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Tips on completing the Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form

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Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form: Draft, Finish and save

good morning everybody.first i want to make sure that you can.all hear us out there.if some of the attendees there are able.to drop me a line.in the questions box or the chat box.which you should find.in the on the right of your screen in.the go to meeting panel.to let me know that you can all that you.can hear us that would be great.looks like people can hear us fabulous.thanks for helping me out there.got too many windows open here we go.i want to make everybody aware that if.you've dialed in by a phone particularly.a landline.when we play the recordings that of.staff presentations you may be prompted.to use the audio if you have a device if.you're called in on a landline.it may bump you out of the meeting some.we've discovered that some phones just.aren't able to support the recording.content from the meeting so if you're.able to connect.using a device and to connect through.the go to webinar app.um that is your best option for the a.great.user experience on the other end.we're going to start the meeting with.presentation of awards followed by staff.reports.and then the board will take up its.prepared agenda.and conclude with new business during.the formal agenda of the business.meeting.there is a handout available if you.click the handouts tab you can.download the agenda there for viewing.during the meeting it'll also be on.screen.the meeting will be recorded and we.expect that it should be.uploaded to the game commission's.youtube channel early next week.you will also get an email with a link.to the recording.uh early next week as well.and with that i think we will get.started with the first presentation.of awards.here we go.good morning and thank you for joining.us we're we're now going to start with.the awards.good morning i'm chuck lincoln law.enforcement supervisor from the.southeast region.this morning i'd like to read a.nomination for matthew p.t hand for a distinguished service award.uh warden t hand graduated from the ross.laughter school of conservation in march.of 1999..after graduation matt was assigned to.chester county where he served until.2001.when he transferred to venango county in.the northwest region.in march of 2004 officer t hand returned.to the southeast region.and was assigned to lehigh county.in 2008 he transferred from lehigh.county to berks county where he.currently serves.berkshire county has three districts of.which each district covers approximately.290 square miles.matt is assigned to district 6062 which.is in northeastern berks county.this area has very diverse population.from just outside the city of redding.to rural albany township and the blue.mountain.the district has approximately 150 000.people.in 15 townships out of an estimated 421.100 people in the county that covers.several state game lands including state.gamblings 106.182 315.and lake onolani which is a co-op.property covering about 3 100 acres.all totaled about 13 000 acres.there are many public access properties.also in the within this district.during matt's tenure with the gain.commission and especially while assigned.to the southeast region.matt has consistently been a leader he.excels in law enforcement and is usually.in the top.five in the state as far as cases with.that being said.matt is a fair and judicious officer in.dealing with violations.and quite often cuts breaks and tries to.educate people.as well as cite them from their.violations.warning teahan is an active has an.active deputy program.and although he is down to three.deputies they are all very active and.well trained.in all aspects of commission.responsibilities.matt holds regular deputy meetings for.not earning his deputies but invites.deputies from other districts to.participate in the training.for the past six or eight years matt has.taken upon himself to provide additional.firearms training for wardens and.deputies alike.he became familiar with the viking.tactics 1.5 firearms training program.which is a combat shooting platform and.has been with the approval and guidance.of myself.and other firearms instructors providing.this training course.many times throughout the year for.officers and deputies.this course and part of it is now being.used in our training academy.including the nine-hole barricade all.this due to matt's drive to improve and.not only.to be a better trained officer himself.but to better train other officers as.well.warren t hand was was a defensive.tactics and truck.instructor for many years and when we.switched to the new cqd training.matt volunteered to instruct that as.well warren t han is a very good.instructor and you can tell by the way.he instructs.that he enjoys and cares about what he.is teaching he is very dedicated the job.and to instructing other wardens and.deputies and generally cares about what.he is teaching.warren t han is involved in many other.areas as well.matt became one of the first wardens to.become interested in and certified in.man.tracking and took training on his own.before the commission started.the woodland tracking team for which he.is a member.matt excels in all areas as well in.other areas as well.his teaching skills came out.come out here to as he assists other.wardens.in learning the skills teaching tracking.at rlsc.to the cadets and has numerous deputy.training sessions on tracking.tracking and he along with other members.of the tracking team have provided.training.to local pds special responses for.response individual.individuals.for assisting the guard matt and others.were schooled in military tactic.tactical combat casualty care and again.warden t.hand brought that back and has taught it.to many officers in the game commission.and other departments officer tiehan was.a paramedic prior to coming on with the.game commission.and he is now the team medic for the.woodland tracking team.matt has gone above and beyond time.after time to assist and.bring favorable light on the gain.commission by attending and providing.training.matt is also very involved in assisting.other officers.everything from writing citations to.serving warrants matt is well.coursed in several serving both arrest.warrants and search warrants.and is usually involved with several of.them in the region whether it's in his.district or someone else's.he is very thorough and meticulous when.serving warrants and has.everything pre-planned so that the.almost routine.in the way he serves the warrant warren.teehan is most likely the officer the.other wardens go to if they have.questions.and seek out his advice in handling.situations.he has been a field training officer for.most of his career and does a great job.of it.officer t hand is always willing and.ready to insist other officers and.regional staff.accomplishing the mission no matter what.it is.what i do whether it's getting ready for.training or moving.or relocating things including bear.traps and other equipment.matt is always offering to assist warden.teehan also offers to go.on evidence storage and handling class.that i could not attend.and then offered to do and does assist.with evidence storage handling.collection.recording it and recording it at the.regional office he even assists cleaning.up.around the regional office and clearing.out the evidence cage.in other areas as needed warren t hand.has been working for the agency for a.long time and has kept up a great work.that work ethic.this whole time he enjoys the law.enforcement and training areas of his.jobs more than some other areas and.aspects.but he does a great job he does it well.and exceeds at it.he is very compassionate about the.training that he does for himself and.others and takes it very seriously.and it shows when he's teaching when he.makes the training more realistic.serious and enjoyable for the students.his training dedication experience and.knowledge are sought by other officers.and his opinions and suggestions are.greatly appreciated.not only by fellow officers but by.supervisors as well.that has continually assisted me in.times when i was swamped and had other.things.going on and i jumped in and took over.wherever i needed.and sometimes even when not necessary.not necessarily needed but just helped.out for these reasons and many more i.would like to nominate.state game word matt t hand.distinguished service award.thank you for your time.good morning i'm deanna vance the.director for the bureau of automated.technology services.i'm very proud and excited to announce.the governor's award for excellence has.been awarded to a team of eight.game commission employees this year.governor team.governor tom wolf has recognized their.their work to give our state bird.the rough grouse a better chance to.recover from dramatic population.declines caused by west nile virus.this award is a prestigious and.competitive program.that recognizes commonwealth employees.for exemplary job performance.that reflects initiative leadership.innovation.and outstanding public service these.eight employees collaborated on the.grouse priority.area siting tool which combines.cutting-edge gis analysis.with the game commission's wildlife.research and habitat management.information.to identify areas where grouse.populations are likely to recover best.such knowledge is crucial in deciding.where work for growth should be focused.while groups will benefit from projects.to improve grouse habitat.if west nile virus risk to grouse.remains high in that area.a project's benefit to the grouse will.be limited by disease.by considering all available data the.tool can be used by both public and.private landowners to select the areas.where habitat projects for grouse are.likely to do the most good.i speak for our entire agency in.expressing our pride and gratitude for.the fine work you've done with this.project.receiving the awards our biologists lisa.williams.clayton lutz and timothy hoppe.geospatial professionals robert blystone.jeremy deal.and daniel jones wildlife habitat.management program chief scott baer.and forest program manager david.gustafson.thank you very much.morning i'm matthew schnoop bureau.director for wildlife management bureau.the game commissioner rough grouse.biologist lisa williams received the.afwa's ernest thompson-seton award.this award is given to the state.provincial or federal agency.which has best promoted public awareness.of the need to support the science.and practice of wildlife management.a companion award was just presented to.the individual deemed by the agency.as the person most responsible for a.successful and award-winning program.lisa has served as the game commission's.grouse woodcock and webless migratory.game bird biologist since 2010..she was the first researcher to identify.the connection between grouse population.trends in west nile.virus although loss of young forest.habitat has been and continues to be the.driving factor in long-term population.declines of grouse.and other species lisa used a.combination of laboratory and field.research to demonstrate.that severity of west nile virus from.year to year.is also an important influence on grouse.populations.with sharp declines in sightings and.flush rates following major west nile.virus outbreak.the game commission is built on its.research by applying.the results of the applying the results.to grouse harvest and habitat management.and communicating the science to.constituents has been a crucial in.gaining support for these.management actions a current focus for.lisa and other game commission staff is.identifying areas on the landscape where.virus risk is lower.and where limited resources can be.applied with the greatest benefit to.grouse populations.this innovative approach to habitat.management is being recognized.in its own right with one other award.that was just announced today.lisa would be the first to point out.that conducting and applying.cutting-edge grouse science is a team.effort.many staff in the game commission are.partners in other natural resource.agencies.and non-profit organizations and the.commonwealth's.grouse hunters have all made vital.contributions however none of these.advancements in conservation would have.been possible without her initiative.leadership and dedication this.combination of agency-wide teamwork.and individual excellence is a perfect.example of what the ernest thompson.seton award is designed to recognize as.director of the bureau of wildlife.management i'm proud to see the game.commission's applied science being.acknowledged.with this prestigious award and i.especially congratulate lisa.on being highlighted for her outstanding.contributions.thank you.good morning this is steve smith with.the bureau of information and education.the association of fish and wildlife.agencies recognized 11 individuals.three state agencies and one private.landowner for their dedication.to advancing fish and wildlife.conservation at the association's annual.award ceremony held virtually on.september 14.2020. this year's recipient of the.stephen keller award.is the wildlife on wi-fi program.developed by staff.from the pennsylvania game commission.the award recognizes the program's.outstanding service in advancing.connections between humans and the.natural worlds.to all peoples in a diverse and.inclusive manner.wildlife on wi-fi seeks to connect.pennsylvania residents to their state's.wildlife.from anywhere to achieve this wildlife.on wi-fi.provides innovative online learning.opportunities.virtual lessons and educational.resources about wildlife.and its conservation wildlife on wi-fi.was designed during the coven 19.stay-at-home orders.and the state school closures to ensure.the agency continued meeting.its strategic objective of serving the.pennsylvania public.and providing educational services since.april 20th wildlife on wi-fi has.registered over 40 000 engagements.and received widespread local and state.attention.the wildlife on wi-fi team was.successful.because they involved a diversity of.members from regions.and the bureaus of wildlife management.marketing.and information and education who came.together.to collaborate on this project team.members include.jeremy banfield courtney colley.cressinda corbin lauren ferrari.tracy graziano tyler hawk.tom keller travis lau dan.lynch mandy marconi.lori neely mitchell joe monfert.dan mummert dustin stoner.dave till and bill williams.this concludes the award ceremony.presentation for today's meeting.on behalf of the entire board of.commissioners we'd like to once again.congratulate.all of the award winners thank you for.your hard work dedication.continued support to the game commission.at this time we'll move on to the staff.reports.sure and our first staff report is going.to be.from dr desalvo.hi everyone my name is dr andrew desalvo.i'm the wildlife vet with the.pennsylvania game commission.specifically the bureau of wildlife.management and i am here today to talk.to you about some proposed revisions.to regulation 137.34.um i'm going to briefly review how the.regulation has historically been.singularly focused and how updating the.language would address a wider range of.wildlife diseases.i'll talk about how i came upon this.and then we'll talk about who it could.potentially impact.so very briefly as is currently written.137.34 chronic wasting disease and.emergency authority of director.is just as it reads singularly focused.on chronic wasting disease.and it sets forth the.legal footing for the executive director.to issue executive orders that mitigate.risk factors determine prevalence and.determine the geographic distribution of.that disease.it does a great job at that no question.about it and it sets the stage for.137.35 which is chronic waste and.disease restrictions which.andrea corman will talk about in much.greater detail in a little bit.but from a comprehensive point of view.the scope is far too narrow and we're.really missing out on.the ability to provide us with a nice.foundation.and firmer legal footing to address.a broad number of wildlife diseases that.potentially threaten pennsylvania.wildlife.so i thought it would be really.appropriate to kind of give you a.overview of how i came upon this and.what was the impetus behind.us providing some proposed revisions to.this regulation.and it was rapid hemorrhagic disease so.both emily boyd the small game mammal.biologist and myself.were well aware of the outbreak when it.first appeared.in late march early april in arizona and.new mexico.and to date it's spread to seven states.and it's causing some mass mortality.events in both wild and domestic.lagomorphs.in those seven states so this is on our.radar.it is not in pennsylvania yet but it is.something that.we are keeping an eye on and in doing so.we realize that the regulation as it's.currently written.is way too narrow-minded so just to give.provide a.brief history of kind of where we sit.today with rapid hemorrhagic disease.so as i said in 2020 it was detected.for the first time in free-ranging wild.hairs or rabbits in the united states.it's actually considered a notifiable.foreign animal disease and is a.really serious threat to both domestic.and wild lackamorph populations.the virus that's responsible for the.current outbreak.is rhd virus serotype 2 or rhdv2.and there have been previous detections.of that virus in the united states but.they were all limited.to domestic and feral rabbits and the.current strain circulating in arizona.california colorado nevada new mexico.texas and utah.is unique and unrelated to those.previous detections.and they still haven't identified the.source of this current outbreak.i will say though that rhd has.previously.been in pennsylvania but it was rhd.v1 so virus serotype 1 and it was.detected in 2018.and they didn't find a smoking gun but.officials believe that a chef who owned.the infected domestic rabbits had.imported and handled infected rabbit.meat from france.and you know since its first.characterization in domestic and wild.rabbits.in france in 2010 different strains of.rhd virus.have circulated around the world.throughout europe australia africa new.zealand and the americas and they've.caused extensive losses in both domestic.and wild populations.so it's a serious serious threat.both viruses are all strains and both.serotypes of the virus are extremely.contagious.and they can spread a variety of ways.from rabbit to rabbit via direct contact.through foamites such as equipment.tools and closures via insects birds.scavenging mammals the list goes on and.on.and it's really controlled the disease.and prevented through strict biosecurity.measures and health management of.domestic rabbits.but once the disease is detected.eradication can really only be.accomplished by depopulation cleaning.and disinfection.and surveillance and quarantines of.those domestic rabbits.so you can imagine that if this disease.emerges in wild populations.eradication is going to become nearly.impossible.so it's really of utmost importance at.the game commission take proactive.measures in this.in this concern so i think in areas like.pennsylvania.where um they're un unaffected or.uninfected at the time.prevention really must be the top.priority so those.preventive strategies could include.anything from educating permatease.and the general public about the virus.and wildlife health implications.providing precautionary guidelines and.recommendations.restricting the importation of wildlife.or wildlife parts from endemic areas.and conducting extensive disease.surveillance.i do want to point out though that due.to its foreign animal disease status.we coordinate our surveillance efforts.closely with the department of ag and.the end usda.but should there be any detections.because of that foreign animal disease.status.we will play a more collaborative role.and less of a leadership role in the.response.because that response since it's a.foreign animal disease is led by.usda um.animal implant and health inspection.services.so just wanted to point that out anyway.with all of this in mind we really felt.that.a more comprehensive regulation that can.be applied to any number of wildlife.diseases would really provide the.executive director with firmer legal.footing to issue and enforce executive.orders or pursue additional regulations.should wildlife diseases other than cfpd.threaten human.domestic and wild animal and.environmental health and safety within.the commonwealth.and what's nice is that while executive.orders addressing rhd may be issued.prior to acceptance of any revisions to.137.34.the regulatory revision suggested.hearing really lay the groundwork for.the game commission to robustly respond.to.emerging wildlife disease concerns that.often appear with little to no warning.so as much as we are focused on rhd at.the moment.updating this regulation is going to.prepare us for the future.so now jumping to the specifics right.what are we exactly proposing.in these revisions well for starters.we're interested in changing the title.right from chronic wasting disease to.wildlife disease in general.with the thought that being more.inclusive and comprehensive will get us.more prepared for the future.areas of significant change include.addressing.the addressing of exportation.restrictions as well as the suspension.or modification of existing permits.the current regulation only prohibited.importation of high-risk parts.and the issuance of new permits so.that's the reasoning for those changes.that i just mentioned.we also made sure to address that the.emergency authority.didn't extend to the unilateral.regulation of wildlife that's under.federal jurisdiction.and really beyond that the remaining.changes removed language that was.specific to cervids.and provided clarifications as needed.they really were not.super significant on beyond those.mentioned changes.and i do want to point out that all of.this and all of these proposed revisions.excuse me.does not compromise 137.35.chronic waste and disease restrictions.that andrea corman will talk about.and it really also sets the stage for.the development of additional disease.specific regulations.similar to 137.35 whether it's.something focused on rhd or white nose.syndrome or any other emerging wildlife.disease.so i've gone over the changes and i just.wanted to briefly touch on.who may be impacted by those changes so.in addition to.redefining the emergency authority of.the executive director when it comes to.wildlife disease.the proposed revisions may impact.wildlife viewers hunters.and game commission permitees including.the proposed revisions are importation.and exportation restrictions.mandatory testing or disposal of.wildlife or wildlife parts.restrictions on the movement of wildlife.for wildlife parts.prohibition or sorry prohibition of.rehabilitation of wildlife species.prohibition of what.of feeding of wildlife restricting the.use of or possession of wildlife.products.and restrictions on the issuance of new.permits or suspension or modification of.existing permits.so just to use rabbit hemorrhagic.disease as an example the impacts could.extend to permatease.for agriculture damage depredation.falconry field dog trials fur dealer.menagerie nuisance wildlife control.operator propagating rabbit trapping and.wildlife rehabilitation.but to be honest the true impacts are.completely dependent.on the disease and the subsequent focus.of any potential executive orders or.additional regulations that are.pursued and that about wraps it up.i really appreciate all of your time.that concludes my presentation thank you.very very much.are there any questions from the board.uh.if there's no questions let's move to.the next report.all righty next up is andrea corman with.some.information on regulations with chronic.wasting disease.i'm andrea corman the chronic wasting.disease biologist for the game.commission.and i'm going to provide an overview of.the proposed revisions to regulation.137.35 that are based on strategies.described in the cwd.response plan.the cwd response plan was accepted at.the july 2020 commission meeting.the plan proposed changes to regulations.that would apply to section 137.35.so these changes include.defining the established area and.implementing a ban.on the export of high-risk parts from.this area.since the established area has a higher.degree of infection compared to other.areas.a ban on exporting high-risk parts from.this area.will help minimize the risk of.human-assisted spread of the disease.to less infected areas of the dna.creating a regulatory definition of the.established area.is also necessary for enforcement of.this ban.the second regulation change proposed in.the response plan.is to expand the ban on the importation.of high-risk parts.to all areas outside the commonwealth.currently the ban only applies to states.and provinces that have detected cwd.but cwd surveillance efforts vary by.region.and the lack of cwd detections does not.necessarily.equate to cwd-free servant populations.so in order to be most effective it is.proposed that.this regulation be expanded to all areas.outside the commonwealth.implementation of these regulations will.be an important step forward.in cwd management thank you.are there any questions from the board.if there are none we'll move on with the.next report.all right the next report is coming from.the bureau of automated technology.good morning my name is deanna vance and.i am the director for the bureau of.automated technology services here.at the game commission we were directed.by the board at our july meeting to.explore alternatives to the current.antlerless sales process.our current process has been in place.for many years.and we know that breaking with tradition.can sometimes be challenging but we.believe that modernizing license sales.can provide a benefit to everyone.involved.so i'm here to give an overview of some.of the alternative methods that we.discussed to our antlerless license.state.licensing sales process.and i'm going to start with giving an.overview of what our current process.looks like and just to let everybody.know.our process that we have in place now is.governed by title 34.so any change to this process will.require.legislative action.our current process is handled.exclusively through.the county treasurer offices.they they use our automated licensing.service which i'll refer to as.pals our current process contains.a multi-round process with personal.limits and quotas that are in place.and what that basically means is.depending on the wildlife management.unit that you're hunting in.there is a limit on how many antlerless.licenses you may have in those units.and the quotas refer to the allocations.that are set aside.for the number of antlerless licenses.available in each.wildlife management unit our process.does combine both mail-in applications.and over-the-counter sales meaning.throughout some of the first couple of.rounds we only accept a mail-in.application.and then any olds any unsold licenses.then become available over the counter.when a customer buys their license in.mid-june.they receive their application with.their license they complete that.application which includes their.preferences for.wildlife management unit and their.payment.and then they mail that application in.at designated times.throughout the whole round process.beginning on the first day of each round.applications are manually entered into.our pal system by county treasurer staff.and then they issue the antlerless.licenses to customers based on those.preferences that were indicated on the.application.now mid mid-june is when general license.sales typically.open and we don't begin our antlerless.rounds until usually the second monday.in july.that that extra time is given so that.hunters have that time to purchase their.license in june or early july.and then get those applications in the.mail.so that those county treasurers receive.them on that second.monday in july for the first round.these licenses are issued in the pals.system by the county treasures.based on a first-come first-served.process now.when a customer is when an application.was successful and the transaction goes.through.the the county treasurer prints that.license and then those are mailed back.out to the customer in the return.envelope that was included with their.application.if for some reason the application was.unsuccessful.then payment is returned to the customer.and then that process.continues repeating for each of the.successive rounds.later in the process we do open.over-the-counter sales.you know for any unsold licenses which.basically means that the hunter can walk.into any county treasure.office and just buy one over the counter.and it would get printed and.handed to them our personal limit.of three applies to any wildlife.management outside of special regulation.areas.special regulation areas are those areas.around philadelphia and pittsburgh.so if you are hunting anywhere other.than those areas you may only possess.three antlerless licenses in.those wmus but if you are hunting in.special regulation areas you are allowed.an unlimited amount.of antlerless licenses in those areas.one of our other existing rules is that.non-residents are not allowed to apply.the first week that the that round one.opens they must wait a week which gives.residents.hunters a week to it gives county.treasures a full week to process.resident applications before they begin.processing non-resident applications.as we started analyzing our process we.wanted to look at.what customer service issues we have.with this process and we do realize that.this is an outdated process especially.in this day and age when people are used.to.doing a lot of services online they're.used to a more streamlined approach.it is very cumbersome when you when you.look.look at our process and see the.application process.the envelope the fact that you have to.get it mailed on an.exact day so that the county treasurer.doesn't receive it prior to that second.monday.in july and there are a lot of reasons.that.a hunter might drop his envelope in the.in the mailbox.and expect that he's going to get that.they're going to get their.antlerless license back and then they.don't.and one of the big problems is is they.don't even realize that.there was an issue with their.application and i listed the.some of the the more common problems.that happen with the applications.such as an insufficient return postage.envelopes get torn they get damaged they.get misrouted by the postal service.hunters can mail them in too early um.they maybe they forgot to put their.check in the envelope.uh they didn't complete the envelope.correctly there's.there's a lot of reasons why those.applications just get thrown into what.we call a dead letter file.and like i said it's a very unforgiving.process because.the hunter drops drops that application.in the mailbox.expecting that in a week or two they'll.receive their.their license in the mail and then they.don't they they receive their.application returned to them you know.with a message saying it was not.processed.so can the process be improved.staff was directed in july by president.fox to take a look at alternative.methods to improve our sales process.what we did is we formed an internal.committee which.um which contained many we had.we had at least 15 people on our.committee and it.it was comprised of members of our.executive.office team some of our senior staff.different bureau directors different.region directors we had members of our.deer team.we had it represented our licensing.division was.was well represented as well as our.marketing and our.information and education areas.what we tried to do is analyze our.current process to identify the existing.problems look at some of the complaints.that we were getting from hunters.around our existing process we wanted to.try to define.cult goals for a new process.some of the things we did is is research.what other states are doing.we also consulted with our licensed.sales vendor to make sure that.any process we looked at would be able.to be handled through.our automated licensing system.it came down to basically.two different models that we liked one.being.a true first come first serve process.and the other being a lottery based.model.so what i'll do is talk talk through.some of the benefits and the potential.limitations of both of these.we'll talk about the first come first.served process first.there are some benefits um associated.with this type of.thing one of the biggest things of.course is.there's no application and there's no.official.envelope needed in this in this type of.uh of a model.customers would basically um go to the.store or go online.and when they bought their general.hunting license at the beginning of the.year they would be able to just go right.ahead and buy their antlerless license.at the same time.for the first round.our license system would provide the.immediate sale of that antlerless.license.in the wmu of the hunter's choice based.on availability.and it just simplified it seems to.simplify the process which was one of.our top goals.it just provides that one-stop shopping.if the customer wants to go online or.just go to the store.and get their license they can get their.antlerless license and.and for some hunters then they're.they're done now.if you want to buy more than one.antlerless license of course.you know you will have to participate in.in those other rounds as.you know the they they occur.some of the limitations around the.process like this obviously the first.thing that people think of is the.potential long lines at.some of the stores and the the license.sales locations.we worry of course about our online.system.uh with bandwidth you know with.bandwidth.searches um surges beyond normal or.season act seasonal activity.with all of those hunters we don't we.wouldn't know.how many to expect you know the of.hunters that would try to get online.right away on opening day and.um you know we would need to mitigate.that of course.and of course there is that customer.concern around a system like this.regarding license availability the worry.from the customers that if they don't.get the.to the store on the first day or if they.don't get online the first day that.maybe.the the wildlife management unit that.their that is their preference will get.sold out.there would need to be a lot of.public public relations around the new.process.to assure hunters that we don't.sell out the first hour of license sales.we have a lot of data over the last few.years that does support the fact that.most wmus do not sell out even within.the first round.so we'll talk about a lottery based.model next.some of the benefits around this you.know.i think a lot of hunters who hunt out of.state are used to a process where there.is an application.process and you you mail it in with your.application.fee and it could be several months even.until.the the actual lottery is held by that.state and.then you're notified on whether you are.awarded a license or not.that doesn't seem to compare equally.with what.our process is for antlerless license.sales since.we have so many licenses and we have.multiple rounds.it just it it's not quite um.that same type of of a comparison so.um but one of the things that that is.definitely a benefit.here is that it provides an equal.process that allows customers to apply.when it's convenient for them.you know when we talked about the.first-come first-served process.people will have that that feel that.sense of urgency to hurry up and get to.the store on the on opening day or get.online.opening day to make sure that they get.the licenses that they want.whereas if we have an application.process they can.they there would be that that time frame.again.similar to what our current system does.where you would be able to.you know we would have opening license.sales day and then you there would be.that application period where you would.have.a certain amount of time to to submit.your application and your payment.um before that lottery was held.um so it does remove some of those.external elements that affect a person's.ability to.to apply for a license where you know if.they.if they have a job where they work.during business hours and they're unable.to get on the internet or they're unable.to get to a store on.in those you know first few days it.removes.some of some of that concern.some of the limitations that we that.we've um.that we discovered is uh it well like i.said it would involve.an application for each round.and if you're applying there would.likely be an application.fee with each one of those if we're.going to.do the lottery within our pal system.it we felt it would be an inconvenience.for those who don't want to purchase.online.it would mean multiple trips to the to.the agent location.you know if you do the trip to buy your.general hunting license and you get your.application for the first round and then.you submit it and then you go back and.you get your application and submit it.for the second one and then you have to.go pick up your license.after you've found out that you've been.awarded or you've been.issued it.some states when we looked at some of.the other states we see that they use.preference points and probability models.which does add a level of complexity.to a process like this and one of our.main goals as we looked at this.was to make.you know if we were going to recommend.something we wanted it to be a simple.system we wanted to.um remove some of those those cumbersome.and complex.parts that we currently have and then.like i said.um you know as we looked at some of the.other states and how they did.did lotteries it just didn't seem to.compare.to the volume that we have here in.pennsylvania with antlerless license.sales and the round structures that we.currently have.in place.some of the other things we talked.through throughout our discussions.uh was whether we should open antlerless.license sales the same day as general.licenses become available.which means basically like i said.general licenses open in mid-june.and um so do we just open.antlerless license sales on that same.day or do we stagger those.uh as we do now but staff would.recommend that we would open antlerless.license sales on the same day as general.licenses become available.we prefer to keep the same type of round.structure that we have.so that it gives people plenty of time.between round one.and round two and round three and then.over the.over-the-counter sales um you know to.make sure that everybody has ample time.to.to um you know buy those buy their.licenses in each round.we would also recommend that that.non-residents.be able to um to begin buying on.in round one on opening day the same as.residents.the personal limit that i talked about.in wildlife management units outside of.special regulation.areas we would recommend expanding that.to more than three.we don't want to prevent the.over-the-counter sale of those.additional.unsold licenses in october if they're.still available.we currently have several management.units that once we get to the over.over-the-counter round are available but.many hunters have already.purchased three so sometimes.those licenses continue to remain unsold.we would like to be able to sell those.if there.if there are still some available in the.special regulation areas one of the.changes we.talked about was to potentially limit.the active.antlerless licenses you have in your.possession to five.with the option to purchase more as you.fill those tags.so if you have five in a special.regulation management unit.and you fill a couple of those tags as.you fill your tags and report.those deer then the system would allow.you to.go buy more in those special reg areas.so after the hours of discussion that we.had around all of these things.all of the benefits all the limitations.all the.talking about what what could.potentially be better for our customers.or.you know what are the other states doing.all of those things.we decided that given the change in.title 34 regarding our antlerless.license sales process that we would.recommend pursuing a first-come.first-served model.knowing that of course we can't we can't.pursue this.until there is legislative action.but that kind of that wraps up what.what our discussions um you know what.are.what the content of our discussions were.and and.you know the overview of of what the.alternative methods were for.what we talked about um and i don't.really have anything else.and i just want to thank everybody for.listening.and that's it thank you.i have a question uh currently the only.way that.we can pay for another license is with a.check or a money order.with this system would an applicant be.able to pay with a credit card or a.debit card.looks like deanna might be having.trouble with her mic.i'm not sure.while we're waiting for deanna to come.on i just like to point out and remind.everyone that this is a legislative.issue.and as much as the board of game.commissioners would would like to change.the process.we are limited by title 34 and until the.legislature takes up legislation to.change that we.we won't be able to implement any.changes.go ahead you're live okay hi sorry my.mic wasn't working i ran over to someone.else's computer.um okay the question was whether you.would be able to use a credit card so.yes.either purchasing online or through a.license sales.location you would be able to use a.credit card for an antlerless license.in the new system.one of the issues that i became aware of.is there.there are many of our young folks that.simply do not have a checking account.or they have to go to their parents to.borrow a check.so it becomes difficult for them to.apply.unless they go somewhere and get a.morning order so.that was a concern it was expressed to.me.are there any other questions from the.board.if not this time we'll move on to the.formal agenda.okay at this time i'd like to call this.meeting of the pennsylvania game.commission.uh to order uh commissioner metric we.please call the roll.i will president fox um.president of president fox yes.commissioner nick here commissioner.metric here.commissioner fordora here commissioner.fredericks.here.commissioner fredericks here.commissioner hoover here.commissioner layton here.commissioner schnepp geiger here.all our president commissioner fox thank.you.the first sight of my business is.approval of the minutes for the.commission meeting held july 25th.2020..i'll make a motion to accept those.hoover.sec secretary.this time i'd like to turn the meeting.over to mr buckle.thank you mr president uh the first item.from our agenda is from the bureau of.wildlife management it concerns proposed.rulemaking to amend.58 pa code sections 137.34.and 137.2.section 137.34 relating to chronic.wasting disease and emergency authority.of the director.currently addresses only the emergency.authority of the pennsylvania game.commission executive director as it.pertains to chronic wasting disease or.cwd.this section does not address matters of.any other diseases or the impacts of.these diseases.on other species of wildlife the.commission.has determined that a more comprehensive.regulation capable of application to any.number of wildlife diseases.would provide the executive director.with the necessary authority.and flexibility to respond to additional.wildlife diseases other than cwd.that threaten human domestic and wild.animal.or environmental health and safety.within the commonwealth.the need for expanding existing.regulatory language was recently.recognized.as a result of the ongoing rabbit.hemorrhagic disease or rhd.outbreak in the southwestern united.states.the commission is proposing to amend.sections 137.34.and 137.35 to expand the authority of.the executive director to issue.executive.orders to address additional diseases.and species of wildlife.other than only cwd as it relates to.only cervids.the commission is also proposing to.amend section 137.35.to define the term established area.restrict the movement of high risk parts.outside from established areas.and further expand the band on.importation of high risk parts to all.areas outside the commonwealth these.changes reflect the strategies described.in the recently accepted cwd response.plan.the text is shown on pages two through.six of your agenda.uh do we have a motion i'll make that.motion hoover go.move second.second connect any discussion.commissioner metric would you call the.wrong place.i will call for fox yeah.commissioner knick mission metric yes.commissioner fordora yes.commissioner fredericks.commissioner fredericks yes.commissioner hoover yes.commissioner layton yes.commissioner schnepp geiger yes.motion passes.thank you and the next item before the.commission is also from the bureau of.wildlife management.it concerns adopted rulemaking to amend.58.pa codes section 147.746.relating to exceptions for resident.candidate geese.to align state level regulations with.recent federal amendments to depredation.orders.depredation orders for resident.candidate geese were established in.federal and state regulations in 2006.and have been successful in providing.affected individuals and businesses with.methods to reduce.goose related damage and conflicts.especially in situations where.recreational hunting is impractical.or insufficient for population control.the text of these uh.rule making is shown on pages eight and.nine of your agenda.do we have a motion so moved.commissioner knick second.second brian uber any discussion.any opposition.motion card.and the next item on the agenda today is.from the bureau of wildlife protection.it concerns adopted rulemaking to amend.58 pa code.section 141.18.relating to permitted devices to.authorize the use of handheld.and firearm mounted night vision and.infrared or.thermal optics used solely for furbearer.hunting.the text is shown on page 11 of your.agenda.we have a motion commissioner.any discussion on that yeah mr president.commissioner leighton.i don't know if bureau director takoski.is available but i think there have been.some.there been some changes to the language.of this.yes commissioner leighton i'm available.can you can you just explain.i understand that there were some.changes to the language.um just for just for cleaning up.purposes.yeah in the uh.in the uh commentary part we added the.part about thermal because the.normal hunter or sportsman believes that.thermal technology is.quite different than infrared technology.and and to keep it in a layman's terms.infrared technologies.is used in thermal technologies.therefore you won't have thermal.without infrared that's why we kept with.the same language with.the uh infrared optics versus same.thermal because they're they're they're.the same technology it's just.uh just what's out there to the general.public and what they believe is thermal.um is the same thing as infrared you.need infrared.um in order to detect thermal images.that's the only change that we added to.is the commentary where we added thermal.in there.versus the actual regulation.very good i just wanted you to clarify.that for us thanks jason i appreciate.that i just want to point out that this.is.uh one of the opportunities where the.commission has listened to the.to the hunter and to the public and has.gone out and.made changes based on the comments that.we received.we wanted the hunters that were out.there to understand that you know the.commission does listen.and this is uh this is what comes from.it.any further discussion.commissioner would you call the role.please.all in favor aye.aye.so the next item that would come before.the commission today comes from the.bureau of wildlife.habitat management it concerns real.estate and the donation of real estate.contract number l3771.state game land number 55 columbia.county.regency marcellus gas gathering llc.or regency is offering to donate 75.more or less acres of land in north.center township columbia county.adjoining state game land number 55 as.shown on exhibit red one.on page 14 of any of the agendas you may.have.regency offered to donate the land as.replacement habitat to mitigate for lost.wildlife resources and recreational.values.associated with construction and.maintenance activities.associated with the issuance of licenses.for right-of-way for natural gas.pipelines and pertinences on state game.aliens number 12 in sullivan and.bradford counties.access is from fester's lane access road.off of sr 1012.mountain road.do we have a motion.some move brian hoover second.second tim metric second.okay is there any discussion on that uh.danny frederick questions.i have a question uh mr president um.is anybody able to answer what the.exchange rate on this.was you know looks like we got 75 plus.or minus.acres but in exchange for how many.disturbed does anybody.know the answer to that yes mr.fredericks uh.can you hear me yes sir um so this is.actually in addition.to a parcel that we acquired at.an earlier commission meeting so that.was 154 acres.this additional 75 acres total impacts.were between 40 and 50.uh permanent uh impacts to the acres of.permanent impact to the game lands.however.all of that habitat has been restored.just in a little different state than it.was before.it was kind of converted from forest to.grassland and it is.quite the mosaic quite the mosaic up on.game lands 12 and 36 at this point.so doing the math there um we're not.quite at five to one.but we're a little better than four to.one.and i just want to add um just wanna add.that this is enhanced mitigation.this is above and beyond um what our.normal rates would have been.um the commission gave up you know.nothing to acquire these properties this.was all.negotiated with the company through.regional staff and staff in harrisburg.as an enhancement to the already um.you know the financial end of things.with uh regard to that right of way.thank you pete good job thank you thank.you.any other questions.you want to call the vote uh.commissioner metric.yes do i hear any nays.motion carries.okay thank you.the next item on your agenda appears on.page 15 of your agenda it's contract.number.l3772 state game land number 219.bradford county.the conservation fund is offering to.donate 139 more or less acres of land.in warren township bradford county.adjoining state game land number 219 as.shown on exhibit red.2 on page 16 of the agendas.the conservation fund acting as a.conservation agent is acquiring the.property with funding provided by.williams companies.for voluntary mitigation as a result of.impacts associated with the constitution.pipeline project.located in susquehanna county access is.from caddis road.do we have a motion on that.sole move commissioner knickers.discussion.danny did i hear you come in.no i'm good charlie thank you okay.okay thank you commissioner metric you.want to call.the vote yes and do i hear any nays.hearing none the motion passes.okay.thank you and the next item is on page.17 of your agenda.it's contract number l3773.state game land number 156 in lebanon.county the estate of daniel r blau.is offering to donate 2.67 more or less.acres of land in south.lebanon township lebanon county.adjoining state game land number 156.as shown on exhibit red three on page 18.of the agendas.access is from existing state game land.number 156.we have a motion on that.so moved hoover.got a second yep metric second.any discussion.mr president this is pete sassenbach may.just add a few things.absolutely i just want to say that you.know.acquiring any land in the southeast.region is a challenge.at times um and this is just an exciting.opportunity for us.although it's small acreage it protects.the ultimate integrity.and future of that section of game lands.um.you know we're just excited to see this.donation the previous donation i had.some technical difficulty there but.our partners over at the conservation.fund um.were instrumental in that previous uh.previous uh proposal as well.and this one to you know to see that a.private individual was actually thinking.about us.or individuals at this point um and and.considering the game commission as a you.know.a donation to us is pretty exciting and.greatly appreciated.i just wanted to throw that in there.thank you.commissioner you want to call the vote.do i hear any nice.hearing none the motion passes.and the next item before the commission.is on page 19 of your agenda.it's contract number l3774.state game land number 264 in dauphin.county.dauphin county is offering to donate any.and all of the interest they.may have in a 0.36 more or less acre of.land.parcel in wikinesco township dauphin.county.and interior within state game lane.number 264..this is shown on exhibit red 4 on page.20 of your agenda.this is the same tract of land that was.offered as a donation from ladner.inc under contract l-3735.after an examination of vladimir's title.it was determined that dauphin county.may also have an interest in the land.access is from existing state game land.number 264..do we have a motion on that.benny frederick's commissioner moved.second.discussion.do i hear any knees.hearing none uh demotion passes.okay.and the next item concerns an.acquisition it's on page 21 of your.agenda.it's contract number l3775.state game land number 170 in perry and.cumberland counties.the nature conservancy is offering 213.5.more or less eight acres of land in five.tax parcels the three northern tax.parcels are located in penn township.perry county.and adjoined state game land number 170.as shown on exhibit red five on page 22.of your agenda.the two southern tax parcels are located.south of state gamely number 170.in east pennsboro and hampton township's.cumberland county.the option price is 213 thousand dollars.lump sum to be paid with funds from.third party commitments for compensation.of habitat and recreational losses which.occurred on state game lanes from.previously approved projects.the nature conservancy has applied for.grant funding through the department of.conservation and natural resources.and if successfully awarded covenants.conditions.and restrictions associated with this.funding source will be required to.accept the property.access for the three northern parcels is.from existing state game land number 170.the two southern parcels are landlocked.do we have a motion on that.danny frederick's so moved.second commissioner metric second.is there any opposition.any discussion mr president this is pete.sussenbach again if i can just add a few.things.yep i just want to thank the nature.conservancy.um and our our folks at the department.of conservation and natural resources.um for working with us through this.process.although it's not uh um it's not a.finalized deal.quite yet even after the pending uh.approval um there's still some logistics.we've got to work through they.are going out of their way to make this.happen and work with the pennsylvania.game commission.in in moving this land to us should it.be approved.um so pretty exciting opportunity and.the 213 000.lump sum i got to tell you is really a.fraction of what the appraised value.came in at.so it's quite the acquisition in a place.of and if you look at the map.there's quite a bit of uh you know.commercial and residential.properties just to the south of there so.it will be heavily used we're convinced.of that by the hunting public so we're.pretty excited about it.mr mr president denny fredericks.to add to the discussion i would like to.once again and i will continue to do so.is point out um these.significant land acquisitions that we.get from private donors and conservation.partners.um again just to reiterate that.the thought being out there that hunting.like hunters and hunting licenses.pay for all these game lands uh.you know again just to make a point in.discussion.and bring to everybody's attention that.um.the the amount the amount of acreage.that we receive through.ships and donations privately and.otherwise.are extremely significant thank you.thank you.is there any opposition to this.move on.yes the next item.is from the oil gas mineral division it.shows on page 23 of your agenda.and concerns a coal refuse reclamation.agreement.tract 79 a-20 black click township.cambria county.robindale energy services inc or res.of arma pennsylvania has requested an.agreement to mine and remove.an estimated ten thousand to fifteen.thousand tons of economically.recoverable coal refuse material.within approximately four point six.acres of state game lane number 79.the area is shown on exhibit ogm1 on.page 24 of your agenda.the game commission owns the surface and.surface support rights and coal refuse.were conveyed with the property.the coal refuse removal and reclamation.would be part of an overall.larger project involving coal refuse.removal on adjacent private lands.the state game land portion of the.project will include on-site demolition.burial cover and grading of remnants of.an existing abandoned mine related.building by res.removal of the coal refuse and.elimination of the abandoned building.structure will restore the area to a.more natural state.and result in improved water quality in.coal pit run and improved wildlife.habitat the terms are a five-year.agreement and a royalty rate of 25 cents.per ton of coal refuse removed from the.state game land.additional value will be realized.through reclaiming the abandoned.building structure.area and restoring to useful wildlife.habitat.all coal refuse royalty payments will be.deposited in the game fund.mining will be regulated by the.commonwealth's mining regulations and.the commission's.coal refuse reclamation agreement.you have a motion on that four door of.motion.second danny frederick second.you're in the opposition mr president mr.president i have.i have a question this is commissioner.layton so.pete if you could just touch on this a.little bit i know that.um state gamelan 79 has been.mined now for for an extremely long.amount of time is this part of that.continued mining that's going on there.is this a different project.what what is this all about yeah this is.an entirely different project this is.cleaning up basically a bunch of the.refuse material from.you know mining from long ago so.at the end of the day once this this.cold material is removed.that 4.6 acres should be restored to.something.pretty nice probably a nice uh addition.to some of the grasslands that already.exist out there.so is this this area is not adjacent to.what's being mined now this is.if if if i'm seeing this correctly this.is across the.um the hard road from that.yes that's correct okay very good thank.you.and basically it's removal of of.existing spoil piles.that which provide you know honestly.very limited to no.wildlife benefit.gotcha thanks pete.any other discussion.during the opposition.okay any other new business.i just um wanted to take the opportunity.okay we have one more individual that.needs to be recognized.i'd like to take a minute to thank.commissioner brian hoover for his.service.to the pennsylvania game commission and.the students of.this commonwealth commissioner hoover.was appointed and confirmed to the board.june of 2012.and it will be his final board meeting.on behalf of the entire board.thank you brian for your hard work and.over the years.thank you uh president fox um i do want.to take a moment to thank the staff.uh it's been a it's been a great eight.years i've had the opportunity to do.uh a tremendous amount of work.and see many things that i would never.have been able to see.as a as as just a hunter and i want to.thank the staff because the staff i.think we have assembled.probably the greatest staff in in the.country.to work on uh hunting-related items and.to and to control the state of.pennsylvania.uh and it's and this agency is the best.and i want to thank the commissioners um.that i've worked with and had the.opportunity to work with.over the last eight years and yes this.is this is my last official meeting as a.commissioner as i retire from my eight.year term.uh i want to uh again thank everyone for.all that.all the positive work and the things.that i've learned thank you very.all much.commissioner fox president fox.yes this is brian burhans if i could.just say a few words i just want to.thank.going on seven years and commissioner.hoover's been there he's been.served as president uh he has been.active and engaged.in all the activity commission he has.been a great support.mentor for me has taught me a lot i'm.just ever so grateful for his service as.a commissioner.uh what he means to staff and the.wildlife resource so.mr hoover thank you so much for your.service it is greatly greatly.it.thank you mr president if i may just for.a second please.brian i just want to thank you it's been.a pleasure serving the board with you.um i'm honored to call you a colleague.and a friend.um i'm going to miss you i'm i'm going.to rely on you for my last year.for guidance moving forward i just think.as i look back and.see all the things that that you helped.accomplish.commissioner um you know we you have.helped drive.this this agency to where it is today.and i want to thank you for that.thank you very much.i'd like to echo those comments and.simply say.it's been a great ride.thank you under new business.uh the board was previously previously.presented.a draft of the 2023.strategic plan at this time i'd like to.ask the board.to approve this new strategic plan.commissioner metric.do we have a motion.do we have a motion so.so move mr knick commissioner knick.second second denny fredericks.any discussion on that mission.uh commissioner metric would you call.the roll.yes are there any nays.hearing none the motion passes.mr president we really didn't get a.chance to comment on that can i just say.i want to thank the staff um for all the.work they put in.to the strategic plan that's that's uh.it's not an easy task.and uh they they got a lot accomplished.in a short amount of time and.kudos goes out to.executive director bur hands and his.staff for taking care of this and.getting it done.any other new business from the.commissioners.okay the next commission meeting will be.held on january.22 23 2021.here in harrisburg do i have an emotion.to adjourn.so moved commissioner metric second.commissioner hoover.joins this meeting.that concludes our meeting today again.this session has been recorded and we.expect it to be uploaded to the game.commission's youtube channel early next.week.on behalf of the board the executive.office and the rest of the staff we'd.like to thank you for taking time out of.your weekend to join us.and we hope you're able to get outside.and enjoy some of pennsylvania's great.outdoors.

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  4. From the sidebar, choose 'Sign'.
  5. Draw your electronic signatures.
  6. Generate them in the document where you need to.
  7. Choose 'Done'.

The signed file is in the draft folder. You can easily share it to your required mailing address.

Working with electronic signatures in Gmail is such a quick and cheap tool. It is specifically designed for people who work from anywhere. By CocoSign, and you will surely be among our hundreds of happy users.

How to create an e-signature for the Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form straight from your smartphone?

mobiles are the most useful electronic devices used nowadays. You must be interested in using e-signature from this most used electronic device.

What's more, with eSignature capability on your mobile phone, you can e-sign your document anytime, anywhere, away from your laptop or desktop. You can work with CocoSign electronic signature on your mobile phones by following these key elements:

  1. Direct to the CocoSign website from your mobile browser. Login to your CocoSign account or sign up with us if you don't have registered before.
  2. Click the document you need to e-sign from your mobile folder.
  3. Open the document and choose the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
  4. Choose 'My Signatures'.
  5. Write your electronic signature and insert it to the page.
  6. Choose 'Done'.
  7. Print the document or directly share through email.

That's it. You will be done signing your Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form on your mobile phones within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature tool, you no longer need to worry about the usage of your electronic signatures and use our app of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form on iOS?

Many apps have a more complex setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can esign form online safely with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below instructions will help you to e-sign your Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Add the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. Write your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
  4. From your internal storage, click the document you need to e-sign.
  5. Open the document and choose the space you want to place your signatures.
  6. Write your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and send your Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form.
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

Select CocoSign electronic signature solutions and enjoy effectively working on your iOS devices.

How to create an electronic signature for the Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form on Android?

These days, Android gadgets are commonly used. Therefore, to assist its customers, CocoSign has developed the app for Android users. You can use the following intstructions to e-sign your Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form from Android:

  1. Add the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Choose on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to place your electronic signatures.
  4. Select the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Generate your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and choose '✓'.
  7. Save changes and send the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Operating Licence Application annex R Remote Equipment Form with other people or upload it on the cloud.

CocoSign helps you to write lots of electronic signatures at anytime. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

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