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[Music].well hello everyone and welcome to our.season recap show the 250 class of Lucas.Oil Pro Motocross sanctioned by AMA Pro.Racing for 2019 Jason wagon joined by.multi time motocross and Supercross.Champion grant Langston behind us the.pits are packing up for the final time.we have completed a 20 for Moto 12 round.journey from coast to coast and in the.250 class every season starts.essentially with the same storyline we.don't know what's going to happen these.are young unproven riders no one had.ever won this title before but in the.end we see the same thing one rider.figures out the consistency game and it.really makes all the difference it's not.just going fast it's doing it week in.and week out on all the different tracks.yeah and the other thing too to factor.in is someone's going to be a new.champion this year and no one's won this.outdoor series in the 250 class so a lot.of riders a lot of things to play for we.saw some of the riders of speed they.haven't Supercross will that translate.to outdoors and who's gonna be the lucky.guy at the end of the year all right.let's get to the highlights starting at.our season opener in Northern California.in hang town I think if Justin Cooper is.gonna edge everybody out of the 32 and.he's got Simpson rule on the 92 right.behind him now to the rear wheel is seen.Cirillo can he figure out a way to make.a pass like you said Cooper's gonna do.everything he can to make that difficult.multiple lines here on the uphill yeah.that was that outside line that's.starting to develop so as that inside.gets rough it'll become slow in the ice.I don't get better see eligos from the.outside squares across all the bumps and.rough stuff so maybe better lines at the.moment it looks like from since Arella.and the crowd starting to respond a.battle for the lead I think also maybe.some sympathy votes after the.heartbreaking Supercross finish to the.season force in Cirillo good to see him.bouncing back.can he bounce back all the way to the.top of witness moto will after Justin.Cooper you're gonna have something to.say about that what a difference a year.makes he led the first moto in 2018 for.four laps then faded back this time he.leads it from beginning to end Justin.Cooper takes the first moto of the.season.and it's one of the Yamaha up front.again could it be no it's not Cooper.it's the 39 his teammate Colt Nichols.seems to roll up another good start in.second as the rain is coming down.Michael Moseman of the white number 36.in contention and third as well see it's.a rule around the outside takes the lead.sometimes when it's raining this heavy.even the rose to get stuck already stuck.and that's gonna be an easy pass for.Martin to take over second Francis yeah.it gets around Nicholson's teammate so.Martin up to second Miranda stood third.that'll cook Fred it's in position for.the overall podium but since her low has.regressed some control over this 250.class at least in Lucas Oil Pro.Motocross what a huge rebound from an.emotional heartbreak two weeks ago in.Supercross Adam since Rula wins here at.Hangtown what a rebound for Adam seen.Cerullo lost a Supercross Championship.in a heartbreaking crash just two weeks.earlier valuable lessons learned for a.title contender you know for kids out.there that you know that see us and we.go through such peaks and valleys you.know and I was taught by my parents and.the people around me that most important.shot is the next one you know you got.that you got to get back up and you got.to fight I mean life's full of ups and.downs and it's nice to get the outdoor.started off like this and to reload keep.this going round two in.you.the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.is brought to you by MX vs. ATV get the.MX vs. ATV all-out video game on Xbox.one and PlayStation 4 and by Lucas Oil.made in America sold to the world.welcome back to the season in Review for.Lucas Oil Pro Motocross in the 450 class.of next round - at Fox Raceway in.Southern California and after an.emotional round one win and Rox antenna.gets edged by Blake back into the number.4 gonna leave it into turn one and nail.down the motorsport comm hole shot so.back in the Southern California native.who has moved to Florida actually does.not have a lot of experience on this.track it's up front room not for long.where the rocks and truck rookies.already in the number one spot oh is.that packet yeah back it down second.place rider has hit the death pack if.it's very aggressive to try to hold off.Anderson but it has come undone and.moose Camry pass to Anderson as well so.just like that barber moose can has gone.from fourth to third to second boots to.the inside for a moment he almost ran.into Tomac oh that prints up to the.outside is it's going to work all this.gets turn back the opportunity it does.so Marvin that's the problem when you in.the meat of a sandwich you're trying to.attack and defend.eli saw the opportunity took the line.away at the exit can he get rocks in his.palm and get suddenly found himself in.position to win this moto he was a.distant fourth at one point he's gotten.Anderson he's got moon scan and now his.old rival Ken Roczen to try to take the.lead Scott rocks was gonna try to fight.back.here's Tomac won the second moto last.week at Hangtown quickly trying to make.it two in a row and call off any sort of.alarm as to him having the capabilities.to win three titles in a row he takes.the first moto here at Pella and Roxon.just folds off moose can another great.finish and we are underway here.[Applause].[Music].another KTM up front this time though.it's Bogle it was his teammate Blake.Baggett who got the motorsport comm old.shot in our first rains couple riders.off track buckle in the nineteen moon.Stan made the most of that outside.starting spot he's in second ahead of.baguette and then Tomac I give it a.moment right here Vogel makes mistake.out of the quarter can moose can take.advantage yes yes it does Bobo's gonna.try to get it back though now you can.see how they had to tip throat tiptoe.through that section Martin moose can.still leads here at Fox Raceway of.Pallett California but for how long to.fight back make it happen.Wow you see Tomac just take the line.away from Marvin the minute he had the.lead we have 20 Moto's to go and you.could definitely see how determined.writers like Roxton and moose can and.Osbourne and Anderson tomorrow in the.end Tomac has won again no troubles here.Eli Tomac is back on top and looking.good in pursuit of a third straight.title he's home race in Colorado is next.anyone's respond.[Music].and one of the Rockstar Huskies has got.the started I think it's off born second.gate pick inside gate pick whatever it.might have been oh oh and a rider down.who's born May the inside work for a but.quickly under attack.muskan was the one that went down they.what's on the outside got pushed out.wide front wheel went over the berm.disastrous start for him all right here.we go it's a smart move to get rid of.those goggles real quick keep the clutch.and throw the frenchies on don't lose.that clutch look what's that.ten seconds roughly he was probably.losing three to four seconds off of his.top speed.this is Tomac trying to lose no that is.a lap rider but he has caught both.Baggett and Anderson he might be able to.salvage top five out of this big leap do.the rollers it's right next to bail then.has the pass here we go Kent Roxon takes.another moment win here in Lucas Oil Pro.Motocross the first moto of this true.value Thunder Valley national.now Watson comes back a parakeet anslee.them into the corner it's blank baguette.and Cooper Webb and weds gonna get the.motorsport comm hole shot but we're oxen.works the outside it's right behind web.web is able to cover the line now we're.going to go through these rollers uphill.rocks and using momentum it's a long way.around who's gonna be the outside in.this corner let's see begin feet went to.the exit things downhill might be the.most treacherous part of the track of.they're side by side the pastas still.not completed but Broxson I think it's.got it if he doesn't bubble into that.turn go back to the inside stand corner.that he used to get mousse can can web.fend him off whether be on the inside of.the top of the hill I tell you what.Tomac worked every inch of that.racetrack up there kind of like head.wraps did round the outside again.couplet does not want to get this up Eli.over jump set jump and once again able.to get back to that inside close the.door yeah these are two riders doing it.at a very very high level this is how.you dissect a motocross track raphson.trying to stop tonic Tomac a big charge.down inside that came quickly to respond.Bronson's on the outside but is he gonna.try and cut up the inside of Toback you.tried Tomac anticipated that now watch.this as up colors are super gnarly watch.how they do it slightly different at.times but very effective.Sevilla Tomek had to deal with the.adversity in the first moto got held up.with some riders crashing in front of.him the goggles broke they got a fixed.he finished thin he rebounds and wins.the second moto here in his home state.in Colorado but for the second time in.three races this year the Renaissance.for Ken Roczen continues by winning here.in Colorado.Tomac was fastest in qualifying but.troubles in the first moto opened the.door for another Roxon win here's Kenny.with will Christian on the podium yeah.thank ya the couple of lines I should.have switched up but uh I tried all the.way through he was just a little bit.quicker in the end there and but a good.thing is I didn't let him get too far.away almost collided with a back marker.there with just before one lap to go.because he was crashing my lock again.then Roxon is on top again and making.for a great story.after years of injury making a genuine.bid at his third 450 Pro Motocross.Championship can he keep it up.welcome back to our Lucas Oil Pro.Motocross Championship review Jason wag.and alongside both two-time motocross.and Supercross Champion grant Langston.here's highlights of Round four at my.point late swing.to make a good start but he's too far.wide in blank bag and it's gonna grab.the lead on the number for the Rocky.Mountain atv/mc WPS KTM so back at fast.and qualifying fast off the start.Cooper went same thing he's second oh.wow Tomac goes down so Webb around him.for second Anderson around him for third.and now rocks in about to get into a.battle with Tomac so it's shaken up here.hi boy you can cease trying different.lines in almost every corner that they.are cup of corn as Oz where it makes it.mistake and that is why you don't follow.that's what he needed Anderson just a.little bubble from Webb open the door.did wet wind and go down and it just.sucked mud on them yeah he looked take.every relaxed posture there nope he was.that moose cam behind him that's.actually Bogle to meet lost several.positions did Cooper Webb I think we had.the crash right oh well that could have.been really bad the landing actually.wasn't so much but that was an.unintentional freestyle and they have.been raised withers time and time again.and they're gonna do it this time.blood Baggett wins the first moto at.high point here we go.Joey's a bunch in the green 17 the.Monster Energy Kawasaki is gonna lead.them into turn one and I believe he has.again it's down early and it's going to.have to go into cut backbone for the.second straight race.how frustrating for Marvin loose can we.just said if he got a good start he has.the speed to win but after that I don't.see that happening but a lot of the Fox.riders near the front Cooper with good.start for him we don't often see rocks.and lose his cool out there but I wonder.how many these boobs he's gonna take.from Anderson before he tries to return.home some impression red zone he doesn't.need to Anderson made a mistake Roxon.takes advantage up front 10 rocks.another 94 in red has caught two later.Cooper Webb wastes no time taking the.lead to see that that was unbelievable.head from rocks it toe max getting.desperate now you can see his patience.running out and where it's just able to.cover every corner now he's gonna go to.the outside if he gets a good drive up.this hill this could be his best shot.he's got it huge run around the outside.it was the long way was the tough way.but that's the way Tomac likes to do it.he puts the number one Monster Energy.Kawasaki in the second and now with a.third of the first moto and a second in.this one he's in position for the.overall but wave is not one to give up.then Roxanne's won this title twice Eli.Tomac who has won this title twice now.they're gonna be tied four rounds into.this here unbelievable ten roxxon's.rebounds to win the second moto here.but Eli Tomac rebounds to win the.weekend's over all round for Lucas Oil.Pro Motocross this 450 class is deep.with talent so for the first time in his.career.Eli Tomac wins a race despite not.winning a moto further he and Roxon are.deadlocked tied at the top of the season.standings and next a new event at W WH.in Jacksonville.Jeff come on squat on the inside tie.back got shuffled back quickly.but Cooper Webb just inside of Ken.Roczen looks like he's going to lead.them in and out of the Moto sport.dot-com holeshot section and he's got.went locking it down with Roxton right.behind him and wasting no time big.improvements for webinar last race at.High Point it didn't really show.necessarily in the results seven three.moto scores is about what he had been.getting whoa was it okay yeah they spray.key bumps in the face that jump if he.got kicked it you can see on Roxton was.just far enough back he wasn't able to.capitalize but that will that'll send a.little message to Cooper win but that.rocks it once again doesn't follow their.lives will come together but he's got.him this time.yeah Webb didn't take him all the way to.the edge of the track and that allows.Roxton to get by so rocks it into the.lead and he didn't shut the door but.let's see what happens here Marc's been.really good at this back man that got.his heart rate going but now this is.where he's also really good watch mom.through these fast sweepers Oh.scrubbing together looks over he's on.the inside again roxxon's gotta grease.the outside of this Porter and he does.on each other Marvin wide open through.that section between chumps is it enough.speed for him to hold on.yes he's able to take the lead from.Roxon 50 points coming in that sub bar.for him but this is going to help a lot.Marvin moose dad takes his first boat.away to the season I'll chance I'm on.the Suzuki in for today's get try to.lead them in he goes wide in turn one.Tomac and I believe Osborne battling for.the whole shot so what a change for Eli.Tomac you mentioned buried and start in.the first race he's out front early here.with the Moto sport calm whole shot a.moto to really feel like this track.suits a guy like Anderson because he.rides really loose on the bike let's the.bike move underneath him and he was.really fast in the first moto he came.from behind he's in a better spot now.early on in this race and he was the.previous moto so up what.he was gonna do the outside spirit up to.the inside but he came in with so much.speed Osbourne checked up a little bit.he just kept the gaps on with the whole.long way around and there again - we've.mentioned it you know like some like.people web but and he's going right by.yeah this is not what we expected to see.the final few minutes from this game we.can only speculate on what has gone.wrong for him but he did not even fight.Osborn there and at one point he was.trying to challenge Tomac for the lead.now he just gave up second he told me.earlier he'd try to manage the day with.he was hot he did manage it he comes.back and wins the second Berto Osborne.and he pumps the fists and I almost got.that one but just comes up short four.seconds to final margin and Marvin moose.can with one three metal scores wins the.overall here at WWH his first overall.victory of the season his first since.Unadilla last August the heat and.humidity made for a real torture test.here and Marvin moose can survive to win.and it puts him right back on the title.contender list here he is on the podium.I kind of knew about overall but I mean.weaning both Moto's as there's nothing.better than that so tried my best and.ran out of energy a little bit and Jack.was defending this tough Broxton and.Tomac have a new player to deal with in.the rejuvenated boost and this title.fight continues to heat up stay with us.[Music].welcome back to the season in review for.Lucas Oil Pro Motocross in the 250 class.be sure to catch our 250 class review.show coming up later this afternoon at 6.p.m. Eastern the 450s now faced the sand.track in Southwick Massachusetts usually.a strength of defending champion Eli.Tomac but anything can happen in racing.here on the highlight everyone funneling.in banging bars on the inside of his.mood Stan who's getting out the.motorsport comm hole shot ah here comes.Todd from the first time back tried I.don't know if he's got it you see right.moose can't took the line away Wow rocks.it has gotten around Tomac and Moon scan.has pulled away from everyone and now.here comes Osborne putting the challenge.of the number one Wow.Osborne on the inside makes the move on.Tomac so it took several shots at it and.paid off and now Cooper Webb right there.with Tomac as well Cooper Webb just all.over the back of number one right now.and Osborne just like that gets right.back - Roxanna makes the pass on him to.take second I'm surprised rocks I left.the door open there we're gonna go back.and show you how Osborne made the move.first on Tomac for third.this is yeah that's when he got to the.inside and use the same line twice.because watch Kenny Gus the outside so.he couldn't just get to the inside.that's what it was I was looking at.timing and scoring at that point but.yeah I was going to make that inside.wouldn't you see Eli off to me post he.goes the inside now he gets back around.Roxon Eli looks like he's getting that.slug in that rhythm second half of the.race 15 minutes down 15 minutes to go.15 minutes you can save 15% on your.motorcycle insurance with GEICO what a.move by Tomac around the outside it is.taken away from Osborn barber loose can.wins the first moto here at Southwick.rob is.[Music].Cooper went late some into turn ones.that cause born right next to him in.second moto sport comm hull shot in.sweats and moose cat is third so it's.Webb Osborn moose can one two three.fourth hole shot of the year for Webb.and if 12 Moto's that is by far the most.in this championship and his starts for.amazing Supercross well with a big.mistake it off for into the lead when he.swings out of this corner he gets to.look over this pit board from Oscar.Austin is gonna be his coach at this.point if he had there we go it's again.another move around the outside and this.time he makes it sticky hit a big hole.at the bottom of that hill but he held.on to it check back in with Roxanne wait.a minute.looks like moose town has made the move.to take over second that would preserve.the overall but Watson trying to come.back on his old rival I do believe this.there was more in them we seen it come.around race to race but that leaves the.door open and Tomac says I don't need.the second invitation thank you I'll.take that inside late in the game he.pulled away Zach Osborne has his first.ever 450 moto win but for the second.week in a row.Red Bull KTM Arvin moose can is going to.be the overall winner moose can take.south wing moose can becomes the first.rider to win two in a row this season.and Osbourne loves his first moto win.ever in the 450 class but unfortunately.he would suffer a shoulder injury just a.few days later causing Osborne's Benson.the next race which is Red Bud in.Michigan.they're on standby that time at got a.good chap but he was a little bit.further outside awesome to have the.helicopter shot lutely so everybody at.Cooper went running the wide line it's.gonna result in devoted sport on top.hole shot.well that was we talked about a Power.Move that was straight power and then.gets powered right back by it's one of.the Rocky Mountain KTM perhaps moving it.from him yeah I think that's Bogle good.call yeah Bogle the number 19 so to KTM.is battling Bogle had it Webb took it.away mobile gets it back as you.mentioned he lied Tomac a good start the.monster Kawasaki in third Jason Anderson.right with him in fourth Oh Marvin moose.can is down and trapped under the.motorcycle and they caught lift the.wheel good still spinning and oh that is.not good hope he's okay yeah he's.quickly back to the fight so he loses a.ton of ground luckily not injured but.that's a huge shake-up for the man that.won this race a year ago.well I'm Cooper Webb you got to be happy.look at this just that KTM it's cut some.great straight-line speed and Webb one.of the smaller guys so power-to-weight.ratio is helping them but he sees that.Cates him a couple times and then Tomac.fine set Lyman.he's got the inside turn in the corner.give me a battle to the sand rollers.winds gonna have to try to use the.outside to get it drive right now Tomac.has the edge and he's able to lock it.down city lights follow back he used.this line to make the move on Cooper.Webb to take the lift on second place.spot it now he gets the lead from Bogle.so two laps two passes in the same spot.and Tomac to the front here at Red Bud.and.[Music].oh let's um nobody's there and it worked.so that looks in a panic read by mistake.was that a no there that was get out of.my way.eli tomac back on top and lucas oil.sequins let's go see lake banking on the.number four it leads them into the first.turn move scam with a good run around.the outside bank it's gonna get the.bonus sport calm the whole shot and the.overhead shot shows you these riders.battling for position starts are so.critical in motocross and Baggett has it.right now and here comes Roxton.the German rider on the Honda gonna work.the outside line on baguette Oh is he.gonna get it done they don't jump that.jump but it puts them to the inside he's.gonna get it done Roxton vintage speed.from rocks in the two-time champion here.comes moose down to the inside it's a.split section there's chips on the.inside out so if it's a shorter distance.and Marvin uses it to take the lead gen.couldn't even put up a fight right there.when you jump it it's fun and easy.because you're doing nothing in the air.except taking a nice deep breath and.getting a nice scenic view of the track.funny.to do that he had to do that he was.getting frustrated Anacin is so hard to.pass seto back and handshake David and.office of course rocks are old mistake.as well totally taught him all he needed.Marvin loose can wins the second moto.here at Red Bud but he's not gonna get.the weekends overall because Eli Tomac.goes one two to take Red Bud for 2019.Tomac hangs on to win the big race on.America's birthday weekend here he is on.the podium with Bill Christian that the.track just got a lot more beat up that.time I was able to duel oh my sweet.outside berms that time so.following guys a little bit farther back.in the pack but overall it was just a.rougher track and I was behind the fast.guys so that was a lot of work but Gil.recovered a second there go back rocks.and booze can't so many contenders at.the halfway mark of Lucas Oil Pro Photo.drums and another new winter is coming.we'll show you his story absolutely.[Music].welcome back to the season review of the.Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.time for another breakout ride in a.season full of surprises Millville.Minnesota's popular Spring Creek.motocross party and now the J is.Freddy Noren on the Suzuki he's got it.motorsport compulsion the Joe Gibbs.Racing humor Suzuki folks but Cooper.Webb shoots an elite rider down of.trying to figure out who that was lost.the front end I was watching Webb get.around it was such a Henderson I believe.yes that is Anderson the Tomac unit.trying to take advantage of at least.done a good start a better one than some.of the other riders he's usually.battling with Teasdale making it tough.on him and Tomac able to squeeze by so.let's see how long he can stay at the.front toe Maddox gonna try to get around.on the outside and he does that outside.line starting to work now it all worked.out this time Cooper Webb takes the.first moto win here at Millville here it.is the Reds come up in the gate.[Music].web again leads to the end of the first.turn he's got ten Williamson on his hip.Oh 37 is dead let's Kyle Cunningham will.be the lead with Roxanne right behind.him in a good start from Zach Osborne.and 31 once goes down yeah I won't get a.little sideways at that and how about.Cooper Webb doesn't moto one oh yeah.marry him on the 54 Jason Anderson in.the right has had all sorts of bad luck.this looks more like one of those.international beach races the whole.challenge is just to get to the top of.the dune unbelievable how many riders.are down he has caught Cooper Webb.quickly and tripling to the top hasn't.anyone done that today nope but all that.work oh but he's gonna have the inside.that good run gonna shut the door we can.know Webb how the brakes on so late so.the back end kick he did everything he.could but rocks in all the gas where did.this come from tell me what 14th in the.first moto today.it's like him in that Oh and you hear.rap the engine on the entrance to the.corner blocks it out of the way.side by side great racing here in.Belleville yeah win is now gonna have.the insider tuck this hill.what's wrong sit gonna do is he going to.take a different line they do have.different lines yeah came out of that.inside line took the line away at the.exit to block Rock City probably would.have had a little more momentum Broxson.it's in the lead wet that's gone down.this is actually the battle for second.so it's not that Osborne has conquest.with speed here it's Webb made the.mistake we've got it right here alright.so the triple just comes up a little bit.short.whips been pretty strong through yepit's.sir has rocks and I'm gonna bat down who.get to clean up and when T get it clean.roxxon's gonna fight them off but a.mistake and Webb shoots back into the.number one spot yes there's three riders.that Webb I don't know if he's gonna be.able to get around them enough which.rocks it right on his rear wheel we're.gonna go where do they go well give them.go to auxins right there the whole time.to win the Moto.so the new champion of Monster Energy.Supercross is finally on top of the.board in Lucas Oil Pro Motocross what.about the fourth sixth championship Eli.Tomac is marching away from Moose kin.and Roxy Washougal just outside of.Portland Oregon.so the number-7 not even going to be off.the line in this one and Joy's hibachi.we mentioned out quickie ones in.qualifying and he finally has a good.start up front with the Moto sport calm.whole shot weight right behind him.Sivaji finally a lap lead here in 2019.but Ken Roczen trying to take it away as.we begin this races on the outside you.saw it coming.it's got it done he doesn't want to roll.over he doesn't need to.oh that's Tomac there it is deep inside.we don't see passes here very often but.it's gonna take an opportunity and gets.it toe back is right there all that made.it follow you know what at the end the.day it counseled it if each other out.they both sort of got held up briefly.and he goes down didn't get that leg out.he went for it he saw the opening went.to just really real that corner didn't.quite get the leg up and is that what.Roxon needed now we're going to the.trees we've seen this it is tough to.pass but because you could switch up.your line you can make it happen in here.what's gonna happen rocks will probably.go to the inside time echoes to the.outside which he has to do their lines.will come together rarely see contact.between those two now how quickly can.rocks him recover.can he hold on to the number 2 spot he.is fast and despite the bad start he is.gonna be the moto winner here at.Washougal Eli Tomac what a ride.another good start first a bunch in a 17.but Marvin moose can write with him.suffice he hasn't back-to-back whole.shots for the Monster Energy Kawasaki.rider moose Canada's fair the 15 of Dean.Wilson the 16 of Zach off-board.yeah the real question now is where's.rocks and where is Tomac having a look.for them but once again great stock.foots of Bochy and for Marvin Musquin.well if you can get the lead right now.and he cuts the inside trying to make it.hit hit it it's gonna be on the outside.for the next corner as you watch the.whole field funnel through he did make.it happen while now he's back to the.inside at the bottom of the hill but the.outside could work pretty good so let's.see what happens here Marvin makes it.happen as they funneled back into the.same line right there little mistake.hauls bone look like he might make a.pasta that all sudden Roxon in a matter.of just a couple straightaways could get.two riders great work there took.advantage of every little opportunity.and Roxon is so good at finding pace in.these opening laps these two put on a.tremendous show earlier today they've.been battling for years even through the.amateur ranks as kids they know each.other so well Tom and I played at Indy.strategist jump together.Tomac looking for room where there isn't.any and he manages to make the pass and.moose can drifting wide in responsible.position of slide now tomax gonna try.the outside here.[Applause].eli tomac it's gonna go 1-1 and.impressive dominating fashion here at.Washougal just an incredible performance.by Tomac coming from behind in both.Moto's to go 1-1 and get a firm grasp on.this championship.here's Eli on the podium with will.Christian I mean on the bike it was like.perfection other than the start so I.mean the second moto that you know there.was it was pretty much mistake-free and.I was just feeling so good like when.everything's in the right spot right.time right place and that that's what.happened so so cool Tomac is making the.look history with a championship.three-peat.roxanna mousse cam will have to find.some magic at unit delay and Budds Creek.coming up next.it's a stretch run for the Lucas Oil Pro.Motocross Championship with Eli Tomac.trying to wrap up a third straight title.but Ken Roczen still has more magic left.in him on a great day at Unadilla.looks like Bogle the 19 battling it out.with Tomac and tomax gonna head your.head motorsport calm well it's gonna be.tight I think they're getting at the.Bogle but Tomac now are the number one.spot.Roxann and Osborne third and fourth whoa.look at that.watch the speed from Kenny carried.through that section unbelievable Ken.Roczen has moved into the lead.he caught rocks it calm Tomac and.then quickly execute step out here's.moose moose can running the inside at.the top of this hill minds come together.is Tomac now man he's not putting in.much aggression to hold him off that is.it rare to see that it almost looked.like he just surrendered that slug this.guy was smooth and in control the whole.way can't walk sit back on top with a.moto win here at Unadilla moose can.leading him into the first turn of the.number 25 and he leads them out of it so.he's got the photos for Kolchak bikes.chattering bouncing around those braking.bumps getting tough now on the GATS.control the power Roxon gets an.incredible drive out of that corner how.did he make that happen very rarely do.you see flashes on that uphill it's hard.enough to just negotiate it let alone to.try to pass someone while doing it rocks.and pulled it off they are just absolute.magicians when it comes to dissecting a.track and avoiding the big holes and the.big bumps oh and a mistake from Marvin.he go little wood skis are on break and.go the track yes he did he did roxxon's.into the lane so risky throttle yeah got.the throttle twisted wide open when he.didn't wanted to and now he has to go.back after rocks in it he is great.battle between Roxanna tread and moose.count of the arch number 25 working the.outside line.yeah mom goes straight back home for him.he's gonna have the inside in this.corner is he close to that boy gonna be.hard under braking now let's come.together and watch it just over the.Suites it off the 15th anniversary lacy.due to dilla and the victory goes to.King laughs in a 1-1 day and an.effortless look to complete domination.just an amazing ride for oxen but Tomac.could still clinched the title and.summon his own great ride next at Budds.Creek.[Music].great jump from toe back on the inside.that's evening it's sneak through I.think it's Bo we're gonna try to lead.them in and out of the first turn.yes motorsport on top hole shot from.Bogle these 50 machines have so much.power that you'll hear Tomac.sounds like he's hot on a photo which he.often is but he also uses the clutch to.control that then lines almost come.together Wow nice move.I didn't think Tomac had Rudi threaded.the needle barely barely able to slip.that bike through that was pretty risky.because of yeah we'll just let go of the.brakes it could have sent Tomac into the.little lake they off the track pressure.Bobo thinking why's it Wow look at Roxon.rocks and wasting no time he blows right.by Bogle this is where Roxanna has been.very strong this to the opening laps not.necessarily good starts but a lot of.early passes but he makes a mistake that.almost allows Bogle to get him back no.the 94 able lock it down take more.ladies and weeks Eli yeah competition.would be the weekend yeah competition.probably wishes he did work at the farm.he's back Eli Tomac a dominant.performance in moto one Oh Lacey.good start for Tomac but he's gonna get.pitched off from the inside it's going.to be Osborne he puts its moon stand out.that actually helped Tomac move the.second and now Tom back to the lead Wow.that did did not help Marv there but.Osborne did not do that intentionally he.was tripping wide now you can see the.opening a lap the track they turned some.water down it's sleek it's getting.packed in we heard the riders talking.about they did not rip the track as deep.as they normally do see right there.pretty hard pack blue groove already.[Music].that lines broken down and refold on the.inside of that off canvas several times.today but I just think Anderson has a.little more on the tank we just watch.them right now and he comes to the.inside Jason Anderson ripping second.away from Roxon but they have built this.from the ground up to make Eli Tomac one.of the best to ever race a motocross.bike and he's gonna prove it again.because for the third year in a row 450.champion the one one day for Tomac.unlocks the title surprisingly early and.he becomes just the fourth wider in the.sports history to three-peat in this.class here is Eli with will Christian I.mean so special I mean so many things.had to go our way this weekend you know.with with got having a 1:1 and beating.the two guys behind us in second and.third and and then even in the Moto 2.there had to follow the right way so I.just kept our head down kept in it and.things went our way so so rad one race.remains that even with the title wrap.great racing loom the finale and Ironman.will actually go on to host one of the.best.Tomac Roxon and Bruce can Moto's of all.highlights after the.the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.Championship in the 450 class Ken Roczen.Eli Tomac and Barb Andrews can wage.another classic series finale in Indiana.looks like moose can lick in the end of.the first turnout Tomac trying to hedge.ahead motorsport calm on the line and by.the mince up on see inside of the 17.that's the other Monster Energy Kawasaki.tried there now Ken Roczen where did he.come from has taken over the lead Tomac.is almost an overhead coming out of the.corner oh he's an overdrive right now.finding some speed pulling alongside of.some Bochy can he put it in the run like.he wants to do to take the third space.spot away he done he's right back on.Tomac look it's about the fifth time I.said that and I might as well say that.tomax all right back on Roxon I think.that's the tenth time I've said that.here they are all three in the same.corner together bargaining inside can't.complete the pass this time he's got it.Tomac squares it up comes back counted.in the sand rollers Marvins on the.inside he completes the pass.no Tomac rocket to the side-by-side with.a jump moose get a slight edge for.second got it but too much time around.the outside let's seem to get it both.run in the high line it might have.actually worked to allow them to reap.Pat's moon scan moon Scouts got a beat.him to the inside he does know where fur.boots can to make the pass or is there.it gives it a run in the sand rollers.moon skins got a wheel on rocks in side.by side as they had the two lap car.barking moose came to the lead.podium finishes one two three are gonna.come across the finish line all together.looking at his 16th career moto win or.NC look at rocks in the last corner.going for it looking for an opening.Marvin moose kid wins the first moto.here at Ironman one of the best races.you will ever see three superstars.laying it all out there in the race.track.another good stuff for sbatch in a 17.just a little bit wide Moo scanner.mistake I think he might end up being so.bachi with it let's see what they say.yes the Motorsport calm whole shot to.Joey on the 17 Kawasaki folks pumped on.the side of the track Zach Osborne a.white never say stay there and he comes.together with boots can and that's.that's unfortunately been one of the.problems for Marvin this year how many.times have we seen him on the ground on.the opening left Bochy has to surrender.that inside right otherwise it would.have made contact break drive out of.that corner four oxen so the obits of.Archie's fighting yeah some on the.inside let's see if we can hold them off.oh that one little hook in that rut slow.to botching up for Roxy to get it out of.the corner to hold Tomac off so my big.charge down the Osborne lurking in.fourth.Tomac at the number one does he have the.drive in the sand yes he does.they've started coming the lap as this.could make things interesting as Tomac.benches out tries to get the try there's.only a little bit of room yeah he's got.it the Kawasaki right there in front of.Rockson and Eli Tomac didn't that much.of an opening he didn't need much and.this man is having a good time as well.these not only champion he's gonna end.the season on top of the Moto and.overall win Eli Tomac takes the Ironman.national the finale for 2019.Tomac ends the year with another win but.it took a classic duel with Roxon to get.it done here's he lie after another.amazing season even though the towers.clinched I mean it was just it was a fun.day but same thing like mindset was.there to attack so you know the first.lap there was chaos with it with the the.crash with Marvin and after that Kenny.got by you right away so get on those.first couple laps Oh.behind them fern majority of the race.there and was able to get by so I'm one.away one a year.Tomek may have won the title again but.this was a spectacularly competitive.season with six different moto winners.and some of the closest on track action.we've ever seen.all in all a banner year for the sport.headlined by Eli Tomac drive to a third.Street Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.Championship but to get it he had to run.through the toughest gauntlet of.competitors yet and he still came out on.top for grant Langston it will christian.i'm jason wagon saying thanks for.watching and don't forget to catch our.250 show coming up this afternoon at 6.p.m. Eastern that's a wrap for the 450.class what a great season it was.you.

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