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Quarterly Tax And Wage Report Division Of Taxation Rhode Island : Personalize, Finish and download

[Music].are the front bench is back for another.monday right here between four and five.we'll be thrashing out all the big.issues of the selection.top of the agenda the big alert level.decision today as we've just discussed.winston isn't happy about it.also the debacle of the rugby.championship the threat that even the.blood is low may not go ahead.welcome to the studio political editor.barry soper pr wise and former act press.secretary trish erson and former labour.minister chris carter hello.hello right we've gone through we've got.kyora.it is the wiki or maori right so we.should be doing a little.ikea um.listen thank you i've done all of my.talking so i want to hear from you guys.now the alert level decision today let's.start with you barry why not what do you.reckon.um well look i thought there was a lot.of obfuscation by the prime minister.this afternoon because.i was unsure and i was so unsure that i.had to ring her office to find out.whether.the decision that's going to be taken.next monday.for auckland is it to go along with the.rest of the country.or is it simply going to go to alert.level 2 and i'd be surprised if you guys.know the answer to it because i didn't.listening to her.and i went back through it to listen.again and and of course the decision.next monday is not to take.auckland to alert level one it's to.keep auckland at alert level two so.potentially we have weeks and weeks.ahead of us.i would think uh auckland's going to be.at alert level too until we get to the.situation.that we had of no community cases.at all um but i also want to touch on.the masks but we can do the.alert levels if you like at the start.yeah i'm pretty strong on the masks as.well.trish just tell me what is your response.just really quickly to to the.the city the auckland city being an.alert level 2.5 with two yet to come and.the country's still in alert level two.i just don't think it makes sense to.people and actually the the biggest.issue is this i think the regions are.right because hospitality there events.everything there's no business being.done.but but are people outside of that.actually have they just lost the plot.really people are just they're tired and.they're over it i think.so i i i was disappointed today and i.think in auckland.at 2.5 again events hospitality.nothing is happening yeah four weeks.what do you think chris is pretty.conservative isn't it well i think it.was a great decision.i think i think i think that most.most new zealanders particularly many.most aucklanders will applaud what the.prime minister announced today.you know we had another case of.community transmission announced today.i live in west auckland we've had a.whole cluster of cases two schools.affected.to know actually three schools affected.so as long as we continue to get.community transmission.kiwis need to be kept and i tell you.chris she made a very sensible decision.what's to stop me next week jumping on a.plane.going to a rugby match with thousands of.other people.uh we're at alert level two we're only.allowed to have gatherings in this city.at ten.more barriers go to the other uh other.part of the country very even outside.barry i know that you're much better.informed than that you know that if you.left auckland and you went.to a community event it couldn't be more.than a hundred people so it couldn't be.thousands level one but we're at alert.level two.outside that we're we are we are.maintaining.it outside of auckland some control over.crowds.we're also trying to keep the rest of.new zealand safe and you would listeners.tonight will remember if they were.listening to the prime minister today.earlier.they would have heard her say that that.medical professionals had given a 25.possibility of the virus escaping.auckland.under the current conditions so if all.of the conditions are essentially.because of travel though and we're told.by.um michael baker that if you climb onto.a plane with a mask you're going to be.entirely safe the plane can be.full now what's changed between ashley.bloomfield telling us like heather said.three weeks ago that musk was simply.an adjunct to social distancing well now.it seems.ashley bloomfield has changed his mind.and it's.all hunky-dory it's all safe no i think.that the government.and the ministry of health are looking.each day.at what's happened what number of.infections are occurring.what best practice internationally is.you know earlier on.internationally masks were not seen as.so important.now the science shows that there's.changed because the science is showing.we've learned from this virus it wasn't.around until although to be fair in the.last three weeks the science hasn't.changed right we've had the same science.for the last three weeks.but i think you nailed it though heather.i think the problem is there is no.evolving of this to be able to be more.granular and more realistic to let.people go around their days.or daily well i don't well i don't think.so and i mean.slowly and carefully we're going to come.to it when we talk about the rugby but.that is a classic example.of this government simply saying no and.not being able to think through.how you can help things carry trish i.agree with you it is a classic example.but it's a classic example of jacinda.and the government.taking a cautious and safe approach and.following the science right.now it was ridiculous and sorry heather.i know you want to get on.but um it was ridiculous to me at the.beginning of the lockdown it's the old.squeaky wheel syndrome that.if if you make enough noise things get.uh get.fixed remember the green keepers and the.bowling green.keepers they were told they weren't.allowed to go near it well.is grass going to give you covered 90 i.think not well yeah never know barry the.science is evolving.i think the three of you have become too.cynical let's keep let's keep our.community safe.let's take a break and we'll be back.very shortly to talk about exactly that.the grass and the rugby pitch quarter.past four news talks they'd be.all right it's 18 past four and you're.back with the front bench we have got.trisha and chris carter and barry soper.with us all right let's start with you.on this trish because you raised it.first rugby.um obviously the wrong call to make.how badly wrong shocker it's just an.absolute shame because it's not about.the games and filling the stadiums.it's about all of the business that.would have come in.around those games and that's what new.zealand has missed out on.and can you imagine for um you know the.pubs and the hotels and everything.who've had an.absolute diabolical year this would have.been the one bright spot for them.all that has gone to aussie and for the.sake of what for the sake of the.inability of officials.to get off their backsides and actually.think through.how you can make modifications we have.been harping on about exactly this issue.but it wasn't rugby it was business.right we've been harping on about it.harping on about it nothing has happened.it's it's now just noise at most people.so is this going to cut through or.there's just more noise i think this is.more noise the problem is.obviously that and i'm generalizing but.your core rugby supporter.and the ones who whose 90s would have.been totally ripped by this decision.they're not exactly um probably core.labor voters.a lot of them so i don't think it's.going to hurt the government but i do.think over time.these are the these are the bits that.really start to chip away because if you.think about what what we've lost this.year in new zealand.it's not just that we've been locked.down we have lost the fun.we have lost the daily the excitement.the going out that whether you're into.arts or culture or rugby.all of that has gone and so when this.was taken away.it was just another like oh god yeah.sorry chris on a purely political level.and maybe you'd like to pick up on this.the purely political level of the prime.minister saying.this decision was made by sans um.sorry uh simply uh because it was the.politics of the organization well.it had nothing to do with politics it.had everything to do.with the restrictions that we were um.putting on.isolation and quarantine that's all.right.it also had a lot to do i think with the.fact that that stadiums in western.australia.south australia tasmania and the capital.territory could fill their stadiums.because they've had no cases of cover.for months and months.so you know that has to be a strong.consideration in these.these countries making this decision.about whether whether that come to.australia.why couldn't we do it because we because.we haven't had it.because we well we did we didn't have it.for months but we have it now we had a.case.today yes indeed and uh and who knows.what the situation will be like in.november.look south africa and argentina are.have are having covert explosions at the.moment high risk in bringing them here.they have to be they have that have to.be so you know new zealanders would.expect them to go through quarantine.but also.some of the nonsense that's been said.about the situation.we heard from from the guy rob nichols.from the new zealand.uh rugby players association saying oh.well the government said they all had to.be each one had to be individually and.quarantined in three within the first.three days just.said that's not correct she said i did.an interview yesterday.she said the government was perfectly.prepared to be flexible.but they couldn't compromise the.quarantine situation.look and that's true but that's.interesting you just contradict yourself.you just.you just said a few minutes ago that.that new zealanders need to have fun.well.in last week's episode and i think.you're really a nice person but.you were going on and on about mata and.saying oh it's just an excuse to have.some fun well i did it i.didn't i said we should it's not the.time for another publicly.i think actually if we listen to it.carefully again it's about you also.raised about oh it's just soft.having some fun look as you know lots of.lots.of labor supporters are very keen rugby.uh fans.we're going to have two only one we're.going to try.trevor we're going we're going to have.two of the blitz low cup games here.people will be able to watch it safely.on sky with the games that are taking.place in australia.i think this has been about about.advertising this decision it's been.about capacity of stadiums.and it's about the certainty that in.many parts of australia they'd be able.to fill the stadiums okay and there's no.guarantee.okay and that's fine but just to counter.the spin just to counter the spin and i.feel obliged to do that.um sansa the rugby union grant mp.brenton chairman of the new zealand said.it was the quarantine was the problem as.did rob nichols so i think we're going.to have to accept i'm not.i'm not disputing that wasn't part of it.but it's not the whole picture it was.but it was the 90s.actually colleagues it's a very.important part because we've got to keep.kiwis safe.yeah okay no that's fine and trish you.talk about.fans coming well we can't have large.numbers of fans from argentina australia.because the pla both places are ripe.with covet.we're not having them we're having two.weeks but if kiwis would be there where.the heck i've got.we have to go to the break listen we'll.take it very quickly we're with the.front bench and when we come back let's.talk about those two tv ads that have.been put out by uh judith collins and.jacinda ardern very very different uh 4.23..all right it's coming up 26 past four.now we have got to very quickly whip.through this.uh but this is fascinating stuff both.the tv ads are out labor's first and.then nationals let's take a quick listen.here's labor.these are uncertain times but we've seen.what we can achieve with a strong plan.so let's stick together and let's keep.moving.all right and let's have a listen to.nationals new zealand.let me be strict with you communities.livelihoods.futures are at stake yes it requires.historic debt.but more importantly a team you can.trust.to manage it all right so um here's the.thing chris uh the prime minister's one.let's start with that one she's clearly.trying to kind of um pitch herself as.a strong stable older woman right hence.the teacup.did you notice that because there's.nothing that is.and it was very focused you know it was.about books to make it look like she.really keeping new zealand safe then.rebuilding.throwing a couple of goodies in like.free apprenticeships.yeah yeah growing up growing the economy.okay.good stuff and so trish on on judith's.one i thought that what they'd done was.they deliberately not lack at her hair.with lots of hair spray so she had a lot.of flyaways.but it made her look imperfect and soft.don't you think i think both of these.are.so dreadfully boring i cannot believe it.and i think they underscore overall this.election.should be electrifying right we're in.the middle of a pandemic.but that's why they don't want it to be.everything else both of these ads say to.me that.the black swan of covert had never flown.across our.golden pond and crept right through it.and it's just.and it's just every bit business as.usual they are.so boring and the one thing i will say.about about.uh the national ad and the same with.their billboards who is in charge of art.direction.the colors are so washed out yeah drive.around town and look at jerry and.and and judo the one by your office.looks terrible it's like it's been out.in the sun for 70 years.70 years well i wasn't going to use.exactly the word boring but it means the.same i think they were very staged.and um certainly jacinda dern came.across as being very soft and very kind.which is what she wants to do.having a cup of tea but i thought it was.a pity they didn't film it in her.beehive office so yeah the prime.ministerial officer.it sounds like.follow instructions a little bit more.we'll take a break and go to the.headlines after that when we come back.i've written a column at the weekend.which.which chris is very excited about how.good label was in the first week we'll.talk about that.level 2.5 announced by the prime.minister for another week what do you.reckon about that.uh i personally don't mind that it's.inevitable i guess i mean.we're still having cases with.mini-cluster subclusters and whatever.clusters come up uh i think it's best.for.to stay in level 2.5 because it gives us.that flexibility.for us to be cautious against our.approach while still.making sure that the economy is running.i guess we have enough protection but we.can still move forward i guess.well i'm deeply disappointed to be.honest well because it just that does.make sense look at two o'clock uh.half past two hobson street is.absolutely empty there's just no people.in open city.how the businesses can survive if.there's no people there.and we are sitting here and scared of.one or two cases that.business support package which was the.wage subsidy.well that's my personal opinion i can't.call it the.business support business support is the.rent.outgoings power phone lights.europe did that by new zealand.uh it's probably a good idea i live in.queenstown so we're going to level one.on monday so we're good.yeah that's why i put in my mask it was.no surprise i didn't think she'd move.anyway.but to be honest we're over it.and i think most people are we just want.to get back to at least level one.well we opened just before the lockdown.couple weeks before the lockdown.during level one we started to pick up.we're now down 50.of what was on level one and i can only.imagine.how bad the hotel across the road.struggle just because they don't get.anywhere.yeah they're getting conferences here.and there.on the weekend they had maybe 10 rooms.booked in such a huge hotel.level 2.5 is a little bit more.uncertainty i guess.downstream businesses restaurants and.all of those stuff.they they don't have certainty on when.the volumes are coming back up and when.when people are coming back up to to.order food or to do all of those other.services that they kind of need well.we've all been told that the best.economic response is the health response.these two things they can be together so.if we're going towards the health.support that's fine but then you need to.provide the business.support the wage subsidy it does support.the businesses.up to the certain degree but not you.know to the full extent.everyone is saying that cbd is empty for.two months.there's just no people well we are.definitely down probably by about 30.obviously after these lockdowns we are.very busy for the week after.everybody wants a haircut but you know.it just.tapers off and today we've only had a.few people and it's been really slow.you look out the window there's nobody.there nobody comes to town on a monday.anymore.what do we do i just think this is a.beginning this is the start of it things.are going to get quite bad.don't tell me about border control i.just think that was a shambles.that whole thing in the beginning i.think we believed one thing.that they were doing something else so.it didn't surprise me at all and it came.back so suddenly.oh it's not very impressive that that.actually got to happen i think it should.have been.should have been a lot stricter and it.shouldn't have been allowed to happen it.should have.should have been enforced a lot more.heavily well we are on the island.and i honestly don't understand if the.border was closed.if everyone's supposed to be tested why.there was a failure.i can say that there is still the.opportunity area there.there should be uh consider some more.aggressively in terms of controlling it.in the borders.and and the people who have been in the.quarantine.they should be have very serious in.terms of uh going outside and everything.that should be something yeah better.security should be there um on the text.machine and by the way you are welcome.to text in online 292 and i will get to.it a little bit more this half hour than.i have in the last half hour.a tech says heather why don't you.aucklanders realize the rest of new.zealand doesn't.want you out here until you clean up.your act jay.thanks for spreading the love we really.appreciate it now listen.um last so yesterday i wrote a column.chris this is the one that you really.liked.um because what i said is that labour.just nailed that first week right apart.from the sansa thing which i think was.awful for them.everything else was just amazing would.you say that they have won the first.week of the campaign.i definitely definitely would hear that.uh you know.it's there's five weeks to go so so you.know this won't always be the case but i.just think there wasn't much oxygen for.anybody else this week.you know there was a small business.announcement there was 100 renewable.energy.of course the tax you've already.referenced is matariki you know that fun.wonderful public holiday and there's the.border exemptions for people that are.currently stuck overseas who are married.to a new zealand resident or partner.so all of those are very newsworthy it.was almost trumpian-like.in that it dominated the news cycle you.know i don't know what jacinda would.like you.liking her she is of course there's no.parallel as people but trump tends to be.the the only story in town most nights.on american.in american media and so for this week.definitely.because you know labor just dominated.with policy and i have i've been.sort of thinking all week trista i.wanted to say to you.something kind chris who said last week.labor has you know.has no policies well we hit you with.some pretty heavy ones this week.did you really you don't want an.endorsement from me chris because it's.so conservative that i love it right.let's come to this okay could because it.appears to me the narrative betting in.around this election is not a bold.policy.it's about fiddling round the edges.the mata ricci public holiday is a.brilliant example of a small business.package that was pretty good.last week which was pretty important.there was the.the business leaders um the business.leaders debate from business new zealand.what was the main message from business.no one.has a plan their message was there was a.lot of.the the what and the and the why.there was no how from any of the parties.and i think that.is what um is really concerning about.this.tangible house from labor you hit the.nail on the head you said.that the opposition was denied oxygen.and you're absolutely right i mean.you come up with a public holiday no i.think it's pretty cynical you come up.with a holiday like this.why not replace queen's birthday or uh.some other holiday or labor.labor weekend no one's ever used that.well no no but why not.why because new zealand doesn't have why.impose another.impulse on businesses.week at the intro to this topic when we.discussed it last week new zealand sort.of sits at about the middle of.of oecd countries in there but that.doesn't matter that's neither here nor.there we go.we're going into an economic period at.the moment.the likes of work which we've never seen.anyone in this building has never seen.before and what do you do you come out.you stick on another public holiday yeah.we're keeping the room.where kiwis go out another time kiwis go.out and spend money in small businesses.go to rugby games and do other things.stimulate stimulate our domestic economy.and the other thing is that.the taxation policy to me again that was.cynical because.it basically moved the argument uh off.the campaign.board no no no no no no what keeps.things stable.for 180 000 a year so you tax the rich.pricks.but you leave everybody else alone it.just doesn't very.as as the finance minister grant.robinson said it keep.people don't want huge change at the.moment they want stability they want to.get the country right.then then then things will be looked at.and also who knows what will happen in.the coalition.well let's focus on week two because if.if a.nation was going to make the running on.the economy this week is the week we've.got two big things coming up we've got.the.um the preview the pre-election fiscal.update when the government opens its box.and.and then the next day we've got the.national accounts opening up where we.see.just how far in recession we are and i.guess my.my issue around this is and business.reflected it without a plan.this phase two is so important without a.plan i.my fear is we are digging ourselves.deeper into this economic hole.rather than any of our political parties.showing us how we're building the ladder.to get out.just pick up chris on one point that you.said what happens post coalition.negotiations now.if for example the most likely scenario.would be that new zealand first will.miss out the greens will be at the.negotiating.table they've got their poverty action.plan uh that's more tax grant robertson.told us no more tax.and i've got to say he was a bit.equivocal when he was pressed on it by.can i.can i um but but there will there could.be more more tables.although can i come back to tax because.we we actually want to talk about tax in.a minute.what i want to know is what is labor.strategy here barry are they trying.because they've come out hard and fast.straight out of the blocks.i wonder if what they're trying to do is.basically just lock.in the sense that they are a foregone.conclusion.create a death spiral in labor in.nationals votes so that it's impossible.to recover what do you think.well uh jacinda dune was even asked this.week and she was fairly equivocal on it.as well about being.a a government in their own right labor.ruling.but by itself and if you look at all the.opinion polls that is a possibility.i don't think it's likely of about 24.years of.mnp i think it's highly unlikely but.nevertheless.it's not an absolute impossibility in.this and really that's right.and of course if that should happen then.then labour policies that uh enunciated.in the election campaign will be the.ones that happen.i was interested to see that that uh um.james shaw in his uh.you know discussion about whether he'd.go and sit on the cross benches.actually came up with no red lines he.said yes he said a wealth tax was a high.priority.but there were no definite bottom line.let's.you understand strategy this is your.business what is the labor strategy.i think you're exactly right just.dominate the headlines as much as you.can.but but but having said that when you.also then look across at national and.you you critique that.it just doesn't feel like there's.momentum so chris did mention that.trumpian thing and there's people and.placards and things but.if you look across at national it's it.feels quite stable can i ask you trish.do you feel as if because we know that.national.in the past have dominated headlines i.mean remember strikeforce raptor and.stuff under bridges they have that.ability to do it are they too scared.because they're scared of being.ridiculed.100 and isn't this the point right if.there was an ever a campaign where you.had a.raft of policies you thought [ __ ] we.can't bring those out in normal times.but really bold transformative stuff.that is going to get cut through.open the drawer and bring those things.out and dust them off.and i think that's what people are.actually crying out for.jacinda has declared a covert election.and i think that the national party and.i know that they know and i've been told.don't criticize jacinda don't don't say.it.love her so much and it's not going to.be but we're.getting them now where is.getting back to what you've just said.that the jacinda's declared a government.election no the people have declared.elections it's the owner.it's the only issue in town.i feel sorry for the national party.actually because you know.you know what opposition it's a very i.do and it's a very tough.job being in opposition because you to.try and get traction because.your role is to criticize and hold the.government to be to account.and you know there is just only one.discussion in town and and.and let's face it just done a fantastic.job the government's done a fantastic.okay.we're keeping kiwis thank you chris yeah.i'm gonna dump them in a technique but.it was just so unpredictable what are.you saying anyway listen we'll.take a break it's cool it's a five when.we come back let's talk about tax.because we all want to.news talks they'd be right welcome back.it's 13 to five at texas says heather.the media have made it a coveted.election it's all you people talk about.while we are starving for discussions on.policies well i'm going to give you a.wish here you go let's talk about.tax barry you're up first on this now um.labor has made it very clear grant.robertson has made it.very clear 39 tax is all they're going.to do.right do we believe them is the question.no well you can't and i think chris hit.on it.earlier on that there's coalition.negotiations to come post-election.and the likelihood is that it will be.there will be discussions.and also the likelihood is even though.james shaw hasn't given it his bottom.lines uh.wealth tax i think will be a big issue.for them and he's put that as a top.priority.and he he has said okay they'll walk and.sit on the cross benches and we could.have.a minority government and that's a.possibility as well.but i think look uh it's a cynical but a.very deft move.i think by grant robertson this week by.simply.announcing one tax and that was on.people earning more than 180.000 a year and in fact uh at 39.the i don't think too many of them will.be terribly worried about that.uh so it's not going to be a major turn.off so you know i think.i think um without any other detail on.tax.they've sort of moved it off the agenda.and they've left uh the opposition.uh basically gulping for for oxygen.because.uh where do they go after that yeah.let's have a quick listen to what grant.robertson had to say when he was asked.if they were implementing any other.taxes if.your coalition partner insists on.implementing taxes will you allow them.or will you not allow them.we will not be implementing any taxes.beyond what we've announced today.okay so here's the situation though.chris you've got grant robertson in.there let's say this.new zealand first isn't there the greens.are their only option otherwise they.can't form government does he go back on.that.well he says he's not going to and uh.hope listeners are listening carefully.because if it's just a a.majority or a minority labor government.of course there's less.chance that he will have to go back on.it yes but but.it means look i think a lot of voters.are.very very motivated to get rid of the.greens right but if they end up in a.situation and goodness me it doesn't.take a lot to all of a sudden end up.there like.every other big party has on on election.night with mmp.what do they do i mean does he need to.go back on it well i i don't know.but but one thing he does need to do is.to try and and set up a government.uh you know and this is a political.problem isn't it trish.this is why people aren't sure no and i.just think.history tells us there is never a bottom.line and whenever you ever.believed a politician around uh tax and.and i think this actually sets up for.over time you do a tiny bit now at.getting back to that 39.top top rate and that gives you another.bracket that over time you can.potentially.um move into but i i think actually the.bigger risk around um going back on it.is not if you're negotiating with the.greens but if.as it's looking more like it's still.unlikely but it is more likely if labor.got there on its own.then um you know all bets are off in the.next term they can.they can essentially come out and and do.what they want but then they'll never.get back again.exactly but the other thing is i think.what they should have done as well.and they haven't been touched for more.than a decade of the brackets.so you've got your 70 uh 70 000.and i think you know governments or.political parties have to start being.honest about this because those brackets.are not working you've got uh nurses.policemen.um you know people like that on over.seventy thousand dollars a year and.they're paying 33.cents on the dollar tax so they they.should be you.moving the brackets and in fact you may.remember that simon bridges he wanted to.attach them.uh to inflation so the discussion has.been had.but nobody's prepared to pick up on no.but i think.the bracket creep and then you said.where could national go there's a couple.of things.one is if if you want businesses to.start investing you would be looking at.tax breaks for businesses who want to.invest in new factories or things like.that.that would be the kind of bold.transformational policy you could come.up with in in opposition to labour.but also that bracket creek particularly.for hard-working middle new zealanders.think about a family in auckland who are.going to be the hardest hit.who are going to be the hardest hit and.and that bracket creep is really.significant.uh for them over time so i think if i.have national that's exactly where i.would.start to go all right so they may.resurrect that policy hopefully well.yeah maybe let's take a break it's.really hard too though barry they said.no tax cuts but anyway.let's take a break and when we come back.i want to hear what each of these three.are looking forward to in the next week.in terms of this campaign it's eight to.five news talks at b.so let's just get an idea from each of.these guys as to what they're looking.for this week and what.what they expect is coming trish i'm.looking for a pulse.in this whole election campaign i just.think it's so.big and blobby in the middle there's.really nothing you can grab onto and i.tell you what i'm worried about.and i think the party should be too.because of that and because of fatigue.around covert i'm worried that voter.turnout is actually going to plummet.and young voter turnout what on earth.are they.turning out to vote on because right now.there is nothing.and if you look go back to those.campaign ads they won't even see those.in their feeds or anywhere else the.messages just do not resonate.okay and what about you chris well i'm.confident there'll be great voter.turnout.but i think based on the prime.minister's excellence especially.especially.i'm looking forward to some outrageous.behavior from some of the small parties.in in the next week.you know we mentioned earlier that there.wasn't that lavis starved the other.parties of oxygen and then.last week well what happens when people.are starved of oxygen they get.desperate so i think we're going to see.desperation coming in the next week from.from the opposition parties from a big.bust and it's going to be really.interesting yeah actually i think that's.a really good prediction as well barry.well.of course um as was mentioned earlier.we've got prefu.the pre-election fiscal update coming.out this week.and that'll give us the debt to gdp and.no doubt the comparisons will be made.about australia i think they were at.seven percent.uh growth oh yeah and the gdp numbers.are on thursday as well.yeah uh and then you've got crown.accounts on thursday so.for grant robertson it's going to be a a.big finance week but.i'm a bit like trish i would like to see.a bit more um.substance in the campaign um and i know.we have had a lot of policy but they.have been fairly.uh superfluous policies i think in the.past week.but uh don't forget judith collins she's.kicking off by zoom.her election campaign on sunday so.that'll be your goal.[Music].that's one way to describe it it's.neither here nor there anyway guys it's.been really good to talk to all of you.looking forward to next week already.uh chris carter barry sober trish.sherson our front bench.we'll be doing it again on monday stay.tuned though because after the news.we're gonna go to chris hipkins and find.out from the health minister exactly.what it is.that changed his mind about the face.masks because remember three weeks ago.was.no no no social distancing on planes all.of a sudden today what's changed.they're allowing it and why is the rest.of the country still in level two news.2b.[Music].you.

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Quarterly Tax And Wage Report Division Of Taxation Rhode Island FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

Need help? Contact support

How much will a doctor with a physical disability and annual net income of around Rs. 2.8 lakhs pay in income tax? Which ITR form is to be filled out?

For disability a deduction of ₹75,000/- is available u/s 80U. Rebate u/s87A For AY 17–18, rebate was ₹5,000/- or income tax which ever is lower for person with income less than ₹5,00,000/- For AY 18–19, rebate is ₹2,500/- or income tax whichever is lower for person with income less than 3,50,000/- So, for an income of 2.8 lakhs, taxable income after deduction u/s 80U will remain ₹2,05,000/- which is below the slab rate and hence will not be taxable for any of the above said AY. For ITR, If doctor is practicing himself i.e. He has a professional income than ITR 4 should be filed If doctor is getting a Continue Reading

Why should it be so complicated just figuring out how much  tax to pay? (record keeping, software, filling out forms . . .  many times cost much more than the amount of  taxes due)  The cost of compliance makes  the U.S. uncompetitive and costs jobs and lowers our standard of living.

Taxes can be viewed as having 4 uses (or purposes) in our (and most) governments: Revenue generation (to pay for public services). Fiscal policy control (e.g., If the government wishes to reduce the money supply in order to reduce the risk of inflation, they can raise interest rates, sell fewer bonds, burn money, or raise taxes. In the last case, this represents excess tax revenue over the actual spending needs of the government). Wealth re-distribution. One argument for this is that the earnings of a country can be perceived as belonging to all of its citizens since the we all have a stake in the resources of the country (natural resources, and intangibles such as culture, good citizenship, civic duties). Without some tax policy complexity, the free market alone does not re-distribute wealth according to this "shared" resources concept. However, this steps into the boundary of Purpose # 4... A way to implement Social Policy (and similar government mandated policies, such as environmental policy, health policy, savings and debt policy, etc.). As Government spending can be use to implement policies (e.g., spending money on public health care, environmental cleanup, education, etc.), it is equivalent to provide tax breaks (income deductions or tax credits) for the private sector to act in certain ways -- e.g., spend money on R&D, pay for their own education or health care, avoid spending money on polluting cars by having a higher sales tax on these cars or offering a credit for trade-ins [ref: Cash for Clunkers]).Uses # 1 & 2 are rather straight-forward, and do not require a complex tax code to implement. Flat income and/or consumption (sales) taxes can easily be manipulated up or down overall for these top 2 uses. Furthermore, there is clarity when these uses are invoked. For spending, we publish a budget. For fiscal policy manipulation, the official economic agency (The Fed) publishes their outlook and agenda. Use # 3 is controversial because there is no Constitutional definition for the appropriate level of wealth re-distribution, and the very concept of wealth re-distribution is considered by some to be inappropriate and unconstitutional. Thus, the goal of wealth re-distribution is pretty much hidden in with the actions and policies of Use #4 (social policy manipulation). Use # 4, however, is where the complexity enters the Taxation system. Policy implementation through taxation (or through spending) occurs via legislation. Legislation (law making) is inherently complex and subject to gross manipulation by special interests during formation and amendments. Legislation is subject to interpretation, is prone to errors (leading to loopholes) and both unintentional or intentional (criminal / fraudulent) avoidance. The record keeping and forms referred to in the question are partially due to the basic formula for calculating taxes (i.e., percentage of income, cost of property, amount of purchase for a sales tax, ...). However, it is the complexity (and associated opportunities for exploitation) of taxation legislation for Use # 4 (Social Policy implementation) that naturally leads to complexity in the reporting requirements for the tax system.

Why did the colonists fight the American Revolution?

They wanted to make their own decisions on how to run their government. Many people were also against the war until they saw how British troops treated them. The troops looted homes. Seized land and houses for theif own use. Forced citizens to house troops . Colonists considered themselves British Americans and as such were protected by British law. Thus considered their treatment apalling.

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