard look at today's.Pacific Life game summary and one-a-day.Skylar Thompson is at comparison with.Jaylin Hertz the biggest thing that.Skylar Thompson has done is when they.needed him he showed up he's used his.leg and legs in huge moments especially.down the red zone three touchdown runs.throw the footballs bow and they've been.cold past.had to get the protector see and timing.and anticipation he's done.[Applause].first down again about a yard shot the.big place today certainly if any the.trick play tried by Oklahoma the.discipline by Kansas State's defense for.the pic right before the half they.turning into a quarterback draw.touchdown the fumble on the return the.pooch kick and then they turned into.again a red zone touchdown.skyla Thompson they've taken advantage.of every opportunity that's been given.to them or that they forced and most.importantly they have run the football.and they run it here on third down and.one they certainly.[Applause].but its first and goal of the team.[Applause].they are just running.[Applause].[Music].you blocked down on one side you pulled.a guard all the way around.runningbacks vision the cut back has.been there so much I am blown away by.how soft Oklahoma's defense looks up.front they looked soft and they're.getting pushed around by Kansas State's.offensive line.James Gilbert gets back in the game as.the I back.[Applause].he gets the handoff and he gets a touch.[Music].[Applause].[Applause].I'm about to say this the Kansas State.is rolling Oklahoma here in Manhattan.[Applause].gets out to the 31-yard look back to the.offense desperate for points Oklahoma.his Jaylin hurts funnel screen city land.trying to get outside and does CD land.stays on his feet.and he will go the distance just what.the Sooners needed 70 yard touchdown.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].any surprise here that Oklahoma's not.going to go for - they're gonna kick a.point to cut the lead to 18 I guess they.feel like they don't need to go 4-2 yet.it's Perkins.[Music].one play for Oklahoma they breathe uh.little life back into the game.[Music].[Applause].campers out shortly after 6:00 a.m. this.morning and it's good take long to find.some k-state tailgaters they were.partying.for the 11.since the start of the game.do you think they were like why all.those Solo cups on that table do you.think that there's anything to that game.[Applause].this next possession for Kansas State.may be what determines whether or not we.have a football team.an Oklahoma get the immediate stop and.get the ball back to their offense the.state averages 30 for 11 in time of.possession this best in America they're.going to go over that on this Drive.round up the middle for a half yard.maybe the bottom of the pile once again.LaRon Stokes.so helping out on the stuff Marquez over.to has been a big factor for Oklahoma in.the middle of their defensive line.you're telling your quarterback Scout.Thompson this is important for him to.believe this clock I mean you start.almost a four minute drill now where.every you're not snapping this ball.before three or four seconds you're.calling run plays is that full house.trying the backfield again but he's.leave this clock down.takes the snap at about 6:00 on the play.clock here and keeps it himself.Skylar Thompson.Markham down at the 42 so it's about ten.thirty yards shove on the first step so.a very important third and three coming.up.[Applause].[Music].and if you're al experienced as a.defensive coordinator your hands are.tied almost in this moment you have to.play man coverage and you have to.pressure the quarterback now the big.thing is making sure you tell Blitzers.eyes on you got a you not just blitzing.blind you gotta keep eyes on the.quarterback seems tailor-made for.play-action getting went that route.it's a handoff and a nice chip cut by.Harry Trotter but he's a half yard shot.[Applause].that's exactly what I talked about when.you're a Blitzer you can't just.me runnin somewhere.watch off the right side of our screen.the Blitzer makes him cut in Gallimore.came off the block and he a massive stop.[Music].the first punt sits the first possession.of the game for Kansas State.I think it's the right punting here is.the right call by Chris Klieman.spiraling kick from active up against.the sideline and away from CD land.and it's out of bounds touched at about.the 10-yard line.we'll have it down 18.[Applause].it hurts me to cut back.and something interesting you said.earlier in spite of the fact that this.is the number one offense in America.points scored in total yards very built.necessarily Oklahoma to come from behind.in fashion that's not because the.explosive plays come from the run game.get the run game going so much then all.the play-action pass bullpens up these.huge chunk players they're not a drop.back chuck it all over the place.explosive past game they're built to be.in control and use their Plitt play.action game for their chump offense.he was on the sideline.almost a smile you just got to believe.guys I'm telling you it just got to.believe.still in it after 26 yards on that play.to Lee Morris and he's well protected.here finds a check down sermon spins to.midfield at 6 and the battle for this.drive the rest of this game is ok Kansas.State's defender delays zone coverage.genders need to be patient at the one.open space.he's gonna run again he's got a first.down.tough to bring down in self Goolsbee.finished him off with AJ Parker but not.before Jalen Hurd's bones for 10 yards.first down.three scores from ticking down.and to stay friends pressure earth.throws behind at the city land.[Applause].that's good for lemon versus another.Oklahoma first down nice job by Caleb's.Kansas State's decides.we're gonna pressure him and instead.something happened kicks it up to see.you.[Applause].at the scene and completely hat Morris.running right along the hash marks in.just airmailed.[Applause].still think if your Lincoln Riley you.can use your.[Applause].what about dream.breaking a tackle his jamming hurts.still at his feet.22 yard line.picked up about six.so Davies.[Applause].see the lamb right there.in motion.Hertz over the middle that's a first.down catch inside the 10-yard line.the Charleston rainbow shows up for the.first time in a while its first and goal.at the 9 623 to go moving the pocket.ramble wrapping right behind those.patience by Hertz.[Music].[Applause].- the Golan is he's short he is it'll be.second down and goal inside the one and.this is costing Oklahoma time have to.get in the end zone as quickly as.possible.lest you just get up to the line of.scrimmage you see herds their dish you.get up to the line of scrimmage and.quick.quarterback sneak this.Bennett instead it is a quarterback.sneak Bert's pushes the pile and that.looks like it gets him across the goal.line.no signal as of yet from the officials.there's the touchdown call.and the suitors back-to-back touchdowns.536 to go and it's not over yet.[Applause].and here is where Lincoln Riley's gonna.go for two now to try and make it a.10-point game.[Applause].I guess he feels like his team is ruling.his punch set right here Kansas State.scan.Bert's gonna throw back in the end zone.fires a bullet back to the ends on a CD.and he's cutting 536 Ravana's it's 40 30.[Applause].[Music].[Music].third rushing touchdown of the game for.jaylen Hertz makes this a 10-point game.with the two-point conversion but watch.as we zoom in on the center exchange.watch the football.oh boy that is a fortunate bounce he.lost it for a moment got it back and.snuck it across.we'll kick it deep and the state had a.hands team out there just in case right.into the heart of the defense goes James.Gilbert for no game.and when hurts can do nothing but wait.see if his defense can get him the ball.back would you throw the ball at some.point at the scholar Thompson I'm not on.this play this play is going to be a run.play for me I'd spend the bread and.butter for me today at some point the.balls gonna have to go near yes.cut back up the middle and Lincoln Riley.call the timeout Thompson to the pump.fake.and throws it across his body and it's.and almost intercepted trade round had a.chance and a very risky throw Oklahoma.gets the stop for 42 to go and they're.about to get the ball back again.Skylar Thompson.[Music].living right because that is the last.thing that you do in that moment.truthfully what you want to do it in the.moment when you break the market as a.quarterback and you realize nothing is.there full take the sack let the clock.run and force Oklahoma now but let that.be clock bleed or use their timeout.they pub protector see deal in.returnable from inside the twenty gets.tripped up.still got it out to about the 28 yard.line after a 55 yard punt to stay trying.to hang on till it hurts back to work.nice.Hertz bonds across her underneath infi.Elise that's his first catch.and a five.[Applause].some Jalen Hertz's.have to be wound the patients in my.safety man.scrambles forward and it looks as if.he's got a first down stop the clock for.Oklahoma guys Hertz demeanor when he's.on the sidelines is unlike really any.other quarterback I've seen in Vegas.this pressure he's like smiling he told.his heads you gotta love this we're.about to do this he just act so.differently with the game on the line.there's such confidence there.and a national championship on his.resume.[Applause].backside pressure tank.Sullivan trip to Manila.[Applause].throws it to a wide open NIC basket and.he's got a first down to midfield.stops the clock 1413.Hazleton trying to guess have his team.exchange yardage for time and that's.that you just said GATS lega is it.defensive coordinator I still think you.go work order it for Russian for I just.want to play.three make them get some completions and.be the funky bit.shot over the middle the Morris the.tight end.inside the 30 down of a 29-yard line of.Kansas State a gain of 21 and again for.the moment it stops the clock just under.three minutes to go.it starts again Hertzog Blanche.stays in the pocket place went for lamb.at the Padang broken up.AJ Parker there and cover.[Music].[Applause].[Music].nice Java AG Parker.playthroughs of football get your right.hand up there.[Music].for the football bye.[Applause].Highschool against togethers probably.okay trout.as all day to throw he's going to float.one into traffic for land and it's.incomplete.Taron McPherson had a chance at a pick.third down attack.and really.right now it's so important for the.second level guys.State Defense.you don't want to drop to eight yards.and have the ball go up over hands get.to ten.weird Macpherson just boys.make jaylee hurts too.fifteen.rose one way across the field across his.body CD.finds it somehow and now a decision to.make you need a field goal two minutes.to go in the game as lamb has brought.down its fourth down and three so here's.the field goal group then coming out for.Oklahoma now was that a game management.mistake by Lincoln Riley because you.could fire wagon your field goal group.out there.but ready and you wouldn't had to spend.that final timeout.listen the timeout.because the most important thing is time.10 seconds through Jenny.you might save yourself physical is a.must bake for.thirty nine is three for three today.gets it away clean and knocks it through.well it's going to come down to an.onside kick and that's why the field.goal was the right decision when you.rewind 15 minutes ago you're down.20-something points if you had told.Lincoln Riley in Oklahoma hey they're.gonna have an opportunity to be down.seven points with a minute 45 in the.clock you that's why you keep the game.alive and take that field goal yeah.you're right.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Brooks's right in the middle of the.field and that's the guy.[Applause].markets.it squeezes through.Brooke scepter it it's loose.[Applause].it looks like the Sooners.[Applause].Rayden Willis the tight end.[Applause].a chick.the question is was the ball touched by.a sooner before it traveled 10 yards.it's so hard to tell if that's just.wild football bounce or if this touches.an Oklahoma player before it goes 10.yards right there there.I mean that ball ricocheted so hard that.it certainly hits someone well if you're.gonna say it hits someone it's hard to.say it didn't hit an Oklahoma player.it hits the right elbow it looks like it.hits the right elbow of the Oklahoma.player right at like nine and a half.yards.[Applause].[Applause].here's the announcement.after review the ball was illegally.touched.[Music].again.her Kansas stated his victory formation.with Oklahoma out of timeouts.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].the first be taken by Thompson started.to multiply.we put up on our playoff predictor.earlier a lot still has to happen in.college football sure that Oklahoma.would drop to 17% to make the playoff.were they to lose this game today that's.because they're not dead yet there's a.lot out in front of them they could.still win their league yep and a lot of.the teams that will now be ahead of them.in the standings play each other there's.a couple things we came into this game.after spending some time with Kansas.State and reminding ourselves and Chris.Klieman did this birth for two football.team and there are better football team.than people like.they had the blueprint of how to do it.he talked about long drives that equal.touchdowns but we had this we had.Clemson.we talked about how hard it is for a.coach to get your players who are 18 to.22 years old.to show up every week because you can.get beat at any time.we have Georgia with an upset earlier.this year and we said that Georgia.deserved to win that football game that.day.[Applause].the true road winning streak for.Oklahoma what a win for Kansas State as.they take down number five.[Applause].first wind against the top five teams.since 2006 for the Wildcats.and the first true signature win.[Applause].celebration underway here in Manhattan.and it's going to be a reboot now for.Lincoln Riley and the Sooners once again.our final score adds a state over.Oklahoma.so 41 what a scene as they celebrate.Cordero laughs key and Alison boils.table Susan after the break it's Penn.State and Michigan State.

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