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youtube video

Instruction of Finishing the Vampire The Masquerade V5 Pdf Download Form

hello everyone this is out star and.welcome to another of amper demostrate.related video they were going to focus.on something that you guys who really.want to see I asked you recently what.kind of a video you would like to see.here on the channel and a lot of you.told me that you are interested in.role-playing your own vampire in pen and.paper campaign but you do not know how.to stop this video will be a.comprehensive tutorial on how to make.your own crabtree sheet from scratch.maybe you have a storyteller but you.don't want to butter him or hair with.too many questions maybe you want to.apply a soul campaign because you can do.that as well.or maybe you want to join our discord.campaign whichever one it is I will be.very happy to help you out.we're going to base this video on the v5.core book which is the newest member the.masquerade core book available and also.the one on which majority of bloodlines.2 is based on and now that a lot of.people actually prefer v20 which is the.previous one but I am personally.role-playing v5 for a few months right.now and they have to say I really enjoy.it I think it brings a lot of new and.fresh ideas to the table and also it has.a lot of new mechanics which are really.really fun so without further ado let's.jump straight into it so let's start.with what you need in order to make your.own character and I think it shouldn't.be really a surprise for anyone playing.pen and paper role-playing games but you.do need a manual maybe you have a.straighter looking borrow you the manual.or maybe the story is cool enough to.share this information with you and.maybe get you through making the sheet.but in general not being sponsored or.anything I have to recommend just having.the book mostly because I know how many.questions and problems people who don't.have the book stumble upon the books are.available on the motif is entertainment.website as you can see and the one that.you need as the base is the viburnum a.straight fifth edition core book the pdf.version costs 20 euro you can also buy.yourself a paperback version if you want.to but this is enough to get you started.if you want to have a solo campaign just.you were playing with yourself which is.also super fun by the way this is.something that you will absolutely need.and also it's a really nice source of.information if you want to play with.other people now this book in particular.well.you to play as one of these clans Cory.ater bruja Gangrel Premier mal kayvyun.nos Bharati or vent true based on it you.can also play the sack a tip or a fin.blood or maybe if you want to make a.human character or a ghoul tractor there.are also rules for that there are no.information about other clans so if.you're looking to make a sim it's a.vampire and you want to buy this book to.give you the information about that no.way sorry if this is not enough for you.you can additionally by the anarchy.source book which allows you to play as.the ministry members that were known.back in the days as the followers of set.a really interesting clan and the camera.masters book allows you to play as Baloo.Hawking who we're knowing back in the.days as the SM eyes there is one more.clown available in v5 as for now and.that is la sombra but for la sombra you.need to have a chicago by night core.book which right now is in the pre-order.face it will be available this autumn.and also for those of you who packed it.on Kickstarter you are able to get.yourself a draft which already has the.summary details in it I'm not really.sure the draft is also available for.people who pre-order so you have to get.that information yourself but in general.source book basic glance post Katie's.and fin block an arc ministry came a.real abandon hacking and Chicago by.night allows you to play as la sombra.I'm going to give you a very basic.information about the Klan's available.in the source book in this video if you.want to know more about them I have a.specific plan videos on this channel and.there will be way more of them soon so.the second thing you will need is.obviously the editable character sheet I.will link this one down below so you can.download it yourself this is the.I'm using personally there are other.layouts available online but in general.remember that v5 has its own specific.sheets and you can't really use the v20.sheets to make the v5 character so if.you have some older sheets that were.available for the previous editions I.recommend downloading new ones just so.everything is up to date with the.current source book this will be.basically a regular fully fledged.vampire belonging to a clan and also.embrace quite recently so we won't be.spending any.no XP so first of all we are starting.with the name and for any one of you who.have problems with figuring out the name.of your character I really recommend.this website behind the name that come.it allows you to search for names and.their meanings and also surnames if you.want to so for example if you imagine.that you want to play as a vampire of.French descent you can go for French.names and look for masculine names for.example and it will show you a list of.names with their full meanings really.useful site I used all the time and I.make my own characters and yeah.recommend it so I'm going to just enter.my personal Jane Doe name which is.Brenda Adams in here I don't really know.where it started but I just call all my.characters Brenda Adams so the player is.obviously your name or your nickname it.is something for your storyteller or for.people you play with to know who exactly.this sheet belongs to so in my case I.will type out star Chronicle is the name.of the Chronicle you plan to use this.character in this sheet being editable.makes you able to add the experience.later on makes you able to edit the.health and any other things it can.actually change throughout the campaign.as we are having this big discord.campaign available for everyone to join.that you guys can join as well I will.actually use the name of that particular.campaign and it's Seattle by nuts I will.link it down below if you guys want to.read more about it so now the concept of.your character and this is somewhat you.really have to think about it has to be.a very short quick sum up of who your.character is or who your character where.as a mortal if it was a freshly embraced.person so as I think I will be making a.toreador in this particular sheet I.think about doing something more.stereotypical just to make you more.acoustic to it when you remember the.last one for example so let's say Brenda.Adams is going to be a burlesque dancer.cuz that really fits the traitors and I.think it will also fit similar things we.can add in there so burlesque dancer.that's the general concept for our.character she was abroad as dancer when.she was immortal and she still wants to.remain one as she is a vampire I'm.Bishan so this is something that can.change throughout the campaign for The.Chronicle you are in right now this is.something that your character aims for.your general goal so for example with my.auditory error that I was role playing I.had the inspiration seeker written in.there so basically the ambition was to.seek inspiration the ambition could be.to become a prince of the city if your.ventra for example the ambition could be.to obtain a very valuable artifact if.you're at ramier this can be something.that can be done from the campaign where.it can be something that you will just.aim to get throughout your actions.ambition is also important because of.some mechanical concepts in the game.sometimes you are actually rewarded for.trying to pursue your ambition so it's.important to remember it the ambition of.my burlesque dancer will be to own her.own burlesque club so let's do that and.I think now after the ambition it's good.to keep the predator at first and jump.straight into the clan for the clan we.have to choose one of these of course.there's also fill blood which is not.really part of the clan so you leave it.blank or you have to edit it and add la.sombra panel Hakeem or ministry if.you're using one of the other books so a.very quick sum up of the class again I.have the videos about them so if you.want to know the exact details of each.one of them just watch em but to be very.short and stereotypical in here bruja.are the passionate angry rebels gang.girls are the animalistic outsiders that.live close to nature.Malka viens are the insane ones the ones.that hear voices that seem more than.others but also our concerns will not.expire most of the other vampires.Nosferatu are the ugly ones the ones.that do not leave the sewers usually.because if humans see them they scream.poor readers are the beautiful ones the.ones that are the closest to humanity.the ones of arts and creation premiers.are the majors the ones that pursue.knowledge and are known for their bloody.rituals Ventre are the bosses usually.the politicians the corporate leaders.and ones who are the highest in the.vampiric ladder and Katie are everything.in between so basically a katie is a.known clan vampire who can have any.disciplines and you can just pick.something that you prefer.the thing is blinky that is kind of like.playing hard mode of this game because.you do level up your disciplines waist.lower than other clans and also you do.receive penalties your social checks.when you are talking to bumpers who know.that you're okay do people don't trust.them and still like them usually don't.make it a toreador a beautiful dancer.quite inspired by Vivi from vampire the.masquerade bloodlines and now it's.actually good to jump back to the.prototype this basically dictates your.preferred way of feeling some of them.dictate the exclusive way in how you.feed so you have to pick them very.wisely these are the ones available in.the core book but upon talking to.structure you can come up with your own.it's a little bit complicated though.because each of the prototypes come with.your own pluses and minuses with some.additional advantages or with some flaws.that are added to your character it is.very important to balance it out if.you're making a homebrew one but these.are the ones that proposes and I think.the variety is super huge so you can.pick something here that you will prefer.so starting from the top we have the.elekid's typical way of how you would.speed as a vampire I would say basically.by tackling people in the dark alleys.you are just going for the quick feed.and quick disappearance then you have.the bugger buggers do not feed from the.victims they feed from the blood bags or.any blood that is in the containers per.se they obtain the blood on the black.market or in some different kind of.means and they refuse to drink straight.from mortals mostly for moral reasons.bla bleach a really risky one really.problematic one but one of my favorites.blood leeches feet from other vampires.only I am role-playing as a blood mage.in our Seattle by night campaign right.now let me tell you it's.difficult basically you have to somehow.convince.order kindred to give you Vijay.consensually because if you first in.fight violence.I guess it's a very quick way to die so.you have to be very careful with this.and of course when you commit the a.blurry.you better not meet anyone that has all.specs for sometime because they will be.able to see that the problems with.blockage is that when you drink from.humans you do receive stains.so for each sip I ever take with my.vampire from a human.rasuu saying that can lower my humanity.cleaver is a bit of a problematic one.too because cleavers do feet from their.family and closed ones usually using a.wide arsenal of methods.starting from gas lighting to order.creepy things that they do in general.it's also seen very badly by other.vampires if other members will realize.that you're a cleaver it's your little.direct secret just keep it to yourself.consensual as well you never take blood.without the explicit consent of your.victim making you an obvious mask with.breacher so again a problematic one Alma.you drink from animals only you didn't.drink from people you feel like animals.are the ones that you should feed from.it is a very good one for Nosferatu it.is a very good one for those who prefer.to feed from rats.remember that you cannot take farmer or.bugger if your event true and also if.you want to play a vampire of high blood.pollen see the older vampire more.powerful one backs and animals will also.not satiate you so it's only for those.vampires who actually can get satiated.from angles the next one is Osiris.Asura Cyrus I don't know how to.pronounce it in English this basically.means that you were on an object of.devotion from your church members or.maybe your fans or maybe some kind of a.group that you Leeds you may be a guru.you may be a priest you may be actor who.has some fan club around him and you.feed exclusively from people from that.particular group so either from your fan.club or your worshippers or whatever.then we have a Sandman who drinks.exclusively from sleeping victims.so you either break into people's houses.and drink them interestly or maybe.you're a doctor who is Anastasia to.sedate their victims in the hospital and.before a surgery or before whatever you.do to them you just drink them.apparently it's also moral for some.vampires to drink from sipping victims.so the victims only think it was.nightmare or a bad dream and they don't.actually see you of course unless they.will wake up next we sing Queen sing.Queen drinks from people of a particular.subculture now let's say you are a punk.from squats and you are only fearing.from other Punk's coming from the squats.and you also have to pick some kind of a.subculture that you never drink from.there's a sink Queen for example you can.be a leader of the fun clap of one.particular kpop bands but you will never.drink from people who are fans of a.matter capable so I guess it's based on.your backgrounds who your character is.and what were the people they used to.run themselves well if you can pick sing.Queen.if you surrounded yourself particularly.with one type of people.and finally siren that is the one I'm.going to pick myself because it fits our.character the best I think that's the.one who drinks during sexual intercourse.so basically you're seducing humans to.go to the private place with you and.once they are in the private place with.you you suck I mean drink blood from.them you know what I mean.so sarin is something that I think would.fit the bullet answer very well because.she can seduce people through her.performances and later on after the.shell she can just drag some people into.her little changing room and then drink.them perfect.welcome society says your vampire daddy.or mommy this is someone who made you a.vampire who embraced you into your clan.you can totally make it up yourself as a.part of the backstory or you can also.talk with some other players of that.particular Chronicle and maybe someone.will agree to be your sire so it's like.a Brenda Adams Cyrus called Brandon a.damn perfect so now let's talk about the.generation so that means how far you are.from Cain and of course the lower number.the more powerful bumper you are in.general I don't recommend any.storytellers to allow their players to.be anything below generation 10.generation 10 or 11 I believe you're an.Ansel a so quite open older vampire for.generation 12 or 13 you are considered.to be a neonate generation 14 15 16 are.all Finn Bloods so basically when you.are of the generation your blood is fill.enough not to give you the curse and not.to give you any advantages of your clan.you have to pick a feel blood if you.want to be any of these.everything 9 and below is considered an.elder nowadays if you're a generation 9.or lower than that you do hear the call.of the becoming to might be summoned to.the whole candle war happening right now.in the Middle East let's say that our.wonderful Brenda Adams will be a neonate.of generation 12 so one thing that is.important to remember here is that your.prototype gives you some additional dots.or things that you have to act your.later on so we need to keep that in mind.and we to check out the book for what.exactly are the rules of this particular.prototype so we're going to add these.things to her sheet straightaway and.then we're going to fill the sheets.accordingly so first of all we are.picking one of the specialties for them.so it is either persuasion or subterfuge.I think our girl will be more flirty.than persuasive so I'm going to go for.subterfuge and I'm going to already add.the specialty seduction in here when we.are going to seduce someone we are going.to get additional dice for that role as.in this doll I'm going to go for another.thing that we have to add which is one.dot of either fortitude or presence I'm.screwing down to the disciplines I'm.going to pick presents in here and.already add one that we get from siren.which will allow us to pick first of.ability for presents later on I don't.want to do it right now I just want to.note it down that this is something I.get and now what we gain additionally.are the merits the first marriage begins.with siren is beautiful and that is.worth two dots in here merits and flaws.are one of the biggest reasons why do.you need a core book because they are.all mentioned in the book and their.exact price is mention there too so if.you don't want to spend hours asking.other people on what exactly can you.write in here it just good to have a.book at hand and we also gain the enemy.flow which is either a spurned lover or.jealous partner so what we do is we.write enemy in here and we have to.specify exactly what kind of enemy this.so I would say it is a jealous partner.Derek that is worth only one dot which.means that Derek is just immortal he's.not too dangerous but he is going to.sometimes appear in the campaign and.make it harder for us okay.we go up and we are back to our little.dots so the rules for the attributes up.here are kind of easy you do it the same.for every vampire no matter what your.generation is because the thing with.more powerful generations is that you.receive more XP points which you can.spend on them later on to get additional.dots somewhere but you start with the.basic rule your best attribute has four.dots three attributes have three dots.each poor attributes will have two dots.each and the worst attribute will have.just one dots so well we are a burlesque.dancer so first of all we have to focus.on our concept and what will be our.biggest attribute occurring to dance and.I would say that for a broad answer it.would be either dexterity to determine.how flexible we are how well can we move.or charisma that also helps us with our.stage performances.I will pick charisma as the highest.attribute for Brenda Adams and now I.have to pick three attributes of free.dots and I would say that the dexterity.has to be one of them because well we.are a dancer the second will be.manipulation because she does know how.to manipulate people pretty well she's a.master seducer and the composer will be.the third one I think as a dancer you.have to have some composure to publicly.appear on stage and try to remain calm.and cool about what you're doing.having compose yourself important for.public performance and the rest of them.will have to and once I think it's.important to focus first on something.that we will not literally do that let's.say that she is very frail she's a very.frail woman so her stamina will be only.one.and for the rest we do give her two and.voila the attributes are done that's how.you do them for free free free two two.two two and one that's basically the.rule and now based on those you can.actually feel these steps so your health.is your stamina plus free so for her it.will be four one two three or she's not.going to be able to take a lot of damage.when you come but so she should probably.avoid combat at all costs.hair willpower is her composure and.resolve added together so that's five.one two three four five whatever is very.important if you want to read.roll your bad rolls or if you want to.withstand the power of the beast within.you that will push you towards friends.Inc or will push you towards doing messy.criticals where you will not exactly.control your character fully well power.will help you with that so it is.important and in generally start with.humility 7 that is the basic humanity.that you get at the start sometimes it.can be higher for example farmer.prototype gets AIDS at the beginning now.I think it's important once you have.your humanity set to read the rules for.that particular humanity so for example.Brenda Adams having 7 humanity she.cannot really feel the pleasure from.sexual intercourse she has to fake it so.she won't have to roll during sexual.intercourse as a siren to fake that she.is actually having fun so as we have.that done we are safe to move towards.our skills jack-of-all-trades allows you.to pick one skill at free 8 skills at 2.and 10 skills at 1.balanced allows you to pick 3 skills at.3 5 goes up to and 7 skills at 1 while.specialist allows you to pick one.skillet for 3 skills at 3 3 at 2 & 3 at.1 I think for Brandon knowing that she's.a braless dancer we should pick a.specialist because she is indeed a.specialist in something and that's.something is obviously performance so.I'll actually go with the specialist.route and I will assign the points.according to that now a lot of people.are asking me whether they can just.spend the points however they want.around the sheet and in general the.answer is no you should pick one of.these free ways of assigning points but.I think the variety that it gives is.pretty bad so it shouldn't be a problem.so I'm going to pick performance as the.highest skill I have so that gives me 4.dots in here now I have to pick 3 skills.at 3 one of them will be my subterfuge 2.which I already have the specialty of.seduction this will actually allow me to.roll not three but four dice whenever I.will try to seduce someone now it is.important that if you will receive a.specialty or for example your prototype.but you will not invest in this.particular skill that.specialty basically equals one dot now.the other two skills I only have free.ads hmm.I would say athletics because again a.broadest answer should be able to be.quite athletic many persuasion as well.well she has to be at least a bit.persuasive if she's a seducer who bases.on her charisma so I think persuasion.will be quite fine for her and now I.have to pick three skills out too so.something we know less but something.that we are able to do as well I was.saying that working the burlesque lap.and didn't have a lot of the clients she.probably has a gun somewhere just to.defend herself from mortals who are a.little bit too eager to meet her so I.would assume two dots in firearms now.someone who is dealing with various.clients on a daily basis also probably.knows whether someone is lying or not.that role would be with those insights.that will give her two dots in inside.you just for that particular case and.the last one which i think is also very.important for someone who performs for.the audience is awareness a performer.should be aware of the general public of.who is watching them or what is exactly.happening in the crowd and usually the.ability to notice things around you is.based on the role of wits plus awareness.so I'm going to give her two dots in.awareness now we also have to pick free.skills and one so just basic things that.we kind of know and for that I'll.probably pick driving she's a modern.girl she does know how to drive she's.not very good at it but you know at.least something 113 crafts because maybe.she crafts her outfit sometimes and this.will be helpful and one dot in.streetwise because as the burlesque.dancer in some kind of a shady Club I.will assume that she has to contact with.people of various backgrounds I could.also pick etiquette if she actually aims.for the higher clientele so additionally.you can pick a free specialty for the.following skills.academics craft performance and science.but only when you have some points.invested already in the skills the same.as I told you about subterfuges.interaction so we do have a point in.craft and performance.can pick a free specialty for these two.and for crafting I would say costume.making now for performance that's.actually interesting because we could.write burlesque in here but I think I.will be a little bit limiting I can.write striptease for example so this.will only apply to when she is actually.dropping her clothes or I could maybe.write dancing so whenever she'll be.dancing maybe even when she's not.performing she'll be dancing in the club.she will get the bonus dice for that.leaving her with five dice and.performance just super high we can pick.any I would say as a siren whenever.she's stripping her stuff whenever she's.taking the clothes off she's actually.getting some additional dice that's.actually great because again it's gonna.work both on the stage and in the.bedroom and additionally we can pick a.free specialty for one skill of our.choice seduction for persuasion will be.also pretty useful so whether she's.going to try the persuasion or.subterfuge enroute when she is trying to.seduce someone it is always going to.give her additional dust so now it is.time for the discipline we get this one.dot impressions from our siren prototype.so this is already what we have and.additionally we can assign free dots.among two of our clan disciplines to the.batch so the disciplines of toreador.clan are presence all specs and celerity.of course so important thing is that.this doesn't matter for us right now we.have to pick two disciplines that we.want to invest these ads we cannot speak.all three disciplines and just assign.one point to each we have to pick only.two and assign our points based on that.and I think that the one we can drop.right now is all specs just so we can.get more points in presence which will.be important for her he doesn't really.need all specs as much as she has inside.and awareness already - you know somehow.scan the crowd run her and make sure.what are other people's intentions.towards her so this is going to help her.with the roles and all specs is not.going to be deaths useful I mean it will.be but we can invest experience in that.later so I'm going to pick presence and.celerity in here and we have no freedoms.that we can actually assign among these.I would say two additional dots in.presence and one dot in.clarity is perfectly enough forever so.what these dots do is that we can now.pick three abilities of presence up to.level three and one ability of celerity.from the level one that we want to use.as Brenda Adams I'll show you a little.part of the book just to show you an.example how it works like these are the.first three levels of presence and as.you can see on level one we have to pick.it in between oh and don't you do not.get both of these for free unless the.two we have a lingering kiss on level.three we have a dread gaze and and.transmits so some of these are more.about attracting people and some of them.are more about actually pushing people.away don't and dread gaze are the creepy.ones they're ways to use your presence.in the way to make other people scared.of you she's not really an Intimidator.our girls I don't think we'll actually.pick them with having a level free of.presence you can actually pick two.abilities of level one and the one.ability of level free for example so you.can pick all don't ends and transmit.let's say I think those are all feet.hurt the most are Oh we'll just.extremely okay by the way it's not going.to make people automatically fall in.love with you or anything like that but.all will make people believe that.whatever you're doing right now is.beautiful and also man enticing and all.is a very powerful role because using.all for free you can add your presence.dots to any role which is about doing.something charismatic or performance or.anything so all is something that will.pick the next one you will be lingering.kiss it will addicted to your kids TV.use it when you are biting the mortals.so I would be careful we're using it but.I think it fits her from the.role-playing perspective and for the.third level OPIC and transmits is.actually targeting a single person and.make them fall in love with you head.over toes and transmit is something that.she will use on her special clientele I.would say and then we have celerity on.level one we can pick in between cat's.grace or right beat reflexes and I do.think cuz grace is going to feed her.more from the role-playing perspective.that is it for the disciplines at the.beginning later on we can spend XP on.additional disciplines or additional.in here but as for now this is what we.gets resonance okay so I was wrong about.it back in the base I felt that this is.your favorite resonance that you have to.pick in here resonance is the taste of.the blood of mortals at the beginning.you actually don't pick anything in here.this is just empty and once you drink.from a mortal victim you can roll for.the temperament and the resonance of.that particular blood what this does is.if you will actually stumble upon a.human who has intense or acute resonance.of their blood this will actually affect.your roles and your disciplines for.example if you will find a human who is.super horny and has intense sanguine.taste to them you will be able to gain.additional dice in presence so at the.moment you don't really pick anything in.here this is only updated once you drink.that particular kind of blood as for.hunger you do start with one and you can.only say she ate this one dot of hunger.once you kill someone you as a vampire.you are never really able to search it.your hunger fully without killing so you.will always be a little bit hungry.unfortunately this is important for the.roles later in the game because the more.Hankou you are the bigger the chance for.you to score a messy criticals and other.things that you beast wants you to do so.I would recommend to keep your hunger.the lowest at any time because it will.help you with your roles next you have.20 Cal tenants that's something that you.have to agree upon with your storyteller.and order players so you got to talk.with them about it this is some kind of.a code of conduct that your group of.vampires your cautery will try to adhere.to basically there are some parts of the.mechanics that actually affect the.chronical tenets for example said i'ts.that members of the ministry will try.her best to make you break them this is.something that you really have to.discuss with your storyteller and with.other players in order to fill it up and.if you're playing the game solo well.that's solely up to you now touch tones.and convictions that is something that.bamboo does a lot of people and they.don't really know what to do with it so.we start with.usually you have to pick one two three.touch stones which are mortal that's.very important.mortal people that are somehow.importance to you in some way you don't.really have to have contact with them.they can be just someone you observe on.a daily basis like for example a shop.clerk that is working in the grocery.store nearby maybe also your servants if.you are a very pushy vampire and you're.on your own.servants who are doing things for you in.your house give me your ghoul it can be.any sort of a human that is somehow.important to you and for each touchstone.you have to also pick a conviction.conviction is a rule of conduct for your.particular Carter you have to have your.own code of conduct which also can be.evil but you should adhere to Dad's.route the campaign so for example for.Brenda Adams 100 touchstones can be.grandma Louie that's like old neighbor.of hers that takes care of her and it's.kind of nice another touchstone can be.called miss violet and she's another.dancer in her burlesque group and.someone that is our girl friends we can.say so we're these two touchstones we.also have to pick two convictions so let.me think about it very quickly one.conviction will be always to repay your.debts always aim to be the best.performer rats know that's kind of like.a more ambitious one that we can aim for.so yeah these are going to be important.because we will also have some mechanics.tied to the convictions later in the.game and yeah when we are role-playing a.character we can think about this.particular code of conduct that we're.trying to abide to now our clambake is.going to be Tory a terrain you can.actually specify it in here if you are.forgetful and you will remember it later.I remember that trader Bane is basically.that we do suffer from penalties to.rolls when we are in ugly environments.so we try to stay in places which look.nice for us there's also a compulsion.rules which you can add in here it's.also important to remember what your.client compulsion is for toreador the.compulsion is that we are being affixed.by something beautiful and we can't.do anything except for talking about.that thing for some time now let's go.over the blood potency that is something.on page I remember I think 216 of the.book this is actually ties to our.generation as a generation 12 vampire we.get the blood potency of one with blood.potency one this is what we feel blood.search is one so we get one additional.dye to rose when we use the blood search.meant amount this is the damage Mendez.pair single rose check and that's one.point of superficial like it's just red.one the supreme power bonus is.non-existent for blood potency one so we.can actually add additional dice when.we're using disciplines so for example.if you are of blood potency for you add.two dyes whenever you're using any of.your disciplines but as you are taught.let's see one you don't add any dyes in.that Rose reroll level one so what this.means is when there are any abilities on.the level one of your discipline that's.require you to use some blood then you.do the roush check and this rash check.can be successful that means that you do.not spend any blood your hunger doesn't.rise Rose riddle allows you to roll once.when you get a failure there so.basically oh now I get one hungry.because I use this level one discipline.what do i do or every roll success okay.I do not get hungry when you have a.higher blood puddin so you can actually.read all four disciplines of level two.and higher pink penalty know when you.are of blood potency you are higher then.you cannot use animal blood or blood.packs to satiate your hunger and pain.severity is once in the severity of our.clamp bane and that's important for the.rolls when our clown brain happens.though its participant experience I will.actually read 0 I assume it we are.playing as a newly made vampire and that.means that we don't have any experience.to spend so in terms of merits and flaws.apart from these two which we got from.our siren prototype we additionally can.spend seven points of advantages and.take two points in flaws which we're.going to do straight away I'm going to.the ones they think are going to be.useful for our girl so first of all she.does in the Haven so if you want to have.a stable place to stay and not be forced.to search for another place every night.you do have to take at least one.advantage got in Haven and now one that.in Haven only means a small and not very.luxurious place if you want to have an.actual house or a secured apartment or.anything like that you should take two.dots in that so I want her to have a.more comfortable Haven so I'm going to.spend two points in that additionally.you can take some objectives or traits.for your Haven and one that I really.want to have is a security system that's.at Haven security system which is worth.one and that means that we already spent.three dozen advantages so the two.neurotic is your resources that's.general well and the money that we.gained and then we have array that we.can spend and with two dots in that we.are a middle-class so I'm going to.actually add in here middle-class this.allows us to you know have some money.for our spendings but not too much and.love them at least I want to have a.heard which is a group of mortals that.we can feed rum regularly and just a.very quickly check out a book her level.two I still have four to seven vessels.half of who share one resonance that you.pick when you buy this advant say think.for us it will be the clients of our.burlesque parlor and these are the.stable clients that come back every.single time so I'm going to add it in.here clientele and yeah and the reason.we actually spent all of our advantage.points in that we have seven points.spent and now we also interest you in.flaws and because of our background as a.burlesque dancer that is seducing a lot.of people I would add the flaw of.starkers one that in starters means that.there is always someone who is trying to.stalk us and follow us home when we kill.that person when we get rid of them it.is usually replaced by someone else soon.after so I think one of them stalkers.actually is quite good for role playing.reasons for this particular character.and little while.means that usually we owe something to.some gangsters for example or maybe we.are a close friend of someone who has.infamy level two and I think that me a.pretty cool take on the role-playing of.this character so for example means.violets who is our close.touchstone someone that we spend a lot.of time with she owes a lot of money to.a lot of drug dealers because she's an.addict and we tried to cover for her and.because of that we gained infamy one.among this particular group so I would.say infamy one among the drug dealers I.think this actually sums up our culture.really nicely and now the only things we.have to feel are the fun things so the.true edge apparent age date of birth.date of death appearance distinguishing.features and history I will leave that.up to you guys because I don't think I.have to feel that myself in the stream.whatever you want to add here just go.overboard write whatever you want.something that I really want you to know.is that character she doesn't really.matter that much it has to be done.properly because of the mechanics and.because it's going to help you with the.roles but you can have literally any.character even the most.stereotypical basic one and you can.still role play an immensely interesting.character based on that it is very.important to remember that what you put.in here doesn't really mean that you'll.be a good or bad role player it is about.the role play itself that will determine.whether your character will be memorable.so my friend pyro.he actually did something really cool.for you guys if you will go to the.discord server below you can check out.the creation guide and there are links.to the basic character sheets for each.of the Klan you can based on these.sheets to make your own crafters I'm.going to show you how they look like all.of them are made in the way so you can.just start playing without having the.book so we did fill up the disciplines.for you and the backgrounds merits and.flaws so you can actually have to have a.book for these all you need to do is.just fill your own attributes and skills.and add some customization and your.character is done so you can take any of.these we pick the prototypes based on.what gives you the most classes to your.party.are important disciplines or things that.can actually be useful for your.particular clan and we also assigned the.merits and flaws accordingly so you can.just jump in and have a very nice basic.sheet for your character feel free to.use them because pyro has done them for.you and thanks Firefox we're doing them.they are super taking useful.all right guys and that's a whole host a.long video but I really hope that I.covered all the basics for you if you.have any questions about character.creation I think the book answers most.of them so if there's anything that is.only clear for you I do recommend.getting the book so you can get the full.information about that thank you guys so.much for joining me today the next clan.is announced already the last playable.clan of vanilla bloodlines to you is mal.kayvyun so my next video is going to be.about Malky lian's i can't wait to show.you the outfit thank you so much guys.and see you in the next video goodbye.

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