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greetings and salutations.i'm gary butterworth manager of the.learning and development department for.the human services agency.our hr department presents foundations.for success.this is a new employee orientation let.me take a moment here at the outset.to congratulate you on joining our.marvelous team.so what are some of the things that.we'll be examining here today well one.of the things you'll.quickly find out is there are lots of.acronyms.associated with work at the county and.really in.any agency at the county our agency as.i'm sure you know by now.is referred to as hsa the human.services agency if you see the acronym.neo we're not referring to a character.in a movie.we're actually referring to new employee.orientation.so what exactly are we trying to achieve.with this orientation.well i'm going to submit to you right.now two objectives.i know that list seems a little short.but believe me there's a lot packed into.each one of these.the first thing we want to get clear on.is what is the purpose.of the human services agency why do we.even exist.whom is it that we're trying to help who.are our customers.and what are the various departments.that the agency has.that enables us to do the kind of work.that we do here so that's a big deal and.we'll get into that in just a moment.secondly we want to make sure we're.clear on rules.policies code of ethics.these are things that any county.employee.is responsible for upholding the list is.fairly.long and i don't want to make this into.some.dry kind of recitation about just one.policy after another.so let me just kind of sum up what we're.really dealing with here and let me see.if i can paint for you.why this is so important it's extremely.important.not just from a legal viewpoint but from.a moral standpoint as well.that each employee at the human services.agency.understands what professional conduct.looks like and what it sounds like.this is some organization you've just.joined the human.services agency all within the framework.of the county of ventura.now this orientation that you're.receiving right now has to do.specifically.with the human services agency the.county has its own.separate orientation which you will.receive if you haven't received it.already.so looking at the county just kind of in.general for a moment here.we're a fairly large county the 13th.largest in fact.of the 58 in the golden state of.california.we're authorized to provide services on.behalf of the state.we have over 830 000 residents.some of these are our neighbors as a.matter of fact each one of those.residents.represents a potential customer of the.human services agency.now i wonder of those 830 000 people.that live in the county of ventura.i wonder how many are employed by.the county believe it or not we are the.second.largest employer in the county the.largest being our local navy base.think about how many people we employ at.the county.all together.yeah over 8 500 people it's a lot of.folks.now i wasn't a math major in school but.i can tell you.that if you ran into a hundred people.say at some function with the county.one of those folks more than likely.would work for the county.so we do cover a very broad base here.now within those 8 500 people.let's think in terms of how many uh.positions.would be agency positions for the human.services.so let's think in terms of hsa being the.second largest.uh agency within the county hca.yes another acronym being the largest.of the agencies that's the uh that is a.health care.agency but in terms of the human.services agency.how many folks do you think have jobs.with hsa.approximately 1 400 positions.within the human services agency i'm.delighted that you now.have one of them.now let's think about what it is we do.because there is a lot.at hsa we promote economic development.in each community within our county.we protect abused and neglected children.we're responsible for empowering.vulnerable seniors.disabled individuals and homeless people.we help families and individuals who.need assistance with.the basic necessities of life are you.catching a theme here.virtually everyone potentially could be.touched by the human services agency.and finally we assist in training and.education of.the workforce.every good organization has a mission.and a vision and a kind of a set of.values and let's go over those now.for our human services agency.the mission of our agency is to.strengthen families.support self-sufficiency and promote.safety.health and well-being now just.imagine that for a while and i'm going.to ask you now to not think of this.as just sort of an abstract sentence.that's written on a slide and think.about.the enormity of what we're saying there.to strengthen each family.that lives in the county of ventura.to help support self-sufficiency.this is an awesome responsibility all.within the framework of.safety health and well-being so.that's what we do now what are we.aspiring to become.in terms of the vision let's take a look.at that.well all of our program service areas.operate and perform at the highest level.that's what we're shooting for.so that ultimately we can meet.individual.family and community needs by providing.assistance.aid protection and help.and again without trying to over.dramatize this too much.this is in fact an awesome.responsibility.that you now have placed on your.shoulders as well.by joining our team that is involved in.shall we say noble work.whom can we look to for leadership well.at hsa we can begin with our executive.team.headed up by our director melissa.livingston.she has a wonderful story of starting.with the agency as a very young woman.and literally working her way all the.way up to the top.of the agency now the four persons that.you see just below melissa's picture.there.are deputy directors and they report.directly.to melissa curtis updike is our deputy.director for the community services.department.we often refer to that department as csd.all of these various departments have.acronyms i'm sure you know by now.judy weber is the deputy director of the.children and family services department.otherwise known as cfs what is.afs you ask that's adult and family.services.and the person that runs that is our.deputy director marissa mock.and finally rounding out our four here.on the executive team that i'll report.to melissa livingston is jenny pittman.who is our deputy director of.administrative services.we often refer to that department as.admin.now that you've had a chance to meet our.executive team let's see how we're doing.here at hsa.check out our agency video and watch our.mission.in action.[Music].so.[Music].so.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].in 2012 manny arroyo's drug and alcohol.addiction.contributed to several domestic violence.incidents.that ultimately led to his incarceration.and the loss of his three young sons.during his incarceration one of many.cellmates.told him about the genesis server.livings program.called dads and kids this program.provides recovery services.and allows supervised visitation with.children who have been removed.manny made the decision to get help and.enrolled in the program.with help of the dead and kids program.and from his child welfare social worker.manny began taking steps to rebuild his.life and develop the structure that he.needed.to hold his life together i started.working on myself.finding myself loving myself and then.realizing what i had to do.take care of myself before i could take.care of my kids.after making significant changes in his.life he and his sons were granted more.time for visitations.in 2014 manny was granted full custody.of his three sons.clean and sober scents and with his sons.back in his life.arroyo says i could not have done it.without the help and support of social.workers from children and family.services.who helped me get back on track and for.letting me know that i had hope.that i could reunify that it wasn't too.late.just having that communication with.someone that was non-judgmental.was a big impact for me today.manny has come full circle working with.families.and to help them navigate their own.reunification journeys.his responsibilities include supporting.families by accompanying them to court.offering resources helping facilitate.more effective communication with social.workers.and assisting families through the.parents as leaders program.when he's not busy at work manny is.coaching his sons in.soccer basketball and baseball.in manny's advice to parents who are.facing the same challenges he has.overcome.he said i hope that when they hit rock.bottom and feel the misery.the loneliness the sadness the.depression that i had to feel to find my.inner strength.i hope they too can find the strength.that allows them to humble themselves.and ask for help.[Music].uh.[Music].hmm.[Music].[Music].ah.[Music].you know i'd like to think of that video.as mission possible.well now that we've seen what it is.we're doing here at hsa.let's now examine why we're doing it.in terms of our values we have seven.core ones.beginning with customers first number.two is employee excellence.three as you can see cultural competency.that has a lot to do with diversity and.inclusion.number four is collaboration and.partnerships followed by.service integration at number five.number six.owning our performance and number seven.the reason why i have a particular job.with the county and with hsa in.particular.wink wink nod nod employee development.now let's see if you can line up the.values.with those behaviors in other words.how does that value look and sound.in the workplace we'll begin with.customers first.which of the letters do you think.identifies the behavior.that would match customers first.if you chose letter c you would be.correct the strengths needs.interests and diversity of individuals.families and communities.are the priority in the design and.delivery of service.so yes customers first is.letter c.with regard to employee excellence the.second core value.on our list which letter do you think is.the appropriate one.the behavior that corresponds to.employee excellence.is letter f excellence in employees is.the most valuable resource.in achieving the agency's goals so once.again.letter f matches employee excellence.coming in at number three is cultural.competency.and the behavior that matches cultural.competencies.is letter b we demonstrate the ability.to work in multicultural environments.and ensure policies programs.and actions communicate respect for the.dignity of all people.our fourth hsa value is collaboration.and partnerships which letter do you.think.appropriately corresponds with.collaboration and partnerships.with regard to the behaviors in the.workplace.if you chose letter g you would be.correct.through respect and collaboration we.seek to develop the service.family and community workplace as well.as fiscal partnerships.to achieve mutual goals for our.customers.number five is service integration and.the corresponding behavior.letter d we maximize the use of our.interdisciplinary expertise.to create the most effective blending of.services for our customers.so service integration is letter d.number six owning our performance.if you chose letter a.you would be correct we hold ourselves.accountable.by defining and measuring outcomes to.achieve.short-term and long-term effectiveness.for our continuous improvement.and by the way the japanese word for.continuous improvement.that you'll be hearing a little bit.later on in this program.begins with letter k do you happen to.know what.that japanese word is if you're thinking.of kaizen.you would be correct.finally our seventh core value at the.human services agency.is employee development and the last.remaining letter which corresponds to.the behavior.is letter e.we create a work environment that.provides employees with opportunities to.maximize their potential.for career and professional development.and.that is absolutely certain.i'd like to think that i'm living proof.of why that.hsa value is true.so to recap our hsa top values here they.are.from first to seventh customers first.comes in first place.employee excellence cultural competency.number four is collaboration and.partnerships followed by.service integration owning our.performance and coming in at number.seven on the.countdown is employee development.this has been your agency top seven and.i'm casey kasem.just kidding i wanted to make sure.you're still paying attention.all right on with the orientation.let's talk a little bit now about.government services.in other words why are we here.well our primary job is to.serve the people indeed each of us is a.representative of the county of ventura.and each of us has a responsibility to.serve every person.courteously remember customers first.oh and by the way the customer is not.just the person that walks inside of our.doors.seeking services the customer is also.the person sitting in the cubicle right.next to you at work.one of the ways in which we can.determine how to behave at work.is to look at our code of ethics we have.an obligation to the people.elected officials the county's.administration.and other employees to work together to.accomplish the county's goals.no employee may accept any fee.compensation.gift payment of expenses or any other.thing of monetary value.now there may be what you might consider.to be an exception to this.rule although i hesitate to even use it.in that sort of language.but the reality is if someone were to.offer you a gift and let's say that it's.something that you could share with your.fellow colleagues say a gift of.let's say food for example as you.probably know.lots of farming communities in our area.and let's say someone gives you a.crate of strawberries well if you just.threw them in the trunk of your car and.took them home.that would be a violation of our code of.ethics but if you took those.strawberries back to your.place of work and you put them in let's.say the break room where others could.enjoy them.that would certainly be okay as with.many other things that i'll be.explaining to you.in this presentation if you're not sure.about something and you need.clarity make sure that you check with.your supervisor.to ensure that it's okay.the other aspect to the code of ethics.that's.extremely important with our agency has.to do with.confidentiality we are obligated to.report corruption.to respect the county's property and to.not.disclose confidential information.let me share some examples of what we.mean by an unauthorized disclosure.which by the way is subject to felony.prosecution.we'll give you four here personal.identifiable information.otherwise known as pii federal tax.information.fti social security administration.ssa and employment development.department.edd if we are not authorized to disclose.this information we should not.share it with those who should not.see it it is not only punishable as a.crime.we are letting our customers down.and very likely jeopardizing our very.own jobs.what's your status how's that for an.opening gambit.we have actual definitions of status.at the county a regular employee is.someone who's considered.full or part-time if you're an extra.help employee.you're limited to 720 hours a year.or per assignment and finally the.definition in terms of the status of a.student worker.is one who cannot work more than 1040.hours in a year or per assignment.and can only be a student worker for a.lifetime limit.of two years.all right take a nice deep breath.because.i'm about to share with you the general.rules and policies.and yes i know it may not be as exciting.as watching an.episode on netflix but it is something.that is important.and we all have to know what they are.and live by them.if we want to be successful here in our.agency.let's begin with bilingual certification.now candidates who are appointed to fill.a bilingual position.will be required to pass the fluency.exam within the first six months of.higher.if that is you i'm sure it will come as.no surprise to know that failure to pass.within this period.will constitute cause for termination of.employment.hsa employees are not allowed to use.their bilingual skills.until they've received notification from.the hsa human resources department.now having said that does that mean you.can't offer.someone directions or say good morning.to someone or any other sort of.you know social conversation that we.might have in the course.of a day no it doesn't mean you can't do.that we're really talking now about not.using our second language if we have one.when we're dealing with work related.situations.so we can't in other words deal with a.customer.about work-related policies and.procedures.or processes in that second language.unless we have been certified.and i don't think you have to be.extremely creative to imagine.how that could hurt the agency.legalistically.if something happened and let's say.there was a negative consequence.as a result of us using that second.language.in an incorrect way.here's something i'd like you to do and.you'll thank me later and that would be.to.check your check well now wait a minute.we're not implying here that we.bounce payroll checks are we no no no of.course not.the county would not do that you will be.paid on time.and deposited in the correct place the.reason why i'm showing you this.is we were talking about the bilingual.certification on the previous slide and.in this particular.instance here this employee is evidently.at the bilingual level too.and we want to make sure that we checked.our check.to make sure that we are getting.compensated for that certification.same thing goes for the management.status the bachelor's degree and on and.on it goes.just make sure that you're getting paid.uh for what you have.earned does the human services agency.require a uniform well no not a uniform.but we do have a dress code and the code.applies to men.and women we are to dress in a.business-like manner.and in alignment with our job assignment.and workplace.teleworker attire may feel real.comfortable at home.but it's not appropriate at work we are.working in a professional.setting i also want to mention here.about avoiding the tutus.too low-cut too tight.too short too revealing.and yes this applies to men as well as.women.here's a policy that has big safety.implications.let's talk about our county id badge.we county employees must display it at.all times while working on county.premises.now the badge will allow you access only.to the limited work site building or.buildings.which you are assigned to so for example.i work in the.partridge building and that is the only.building in which i can.have badge access to even though i'm the.trainer and i.do a lot of on-site training in other.facilities.in order for me to enter that facility i.need to get.permission and access from let's say a.security guard.or some authorized employee i can't just.walk in using my badge.so if we're not assigned to a worksite.building.we need to be escorted into that.building by an authorized employee.now another important part here is if.your badge is lost.please report it by phone immediately.to our hr department at the human.services agency.the number to call is 477-5111.that's four seven seven five one.one one so here's the challenge for us.if the badge is not reported right away.what we have done now is we have put our.colleagues.at risk in terms of their security.because it is possible that that badge.is now in the hands of someone.who wishes to do someone else harm and.so.when you call that number 477-5111.you're not going to be chewed out or.you're not going to be.disciplined or given some sort of.lecture.we simply need to know that information.so that that badge can immediately be.turned.off and will not allow the person that.does have it.access to the building and by the way.you may not know this yet if you're.fairly new.and if you haven't worked for the county.before most of these badges.are found later now if for some reason.the badge.isn't found of course and that previous.badge is gone will be turned off never.to be used again.and then a new badge would have to be.issued but most of the time.the employee does recover the badge.later however.again i can't stress this enough please.let hsa hr know if.you have lost your badge 477-5111.question for you who's a disaster worker.it's you it's me it's our colleagues.how do we know that check the back of.their badge.where's their id there it is it's a.sticker.that allows anyone who is a disaster.worker to enter into a disaster.area which is what we might be asked to.do.on those days we're working during an.actual disaster.there are four steps that we must.complete in order to become.a disaster worker what to know.how you know prepare at work and prepare.at home.the first step is what you know now we.may be called upon to work in another.location.have different hours and even work out.of our classification.we're not going to be asked to do.something we're not capable of doing.but we have to understand that during a.disaster we could be asked to flex.and adapt step two how you know.watch the disaster service training.video on hsa cafe.now the hsa cafe is our learning.management system.and in this orientation you'll learn.more about that.emails come out from our agency.communications department.there's a website you can see there to.visit get your reporting instructions.from your supervisor the third step is.to prepare at work.keep contact information current uh it's.on.vchirp which is the ventura county.human resources payroll i know that's a.mouthful nobody really ever calls it.that but.vchrp or vchirp.is where the current contact information.is have supplies at your desk.such as extra clothes food and water and.be prepared to wear a mask.and work overtime we must remain in our.job.until authorized to leave well now.you're saying.well hey gare where is that fourth step.i knew you'd ask and i'll provide it.momentarily.as a trainer who honors his commitments.here it is step four.prepare at home have a backup plan for.extended care of any child or adult for.whom you're responsible.keep at least a half a tank of gas in.your car.you may be asked to cancel vacation so.if you've been planning that trip of a.lifetime.might want to consider buying travel.insurance.in advance those are the four steps.what to know how to know prepare at work.and prepare at home you are now a.disaster worker.now that you're a disaster service.worker let's look at some do's and.don'ts.do provide repeated simple and accurate.information.listen to people this may be the most.important thing we can do.these folks may want to share their.stories and emotions.be friendly and compassionate even if.others.are not being such keep families.together whenever possible this is one.of the themes of our agency.get practical advice for self-help and.keep informed about the help that is.available.and refer clients.now that you know what to do here's a.list of some things we should try and.avoid doing.don't force people to share their.feelings don't give simple reassurance.such as.well at least you survived that may not.sound very reassuring.don't tell people what they should be.feeling don't make promises that can't.be kept.and even though privately we may have.concern about how we could be doing.things more efficiently or more.effectively.let's put on a good confident face in.front of our customers so.best not to criticize existing services.or relief activities.all right let's get down to brass tacks.here if you're a disaster worker.what might you be asked to do.specifically.well for example your supervisor might.ask you to.register people at a shelter act as a.messenger at a designated site.serve food to emergency staff and.vulnerable populations.answer phones you might also be assigned.to work hours.outside of your normal work schedule as.i mentioned before.and the last thing i wanted to say about.this is that again.this is a dialogue between you and your.supervisor.we're not trying to scare you here or.frighten you.we simply want to make the point that.during a disaster.those of us that work for the county of.ventura will be asked to flex.and adapt what we can offer to.the agency.so what's the best way to stay informed.well one of the ways you can stay.informed is through the emergency.notification.system it's known as vc alert and there.are three ways to register.the simplest most effective way is.simply go to vcalert.org.you can also make a phone call if you.prefer 805-648-9283.or if you prefer the old-fashioned mail.system you can do that too.ventura county sheriff's oes the office.of emergency services.i told you i'd give you another acronym.before we were done here didn't i.800 south victoria avenue suite 3450.beautiful ventura california 93009.it's known as vc alert the emergency.notification system.and here's another way to stay informed.vc notify.what do you have to do simply text your.zip code to 888.that's 888-777 you can opt-in.to receive alerts about numerous things.severe weather.criminal activities severe traffic.missing persons and local events.well we've talked at length now about.disasters and emergencies and so forth.let's talk a little bit about safety.these are the policies here and.we'll show you some of the essentials.you can request a basic ergo evaluation.someone will come into your cubicle and.kind of monitor.how it is that you work in there whether.you sit you stand.uh the way your you know feet fit on the.floor when you're sitting in your chair.they go through all kinds of things it's.definitely something i would highly.recommend for you to do.if you are party to a restraining order.then you must advise our safety officer.his name is james rodriguez in terms of.incident reporting.some of the examples would be if there's.an injury to a client of yours.perhaps there's an altercation between.co-workers.a 9-1-1 call any kind of suspicious.activity.these are all things that need to be.documented in an incident report.here are a couple of safety tools i'd.like to share with you the first one is.our er.intercom it's pound 99 you'll see that.red sticker on every phone.in the agency and what the pound 99.means for you to do is simply pick up.the receiver and.punch in pound 99 and your voice will be.heard throughout the entire building.so if there's some sort of emergency.going on where you believe that.everyone in that building needs to be.aware of it right now.that's the quickest most effective way.to let people.know what's going on right now.your other option is the desktop alert.system now this one's a little more.sophisticated a little more complex.and i would encourage you to go over.this with your supervisor.standing there sitting there right in.front of your screen.so you're clear on how this works with.all the various scenarios and so forth.desktop alert system.let's get back into some important.general rules and policies.now i hope you're sitting down because.i've got a very important announcement.for you.regarding attendance at the human.services agency are you ready.okay now here it comes you are expected.to maintain consistent attendance.yeah there i said it i'm teasing you of.course but you.understand that this is very important.if we're going to do the kind of noble.work that we do at our agency.we have to be there and our supervisors.have to have the confidence knowing.we're.doing the work that needs to get done so.we must adhere to the schedule.given to us by our supervisor now.you may recall in our core values.what's at the top of the list that's.right.customers first so our schedule.the one schedule we actually use may.vary.if it helps our department to better.serve our customers.now if we're an hourly employee your.supervisor will inform you of your.regularly scheduled hours of work.your normal lunch period and your rest.breaks.attendance of course is very important.at the human services agency.and we could in fact be disciplined for.not working the hours.that were scheduled to be working if you.happen to be a salaried employee.your work schedule generally would be.between the hours of eight.and five now we may be required to work.whatever hours are needed.to complete the work expected of us.again at the human services agency we're.all about.customers first and we must be willing.to flex and adapt.in order to uphold that important core.value.what if you're not able to come into.work today how do you notify your.supervisor.well that's something you need to do.within the first 30 minutes.after the start of your shift unless.there's some sort of emergency that.prevents you from calling yourself.now the way you notify your supervisor.is really kind of between you and your.supervisor.perhaps your supervisor would prefer a.phone call a text.again that's the kind of thing your.supervisor will inform you of.on your very first day on the job the.one thing i want to make clear here.though.is we are not supposed to call and leave.a message.with someone or with some sort of.voicemail.because what happens if the person that.we've left the message.with doesn't get the message well as you.can see ultimately.the supervisor will not get the message.so we certainly want to make sure we're.leaving a message with someone.that's connected to the supervisor if.your supervisor isn't in that day or you.can't reach your supervisor.then go the next level up in terms of.authority.if you can't reach anyone as a last.resort call us in hr.and we'll certainly get the message to.your supervisor.our number in hr is 477-501.that's 477-5111.here's our reasonable accommodation.policy as an.employer we're responsible for providing.reasonable accommodations.to the known physical or mental.limitations of a qualified individual.with a disability.unless to do so would impose an undue.hardship on the operation of county.business.so what does that mean as a practical.matter well some.reasonable examples would be an.ergonomic keyboard.wheelchair access undue hardship.would be installing an elevator in a.two-story building that right now.only has stairs would seem to make a lot.more sense wouldn't it.from a taxpayer perspective to simply.use an alternative accommodation instead.something that many employees find very.useful is mail services.interoffice correspondence otherwise.known as brown mail.is available for official county.business only.some new employees have questions about.outside employment.a second job let's say well if that's.the case.then you must notify your department by.completing an outside approval request.form.for employment in excess of eight hours.a week.so in other words if you're working.eight hours or fewer.then that's kind of your own personal.business but if it's.more than eight hours the county does.want to know about that.it's also suggested that volunteer work.be included.in order to avoid a conflict of interest.with regard to political activities we.are prohibited from participating in.political activities during working.hours.or while in a county uniform what does a.county uniform look like you ask.if you're wearing a badge and the public.can see it.that is a county uniform you can ask for.contributions for political purposes.from other employees now if you're.planning to run for a county political.office do understand.that you will need to take a leave of.absence.did you know that you get time off to.vote it's true.however there is a stipulation here now.the polls are open from seven in the.morning till eight o'clock in the.evening on every election day.if you're scheduled to be at work during.that time and you do not have sufficient.time outside of working hours to vote in.a statewide election.our state of california allows us to.take up to two.hours off to vote without losing any pay.now here's the catch time off must be.requested.a minimum of one week in advance.in other words let your supervisor know.before you plan on doing this.if you haven't heard the county is a.smoke-free campus.what does this mean it applies to all.county employees contractors.clients visitors and vendors this.includes.all county vehicles as well as including.employee.personal vehicles whether parked or.moving on county property.so if you happen to be a smoker.and you're parked in your own vehicle.even with your windows.up if you're on a county property.that is a violation of this policy.we are also a drug-free workplace we are.not allowed to work while under the.influence of drugs and alcohol.don't forget now this policy also.includes prescription medication.you know in the past i've been called.nostradamus.why because i can read your mind.i know you're thinking hey what are the.benefits coming up.enough of these rules and policies hang.on just a moment or two.because the benefits are coming up but.first let's talk a little bit about.whistleblowing.we're encouraged to report any gross.mismanagement.or significant waste of funds or abuse.of authority or a substantial and.specific danger.to public health and safety now this is.such an important policy that our state.of california.actually has a law protecting.whistleblowers.from retaliation or coercion if they.speak out on such violations.in fact whistleblowing is so important.to our agency.that hsa has an integrity hotline.we'll give you the number a little bit.later on in the program.hey did i come through for you or what.time now for our general benefits.when you're an employee of the human.services agency we are entitled to.vacations can you kind of feel the balmy.breeze at your back right now.you must request that vacation in.advance and we're encouraged to take.vacations every year now see your.supervisor for the policy specifics on.how to make that request.you know i just recalled that i promised.you.another acronym and since i'm a man of.my word.hey there it is m.o.a that's a.memorandum.of agreement now article 12.on our hsa net which is the intranet.that we use in our agency this is where.you can find details.on paid vacation accruals.i feel like a pineapple about right now.on a more serious note we need to talk.about sick leave here.give your supervisor as much notice as.possible.in fact a leave of absence may be.required.if you're out for an extended period of.time that extended period threshold in.fact.is three days and one hour any longer.than that.we need to have some paperwork filled.out etc etc.won't go into all the details now but i.will tell you and this is where the.benefit part comes in.right now as an employee of the county.you have been advanced 40 hours of sick.time.if you'd like some more information.about sick leave you can refer to.article 14.of the memorandum of agreement but you.knew that stood for.moa didn't you.never a bad time to talk about the.holidays so let's talk about these a.little bit here.now the calendar will be in a packet.that you'll receive as part of this.orientation program one recently added.holiday.i think you're going to find this to be.very good news the day.after thanksgiving what about those.breaks.well it may seem like a paradox but.county is not required.to provide breaks even though.county wants you to take break so let me.kind of tease this out a little bit here.now our supervisor may allow us to take.a break of up to 15 minutes.in the first and second half of our.shift.the key though is to make sure that the.scheduling.and the workload permits it so we want.to make sure that we're taking that.15-minute break.at the appropriate time and to make sure.that our supervisor is aware of when.we're taking that break.i believe new mothers will find this to.be a great benefit.in fact the lactation policy of the.county is.quite a good one nursing mothers have.access to locations that are.private secure free from intrusion.and they'll be given a reasonable amount.of time as frequently as needed.a recurring theme that i've been coming.back to time and time again throughout.this orientation program.is the need to think about our number.one core value.and that is customers first so naturally.we want to make our.external customers as comfortable as we.can.and we also want to make our internal.customers our colleagues our employees.feel as comfortable.about policies procedures and what have.you.as possible and so therefore it's.your choice you are free to use whatever.restroom.you are most comfortable using.in the unfortunate event that you need.to take bereavement leave.i think you'll find that our policy is.quite a liberal one.you may be allowed to take off up to.three working days.without loss of pay because of a death.in the immediate family.now in terms of the immediate family you.can see all of the.various examples there on the screen i.won't go into reading all of these.uh it's again covers just about everyone.that you could imagine.in your immediate family the one thing.that you don't see there.is aunts and uncles but beyond that just.about.everyone is there there are other things.that i won't go into right now about how.you might.uh work a vacation in with your.bereavement leave or.something like that in other words if.you needed to extend your.three days a little bit there are ways.to do that and the.agency is very open to that what i would.suggest you do if you'd really want to.get into the details here.is to see yet another memorandum of.agreement this is article 16.section 1604 the bereavement leave if.you'd like some more information.as a county employee we're encouraged to.do our civic duty.in terms of witness duty jury duty and.so forth.we must notify our supervisor within one.week prior to the date of the scheduled.appearance.if we are embattled on a jury or.subpoenaed as a witness.now when i say witness i'm now talking.about a work-related.professional capacity we must contact.our supervisor.daily as to our availability for work.jury duty by the way is considered a.regular workday we're getting paid.our normal salary or hourly.wage for actually doing our civic duty.so if we're released early we must.return to our work site.unless prior arrangements have been made.with your supervisor.to use vacation.as a general rule of thumb mileage is.reimbursed.when you travel to training there is.however one.very important exception to this general.rule and that is if you happen to be a.cbs worker or a client benefit.specialist.for your initial training which runs.anywhere from six to ten weeks.the training site itself is actually.considered the employee's assigned work.location.so in this case travel costs are not.reimbursable.here's some important information about.the probationary period and merit.increases.we'll talk now with respect to union.employees and.management now seiu employee.classifications do vary.some are using the 10 40-hour.probationary period which roughly.translates to six months others have a.20-80 hour probationary period.again roughly 12 months with regard to.management.20 80-hour probationary period works out.to 12 months or so.after completion of 10 40 hours or 6.months.can be eligible for a merit increase.now the next merit increase then would.be after the completion of.another 20 80 hours of service in other.words another.12 months.the first thing to understand about.promotions is that they are encouraged.at the county.now that said they are not automatic.so for example a client benefits.specialist.trainee moving or promoting up to a cbs1.does require some action again it.doesn't just.happen in and of itself in fact it must.be requested by your supervisor.and that promotion is based on several.factors such as.business need budget approval and.competition.most in fact require you to apply test.and interview for the new position.raise your hand if you remember what the.japanese term is for.continuous improvement well.congratulations you can put your hand.down now.now a kaizen event is any action whose.output.is intended to be an improvement to an.existing process.i mean it literally could be any process.you could imagine.so this tool then brings together all of.the operators the managers.in fact all the key stakeholders of a.process.in one place it often takes place over.the period of a week or so.and what happens is there are maps that.are made of the existing.process so if you were to walk into.let's say a classroom.where a kaizen was underway you would.simply see.flow chart paper all over the walls.as the group is trying to figure out.what's working what isn't working how.can we make this more efficient.etc etc and in fact it's designed.to improve upon the existing process.ultimately it solicits buy-in from all.the parties.related to the process kaizen is.extremely popular at the county.and is used quite often in our agency.since you've been introduced to all the.elements of a kaizen event.let's take a look at one in action this.is called meals per hour.[Music].i love to work but i also like to put.smiles on people's faces.[Music].if there's a child out there that's in.need i need to help this person out.thank you.[Music].when we down to our last box and you.have.like seven families standing on the line.and you just have that one box and you.don't know.what exactly to do that kills me.george is a great leader he knows what.he's doing but um.they didn't really have a system kind of.set up.because if you have a good system i.think the work takes care of itself.[Music].we call tps the toyota production system.[Music].the summation of many many small.simple cheap improvements can have a.very big impact.people are starting to understand that.these basic principles of the toyota.production system apply to.any kind of process it doesn't have to.be a manufacturing process.[Music].we have our way of doing it but if.there's a faster way for us to go out.and get food out to people faster then.i'm all for it i'm all for it.what about a different box size so that.we're not shipping so much.air if we could go to a smaller box we.would have the benefit of being able to.put more meals on the truck to serve.more people.the side benefit being it's not so.difficult to handle.[Music].the thing that struck me was how.difficult it was for the volunteers that.were there to pack that box.i mean they were walking long distances.they were carrying heavy weight.it was kind of disarray just the table.in the middle everybody was scrambling.to get stuff open.and i'm like this is not really too.productive.so by putting everybody on one side of.the line and having the material come.from the opposite.we think we're going to get a smoother.flow yeah.let's go for it now i don't i don't care.if i leave work.late i don't care.[Music].you know i don't want you to have to.walk 15 feet to go get those two cans of.corn i want those cans of corn to be.readily available to you in the right.quantity at the right place at the right.time.so that you can pack it in the box.wow this looks a lot different it's cool.yeah.does anybody remember how long it was.taking us to pack one box when we first.started.three minutes three minutes that's.exactly right it was around three.minutes three minutes.what do you think we were packing one.box how long and how many seconds today.about 11 seconds.[Music].kaizen is a japanese word for continuous.improvement.and what this philosophy means is we.always want to struggle.structure things uh one by one you know.not just take it as a whole thing and.just be like it's a mess.but instead i can take step by step by.step.[Music].now that's what i call efficient let's.examine the difference between being.efficient.and being effective they're both very.important concepts at our agency.when we're efficient we're referring to.mechanical skills.at hsa we're talking about things like.carrying out a process.a procedure or a policy great example by.the way would be the kaizen event we.just saw on the video.with regard to effectiveness now we're.into the area of.people skills so you may recall in our.mission statement we promote safety.health and well-being this is largely.carried out.through people skills classic example of.using people skills at the human.services agency.is the term mandated reporters.here's an important term that some may.not be familiar with.mandated reporters who are they.well believe it or not they're all of us.that work for hsa.human services agency we have a legal.duty to report suspected or known abuse.or neglect of children elderly and the.disabled.now we in fact can be held liable for.not.making a report a little bit later on.you'll be signing documents.acknowledging these new duties.and responsibilities.with respect to children let's talk a.little bit about how we can.safeguard them protect them and at the.same time.empower families.as well safeguarding the well-being of.elderly and dependent adults.failing to report child abuse is a very.serious matter.a person who fails to make a required.report.is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by.up to six months in jail.and or a one thousand dollar fine.that person may be held liable for.damages in a civil lawsuit.and may risk the loss of license or.credential.if they're an educator but most.importantly.by failing to report child abuse.we may be putting a victim at risk for.continued abuse.or neglect.when and how to report mandated.reporters must make a report of.suspected child abuse.if they have a reasonable suspicion and.obtain the information.in the course of their work must report.by phone.immediately by calling the 24-hour child.abuse hotline.give you the number for it it's right.here 805-654-3200.805-654-3200.now a follow-up with a written report.must occur within 36 hours.by doing one of the following you can.send a fax.654-5597.or mail to cfs children and family.services.4651 telephone road that's sweet 300.in ventura 93 double.what are the different types of elder.abuse.physical sexual neglect.financial abandonment isolation.abduction any other treatment resulting.in pain or mental suffering now.which of those categories there might.you imagine.is the most common type of elder abuse.if you're thinking financial you would.be correct.at the human services agency we have an.expression.see something say something so.who are you going to call you can call.the 24-hour hotline for elderly abuse at.654-3200.i'll bet that number sounds familiar to.you because it's the same number.for the children's abuse hotline.654-3200.there's a toll-free number as well.1-800-754-7600.now couple more acronyms for you as we.round out our contact number list here.aps is short for adult protective.services.their direct number is 658-4450.and ltc is an acronym for long-term.care with respect to the ombudsman.the number is 656-1986.well lookie here it appears we've come.full.circle and now it's up to me.to find out from you who has the.presentation objectives.who remembers just one of my.presentations.objectives we need to know before we can.finish up.this new employee orientation who's got.one.bueller bueller.anybody here's the first one to gain.insight into the agency's purpose.i certainly hope you know why we exist.by now the other important presentation.objective is to understand.the county's rules policies procedures.and the code of ethics now there must be.some way in which you could demonstrate.to me.and by extension to the agency that you.really.understand what it's all about to be an.employee.at the human services agency let me.think about that for a moment as i.scratch my.chin a couple of times hmm.hey i've got it let's revisit where.we've been.sort of like returning to a favorite.vacation spot.in other words think of this as the.human services.test oh i don't know that seems a little.harsh.haven't you got something a little.softer.ah that's much nicer now we've got eight.different questions to ask you.beginning in a moment here with question.number one.good luck to all.hsa's number one core value is.blank first.that's right customers come first at hsa.here's number two.a kaizen event is any action whose.output.is intended to be an improvement to an.existing.what.you got it processed that's exactly.right pat yourself on the back.here's our next one.when a disaster strikes blank blank are.designated as disaster workers.if you're thinking.county employees you have got another.one correct.way to go here's our next question.all hsa employees having a legal duty to.report suspected.or known abuse or neglect are therefore.blank.reporters.i knew you'd get it mandated reporters.that's exactly right.under the county code of ethics no.employee may accept anything.of blank value what might that be.monetary is correct way to go again.penalties that may be imposed on.employees for on-the-job substance abuse.include some pretty serious matters.demotion.suspension reduction and pay and.yes if you're thinking termination or.dismissal again this is a very serious.violation you would be correct there.you're required to notify your.supervisor within blank minutes.after the start of your shift if you.cannot work.how many minutes are we talking about.here.is that your final answer yes it is 30.minutes is the correct answer.in fact we are flat out out of time so.no more time for a bonus round question.in fact let's go ahead and just crumple.up this test.and get to the heartfelt quote.well here we are time now to finish up.with one of my favorite quotes which i.think sums up.what we're all about here at the human.services agency.it also kind of ties back to that.japanese concept.of continuous improvement.all human beings are born with intrinsic.motivation an inner drive to learn.to take pride in their work to.experiment.and to improve thank you w edwards.deming.for the marvelous quote that sums up the.human services agency.can you believe this we've spent the.last 59 minutes together.and already it's beginning to feel like.an hour hey this is gary butterworth.manager of the learning and development.department.at the human services agency i'd like to.thank you.very much for your participation in.foundations for success.our new employee orientation and i'll.see you.in class.

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