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as a survivor of one of the many Indian.day schools or federal day schools.across Canada you have waited a long.time for justice and it is the hope that.this settlement will represent a step in.your healing at gowling we want to.support you in taking that step by.walking you through how to complete your.claim form this is the form you must use.to apply for compensation from the.settlement the claims process is now.open and a claim form can be submitted.any time up until July 13 2022 the.claims process was developed to give you.the opportunity to one make your claim.for compensation at the best level for.you to tell your story in a safe and.comfortable environment and three access.health cultural and legal supports as.needed as you go through the claims.process first you will complete and.submit your claim form to the claims.administrator the claims administrator.is responsible for reviewing your claim.form to ensure that the level of harm.selected by you matches the information.provided by you the claims administrator.is responsible for sending you the.designated compensation for which you.qualify after you submit your claim form.the administrator may ask you for.further information or ask you for.instructions.sometimes the administrator will.designate less compensation for you than.what you've claimed you can either.accept the administrators decision or.you can choose to have that decision.reviewed by an independent Assessor the.independent Assessor will review your.claim form and the administrators.decision the decision of the independent.Assessor is final in unique and specific.situations the third-party Assessor may.refer a claim to the exceptions.committee for consideration in these.situation the exceptions committee will.make the final determination of your.claim you will be kept advised as this.review process moves along it is always.important that you respond as quickly as.possible to request for information from.the administrator and the independent.Assessor to keep your request for.compensation moving.forward for any questions about the.claim form or claims process you can.call the claims helpline at one eight.eight eight two two one two eight nine.eight to seek support from class counsel.and the claims administrator we are here.to answer your questions at no cost to.you and to help you make sure you fill.out all your forms properly so you can.receive your share of the settlement.your claim form can be found at any and.a school's comm or if you would like the.claim form mail to you you can call one.eight eight eight two two one two eight.nine eight or email day schools at.gallon wlg calm for many people.completing this claim form is a big step.please take your time this video will be.here whenever you are ready and if at.any time you feel you are experiencing.emotional distress or want to talk to.someone you can call the hope for.wellness helpline at one eight five five.two four two three three one zero for.those who have been impacted by federal.Indian Day schools the hope for wellness.helpline offers immediate access to.crisis intervention counseling for First.Nation Inuit and maytee people.counselors will be there to listen and.to help anyone in distress having a.strong emotional reaction or triggered.by painful memories before you begin.make sure you have some form of.government-issued identification like a.driver's license or social insurance.card you need to provide a copy of your.ID to make your claim as you can see the.form starts with the description of the.settlement and a reminder of when you.have to submit your filled out claim.form remember you have to submit your.claim form no later than July 13 2022.the next section has some history of the.day schools and a link to the schools.that are eligible under the settlement.it is a good idea to click on the link.and make sure the school you went to is.listed and again remember if you have.any questions about the saddle.or information required on the form.email day schools at gallon wlg comm or.call class council gallon wlg at this.phone number we are here to answer your.questions at no cost to you.the next section is about eligibility to.be eligible for compensation you must be.a person who both attended a federal.Indian Day school or federal day school.funded managed and controlled by Canada.and suffered abuse or harm from teaching.staff officials students or other third.parties at the school please note that.you can't make a claim if you have.already received a settlement from.Canada for the same harms that you were.going to list on this form this.limitation does not include compensation.that you may have received under the.Indian Residential school settlement.even if you receive compensation under.the IRS essay you can still make a claim.under the settlement now you're ready to.start filling out the form there will be.up to seven parts you may not need to.fill them all out but it is still good.to go through them all just to be sure.part one is a very straightforward.section you just have to make sure you.fill out the right information.especially if you're filling it out for.someone else you start with a first name.middle name if you or the other person.has one and a last name if there are.other names that were used when.attending the school like a maiden name.an adopted name or a nickname add those.in this section next you need to add a.date of birth and if this is for someone.who has passed away the date of their.death next you need to add your.certificate of Indian status.registration number if you have one or.your beneficiary number if you have one.and a social insurance number if you.have one the next part asks you your.address and contact information and.finally add your current home community.or communities if it applies this might.be your first nation town Hamlet or.settlement the next part is where you.add the names of all the day schools you.attended remember to check the list to.make sure your school is illegible let's.start with where the school was located.on a reserve at a specific location or a.community in a province or territory the.next part is important you need to put.the very first year you attended the day.school who are old you are at that time.then you need to put the last year you.attended the school or how old you are.at that time it only has to be the year.not an exact day if you went to more.than one school at the other school then.you can move on to part three part three.does not have a lot to fill out but it's.important to read and understand before.you sign basically this part of the.claim form asks you to confirm that you.understand the administrator an.independent Assessor who will receive.your form are not your lawyers and not.representatives of any day schools it.also says you understand the.administrator or Canada may need to.disclose your information to other.organizations involved in the claims.process to each other or with the.lawyers tasked with helping you with.your claim and lastly that everything.you write in the form is true to the.best of your knowledge this section.where it says other prior settlement is.asking if you have already received.money from Canada for the abuse you.suffered.at federal Indian Day school or federal.day school you must answer yes or no.this section does not include payments.for Indian Residential schools that is a.separate settlement if you have any.question contact your class counsel.because if you answer yes you are not.illegible for compensation under this.claim then you need to sign and date the.form and a person needs to watch you.sign this page and then sign and date as.a witness please know that your witness.does not read or look at any of the.personal information you've included in.your form they just have to see you sign.this page you and your witness can add.the witnesses first name last name.address and contact information that's.it for part 3 part 4 and 5 is where.things might get more difficult just a.reminder if you feel triggered or.experience any overwhelming feelings.while filling out this form counselor is.dedicated to supporting indigenous.people are standing by and ready to help.you can reach them anytime day or night.add the hope for wellness helpline call.one eight five five two four two three.three one zero it may be hard but this.section and the next one matter a lot.because they are about what you went.through and it might affect the.compensation you receive take your time.and if you have any questions about.anything in this section contact class.counsel at de schools at galleon wlg com.or through the claims helpline at one.eight eight eight two two one two eight.nine eight as we go forward don't fill.out anything until we've gone through.all the levels of harm as you think.about making a claim for compensation.it's important that you have already in.place the emotional or mental health.supports that you think you'll need.while you go through this process under.this settlement you will be compensated.for the most serious harm you suffered.while attending a daze.you can list all the harms you suffered.but you may choose only one harm level.out of the five available compensation.ranges from $10,000 for a level one.claim to $200,000 for a level five claim.we will discuss the different harm.levels in a moment for now take some.time to think about the harms that you.suffered also think about the words that.you will use to describe this harm as.well as other people who might confirm.your story also pull together any.supporting documents photographs reports.of school medical therapy witness.statements that may assist you as you.complete your claim form as you work.your way through the claim form you will.need to have this information at hand.again you can only choose one level of.harm to claim so you really need to.think about your experience before you.fill out the form and the harm level one.through five that best describes what.you experienced but make sure you do.make a selection if you do not select.the level there will be delays in.processing your application and the.claims administrator will have to call.to go through the form with you once.you've gone through the entire video and.forum you can always rewind and re-watch.this section part 4 of the claim form is.about level one harms level one harms.involve the lowest level of verbal and.physical harms here is a list of things.for you to look at you are asked to read.this list and decide if that captures.your experience or if more happen to you.if you think this list reflects the most.serious harm or abuse you experience.then mark the box you can then leave.part 5 blank and go directly to part 6.without providing any additional.information but before you do this it is.a good idea to look at part 5 to see if.it applies to you part 5 is about levels.two three four and five abuse or harm.that you suffered from teachers students.officials and/or other.people while attending a tad a school.abuse that goes beyond what was listed.under level one the types of abuse and.harm have been broken out into different.types sexual abuse and harm physical.abuse and harm there are also different.levels of abuse or harm ranging from.level two to level five only you know.and understand what you experience.step one is taking the time to read.through everything to see what level.applies to your situation four levels.two three and four you don't need to.have experienced both sexual or physical.abuse it can be one or the other the.last two levels of harm four and five.will require that you have compassionate.support and an in-depth commitment of.time to go through the distinctions and.nuances between them we are available to.assist you with these more difficult.levels of harm level five is complicated.it means there was repeated sexual abuse.or additional physical abuse during the.sexual abuse then step two is selecting.your claim level step three is going to.be the hardest part of this form because.this is where you are being asked to.provide information in support of the.level you chose this is a list of things.you will be asked for in part five take.some time and gather what you have so.you can fill out the next sections with.as much information as possible.if you marked level two three four or.five you will need to write a.description of the abuse or harm you.experienced this should include names.places and dates as best as you can.remember as well as include enough.detail and description of the events.that occurred so that the administrator.can understand why the level you.selected is appropriate remember to.include a description of both the.incidents that occurred and the injuries.or harms whether physical or mental that.resulted.and if you received medical attention or.try to get medical attention for that.incident.then or since then please write down.that information as well it doesn't have.to be long just what you remember and if.there is more than one thing you want to.include add as many pages as you need to.attach to your final form and marked.part 5a.next you are asked to identify the.position and/or.name of the person who inflicted the.harm or abuse on you this might include.a teacher an official another student or.some other member of the staff if you.are in level four or five the names.descriptions and/or positions of the.person or persons who inflicted the.abuse must be provided part 5c is where.you are asked for evidence that you.attended a day school this must be.provided if you are making a level two.to five claim evidence can be things.like report cards enrollment forms class.photos letters from a teacher or a.principal or other records like.yearbooks or school articles list the.records you have and then attach copies.of everything to your filled out form.always keep your originals with any.claim the more you can do to show.evidence that supports your experience.the better this part is for information.from family and friends who know what.happened to you you'll want to ask them.to write about their account of what.happened and to provide copies of any.documents they have as well.photos diaries or other records they.think will help you letters from elders.can be included in this section be sure.to list the people who are sharing the.information and the records you're.attaching to the form it's alright if no.one knows what happened to you there is.another way you can address this covered.later in the video.this next section is also about.supporting your experience but with.medical therapy nursing records and.dental records if you have medical.dental nursing or therapy records make.copies and include them with your form.these records will help document your.injuries records can be from the past or.present many injuries have a lasting.effect on your body and your mind if you.do not have a past record it may still.be possible to document the injury in a.current record if you are not sure how.to get a current record please contact.us at one eight eight eight two two one.two eight nine eight we will walk you.through a step-by-step process on how to.get a current record and provide ongoing.support in helping you get it lists the.records you're including here before.moving on not everyone is going to have.all the records listed in the claim form.if you do not have all of the required.documents you can submit a sworn.declaration as another way to provide.information a sworn declaration is a.statement you sign that says all the.information you've provided is true to.the best of your knowledge but you also.need someone else to watch you sign this.page that person is called your.guarantor your guarantor can be a notary.public or Commissioner of oats it can be.an elected official or community leader.like a chief counselor or Inuit.community leader it can even be a lawyer.doctor accountant or police officer they.watch you sign then sign and add their.contact information to make it official.remember your guarantor does not read or.see any of your personal information.that you included in this form.they only need to see you sign the page.the guarantor will also need to provide.a first name last name title and contact.details address etc in addition to the.signature and date that's it.not everyone will be filling a claim.form for themselves this section is for.people filling out the claim form as a.legal representative for someone else.these people are called personal.representatives however not everyone can.be a personal representative it has to.be someone appointed by the court to.manage or make reasonable judgments for.those with disability or the estate.executor or administrator of a claimant.who died on or after July 31st 2007 if.you are a personal representative you.mark this box then provide all the.details below from a name to address to.phone number and email you will also.have to attach documentation proving.that you are acting as a personal.representative this might include a.death certificate and will a hefney.Quebec estate form or court order.appointing you estate administrator of a.deceased client letters of.administration from a knock or Serna or.evidence of power of attorney for.someone with a disability you will also.have to provide a copy of your own.government-issued identification list.your documents here and be sure to.include copies with your filled out form.please make a copy of your claim form.and all attached documents for your own.personal records it is important to note.that original photographs or records are.not required now that you filled.everything out and have all your forms.and information together you will also.want to let the administrator know what.to do with your information when.everything is finished you have three.choices have the documents destroyed.have them returned to you or have them.sent to the Legacy Fund so that your.shuri becomes part of the healing.process and helps preserve indigenous.languages and culture.you've reached the end of the clean form.this is a checklist to make sure you've.got everything together and filled.everything out it's a good idea to take.a few minutes to go back and make sure.then package everything together and.send it to Indian Day schools class.action claims administrator care of.Deloitte by mail at PU box one seven.seven five Toronto Ontario Canada m5c.zero eight two or buy socks at one four.one six three six six one one zero two.or by email at Indian Day schools at.Deloitte CA acknowledgement of past.wrongs has been a long time coming we at.gallon hope that securing compensation.for harm suffered by you will help to.move the healing process forward for you.and for all the other indian day schools.and federal d school survivors.

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