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Broker Application 2012 2019 Form : Customize, Finish and save

hi friends welcome to my channel and.today in this video I'm going to show.you how to deploy our D connection.broker highly availability on Windows.Server 2012 r2 so what does it mean by.heavily available our D connection.broker so in this mood basically we are.going to configure more than one.connection broker at a time to provide.the fault tolerance for the RDS.infrastructure so we are going to.configure basically to our D connection.broker for one RDS form which we are.going to have so let's see my dame.environment to get the better.understanding about the scenario which.we are going to do now so this is my.demo environment so basically the first.machine via is using six virtual.machines total and this demo the first.machine is been ticket 12 DC 0 1 this is.my activity and DNS server you can see.my domain name is victim for soul calm.and if I go here you can see when to get.route DC 0 1 victory and for soldier and.this machine having accurate can DNS row.and the second machine is win to get 12.SQL Server so this is basically going to.be asked because RDS you know when we.create a highly available RDS connection.ok we require a database which is going.to be available on are both connection.broker service servers.so we are going to create the database.RDS database on a screw server which is.going to be access by both the.connection broker server so this is the.SQL Server which we are going to install.and configure in this video so.here is my SQL Server you can see this.is SQL Server and this is joining my.domain so so this is a school server and.next we have two RDS window Kettle RDS 0.1 and RDS 0 2 these are the two.connection brokers so you can see the IP.address and those are due and in my.domain so you see this is RDS 0 1 and IP.address is 192 168 1 dot 231 and this is.my second connection broker which is one.nine two one nine two one six eight dot.one dot 232 and RDS 0 2 so this is my.two connection broker servers and well.at last we have two session or server.which is when to get well as such is 0 1.and as such is 0-2 so we can go here and.see this also so this is my sh 0 1 and.this is sh 0 2 so we have total 6.machine in this demo which we are going.to use so let's do it step-by-step and.see how we can do it how we can create.the highly available T on for the RDS.connection Booker's so give me so this.is the infrastructure step-by-step task.to deploy.so this is first task we need to install.our DS with the standalone connection.Booker and bring it in production so I'm.going to do it now so basically we are.going to deploy create a RDS form with.the session host environment so two.session or server and then bearing it to.production so here is my RDS zero one.you can see so the first thing we need.to add the overseer so I'm going to add.my session of service here so I'm going.to type into k12 as such and I have put.the server's so I'm going to create my.create my RDS farm for now so I'm going.to click on add add Rowland feature so.I'm going to click on next so I have.both session of service remote desktop.services installation click Next and.standard deployment and I have to select.the session was session based extract.deployment to bring deploy as a session.host I'm not going to show you in this.video for the virtual desktop base VDI.vs so basically we are going to create a.highly available connection because so.you can create in a same way either you.are using a VDI or session host.deployment so click Next and you can see.this is going to be installed my session.connection broker web and session or.server role so click Next and I'm going.to select my connection broker server.server which is already a 0 1 so I am.going to add this and click Next on a.web I am going to install the web role.also on this machine which is my RDS.connection Booker so I'm going to take.my this so install the Rd web access.role on the same RDS connection Booker.server so click Next now I am going to.add my session host servers as such is 0.1 and s is 0 2 click Next.so now you can see it's saying the.following seven mean have restarted.after the rule installation so because.we are installing the session a stroll.so the server is going to reboot so I'm.going to click on deploy and this will.take some time and then it riddle.install the RDS role and all the three.roles on a different different service.so wait wait for it so let's do the next.task which we can do currently create ad.security group and dienes round-robin.for both connection booker so why we.need it is security group because i want.to map my both RDS 0 1 and RDS 0 2 can.you computer account in the same on the.same group security group so very.because we require AK to give access to.ever this both connection booker servers.to the SQL server so i'm going to create.one group here called a DAC be.connection booker and click ok and then.I'm going to add members here I'm going.to add my computer objects which has.been to k12 yes and here is my boo.server so I'm going to add them so but.the computers account which is my RDS.that were having added to this group.which is RDS CB and let's do the.dinosaur drop in so the round-robin so.if the any server address is going to be.down it's going to our connection book.is going to be down it's going to read.out our session so to create or drop in.round-robin we need to create a host.record and type already yes I'm going to.use this name and I'm going to assign IP.address of my both RDS with the same.name so it's.31 we can add this and same I want to.add for are the years and this time I.need to put the second RDS zero - oh I.Pedro so click Add so now you can see we.have added RDS with both the names so if.I good now my command prompt and I tied.anis look up RDS you can see both the.but the machine is getting resolved IP.address so this is looking good and if I.do.I mean 2k12.the yes ideas either one you can see 31.and 32 so this is looking good so we.have created we have completed the.second step so let's do go and check the.addresses so you can see the connection.broker and all three roles are getting.installed successfully so we can close.this and now we can go to Remote Desktop.Services and we can see Rd is 0-1 having.connection broker rd 0 and having web.access and both session of servers.having session host also let's create.one simple demo collection first session.host and test it so I'm going to call it.like demo I'm going to add my both the.session house over here and domain users.I'm going to give access I'm not going.to use the profile desk for now so.create.so it will take some time so everything.looks good it's successfully created the.collection so you can see now if I go.here and refresh this login to session.no servers to verify.okay so now if I go here and refresh.this you can see it's showing their.session so it's good sign.now we can go and test the RDS is.working final ad server so I'm going to.just take the console off and try to log.into the one of the applications so I'm.going to publish few application on my.session house so to make sure the Diaz.farm to make sure the thing is going.good so I'm going to add calculator and.WordPad and that just publish it on the.browser I'm going to log in to STP colon.slash less RDS by triumph or so so this.is my round robin you can say round.robin address so it will take me to the.correct side so our deep web I'm here to.die click here.so continue to this website and then we.have to type the domain name and then.user password for this user now you can.see we connected to the remote objective.so this is looking good let's launch the.calculator and see if we are able to use.this application so so basically we just.want to verify that everything is.working code in our environment and we.are able to launch the application.through the remote user so to just make.sure our connection broker and this are.these infrastructure is running well so.you can see now it's taking my sessions.it's looking to take code now I'm going.to launch the word pad so you can see.both the application is learnt for.launch from this RDS form so you can see.small icon here which is showing the.remote application we can go here.actually on our TS FS it you can see our.session ID machetes session is coming on.that's a zero one so if I go here run sh.e zero one zero zero one I can see my.session is coming here you can see this.is using like calculator and WordPad so.we have verified like we have.successfully installed and configured.the RDS form with session host.deployment with the standard.international box so it's working fine.and everything is looking good in.production and we have also performed.the second step which is ad creation.group socratic the creation and route.drop in our DN a-- so it's looking good.now we can proceed with the third step.which is.Jolyon configurable slower so I'm going.to install my MySQL server I'm going to.install my SQL Server 2012 Express.Edition so I have already downloaded.these tools these SQL Express is a free.you can go to Internet and you can.download it from Microsoft side and also.management studio is free you can go.ahead and download it.and you can see here so click on install.let's go so a standard installation.except the license from don't watch.check for window SQL product update so.that's fine.so it's going to take some time to.verify all the insulation values as.correctly.so now it's going to install a database.Indian services and these two also a.school client connectivity SDK so let's.go click on next and I'm going to select.the default and strings click Next.I'm just going to check for a desk.availability space next year don't need.to change anything and here you can see.our SQL Server is a spread mini edit so.I'm going to click Next and just click.on next one more time so it's Coalition.is started so let's proceed with the.next step we will come back on the.fourth once the third one once the.server is installed we will configure it.and and and create the do the rest part.so the fourth step we can proceed with.the which we need to do on both the.connection book servers so install.client connectivity tool and SQL native.client so I have those and download.folder so I'm going to download it.stole it one by one so.you can see the insulation spin this.hole just now.so now if you go here and you want to.check you can go and check these are.installed or not so just make sure you.have a SQL Server 2012 native Cline and.this this depend on the school server.which you are using so let's install.same on my seconds connection broker.server so.so it's good now so we have completed.this step successfully so let's wait for.rescue server installation then we will.configure their school server and.configure SQL server login for ad.security group so you have to wait for.some time here it's going to take.another one minute I guess so this is.done so we can go and close this now we.can go and install the management studio.which we can use to log into them so.meanwhile I'm going to install these two.tools my also expensive also so this is.the okay so it's saying upgrade yes I.want to upgrade my native clients.saying in you so I can override it so.this is done and it's saying your.computer must need to be restarted so.okay i will restart it so so let's.install faster configuration this is my.studio and then we can restart our.computer and then we can proceed further.so it's saying restart fail so we need.to restart our computer so let's do it.so I'm going to click on restart.I'm going to login back.and go to download and run the screw.Superman in studio again.yes I want to run it.new exclusive ins general solution we.need to install a man in the studio so.everything looks good this time.we have rebooted a server so it's going.to pass and don't want to include the.updates.so I'm going to add feature in my last.instruction which is ms SQL Server.instead so click Next and I'm going to.install the management studio so click.Next.just click Next and then solution will.start soon so I'm going to pause the.recording for nights going to take few.minutes to get the installation done for.this manual studio and then once they.solution done we I will write back and.then I will start configuring this.course I was required city so now.management told is our installation.succeeded so we can go ahead and close.this also we can scroll the solution.solution center and now we need to go.and configure the SQL Server logins so.I'm going to first configure SQL Server.so school so a connection manager I'm.going to open and we have to check like.a few things here in configuration.manager like Services is running and if.I go here inclined you have to make sure.everything is enabled on an a Native.Client and everything look good here if.you go here on SQL Server network.configuration you need to make sure.tcp/ip is enabled and this is saying you.need to make sure that a service is.stopped and restart so they make sure.about that and I'm going to enable name.also so this is good and so everything.is looking good we have enabled our SQL.Server protocol not for configuration so.now we can go and restart the service.and then launch it.I'm going to restart one more time to.make sure it's working fine.so now we can go ahead and minimize this.and we can launch SQL Server management.studio.so click on connect and then under the.security we need to go here and new.logins and then we need to select I was.a connection broker group Socratic group.which we have created so I am going to.select the CB and you can see here RDS.CV is selected and then we need to go to.server role and we need to n assign a.permission DV creator and that's always.good now we can click on OK and one more.time we have to go here and verify the.security is correct so d we created is.provided and everything is good so we.can go ahead and so we have created or.completed the third step also on 4th.also so we can go and configure the.highly highly availability now so I'm.going to click on my n is 0-1 so click.on Remote Desktop Services and then we.have RDS connection broker so I am going.to right click configure highly I'll.booty so you can see the few pretty quiz.and Microsoft SQL Server is with right.permission for all RDS connection book.which we have done and Native Client.install so we have Native Client and a.static IP configured on all the ideas.connection book it's done and RDS or DNS.record for not to create for all our.dias this is also done so we can click.on next and here it's asking few details.so it's the DNS red robin so we have.created I have this details here you can.go and put here and you can see the SQL.Server data path so folder to store a.database basically this is coming from.my SQL Server so if I go here on MySQL.server and under the C try Program Files.and I'm SQL then I'm SQL 11 and then SQL.and data so this is the path which I'm.giving here on my folder JSTOR database.and the database SQL connection database.connection string so here we have so.string its requires a common string so.we have a Native Client version which is.11 so if we want to verify the Native.Client version you can go here and you.can basically type ODBC and you can see.here if you go to if we go here on.system DSN and click Add so you can see.this Native Client 11 is installed it's.saying it a client 11 so I can see its.so it's good to have here also if I go.on words on you know I don't even.program you can see which Native Client.install so this is a Windows Server 2012.native client so it's having words an 11.you can search an internet Microsoft.wrapping article on this so also you can.match from this so I'm going to and this.is the server name which we have so into.k-12 SQL and we have a database named.RDC B which I am going to use so I'm.going to just copy it and paste it here.and then click Next and then it's giving.that a string name string detailed.database location and the didn't dns.rate drop and so click on configure and.see now it's configure highly ability in.progress so it's it will take some time.to enable the high availability then.this you can see it as already.connection booker role is going to.speech here to highly available mode so.this is succeeded and now we can.actually go here and click add already.connection broker and we can click Next.and we can we are not be able to see our.Rd connection broker here so before this.we need to go to manage and add our Ord.connection 0 to I'm going to add.Rd is 0-2 and click OK so it's added now.now we can go and add the connection.brokers and a second.RDS 0 2 so click Next.so now we are performing this add second.connection booker and RDS deployment so.click ahead so now it's going to install.this.so it's going to take few more seconds.to get the insulation done.so now connection broker role is finish.and is succeeded so now we can go here.and refresh this and we can see we have.now two connection Booker Rd 0 1 & 0 2.and one more thing I recommend here to.add a 30 web access also on this machine.so we are going to have a two web server.also in case RDS zero one goes down we.have RDS 0 T to give the users access to.the Rd website where user can access the.the published application and then they.can use it so so we have installed Rd.connection broker and are they web app.on both the connection broker servers so.now it's time to switch from one.connection broker to another and see how.it's going.so just allow some time to get this.installation done then we can switch the.settings which the connection broker.from 0 1 to 0 2 so it succeeded click on.close and now you can see here the Rd.connection booker role is running on RDS.0 1 and we can go here and set active.nadi connection booker from here and we.can see the two is now sewing RDS 0 t is.showing here so we can click on exit.active and it's going to immediately.take the effect so it's going to remove.the active role from RDS connection.booker 0 1 2 0 2 so just wait for a few.more seconds here so you can see it has.been switched now if i go here you can.see it's showing the RDS connection.because here - if I go to edit.deployment you can see the high.availability configuration also here so.this is how it's look like.so so we have tested by switch so this.is all about how to deploy RDS.connection broker highly availability on.Windows Server 2012 r2 so thank you for.watching and please subscribe me for.more videos and if you have any question.any query related to this you can always.post me and my given melodies like once.again bye bye.

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