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at NC State and now in his first season.as the Mountaineers head coach just 36.years old Mack Brown across the way 68.years old and their two teams collide.today as state won the toss and electric.took a farad here.go Michael Carter on the return color to.the 36th Elaine whether at the sideline.huh dr. Asha blockers and finally goes.down to shy of the 20.Michael Turner on the return of 74 yards.for North Carolina.Smith vasotec cold calling 4.and put better start early this is a.team that has started very slow in their.first three games come-from-behind in.the first two and.have a chance to win it against Wake and.Michael Carter if it has anything to do.with him they're going to get started on.fire right out of the gate Michael.Carter has Sam Hale the true freshman.quarterback in his offense in beautiful.field position just outside the 20.[Applause].it's complete to the end zone North.Carolina 21 yards in a score.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Tom it was Dez Newsome who caught the.game-winner against the Miami Hurricanes.that one was late and this one was about.as early as you can get nice route nice.throw and catch an easy Center Noah.Ruggles has the extra point.yes new services second to grab of the.season.his seventh touchdown pass.year 21 yards is dry blessed.and immediately all the excitement all.the happiness for the guys in who is.this guy scratching their heads there.for Appalachian State this remembers the.number for scoring defense in the nation.last year they hang their heads on.defense on toughness well right now.they're struggling and it's big sound.they haven't been doing that 41 points.giving up the Charlotte 526 yards two.weeks ago and this is coming out of the.body week and it's a senior in Desmond.Franklin who just takes the wrong angle.Angus catches the fundamentals have.really hooked his defense so far and.Carolina striking first and making some.noise here in the sold-out Keenan Dez.Lucifer with his 14th catch of the.season and that leads the team.his second receiving TD North Carolina.after that 75-yard returned by Michael.Carter are they opening kickoff.[Music].evan is the depot.this is a short kick wobbling out of.bounds there the 15 in a flat.three kick out about picking team number.90.first up Jason Autry is our referee.today Larry.we get our first look at Appalachian.State on the Sun Belt Conference in fact.they have won that conference three.straight years they are to know and.coming off the bye week as James.mentioned with Zach Thomas at.quarterback plays a good mood of.trussville Alabama and just as strong.and toughest can be 12 in 1 as a starter.6 1 to 10 he's physical and can tuck it.in go takes care of that football.gonna be a short game for evidence on.first down.in that game a couple of weeks ago Evans.broke off a lot of 87 yards on the.from scrimmage in that game to school.for Appalachian State we're going into.the bye week he was number two in the.nation at 333 yards on the season.33 carries through those first two games.and.how good is he as good as anybody who's.ever been around a lot of people oh how.good they've been in Raleigh the last.two years at running back for the air.for app states vittatus Connecticut.Ross made the tackle.these daughters there for the.upfront an offensive line four of five.starters returning from a top 25 team in.the nation both rushing in sacks allowed.last year.Johnson the big check well there's.Derrick's and Evans highlighted the.great running back for.wide receiver outside here's a big third.down in five.[Applause].at best from the Sunbelt and third down.52% and they've got another one into.North Carolina territory and it was.boring Sutton adjusted to that would.blow the.this is right missed the first two games.the Kansas State tree is for due to.suspension we an steal I drink wits.yesterday kisi.he said well he hasn't played so his.rusty you know what that's that's pretty.good for being rusty to go back across.your body and to pull that one back can.secure it and move those chains a huge.catch Thomas his going T.and it is a catch.Thomas Hannigan against Greg Ross down.at the 11 yard line how many times did.we see this against Wake Forest Carolina.defensive backs being in position but.just getting out jumped just getting out.physically for that football it happens.early in this game to that previous play.was Philly 5 yards over.the leading was feature.eleven.of the season Evans on the world of the.pool the most recent play for.Appalachian State how about the answers.from quote straight which team.Carolina took one play.they've gotta finish they cannot.so big that they march down the field.but they've got to punch it in an answer.will flip toss forward William.inside the 5-yard line.[Applause].what was there.yards officially it's going to be a.they call him when he's cutting it down.the big stop now is a.they're makin some noise here.[Music].and get a first down there the 2-yard.line.Thomas knew over.look into the enzone in pressure that he.goes down.[Applause].Domonique ross' brisco.and a loss of 10.offensive coordinators try to confuse.that's exactly what's going on with the.defensive ball Jay Bateman and company.on the defensive side the defensive.coordinator he likes to get him in third.down situations and move guys around and.that time is Dominique long taking the.advantage the senior out of Jacksonville.Florida.31 yard attempt the Chandler's station.just his second attempt of the season he.missed one against Charlotte from Philly.1 yards away that statement has.Appalachian State on the board with his.birthday pill though of the season.North Carolina came up with the.defensive play just leave in about ears.here at the first port here the first.player with 1106 to go we had some.fireworks for the game and how about the.cut near by Michael Carter three.[Music].offensively to put in the end zone.how about this great catch.to move the chains then it's Thomas.elegant.down.Dominic.[Applause].[Music].three.everybody's fired.[Music].first exactly 17.years.played back in nineteen.short kick this time they kept it away.from partners six yards on a return up.the other 35 yard line.[Music].surprise anybody fair catch and a lot of.times.[Music].that 2018 North Carolina Gatorade Player.of.around this time last year thought he.was headed.the State Seminoles.Luongo came to town geez all that around.a hometown kid.[Applause].harder.the junior from the bar Florida North.cook stop to the lon.[Music].well I'm very interested it was.shuffling around Lindsay told you about.the injuries at the top.in the center it's got to be big to them.[Music].defenders of fair.by on a stop that is quickly third down.about the skill guys there the North.Carolina Paul Tucker mentioned him to.tied in.we've seen - Lucian already.Green trying to get back out there.North Carolina just 21% on third down.they switched it up a quarterback to.chase Reuter.[Applause].No.by the appstate defense and here the.looter came up a little slowly as well.tough time coming off the field remember.late in the second half or a first half.rather in the loss to Wake Forest they.had to go to Rooter just to get.something going didn't have any first.downs with Sam hell.here's another look yard appstate ready.for the quarterback who's near over.runner.nice Korean out here for the mountain a.default here to punt.Thomas Hanigan the deep man wants the.fair catch who comes up and meets that.football.just way over his head into the end zone.58 yards and Jerry more sparking woods.currently a background staff here at.North Carolina back in 1983 for one.season when Brown was the head coach at.Appalachian State he knows all about.these two programs.[Applause].the loans alone.of the state and what change for Coach.background.year ago he said he was trying to help.out Appalachian State with some.fundraising now he finds himself.coaching again step up on the North.Carolina side and when he was out of it.he actually said who the heck scheduled.that one how'd you guys get appstate.nope now tough it was it look here you.go a few months later and he's the new.head man lots of energy back here in.Chapel Hill.if he gets that win today ties the.for the lead in all-time victories for.[Music].he was so gracious with his time.yesterday talked you to myself at James.production staff resurgent Eric Kendall.director ronnied and what a great.conversation.who has a new appreciation for what we.do as well James and Uchitel taking care.of us all the way through.can his defense take care of appstate.one more time here on third down as the.third down in four was a big sack by.Ross down near the goal line.[Applause].Thomas Finnegan for the yard-line and.Beyond it for a first down as DJ Ford.made to play for North Carolina but they.got six and the stinks of movement for.Appalachian State with one thing you.turn on the tape on number five Hennigan.I've got written down on my notes he has.good hands and you'll go up and get it.he does that right here too big third.downs already in this first quarter in.both times Hannigan and Sonny just going.it and fight and make it making it.matter you know a sense of urgency we.haven't always seen that early in the.year in our first two games we've seen a.couple guys kind of lackadaisical going.after that ball big first down I'm here.to move the chains and stay on the field.where it jetsons already in the game.pressure came for the backside this is a.floater and it hits the turf miles door.and the seniors in Charlotte North.Carolina.chance at an interception.for Evans down the fields.lucky that they'll get this one back.here for the Mountaineers and.took a hit down.door goes up in height points it would.have been interception number six for.his career but he can't do it all so you.ain't seen it neither they protect those.legs you got to be careful when he's.throwing Thomas has to go through the.progression slides up beyond the 35 yard.line a remarkable excess of 35.Tyrone hopper they surely went no.further than three yards.I'm talking about all the.[Music].quarterbacks throw on the football they.make sure they try to protect them in.sliding as well you got to be careful.when they give themselves up.no harm done.and seven a little bit longer to stay.out there.that bass play was his first.incompletion of the game for Thomas.standing tall in the pocket past the.runaway.makes the clinic 241st on it more Zach.Thomas has a block down the sideline and.Thomas is inside the 15 they'll mark.about right here the 16 yard line.miles door took him out of bounds.[Applause].[Music].the rush was there they left.how about this Zack Thomas making.something had that then I was about to.say hey how about the coverage in the.secondary.focused on the receivers Thomas tux if.he goes to first Daniel.me.a 50 yard run for Zach Thomas when they.put that football weight at the 15 of.North Carolina.[Applause].play the drive coming up for our state.season through Zach Thomas.play clock right down to a second for.our state did they get it away flags are.out.[Applause].the team on her.[Applause].as much as anything so.the red zone for Appalachian State after.they mark off the penalty it's our CPI.security Ritz.coming into this game for Appalachian.State they would mine with nine.touchdowns.[Applause].do you have the field-goal on the boards.in Chandler's statement.[Applause].we use it along the line and whistles.the claim death penalty.[Applause].where he talked about fundamentals.and hurt defensively.Neal I drink with steam.play the bad angles.things like that you're going down and.getting a chance to go ahead decide.you're going backwards closed.ah - a loss of one.making a player gets Dara's in evidence.wait for the game watch you recognize it.step up there and make it we watch you.watch yesterday off reducer offended is.that there and watch page.guys just did winning.recognize it they gotta get up there.where does it where there's not a long.ways to go a lot of that space for him.to move incomplete fans here but but.that's that's exactly what you want is.the defensive coordinator that's exactly.what you want is a defensive coach guys.like miles.recognize you get up there where it's in.the junk of everything Europe in the.space yacht space in the in the often.guy has the big advantage here's Jay.Bateman who folks.that secondary the.happy to have hearing.some offensive coordinator.with the different folks he gives me.here's a third down.you got to think that state might be a.little bit safe here.[Applause].going towards the end zone incomplete.pass chorus sucker was running with Greg.Ross.exchange of words most whistle.so he feels the body.you know that's that's a good no flag.right there first I thought maybe Ross.was impeding them from being.come back for that football give no flag.and a good job it'll do helping the.penalties by that Carolina defense.43-yard attempt now from Chandler's.state news already made once from 41.yards away to put three more on the.board for our state.[Applause].and state is two for two here in the.first quarter.[Music].2:42 to go in the first bar heels 7-6.against the Mountaineers the founding of.this university back in 1795 it is.time for our keys to the game they are.brought to you by your local Ford dealer.James Bates Hassim the old well here.your keys to the game lining up.Appalachian State offensive line.defensive loan that's where it all.starts defensive line especially they.have to be fundamentally sound at all.times all four corners here today and.how about North Carolina Michael Carter.taking care of me from the giddyup yeah.yeah all right out the gate 75 yard.kickoff return to set up the first.touchdown of the game for Mack Brown's.offense to Daz nooshin and they did just.that but last time with the ball in.their hands they went three and out to.see if they can get anything going here.that was a 21 yard touchdown pass to.Lucilla nears Carter.the return is.much less than his first return of the.game is part adopted hit the turf line.Huff made the play on special teams.after a 17 yard return for Michael.Carter.[Applause].we're down for Appalachian State.on our return.[Applause].very.days number 30 the redshirt freshman.from Dylan.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].watching that 11 need those days are.self-taught by the training staff of.Appalachian State.but then she advocates also General.Richard question with his crews 2007 six.Oh Lord.hours.[Applause].frequency he admitted that he was good.it's hot when you come down off the.[Music].up there but we came down.make sure you stay hydrated.this elite women is our team Boise State.and late in the game lasted Florida.State.dehydration.[Applause].now Espace is on target to Corrales.they're the 30-yard line.of course down it's gonna be enough for.that first out of ten yards.[Applause].our weather report brought to you by the.North Myrtle Beach Convention & Visitors.Bureau.since even sunshine here in Chapel Hill.North Carolina's Michael Carter marries.it for just three yards.early on anywhere.[Applause].you see not so much in here Tom right.this area I'd watch out for a strong.saying hey.for 86 degrees.the first quarter was so glad that you.with us over the middle.configure chips everyone.Paquita from Nashville Tennessee.and as Ben Franklin a couple times there.at that safety spot if you're watching.on tape the nuke and he's staying in a.little sweat food maybe on those toes.you got a chance to get his tip box they.got run by a couple times to get.Charlotte early on they've short things.up they're on the defensive front.they're in the first statement against.this run here's a third down and seven.now it looks to the right to pressure.comes from by.and the balls on the turf its scooped up.and running to the endzone for.Appalachian State in Taylor.demetria's tailor made the play and the.recovery and the return.that's mistake touchdown.well then love them Sameach meets had a.stack in a forced fumble against.Charlotte here he adds to it comes rich.that ball out of there the presence of.mind to scoop it and score it and the.junior from Miami Florida takes it to.the house a former northwestern Bay.one of the best programs in the land.[Applause].State has got the extra point 20 yards.on a return by demetrius taylor and a.touchdown perhaps they that a 14-7 lead.linked in the first quarter but 48 here.he is lined up right here nobody there.formed and he's the last guy on this.defense and I'm not just talking about.the defensive line I'm talking about the.defense the last guy that you don't want.to put a fall because he's fixed even.though he's big at 280 pounds about he.can move very athletic we had a long.conversation with his defensive.coordinator Ted roof yesterday about.what a great athlete whether the.physical attributes that he has you know.hey a lot of those kids man down there.Northwestern they can run no matter what.spot they play there's Ted roof with his.hand on his forehead.a lot of time at Georgia Tech and then.last year that NC State is Eli Drake.which the head coach was an offensive.coordinator.nobody there for his defensive end.Demetrius Taylor James you know the.relationship between language that said.roof goes.chicken offer Luke was the defensive.coordinator drink which was an assistant.on.[Music].13 7's state they will be no return 339.to go in the first quarter.[Applause].[Music].to face this appstate defense which came.up with the huge claim from Taylor and.the 20-yard return for the touchdown.just moments ago.[Applause].thirteen straight points without state.there's a look at the guys up front that.three-man front there's Taylor along.with in the starters that you've got.Scott and you've got that receiver.there's the linebackers cooks there and.cob.there's a really linebacker missing out.of plays although he gets pushed out of.the way right there.[Applause].nice block up to that second level and.that's the problem that the North.Carolina has had getting up to that.second level with their offensive line.and right on cue they get up there and.they knock 50 line out of the way you.got a hold you want if it's a nice easy.pickup for a first down by javante woods.[Applause].ran for 102 yards in the win against.South Carolina.after the seasonings.to North Carolina.Paul once again he got a lemon on the.previous play and two on this one a king.Davis Gator.Oh Jackson as well.just to finish up here's the secondary.Jolly Thomas Franklin and Jean Charles.mr. before the staff at a flag is out as.well.[Applause].flag on 2nd and 8th Jason Autry oh.that's a really offense under 62nd oh no.this happened twice twice in the game.against Wake Forest and right off the.top Lindsay rally she told you about the.injuries that have gone through there.Polina was the starter they had three.guys that were taking reps until Brian a.mister.the second-string until he had become an.inferno got hurt and they've got to.clean that up because it cost him a.couple times against way I swing it out.left side of the Williams.just past the 35-yard line there is no.gain Josh Thomas's number seven and.white to make the flow Thomas makes the.draw but a king Davis Gaither he makes.it happen.watch him fight watch him fight to get.outside here not gonna take being block.his fight state just just slow it up and.force a big third down and ten man I.gotta get up to the 46 yard line and.these guys changed.thank you to the game on third down to.North Carolina last in the conference on.third down.they're not going to get this one maybe.a yard the half for Howard.where to throw it it's fourth down.[Applause].[Music].about cook until our making a play on.Sam Howell we're talking about the keys.to the game lining it up defensively.line it up close fundamentally sales.football.time's was non-existent against.Charlotte and they've done a great job.not only against the run but in their.swings as well another fine job to get.off the field he forced the punt.Hennigan as the deep end.here in the freshman from Dublin Ireland.and again this time does make the fair.catch up there the 21 or 22 yard line 42.yards on that part.footworks the worx trivac three-in-one.easy switch from blow to vac is a.game-changer in a time saver your.yardwork champion.take possession we go down to the.sideline to check in with Lindsey Riley.Tomczak tom is already having a big day.and i talked to him earlier this week.i'm what he felt his biggest obstacle in.his career was that he said not touching.the field for his first.years appstate that no one wants to.watch from the sidelines.difficult but he did say.but it turns out playing behind Taylor.land was the best thing that ever could.have happened and he learned so much.about being a good quarterback and a.good Sea.alright there's a pretty good teammate.right there Lindsey having some get back.subtle always helped out a little bit as.they tricked Arrington.Darington plugins Zach Thomas after he.did become the starter well he's done.nothing but win football games 12 in one.build those wins long new head coach.Eli trinkets in this new system.[Applause].offensive player the.their victory at the New Orleans.boys suck.[Applause].first analogy.in a first down for Appalachian State.two times Sun has been targeted by two.times he's come up with a nice.the folks have actually resulted in.first downs the Jew.[Music].North Carolina Mallard Creek High School.he had to play to the game since the.bowl game at Warner's Bowl where Zack.Thomas was the MVP.damas bass complete near the 40-yard.line.seven yards to Hennigan where a cross on.the petal and just a few seconds to go.here at this first quarter.and again hopping off a little bit and.here first downs.second down that's how you have success.on third downs and then this has been.the team hasn't had a problem with third.downs instead of defense it's been good.against third.[Music].couple of big ol.late forties here at North Carolina.twice the runner-up for the Heisman.Trophy and.the yardage favors Appalachian State and.they've got the ball to start our second.quarter.get much my keys.walk away.[Music].box on the jacket.[Applause].Derrickson have to leave the game with.his lid coming off and watched his.defensive line get up and running.straight.they're just stretching.one second down.guys like 55.37 Jason Strowbridge in there.defensively for North Carolina.there's five 1/3 down clear out but it's.picked off right there if it feels miles.willful has the interception.[Music].starts with the Blitz.there's the confusion and not get me.picked up the right wraps around Firefox.take it.pressures of ever back Thomas you saw.drop from dorm.his counterpart back there in the.secondary on this overthrow willful goes.up and pulls it down.first interception thrown this season by.Thomas bird I.look at his pit of his career had those.tree interceptions late in the game.against South Carolina to seal victory.in Charlotte at Bank of America Stadium.that is gross.three yards for Octavius grows.- so willful against South Carolina.wrong back-to-back series.to finish second half that doesn't mean.theme for say inhaler comes right back.out swinging we pick up the three on.first day scoring drives of 98.to that fourth quarter to the wind.against the Gamecocks.his second go-round how it gets away.berries that one in the turf.[Applause].dear estuvo 57 with white black and gold.now stir down and Mack Brown's team has.been unsuccessful in this situation over.three.now to stay out there some fresh bodies.in there nobody in a three-point stance.is showing a blitz.everybody up there is fantastic.defensively let's see if they back out.of the mail as it looks like the offense.makes a change.big play here offensively they got to.get something going.deflected it intercepted it study three.is Taylor again Taylor had the teeny.return of the fumble in the first.quarter.now he's got the interception for.Appalachian State.[Applause].my goodness he's got the touchdown with.the sack the big rip the forced fumble.look at him refusing to get cut comes up.talk about athleticism comes up and tips.it to himself and.- bullet coming into its.on the right side now watching you know.you play against teams like Georgia Tech.and you work so much or not getting cut.not getting cut you gotta go down to so.hard for a big defensive lineman this.true the rush full-speed it seems like.it's easy to cut them because it's the.last thing they'd expect Taylor drops.his hands gets him up there keeps on.fleeing tips it to himself not a play.this is Sutton.we're the 20-yard line.Seiler after that interception could get.back 19 yards.that state as they close in on the red.zone once again.[Applause].Sutton trying to turn that corner.and he gets knocked out.near to 6:00.my kimmel miles door take it son.number two a good job detecting upfront.nice quick throw look at him blocking.downfield you make one guy miss.Sutton again.[Music].out there to stop.[Music].[Applause].about something.excellent job.first drug offensively for Apple.to a field-goal second down and goal.they once fixed right here and try to.add to that lead.run it to the Internet in Teheran.takes it in Brooke OHS triplets and the.Mountaineers from five yards away.[Applause].we're gonna go for two here.if it's always worth as soon as they.read in their the shot was going to stay.out there you're seeing right here.how much it matters help when you can.have an offensive wine.[Applause].grows together but understands women.until these five starters return and.easy to call a timeout now because.they're they're not on topical.so timeout taken by Appalachian.after the fifth rushing touchdown of the.season by Darren's and Evans.[Applause].so we'll see what coach trick which.decides to do he's got the 1970 wanted.to go for two.absolutely a timeout was taken.[Music].here's the touchdown again look at him.up front.got into it a little bit tone but you.know last week.[Music].raisin UNC went up against in wait.floors and all sense applying you.played a lot of football together on.this offensive line is it's four or five.starters returning from.each other's tendencies they just have.been.together for so long and it means so.much and it's showing up early in this.game after further consultation in.Appalachian State is at least setting up.for an extra point in conventional fact.interstate 90.years.it was clear that coach trinkets wanted.to go for two.touchdown his ship.rushing TD in the season.[Applause].so after all that it's a simple extra.point.what the.unanswered from Appalachian State.heels of UNC coming out the gate taking.it 75 yards on the opening kickoff and.punching it right into the end zone on.the next play and they.[Music].right down the field get a field goal.first time but then here comes the big.dad.Demetrius Taylor the northwestern goal.the sack horse public school.yes.coolest trick daddy down in the.teddy bridgewater all kinds of greats.have gone to school Northwestern.they may end up being the most famous of.all big 48 where you saw the last.touchdown.or the better backs in college football.really.another salinity in solution.the demons in heavens.that interception for Taylor.was the first of his career for.points off turnovers of the game now for.stay with Carter and Williams deep for.North Carolina and it's going to be part.on the one already has a return of 75.yards in this game the opening kickoff.it takes it beyond the 30 that return is.17 yards for Michael Carter.[Music].12:24 to go in the second quarter.[Music].put a charge into this sellout crowd.here at Kenan Stadium these tickets a.hot Nevada.about 165 miles away and away.in Chapel Hill.country hawa.and awful Williams.the 38 yard line for Javonte Williams.the sophomore from Wallace North.Kalamata he got 7 there is a player down.for appstate.that's 98th ej scott with a senior from.farmville North Carroll.EJ Scott 98 for appstate and it's some.discomfort often on the turf here.here's the injury right in the middle.there the No.it ends up being a high-low and that's.that's not that's not necessarily a chop.block but that's why a chop block is a.pretty.[Music].because EJ Scott fought so hard to earn.his scholarship used to watch practice.through the.fans just want to be a part of.DJ Scott being helped.I'm walking off.vaccine.throwing his first interception of the.season.demetria scared.[Music].last game out.Friday night against Wake Forest.jace leader he's already seen in this.game is one snap though he went.[Applause].second in short for North Carolina.[Applause].yard-line.[Applause].towards Blackstock who just came in for.EJ Scott.[Music].third in short at North Carolina has.failed.opportunities in this game.[Applause].to the conference Jansen.bigger bodies there at North Carolina.bison banged up bodies on the.submarine his way for 41 yard line could.be very close.[Applause].he takes the punch background said his.guys were catching last week.there's some such an incident catching.matters the most is 25 over there.getting a well-deserved sip of water got.the first down.[Applause].boss is it long.[Applause].completed just too far for folks around.jean-charles back there defensively for.upstate.nice job of recovering he was beat.because that cushion that cushion had.broken down and then some Corrales was.into the body of John Charles.in a good job they put his net down not.turn around and peek knowing he's beaten.just get there and try to disrupt.getting away and he did just after force.the second antenna.[Applause].we'll still has the football running.right down the middle of the field.sliding his way to the 40-yard line at.15 yards.now that's double good for number seven.to make this he's had a tough time where.you're sliding is too valuable to this.football team.it's a long.nice play call nice read by hell buddy.slides the damage is done he's got the.first down go ahead and take it down and.don't take all these Hicks I know you're.young and resilient but you gotta be.safe we need you a long time these folks.is telling Michael Carter slams it of.the line and.[Applause].near the 44 yard line.[Music].Roxy.for Michael Carter.spent the last two seasons as the.offensive coordinator at Ole Miss.[Applause].power.now to cut it up filled their 240 ran.into Craig Cobb over 45 in white.for Santa halwa.right back at Fir down.[Applause].similar situation on that last.conversion everybody with the black hats.on.fired up trying to go make a play get.the ball back and everybody's at.remember gotta stay sane you got a place.fundamentally sound and that's.somebody's guy you can't forget about.staying home on a misdirection on a.keeper by that quarterback they need.five here now.already have converted on 3rd down this.drive.near the 25-yard line looking for.Corrales in a flagon.Charlie number three other coverage of.steak.Oh Jindal if you're not gonna save got a.nice pickup by the back Williams.pass interference defense number.your favorite food.just a little bit too much with the.hands I'm guessing couldn't see it so.much from that anger this if we can see.it right here seems to be in.pretty good position that right hand on.the.that's a tough that's a tough one.guys.I see life through.I'm back our defenders wins this fight.tend to go with the defender in Memphis.John Jolley.it agree that's a tough flag but today.on the defensive back trying to cover.someone his face but nonetheless fresh.set of downs here for the heels now.rolls on the rug that is complete there.the 20 yard line to 12 rolls.on the play for North Carolina Davis.Gator attacker for a state.eight grossing nine minutes to go in the.second quarter.Appalachian State year 20 straight.points out the North Carolina scored on.its first drive of just a single play on.a TD pass for an hour.we'll run it down closer.about the 17-yard line couple yards for.antonio williams a senior from new money.[Music].why the transfer from the Ohio State.with the hurry up now.there's not quite all the way sir.in complete the clothes.trying to hit him on the run over the.middle.we're at Oh brothers who have the huge.20 yard catch on 4th and 17 on that game.warning.against Miami gotta hold onto the.here's a fork down in three in the.offense staying out there they're going.for.five of six on the season.on fourth down plays for North Carolina.they're gonna call a timeout this is the.11th play of coming of this drive and.they want to discuss it a little bit.further in head coach Mack Brown.40-plus years on the sideline he's seen.it all.what will his choice headed.into the red zone for the first time of.the game but for town for North Carolina.they're going to try to run it and get.it to Monta William.chattering his way inside the 15 he got.four yards.for North Carolina.[Music].these these Knicks they do such a good.job of running with good pad level.Robert Gillespie.they're running back coach has done a.fine job of them running with some.cowboy when they make up their mind.they're gonna put their foot in the.ground his own walking South they do.just that there's a nice pickup and a.great job by the offensive line.spitting Michael Carter.leaving his way inside the tent picking.up that fourth down James for North.Carolina they are now six of seven.oh Jesus just here they go for up or.down that's ones in the background told.us yesterday is it.he's not scared so much of going for it.on fourth down any milk work down as.he's kind of floated around there and in.the TV side of things that he kind of.likes the ideas going for it using all.four downs we need a good job there 13.player to drive a deflected pass that it.falls in.Taylor got a piece of that one.game is deleterious Taylor.[Music].because there was a receiver running in.the.here's three all the way to the Argyle.in the back of that endzone.nice job again the athleticism tailored.not only takes on that block but the.presence of mind again to shuckin get.some separation to where he to go off.and with those hands if he's in there.booty bumping bumping chest you can't do.it you don't have anything nice strength.and athleticism force of 36 they can get.a first down at the 3 yard line.[Applause].a clean exchange between Howell and.Carter that brings up fourth down.total Carolina Iowa Suba he about took.the handoff.[Applause].just lit up from that defensive end spot.and charged him in there to disrupt.watching come from the right side of.your screen.this to the point well good job by.Michael Carter these and hold on to the.football in the board disaster down.Clark.this probably why there's just.absolutely no question what's going on.let's go kick it we're lucky to still.have the football 25 yards away from.knowing Ruggles fictive 8 on the season.and he tips that one through North.Carolina gets points drive the North.Carolina.[Music].not punching it at a Ruggles.Oh Lester that runs back.University of Tennessee running back.though.she mutters back to the food on that.truck they have 15 plays on that drive.for three points it is now time to check.in with the Aflac duck for the Aflac.trivia question and the quiz.Thank You mr. Duquette here's the.question Sam I'll second all-time North.Carolina high school career passing.yards over 13,000 300 who is first James.Bates I actually know this I know it I'm.not good at trivia unless it's like.old-school rap 80s sitcom but I know it.we'll see about that and the moments.begun will reveal the answer.quiz can I tell him now.he's excited they fund.hold your responses until we.so the actual correct response to the.question without Mary Evans on the.return.stop there the 20 yard line 19 yards on.the return time to Ansel the f-flat.trivia quiz.dependence high school is that right.that is correct that is correct.CLT.[Applause].593 castle yards been high school had a.winning streak of over 100 games and.Chris Leak went on to be a national.champion.be sure to test your knowledge again.with our Aflac trivia quiz next week we.look forward to gas.some state up near distillery yard line.Mallika Williams he's a junior from.Chester South Carolina.across the senior has.Zach Thomas at half state.coming out firing.first down and second down and have been.key to this offense having success on.Thursday.and it's been the reason why North.Carolina has been so good on third downs.one of the best in the nation getting.off the field that hasn't been the case.so far today second and short for.appstate well the occiput by week they.defeated Charlotte in their most recent.game.56:41 September 7th.and the food on the season North.Carolina.home victory came against Miami that was.September 7th as well.[Applause].so umpire Jason Yates needs medical.attention.[Applause].takes up and ready to go.he hit my.except probably that the helmet the snap.on the helmet probably gone just tape it.up slightly heck tried to tape it up for.UNC last week and just couldn't go with.that broken whole here's a second and.shortly.nice surgeon pick up remove those chains.for out state.[Applause].Deitrick Harrington.the Mountaineers converted to football.playing a subdivision status in 2014.joining the Sun Belt Conference.[Applause].[Music].they've had great postseason success for.bears.to the Sunbelt the last three years out.of a netted Williams.five yards on the play the Mountaineers.[Music].we're Hannigan's doing a nice job.I'll swing out there to go down and you.get a guy and what's happening is these.these defensive backs for North Carolina.it becomes a one-on-one and if they can.get Williams and get somebody that to.make someone miss could be off to the.races for a great big play they're just.pitching and catching here and just.chipping away again.trauma possessions and really been in.favor of the Mountaineers here in this.one so far.[Applause].Thomas.Hennigan tried to make the circus catch.on the sidelines and.[Applause].Dominique Ross was back there for North.Carolina.spirit of five four.go here in the second quarter Hospital.Pina Memorial Stadium.[Music].three of six up third down for upstate.[Applause].couple of treaties in a couple of field.goal.here's a defensive bump in recovery.return touchdown in the first quarter as.well.[Applause].pocket collapses on Thomas has to run it.to throw it up there good fueled.incomplete Malik Williams makes the.catch in a first down Mountaineers Gorp.duck of the tackle and a flag is out.12 yards on that completion by Thomas.Rex and clunky if it's fans.personal foul targeting defense number.44.the previous place on the further.where they for is Jeremiah.we'll take a look at it up in the bow to.make an older wool and keep them in the.game here.[Applause].[Music].select all day that's a defenseless.player.[Applause].most of the contact rights of the head.he goes down.Gemma's got to be smarter than the.sophomores done.rest of this game.it'll be just this game.we take with you.[Music].guys.banged up defense.[Applause].that looks more violent.slow motion.those of the rumors.this thing.after review the ruling of targeting is.confirmed number 44 is disqualified.a 15-yard penalty.first down the Appalachian State.so Jason Autry conforms it.gibble is now disqualified and Jonathan.Jonathan Smith will come in for gimel.and it was on the leaf Williams who met.his fifth catch of the game.extra guards with the targeting and.gimbal mal disqualified and headed to.the dressing room here for North.Carolina.knowledge wise.just stands it's a one that targeted.going up top and I really.if they go up top and take another look.at it disaster.guys get enticed maybe shouldn't Thomas.with the time and the throw in the.endzone event completed look like.Hanigan was the closest receivers.Morrison will quote Dorn all back there.defensively.a nice balance nice rhythm to this.offensive play calling by Neil I think.this last time he liked Rick which was.in the house was last year.the offensive coordinator for NC State.and they wanted overtime called that.game against North Carolina retching.alas we took it at the end zone for his.good rushing touchdown of the game so.what was the last experience not.necessarily on this field because it's a.new synthetic turf and of grass last.year.Darrin's breakthrough down the sideline.Givens right near the pylon and out of.alpha short of it.that may mark about their the five well.you just mentioned gillaspie at NC State.for drink what's also he had samia's he.had Daisy has some good old up at Boise.State when he was there with the Broncos.to take a look at this guy who he says.is the best.behind those big blocks of the offensive.line and that's off to the races and.almost beats everybody to the corner.let's take a look now that right side.look at him pop up and move yeah the.decision.the offensive line and then taking care.of business with the speed is number.three.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].a lot of offenders.[Music].making the play for his defense.thornado J payment along with Tommy.picked on Co defensive coordinators for.North Carolina.weight loss on the play for.loss of three.[Music].yards.earlier in this paper.second ago.[Applause].in space looking for that goal line.it sort of it here the two.[Music].[Applause].his job here defensively my.this coming off the edge door.[Music].budget into the end zone.Morrison.[Applause].[Music].long rest at the two yardline of North.Carolina tent play in a drive for.upstate.I'm gonna pitch it out to evidence in.what civilians.Terrigen heavens his second rushing.touchdown of a king pull them out near.[Applause].now the folks that came down off the.mountaintop that's pretty fired up but.what they're seeing from the.Mountaineers right now.[Applause].long sustained drive.[Music].here's a playing the best football in.the Carolina.he is our Hardee's startled watch.Terrance it Evans the junior from Oak.Hill Florida as he should be went into.that bye week as the FBS leader the 333.yards and he's picked right up where he.left off averaging close a pop in this.game and it has a lot to do with those.big dogs up from Hodges hunter.new salon.offensive line that really get me.through it.[Music].defensive front remote.2:56 left in this first half.we need to get something going but he.won't get a chance never car.[Applause].Bearcats on the short kick Garrett.Rosten.number 84 in Carolina blue.[Applause].and remember Tom this is a UNC team that.they fake.butters event this season anyway that.those those late fourth quarter wrong.drop this marching down the football.field and come back they come back.against South Carolina in the opener.Mack.first time back as the head coach with.this true freshman quartered.no problem get the winning of South.Carolina they do it again against Miami.almost dated against Wake Forest has had.nothing going in the first half but the.second half they played I'd like for.those fourth quarter four yolks to start.right now put together a nice little.drive and go get set up.owls pass.there's a fetching traffic from des.Newsome but a loss of three yards change.you're right against Wake Forest.four touchdowns in a fourth quarter but.they came up short against Wake 2418.limited though nearly what you can do.not making excuses here at all but.offensive line wise they've gathered.they've got call plays to take care of.an offensive line that's banged up an.offensive line that's having a trouble.stopping these guys so everything's got.to be quick and you can't touch the.PlayBook in half and then when you got a.defense flying around like that makes.things really difficult.that's the completion pass the 30 the.ami Brown.Namie Brown the sophomore from Charlotte.North Carolina first catch of the game.for Diaby Brown.he made perhaps one of.of the early season against South.Carolina in that far corner of the.endzone in Charlotte.not the timing there between.[Applause].[Music].again even Anna's quick.Braun's first catch of the game went for.seven yards pile in a cluttered pocket.over the middle and.right back to the Yami.first up near the 45 inches short of it.Davis Gator on the tenth run 12 yards on.the connection when he assigned two.timeouts for the heels 1:45 left here in.the first half and Browns starting to.get after guy leads the team with 11.catches in the three touchdowns.[Applause].Howell takes off.why's the stiff arm on his way to.midfield comes up short of it for yards.of 1107 Powell fair number 59 attack.respite from Indian Trail North Carolina.and.my boy but if you saw our Aflac trivia.question we know that his numbers were.just ridiculous in high school.robust numbers over 13,000 passing yards.but this time he's got a run.as it takes.a State Territory.very close to a first down he needed to.get a little bit inside of that 47 yard.line he got 5 yards.but now we're inside of a minute to play.of the second quarter if something works.come right back to it you'll move the.chains.it looks like and give him give him the.first day so first down yardage obtain.that Fox running though you gotta watch.that clock today Tar Heels they all know.the story the end of that Deakin game.[Applause].completed 240 move made by Tucker into.the 30-yard line.cross talk to the side and 16 yards from.Sam power that I didn't put in that wait.for his game and I'm not running out of.bounds here he's flames on the brakes.how's this for athleticism the big man.back into that clock continues to tick.two timeouts left over half another pass.where I will complete their the 15-yard.line.numbers to float morales who hangs on.the football after getting tackled by.Sean jolly.James that's 20 yards for North Carolina.and down to the 11.those goats who say never gets.uncomfortable when he's most comfortable.is when he's just flinging it around.here almost slants a lot tight ball.just March him down the field like in.those late-game drives that we've seen.so many times here early in his freshman.year.so a timeout on the field with 13.seconds to go.in the second quarter.velocity on this last.[Music].just in the middle of that zone was.thrust out need.clock stopped since that state that.actually used the timeout.heels out that only 13 seconds remain.46 career wins 10th most in FPS history.Bowl Subdivision not brown with 13.seconds to go on his freshman.quarterback Sam Powell staring at that.end zone.27:10 for the visiting Mountaineers of.Appalachian State from the 11 Powell at.the time sends it to the endzone but.it's well wide brogues was back there.with Desmond Franklin from a state.best news about that is that it stops.the clock with eight seconds to go in.this quarter.[Applause].discussing the situation with his fellow.assistants and head coach Mack Brown.they need 7 8 seconds and it's an.offensive line that's done a much better.job here on this Drive everything's been.a little bit faster in your world.defense has been out there now isn't.quite as fresh and get natural.here's where the rubber meets the road.can they punch it in could they find a.way how will backs up - tosses it this.is Carter has a block Carter to the.corner of the endzone running high spits.his way in.North Carolina touchdown.[Applause].nice job watch big 63 mantra.he's gonna get out there lead the way.gets the outside shoulder defensively.you can't let that happen you gotta.fight to stay outside big 63 takes.advantage of it to the house Michael.Carter just the guy he I want the ball.in his hands down low like that.Ruggles we extra point after the first.rushing touchdown of the season for.Michael Carter from 11 yards out he.finds the end zone for Carolina.once again this off to Micah Carter.up the offensive line guys that get up.and they pull a mulatto in the run.here they pull him and get him outside.on this path.quarter.but a nice job by the freshmen.Angeles.[Music].both these teams of a second half that's.for sure.second passing TD of the game for Sam.Howell Michael Carter has his second.touchdown reception of the season.and the lead is 10 for our state.[Applause].what should be the final play of this.first half and it will be North Carolina.able to score that CD in the closing.moments of the second quarter Michael.come through for 107 yards and two.touchdowns in that first half including.two one.the closing moments of the second.quarter.like a Carter.Michael would be no graduate chance for.from Appalachian State with the kickoff.and there will be no return.[Music].if you realize great widths despite the.fact that North Carolina scored late.James got to be pleased with the effort.so far in this game.absolutely.strictly business though chocolate.Lindsey rally they're going into the.exactly.zero zero is very cliche Wichita your.team.[Applause].you win the second after you win this.football game.[Music].left to play against the TV.we're not going to give up your still.name.Evans on the run for just in the yard he.had two rushing touchdowns in the second.quarter of five and two yards.[Applause].five of six on the ground.this is absurd against Charlotte now for.the bye week prior to it.for 234 yards.we talked about throughout the first.half the success on forestry second down.helping on third down that the tar he.had defense and his job shut me down on.the first play of the second half from.scrimmage Thomas looking right all the.way this place is incomplete here the 35.yard line.McWilliams was the intended target.incomplete.[Music].this is exactly what our real nation.wants to see third and long situations.it's why they've been so successful on.getting off the field 27% opponent.kinds of success here early in this one.five of eight perhaps states as to what.they can do here on third down and nine.samus his pass is caught by Sutton he.spun around to 25.something up near the 35-yard line.that's who he had to get to and this.could be very very close now and.Crawford finally made the technical of.Sutton.sure how he did it either James cotton.[Music].they're going to drop them right at the.line.and he sure makes it interesting.continues to fight.don't want to shy.[Applause].big plays in the first half a third down.conversions to Sutton it almost has the.biggest of the game right there but.instead Carolina rally.instinct.Subash to punt perhaps take.[Applause].not about in front of Lucy.[Applause].it's our heels going on.now.the president.the first half possession seeing hell.and his offense they only needed one.play for that first touchdown of the.game after the great kickoff return a 75.yard shot Michael martyr.[Applause].interception by the same guy he.before the test and Dimitri is too.that pocket just falls in on how.the beaches Taylor was first on the.scene.also 45 tray table.that's just when it looked like this.offensive line was starting to gel.[Applause].at times of confusion look at the stunts.there in the middle and guys unable to.pick up.yards last first place um spinach in the.second half for the Tar Heel offense.I was gonna take off.[Applause].George Blackstock came up.the drunk powerless.run.[Music].long gone offensive coordinator to North.Carolina halftime adjustments dead roof.defensive coordinator it was that.quarterback took it and go quickly.that hurt him a couple times on that.last drive here they do a better job.with it.she has one man.close it up to the 32 corral.the Markovic of 31 it.like he got.close but not to the 32-yard line.on a play.look at the pressure on Sam how.here's another look.she lives over here on three.both these teams in the next day the job.is hanging on for dear life by Shaun.jolly we got a couple for a long time.after winning it same halls make you.guys miss back there.the only catch still one yard shy.these teams hit left edge near midfield.there's a timeout pad there's a flag on.the field.it appears that North Carolina was.thinking about going for it on 4th 91 5.yard penalty remains 4th down.so the delay of game against North.Carolina.thank you.she's got that Irish flag on his hand.mm I wonder the freshman his Irish eyes.are smiling and buck while in an austere.pain is.I can't help this I just like the House.of Pain he played high school football.at nearby Wakefield High School.it is 15 years old.[Applause].and with checks up on North Carolina.[Music].a market near the 35 horse show that. up 34 yards foot ben cardin.17 with a lemonade team to go on the.third time for our tweet of the week.it's brought to you by Toyota.and is from the app state Chancellor.sherry Everett's dr. sherry Everts.with the beat UNC sign on the duck house.the middle of the pond on the.Appalachian State campus in Boone North.Carolina west.he'll beat UNC well right now that's.exactly what's happening as we play.early in the third James that's our.tweet of the week and it's brought to.you by Toyota.Hennigan.fighting his way past the 45-yard line.a.for Thomas Hannigan.Jr's dreams world or.[Applause].they're gonna continue to fight both.these teams are gonna go.to blow the most important hold on to.that football Williams dated North.Carolina territory on a first down.yards.[Applause].we've seen you seen her too.[Applause].Thomas floats it too high for his.receiver Hennigan.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].those two combined for.play the first border the reading.sixty-forty.yards of total offense.[Applause].26 against I still want the game though.the glass with to it all for at stake.[Applause].easy kitchen cats instead just try the.first that went high.not the face burns nice job again these.procedures I've really been impressed.with receivers.[Applause].[Music].the sense of urgency is just going in.adjust your body babies.come back here go back and get it we're.seeing that a couple times.[Applause].now you put that defense in a tough.tough spot you see what Jay Bateman.draws up as I stay with the course.sitting over there.his teammate something I'm looking at a.service fee seven sets of the game for.Sutton on the previous play Thomas over.the middle at incomplete or 2:30.slipping through the hands lieutenant.Virgil would say Morris is great :.we'll see right in the hip pocket he's.been active today just when I drag on.those receivers here's one this should.have been caught.goes up for it.and then they better play it down that's.a tough one good job by Morrison though.right right there on him.but off the field defensively Eugene.so xavius sbatch who does not see the.field in the first half of his second.punt of this quarter.bounce and be found right near the.so the box with the punted took one.bounce.[Applause].[Music].wife.right near the one.how about price gettin down there it.wasn't sure they were gonna get there.here the st. Louis Rams can beat the.Tennessee Titans.how about this.way to go after that nice punt and pin.there at the goal line.were starting position of the football.game for North Carolina.javante Williams got to get some.breathing room.five yards as Davis Gators made the.tackle.position he lost a good job position.nice job there get a couple.it's like you're gonna be stuck go get.me a cup okay.see they'll get me a couple gets five.there to get him some breathing room off.that.again got it up the middle near the.15-yard line I had a first down.Fontaine Williams 5 10 and 15.at a sophomore.[Music].speaking of vision excellent job here.just be patient let those blockers set.up in front of the equipment let the.ground and go get at musso's changed.career-high to open this season against.the Gamecocks with 102 yards 18 carries.net game.her pastor 20.of Williams eight yards.Luongo eventually wants to do a not not.quite the extreme of matching personnel.with your system as we have Lance.because get that Georgia Tech game and.you get just bones and something a bit.going there with a triple option bunch.trying to change things around as easily.narrative frankly but it said it's an.airway that sense if it's a mic it's.it's what's going on at Oklahoma if it's.big gooseberry type stuff.[Applause].here we've got the one again so they got.a lien on.stick with it until I stop on second a.teen it's a first down past the 30 for.you.yards of a run.good job the offensive line is feeling.it then they've had had a tough go the.last couple weeks we've got some so many.injuries up there there's junk and the.feed they're starting to feel pretty.good keep feet now.[Applause].the Williams.[Applause].at 5:00 of what.to the sideline it gets a breather so.give him a breather you.a nice job running home.earning his keep and so many times in.college football something.although we'll just go away from it.until they show me that they're gonna.stop it just keep on ramming it down.their throat it opens up everything else.lost the football it's free up to 35.North Carolina.[Applause].Savitri is tail or not.today a loss of three on the play but.covered by the Tar Heels.but Demetrius Tanner is.it's one thing to be a good football.player but to be a big playmaker the guy.goes out there and make just changes the.game around mix plays Dimitri's Taylor's.been fantastic on that side in the first.one the farmer said hey hey.maybe didn't see it coming that time.when it gets traffic you gotta protect.the football third.this pastor closed.[Applause].Markham at the 40.and I should be a first down that it is.samia's growing some attached remember.yesterday Tom when tenbu said we've.gotta understand football The.Situation's well there's a foot past.situation they need eight yards they're.gonna run those routes and eight yards.and that's exactly what girls does he.sets up shop right there and fairs just.want right there way con when you.complete at the 45 yard line.Lucifer.stops the clock is 653 to go on the.third quarter of North Carroll.and remember this drive started inside.their own two yard line.have done so many times here in the.second half and you said it I thought.you were joking a little bit when we.went to break this away I've got.because they like those long drives.looking pretty good though secondary to.him here.the drive vowel toughs it off it is.caught by Antonio Williams diving into a.State Territory.about ears.seventy yards on the play earlier we saw.the door do a great job making up his.mind knifing through there making a play.here the hesitation from Akeem Davis is.really what makes this happen he could.have blown it up instead makes it a.third down and short nice play there by.the back they leave.second effort after the initial contact.by William.needed to get to that 46 yard line.[Applause].delivering some punishment in a previous.run it is forked out at Short.[Applause].North Carolina has converted its only.other fourth-down publisher.resulted in a field goal back in the.first half.drive and now there's a stop it boy was.6:18 to go in this quarter we're gonna.have a measurement.they take a look at it look at this.collision.[Applause].Lowe's.[Applause].but didn't even Lola's Antonio Williams.[Music].[Applause].look at this the leaks is added.a night or two.job.[Applause].contrast these two coaches.joint quits at his first year as a head.coach Mack Brown's first ever head.coaching position came back in 1983 at.Appalachian State stayed for one year.which six and five about.[Music].[Applause].we'll use.as we take slows down.turnovers on downs counts as well but.can they get it stuff right here.that a bear down.it looks like enough.that Davis Gaither and Hough.very close.but it looks like he's close enough oh.he's got out of the answer that inside.of that 46 right on the 46.first fans don't like it.a couple feet.penetration in their butt.lo gives it back an opportunity to lunch.about the fourth quarter the antonio.williams hadn't to come back when.against the Gamecocks.spritzee to his right throwing on the.run near the 30-yard line and hold it.fiamma crowd has the catch at a first.down.eighteen yards Powell took brow furrowed.Carolina.or is this nice coverage here.my first ride and the RIP comes and.tries to break through jean-charles that.the Omni Brennan just wants it a little.bit more strong using the body to wall.them off goes up and pulls it down a.nice throw too by the way Sam how on the.moon.their catch of the game for Brown this.is a flip - groans the flag comes out.remove the pass play but again there is.a flag at the end of the play fair had.the tackle of grows I think.tackle the defender this is going back.the other way holding offense.if I'm not mistaken he actually tackled.Demetrius Taylor the big play naked.[Applause].and I beg your pardon miss 24 his tackle.the team Dave escape way through.nice play there by fair as well to meet.flu they'll shut it down the injured.player is to Beatrice Taylor number 48.as they attended him his strength and.conditioning coach as opposed to the.locker room both coach Mack Brown says.what you guys need they said in a locker.then they got that it looks just like.Space Mountain and that's a good thing.[Applause].and the Magic Kingdom and makes you go.play my tree planting.beautiful.side effects are on standby.[Applause].[Music].a Williams.continue to fight again vision it's one.thing to be able to see it it's another.thing to make it happen to be athletic.enough to hit the brakes and completely.change gears change direction and that's.just what Williams does like they're a.nice job to get outside there there's.nothing.[Music].sonica they did a good job on that right.side of the offensive line.and Williams has been a few part of this.drive for those.is.[Music].Hawaiian hafiz number 20.with Lindsay on the heat down that field.today Lindsay.thanks so much Tom it's definitely hot.down here especially in the Sun which if.you take a look stateside that is still.in the Sun where is North Carolina's.side there is a lot of shade but.speaking with coastering with yesterday.he said it's definitely a cause for.concern their last two games have been.about 10 degrees cooler than what they.were gonna face here today he said most.teams dread going down to Florida.they just dread coming down off the.mountain.the big things.trying to keep inferior.Carolina's only CPI's security red zone.to Futuna game with a touchdown of a.field goal as Williams.forward five more yards about the work.but upon change lawyers a disk drive.which again.inside their own two-yard line for North.Carolina with 4:30 to go to school what.end zone is it we want to plays working.hey keep it working keep going out and.when a guy's working for you like that.when a guy is really feeling it like.javante waves behind the offensive John.[Applause].when fear comes out substitutions now.appalachian state bird is in for fair.and the beaters tale Ophelia is back in.the game for.15th play the drive for North Carolina.to the end zone touchdown.has it for the meal.[Music].[Music].the majority of that drive.you're just owning the ground game.pounding it tenten to get pounding it.and it just sets the stuff it just makes.it so easy everything else just seems to.work especially especially a play-action.pass when you sell out nice play call by.mango.that is the third touchdown pass to the.key for Sam Powell this time he finds.Karl Tucker the senior.stop that run so what are you gonna do.you're gonna send everybody I gotta help.out my guys I gotta shut down this.ground attack and.just too easy for quarterback Sam out.this obviously is the data rate mike.leach that eventually they they plan on.getting to but you know what with the.personnel that you.with what's going on in the game you've.got to be able to adapt to this and they.do.right here they do an excellent job.you.the eight yards on the ground our.five-star dr summary brought to you by.yellow wood Carl Tucker finishes it off.with the touchdown catch and he only.needed his left hand just snuck out the.left hand pulled.and in the end zone to the score as our.yellow would.our driveway longest drive of the season.for North Carolina.eight yards in five minutes of 45.seconds.first TD catch of the season for Carl.Tucker.now Sam Howell.TD passes this year three in our game.and one.27:24.[Music].[Applause].[Music].North Carolina scored with a second to.go in the second quarter.Carter on the touchdown reception and.now.so how.has found the tight end Karl Tucker and.its 2724.upstate in North Carolina.[Applause].three-point difference the millions.which team to start this game they get.off the bus and boom it's 70 nothing.everybody wanting to see him go.[Music].as I'm sure they feel like is this.Carolina thing.a word a brand of the state were near.the monkey team in the state.they need to push that let's see what.they got right here open field tackle by.jaelyn Virgil made the catch is a loss.on the flavor at stake.[Music].it's a chance to get those sheets that.get the shoulders.and give you a you just cut their.options in hand.criticism to just shut it down right.beep blowing from thomas their midfield.and adjusting to it and making the catch.his thomas head again.[Applause].greg ross was back there for the.Tarheels what x-29 you are.when Ross is right there with them it's.very hard to defend.watch it stride for stride is just.running with them watch those eyes those.eyes get big but you got to put the.brakes - it was a back shoulders dose a.beautiful throw and catch just the way.they drew it up in the only place he.could throw it otherwise it's going to.get picked off so tough to defend.now you can get back there and disrupt.it now about that going up top and it's.paying off for Zach Thomas and company.here six cuts his ninety yards.in a field inside inside the 5-yard line.McWilliams.back-to-back big pass plays from.Appalachian State and thorns save the.teenie.[Applause].about this Mountaineer punch again it.looks like all the momentum belongs to.the Tar Heels and they just come right.back down the field two quick strikes.and they're knocking on the door.Evans.[Applause].the last two pathways 31 yards.43 yards.Appalachian State second a goal.[Music].this after dork.[Music].for upstate.that's Evans to the goal line.for the touchdown but Mountaineers puts.it in from three yards away.[Applause].and back and forth we go.[Applause].the game he talked about it being the.difference in the first half the two.turnovers 214 points by Appalachian.State off of those two turnovers.[Applause].in the fourth quarter.[Applause].a good job by Evans knowing he's going.into traffic they're covering it we're.taking another look at her up in the.booth there the nose of the ball was.over.be our best look at it look at the.search by the offensive line excellent.job.by the vets up front.[Music].those blocks from trooper Hodges 70.James bear hunter number 51.to his.if.spores.field was touchdown.return the car.was touchdown Evans third rushing.touchdown in his last two games James.six rushing touchdowns.a nap state is an extra point away from.another 10-point lead the same.difference at halftime.this is right after North Carolina had.just scored on the previous possession.[Applause].stage right on through.[Applause].these teams I know they've got two more.but times that they'll get together but.these things need to get together every.year this is less the squad to watch.these two go at it so many fun rivalries.here in North Carolina.throw Wake Forest NC State Duke into the.mix East Carolina.an Appalachian State.one exciting football.well he talked about the NC State game.the end of last year right here this.party changed because there is.definitely a rivalry feel around this.game but this is just the second.all-time meeting between the teams they.played exactly seventy-nine years ago.1940.North Carolina defeated appstate.meeting and it was here in Chapel Hill.back that state was an NAIA school.part of the North State Conference.Carolina was in the southern conference.at the time.which is the conference app state was in.before it moved to the Sunbelt Football.Bowl Subdivision to get all that.not really because I was paying.attention to the kicker's beard he looks.like Yosef he's a mascot as well he.can't be able to be yourself.we're Appalachian State what a drive 75.yards to answer the score by Carl.okay.TV reception this is Michael Carter.you know we should have known chance.on the opening kickoff we should have.known when Michael Carter brought it.back 75 yards here's a power play it's.brought to you by Honda generator it was.power played after power play after.power play they had 98 yards to go to.the other end.and they did just that fifty-seven of.them.we're on the ground and it sets up a.play-action pass.- his tide in Carl Tucker.first TD gravel decision for suckers.second catch of the year.to the Tarheels.[Applause].late into play clocks later the quarter.for San hawa.- Ellis turtles the 40th.[Music].down to the turf but not before a.23-yard game there is a player down for.Appalachian State.Shaun jolly after the Corrales catch.we just inside a two minutes to go in.this quarter they have.could Shaun jolly the sophomore from.Stone Mountain Georgia rally.a light drink which was worried about.this and it certainly appears to be a.cramp in the calf of showing jelly.it's different you come down there.[Applause].smug years hot they felt it yesterday.the worst is concerned on me.he's up and on but how about saying hell.no fancy little cramped Amharic stands.in there strong.good job Larry easy throw easy stroll.better take it away.be that easy for a nice job.[Applause].17 completion to the game.number 18 at the 45-yard line at groves.stepped out of bounds at the 40 the 18.completions now for Hollow SSE.number seven than other four girls.fifty-fifty.[Music].uses deep that air last time they.marched down the theater to go score.get to answer Sam Hallie.through the air as well look pretty good.through the air after the impressive.ground game the last year - what didn't.dad you are through the air for.stop talking to the in-zone the MA.looks like he got tangled up in the.defender.and that was number 12 Steven Choi.for that football.[Applause].you know that's a good note.he's going down it looks like he trips.incidental contact.contact is nothing that comes.time's up here you want to fight I'm not.so sure I just look to me like they got.angry.close play on the next play it's an.interception.cheese Davis Gator.second interception to the king.Christine Howard.third turnover of the game.and just watching those eyes how about.that for the field just talked about it.over the middle of the field how easy it.is he gotta take it away from that.quarterback he sets up shop in that zone.REITs that quarterbacks eyes if you see.and feel that receiver coming across the.middle his see him feeling.watches those eyes of Hannah.goes and picks it in there is that the.bit was at the big turnover that we've.talked about because it certainly looked.like it turned into a back and forth.swing a lot of football to be played.offensively can they March it down again.like they did the last couple times.Ericsson carries for Apple.five.play before you get a chance to miss.Carolina at Miami.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].gamecocks to the hurricane.flip it down no game.stretching these place they can go.defensible here.just watch the upper part.[Applause].before he starts terrific you know.[Music].I just felt like he started going down.before there was any contact.the final seconds are going to tick off.at the third quarter Appalachian State.will go to.in the 3424 Lee.[Applause].[Music].headed to the fourth quarter.[Music].they were bottom-of-the-barrel last year.when it came to fourth quarter points -.72 how's that for a flip they got a stop.him here though.[Music].besides.my eyes.[Applause].for the pressure.[Music].former quarterback he knew exactly what.to do he is looking to take someone's.hat off and their socks down.[Applause].that's tamari Fox.so they'll take a look at Temari Fox the.freshman with the Tempe it sport down.for appstate early in the.that last defensive play for North.Carolina Lindsey has worn.that's right Tom it wasn't.was taking snaps.but he made that transition to line.to completely change the way he.approached a book all he had to gain a.bunch of weight said he also had to run.a lot more he explained to me that his.body was more important as a linebacker.Chadds I believe is transitioning five.or six meals a day a lot of steak.chicken pasta every day so he's not a.big eater but he had to force himself to.eat even if he wasn't full I also spoke.with Sam Holland he said he has so much.respect for Chad because he feels that.something that he could never do.Lindsay how about the laughs that we got.out of Sam Howell yesterday when we.asked him if he could make the change.for quarterback - that's exactly what he.said he said there is no way he had big.eyes and then you could tell that he has.a lot of respect for Chaz.[Applause].semaj is back to punt number 39 for.Appalachian State Daz Newsome is deep.would stand by the defense of the heels.after the turnover jazz walks on the.turn running.stiff-arming around the corner.we'll give him the 26-yard line the putt.was 51.excellent job.make sure that st. Anton.Williams it might it might be the Sante.sidewalk you're gonna see it right here.he seemed just in a run.pump cover guy runnin out of there.instead of take the big hit like we used.to see it's a point of emphasis in.college football here this year is that.blindside blocked in a lot of times it.happens right there it's good coaching.and it's a good job to pull up and not.draw a 15-yard penalty and hurt your.team and you're starting right there at.the 25 26 instead of deep down by the.tank.on first down next roofing hey Co get.that train rolling.lady in a good job a good lead by fair.that time and you see those big bodies.those offensive linemen get up and pull.we're pulling for a reason you got to.get to intercept that edge who does just.that to shut down an offensive on paved.roads.[Applause].second advantage.here's the same look.play-action tanks.we had an open receiver you had guys.reacting to that one windmill time.trying to pin their ears back the dough.maker stopped for no gain again but it's.a drop ball gotta hang on to those three.of eleven that's not gonna win your.football games galaxy's hold on third.there they've gotta find a way to stay.out there right now.but the Newton.situation is about where are the sticks.were they trying to get where they run.those rocks.throws across his body at the 14th.couple corral.at the 39-yard line after a 13-yard.pickup first down.go Carabas.[Applause].getting creative is forced to roll and.buy some time and Corral is doing an.excellent job of moving for his.quarterback two guys on the same page.setting up shop in the middle of the.field first down North Carolina five.catches for 79 yards for Perales and now.he's got another catch.number six or more yards both Corrales.jr. from Georgetown Texas six boards.this is right here and connect things.freshman quarterback in his wheelhouse.pitch gonna likes it when it's all on.the road as so far this season he's.fourth-quarter drives long drives he's.chipping away here.[Applause].svante Williams.just to evil Williams.[Applause].[Music].after the big conversion in third am.intent has been a little bit easier we.felt long ago with his plate calls he's.got the advantage on third down and four.there are a lot of things you can do get.those defensive coordinators Ted booth.in this case guessing.water is the back.[Applause].wives are out there's three of them.false start offense under 73 5 yard.penalty.therefore is Jordan Qatar.Roswell Georgia.for sure.third down and four now you're looking.at third down and nine now it's.advantaged Ted roof.[Applause].just.thus math infractions against great.force and you can't fail them they've.got guys walked up here showing blitz.carrying company in the middle there.they come.[Applause].run for it near midfield that he's got.[Applause].major collision at midfield put enough.for a first down for Sam Howell.nobody trying to slide up in here all.the way as far as he can go to get that.first down and then some a great job by.how the Blitz you got to keep the.pressure up the middle it came from the.edges he saw the hole there like we saw.a couple times in that late Drive in the.first half does an excellent job of.seeing this guy's covered on the.beautiful North Carolina campus the saw.Trey Cobb was down over 45 for appstate.he was taken to the sidelines.[Applause].DeMarco Jackson is poet in his place.number 52 Sam.Powell at quarterback for North Carolina.and.by 10:00.inside of 12 minutes to go in the fourth.quarter colleges ran for the.and this one officer Michael Carter.there is no game.James we talked about this game prior to.it we thought it would be tough rugged.dispirited emotional we've seen all.those all of the above and you know as.we went to break there the the Tar Heel.band struck up don't stop believin in.this one thing for sure Matt Brown he's.got some believers out there on the.field and they've never panicked this.year being down in the fourth quarter.every game they've trailed in the fourth.quarter so this isn't panic time by any.stretch but down ten points here with.eleven minutes to go they've gotta keep.marching field and hold on to that Rock.fourth-quarter comeback.for Carolina this season against Miami.in South Carolina.one before he was upended by Jordan fair.[Applause].davus Gaither in there as well and.back-to-back plays.[Applause].Gillespie push me around.- JA something up your third down.[Music].five to 13.all in the heels they're so far in this.game.last time on certain wall in his house.to get that first down.what will this time.is deflected it out of bounds.[Applause].Nicholas walk.of the job that loss does.to get there in just the last second get.up there and get that pong it's almost.locked.what like watching a great outfielder.because he's got to use those arms and.then just stretch out otherwise that.balls are right on the money the great.job that we cover there by Ross and to.knock it down and force a punt there.from midfield.good blocking by that all sense of wine.plenty of time for how I leave it a.little bit air and here's a timeout.[Applause].Appalachian State has taken its first.time out of the second half.they've got the lead 34 to 24.the bomb squad here in Chapel Hill or.the kickers punters and snappers it's.we're a unique group we know our role.here we we loft we bring the energy.every day we just love the team and love.playing the game of football since I've.been here the bomb squad has just been a.loft group we everyday we show up in the.weight room in the field is we bring a.different energy.we just love pumping on the teammate or.pumping up our teammates throughout.practice and on game day all right say.goodbye on one just set hut good luck.thanks for talking all right thanks for.talking you Trevor Collins all right so.but it's it's unique kid it's a long.snapper out there right now but it's.true good beautiful long stampers Ritter.does the points clever Collins.[Applause].continues and it's fun to get to know.those guys and after the ferret catch by.Hannegan next week we're going to.Pittsburgh to Delaware.[Applause].nice job by Karen who's got a big strong.leg and you see them a few times it just.go ahead and just boot it.let it go into the end zone here you pin.them in a long ways to go.Appalachian State for the football.North Carolina was bothered to Courtney.not answered.James owes 14 points off of Carolina.turn.as well absolute look at the big plays.explosive plays throughout the year.plays over 20.there's a nice remote first play of this.drop.evidence let me know.Carolina saddles first down to colors.the more suppose ye I drink was is.speaks so highly of this guy you see him.jump cut and they as soon as he gets.that ball sees it bested outside and.nobody you catch him until the damage is.done.there's a fresh set of downs.[Applause].ten minutes to go in the fourth quarter.[Applause].let's put the head down right into the.yes three Russian.career high also had.34 yards of total against the Niners.who's going to make the big play here.defensively miles beautiful South.Carolina.smooth big fourth-quarter interceptions.they need that rock better.who's gonna make the big play here.against appstate.get back in the hands of the offense.there he is over on the sidelines right.now Wolf Man can.decent playmakers.[Applause].they were evidence.no game.for each team in this.[Music].27:17 of.[Applause].J basis defects.to have state which is five of eleven.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].to get somebody out personnel-wise and.he didn't get off the field.now finally lined up off the middle.first out of more that's the 40.[Applause].[Music].I've stayed.we chances on search down but enough.this time I take ten yards.it's just it's just it's a person it.you've got too many guys out there to.begin with.and then you have guys in the wrong.position not set taking advantage of it.that big offensive line this is a too.easy form and Darrington evans it's.another first down for appalachian state.71 yards and those three scores of five.to.we yard but garrison Evans.Marcus Williams jr. gets the call.[Applause].[Applause].I've been asked to play a lot of snaps.in these games or.those bigness.[Applause].[Music].now seven and a half minutes to go and.regulate.[Music].state 7:32 and a one against the ACC in.all seven wins oh come against Wake.Forest.[Applause].was the last ACC opponent.[Applause].back to 2007 treat awake.the James I think you brought up an.interesting point.beginning of our game.right and I mean they played.three of them they've taken to the wire.[Music].that step and go beat and.that's not to take anything away from.what they've done 2014.into the FPS than four straight poles or.if they could pull it off here today if.he couldn't get to this problem there's.a huge place speaking of fake-nice play.in the backfield to drop it.excellent job by Dominic Ross to get him.down to the ground he's made a few big.plays here in this one here today.those untouched runs white guy off.in over six minutes here.there's a machines.groves is the deep man.sbatch the punt.to your point James the last powerful.opponent was.for appstate September first they lost.at Penn State but in overtime 45 to 38.[Applause].this year after Scott Santa Fe inaudible.the delay of game against downstate.more strategic than anything else.Janissaries.training for the state but I think.Michigan is appstate fans know.probably update desk 23.[Music].bouncing from hibachi.but the 58 yards put it in the end zone.force of us.they pinned him last time they little.bit too strong.here this time now.artistic complete just.then the field is going after one after.the same time.you got three timeouts.have to go just to the air.can mix it up a little bit.get it working.at the same time you've got to be very.Dethklok.[Applause].24 San Paolo.looking to throw open man 32 yard line.and getting away Azusa.first down for the Tar Heels.at midfield rains they're doing a good.job of just shutting it down.[Applause].that initial layer in Sam hell.get returned.Lewton.[Applause].[Music].and he cuts his whittling field.loose of consecutive duchess of.he's got 15 yards.of the cave for so many of those.medium-range balls have really been.uncontested this one that's not the case.fairs right there and throws it just.threads the needle does an excellent job.a great throw and catch.and news from doing a great job after he.catches he's banged up a little bit as.they tend to him on the sideline.straight completion at the 45-yard line.it's Tucker absorbing contact.and he got seven.a late flag on the play off to the catch.by Carl Tucker boy works or so he thinks.[Applause].the entire bench with the exception of.like am I bet everybody cheered.he said format.[Music].back for some years and here's a look at.that I see well that's what he was.looking at.Devante unions.it goes against that state.Williams a blocker or.the caucus stuff they got eight yards of.the play.[Music].watch vontavious grows number four.watching his fights fights fights does.all he can to keep their out of the.pitcher just long enough for Williams to.get past an excellent job but Biko grows.[Applause].no is it down near the 10v on the ground.and he steps out to ten.[Music].the offensive coordinator was talking.about it yesterday just pools can be.saying that this kid is a true freshman.and it just went too high.and things are going well is not too.high up they'll face again dad it.doesn't get dance consistently just.marching them down I'm gonna go back to.the ground.there is not a four minutes to go in.regulation.[Applause].drive started at the owns wanted Lexi a.little bit more of a sense of urgency.now this is gross.coming up short of the. continued the wound is Kate.Smith man to tackle down there the two.yard line.[Applause].3:28.but you gotta get over the guy it's when.you got.but it's where you get into a situation.you need to.a lot of time it's ticking off this guy.third goal Jane.[Applause].I'll grab that Stephanie runs it in for.the touchdown the snap was not perfect.what.[Music].get it now you know what plays busted.let me make something happen.that could have been disastrous good job.by the freshmen.cool income hey you don't paint it balls.over my head we barely got it no pain it.touched in it.now the first rushing touchdown of the.season - sham Howell Ruggles makes it a.three-point game.for the score.[Music].a good job by the guys up front for.bears in the way whatever the play was.supposed to be somehow they drew it up.but they'll take it North Carolina has.just scored on a short yardage run from.Sam Powell his first rushing TD of the.season it's a three-point game that hit.Shara Toyota let's go places.now Sam how.when he's supposed to do here tom.jump around going and there's some juice.in the building right now but.three points but that was an impressive.Drive and then capped off with the snap.a little bit off how it goes up and gets.it punches it in.they've cut the lead to.let's go places.three minutes one second ago of a fourth.now responsible for touchdown three.the air the throw game.382 yards and three TDs.for the freshmen Sam Howell.that's a fair catch made by Evans beyond.the 20-yard line safe play with 259 to.go James this is what North Carolina is.in the business of to.fifteen games and here we go again.[Applause].absolutely but the one thing that drink.which pumps has done is answered.whenever you say go gosh all the.momentum belongs to the home team they.answer can they answer now sizes 8 the.Mountaineer offense.in the first half since then.defense has turned it around can they do.it one more time here three timeouts.from.2:59 left to play.[Applause].Beringer.solid first down gain of five.perhaps innately two minutes.sniffing up a little bit more than he's.the biggest surprise Eli drink which as.they call it time out here make sure.they stop that clock with 254.[Music].Harrington he stays them the big.surprise this season doors ACL a couple.Springs ago now the softball back.before second down and say quit work.advance.[Music].since 6 seconds so reminding you to.check your battery that's easy.[Applause].Oh.think about what the lines 40 years.years since they last played only played.one time dancing about 79 years to the.day.at 1940 the last beta.the incredible symmetry of this game.[Music].[Applause].his first head coach.Appalachian State.since that time.first year of the second one.two trips to the title game.college football as the head coach of.Texas.Eli frequents at his worst.sit up straight and again.[Music].for just a second time.those timeouts.[Music].does by keeping it on the ground.[Applause].they need five making some noise here in.Jena.[Applause].who needs a 35-yard line to keep it.alive.Thomas has ruined.[Applause].the right side.up at the 42-yard line.couldn't catch from 12 yards.Zach Thomas on the skipper great play.call they sell out trying to show them.down inside how about the job.[Music].Pearson on the outside he seals that.edge.in Zach Thomas presence of mind.to keep that.keep it going by sliding before he goes.out of bounds what a huge play offensive.coordinator and head coach in LA drink.wits dialing it up right there.big-time play.stay does not defeat.a CC occurrence since 2000 when they.wanted wait for us 22:16.Barrington.North Carolina to 11 ago they say.[Applause].told us James.he was out for a few years.for to television.competitive spirit never.[Applause].this was the only destination.[Applause].the bulb at half state has.a little bit of time if they can stop it.[Music].ethics is the back to the left to Thomas.[Music].right at midfield that's going to bring.up food and me after 70 yards we.guarantee.Flores another tackle.there you go remember.[Music].with us believe the Zack Thomas as it.goes over to the sidelines to get.ey drink which.as far as they possibly can go can they.go to yards if they can go to yards.that'll do it.who wants it more right here Tom.[Applause].it looks like your Carolina wants it.just a little bit.on the place for evidence.four down for the Mountaineers.excellent job look look at the hats the.blue hats.take the nice job there in the middle.Aaron Crawford who again has been asked.to place so many plays right there in.the middle you see him in these games.late against Miami just looks like he's.gasp playing 60 semi plays he's getting.it done here on.shifting as far as they can before.calling the timeout.[Applause].about 40 seconds remaining in the game.North Carolina do.in short.[Applause].[Applause].in about.[Music].stepping it off right.once again North Carolina coming down to.the last possession of the game.- Carter steps out of bounds with what.they thought was one second.play was not granted tonight.[Music].they lost that game against Wake 2418 in.a non-conference game against Wake.with the exception of that opening.kickoff there will not be a ten-second.run off the clock will start on the snap.[Applause].that of course mag brings option of.course they don't want it with the.exception of that opening kickoff miss.Mountaineer special teams unit has done.a good job on cover.on kik cover they got to do it one more.time now.[Applause].walk was on.it's gonna hit it before and possibly in.zone.exactly 30 seconds to go.as savate said that one to the end zone.down by three.no timeouts left so box helps him out a.little bit by getting it into the feet.nice long boot but a little bit too long.back out to the 20-yard.the block was on for North Carolina so a.good job of picking it up and protecting.that.Appalachian State 30 seconds left to go.[Applause].with Carolina.their last possession on a Howell run.trying to get in field goal range at the.very least is that one.is wider the incentive target as elusive.was when you see her the vicinity second.of ten.years only brought three there.[Applause].and those numbers you saw for Sam Howell.season highs for the freshmen for Indian.Trail North Carolina.Highschool more drama for the Tar Heel.yes sir fourth straight game the failing.3:3 again you can't have the quarterback.rushed here it comes again given time.Stefan even complete beyond the 35 yard.line des Musa gotta go the middle of the.field you gotta go here the clock will.stop to reset but then it's going to get.going nice job nice job North Carolina.over the ball killer excellent job.17 yards on the previous play to Newsome.they stop the clock with 19 seconds left.and the fourth level deranged they just.keep coming.incredible her the drama so far near a.don't you I guess they don't call him.heroics until it's it's actually capped.off and you got a long way to go in.nineteen seconds of still it happened to.gets Miami at South Carolina.came up just a little bit short but gets.way.power brushes gets away it grows into.the North Carolina bet she went out of.13 seconds to go Morales was closest.this offensive line when you got three.guys coming and you've got five to block.them.figure out how to keep him off the lap.of your quarterback give them some time.give them a chance.be careful Appalachian State.don't give them the freebie with a big.penalty.[Applause].we go.he can come on trying to get out of.bounds inside the 40 with dad loosen and.it's touched the clock with five seconds.to go excellent job by noose and get out.of barrels right away no hesitation stop.the clock.but it's going to be tough.[Applause].you've got a chance for one play and.either go to the end zone even after.shot as long a long field goal.are gonna try to feel going.[Applause].Ruggles comes out he hit his career long.last Friday of.this is going to be from the 56.[Applause].before he can attempt it Appalachian.State has call the timeout.James for the second straight week.our broadcasts are going right down.plays last week we saw the Citadel.an overtime field goal to beat Georgia.Tech.today it's Appalachian.seconds of the contest.and I think they might.got an 8 there.Mountaineer sidelines that the play.clock was ticking down.drink with.[Applause].6 of 8 on the season again that long a.49 against weight to their most recent.game from 56 yards away it's.sophomore.to tie this game pullet our heroes.[Applause].it gets deflected and black.the photo plan again.Mustaine has defeated North Carolina.[Applause].[Music].

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