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How to put to use The Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit Return Form 84 0001b Form Used To Report Real Estate Transfers Of Controlling Interest In Real ?

all right let's turn to chapter 5 and.your notes slides factor 5 deals with.transferring tires changing ownership.that's all transfers title means it's a.fancy way of saying a change in.ownership he probably changed ownership.that's called a transfer of title in the.property so what's gonna be the most.common way we transfer title we sell the.property that suppose common.transfer title we're going to talk about.this were called alienation alienation.and transfer type are really the same.thing.alienation just means separation you're.separating yourself from ownership of.the property.now you can alienate yourself from the.property voluntarily or involuntarily.and we want to talk about both the.voluntary type of alienation is called a.deed a deed ever heard that word before.the sign of e a deed is the document.that is used to transfer ownership to.move ownership from one party to another.party we call that a II it's not a.receipt it's not proof of ownership.it is the document that actually.transfers ownership from the old owner.there's what you need to understand.about it be the moment is signed by the.Grand Tour let's go back to those who.are in de suffix as we talked about with.the grantor University giving the title.or receiving title which one were they.giving so in the traditional buyer and.seller situation who is the Grand Tour.the buyer or the seller the seller would.be the Grand Tour and the fire would be.the grantee right the seller is giving.title the buyer is receiving title the.moment the grandeur signs that deep.ownership is transferred that's the way.ownership works in real property you own.it until the moment that you say you.don't own it any longer does that make.sense they're learning and the moment.that you say you don't own it any longer.is the moment you sign that B now.there's an important distinction that's.when ownership actually transfers nobody.on earth cares about that moment even.though that's the moment ownership.actually transfers because we need proof.there that ownership transfer took place.we need to tell the public that that.ownership transfer took place the state.of North Carolina doesn't recognize the.moment that you sign maybe as the moment.ownership is transferred even though it.was technical transfer the moment you.sign it what moment do you think mr..North Carolina's gonna recognize that's.the change in ownership when I need this.recording when it becomes public.knowledge and where would you record it.at the county courthouse in the county.where the property is located if the.property is located in a Wake County you.have to report it at the Wake County.Courthouse does that make sense.everybody.so the ownership is technically.transferred I'm selling my property to.Jim for example when I sign the deed is.the grandeur and I handed to her does.she own the property she does yes she.owns the wrong way.the problem is no one knows you.probably how does she tell the world she.owns that property master she records.that and here's the problem for Jen the.world is not going to believe her.until she does that who is the world.going to believe is the owner of that.property until she records her big grand.tour the seller.that's soldier I got bribery but their.little house person who can do that four.outs and a what we call a claim against.the property but you hear me later in.this chapter taking someone makes a.claim against the front of me what their.lies are doing is showing over the.courthouse and saying one this is mine I.owned this this belongs to me and the.way I make that claim is our Gordon 19 I.say I don't own it and here's my proof.that I own it because here's the last.person who owned it and they are doing.wise transferring it or signing it over.to me does that make sense they're like.that is how the transfer of ownership.work so again the owner is the Grand.Tour the buyer the person getting title.is called a grantee notice it says that.you're the only the grantor has society.there's only the grantor is actually.doing anything there's nothing for the.grantee the scientist they're not doing.anything they're giving something how.they're doing all their hand out it's.the granddaughter who's doing all a.little heavy lift and all the work of.transferring items that make sense to.you guys.so let me playing at this point right.here whose job would you say he is to.bring this deed to the closing.we're going to be a grand tours over two.grand each out the Grand Tour shop.they're the one doing the work doing the.work they were the ones whose job it is.to transfer ownership there here's a.thing.here's what you didn't think of a.question like that if I'm tipping the.bellman at a hotel am I putting my own.bag in the car or is he doing it for me.so in other words the person doing the.pain does none of the work right and the.person getting paid does all the work.who's paying on a buyer seller situation.the buyer paying is the buyer right so.who has to own work the seller which is.the seller job to bring the deed to.closing the bodies that doesn't show up.of what money that's it.everything else comes to them because.they're paying for does that make sense.see how I point that out because later.on when we get to closing statements you.so I have to try to memorize who gets.charged for what when you see a deep.preparation fees it's gonna pay for that.the seller would celery's their job ring.the deed to close that makes sense to.everybody.that's exactly right my next question is.instead of responsibility the sellers.responsibility to bring to me the.clothing but not the seller this box.goes into recording that's absolutely.right the seller doesn't give a rivet.that ever gets recorded in fact if I.sell my property you you never buy the.report you did I be perfectly happy for.you not to record it because as far as.the law is concerned who still owns the.property Monte I do let's talk about.that for a second if I still own the.property what do I have the right is.sell it yeah.because I'm still the owner of record.it's still as far as the world is.concerned I own that property so let me.give you a hypothetical situation let's.say that Mandy is buy a house from Jenny.and then they'll agree and Mandy's gonna.pay a $250,000 for his house Mandy shows.over $250,000 in cash big suitcase full.of money and Jenny shows up with the.deed says job as a seller at Renegades.everybody does that make sense for.everybody who's gonna be the grand jewel.on the BJ the seller and Mandy the buyer.Jay the silos in the grantee on the be.Mandy everybody good with that so far.so Jenny signs this deep transferring.ownership to Mindy given Mandy's.property yes.except who doesn't know that everybody.the only person that does know it is.Mandy that's it Amy's the only version.of those she's like to sell the world.she does that by recording well she.leaves that meeting and she knows she.needs to record but she's hungry so she.goes get lunch first I began to.celebrate bought a house what she.doesn't realize is that Tommy has agreed.to meet with Jay 30 minutes later Tommy.is all circley to page a $250,000 for.the property jenny has another gig who's.gonna be listened to as the grand jewel.on that dude Jada seller or Tommy the.buyer Jada seller and Tommy the buyer is.going to be big R and T on that deed.does that make sense to everybody.Jay sounds another day Tommy gives Jay.cashier's check $250,000.it's Tommy the owner of the property yes.but who knows it all the way Tommy Tommy.goes straight to the courthouse when.Tommy walked into the courthouse and he.presents the deed to accord the core of.Martina Martinez them do one thing she's.gonna pull up the ownership record of.that property and realistically what.she's going to look at is the last deed.that was recorded on that property so.that's the last time somebody made a.public claim of ownership that makes.sense he does and on that last deed.she's gonna look and see who the grantee.was because that's the current owner of.record correct on that last record EP.and she needs to make sure that the.grantee on that last recorded deed is.the same person as the one on this TV.xfinity with evidence like the Grand.Tour on this team he was the grantee.when he got on the ship of the property.now he needs to be the Grand Tour does.that make sense for her life so she goes.in the record she's seen the last.recorded she sees that Jay is the.grantee on the last bead recorded she.sees that this beat has Jay as the Grand.Tour it's been signed it's been go.around what's she gonna do with that be.recorded now who knows that Tommy is the.owner of that property the world you.with me.an hour later bandy come wandering in.the courthouse now Manny also has a deed.in her hand there she died and she hands.the deeds in the clerk or she gives it.to Martina she's smiling.Martina does the same thing she pulls up.that property record what is she looking.at the last be recorded to see if the.grantee on 19 matches the one grant or.on this D do they mask no because the.grandeur on this CID is Jay who is the.grantee on the last either 40 Tommy.Martino is gonna hand that right that.the man me and say I don't know whether.you like this but this person that does.not because not only this property so.therefore they cannot sell it to you yes.ma'am Gary.because you think Jody's question is how.can there be more than one copy of an.efficient because you're thinking of the.Dean on the title to a car that's saying.a car but deed is not some piece of.paper that came down onto the mountain.6,000 years ago and exists with this.piece of property they just asked.person-to-person.every time that title gets transferred.we write a new one there do a deed is.just a transfer of ownership so every.government you bought your property you.get a do.it's like know for sure you're gonna be.when you get a feeling you're gonna be.every time that barbies transferred he.said this we don't pull the old be back.up we just draw up a new one and make.sure the name who was the grand-am the.last one is they grantor on this one.does that make sense so the answer your.question are there be more than one day.they can write as me beads as he won't.get AJ's problem whose problem is it.Mandy's problem J's I'm a.non-extradition country already already.used finding him he's on a beach.somewhere in Nicaragua you know he has.not gone back any time soon so they're.real coming just a second ago so the.real question is what could Mimi have.doing to protect herself.what should maybe have done to protect.herself.report be before you do what before you.give them the money.simple as that no sir.I'm not giving you any money until we do.what with this thing.I totally record this day so this is the.reason that traditionally 200 years ago.what do you think closings actually.happen at the courthouse you literally.had to buy in a cellar meet in front of.the clerk of court and the buyer games.have solar the money the solar does the.buyer the Dean and they instantly.recorded it all in one spot.does that make sense to everybody now.fast forward today we don't do closures.that way because you line out the.courthouse would be 46 mile long where.do we go now to have a closing closing.Attorney's Office we still take the same.precaution does the buyer give the.seller of money when they're purchasing.a property who do they give it to.closing that's honey.there's a closing attorney immediately.give the money to the seller at close no.what do they do first they go and they.record the deed at the courthouse is.that makes sense very loving and only.then do they what release the money to.the seller so what man could have it.should have time to protect herself his.employment services are rude boys an.attorney who would have held her money.in trust until that B was recorded does.that make sense better body because.they're going to have valid beef and.that's what you need to understand about.a team if it's signed by the grantor it.is a valid transfer of ownership that.makes sense everybody with me on that.so these open to the buyer you're gonna.hear this phrase a lot less the live.version is caveat emptor the most direct.image has.let the buyer beware real estate is very.much a lets a buyer beware transaction.in other words is up to the buyer to.always protect themselves don't trust.the seller and somebody else hold the.money make sure that you protect the.journal measures.more than poorhouse why was jail paid to.give it to someone else.how did he not know she was in the most.right there well he's a paisa frog he.doesn't care he doesn't care whether.it's Mandy or Tommy that he's driven off.he just knows he owns one proper means.someone the pursuit people and then.these flying out of town I didn't say.with legal please do not say that not.legal or take an unless who protects.themselves go by there you go and that's.why it's so imperative that the bottom.does protect themselves in these.transactions yes ma'am you are not.required to have a closing attorney in.North Carolina you probably remember the.transaction where someone does not have.one for these very reasons but.technically speaking you can still do it.the old-fashioned way and we hit the.courthouse so you can just trust them.give them the money and they hand you a.deed but I don't ever trust it until.that things or quarters and that's.another reason so one of the that.teaches you a very tough life lesson.about being a real estate broker.generally speaking you're not going to.walk out of a Chinese offers with a.check even because none of that money is.going to get released until what happens.until that deed is recorded so go ahead.discover that potion for four o'clock on.a Friday afternoon if you want to you.not seen any money to win one day I.really think that schedule of yours.right there that make sense to everybody.yes.my.they wanted the money transferred in.Stanford Gill whose account closing.attorneys account yeah right well first.of all I never allowed my clients to use.the builders attorney ever I've been in.this business a long time I made a.mistake twice earlier in my career and.never again as soon as they say you have.to use our training I look at them and.say watch me not challenge accepted.because I am looking out for the buyers.best interest and there is no way in.Hades you can convince me that the.attorney who represents the seller is.going to hold the buyers best interest.at heart right so essentially when a.situation like that you're trusting that.the attorney will hold the money in.escrow and they will they're not going.to steal the money I doubt you know what.I would be worried about the other.things that they might not tell the.buyer like things they need to be.cautious about about when buying new.constructions like the potential for.mechanic's liens and those kinds of.things cuz again they're not there to.represent the buyers best interests.whereas the traditional closing attorney.hired by the buyer would represent whose.best interests the buyers best danger.time and so ultimately and listen.sometimes it does make things more.expensive for my buyer because a long.time the only leverage they have about.you using that both of attorneys will.tell you this one well will only pay for.the attorney if you use irons he don't.want you to think about this American.from that perspective they're willing to.spend seven or eight hundred dollars of.their own money to have you use their.attorney rather than your own what does.that tell you about the need for you to.have an attorney you mean one if they're.willing to spend their money as the.seller to have one for you so that you.don't have to pay for it they're.probably ripping you off in some regard.there's a huge benefit.they have found that over time it works.better for them if they use their home.attorney gosh it always those things.work better use your own attorney right.which is why it's always a buyers best.interest to ultimately hire their own.attorney now you'll have to make that.call but always stress my buyers not.important I think it is that they use.their own attorney even if everyone how.did that sound mean because there were.several instances or two instances in.particular where the closing attorney.was unwilling to provide any leverage.when I did not believe that the Builder.had lived up to the times of the.contacts.generally speaking you know the.attorneys the real signal as a.non-attorney I can only argue so much.about what years before he is not in a.contact because I'm very quickly venture.over into the area where the legal.expertise does that make sense fair life.and so once I pretty much say well this.is what the contract said I'm tapped out.I can't say well this is what's going to.happen if you don't follow through and.this is what's gonna happen if you don't.follow through if we've hired a closing.attorney that represents the buyer and.the seller I feel is not following.through with their obligations on the.contract I pick up the phone and I call.the closing attorney and I say I need.you to send a demand letter to them and.generally speaking when you get a letter.from an attorney on their letterhead.that says you have two days to comply or.we're going to see you what do you get a.response you get action if you're using.the sellers attorney even you're gonna.threaten to sue their own crying they're.gonna look at you go well that's not.what they're doing they will literally.admit like your face the doors not doing.what they promised to do I mean.well that because it represented the.seller that's the intent disadvantage to.that guy does that make sense for.running see for me I well and that's in.most transactions you don't see a solo.with much representation for that very.reason generally speaking there's not a.lot of risk on the seller side.okay so voluntary alienation we need to.talk about a law called the statute all.the fraud you need to star this in your.notes you need to circle this might be.the most important slide we've talked.about so far in the class because you.will memorize it but you still don't get.this you have to think you visit you.remember we talk about level 1 level 2.level 3 things this is a level 3 thing.and it's going to show a long test in a.lot of different formats the idea of the.statute of frauds is based on the fact.that courts of law exist to do one thing.and we're not talking about criminal.court we're talking about civil court.there by the different firm important.when you think could be accused of a.crime you try you may be convicted or.you may be found not guilty civil court.is when you are being sued by another.member of the public does that make.sense when two members of the court have.a disagreement with each other civil.court and civil court only purpose is to.settle disagreements if you've ever.watched judge gee that's civil court two.people having a disagreement with each.other and they rely on the court to.settle a disagreement if you are going.to be the referee which is what civil.courts are you need some rules of the.road this is one of the rules of the.road for civil court it simply says that.there are certain documents certain.disagreements.certain matters that if you want the.court to even be able to consider this.case the document must be in writing it.does not say that everything you want.court to consider what's being right if.it it will do nothing to testify in.court does that make sense very money do.we have testimony in court in an in.civil court in that testimony Judge Judy.what's up to be done now you could be.watching my lady on television read.right so of course we have oral.testimony about things for the statute.of frauds draws a line and says these.things are on this list it's just a list.of things must be in writing skill and.this is the part you will leave out and.it's the most important part don't just.tell me discuss your process things have.to be in writing but that's wrong the.statute of frauds does not say things.have to be in writing.it says certain things must be in.writing if you want a court of law to.consider them to enforce them to rule on.them then they must be in writing so I'm.going to make a statement like you know.what you pay attention to their stadium.I'm going to show you what I'm talking.about.the statute of frauds says.that a real estate sales contract is.covered under the statute of problems in.other words the real estate sales.contract must be in writing in order to.enforce one affordable everybody with.real estate sales contract is covered.under the statute of frauds question.though the real estate sales contact.have to be in writing I heard some yeses.the answer is no because the statute of.frauds doesn't say it has to be in.writing it says it has to be in writing.if you want what if you want it to be.enforceable in a court of law that is a.different question than doesn't have to.be in money because it is true if we.have a situation where Shanon wants to.sell her house and Rennell wants to buy.it can they have an oral agreement for.that absolutely they can as long as.Shannon shows up we're funding as long.as Minnillo shows up with the B but we.don't have opposing yes what would be.the problem if one of them Disney was it.follow through somebody doesn't show up.somebody to bring the right amount money.what do they want to do they want to sue.and they know because the statute of.frauds says if you want court of law to.intervene to deal with that issue it has.to be what n right so they can do it.with a horrible thing that they wanted.or their income is the right to go to.court if there's a disagreement does.that make sense to everybody so when we.say something is covered under the.statute of frauds what we're altima.saying is only putting on writing if you.want it to be enforceable if you don't.care about it being enforceable sure.have a handshake deal here's what you.also need to understand there are.contracts and agreements which are not.covered under the statute of frauds at.all what do you think that means about.enforceability what do you think they.are enforcement now only are they.enforceable enforceable even when.they're like verbal if it's not covered.under the statute of frauds that means.it's enforceable even when it's verbal.so if the is covered on the statute of.frauds and you want to sue somebody over.it well you better have when you walk in.that courtroom.you better have paper if you want to see.something over something not covered by.the statute of frauds what are you doing.when you walk into court tell them about.it you testify that's the difference.between the two so I'll give you an.example of a real estate contact that is.not covered under the statute of frauds.ellie's polices are not covered under.the statute of frauds there's a lease.enforceable in North Carolina does it.actually in writing to be enforceable no.why not it's not govern under statute of.frauds what that means is that if you.have a landlord suing a tenant is a.landlord's required to produce a written.lease in order for that page to be.hurting or still on a fourth no they are.not because that agreement is not.covered by the statute of frauds did I.say it was good idea not having in.writing no would it be better to have it.in writing yes but you need to.understand the very clear distinction.that something is covered by the statute.of fraud this is how this is how serious.is it if we've got a deal where Xena's.selling her house to leave and they.videotape the conversation where Lee.agrees to sell a house is in here for.two hundred thousand dollars they shake.hands.hold on yards on the videotape and then.levites out won't sell the property and.zinnia Sue's her what does the judge.gonna say in that case.case this is very much I won't tell you.that you know didn't say it doesn't.matter because I'm not even allowed to.consider that what am I allowed to.consider because it's covered by the.statute of frauds whatever's in writing.that could also tell you something about.making a verbal change to a written.agreement right there is a judge going.to care what you say you talked about if.it's something that's covered on your.statute of frauds.absolutely not because what's gonna.matter is what is where and the written.agreement you start mentioned the death.of this thing here now okay so I'm not.saying that real estate sales not jobs.have to be in writing I'm saying that to.me in writing if you want them to be.what enforces Lord something's not.enforced will we call it unenforceable.so give me the word for a real estate.sales contract in North Carolina that is.not in writing it is one in forcible.unenforceable can it still be closed yes.but it can't be enforced you can't sue.because that the statute of frauds says.that document must be in writing in.order to be held up in court.everybody get back because you've got to.get that going you have to build an.understanding statute of frauds okay all.right so the statute for all its.coverage deeds what does that thing.about these.they have to be in writing in order to.be what and forcible don't you dare just.stop that they have to be in writing.that is the cardinal sin because you.think in the back of your mind once.Martin like they had to be enforced no.you're not you're going to remember it.exactly the way you spout it off to me.so when I say where's the statute or.prone say about these if you say they.have to be in writing that's what that's.the test plan Trench wrong doesn't it.have to be in writing no not unless you.want to be what enforceable do you think.most buyers would want their need to be.enforceable so what should they insist.on the TV would and writing are you.listening because it's not going to be.enforceable if it's not does that make.sense they're right so far so good.okay now we need to talk about the other.law down at the bottom it says he must.be delivered and acceptance accepted in.North Carolina.acceptance is defined as recordation so.you have accepted the D when you've done.walk with it when you have recorded it.this is where I want to talk about the.contract the contract is similar to the.statute of problems but it's more strict.we're gonna say the statute of frauds.said about certain documents they have.to be in writing in order to be what and.forcible and for all they have to be in.writing in order to be enforceable in a.court of law.all of that is the same for the Connor I.accept change in writing to recorded.documents that are covered under the.Connor I must be what recorded in order.to be enforceable in a court of law well.I told you these were covered under the.statute of frauds.that's what other law they're also.covered under their contract a deed is.not enforceable in court and North.Carolina unless it is both written and.recorded does that make sense for.learning now you're going to have lots.of examples of things that are further.under their contract lots of things they.varied examples of things that are.covered under the statute of frauds the.first thing that should be obvious it.probably doesn't get that you think.about it for a second will be everything.that's covered under Connor is covered.under the statute of problems so just be.due to record it it has to be like and.right and there's no way to record it.unless it is first and right does that.make sense so we say something's covered.under the Connor eyes means it's.automatically covered under statute of.frauds because it worked the other way.around if I said it's covered under the.statute of frauds but it means.automatically in your contract it does.not because there are certain documents.won't say this again a real estate sales.contract.I'm sure about that a lot of money at.the time fell off it's covered under the.statute of frauds but not covered under.the Connor Act so in the real estate.sales contracts further under statute of.frauds what must it be in order to be.enforceable in a court of law and.writing it's not covered under the car.is it required that it be recorded in.order to be enforceable no so they're.not always asking you what do you need.to do with a real estate sales contract.in order to make sure it's enforceable.what would your answer be put it in.writing you need to record it.no no that make sense to everybody how.about a deed what do you need to do a.dick or you need to record it okay.they're ready good with that.the difference between the statute of.frauds in the Connery and these are.covered under the contract on a couple.of different types of the burner your.own voluntary forms of alienation we.just say alienation was transferring.ownership separating ourselves from the.property okay this is when we have a.brand or and a grantee and volunteer it.means you're doing it of your own free.will.anytime like Dee is involved we're most.likely doing a voluntary alienation that.makes sense very like you are doing that.voluntarily you have chosen to give up.your ownership in the property for one.reason our Helen what's the most likely.reason you choose to give up your.ownership in the properties did that.money you've sold it you've got money in.exchange for it here's what I don't want.you to forget we're gonna revisit this.in a chemaxon see how much pay attention.when you see this word bee bee bee bee.bee bee he is.they all do the same thing they transfer.ownership that's all they did everybody.with me on that I don't want you to get.yourself caught in the loop of thinking.one does something differently than.another they don't they all transfer.ownership now there are different types.of them for a reason or about itself.about that reason but they all.ultimately accomplish the same goal.getting ownership or title from the.Grand Tour to the grantees everybody.okay with that even in a foreclosure.there's a deed is a deed.so let's talk about the different types.of deeds.here's what I'm going to do first for.you though I'm going to try to give this.to you and it's close to a real world.example as I can think of I can buy a.brand new television today in three.different ways.same television same exactly.that make sense to everybody sweet up my.prices I go in Best Buy while I'm still.wondering exist before Amazon shot long.after I go invest on one by television a.finite PBL war by I get off the shelf I.go to the cash register they ring it up.what are they going to offer me warranty.they're going to offer me a warranty.because the Lawrence you change the.television no I'm gonna have the door.with the same TV correct thank st..billeted what does the one that says.alarm stops for money it does then what.does it accomplish well change the price.but what does that accomplish I mean why.am I worried eight more for kids and.shine safety energy warm and fuzzy.feelings what you want security the good.word what do I know how am i protected.if something hasn't through it it's.going to get taken care of and I'm not.going to have to do what somebody else.is going to pay to take care of it does.that make sense somebody else don't they.take care of now if I buy the expensive.one that does buy ourselves can I go on.the Firefly pretty much is run over my.farm three or four times and then bring.it back in and say I wanted to.television.pretty much yeah you buy a super.high-end one thing I mean because they.pretty much figure you're not going to.do that right you know I would be very.rare I mean nobody introduced keep going.back and forth ready to be deep in.tourism unless we won't do that but it's.pretty much an unlimited warranty does.that make sense playboy it's expensive.you buy property the same way we call.that a general wine T V a general.warranty D when you five property you.purchase property the grandeur has to.choose what kind of lead they're going.to use to convey ownership to you notice.I said there's none choose the Grand.Tour now just like this guy is going to.choose whether or not to put your.warranty on do i as the purchase or the.grantee have some say in that when I go.to the best I had some say yeah I tell.them whether I want there or not guys.and they're happy to add it as long as.I'm willing to do what pay for hmm so do.you think the grantee has some control.over this and it purchase as well they.do they can generally negotiate.your age are warrantied if they're.willing to what wait for it.pretty awaits me what did the warranty.get you with the television protection.that what would happen that it would.work Greg Lynn if it did because we.can't really answer you at a work.correctly look but they'll pay forward.the seller will cover it does that make.sense river running that's a general.warrant to do a general warranty E is a.guarantee it's not only indeed it could.be plus a guarantee it's a deed.transferring ownership but it's also a.guarantee that the ownership is pure but.the ownership is unchallenged that.nobody else on planet earth has ever had.or will ever have any rights to the.property other than you and the reason.that the grantor can give that kind of.guarantees because they feel confident.that they already had that does that.make sense if I'm selling you my.property and I feel 100% confident but.there's nobody else on earth that has.any claim to my property could I not.pass the same guarantee along to buy to.buy my property.does that make sense to everybody here's.the thing does it put the Grand Tour on.the book yes because it might has what.we call a title defect and issue down.the road who is he going to call the.Grand Tour because the grandeur did was.guaranteed it's a look for you to.understand this guarantee let me talk.about what we've and in again it's the.kind of thing we're guaranteeing again.let's say that ivelisse is selling a.farm that she bought from Mandy now.ivelisse bought the farm.ten years ago from man everybody follow.me so far.maybe inherited the farm from her mother.thank Mandy's mother purchased the farm.in 1990 in 1990 when Mandy's mother.purchased the farm she bought it from a.group of brothers and sisters who had.inherited from their father when he.passed away this is a real life thing is.it not it's kind of so dad's in the real.life there were 10 brothers and sisters.in this family and the farm was left to.them equally y'all follow me so far how.many signatures should be on the D.granting ownership to Mandy's mother the.deed word Manties mother is the grantee.how many signatures shifted beyond the.grant or side of that date yeah I hear.ten all ten were made.twenty signatures two of the ten or dead.and their spouses were dead they each.had four children apiece twenty-eight.signatures so that D granting ownership.to Mandy's mother needs how many.signatures on it.twenty-eight you see how that book that.spirals out of control.twenty-eight signatures now the Mandy.bothered to check the deed when.ownership got transferred to her know.why not.so she inherited it from her mother.right her mother diets her mother's farm.she inherits the whole thing she doesn't.bother to check it is Rihanna I'm sorry.he beliefs is now buying it from Mandy.are you with me everybody witness of.work or note he police is selling it she.bought it from in that's what I said.right and then I way I work back.ivelisse bought it ten years I would.have said well they say that my story.straight.somebody wants right somebody wants to.now buy for me you at least wants to buy.for me.right okay so maybe didn't bother to.check today pushy I'm hearing in front.of all why would I.now evil East wants to buy a property.the Manny's I hope they all say robbers.and they come to a deal he believes is.closing attorney the closing attorney.does we'll call it title check title.search.to make sure that every time ownership.where the property has transferred it.has transferred appropriately does that.make sense.everybody with me on that I mean Sigma.Chase is the closing the tiny ones you.see on the deed ranking ownership to.Bambi's mom 28 by the attorney starts to.count there's 26 signatures on the.is that problem yes because you have two.people who probably at some point had an.ownership interest because that make.sense.and we don't know if they still do or.not here's what we do know they never.sign saying they did could that have.been paid for the ownership excess.probably no sure and they just forgot to.do up sign but here we have any proof.that their ownership was ever.transferred Adam and his mom.therefore do we have any proof that.owners Beck Bed Bath two slices of.ownership was transferred to Mandy when.Mandy's mom died bear for do we have any.proof that made me owns the property by.herself and can't convey about how to.ivelisse we don't Mandy needs some.signatures does that make sense.Mandy needs to find those two people and.have them do what sign of e saying they.don't own this thing anymore you.wouldn't illness those two people are.dead one had eight children.seven of them are married the other side.married three times I don't even know.one the signatures Mandy hates it you.know a lot right.is that going to become very expensive.to track down to fix yes.exceptionally you see where I'm going if.you end up with that kind of a problem.in your ownership history you better.pray that the deed you got is a what a.general warranty D because if you've got.a general warranty deed whose legal.responsibility is it to fix that problem.the grand juror who transferred.ownership to you does that make sense.see Mandy has a problem I can teach you.to get a general ygd because who was the.regular transfer ownership to her her.mother.someone did right number two and if you.leave it as a will it's not going to be.a general warranty deed it would be a.different type of be so Mandy's now.stuck with all the costs but there's.Lisa's got something to say I'm not.buying the property from you until you.do what did you think sits deep clear.inside.well might say could she offered junk.she could but he police is probably not.gonna be long to accept what she's.already found the problem.in theory you're correct Gordana friends.mandy has the ability to fix it if Mandy.had and if he releases willing to live.for that more power - images huge.warranties only as there is a person.giving you the guarantee.oh well some great-grandparents this is.your property or whatever they can make.a claim of ownership well I guess you.probably would say a thing is in most.cases you probably would stop the.transaction I can put the brakes on the.can - there's any closing attorney but.the buyers hired to represent them at.that point in time is going to say don't.bite don't bite I mean that's going to.put the brakes on hold up hold that.question right now forever well we.understand the mean on the general.warranty so that word I just said it's.very important with the general market.here's what you need to remember about.it the grand jury is making this.warranty for ever they are guaranteeing.that there are no problems with this.title with the ownership of this.property all the way back to the.beginning of time and all the way.forward into the future forever it is.called warranty forever that makes sense.right now that sounds ridiculously hard.but if you think about if I ask most.people how confident are you in your.ownership of your property what would.they say absolutely confident.I got no problem you giving somebody a.general warranty even when I sell my.privacy because I'm very comfortable in.the title search that was going when I.bought the property and if I was.confident in that title search I'm.confident that I haven't done to.anything to endanger the title since I.longed it I'm doing prominent you the.next person that you.does that make sense everyone I do well.in said I should better not be in a.vacuum because most buyers are gonna.banded most buyers are gonna demand a.general warranty be most standardized.contracts are gonna specify a general.won't compete does anybody understanding.to hear this duck over girl with this.now let's talk about a limited warranty.I'm gonna go back to the television and.now gee do I had to think of analogy was.the right word I think like a seventh.grade right yeah here's I think this is.weird see the stuff that goes under my.head when I'm talking I'm like okay so.if you're gonna say oh it's like when.you buy the TV then some analogy right I.didn't that great myself pretty much.think you were looking for that the.television analogy can I just buy the TV.and paid sticker price on the show does.it come with a guarantee a.manufacturer's warranty is that one.going to be why will we learn to pay.more for the other one because the.manufacturers warranty is a little bit.what doesn't cover anything and.everything gets limited it's limited in.time make sense that's what we can be.beats the same way we can have any.limited or special warranty II and.here's what's limited the time that's.covered how long did I say a general.warranty deed makes guarantee for.forever all the way back to the.beginning of time that all the way.forwards in the future it is guaranteed.title is guaranteed for everything.everybody deal with that with a limited.warranty be the grandeur is only daring.team the time they have all in the.property.essentially what I'm saying if I.a limited warranty deed over to Maggie.I'm saying to me Maggie I guarantee you.that I have never done anything that.would endanger your title to this.property if somebody says that to you.about something their self somebody.selling you a car and they say well.listen I give yeah I've always changed.you all on time.what would your not sure worse than be.where I'm before you know I wasn't.answering our they don't get it for you.to figure out but I guarantee you that.always sends your I guarantee you I.didn't endanger the title to this.property I guarantee you there won't be.any claims that arise from the time.period that I the Grand Tour have owned.this property is that very different.than a general warranty D so you don't.want to be in peace all of time a.special want you need and even very.limited or short period of time.what are you saying a quick cutting fee.is going to Danny P absolutely nothing.as a matter of fact a quitclaim deed.there's not even guarantee ownership.here's what a quitclaim deed says it.says this and legal terminology but.here's what a quitclaim deed says listen.good not important this is what the.grand George say guess what they're.certifying on a quick point because.promised a grand or he's saying this on.me Randy's not doing anything on the.deviance the grantor here's what a.quitclaim meet says in the grand or I.don't know if I own this or not that's.really reassuring when you're getting.something somebody right I don't know if.I own this or not but if I happen to own.it it's yours.we're doing that raise a lot of.questions for me the first question what.else my comment if you don't know how.can you give it to me and my answer is.that's what you figured out that's.beautiful yeah that's not my dog my job.is to simply say I am quitting my claim.and the probably whatever claim my fight.or might not have I'm not even telling.you if I have a claim but I'm saying if.I have one I'm doing what I'm quitting.I don't want me anymore but I never did.it maybe I do you figure it out but I'm.not getting you any guarantees yes.that's what maybe needs a bunch of them.decide that's exactly right everybody.here with Jen said she said man in.Mandy's case was easy all these folks.decide these airs that might apply some.nerves like if you're gonna work by.tonight then I say those errors.absolutely have on my shelf no because.we don't know that they did for all we.know their mama because I've actually.gotten her money her share and just.forgotten to do what signing the deal.one of those 28 people sign it's pretty.easy to forget to up because I make.sense she was said that day Jay King kid.she was clearly out a lot so it could be.that they don't have any claim of.ownership we're not saying they dude.we're saying they might and that's a.problem we call that a question or cloud.it's a defect in the title man each.title has a defect in it well lady you.clear only defect or cure a defect is to.have that person who might have.ownership sign this thing called a what.a quick plan B because there's none the.best statement of where they are that.person when you go to them do they.they oh man no suicide something said I.have no idea if I own it or not but if I.do I'm doing what I'm signing my.ownership over to you well I'm in Jensen.for some money isn't that also going to.probably be true because when Mandy goes.and knocks on the door of the first one.said hey I'm Andy and I own this farm in.Pitt County North Carolina I inherited.from my mama and she bought it from your.great aunt and the her nine brothers and.sisters and your great aunt forgot the.sign when they sold the property and so.it's possible that you might own like.one 30th of the farm.you probably don't but it's possible.that you do and I really wanna keep.sinus thing saying that you don't what.are they going to say.I only I've been telling my family oh oh.when I just tell me all about that.County last week.we don't even know where this money is.on that but all of a sudden they all.went right family heritage that gotta.have it when people are that's why we.buy this thing called title insurance.okay it actually comes up later in this.chapter but now is a good time to talk.about it why do you buy insurance in.case something was okay something.happens.well title insurance is insurance in.case something bad happens with your.title so it may be on a title insurance.policy wouldn't be Mandy going to visit.those people who would it be.first I go insurance company and here's.how that business going goes with your.title insurance company let's say that.Channing is one of the people that we.need a signature from right okay we're.not going to work now.I represent the title insurance company.I am attorneys and I haven't have.another attorney with me who also.happens to be a notary and we have in.our possession one document it quits.frame B all the way they go and the.property is the farm.who's the grantor on the quitclaim deed.can't but then we want him to sign I'm.saying that he doesn't know if he owns.it but if he does he's doing what he's.quitting his finds that makes sense for.her line so we're going through it or.knock on the door and he comes to the.door he looks at maybe the hoodie and I.reduced myself I'm from American land.title Association and I quiet long as a.property in good county and we have.discovered that there is the remote.possibility that you may own one 130th.of this property now we do need to.advise you the properties being sold for.$300,000 currently and so if you were to.prove your 130th ownership you would be.entitled to $10,000 of those funds are.you guys going to light up at that point.in time same thing right you know it's.like spending a dollar on the wheel and.the price of drugs you just at all the.bells go off here's what I'm going to.follow that up with ma'am.it is our position that you do not want.any of this property as a metaphor we.would like request your signature on.this document now for your time and.energy.we are happy to write you a check today.for $500 this is a one-time offer we.will pay you $500 today for your.signature if you choose not to sign we.will file suit tomorrow against you we.anticipate your cost to attend this loss.it could be in excess of $100,000 we.have probably a trying to prosecute over.a thousand of these cases this year and.we have never lost one in 25 years.we'll give you five minutes to think.about.what is chanting going to do where do I.sign up.where do I sign because at most how much.could you possibly be owed if he proves.his ownership claims $10,000 worst thing.scenario you could end up with $30,000.and legal expenses and get paid what 0.and if he goes to court does exactly.what he's going to get because they're.going to have all the documentation on.his side he's gonna have what nothing.because the judge is gonna look at him.and up so you're telling me that you.claim you own 130 over this property yet.in 28 years you never bothered to pop up.and even inquire about it they only came.to your mind but somebody came knocking.on your door you know what a judge is.gonna say okay I my face but not in jail.Shane's racked up $30,000 and weekly.expenses to get there does that make.sense.because not only don't have to pay is.only one Spence's at that point in time.there's legal expenses gonna have to pay.because I had to pay the towing stuff.any school expenses because they're.going to win and they have very.expensive attorneys so most likely.what's he gonna do he's anything to 500.bucks and signed a quitclaim deed and.then then they go on to the next person.and for them they're not paying the $500.because they think he owes it they're.paying it cause it's the prettiest way.to do up to get rid of the problem.to clear the title because ultimately.Mandy bought insurance to pay them to do.just that does that make sense.malvert people say oh god I bet time.insurance it's hard to give him your.baby no it's not how many times do you.think smite actually files a title.insurance claim once out of ten.thousands maybe hardly ever happens and.everybody has cycle insurance if you.only brought me in this room you Andy.you have cycle engines and if you bones.I brothers eye candy vault don't run.five different time and you appear from.your whole life.and all your friends are living their.whole life could never want you to so on.the one time when they didn't have a.plane.they got no problem and $500 get rid of.someone doesn't make sense that's how.they do it.what is the chance you would have title.insurance if you don't have a mortgage.that's a good question because if you.don't lie on the mortgage they're like.forcing you to buy if you're their.mortgage your boys lenders gonna force.you to buy title insurance because they.want the protection of the title.insurance if you don't have a mortgage.you know those people who don't have a.more detailed explanation attorneys kind.of look at you and go did you bump your.head this morning this is $400 and it.covers you for the entire time you own.the property it's a one-time premium.that you pay once for the entire.duration of ownership so you know when.you look at it from that perspective.it's they're cheap so most people do.still have tight engines yes ma'am.yes Martina's question was if I.inherited the property is it a good idea.for me to go and get bio insurance yes.because if you inherited the property.you don't have title insurance unless.you specifically went out thank God.there'll be some cost involved but.there's a give me it is a huge benefit.you know to having that title insurance.it makes the property easier to sell one.of the business flags when a close.enough Chinese doing what do you think.if your closing attorney and you've been.hired to represent a buyer and do a.title search what do you think one of.the first things you looked at about the.property is does the current owner have.what title insurance because if the.Crown has silencers I mean the title.insurance companies felt solid and all.about the current owner's title to grant.them a policy on it which means you.probably feel pretty good about the.title right now does that make sense.whereas if you are representing a buyer.who's buying property and there is no.current title insurance policy element.that's like a red flag of like we need.to look harder and so it's a really good.idea you.we we are not leads that are transferred.via those are voluntary them because.there's a grand for Remy on the union's.for grandeur that's a voluntary transfer.that yes regarding the Guardians that is.correct.that's exactly right it would be so and.so on behalf of or guardian of or common.as their attorney in fact that's the you.know we use that term colleges will yes.yes because remember you didn't just.build the land the title insurance is on.the land not on the structure.you're not buying insurance on the.structures you're buying insurance on.the claim of ownership of the land so.absolutely the status of the.construction would have nothing to do.with whether or not you wanted to as a.matter of fact finding new construction.home would probably be one of the best.instances where you would definitely.want to give title insurance because.title to that property has probably.changed hands several times in the years.preceding you buying that home there was.probably an owner of the land who sold.it to a developer who subdivided it and.then sold a lot to a builder and now the.Millers selling a lot to you that's a.lot of transfers of title so the title.insurance would be really key in.something like that.thank you.well it's not by long agent on this.question is by law a bank give you alone.if you don't have title insurance not by.law but it's not their choice because.they stand the most to lose if they long.and you're a bunch of money on this.property and all of a sudden Lee comes.in takes the property away because she.has a claim of ownership that that's a.big problem for the lender because.you're taking their collateral place so.they won't give you the loan when we.should about time insurance does it.protect family specifically axis to the.profit price well if you have a title.defect the property is locked down and.and not only are you able to sell it but.the lender might not be unable to get.their collateral because they may have.never if you didn't own the property in.the first place you can't you give them.collateral in it from right they lose.their they lose their call out yes.yeah so we that's that's called and.that's not an adverse possession we have.got an area that's an invis taking.something that's stealing something.they good that she's got a good.important vid that she's not she's hot.and selling she's not trying to be in.court in a protracted court battle.that's born of God trust me it ain't.easy but important just claim ownership.or something so the best thing for her.to have that point how many title.insurance yes yes yep yep.you have don't think of what kind of.bead you have it's what kind of bead you.got a deed is always a past tense thing.there's no such thing as what the.current be on the property the deed was.just there to transfer ownership okay so.well you got is a general warranty deed.from the Grand Tours who sold you the.property who guaranteed title for how.long forever how long did you cook them.out ex-husband guaranteed title for what.did your now ex-husband guarantee you.nothing nothing because he is simply.quitting his claim in the property so.you have ownership but you have no.guarantee from your home your husband's.behalf of that ownership in other words.you have taken the risk that he indeed.did have ownership to sign over to you.the problem is because you've been.asking the question but I know what.you're - woman you think about how does.that affect you in the future it doesn't.look perfect you give in the future is.completely and solely up to you it's.about what comfort level you have so.when you get ready to sell the property.what kind of D can you give the next.fire whatever you choose no because he's.already got one he's already quit his.claim and the property that make sense.fair right are we good on these so on a.test because you can see this on test.and they are going to intentionally make.this as confusing as they possibly can.Lee has a deep.which guarantees there will be no title.defense whatsoever of any type no matter.the source she will have no word of.claims against the property for any.reason during the time that the grants.are on the property what kind of meat is.that general market special warranty a.quick bite that is a special warranty V.see all that all claims whatsoever from.any source tries to make it sound like.what for general warranty but the time.here was how long just the duration of.the grant doors ownership which makes it.a special warranty new a general market.would be what forever and no guarantees.whatsoever would be what.great plan does that make sense very.like that make sure you can identify.those on a test we usually use quick.plan needs to do what we call clear and.defect in the title whatever there's.this question of does the grant don't.actually have ownership is the current.owner actually on the product if there's.any question there's a way to fix that.question the easiest way to fix that.question is to have the person who might.have some claim sign a quit plan B okay.you might have a plane well that's what.you decide quickly you don't have a.claim does that make sense very like.that the best way to make sure somebody.doesn't have a claim is at their side.equipment beats at the same i haven't.claimed in this property it's not nine.that's essentially what you're saying.they decide quick line d whether it was.or not now it's not it's not buying.anymore even if it looks.that's a quitclaim deed.that's all it is and so when we find.these defects the most likely be used to.cure them or fixed on this problem.quickly all right.there are some special purpose beads you.don't need to memorize these but I will.point out one the correction be just.because we use the word correct and the.question is not me that's a correction D.and y'all gonna happen to doing that.they love to do it through young test.questions Channing has a deed in which.he was granted ownership of the property.which was owned by four heirs to an.estate.however Channing's deed is only signed.by three of the heirs which of the.following deeds would most likely be.used to prefer read this mistake what.does the answer not going to be a.correction me that's not a typo a.correction B is there to fix a type of.what kind of theme is most likely to be.used to fix that kind of situation and.quick claim deed.that's a defect in the title that would.be a quick plain because everybody see.the difference then corrections didn't.fix like you transpose the letters in.somebody's name and you left something.out of somebody's name or misspelled the.name or something like that.correction Beach yes yeah it happens it.happens.you say your yards closing attorneys.closing four or five six times actions a.day they've been telling to cut and.paste things leave the wrong property.description on somebody's deed like.you've working on four deeds for that.day and you go in and you cutting and.pasting that meets and bounds property.is good because remember well you're.gonna be some balance permit if you.can't tell what property is for work.it's not like the street address is in.there does that make sense you know I.mean it.he just looks like da we do so you know.they go and they find the metes and.bounds probably the description and they.cut me paste it and they put it on the.newbie and then they go and they go to.launch we get a phone call and it come.back and they're working on beat number.two and they change the names and change.the grandeur to change the grantee and.they don't change the description of the.property well everybody it's close if.nobody knows what the hell they're.signed and there's nobody knows what the.beats and bounds description of the.property actually is does that make.sense.and then when is that going to get.called when they go do what when they go.to record it that afternoon when they go.down to class record ID in the hand that.be to Martina and she was a rumor her.job is to make sure that the grandeur.matches the owner record right so she.don't blong know where the residents the.property that's on his deed she's like I.don't know what you got please don't.match and the attorneys gonna start.looking at an old crack her and so that.I might need a solid correction that's.where a correction be so yes so to do.that that makes everybody say file what.they do is what they do is they don't.waste money they go back they have.everybody come back sigh and correction.deed and then they will record the.original and the correction together.you do sign something at the closing.that says if they need you to come back.doctor the fax if it's they come.scriveners errors then you then then.they can get you to come back or you may.give them your permission to fix them.without you being there yeah correct.that's exactly right you're gonna both.get recorded because you can't recall.you can't record a correction being.unless you record the beat that it's.correcting right maybe you got to see.that it was meant to correct this.mistake.right you got to show that they sign the.rental and so at that point in time.here's what they were report they would.record the original feed where it's the.seller signed they were recording the.corrected fee which the seller didn't.sign and then they will record the.document that the seller did sign given.the attorneys permission to make that.correction all three would get recorded.so there's a clear record that this is a.legitimate transfer the last 15 years.that rule when this person traded sell a.property there's going to be a being on.the site right you can't be taking a.title for something not just do you need.all that documentation you're always.thinking about the next transfer when.you dealing with these it's not this one.we're so much concerned about its what.are what's gonna happen when they get.ready to sell you is everything a time.in order when they get ready to sell.okay and then the last thing I want to.talk about before we take our lunch.bread here is the only math that's.involved in this I know I said we were.done the back but this is so easiest not.even qualified man quite honestly excise.taxes and this was on your little.private tax and out worksheet I kind of.stuck it in there it's already got.standards in Chapter three.but in Chapter five excise taxes are.transfer taxes there's sales taxes sales.taxes are paid by sellers okay so I want.you to remember that when we get to.closing statements and we're calculating.excise that who are you gonna charge for.the excise tax.this is a cellar it's tense now in North.Carolina the ready for excise taxes is.one dollar for every 500 dollars of.sales price and then it's an or portion.that are of that's the only wrinkle here.let me talk about the old days how that.used to happen where did we say closings.used to happen at the courthouse and so.when you would have had closing.previously you would have gone out in.front of the clerk and paid the buyer.for the property okay they justify okay.to sell over the property and they were.done it in front of the clerk and you.would count all his money and so every.time the set the buyer gave the seller.$500 buried exact facility the seller.was required to get the clerk what a.dollar and the court would put a stamp.on the deed to show that the tax had.been paid does that make sense and then.the body gives the seller even under.$500 and the seller does what give the.court a dollar that's where the rate of.$1 for every fabric now today's society.we don't go down there and do it and.Stan's one of the five what do you think.we do somebody take the purchase price.to do what with them divided by 500.that's all the calculate the excise.taxes here's the wrinkle does the state.doesn't know how to round.the state always rounds up always so.before you do your vacation before you.take that sailor prizes divided by 500.you have to ask yourself a question is.the sales price and a perfect multiple.of $500 which means the sky the end in.one 500 or zeroes right so it's reason.you're over 500 perfectly it's got to.always in perfectly and zero zero zero.or 500 does that make sense.what is the ends at 501 what are you.gonna do nice edge it's got a remnant it.goes up to 1,000 does that make sense.they only ground up it has to be in.perfect multiples of five hundred.dollars so there's sales price ninety.nine thousand five hundred $1.00 is that.a perfect hole for 500.it's not a perfect multiple under.correct we have to make it a perfect.multiple firefighter which means this.either has to be 500 or 1,000 if that.makes sense they're running good and the.state only rounds which way Oh so what.is this going to become $100,000 and.then we're going to divide it by five.honey and so the excise taxes would be.what 200 bucks 200 dollars does that.make sense very like so just always make.sure that the purchase price is an exact.multiple of 500 here's what I would tell.you on a test it won't be in a multiple.of 500 do you think they're going to.taste jump something sell you like this.yes absolutely but they want to know.that you know it always rounds what Oh.so let me ask you this question.if you just took 99 500 1/500 what are.you going to be excise taxes $1.99 1.00.what say you think 199 might be an.answer choice yeah you think 199 Oh wine.might be an answer choice yes what's the.correct answer do I hear me god yes.ma'am.[Music].a hundred thousand divided about five.hundred is not two hundred thousand two.hundred dollars and twenty seven.maybe a hundred thousand $100 might be.200 well if you doing the way I just.showed you it will never be that and I'm.telling you if you do it the way I.disclosed you to the number can't be two.hundred dollars and 20 cents because.you're always going to make any multiple.of what before you derive five hundred.it will always be a whole number if you.do it that way does that make sense.you're only going to get change if you.forget there's the thing if you do.excise taxes you get change the first.thing that you can use to say is what.I'm wrong I get it wrong you do the math.of excise taxes I did it wrong because.if you have done it correctly it's.always going to be a whole number.does that make sense they're like okay.if you're making it multiples of five.hundred first before you do the division.it will always be a whole number.nobody's ever done all right and that's.the only act of the only math in Chapter.five that wraps up the voluntary.alienation so let's do this let's take.your lunch break and come back at 1:35.and we'll talk about the involuntary.alienation.

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