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Notes on filling the Rov Audit Form

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I'm gonna briefly go through the notes.and the presentation but before I do.that I like to kind of know the areas.that you guys want to focus on so I can.make sure that I spend more time.dwelling on those and making sure that I.emphasize in key information that you.guys need to know from those area so for.those who completed the homework or if.you've gone through the notes and the.PowerPoint do you have any areas.specifically that you want me to fold to.focus more on um for me probably.understand the projects more one.question that actually did have a.problem with on the test.I don't know more so if the wording of.the but I believe it was Kim can we.discuss the question right now or do you.want me to just wait um we're gonna go.over the homework so we you can wait.when we start going over the homework we.can then good anyone else any areas that.you want - you want me to kind of focus.more on okay my question is um actually.why I can't see my responses on the.homework I did the homework and I know.that it's graded but I can't view my.response at all I could and like what I.say with the previous homework from your.client you can I can see but on this one.I cants making a difference on blood I.see okay I'll look into that.but are you able to see how like your.results like how many points you got or.you're not able to see anything um I can.see the results but I see the so the.questions come up but my answers are not.fair and with that with the previous one.it shows my answer press on a way that.completed the homework if this one I'm.not seeing anything exact the question.is just the question but everyone have.to redo the homework again I don't have.to I think it's probably just anybody.else before we start.get started um so I had a chance to look.through the homework I know there's a.few areas like especially with the.project that some people are still not.clear on so focusing more of my time.today just talking about the different.projects and making sure that I.understand what those are IT audit you.should know what I thought it is but if.you don't or if you're not still if.you're still not clear so what we do as.IT auditors we are one independently.reviewing or testing or examining.evidence that we get out of a system to.determine if those evidence are if the.system is safeguard when we talk about.assets in IT audit assets can be.information or data that's coming out of.them it can be money assets can be.security so we're testing these.information system because companies are.relying on those they're using for to.record their financial information their.their performance and things of that.nature so as part of our testing we're.testing to make sure that these these.systems are they safe can you trust them.to reduce the risk that comes with the.business that you do and then the second.one also testing to make sure.information that's coming out of these.systems are they accurate can you trust.that these information will consistently.be accurate which accurate and also can.be relied upon which deals more with.data integrity and then the last part is.the last objective of why we test is to.make sure that is the business able to.meet their business objective and not.only are you able to meet your business.objective but how effective.and how efficient are you meeting it and.lastly are they in compliance with rules.and regulations okay any questions on.that just make sure you are mute.yourself I can hear you now oh thank you.the types of IT audit okay so there's a.difference between the project and the.types of IT audit okay in the homework.there was a question on what are the.what are the types / categories of IT.audit.I am IC audit okay and um some people.listed the project some people listed.socks at the station engagement sorry.some people listed Sox compliance audit.operational audits those are the.projects that falls under either one of.these categories when we talk about the.audit types we talk about what are the.umbrellas that these project fall under.okay so we have financial statements.audit and then we have internal audit.and then we have what we call at the.station engagement audit the arrow that.you see pointing to IT Journal and.application controls what this is saying.is pretty much that we perform IT.general and application controls testing.in support of these three types of audit.that clear does that make sense if it.doesn't please um ask make sure you ask.a question so I can either rephrase or.give examples okay it was I was asking.it's just the way the question was.worded the current confused but thank.you so when we talk about financial.statement audit so.financial statement audit is an audit.that's performed for Crete traded.company or any large companies flash.small businesses that are seeking out.loans they're required to provide what's.called a financial statement report so.the purpose of providing this reporting.is number one it's a requirement by the.SEC Commission and then number two is a.way of the it's a way that businesses.gain credibility over the people that.they do business with so for example.let's say that um the example that we.talked about in class of Google Google.has people who buy their shares or can.they buy stocks so in order for Google.to really be able to show how they're.performing their how they're performing.financially or their financial position.they have to hire an independent.reviewer which is like a CPA firm or an.external auditor to come in and perform.the financial audit which will then.which they will then provide a report.and that report is distributed to.different stakeholders one of those.stakeholders is the SEC who is the one.who pretty much like the police over.these publicly traded company to make.sure that you're in compliance to make.sure that there is transparency over how.over there financial performance to.roles that so different there are two.types of auditors when we talk about.financial statement audit okay we have.the financial auditors and then we have.the IT auditors okay financials auditors.are actually those who are being.information meaning the the numbers that.are coming out of the financial systems.meaning if a if a company has let me.draw it up.can you guys see my screen so let's see.like if a company has different business.process they have payroll they have.finance they have meaning if they do.trading and stuff like that so when the.financial auditors come in they're.coming in to audit the numbers that are.coming out of these systems these.numbers can be like the people who are.actually the payroll team or the people.who are actually part of the finance.trade team they're registering these.numbers on a regular basis in the system.that system might be soft okay in order.for the financial auditors to rely on.the numbers that that's coming out of.PeopleSoft yeah they hire IT auditors.okay we come in the system itself we.test the configuration of the system we.test what we call IT general controls.meaning the controls around how the.system is configured to function so we.test these controls with the objective.of determining is this system configured.to safeguard the information and these.information be trusted and also is the.system configured to be in compliance.with rules and regulations of the FCC.and also the government right so we come.in we test these controls and at the end.of our testing we generate what we call.a summary report and we give to our.financial auditors and also we give to.the client okay this report pretty much.tells them hey we look at we looked at.these controls.we're attesting that your your.information system or your IT.environment is in the information that's.coming out of it can be trusted or the.report can say the head because we found.so-and-so issues you cannot rely on the.information that's coming out of these.system okay if.if the report is a positive report a.positive report meaning that it's a good.report where we didn't find any any.issues that was that would potentially.impact the financial reporting that.would mean that make sure auditors can.then say hey instead of us testing ten.bulls.we're gonna reduce our sample size to.only five because we can trust that.everything that's coming out of the.system is correct or if we the IT.auditors we come in and we're like hey.by the way you might want to do your due.diligence because we found these issues.tells them to be more cautious meaning.to do to do what we call substantive.testing to do additional testing for.them to get comfort over the accuracy of.the numbers that they're seeing in the.system does that make sense.confused on that I'll continue if you.have any question please please do raise.raised the question so I just want to.make sure that we all understand okay.financial statement is normally.statement is normally done in two forms.okay so we financial statement that's.done for mercial company commercial.company is public companies okay and.also financial statement can also be.done for government companies the only.difference between what the public.companies are doing versus what the.federal government are doing is the.framework that they're using to do it.okay when the when a commercial company.is doing their financial audit the.financial auditors are using what we.call gas generally accepted accounting.standard whereas government auditors are.using this game okay this game is a.this game is a framework that the.government is using a framework is.pretty much a guidance that tells them.what to look for test is the framework.like the spreadsheet innocence so let me.let me show you what a framework would.look like it is a long spreadsheet a.framework is something like this.it's very long but if framework contains.what we call different chapters and it.also contains what we call controls ok.so let's say like if if you're auditing.if you're doing a financial statement.audit for a federal agency if framework.will tell you the type of controls that.that agencies should have in place at a.minimum so tell you some additional.controls that they could implement if.they desired so within this framework.you will see controls around security.management these are all controls that.let's say like if you were hired on a.new client and you don't know where to.start you don't know what controls to.look at you will use the framework as a.guide to help you know that they should.have in place so in this in this case.where I told you that the government.financial statement audit is done using.a facecam framework you put you would.pull up a fiscal framework this is a.public document it's it's nothing.private in here you would pull up a fish.game framework and in the fisken.framework it tells you what control they.should have in place they should have.access controls they should have.security management controls they should.have configuration management controls.they should have segregation of duties.controls and then if you continue in the.framework we're getting ahead we have a.section where we cover frameworks and.the controls that are frameworks but if.you read ahead they have like a section.that tells you exactly over here so.this is a good example this tells you.the control description and then it.tells you how to audit the control this.is really what the framework does it's a.guide that tells you how to perform the.audit same thing with the gas they call.it generally accepted accounting.standard it tells you the standard that.companies should implement to be in.compliance with SEC requirement does.that answer your question.it's basically the guideline in a sense.to what they should have or what you.should do if you really don't know what.you're doing for the scope exactly.exactly that's what it is it's a it's a.guideline they call it framework but.it's a guideline that tells you that.tells you it's more for the art so.frameworks or more for the auditors.because it tells the auditors what to.look for and helps you test it also it.helps the clients kind of know what the.auditors would look for okay meaning.that if someone is coming to inspect my.house and they have like a guide that's.made public that tells me what exactly.they're gonna look for guess what since.I'm the home owner I'm gonna go find.that guy to really know what they're.gonna look for so I can be better.prepared right that's what that's what.the framework does it it tells the.auditors what to look for and how to.test it it tells the clients what the.auditors pretty much what they what the.standard will be that the auditors will.be examining against.I'll take that as a yes we covered the.role of IT auditors in a financial.statement audit so going back to this.the IT auditors we come in to audit the.financial systems okay we come in to.audit the financial systems that that.are generating these numbers that the.that are generating these numbers that.the financial auditors are looking at we.added the system and we give them.assurance that the system is secure and.can be trusted it reduces the amount of.work that they have to do and it also.saves them money but if you tell them.that hey you need to the system is not.safe and and cannot be trusted it gives.them a heads up for them to do what we.call substantive testing which will cost.them more resource and would cost them.money most times they involve the IT.auditors because we save them time that.they would be doing the work that's it.for financial statement audit so going.down to internal audit so one of the.question that was on the homework was.what are the different type of types of.internal audit project and some people.said risk management control development.internal control testing and monitoring.of operational processes and that was.wrong think of the types of internal.audit project is different from the.responsibilities of an internal audit.department okay.the department is pretty much a part.mint or an extended body of a of a of a.company that's responsible to make sure.that they're monitoring risk related.activities within the company meaning.that they're they're there to help the.companies identify.the risk that they're being exposed.suppose to you and helping them.determine helping them lower those risk.by developing controls testing those.controls and also do what we call.monitoring of the controls to make sure.that it's still working and reducing.risk this over here this is this this is.like your job responsibilities okay it's.not project when we start talking about.project think of project there's like.think of them actually sorry sorry let's.go back think of this as like the.objective of an internal audit.Department meaning what are they looking.to achieve okay and think of the project.is how are they achieving these.objectives how are they achieving the.objective of buying risk reducing risk.developing controls testing controls and.monitoring the operational process it's.by executing these various audits okay.is that clear going to the internal.audit project.I'm gonna ask questions so I hope you're.all paying attention so the different.type of internal audit project the first.one we have what we call Sox audit Sox.is pretty much it it's a law / Act.sovereign's Oxley Act of 2002 so this.was a requirements that was after a lot.of fraud happened with a lot of.financial institutions and so this.requires companies to internally report.on their perform on their fund on their.financial performance normally it's done.on the quarterly basis and also it.requires like directors VPS of companies.to disclose their investment portfolios.to make sure that there is no fraudulent.activities on how they're investing.money and where they're investing their.money meaning that they shouldn't be.using the company's money to invest in.their own investment pretty much so that.that's what the Sox Act was put in place.and so I'm through and so to make sure.that these are in compliance with the.Sox regulations we do what we call Sox.testing Sox or Sox audit where we test.internal controls around the financial.systems and also the financial financial.activities that they do meaning.financial processes like finance other.financial process within a company all.of those are tested on the periodic.basis and then it's reported out - it's.reported out to the management board of.a company also when for now when.financial auditors come out to do their.financial statement audit they're also.looking to see have you completed your.Sox audits and if they have normally the.financial statement auditors want to.look at those report - as well.okay so the difference between socks and.financial statement audit is that socks.is done by internal auditors whereas.financial statement audit by external.auditors I'm having some sound problems.give me a second.okay Caleb you had a question can you.ask you a question.so what was your question no I didn't.have a question I thought you're gonna.ask me a question that says I think it's.asked by Caleb how would you use the.project in an interview question what do.you mean by that.Caleb yeah Caleb was all you um I was.basically wondering like how would you.there's a there's an interview question.that you have at the bottom of the the.PowerPoint asking about um where is it.what projects you use some a something.like that remember it but yeah how would.you about selecting which projects to.speak on so you I would say like that's.a personal preference I would always.advise that so through the class we.learn a lot of projects okay.the expectation is not for you to know.the ins and out of all of these project.because remember this is like three.years worth of experience that we're.putting in you so the expectation is.that peak at least like three of these.that you throw more comfortable speaking.on let's say like if I feel more.comfortable speaking on socks obviously.we will get into details on how these.projects are executed this is just an.introduction course let's see like once.we get through the class and you feel.more comfortable on socks during the.interview when they ask you what project.have you worked on you would answer you.know as performed IT audit in support of.socks testing we're at tested so insole.insole controls more you can see I.performed I have experience performing.operational audit compliance audit and.audit readiness in support of internal.audit you know or I was part of an.internal audit Department will be.performed operational audit compliance.audit and audit readiness so as far as.like the what project do you select to.speak on when the question is asked I.think it's more just based on how.comfortable are you answering questions.on any of these right because it's a.think of it as like a blanket.question that gets asked get asked on.it's up to you to really put your answer.so you don't want to pick something that.you don't you're not comfortable.drilling down on like if the if the.first question would be what project do.you have experience working on the next.question would be can you give me.examples on how you executed that.project what I'm saying so if you if you.answer if the first answer that you give.is I performed socks audit the follow-up.question would be can you give me can.you talk through how you executed the.socks audit have to be able to answer.that if you're not able to answer that.then you should probably not say socks.you should probably see either financial.statement audit or operational audit or.something or another project that you.feel more comfortable speaking on okay.this is Abdullah by the way would you.recommend that we only pick one or two.that we can heavily speak on or do you.think three would be a good amount I.would say learn everything be familiar.with everything because if I say only.three you only gonna focus on the three.and this is just for me like personally.you already know which ones I'm gonna.speak on so I'm just I'm just asking.just I would say that the painting on.the route that you always want to take a.look at the Job Description what is the.job looking for if the Job Description.is looking for socks financial.statements etc etc you want to tailor.your you want to tailor your resume to.reflect those projects so if I'm.interviewing for a role that's speaking.more on socks guess what the project.that I'm gonna focus on studying would.be socks but if I am if I'm submitting.my resume for compliance audit project.guess what you want to make sure that.you focus on compliance audit okay so.and a different project so socks would.be more of an internal with more of an.external audit type of audit project.so when you look at the when you look.here you see that uh socks is gonna be.internal right so this all internal.internal project if you depends what it.depends on what you want to do some.people want to do external projects some.people want to do internal project.internal projects you know that their.socks there's government audits okay so.there's there's there's this one there's.OMB right okay and there's a personal.audit right compliance so depending on.what you want to do you you focus on.what you want to do and if say you're.looking for internal audit jobs or.internal other positions you make sure.that you focus on these projects just.know them okay usually also you wanna.you you don't want to be everywhere so.know a little bit about everything so.that you can speak on it they ask you so.what were you doing then you start.drilling down on the ones that you're.familiar with doesn't help so know a.little bit of everything but drill down.on like so what do you do when they do.actually speak on it you just say okay.well on the soft side yeah okay quick.quick question this is Frank for Anna.and Rebecca can you either I don't know.if you guys can briefly right now or at.the end briefly give us an example of.what how would you guys answer it you.guys were asses.so how to answer the question of what.project have you worked on.so like a long so let me go to classroom.so we have so we have a section here.where let me see which one is it.okay so this will be shared in due time.so we have a dot at the end of the class.we provide a document this is a project.and clients document that gives you an.outline of literally how to answer for a.different type of project we're gonna.get to that question that section where.we start talking about ask you about OMB.123 how to answer that if they ask you.about pci-dss how to answer that but.that's more at the interview the.interview phase I think we're trying.we're jumping ahead of ourselves by.asking too many questions suggest us.write these questions down at the end of.the day or the end of the by the time we.get somewhere half into the middle of.the course you have a lot of answers to.these questions and then the ones that.we don't answer draw attention to them.if it's something that we want to push.ahead so that you we get to send them.part of the course before we start.answering them that way you don't get.confused because I realized that when.you ask when when we ask sending.questions to make us rush and we go.ahead and then you become confused on.the little that we've already started.right so just take it all in if you have.any questions write them down right.unless the questions pertain to what.we're covering or what we're talking.about if it doesn't like if it's about.interviewing of it's about resume.building office about you know all that.just write it down put all make sure you.write and make sure you ask us all right.that's not is that cool at the end of.the day we don't want to confuse you by.jumping too much ahead we just want to.make sure you get what you have to get.then later on help you apply what you.have learnt so yeah I don't know if that.helps.all right let's continue so the next the.next type of internal audit project is.OMB circular a-133 this project has the.same requirement as the Sox where.government federal financial departments.they have to disclose their financial.performance and also like members of the.members who the reporting members of the.the company need to also disclose on.where they're investing their money and.things of that nature the only.difference between Sox and OMB 123 is.that Sox is normally for private public.companies well where is like OMB 123 is.federal it's more government and they.use a different framework Sox uses what.we call the Corbett framework as a guide.like OMB 123 uses um Fiske and framework.when we talk about Sox it when we think.of rugby and American football I said.they are similar right right.realize that they are similar but the.rules are different so think of Sox as.American football and think of OMB as.rugby the rules of the games are.different the frameworks are different.but they are all doing one thing which.is similar they are doing what financial.financial financial reporting that makes.sense and also like so when we these.things will make more sense when we.start testing because we test similar.controls for both of them the only thing.is just that how they get reported on is.different fish can may have more.controls then Kovac Kovac may have more.control than fist game may be how the.controls are worded is different in.you know like things like that next the.next project that we want to talk about.is operational project operational.project operational audit focuses more.on how the business is operating how.they're able to meet their business.objective it looks at the efficiency and.effectiveness of how executing their.business meaning if the companies if.their business objective is to sell.loans or sell car insurance it's look.you're looking at you're looking at are.actually able to sell those car.insurance how many car insurance are.they able to sell within maybe like a.period of time you compare to their.competitors can they execute the process.more efficiently such that they can beat.their competitors and generate a higher.revenue so it's more operational in the.sense that you're looking at the.different department within the company.helping them judgment on how they can.better their execution of their process.okay does that make sense.slightly different from Sox whereas like.with shocks you have a lot of.regulations and a lot of more Sox is a.law it must be done without like there's.no budging room where it's like.operational audit it's more akin to it's.not too structured in a sense like they.don't tell you how to do it business.decides what process they want to focus.on they decide how they would even if.letter like if the audit department when.they give their findings or when they.give their final report the business.gets to decide what they want to do they.can choose to hey we agree with the.recommendations that you found and we're.gonna implement it or they can choose to.be like hey thank you for this but it's.really not a the best time for us to.implement what you're telling us so.operational order is more flexible.you.Oh No maybe they can't come back oh.really.Wi-Fi connection low.I'm listening I mean what happened I.don't think I'll think about it.give it a couple of minutes they should.be back soon.you.I'll start a new chat because we're know.someone else is the host I'll be joining.in take control of it like a minute or.two I say just or they'll shoot us an.email just give it a couple of minutes.I've won sorry I'm back the connection I.disconnected for some reason and on it.went down on me you guys hear me yes.we're we're last did you guys did I.leave off.my screen and somebody else is.presenting yes not picking injuries.presenting.[Music].you.can you see my screen out No.can you I think I'm good now we're.talking about audit readiness so with.audit readiness this is normally.performed so this is like a think of.this as like internal audit getting.ready for external audit when audit is.doing like a pre pre testing before the.external auditors come to test and the.objective of doing an audit readiness is.to identify and correct any weaknesses.in the IT environment before the.external auditors come to do their.financial statement on it and the last.project is government I'm sorry.so FISMA is is similar in socks in the.sense that is also an act meaning it's a.law that was passed by the federal.government back in 2002 and the intent.of this is to pretty much protect.government nation and assets from like.unauthorized access so the requirements.that that that FISMA has placed is that.for anyone who is getting like work from.getting for any company that does.business with the government for any.company that receives funds from the.government they have to be able to show.proof that they can protect the.disclosure modification and destruction.of any government information okay and.and in order to make sure that they're.in compliance least 853 framework is the.framework that gives them I don't have.to be in compliance with FEMA I'm with.Act so this is kind of where you get.into the cybersecurity fill I'm like.filled you know because like.cybersecurity deals more with comm NIST.853 they have like specific guidelines.specific controls that they go to put in.place and things of that nature.any question on the internal audit.project before we move on I'm so so.these are the things to keep in mind few.things to keep in mind um when you think.about internal audit okay so when you.think about internal audit departments.these are the few things internal audit.department always needs to have a plan.think of it as like um an objective of.what you want to achieve in the year.right when you we all make art of the.year like goals right so the internal.audit also has their goals are these.these are their objective so in order to.meet these objectives they use what they.execute in terms of project right and in.order to make sure that that the project.are being carried out effectively they.need what we call an internal audit plan.internal audit plan is pretty much a.document that contains the different.types of audit project the period and.priority of when those project will be.executed and the resources needed to.execute during the class we went over.how that looks and you can always click.in the slide over here to see an example.of that and then Marie's dead like a.announcement letter it's not.announcement letter is tailored to a.specific project.announcement like to like if we are.getting ready to kick off a compliance.audit I'm gonna put together the.announcement letter to send to the team.that we're auditing right we're doing.the compliance audit whereas the.internal audit plan this is a yearly.plan of all the projects that will be.executed for that year my letter is.tailored towards a specific project.internal audit plan documents that list.out the project it lists out the project.the hours and the scope of the work like.a summary scope of the work where's like.the announcement letter is tailored more.towards one single project that's.getting ready to kick off a good example.of how the two works together is like.this so let's just say that um so q4.just started right and let's say for q4.I am doing this audit this and the scope.is that assessed conformance with policy.and guidance related to meant activities.under under the wage the fair wage fair.work plan okay.so form of a compliance audit the hours.are a hundred hours so before I get.started on this I'm gonna put together.my announcement letter letting letting.the team that's responsible for handling.distance work know that hey by the way.we've selected your process you know as.it relates to fair wage for your.existing bla bla bla bla bla bla and.then in that announcement letter we're.letting them know that hey this is the.scope of our work these are the team.members who will be assigned to the job.and these are the hours that it's gonna.take us to accomplish a hundred hours.let us know if you have any questions.that's what the announcement letter.intel's.whereas like the project plan like it.has the scope for the whole year does.that answer your question yes ma'am.you.and then going down to the audit program.so the audit program takes let's so in.that case let's say that we selected.that audit to do right so once we send.out the announcement letter we will Dane.you audit program the audit program is.pretty much detailed steps of how to.execute the audit okay so from planning.to reporting it tells you the steps on.what to do for instance in the planning.it tells you prepare an audit engagement.letter distributed to our perfect.management fill out these sections done.by the person who did it the dates of.when it was completed evidence that it.was completed okay.hold an opening meeting with management.so the this is the intent of an audit.program it's how are you executing your.project how are you what steps are you.taking to get the work done an order.like from the audit plan to the audit.the audit program is there like is it.step one this is the audit plan or is.this just like overall like like just a.definition of what each of them are yes.there is an order so there is an order.so when we still when we get into the IT.audit process that's where the order.will come in please so in this case.since we're talking about it think about.it this way right when you're we start.the year the year starts with q1 right.before the year start you need to put.together the plan of what are you.looking to get done in 2020 right before.you even get it done right right.planning so the audit plan is always the.first thing that you put together it's.your plan for the year okay when the.time comes to execute the project and.let's say like for q1 we have a.compliance audit selected for q1 before.you even start testing those people you.need to make them aware that they're.getting tested so that's where the.announcement letter comes in please.how's my letter is to pretty much make.them aware that hey by the way we're.gonna start auditing you and we're doing.a compliance audit okay what's next.would that be in between the audit.program and our internal audit plan like.somewhere in-between ooh um what do you.mean somewhere in between there if you.have an internal audit plan so you.basically have okay these are all the.the IT in the IT projects that we have.for this year right and then before you.start carrying out all those projects.you have to inform so you would send out.the announcement letter in between in.between that and then after that you.would do the audit program to know.exactly what you're going to projects.you're gonna you're gonna ask the.controls I'm sorry I'm trying to use the.right terminology here yeah but you know.you're on the right track so when you.pick when when the time comes and it's.time to perform that particular audit.you send out the announcement letter let.them know that hey by the way we're.gonna be auditing you and this is the.time this is when you can expect audit.to start right and then you can even if.let's say that you don't you don't even.know the order and you just pick up the.audit program the audit program itself.will tell you what the first step will.do we should be right it tells you.preparing an audit engagement letter.over here you see that tells you what.the first step would be because before.you even start auditing the clients they.have to know that they're getting.audited so that's always like apart from.the audit plan which is a yearly plan.when you tell when you start when you.start thinking about execution.its main letter or the engagement letter.is always the first thing that gets sent.out before you even start doing the work.now do you know in advance would you.know since you have experience would you.know in advance while in the audit plan.of which projects you're gonna be.testing the in the year the upcoming.year and so like I was talking about in.class normally like mid q4.so right now we're in q4 so we're gonna.start planing we're gonna start putting.together our plan for 2020 so by end of.q4 before people go on holiday we would.already know that Jen start January.these are the process that we're gonna.be testing essentially around q3 you.would start winning new contracts for.the upcoming quarter so in so in.internal audit you don't really have to.work because you're working for that.like yeah it's it's a it's an internal.department of a company so you so it's.not you don't have to win any work and.you just have to put together the plan.by doing a risk assessment so let's say.like right now we're in q4 right and.normally you have a list of all the.processes that that the company has so.what we do is we go through the work.that we've done we look at the the areas.that experienced challenge within the.past few years and then we determine hey.based on the risk exposure of these.areas where within the plan should be.should we place them if it's a locality.area if the area doesn't really have a.lot of concern we may choose to push it.to q4 of 2020 but if we figure that hey.this area is about to be audited by.external auditors we may want to push it.to q1 does that make sense yes it does I.was always I actually mix enough to.internal audit and external so I'm a.mindset for some reasons going external.when we're still on internal on it yeah.external on the other hand it's.different so with the external audit.it's it's more fixed it's fixed in the.sense that Lake.you don't need an audit plan with the.external audit with the external audit.it's pretty much based on the need.the work that's being won meaning like.if I if they placed me on the sorry with.external audit normally CPA firms they.have a specific group that's responsible.for placing you on project so you don't.even get to dictate to our projects.you're gonna be on I mean you do have a.say meaning like if I if I want to work.on federal related project I'll just let.them know that hey my interest is.federal related project you know when.the work comes can you just make sure.you put me on those no they will work.with me but as far as like having your.audit plan you don't really get that.it's based on the work that's being won.by the your your your team you win some.some let's say like um this came work or.financial statement work that's what.you're gonna be on if they win some sock.one type to or some pci-dss work that's.what you're gonna be on so there's no.like a particular plain person okay you.had a question you ask you a question.please your question yeah my question it.basically the only thing tasks will be a.group task I mean the department do.these things I mean the senior auditor.or section does this thing so we as.associate or audit officers are we part.of the planning team for the for putting.together their audit plan for the year.yes yeah normally associate you don't.really play a role in that normally it's.like managers and directors and.sometimes seniors will be involved in.putting together the plan okay the plan.is finalized they distribute it to the.whole team and the whole team is made.aware of what's being tested when but.it's just for your awareness to know.like what the plan is for but you guys.wouldn't be responsible for putting.together the plan.uh-huh no problem all right let's go to.attestation engagement so only at the.station engagement is also it's also a.form of what we call an external audit.in the sense that it's done by an.independent auditor like a CPA firm and.normally at the station station.engagement is done for companies that.service or companies that are known as.service organization in the sense that.they provide software as a service.product okay and the objective of.performing at the station engagement is.to pretty much a test or confirm whether.like the what we call internal controls./ IT controls these software's that.they're providing as a best product.whether those are operating effectively.meaning that if um QuickBooks is.providing services to businesses to.assess their payroll for their employees.Quickbook has to be able to attest that.hey by the way the controls within my.within my product can be trusted and you.can trust that I will protect your.information and also you can trust that.I am in compliance with all the rules.and regulation so that's the objective.of doing at the station engagement and.there are two types of attestation.engagement okay we have what we call a.sock audit which is service organization.control audit and then we have what we.call PCI DSS okay PCI DSS focuses more.around companies their processes um.credit cardholder data meaning like.credit card companies and things like.that service organization control audit.also known as Sox sock audit COC C sorry.focus is more on.pennines that provide software as a.service product any question.then we'll get more into details as we.go through the course on how we execute.these various audit so that's pretty.much it um with the notes I any question.before we go over the homework well it's.been lit so for the next few minutes.let's just quickly go over the week 2.homework.all right.okay so so far for those who've.submitted the average right now is.fifteen point six over twenty-seven um.not bad.there were areas I think we covered them.today but they were areas that a lot of.people were having trouble with just.based on the questions one of them being.like of an internal audit plane or.understanding the different type of.hoping that by today's review session.could get answered so you you understand.it so in your own words define IT audit.one person said that it is the.processing of safeguarding the assets of.a company through meeting the company's.objective with better risk management.techniques operational control.operational process and testing.activities with strict follow ups of.frameworks um you guys tell me if this.is right or wrong what you understand of.what IT audit is.on somebody I'll pick on Ange err.hey are you sleeping dangerous probably.sleeping somebody let's be calm kelan.kelan based on your understanding of.what it is can you help us answer this.question sure based on my understanding.of what an IT audit is it is basically.companies like reviewing companies in a.company infrastructure about their.policies and their it's the word I want.to use like their policies and.procedures so with what objective to.mitigate risk this one was one that I.like so one person said that it's an.independent examination and review of.collected evidence in order to find out.if the information system can sit guard.assets maintain data integrity and are.meeting the business objective and are.in compliance with applications policy.and procedures this is a good definition.of ITR what IT audit is so IT audit is.just it's not just make sure that.companies are able to mitigate the risk.it's more than that okay so when you.talk about IT audit you want to talk.about you want to focus on can they.safeguard their asset it's the system.able to maintain data integrity are they.able to meet their business objective.and lastly are they in compliance with.rules and regulations okay for systems.audited by IT auditors PeopleSoft ADP.it's ap they'll take cost point for the.most part I think people most people got.this one right actually everybody.this one ring.all right what are the categories in.classes of IT audit project internal.audit financial statement audit in.attestation engagement this is the.correct answer.in some cases I saw people say Sox a 123.operational compliance audit readiness.this is the types of internal audit.project ok when you talk about the.categories think of it as the bigger.umbrella that these small project fall.under any question on that.why is IT audit performed a part of.sorry the first question giri's just.answer in a way publicly owned companies.another was federally operating.companies so the federally operating.they use a framework of physic and.whereas the leading companies or the.private or public owned companies using.the COBOL comedy remote can that be a.answer for this kind of question I mean.from category wise no it wouldn't be.because when you talk about when you.start talking about frameworks and stuff.like that you're talking with a.particular project the question is what.are the categories or classes of IT.audit project think another way toward.the question is what are the different.groups that the IT audit projects fall.under did can you go back to that.question if your mom alright Norma thank.you so then when you talk about the.categories or classes you're talking.about these three different groups and.then under these different groups the.various process of the various project.they use different frameworks for.execution that's it no problem.why is IT audit performed.as part of financial statement audit.Courtney why is Courtney's mic is.connected you someone else messy why is.IT audit as part of financial statement.audit audit is performed your financial.audience well well as part of right it's.part of a financial audit because the.financial audit group to know that the.controls are reliable and and effective.and take some time and also later on.um I don't know um if this is right or.not but um I did something like to see.if the controls of the organization are.effective and also statements could be.relied upon to generate an accurate.financial statement yep that's that that.I was looking for.project is mainly performed by IT.auditors working and internal audit.department so now this is where we're.talking about the audits that falls.under the bigger umbrella of internal.audit so you're looking at Sox.operational audit compliance audit audit.readiness fees ma cetera et cetera for.the most part I think most people got.this one right.the following are examples of access.station engagement so which of the.following are examples of attestation.the gage meant Brittany you want to take.this one.he's probably away I will do Sylvia.Sylvia you want to answer this one so.it's the payment card industry data.security assessment and the service.organization control out it yep that's.right give four examples of SAS product.we play I'm sorry was I supposed to.answer a question I'm sorry it's okay.I'll give you another one okay cool give.four examples of SAS product we have.QuickBooks track nine nine bill comm.financial force so pretty much any soft.any um any of the products though you we.have on here as product you could have.listed any of these what are the key.component of an internal audit plan you.want to take this one.yes so the key component of an internal.audit plan it contains all the type of.audit projects internal audit Department.executes during a year like the period.and priority based on its assessment of.the activities considered for audit and.resources needed for audit go hey hold.up are you know these are my notes that.just my nose you know.no that was spot-on yeah that's what it.is like when you talk about playing oh.not yet not yet the following framework.is used to perform Sox audit so that was.good.Corbin is the framework used to perform.Sox audit however what is the framework.used to perform a 123 aught in I will.acts.what wait what is the framework that's.used to perform a 123 on it I'll be.sleeping.I'm here I'm here a 123 with the I had.what is the FET ropes it's not socks.it's bhisma not a framework that's a.project these don't say it blinking out.123 I got that answer right - it's.different when you gotta say it that.when you just like you know what I'm.answering questions yeah yeah yeah I get.it I get it.the last question is name a benefit of.outsourcing a business function to a SAS.provider I get Redemption here well you.don't have to deal with the cost of.maintenance and upkeep of that that.product or service that you're requiring.yep and also it saves you time right.because imagine like if you if you own.an application and you have to maintain.it that means that you will need a.bigger IT team to be able to maintain.the application versus like if someone.else is doing all the maintenance all.you have to do is use it you know so it.saves you the resource and also saves.you money because you would have to pay.people to actually maintain that.application yeah that's that's.pretty much done other than bad you guys.have any questions on the introduction.section or if does everyone feel.confident so the objective of this.introduction was to just get you guys.familiar with the terms of the project.before we started diving into how each.one of them class will be a very heavy.one so please come prepared bring snacks.and stay awake because we will start.talking about the like the audit process.how do we execute the project so it will.help you to read ahead we made the note.available so the notes and example files.are already available in class we're.gonna want it to assign the project as.homework but we're gonna do these.projects in class and get more hands-on.and how to fill out these some of these.templates that you will be working with.also we will be assigning them as um.homework 2 as well we have a lot to.cover next class so if you have any.questions relating to the IT audit.introduction do you let me know now so.that we can cover all of those we always.still have time to but if not and.everyone feels good about it.so what was the question that Brittany.answered is it what are the key.components of internal audit plan was.that it I think that we can you go over.that again.I mean component of an internal audit.plan it's pretty much it's a document.that contains the all the types of.projects that will be covered or.executed during a year and it also.should include period period meaning.like the quarter in which it's gonna be.done priority based on the risk.assessment that will be done the risk.based on the risk assessment and also it.contains resources need to do the work.or hours needed to perform the work this.area here covers all the key component.of an internal audit plan and this.question can can we say like internal.audit key parts like initial meeting I.mean the meeting part the announcement.part in the it possible to fill the.visit or site visit client the visit of.this column also considered as the key.activities and the internal audit we.know because like so with internal audit.you don't do any client visit because.you're auditing your own company audit I.think you're confusing internal audit.with the external audit external audit.on the on the other hand that's where we.do clients visit because remember.external audit is done by an independent.auditor the audit body meaning like if.you're hired by maybe like Deloitte and.KPMG wants to do audit for Google for.example they're gonna go visit at Google.does it make sense but with internal.audit it's a bit different because.you're auditing your own company so the.department that you're auditing might be.even sitting next to you or if they.might be sitting on the second floor.upstairs okay clear any other question.question about oh no won't work right.it's not the same as yoga like different.patient right - whatever you guys were.talking about the questions were.shuffled so it probably won't will not.be in the same order place the same.question no I hopefully no it's not the.same well if you didn't go over the same.question I have here already follow.happens wrong and another question was.you know what Tod no idea so by ID you.can check - it's not the same like 15.more questions that's crazy okay but I.did it already so I mean consider.yourself ahead of their class those are.questions for week three but still this.is your homework for week two and you.submitted I granted this free.I think it's probably something we need.to fix but if you did ahead of time.that's good that's good that you did it.ahead of time so you probably have to so.then that means you're ahead of class so.on Saturday you I doesn't mean you have.to pick me dog any other questions able.to see that the answers now that we've.gone over be able to I'm not sure why.yours is not coming up um everyone else.let me show who I graded for so I've.graded the homework for a few people who.submitted them so my ask is if you got a.notification that your homework has been.graded yes.provide a comment if you're able to see.the result um you should be able to see.the result of what you got right and.what you got wrong but if you're not.able to I just need to play with the.settings to make sure those are given to.you if you have any questions you can.email you can call or leave a comment in.classroom.what wouldn't this be the recording will.be posted tonight be live by tomorrow.you guys have access to the other.recording today one in the yes me well I.able to access it except we can't really.syria what nanos same and they're.recording I guess maybe the microphone.but yeah.okay Nana Nana saying that for that for.this Saturday one the so unfortunately.the sound for the whole recording wasn't.so good so um he has a comment over here.on the parts that's good to listen so.you don't waste your time listening oh.no problem alright guys um thank you and.have a good night we will see you on.Saturday.

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