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To Fill In NEW MEXICO COMMERCIAL AUTO ACORD Forms, Follow the Steps Below:

Create your NEW MEXICO COMMERCIAL AUTO ACORD Forms online is easy and straightforward by using CocoSign . You can simply get the form here and then write down the details in the fillable fields. Follow the instructions given below to complete the document.

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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to key in NEW MEXICO COMMERCIAL AUTO ACORD Forms

youtube video


hey everybody Josh Nordine bringing you.another exciting YouTube tutorial for.Accord forms and today we're going to be.looking at the business Auto section.Accord 127 now this Accord form is used.in conjunction with the Accord 137 you.do need to have both forms the 137.explains how we're going to cover the.vehicles but the 127 explains what.vehicles were actually going to cover.and it also talks about some of the.other yes/no questions and eligibility.so this form the 127 is not state.specific so you can use the 127 for any.of your obviously commercial autos and.you will need to the 137 is state.specific it changes based on the state.for things like personal injury.protection versus med pay so let's go.ahead and get started with the 127 and.like always you know you can subscribe.to my channel I will have more videos.coming out regarding Accord forms plus.you know agency best practices so let's.go ahead and get started as I fill out.the common things here I will mention.that I highly recommend you also email.me or drop me a note in the comments if.you'd like the templates of these forms.as well as kind of some of the.highlighted versions that are blank but.with the sections highlighted that you.need to get a quote also the only thing.that we're gonna fill out on these forms.is what you actually need to get a quote.so we're gonna skip things like.obviously policy number and stuff like.that we don't have any of that.information yet so all of this is just.to get a quote all right whoa I'll go.ahead and use the right numbers here all.right now the named insured should.always be the entity not just the doing.business as alright you can include like.Joe's HVAC Inc DBA you know Joe's.heating or whatever they do business as.you can you can obviously use that as.well okay so let's go ahead and scroll.down here and we're going to look at the.driver information now if there's more.drivers than will fit in this section.you can attach the Accord 163.this is just gonna add additional spots.and this driver number is about as.straightforward as you can imagine it's.just number them in order one two three.four five six seven eight nine ten so.you'll just list them on down the line.here so in this instance we don't.actually need to include the city state.and zip code we're just gonna include.the name we do need to include the sex.in this case we're gonna put mail and we.do need to include the date of birth.whoops all right and we don't need to.include these things but we do need to.include the driver's license number I.don't know how many numbers are in a.driver's license we'll pretend like.there's that many okay we need to.include the state license and we need to.include which vehicle number that they.use now if they use any of the vehicles.you can just put any that's okay -.ideally you would put the percentage use.if you know it but if not you can leave.that blank in order to get a quote okay.so again you can most the time you can.just put any here and then you can leave.the rest part of the parts blank and you.just simply fill the rest out the same.exact way so this part and it doesn't.need to be super complicated that's all.we need in order to get a quote we don't.need marital status or anything like.that.okay when we get down to the general.information section here we're just.gonna read through these I'm not going.to read them on the video here but you.just want to read through these and make.sure that there's nothing that applies.okay so in this case I'm gonna put no.okay let's just say yes.okay all right this is a good one to put.yes on is there a vehicle maintenance.program you should put yes there most.places do but that also helps vehicles.lease to others is a good one to put no.if they don't obviously that's an.eligibility thing in some cases if they.have special equipment you could put yes.and then you could of course just put.down here exactly what that is so.vehicle number one and let's just say it.has like some sort of like a air.compressor I don't know some special air.compressor on the back I'm not a.contractor let's just say that it costs.like you know five thousand dollars okay.so you do want to add those special.modifications if there are anything and.this again would be something like.physically attached to the vehicle not.like if it's just like in the bed of the.truck but like if they have some special.like super something air compressor is.prob about example but like a winch or.you know some sort of a boom or.something like that they've added okay.now filings this usually will always be.yes if this is some sort of a trucking.operation that goes more than one state.and you notice it's as if yes attached.accord 194 now we're getting into.trucking okay interstate commerce.so most for contractors or you know.commercial ends will be a no unless they.do across state trucking stuff alright.we're hopefully not in transporting.hazardous material that's a whole nother.whole nother conversation okay you know.final oddly enough sometimes this will.be yes and spouses you could put that.down alright this is always good to put.yes before they hire people that they.get MBRs this is always good to put yes.and if they don't have one in later.videos I'll talk about resources that.you can use to provide your contractors.or your commercial lines customers with.things like recruiting methods all right.okay.and we're just looking down here now.this will always almost be yes that.somebody's gonna have a driver driving.violation and you're not obviously oh.one person has a driver I mean that's.obviously not realistic so usually what.you're gonna need to put here is just.you know see attached in VRS okay.something like that if you have them if.you don't have the NVRs you can leave.this blank and just put yes but the.carrier's don't always want to pull the.NVR so it is sometimes good to pull.those the other reason I'm gonna really.this is important for selling commercial.lines you have to sell the carrier first.before you can sell the customer the.carrier's in charge of the premium so.you live and die by what the underwriter.decides so here's the thing if you pull.the envy arse before you send in the.Accord applications which I highly.recommend for this very reason if.there's one driver I had this example it.was a flower shop everybody on the.flower shop driving list was pretty.decent I mean some you know speeding.tickets things like that but the owner's.son had a DUI and had I not pulled the.envy arse I would have sent it in and.the problem is when they rate for.vehicles or when they underwrite an.account the worst driving record in a.lot of cases is the rate so by excluding.that person I asked the owner I said how.often does your son drive the vehicles.and he said well I just have him listed.for when he works if he drives a vehicle.and obviously I need to have him sign a.dry driver exclusion that I keep so he.acknowledges that he's not gonna let his.son drive the vehicle but I was able to.then not list him on the driving list.and saved a ton of money and obviously.was able to quote with many more.carriers because most carriers wouldn't.have allowed a driver with a DUI on the.drivers list and I wouldn't have known.that if I hadn't pulled the MV arse.ahead of time now you can possibly get.that information from the underwriters.when you send it in without pulling MBRs.but the problem is a lot of times you'll.just get a declination or no response.back.and usually at the last minute when you.kind of need the quote so pull those.NPR's identify who you may need to.exclude just ask the owners that these.people really need to drive and then you.can make a good decision from there and.by the way when you're approaching the.business owners for privacy reasons it.is important not to state Oh Joe has a.DUI can I remove him from the drivers.list you just need to say something like.hey you know how often does Joe really.drive does he need to be listed as a.driver there are some things on his.motor vehicle record that adversely.affect the rate that's the best way to.answer that to explain that to the.agency or the customer alright so that.is that we're gonna usually put yes here.if possible it's good to take a look at.those vehicles also looks good to the.underwriters okay are they part of a.fleet new and if they have electronic.monitoring devices let's just say for.the heck of it that Joe's truck has.location tracking for whatever reason.that is how you would fill that out if.there's some sort of like a monitoring.or transmitting device okay all right we.are not going to worry about this little.section here all right I'm just double.checking okay perfect so let's go ahead.and take a look at the additional.interest now this is basically oh I'm.sorry we don't need to put the maximum.dollar amount but we do need to put the.location so let's just say you know I'm.sorry I had my caps lock on okay we'll.just put down the that town basically.and then additional interest this is.going to be if they have like a loan on.the vehicle and here you just put the.bank information or bank loan company.you know whatever the address is here.whatever.okay and then if they need something.like a certificate of insurance or.anything like that.you can list that as well okay so that's.all there is to that.okay let's go ahead and take a look at.the next section which is the vehicle.section okay so this is where we're.gonna list the vehicle and if just like.the if you run out of drivers and you.need to attach the 163 you can attach.the 129 if you need additional vehicles.listed if there's not enough room on.here okay so let's go ahead and start.listing out our fun vehicles and I am.only going to list the vehicles that we.need in order to get a quote.because who wants to fill out more than.they have to all right so first things.first and I'm just checking my notes.here so let's make sure I'm not skipping.anything no we're all good okay so we do.need to fill out the vehicle.and the year okay I want to say it's.like 2009 we'll say that this is a Chevy.we'll say it is a solar righto okay.forgive my clicking here sometimes I.usually would use a management system.but I know not everyone has a management.system that has the Accord forms built.in so that's why I'm just using the.Accord application itself here body type.is pickup and then we do need to list.out the VIN.you know whatever the VIN is okay now.here's a fun question is a private.passenger is it special.or is it commercial here's the best way.to judge this if it's less than fourteen.thousand pounds of gross vehicle weight.then you could probably put down private.passenger a good way to know that is is.this something that you would buy and.drive just for your family car or just.for your vehicle so like a Chevy.Silverado I mean that's a big pickup in.some cases but you'd still drive that.for like a normal vehicle now when you.get into some really really big vehicles.like especially like trucks.you know cargo vehicles you know like.some Ford f-350 s that are like just.monster beasts type of things those can.be considered commercial I mean we're.talking like you know like your u-haul.type trucks or like a lot of times you.see like those dodge sprinters which is.like a cargo type vehicle obviously any.sort of like truck trailer type thing um.then of course special I'm sorry so in.this case it's private passenger those.would be examples of commercial like.really big trucks or you know things.like that special would be like if you.get into like a you know a trailer like.a bucket truck anything that has like.some sort of mechanical features in that.sort of thing but that's still like a.road vehicle that would be considered.like special or if it exceeds 33,000.pounds of gross vehicle weight those are.a lot of times considered special and.your underwriters are gonna kind of.correct this for you so you're not gonna.have to spend a ton of time on this but.at least if you get them in the right.direction that's cool so I'm so that's.all you really need to know about this.part of it we're gonna talk more about.gross vehicle weight in a second okay so.um that's all we need we don't need to.fill out any of this stuff up there.whatever the heck that is we don't.really need the street but we do need.the city and the county in the state so.alright I'll throw in the county.and the state and the zip code all right.then we're going to do a licensed state.and we're gonna do the gross vehicle.weight okay gross vehicle weight so you.notice that there are two things here G.VW / g CW all right.gross vehicle weight vs. gross curb.weight the curb weight the second one.here the gross kerb weight is how much.the vehicle just weighs by itself with.you know the permanent equipment.attached so like the Silverado with the.air compressor attached is the gross.curb weight the gross vehicle weight is.how much the vehicle would weigh if it.was completely loaded down to its.maximum capacity so let's just say that.this Silverado if you filled the bed of.the pickup up to the brim let's say that.gross vehicle weight is like 8,000.pounds that would be the G V W now I'm.gonna give you my my experience on this.okay because every underwriter will.probably tell you a different thing but.I'm telling you how I've been able to.get quotes if it's a private passenger.vehicle I typically do not need to list.the gross vehicle weight if it is a.commercial or a special vehicle then I.need to list the gross vehicle weight.and there's there's a couple ways to get.the gross vehicle weight so in this.example we're I'm just using the Chevy.Silverado I don't need to list it in.most cases okay unless you get a really.picky underwriter but let's pretend like.this is an actual like Dodge Sprinter.truck with like cargo capability in ice.chose commercial for example in that.case the gross vehicle weight is located.on the inside door jamb of the driver's.side of the vehicle and it's like.usually right there with like the VIN so.if you're out personally inspecting the.vehicles and you can open up the doors.you can just snap a picture of the.inside of the door jamb and there's the.gross vehicle weight it's pretty simple.the other way that you can do it are if.you literally google and I'm going to.use the Google method here because.things change and by the time I upload.this video video a new site might be.better but there are websites out there.if you just simply do.gross vehicle weight lookup you can find.the site usually that will actually type.in the VIN or type in the type vehicle.type and it'll give you the gross.vehicle weight a good one for example is.cm VI D cm the ID that's one where you.can type in the VIN or type in the make.a model and it'll give you the gross.vehicle weight most of the time if you.just put one number in which most the.time is all people do they're just.listing the gross vehicle weight you.typically don't need both if you just.put in one number use the gross vehicle.weight so that's all there is to that so.that's a part where a lot of times.people will get apps bounce back or they.run into questions so hopefully that.cleared that up for you and I'll save.you some time.another question I get a lot is radius.alright so if it travels within 50 mile.radius.remember diameter is the whole width of.the circle radius is from the center to.the outside edge if it's within a 50.mile radius of a town that's considered.local and you can just put an L okay if.it's like 200 mile radius which would.mean a 4 400 mile diameter that would be.you'd need to put in the actual number.here so in that case the radius would be.200 in most cases if it's just like a.local contractor I'm going to use L but.if it's some sort of like a vehicle that.travels back and forth between towns.then you might put the actual radius.that it travels back and forth just.don't get radius and diameter mixed up.because you'll charge the customer extra.premium all right so that's all there is.to that we do need to put in the cost.new all right that's something that you.can also find online I think let's see.here let's just say like I'm probably.off on this I don't I'm not a pickup guy.I'm a car guy so I'll put down whatever.the heck I think that thing cost me and.then um the use here is almost always.going to be commercial you can try to.get specific on these sort of things but.most the times it's commercial they can.be commercial now if the business owns.the vehicle and they just use it for.personal use you can put pleasure but.typically you might get questions from.the underwriters as to why that's on.here so I almost always just use.commercial alright otherwise I just put.it on a personal policy okay.next on the list we need to list out.what coverages that we need for this.vehicle so we're always gonna probably.put down liability.all right that's of course and we're.gonna go we go over this on the Accord.137 I have a video for that on the on.the website here on the YouTube channel.so check that out and this will explain.all this so I won't go into detail here.on an example we did med pay of course.we did underinsured and uninsured.motorist we did add towing on our.example and we added special and we.added comp okay.oops sorry my bad we did not add special.that's a horrible idea let's not do that.okay so we're just gonna do comp and.collision ok comp and collision and then.um let's see here a lot of times you can.do rental reimbursement if you need to.but then also let's talk most of most.importantly about the deductibles so.almost always it's going to be actual.cash value all right stated amount and.in that that's that's like if it's like.a classic vehicle or if they want it's.almost always actual cash value that's.just the way that you know underwriters.are typically writing policies these.days and then we're gonna go ahead and.put down comprehensive and collision.okay so the deductibles for comp and.collision alright so for comp that's the.top one here let's just say we want like.a thousand dollar deductible for comp.and we want like a thousand dollar.deductible for collision that's all.there is to it comp deductible collision.deductible that's why we didn't list the.deductible on the Accord 137 okay so.that's how that should look pretty.simple let's see if there's anything.else on here you know what.congratulations you're done with the.Accord form so that's all there is to it.again make sure and check out the Accord.137 video subscribe for more videos.coming up and.putting best practices and if you need a.copy of these like templates or just.blank versions with the sections.highlighted that you need in order to.get a quote feel free to drop me a.comment with your email address or shoot.me an email and I look forward to.talking with you again soon have a great.week.

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