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Subcontractor Approval Request Form 2004 City Of Cincinnati Cincinnati Oh : Personalize, Finish and download

[Music].[Applause].[Music].welcome back to another episode of.history in your own backyard i'm your.host susie selleck today.we're in cincinnati ohio at the.cincinnati union terminal i'm joined by.cody hefner cody thanks for having us.thanks for being here susie so cody when.was this legendary structure first built.so union terminal was built between 1929.and 1933 and it actually finished ahead.of schedule they are about nine months.ahead of schedule which is incredible.to think of today with construction.projects normally.they go long and to think that during.the great depression.with technology of the 1920s and 1930s.for them to be able to finish.nine months ahead of schedule and ahead.of budget is pretty incredible oh that's.you're right oh wait did you just say i.had a budget yeah under budget.so how much did this original structure.cost.originally it was 41 million dollars in.today's money that's over.585 million dollars and that was all.private funding too.there was no it was not a public works.project or any part of the new deal.during the great depression this was.all private funding unbelievable now you.said earlier.that sometimes you're like oh like i was.here when it was restored.um can you talk to us a little bit about.that too yeah so it.opening in 1933 it had never.undergone any sort of full-scale.restoration.or serious maintenance there was.maintenance throughout.just for general upkeep but it was a lot.of band-aids.and so you think of eight decades of.water damage.as it seeps through the exterior masonry.uh that crack freezes in the winter it.expands and so now it's a bigger crack.come spring and so on and so on and so.on and it starts to take its toll on the.building.so it was in serious need of repairs so.from 2016 to 2018.it underwent a 220 million dollar.restoration.so we just said that it was 41 million.dollars to build it originally in the.1930s.228 million dollars in 2000 teens.to restore it cody where where'd the.name union come from.so union terminal was built by seven.different railroad companies.and so you have the union of these seven.different railroads because up to that.point there were actually.travel magazines that talked about.traveling in different cities when it.came to cincinnati it more or less said.don't avoid cincinnati if you can.because you would have to get off.one train line go all the way across.town with all your luggage all your.uh your chest and your trunks and things.like that to another train line.and this is not just the early 1900s.where you have.taxis or streetcars this is in the 1800s.as well where you're in wagons and muddy.roads and.you're sloshing around to try to go from.point a to point b.think of the airport every time you get.off a plane you're running.to your connecting flight and you think.that's bad enough just to go within one.large building now you're going all the.way across town.so they figured this is ridiculous it's.untenable.we're going to start to lose industry.and business because people aren't going.to come here.so they got together and decided to.build.union terminal and here we are cody how.many people.could union terminal hold just on an.average day the way it was originally.designed it could facilitate 17 000.passengers a day.including 216 trains which is 108.outbound 108 inbound now it.never really hit that peak aside from.one period and that was during world war.ii.in world war ii it actually exceeded.that.it was the union terminals location of.the first.uso troops and transit lounge otherwise.the usos were.at ymcas or churches so you would have.to.leave the station to go there for.cookies and donuts and kind of the.comforts of home as you're.passing through the country they decided.why make them leave why not.have them do that right here within the.station.and during the course of world war ii.three million service members.passed through union terminal which is.roughly one-fifth of all u.s.gis who served in the war so an.incredible.amount of traffic through the building.peaking.in june of 1945 as the troops start to.come back from europe and start to come.back from war.amazing this may be a silly question is.it still.are there anything with the rails that.are still in use in service today.so behind union terminal is csx's.third largest hub in the country.so it is still very active in terms of.passenger rails there's one amtrak line.that comes in and it it doesn't get a.lot of traffic.and it comes in the middle of the night.so it comes about 1 1am and 3am wherever.it you know as it's passing between.chicago and new york and dc.that's just where it hits it hits about.1am and 3am depending on if it's going.east or west.there has been a lot of talk about.increasing rail travel and it's just.not gone very far but the.infrastructure's still there the.building's still here.uh so it's still functional there's rail.lines out back so it could happen in the.future.uh but right now we just have the one.amtrak line.now there's an interesting feature um.here the rotunda how high is that.the rotunda is 106 feet from.the concourse floor to the ceiling.union terminal itself is the largest.half dome in the western hemisphere.now in the world you have the the sydney.opera house in australia obviously but.in the western hemisphere it's union.terminal.and it is massive so there are some.really beautiful.images around here on the walls these.mosaics what do they represent.what's really impressive about union.terminal is the public art display.that's in here and.the mosaics are the the shining stars.of that these are glass tile mosaics.each one about the size of a nickel.or even a dime plastered up there on.these walls and so.on the north wall you essentially have.the history of cincinnati starting from.the right and going all the way to the.left you have the pioneers the people.who are first.exploring this territory to.the settlers here to the dock workers.and the river workers.and finally the industrial area of the.1930s.on the south wall you have the history.of the united states.essentially and you have buffalo roaming.the.the wild plains you have native.americans.and then you go to again the pioneers.the railroad workers as they're laying.railroad lines.um all the way up to the uh.the steel workers in the city so it's.not only.uh the people it's different modes of.transportation that you see in the.backgrounds there's.essentially three layers to these.mosaics and so you have the people in.the foreground.you have transportation in the.background in between you sort of have.as the landscape changes from these wild.plains to cabins to.small villages to the big city and.what's really interesting is.they're frozen in time so you have.zeppelins you have airplanes.in these mosaics and that's the height.of technology in the 1930s when this.opened and people come in and they think.they don't.know the history of the building they.just think oh wow this is just a large.building that looks like it's probably.from the 1930s and so the decorations.you know are in line with that and they.think oh.that's why it stops where it is but that.is the pinnacle.at that point and so it's really a.snapshot in time.and the artist was really.meticulous in his work he actually took.photographs of.all the individuals in the mosaics.and then painted them shipped it off to.a company in new york who then made the.tile mosaic out of it.and the baby that's in one of the.mosaics is still alive.um he's in his 80s and he comes in every.now and then.to check out his baby photos in here in.the rotunda that is an awesome story.that's that's really cool now control.tower a.can you talk to us about that i i admit.i don't know what that is so.we tell us about that it's exactly what.it sounds like it is the control tower.for the station so.up there you have essentially a 180.degree view of the train yard.it's really stunning to see how.expansive the train yard.is people look at union terminal and.they say wow that's an incredible.building and it is it's 500.000 square feet but.it extended another 450 feet off the.back of the building that was demolished.in the 1970s.and you have all the rail line.infrastructure out back.that is still used today csx is still.very active.but this is where the station managers.would.control the tracks so you knew is this.line in use is this line opened.where to send trains as they came into.the train yard and you can still see the.control board back there.it still lights up and you can it's a.good visual to see just how many train.lines there are back there.and what that infrastructure looks like.cody how long has the ice cream parlor.been here.the ice cream parlor has been here since.at least 1990 the.space itself has been here the entire.history of union terminal and.it's again everything in union terminal.is a work of art in itself.now it's sort of this uh microcosm.of art deco design but even when it was.built it was designed to be beautiful.and so.the ice cream parlor is filled with.rookwood tile which is highly sought.after it's very beautiful.and it's you know now 87 years old so.it's showing some of that wear and tear.but originally.it was the rookwood tea room and it was.just that it was a tea room.where people could come in they could.have their afternoon tea.that never really took off it wasn't.it didn't get the full use that they.expected so.um during world war ii that was where.the uso lounge was.and it even had kind of a patio area.out into the rotunda where you would.have troops sitting there with their.feet up on.on a chair reading the newspaper kind of.relaxing as they wait for their next.train.and now it's an ice cream parlor it.still has all the same designs and.decorations inside.um it's largely not changed that much.but now you have families and they're.eating ice cream.it's sort of the reward at the end of.the day like all right if you.if you leave the museum currently.they're closing if you leave the museum.we'll go get ice cream.and it's sort of that that treat to get.kids to get ready to go home yeah all.right um.there's another really cool feature here.that i personally have gotten to.experience my college sweetheart.once stood on one side of this building.an eye on the other and it was the first.time you said i love you.and i could hear him all the way across.the but it was interesting tell us about.the whis.is the whispering wall right the.whispering fountains the west.so in the corners you you have a.fountain in each corner.and then you have this big arch between.them.and the sound travels along that arch to.the other side and it's interesting.because.you stand here you're in the middle of.the rotunda and you look up and say yep.i can.imagine that voice traveling up and over.but it actually.sounds like it comes up out of the drain.of the fountain.and it's it's just the the play on.on the architecture and it's not just.those corners though you can stand in.one corner of the rotunda.and stand in the opposite corner not.just by the fountains and you can hear.that same.effect it's interesting because if you.walk into the building early in the.morning.or late at night and there's other.people in the rotunda speaking it sounds.like they're right next to you and they.could be all the way across.across the building from you it's it's.sort of eerie but it's a lot of fun.and inevitably you have families come in.and you have.mom or dad or grandma or grandpa send.the kids over to one corner.and they just take off running and a lot.it's funny because.it's not just the kids who go running.the adults go running too because.they're so excited.and what's really unique about union.terminal and you see that in those.moments for example.is that it's a generational um.it's this generational gift that keeps.getting passed down.and so you have parents and grandparents.who relive their own childhood their own.moments here in the building with their.kids now and the whispering fountains is.a big key to that.yes yeah it's it's a really neat feature.i mean i wonder if that was something.that was.on purpose when it was getting built i.think it.i think it was just a happy accident you.hear you hear that uh.a similar story in other buildings for.example the us congress.uh there there are these stories that.groups of senators would stand in one.spot.because they could hear the opposing.party.developing their plans in another spot.it's something that's made up but.you still again have the rotunda you.have the the curves that.let that sound echo and in such a way.but.um yeah it's just a fun happy accident.of the building and there's a lot of.those there's a lot of hidden features.there's fossils in the walls which now.the building houses.a museum natural history and science.that has dinosaur fossils so it's.it's almost like we planned it that way.but it's just a happy accident because.fossils are in the ground they're in the.stone.marble is a stone and you have these.beautifully.preserved fossils right here in the.columns of the walls.the building's filled with these.incredible details.okay uh in the scripps hour newsreel.theater for example.it's exactly what it sounds like it's a.newsreel theater so uh.travelers coming through they're not.looking at tvs as you are in the airport.they're going into the newsreel and.they're learning news of the day they're.what's uh what's the latest news and in.world war ii what was the score of the.world series things like that.underneath the chairs there's hat racks.you know for for men's fedoras that you.could just slide right in there and.they're still in there.in the dining rooms that are just off.the rotunda.the los santaville dining room was.originally a lunch.lunch counter and had the serpentine.lunch counter that counter's gone but.we've.mimicked where it was in the floor with.new terrazzo.because when we did the restoration you.could actually see the concrete where.they poured.to fill that because you have to.remember there's this period where a.building's not historic it's just old.for a while and so like all right how do.we make this usable.for this current moment and they get rid.of a lot of these really fantastic.details that was one of them but we.brought it back in that way.and there's also this beautiful carved.linoleum.right off of the dining rooms and you.think.you think linoleum you think of your.kitchen floor from the 80s.or whatever yes it is exactly that and.it's got the same.kind of crinkles and cracks in the in.the sealant on the surface.but the designs are so rich and so.incredible.they're really well preserved and.the same artists who did those those.murals did a ceiling mural.in one of the other dining rooms that is.sort of a street map of cincinnati.but it's funny because they have it.flipped it's in reverse for some reason.so kentucky's on the northern side in.cincinnati's on the southern side but.you can see where the rivers intersect.you can see where union terminal is.and the street grid sort of matches as.well.so when you come into union terminal you.need to look down you need to look up.you need to look left and right.it is a full 360 degree experience here.a lot of people ask when was the heyday.of union terminal was it in.the 1940s was it during world war ii and.the answer is always it's today.yes yes it's never and yes in its.history has it been used so consistently.by so many people.in such a way as it is today so it's.we're we're really living history right.now yeah well and cincinnati is well.served because of that so.cody i so appreciate your time and being.able to be here with us today and share.this great history of union terminal and.thank you so very much.thanks for coming in we appreciate it.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].so.[Music].[Music].thank you for watching another episode.of history in your own backyard i'm your.host susie salak here today in.cincinnati at union terminal.joined by cody hefner cody thanks again.for having us here thanks for stopping.by we appreciate it.and remember travel slowly and stop.often bye for now.[Music].[Applause].so.[Music].you.

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