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The Stepwise Tutorial to Supreme Court Writs 2009 2019 Form

youtube video

Instruction of Supreme Court Writs 2009 2019 Form

okay hi again welcome back dirty Steve.Fondren we are talking in this video.about Supreme Court United States.federal court overview and a little bit.about the writ of certiorari I hope I'm.pronouncing that right but now this.video is gonna be a little bit longer.but it's gonna be packed with.information this has I'm gonna give you.a lot of the nuts and bolts of the.things that you know you need to know.about the federal court system how it.works and how a case might get to the.United Supreme Court.United States Supreme Court so listen in.this will hopefully be a lot of valuable.information for you okay so this is my.website and I'm just gonna walk you.through a blog that I just wrote this is.right here how cases you might get to.the United States via a writ of.certiorari and I'm gonna include some.photos I have a recent trip that I took.to Washington DC I got some really great.photos but I'm just gonna show you a.couple of those as we're talking through.this so here's the outside of the United.States Supreme Court building as I say.here it's the Yankee Stadium of the.federal court systems it's the it's a.top dog the big court this is where the.big cases are heard that affect your.life okay basically in a nutshell so.let's go through it here so now overview.of the federal court system now we are.talking about essentially three layers.okay you're gonna have your district.courts your courts of Appeal and you're.gonna have your nighted state Supreme.Court okay and so your cases will.usually work up from the district court.to the United States Court of Appeals up.to the up to the United States Supreme.Court okay district courts what are.these the federal court system is made.up of 94 district district courts these.courts hear civil cases criminal cases.bankruptcy cases and these are known as.trial courts because they may hear both.civil criminal but they hear the facts.the jury usually you have a jury system.this is where you're gonna find her.juries and the juries are known as the.finder of fact they determine whether a.fact is true not true whether what the.facts of the case are that's left up to.the jury so that's going to happen down.in your federal.mr. quartz now I'm gonna give you an.example of California now California has.four different federal court districts.they have the Northern District the.center now that's up in the northern.districts up in the San Fran Bay area.you have the Central District that's.around Los Angeles area you have the.eastern district which is north of that.and then you have the southern division.which is down in the should say two.district down in San Diego Southern.California area so you have these four.different districts do you want to watch.a video to see what a district court is.and how that system may look in one.district in California I've got a video.there for you just go to my website here.United States Supreme Court you can see.the domain up there and you can watch.that video and learn a little bit more.about the district court level okay now.there are also other federal courts what.we call courts of special jurisdiction.and these would be number one your.international court this is located in.New York and in this international court.usually it's customs disputes.international disputes both domestic and.foreign so you have these specially.created what we call article 1 courts.which I'll talk about in a second - you.have the United States Court of Federal.Claims now this is really interesting a.lot of people probably don't know about.this but the United States Court of.Federal Claims this is where you go when.you have a federal issue against the.government and there's a lot of.different types of claims that this.court may hear anything from a copyright.infringement case against the government.- you know harmful vaccinations or.you're getting injured by vaccinations.also cases where maybe you're unjustly.convicted and you're coming back to the.government saying oh hey I've been in.jail for 25 years now I want.compensation you convicted me wrongfully.of a federal crime of which I didn't do.so there's a lot of different cases in.the US Court of Appeals I provided some.links here if you want to go in and.check those out and learn more about the.end of individual courts you can you new.United States Tax Court is another court.the federal veteran and military courts.you have all these different kinds of.federal courts.you know keep track of what we're saying.here so now we have our district courts.which is our lower trial courts we have.these courts a special jurisdiction and.we also have down here I have federal.regulatory agencies now although these.are not technically courts oftentimes.you will see that they have hearings and.they have there's there's things they.can do to you or your business for.example the SEC the FCC the Federal.Communications Commission FTC Federal.Trade Commission's so there's different.enforcement actions and things that they.can do and these are I call them courts.they're somewhat like courts but these.are also cases that can end up being.appealed to the United States Supreme.Court okay so that's another level of.federal courts then we have our US.courts of Appeal now this is there are.12 regional circuits located across the.United States and they're going to hear.these different Appeals coming up from.these courts that we just mentioned the.district courts in these other special.courts the appeals are going to come up.to the United States Court of Appeals so.I'm gonna give you an example of United.States Court of Appeals in California.for example the Ninth Circuit a lot of.people have heard of this.the Ninth Circuit a lot of decisions.coming out of the Ninth Circuit and the.Ninth Circuit covers this entire of this.really huge western area of the United.States California Arizona Utah you can.see all the states that I have on here.it covers all these major areas you can.also see down here a lot of people don't.know Guam and the Northwest Mariana.Islands so the courts of appeals are.located throughout the United States and.these court these cases from the federal.courts if they're not happy the person.loses the defendants not happy with the.decision they appeal it on up to the US.Court of Appeals that's your next step.in the process okay note the appellate.courts as I noted here are not trial.courts these are for the most part these.are courts that are going to look for.prejudicial errors of law you know.things that happen in the.our court in the trial really egregious.things that happened or maybe not too.egregious maybe.failure to submit a piece of evidence to.the judge overruled the evidence and.didn't allow it in the case so this is.where you see a lot of Appeals the.appellate courts are there's no juries.there's just essentially three judges so.the attorneys would be coming in making.the argument to three judges judges are.gonna make a decision there's no juries.or anything like that okay and again.these are where you're essentially the.party that's coming up is the appellant.that's the loser the appellant and the.appeal II is that Perez the other person.that won the case at the the lower court.level okay let's see and again these.courts can hear a civil criminal.bankruptcy these trade issues these.copyright claims is vaccinations like.anything okay so these are gonna funnel.on up to the United States courts of.appeals as I did some quick research on.there it looked like in 2016 there were.over 10,000 appeals filed so there's.quite a few Opia appeals filed realizing.that's covering a big area you can see.some district court maps so you can see.all the other areas in the United States.but there's a lot of different areas.okay there's a look at the inside of the.United States Supreme Court if you've.never seen it this is through you can.actually take a tour you can go out.there and take a tour this is what you.can see you can actually get a tour.guide and go in there you can see the.benches that's where your federal.Supreme Court justices are gonna sit and.as you can see they're not sitting there.today so let's go down now some people.say well how was the Supreme Court.established Supreme Court was.established by article 3 of the United.States Constitution which says section 1.due judicial power of the United States.shall be vested in one Supreme Court and.in such inferior courts as Congress made.from time to time ordain and snap and.established so the authority for.creating the United States Supreme Court.is right there in your Constitution.it gives gives the authority right there.and it gives Congress the authority to.establish the lower what they call.inferior courts and those are your.federal district courts and these other.special jurisdiction courts that we just.talked about so now you get a flavor of.how that's gonna work as I put in here.section 2 you can see cases I'll let you.read that if you're interested but.basically cases in law and equity.different cases be parties between two.states so forth and so on other.jurisdictional questions and things like.that now you may also hear the term from.time to time article one courts what are.article 1 courts these are courts.established by the legislative branch.again the ones I just talked about the.international court the federal court US.Court of Federal Claims the Tax Court.these are your article 1 courts now in.these courts it's a little bit.interesting it's a little bit different.and I'll talk about the federal judges.in a second but in these cases the.federal judges would not be sitting for.their entire lifetime meaning they would.not have a guarantee job for their.entire lifetime so that's something to.know how cases might progress to the.Supreme Court this is what a lot of.people want to know how do you get your.case into the United States Supreme.Court.how do you do you just file paperwork's.do they have to hear my case the short.answer is no they don't have to hear.your case unless it's an original case.of original jurisdiction and I'll talk.about that in a second I'll talk about.it right now a matter of fact that's.right here so there is one way to get in.and I've got what do I have I have it.your top three ways right here one.Supreme Court original jurisdiction.there are certain cases where for.example ambassadors there is a dispute a.legal dispute involving ambassadors of.another country those have original.supreme court jurisdiction that means.they can just file a case just like you.would a complaint in your federal court.or your state Superior Courts they can.just file a complaint with the United.States Supreme Court and the court will.hear it because this is supreme court.jurisdiction now it's important to know.that Supreme Court jurisdiction is.usually known as limited jurisdiction.they can't hear every case Under the Sun.and so I have article 3 section 2 which.points that out in all cases affecting.ambassadors and other public ministers.and consuls and those in which a state.shall be a party that's another class of.cases where a state let's say the state.of Connecticut or state of New York.wants to file a suit against another.state the Supreme Court shall have.original jurisdiction in all the other.cases before mentioned the Supreme Court.shall have appellate jurisdiction so the.Supreme Court may have the original.jurisdiction in a case with an.ambassador everything else numbers two.and number three that I'm going to talk.about in a second our appellate.jurisdiction they review the facts and.whatever they want to review they're.going to review to the Supreme Court so.they have appellate jurisdiction so they.have the two different types of.jurisdiction that's one way to get into.federal court number two appeals from.the highest state of any court now to.give you an example so say I have a.right of publicity case in the state of.California that's a state law claim.that's California Civil Code section 33.44 that's a state law issue if I file my.case in the Superior Court let's say in.Los Angeles and I want to take that on.up I'm not happy I lose the case so I.want to take it up on appeals I take it.to the Court of Appeals for the state.court system so I'm going from the state.court to the state court of appeals and.if I'm not happy with the decision there.and if I have enough money or a good.contingency case you take the case on up.to the California Supreme Court that's.the highest court in California so your.your case would progress just the same.way it would in your state court as it.would in your federal court with your.district court your Court of Appeals.United States Supreme Court here you.have your Superior Court your Court of.Appeals and then you have your.California Supreme Court so when you get.to the highest level here if you're.still.not happy if you still don't win that.right of publicity case you can take it.up on RIT.take it up on a RIT as they say writ of.certiorari to the United States Supreme.Court now they may take it they may not.a lot of times they don't take cases.very few actually get through the net.but you have a chance anyway to take.your case up to what we call the court.of last resort the United States Supreme.Court the court of last resort so that's.your second weigh-in is appeals from any.of the highest state courts of any state.you know Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas.California Colorado Connecticut doesn't.matter on and on and on okay you can.take it from the highest court up to the.United States Supreme Court on a rich.number three as I noted is an appeal.from any of those other cases that other.courts I was talking about the district.courts the the article 1 courts you know.the international customs court you can.take all that stuff up on a writ but the.judges are going to hold the discretion.they get decide whether or not they're.going to hear your case whether it's not.important enough which is a lot of cases.and and so forth and so on all right.so here's one of the pictures that I.took inside the Supreme Court building.this is Sandra Day O'Connor she has her.own federal courthouse named after her.in Phoenix Arizona and there's a nice.picture of her sitting there okay what.is a writ of certiorari let's get down.to a lot of people want to know what is.it it's basically a document that you.file telling the court what happened.you've got your lower court proceedings.and you're telling the court what.happened you're paying a fee I think it.believed it's $300 but you're paying a.fee and you're basically asking the.court will you please review this case.it's coming from the lower court and.explaining the procedure and the process.by which you came up to this court and.as you can see from my Cornell Institute.it's a writ meant for rare use and it's.Latin for to be more fully informed okay.so you're really just giving the judge.the information if the judge grants your.writ number one you're pardoned dancing.in the.streets because that's a pretty big deal.and what it is basically is an order to.the lower core to the whatever the other.Court was that you were coming from to.deliver its record in a case so that the.higher court may review it okay the so.US Supreme Court uses certiorari to.select most of the cases remember I said.there was original jurisdiction the writ.of certiorari is a common law writ which.may be abrogated or control entirely by.statute or Court rules and in fact they.do have the Supreme Court rules which.you will give you a link to down below.if you want to go review it so some.people say well what type of cases are.they actually gonna hear and let's go.down a little further got this section.here usually there has to be an.important constitutional issue for.example a free speech First Amendment.issue a Fourth Amendment search and.seizure or something like that Fifth.Amendment due process Tenth Amendment.states rights you know something along.these lines Second Amendment right to.bear arms good so it could be any of.these types of issues well that's one.way if you have something important.enough that the justices decide we need.to all get together and make a ruling.here then it may they may grant your.your writ to number be an important.issue involving federal law so say you.have just a really important issue.involving federal law and it's important.to the to the citizens as a whole the.judges may say geez we need to get.together we need to settle the law we.need to let people know this is an.important issue so it could be an.important important issue of federal law.that could be anything that could be.copyrights trademarks patents that could.be you know Admiralty law that could be.maritime law could be tax law be.anything anything that arises under the.federal laws of the United States okay.that's be that's another way an.important issue of federal law see.another way is where you have remember I.said you had all these different.district courts these circuit courts and.one circuit doesn't agree with another.and for side this way fiber siding that.way there's a split of authority as we.call it there's a split of authority.that may be important enough for the.just.is to say let's take this up let's.settle the law in this area we can't.have all this big conflict of what the.law really is okay so those are some.common ways to get in there now that's.you know again they hold all the cards.they could decide just to be here just.about anything that they wanted to okay.what is the process I'm not going to go.through that with you here but there is.an information sheet on it here again.file it if you want to see what it is.check out the Supreme Court rules there.the fee and I there's a phone number.there for more information most of us.won't be filing one of these actually.it's just kind of nice to know how it.works.there's a picture walking down the.hallway the Supreme Court building.walking down the hallway towards the.main towards the main level and again.will it be granted that's up to them.of course odds are slim last the the one.stat that I looked at looked like there.was 7,500 filings and a hundred and.fifty of them actually granted so really.high number versus you know file versus.granted so not too many does it mean to.discourage you if you believe you have.rights effect that were offended or.something was done wrong it's really a.Supreme Court case that you want to take.all the way then you file you give it a.shot there's some information about a.firm there I've got a great video on the.First Amendment if you want to know more.about that and I've got some great links.here to share I'm gonna just gonna tell.you about those real quick oyez or or.yay however they say at OE AOA these are.the live oral arguments so if you're.wondering what does it really sound like.when these lawyers are duking it out.inside the Supreme Court chambers what.does it really sound like click there.you can look up the case you can hear.the lawyers arguing it's pretty cool.Supreme Court opinions I've got that.here the SCOTUS blog Supreme Court of.the United States that's one that's I.really like and here's a list of your.Supreme Court judges so that's about it.I hope you've enjoyed this if you've got.it through this far you're awesome.if you're taking some sort of civics.exam you're going to know more than most.people are political science people so I.hope that's been helpful if you like.this video.share it give me thumbs up give me likes.comment down below do anything just show.me some support okay thanks a lot I hope.you have a great day we'll talk again.attorney Steve you can find out my.information at attorney Steve calm it's.generally go information only and not.legal advice take care now.

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Supreme Court Writs 2009 2019 Form FAQs

Check the below common doubts about Supreme Court Writs 2009 2019 Form . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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How can I proceed to the Supreme Court after 9 years for filling out a petition?

I consider the 9 years as a judgement or order by the lower court. According to the Supreme Court Rules, 1966 A petition need to be filed within 30 days from the date of the order or judgement. So, No. You can't file a petition after 9 years.

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What would happen to the supreme court and the country overall, if Republicans manage to fill all supreme court seats i.e. nine out of nine?

The political party of the president who appoints a Justice to the Supreme Court, as well as the registered political party of the nominee, is not always much of an indicator as to how that person will act on the Supreme Court. The author of Roe v. Wade (Harry Blackmun) was a Republican appointed by a Republican president (Nixon). Sandra Day O’Connor, a Republican appointed by a Republican, at one time provided the swing vote to keep affirmative action alive. Chief Justice Roberts, a Republican appointed by a Republican cast the vote that kept “Obamacare” alive. Anthony Kennedy, appointed by a Republican president, authored the opinion that legalized same sex marriage. Antonin Scalia, another Republican appointed by a Republican authored the opinion upon which sanctuary cities are based. Political party does not always lead to an identifiable judicial philosophy when it comes to the Supreme Court.

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Go to homepage of COMEDK go to www. Comedk. org. in. then go register and after getting registered u will get a application number then u can proceed in the application form.

How important is it to fill the Supreme Court vacancy?

It’s not vital in the short term sense that the court can still function with 8 members, but we are moving towards a system where court vacancies can only be filled if the president’s party controls a supermajority in the Senate. If that state of affairs persists throughout Trump’s presidency, which it easily could, it risks becoming an entrenched custom, and that would be very bad for the health of US federal democracy.

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