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How to Customize the Bcc Lic 013 Rev in Detailed Guide on Mobile?

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waving hi everyone.wow that was embarrassing that was so.embarrassing if anything is gonna go.wrong in a first stream it's gonna.happen to me.it's gonna happen bad car crash and I've.crashed so hopefully you can all see me.now I've got some check messages coming.in okay so hi everyone I'm seein and the.unexpected maker first they are going to.say a huge thank you to David Watts Wow.he have no idea I had a whole bunch of.subscribers came through this morning.and there was a whole bunch of people.waiting on the other chat on the other.stream I'd set up which obviously didn't.work and I had no idea why and I was.starting to freak out this morning and.it turns out David put a little quick.video on his channel telling everyone.that I was going to be streaming it was.my first stream into pop on over and.have a look why I'll talk about putting.the pressure on I am I'm feeling kind of.ah.yes David I need to how do I do that how.to wait delete a chat I don't even know.how I can it go in the other stream and.do that can I delete chat.mmm I don't I don't know how to delete.it but I don't know that that Keys.actually a wrong key anyway I don't even.know if that's a correct key I don't.know what I'm doing awesome.if you know how to remove it then I'll.let me know and I'll try to remove it in.the meantime.yeah so hi everyone.some familiar names there Brian nice to.see you.Sean hello Sean works at unity the game.engine unity cool guy MC cooter how you.doing Dave Darko it's gonna be is a few.of you I'm just gonna try to say Hardy.walk as you come through so today what.are we doing we are going to have a look.at redesigning or revision 2 of my neo 7.segment however the dots in the message.and click remove dots in the message.can't seem to do.Seanie dots in the message maybe a lot.of moderator on layer in chat maybe.because I deleted though the stream I'm.not sure better way more do seriously I.have no idea how to use any of this is.modding your a restream thing or is that.a a YouTube thing going to be good if we.had voice coming back the other.direction as well would that be good.[Music].yeah I can't see a way of modding okay.I'm looking I'm looking just hold on a.second.live streaming come on internet you can.do this advance live control room I.would assume hey why key Radio welcome.from Weymouth okay I'm on my last room.but I was injury so I kind of watch live.always there strain unfortunately to get.some sleep a good strain by Shawn good.to see you.so hi - Anna banana okay great highlight.top church.yeah I can't work out how to mod look.I'm going to worry about my API key from.the Alvin wants to grab it go for it you.can stream as me you can maybe do a.better job than I'm doing right now.because I'm doing a terrible job well.that's okay.I expected my first dream to just to be.talking click on the three dots on the.right of Dave any of David's posts only.I can't see any of David's post though I.seen I can't see any dots next to.anyone's name ah there right so it will.scroll off the side of the screen at.moderator okay I got it I have to scroll.sideways on new text box to see the dots.because they are off the side yay okay.let's get on with this cuz I have no.idea how scan along how long it's gonna.take anyway so I might have seen from.another video I finally put together my.sub counter and view counter hey.electron - nice to see you gotta work.out with the cameras and so inside here.I've got four of my seven segment.displays I just printed up some cut up.some acrylic on my new laser cutter for.them and so for those of you that.haven't seen this is what a built near 7.segment display is at the moment it's.basically a 7 segment display without.the decimal point and days trying to.steal my channel is he go for it he's.doing a much better job than I am let me.tell you I'd be quite honored for David.to steal my channel anyway so that it.doesn't have a decimal point on it but.you can display any number or letter or.character that a seven segment display.can show which is pretty cool.thanks electron ask for the sub thanks.everyone for the sub Peter hi Adrian.hi everyone so what I want to do there's.a few issues with this board the first.problem is I said I want to add a.decimal point because I think I'll just.be more useful more well rounded board.something else that has come up is that.I originally stuck a whole lot of places.as you can see from design one thing I.want to mention there's a problem with.OBS on the Mac where you can't see my.cursor so I can click and do things on.this screen but when I'm in window mode.like this you can't see where my cursor.is which is really frustrating so I.apologize in advance I'll try to I don't.know do something with my devices so you.can see it when I'm talking about.something so as you can see from the PCB.from the design on the screen I'll put a.lot of places for caps.all the caps of decoupling caps and.technically there's no harm in having so.many decoupling caps but it's just not.needed I went a bit overboard I was.trying to come up with an aesthetically.pleasing design by using the decoupling.caps as like a little bit of a drop.shadow underneath the board but you know.what I'm not sold in any of them under.been pretty nine caps on each board each.one of these horizontal rows so these.ones here these ones here and these ones.here the other ones have been putting on.the board and I don't probably even need.nine I could probably get away with it's.much more relaxing for you as a Brian.thank you um I got weather conditioning.on the background just to calm myself.down.hopefully you can't hear the humming in.the background so what I want to do I.want to get rid of a bunch of these caps.because they're not needed they're just.intimidating on the board something else.I want to do is these angled pin headers.I think that look really cool but you.know what aesthetically they look great.but they're actually terrible to work.with so I had to I shouldn't let me just.hold this up here so at the back you'll.just see here I had to wire up these pin.headers and they were terrible they're.on an angle the MCOs are on an angle.like they'll fit inside a like a proto.board but the proto boards on a 45.degree angle so you can't actually.connect them to each.so my need to make something.aesthetically pleasing made it super.super hard to use the boards so that was.a bit of a fail but what are you gonna.do so I need to make these vertical they.need they just need to be straight up.and down so that way people can mount.these onto a prototype board or even.mount them onto a breadboard so they can.test them the other thing that I'll.seeking of doing was maybe as well as.the headers also put like pads on the.end like you know anneal neopixel strip.you know the the flexible ones where.they've got solder pads I was thinking.of actually putting pads there as well.so you could just sold a wise directly.to it and not use the pin headers that.way you could actually have them flush.like you know you don't have to have the.wire sticking through hey everyone hey.make me lab nice to see you.Steven birch hello from South Sea I know.our deal with South Sea is is at a place.or do you actually live in the ocean I.don't know.so there are fewer things that I want to.do today another thing that I made a.silly mistake on as I stuck some drill.holes on the boards and of course I made.them tiny because I was looking at mills.whoops didn't mean to move that one so.these drill holes over here I wanted so.you could use an M 2.5 size screw to.screw these to a backplate or something.but of course and I used mills when I.was setting up my values and so these.holes are tiny you cannot even put a pin.through them so uh.electron are you in the UK by the way is.that to me I'm in Australia I'm in.Melbourne Australia it's a eight o'clock.in the morning and I have my coffee by.the way I can't drink on the stream.because there's a head o'clock in the.morning like 13 in the morning and.that's a bit inappropriate but you all.can anyone that's in the evening go for.it I hope you all have a beverage in.front of you and you're drinking away I.have my coffee it's going to be cold so.I need to fix up these drill holes.because they're too small for anything.and the other thing that I want to do is.I need to change the board layout a bit.to increase its width to be able to fit.a pixel over here so I'm set up to move.it a beer time soon it's be time all the.time except for this way in the morning.this time in the morning I carry 2wd I.live can try to pronounce any of these.names it's great to have everyone on the.chat I feel quite humbled again big.shout out to today for getting a bunch.of his people over here.I feel very honored ok so I'm just going.to kind of talk through as I go I'm.gonna go to my schematic view so there's.a few easy things we we can do so these.I've got this raid out in the different.segments so this is the the top this is.segment one just to show you just go.back to the PCB for a second on a normal.seven segment display this is normally.segment one or segment a this is segment.2 or segment B segment 3 or C and so.forth so the head wrapped around this.way this being the last one or number 7.and then the decimal point so it wraps.all the way around the edge back to the.top through the middle and down the.bottom so that's how I've actually got.my neopixels arrayed at the moment in.each segment so I want to get rid of the.caps on the top line so I'm just going.to start deleting a bunch of caps.because we don't need them anymore I.mean there's there's being cautious and.there's been silly what I'm going to do.though is keep the the caps on the two.on segment two in segment 3 for now.which is this one these two and I'm.gonna remove all the rest I think I'm.just gonna go with six caps.that's enough decoupling I'm using point.1 microfarad caps I could probably even.go to one microfarad okay this is the.easy part.this is gonna leave a bunch of missing.things on the board as you can see here.I've just got some missing traces now.Dave is lurking yes it is at least yeah.hello yes it is coffee time nice to see.you.it's cold dark and snowing in salt.burned by the sea UK and you're having a.coffee in a t-shirt I'm jealous.yeah with the air conditioning on.because it's been pretty warm here in.Melbourne.I think I'd much prefer in the cold to.caps per se will probably be plenty yeah.well I'm actually thinking of just.having six caps in total and not even.having it per segment or maybe nine caps.like I've got here.IIIi did till don't even think we need.to caps per segment I mean that's still.14 caps I mean the boards already.perfectly right now on nine and I think.I built a board and tested with six caps.and they worked fine it's one of those.things where I've never sat down and.done the maths because if I have to do.the maths for analog electronics I'm not.going to do it and not look Electronics.is one of the things that puts me off.but at the end of the day I've seen.plenty of em you know neo piece all type.you know Chinese boards knockoff boards.that come with 24 pixels on a ring and.they've got four caps on them and they.work fine so electron - yep I could.probably do it - per segment I could.probably do it less or more I'm gonna.try these with less I think I see now.you got me worried no I shouldn't be.worried okay so I've got those off I'm.just going to rip up these traces that.are here right now I wish you could see.my cursor.I'll try to zoom into the areas I'm.working in so you can at least see me.doing it.oops Ripoff.I hate it a needle where sometimes you.it leaves a little extra it's a trace.like you think you've drawn just a solid.line of trace and it's snowing down here.in water okay cool.really snowing in Mordor never would.have pictured that from the films looks.pretty hot and barmy okay no that's some.more to get rid of okay we did make you.see you using a stream do you have a.twitch channel if so let it might.discord I actually do have a twitch.channel but I didn't enable it this time.and DC Illinois and 15 air pixels.without caps and no problems yeah that's.what I'm I figure like it's just I'll.get I'll get back to that in one second.so yeah I I do have a twitch channel and.I I want to eventually start streaming.to it but right now it's when we keep.all my my community on YouTube I think.just as I grow the channel that's gonna.be much easier I think so DC Ellen yeah.I am.what like a so here's that is what the.board looks like hopefully you be able.to see this on camera with the.reflective that's what the board looks.like at the moment and I'm worried that.if I you know send these out as kids to.people and they need to build them they.look at that and go holy moly there's.just so many components to put on that.board and so I just want to minimize.what it looks like normally I only get.the blobs on trace joint see if they're.not place on the same grid size I'm not.sure what that's in reference to.can loops makerspace hello death shaker.zero zero blobs on tracer joints I don't.know what that's where you talking about.electronic sorry this is gonna be fun.reading and working at same time.okay so I've done that I'm just gonna.should delete my ground a couple of.planes for now that's fine I'm using a.cup of playing on the front and the back.probably could have got away with just.using the back but I like to just have a.really big fill area for ground okay so.I might leave the nine on the outside.right now okay I need to move let me go.back I'm gonna go is just schematic view.I'm gonna not sure which order.particular I'm gonna do this on but I'm.gonna duplicate one of these pixels.because I need a one for the decimal.point I'm gonna grab these move it down.let me just zoom in sorry.I'll try to keep things as close as.possible options using twice layout.drizzle large we should be able to see.where your cursor is no David it's a uh.it's an issue with OBS the they don't.capture the cursor in a window view in.OBS only fire capture my desktop screen.and because I just use one screen on my.Mac I can't capture the whole screen.because then I can't have any of my OBS.controls or anything else I've.complained on the forum this has been.outstanding issue since 2014 I believe.and they keep blaming Apple but there's.no support for this so yeah apparently.that's the deal user interface layout.you talking about in the intersections.new ID.extended section so you're talking about.in Eagle are you talking about in obs.I think you might be talking about in.Eagle interface layout to cursor.and I think this intersection in Eagle.counts as a cursor it's under the main.Eagle window standard sections in Eagle.okay I uh you go Chris I think it's.under the main legal window okay I'm not.sure I'm just gonna stop pretty amazing.while I contemplate life and all its joy.oops okay just.keep accidentally hitting escape too hot.when it keeps disconnecting I'm just.mixing videos every once in a while I.smell what you're doing there okay.chat scaring past nice and fast.it's gonna give it to some of these okay.so this is ground good name these name.Oh tracers that is ground isn't it yes.it is VCC yes I need to know what this.is called can't remember dad a $6 six.yes kick those together.and then I need to keep this remember.one two and three what order they were.in because they've gotten twisted the.ground is three data is two in BCC is.one course BCC is one with it at the way.I join those back Siddhant yes I did.let's try that again shall we just click.upon the name and check other channels a.polar craters here yes there are some.amazing craters both here and just in.general I have had a wonderful time.getting to become familiar with some of.the creators the that are out there.right now the makerspace is just growing.incredibly and there's some super.talented people online sharing all their.knowledge and experiences and it's just.awesome I just uh like it's inspired me.to do this like both make things and.share my experience as well.so that's very exciting okay I've got a.another pixel in its gonna move it over.here for now I said I'm going to move it.over here for now.Electronics are you looking at making a.crater in your creator doing videos you.should do it everyone should do it.everyone should experience making videos.it's a it's incredible it's very.rewarding it's very nerve-wracking.one of the reasons I actually make.videos is to keep myself making content.because it's really hard to sorry it's.really easy to get freaked out by just.the amount of choice and things that you.can make and content it's kind of.overwhelming so I spend a lot of time.making planning stuff for videos and.making content video content so it.actually keeps me making you know new.things coming up with new ideas and.stuff so I'm waffling okay so I need to.measure this so I need to get the.spacing correct as you can see over here.I've got one two three four from the.corner so I want this to be one two.three four from the corner so one two.three four from the corner so it's just.there.I can move it come on get the move tool.one two three four okay.that's roughly the right place when the.trolls come just ignore them let's make.some videos yep.as I said everyone make videos everyone.do it okay I'm gonna I need to pull.these odds out the see if I can.multi-select them I have a feeling it's.not gonna let me do this too easily.Eagle that's got some very fiddly things.in it very fiddly like I move and I go.right click move group I should just be.able to oh wow okay so I need to extend.this quite a bit to be able to fit that.pixel in and have it not too close to.the edge.this is one of the reasons I originally.didn't want to put the decimal point in.I opted for not doing it because it was.going to make the board much wider.problem is I find it takes much longer.to get a project done when trying to.make your video but tell me about it I.did a soldier and job yesterday on a.video for a project that's coming up.that I'll give you a sneak peek it's not.turned on right now it's this and I did.the first part of the edit last night.and I got it down to an hour I mean this.is like a 20 minute soldering job it.took me now to do on video because I'm.talking and explaining and stuff like.that so um yeah I don't if you if you're.doing the videos to motivate yourself to.do projects just expect is gonna take.three to five times longer to do them.all and you're so to think about how you.presenting things like I can't tell you.how many times I'm putting something.together and I look up at my monitor got.my camera feed into it and I'm literally.off the screen it's like I've I'm.holding it here and the work I'm doing.is like below the bottom of the screen.and no one can see what I'm talking.about because I I'm trying to work on it.myself it's yeah it's hard.he's doing a four layer board an eagle.I'm not touching a four layer board an.eagle I can't do a four layer board I've.actually got played license fee Eagle.that's a whole nother story.but um yeah there's no I'm touching for.Low's okay I seem to be waffling and not.doing right now I seem to be out of.order completely I'm just gonna fix.these before I forget so this drill size.actually need these to be 100 that's.actually the correct size for em doctor.apparently MDOT 2.5 which is about 98.mil I did the maths earlier today and of.course they're too close to the edge.something I have to read work out how.I'm gonna do these corners I might.actually just straighten these up.not hard to move a four-layer but I.learned bettin pittance machine yeah my.concern of working with four layers is.what happens in the middle substrates.and you know things like impedance and.extra capacitance or heat or yeah I.don't I mean there's nothing I've.designed so far that requires four.layers I've done some pretty extensive.designs I've built my own.microcontroller development boards like.designed and built but I yeah two layers.was fine you've got a little bit tricky.routing everything but therefore light.is just kind of freaks me a bit that's.that's a whole level of I don't know.what I'm doing and so I'm likely just.gonna break everything okay let's move.these headers over and maybe straighten.them up what do you think I feel bad.about straighten them up I really do I.feel like I just know no one them that.way.definitely welcome 90 but um oh come on.- 90 okay I just I think this is just.not gonna look right I mean yeah I don't.even know where I'm gonna put them yet.so is it you could fit it in by.extending the bottom a little bit more.might cost less to fit what in what am I.feeling in David.okay there's a lot of conversation going.on about port design there which I'm.seem to be missing you talk about just.have have you yeah just more points you.could fit it in back stay in the bottom.a little bit more.you mean have it down below here Helen.you mean having it below like this so I.don't have to extend the width I think.that might look a bit weird yeah I don't.know I feel like I want to keep it true.to way to how 7-segment looks I mean if.I get rid of these corners I could make.it not as wide maybe use pets.instead of through-hole parts yeah.that's what I was thinking I said at the.start dope dope Darko that I might I.might look at doing pin headers and.doing peds or I might just put peds on.I'm not sure yet this was just gonna be.really simple redesign for a revision to.and just add a decimal point.okay I won't try to respond to.everything I'm trying to read and catch.up and make sure I haven't missed.anything that's all I like every the.Peterhead acerca Zen is really useful.for breadboards and it would have been.really convenient to be able to test.these on a breadboard really quickly.your self does not look crap Dave it.really doesn't I know I I feel really.bad that my solder in said a video I see.the other day that and I commented on.about how I can't remember the word I.used.but you said my comments about your.channel was scathing and I felt so bad.when you said that and I know you.weren't like you know telling me off or.anything I just I'm super inspired by.the stuff that you're done I really.really am it's a creators specifically.like you that gave me the freedom to be.able to do it myself because I always.thought that I had to do something that.was gonna happen.the level of you know Great Scott or you.know if I'm not producing a video that's.teaching someone and it's coming from a.real foundation of my understanding then.there's no point doing it and.just the fact that you just try stuff.and you know and sometimes they fail.sometimes they succeed but you keep at.it and you keep revising it and stuff.that to me that's a complete inspiration.and it's because of creators like you.that I'm now doing my projects and doing.my channel so I don't dismiss anything.you say except in this case I don't.think I'll put the decimal point down.below I think I'll put it next to it yes.I was really rude few budge wise yes oh.joy laughter with some of the yeah the.language you use David it's awesome when.you go come on what's come on Lots what.are you thinking what's it's awesome.okay I'm waffling again so I don't.actually have any room to put pin header.straight up here which is another.problem I also don't need this the.thought I was going to put a drill hole.here as well but I'm looking at material.hole then oh I'm really struggling to.concentrate and the chair I'm having.more fun with the chat than I'm having.with this board design yeah okay.I need to at least do something today on.this channel on this dream oh I'm doing.is just moving my board around I'm just.gonna move this off for now and.straightener.and yeah that's upsetting I don't want.this one to be the other way as well.it's good for vertical yeah no pcc.ground at the top okay good so i'm also.got a lot of extra space now i haven't.put a lot of stuff on the back of the.board if you just say here I've just got.a few bits of routing to go from the.second last segment to the middle.segment and then off to the side it's.kind of hard to see if the ground plane.what if I believe might just delete the.copper if I can grab it.Can I grab the compost not gonna let me.grab the copper come on.wow I am doing such a good job on this.dream right now.I'm definitely gonna fail miserably okay.we need it rotate this it's also gonna.be a problem.need some room to place that.but you hurt super days up.yeah not gonna be enough room.what am I gonna do there because they.need to be ideally I want their headers.to be just in a straight line I didn't.really want to extend the heart of the.port either better might have to this is.going to turn into a much bigger board.with a lot of empty wasted space which.I'm really not gonna be happy about now.I feel like I'm regretting this whole.idea.I'm just gonna have a look at how high I.might need to extend it.it's going to be something like that I.think to be able to fit these in and.have enough room to solder the mean and.even if I want to put pads in here I.need space to put solar pants is that.the Fritzing thing for me jump high.design possible yeah those piñas are.pretty high what do you mean by high as.in off the top are we gonna I think.we're gonna be doing designed by.committee at this point design by.committee sounds like it might work.opinions can be quite close to the edge.could put pads underneath yeah but this.pinhead is go through so okay the way I.was actually thin you're putting pads on.both sides and using the pin headers as.vibes maybe but there's just not a lot.of room there I could move this resistor.like it's supposed to be inline I could.shunt it around to make some more space.actually maybe I'll do that it's.supposed to be close but what's if I.hmm.like if that was there.and that was their trip this.and I might have a room for some.Panetta's for some pets you maybe show.your intended connectors first could you.maybe what do you mean by show my.intended connectors is that to me is it.to someone else in the chat come on.whites yes make me lab.would you just solder cables David.what's that experiment you know check.your Twitter - nice - check my Twitter.what's going on Twitter.yes huh come on watts.uh I can't see that you won't go looking.I can't even.okay there's a picture of a Gordon.Ramsay going come on what's awesome love.it love it love it on it without a name.is directed to the host from now on.everything that a name is Richard the.host okay cool is that a standard thing.doc doc I hope it is I don't even know.if I've got any pets here let's see if I.can what they even be called peds.someone just sent me a message telling.me not to smile on camera.smiling peds peds better pets what am I.anyone know what I'm looking for there.through-hole plated peds no plated.through-hole i want one by three plated.of peds any idea anyone wondering how.you to keep the boards.right so right now I'm connecting the.board's like this so I'm using and so a.pinhead up through the in and out so I.bent those by accident a leader on the.board this is a dead board this is the.one from the other day.it had dead pixels on it so and then I'm.right now I'm just literally soldiering.them across because I did 45 degrees and.45 degree pinatas was a stupid idea.do you hear me stupid ideas see on don't.do that again.that's what I'm looking at doing them.vertical for now hey Ellen hey MJ u K so.I'm looking for I mean I could always do.P plated holes like these wider ones.that you could just sold us her and and.do them as multi-purpose what do you.think of that so you could put up in.here or you could use them as a pad.maybe that's not a bad idea that's not a.bad idea.long paired with locking footprint I.have no idea what the difference there.is though the right size is 0.1 inch.yeah look.I don't know the differences between.these two Dave sent you.Dave sent a lot of people thank you Dave.say thank you Dave forever they don't.look straight so if I put so 103 spike.phone yeah I only do that in the.schematic mode okay let's I'm just gonna.try this close that I'm gonna stick.another instead of using these pin.headers I mean technically we could.soldier the pin headers now wires to.them but they're really hard there's not.a lot of copper around them can you see.that no there's not a lot of a copper.around them and so there might be quite.hard to dissolve it too maybe I could.leave them at 45 degree centi 5 mm no I.still have the idea of making the.breadboard compatible okay so I'm going.to add not a MOSFET no that's for.another project heads let's try that.again.spark phone.it was they're not showing me the ones I.had before hurts.I just had a whole bunch of pads on the.other view oh it's gonna be one of those.days.and no idea what I could be searching.for wire pads my pad my pants.there's grab pads ideally I want those.round pads I'll show you which ones I.want new runs off stream real time and.ideally I'd want like this see those top.ones can't really see that view oh you.can't see my picker view course you.can't hang on a second let's fix that.shall we.you window Eagle is it gonna let me do.it schematic board no I can't add my.picker I guess I can okay.can everyone see my.this is trial by fire here we go.okay everyone can see my picker now use.those pads under and no holes.you know seeking of that I just don't.know let's see if we can find some first.so when I was in PCB view I could.actually when I typed in Peretz it.showed me some really good ones but now.oops it's not showing me those.to impress him cheese so I repeat it is.maybe oh crap we use chest pads and my.losses on didn't see the white head.Wow.yeah there you go I mean I could just.manually put white pads down right.luckily didn't site pick it with a Kiwi.accent well would that sound like with a.Kiwi accent.peeker no Pete Parker no that's Irish.accent that's a terrible Irish accent to.be sure to be sure okay I don't know.what I'm looking for um just its what.was the test pads you use Dave what.would they be called anyone know what.they'd be called.I really hate searching in Eagle it is.the terrible terrible experience.by the way pick up yeah pick up pick up.yeah it would be pecker.well done name ju-kay you've been.speaking to too many New Zealanders.there's got to be something in here I.can use.okay.oh and these ones again so one or three.long pads search test pad yeah I did the.test back and nothing came up I might.not have a great library installed I'm.not sure.I'm not just used my tribe is putting.that in for now.okay I'm just gonna turn this screen off.now okay back to my schematic view so.these are the other ones so if I just go.to or view I should have that floating.in the bottom somewhere yeah they're.quite large but that could work.that could give me the best of both.worlds.Ida felt was sitting there then that.could be used as pin for pin headers but.they could also just be soldered onto.and they'll be on both sides of the.board oh I can put them on both sides of.it would that actually be on both side.the board that have to be with the P.copper on both sides it's interesting I.don't know if they'd go through would I.have to put them on both sides okay.that's why these up let's do this.I'm gonna trust that trust that trash.that's new these have the line okay.how's that for don't cross the streams.Ghostbusters reference don't cross the.streams.okay so I destroy this go back to my.board view I think that could be the way.to go.because if I do that oh you can get that.a fraction closer to the edge I have to.check my my design rules but I might be.able to put this back here it's gonna be.nice and close yo better late than never.hey Dave good to see you welcome.you just haven't missed much just me.making a mess of some stuff.yeah that's a bit close I think for the.resistor.traffic cops in said thing earlier oh.that's a tragic show okay let me just do.the other one as well I'm just gonna.copy this so does anyone know if I call.I'll have one - thanks Dave it's 9:30 I.reckon it's about time that I can have.one does anyone know if these pads will.go onto both sides I love to export some.Gerber's and have a look The.interestings know if they do one two.three one two three.because if they do that solves the.problem of being able to solve with them.from the front of or the back or use pin.headers okay.as well.oops went to zoom and I clicked instead.what I want to pack up one two three.one two three yeah okay so that goes.there yes they do both sides thanks Dave.the Panetta still use plate advisor so.should be fine.awesome solved okay so that solves that.problem then I still need to make some.room for them and I feel like I'm out of.room still.so I still feel like I need to move this.resistor somewhere this isn't our 805 I.could always sticker what's the smallest.one I can put a knife or something you.know so tiny that yeah I'm gonna be able.to place it.I might place that there for now I don't.think it's too far away and I'm going to.just okay I'm gonna remember what sighs.I think I did VCC it no 10.whoops 12 yeah okay so I'm just gonna.route some of this just to clean it up.yes you know I've got all grounds fine.he said I'm actually segregating the.ground but doing this I'm not a huge fan.of doing this but for now yeah that's a.bit ugly let's go through the center.okay that's not my best work but we'll.leave that just for the moment just for.now we'll leave that it's gonna be the.same here.CCC I'm just gonna grab the end oh poor.me here.hyesung holy Oh 603 might fit yeah you.know what I honestly I I've done Oh 603.before by hand but I I think I won't I 5.is my most comfortable size and again I.want to be able to sell these as kits.for people that want the challenge and.putting them together and I just feel.like forcing people to work Oh 603 it's.a little bit too small so why do you.just listen Oh with the idea I've got.with these boards is I might actually my.plan is to set up a tindy store and sell.two versions of them sell them as a kit.for cost and now I like the idea of.doing the cost thing that's what David's.doing for his binary clock counter which.everyone should order one because he.doesn't have enough boards for everyone.so everyone should do it.twenty more subs than win this just.dream sir I haven't even been looking.awesome Wow.yeah so I mean I want to do that so you.know send you'll be able to buy a board.and all the components as a kid and also.want to be able to put together a board.of a complete board that people can buy.and I don't receive don't have to work.at Oh 603 to do that so hi Chris nice to.have you here.so right now another problem that we.need I need a fix.I need a rip up is that music oh the.other side the board didn't even ever.plan for anything so should have had a.plan so right now I've got on this side.on the way out I've got these VCC and.data coming through that are coming from.here and they need to go down now and.back up because they need to go that.last pixel so I need to rip these up so.there's a this one here daughter out in.BCC they actually need to come down and.around so that one can go that one can.go I'm just going to I don't know with.all that up yet so need them to come.down around here you can't see where my.cursor is awesome so I need them to come.through here and then down here to this.pixel and all the way back up again.hi Gary nice to have you here welcome.and then from here I need them to go.back up again so.it's gonna move these vies they can come.out straight I'm still gonna need them.though because I need to get to the back.of the board I'm a.fiddler for getting things straight I.had it when my traces are not destroyed.I don't have a CD I don't think I've got.a CD but I definitely feel like it maybe.sometimes I do.okay so 12 yeah I'm on the bottom so.this is gonna have to come all the way.down to BCC here let's just go straight.straight Nanda.yes course of action.except of course yeah he'll provide.output another byron so I got a stupid.so from here for those whoops wrong.clothes didn't know you know you can hit.space to stick Byron very cool except I.didn't set my size okay I want um we can.remember what size I was using let's.have a look.23.6 yep I've just nearly set my.workshop on fire no did you get on video.if you burn it down you're gonna do it.on video don't do it for cost if you put.the head in an oven we do it do do as I.say and not as I do.isn't that it David hi Zulu Bailey nice.to have you okay distraction distraction.that doesn't like the right size cogs.that didn't set it again drill here we.go one more time.space yes I need learned to space thing.well not recently but fairly late in my.design.staff like I did a whole Sam d-21.development board not knowing that I.keep space to place by our notes and.they riddle of laying down traces and so.I'd place a trace and then I'd get out.and I'd go into drill mode and a plane.fly and then I'd go back out and going.to trace mode and continue the traces it.was very time-consuming so I highly.recommend people don't do that.hi Barnabas I hope that's Barnabas I'm.not sure what the infliction on the AE.does so we've been going through an hour.and I feel like I've achieved nothing.nothing at all oh the joys of being a.maker okay let's just do the data as.well shall we let's just get out of the.way it's gonna bring it straight down as.well try to keep them nice and straight.next to each other there's a vibe air.which I don't it's a ground plane I can.I'll get rid of that actually let me.just place that.Bava cannot Beca know why cannot back in.a tight honey reason learned in Eagle.that you can simply roll the mouse wheel.with a hovering over the trace width.drill size box to the top of the screen.what I only recently learned in Eagle.that you can simply roll the mouse wheel.when hovering over trace width drill no.way Wow scribble it's scribbles are.easier let me tell you you have spent.too much time trying to get angles right.um I've learned to everything in Eagle.trial by fire.and just watching other people and and.stuff it's uh if you want to really.learn how to do how to use Eagle just.yeah try to build something really.complicated and make a lot of mistakes I.went through a lot of board revisions.actually with my microcontroller I went.to PCB way three times till I had a.board that actually worked and the first.three times those really chisels putting.the wrong parts down the wrong.footprints without realizing no I can't.read manuals I agree with you electron.ash III I learned by watching watching.and doing not by reading if I have to.sit down and read I just my mind wanders.off it just like all the text goes.blurry so it's not letting me remove.this delete cannot back annotate please.do this in the schematic but it's Justin.okay I'm annoyed now maybe I can remove.it I'm just gonna move it out the way.there you go no one reads the manual no.and that's what worries me about.designing your board.yeah but Brian that cost nothing I mean.that the biggest thing is time cost me.five dollars us to get five boards made.of my my coach on the board.it means like it cost me twenty dollars.us to ship them to me because I wanted.them in three days because I was.impatient but for 25 bucks in my case.and I had five boards and I failed and I.changed them and I did them again come.one else do it and make a cheat sheet of.boards.so okay let's let's talk about eagle and.[ __ ] ed whoops there's less snow this is.not a about the voice and circulating I.think you can rip it up of course of.course.thank you electron of course good rip up.so the reason so I started out in.cockhead it's quite nice it's not.bad as open source it's free right and.the reason I started with Chi katha so I.don't like generally the whole.subscription model thing which kind of.pushed me away from evil and filled my.friends who advised me to move to or to.use Clark head but Kai counts really.clunky on a Mac it's using that they.like their graphics library that they're.using internally I know they're working.on an OpenGL port at the moment to make.things faster but it's just really slow.and clunky but the other main reason I.love Eagle is Adafruit like all of their.boards they've got all the Eagle files.for every single thing they make Kiki.just go and download the Eagle files and.load it up and print the board so modify.them a lot of the schematic design for.my lifeö charging on my microcontroller.board was I learned from studying a de.fruits schematics like this is crazy and.an eagle is it is great like I'm I'm.actually paying for it I'm not using the.free version i money I'm not doing a.corporate but I'm paying a hundred bucks.a year because I think they deserve to.have the money not that my hundred bucks.does a lot but it's it's actually it's.really good and they're really rapidly.improving at the moment so you've tried.p-cad pads Pro tell Proteus and all the.other ones yeah there's lots of piece.yeah hi cats got a good new version.coming out version 5 is due shortly and.you can actually load an eagle file into.it and it converts it to a car control.which is pretty crazy but yeah I'm just.I'm getting used to Eagle now I quite.like it as far as design goes okay let's.continue this.if I don't get something designed today.I'm gonna feel like wasted everyone's.time and I don't like wasting anyone's.time okay so now I need to wrap those.back up again.what does it one think about removing.these and just making them straight I.feel like they're there again for.aesthetic reasons and maybe I could just.get rid of them I don't know.let's route up no pressure no pressure.for who lots of pressure for me mate.yeah I feel the pressure okay I'm gonna.um literally run debt all up it's gone.it's on the inside because why not I.shared I wanna go on the inside.I mean to name those just back in the.moment I need to realize I haven't.so should we ground no this is say I.forgot them back to front.one is VCC okay I've just got an upside.down no where's one that should be VCC.the cadets do add somewhat of a classy.look yeah I agree that's why I did them.that way.I thought they uh it really lent itself.to kind of fancy you like them enjoy UK.likes them too.okay I'll keep them I'll work around.them so why can't I like no need to rip.this up don't need those why can't i.route from here.there's no if I can this one's a cotton.mm-hmm.it's not letting me reroute let's have a.look at it in sorry I just realized I'm.in bored view but I wasn't actually I.was still in my schematic view sorry.about that I need to find out why maybe.they're not connected did I not connect.them they're not connected now they are.what a probe okay now I can see that the.wires.let's try that again shall we okay up.yeah I have to fix that.it's annoying.I feel like super long traces are just.not good design I don't know let me know.that it's gonna I don't even know why.I'm bringing that to here right now.because I never know where this is gonna.go yet I think I didn't pull this back.so I need this to be due to 7020.important workout design one when the.zero came out but never got it to pepper.coated because I didn't want to buy.programmer right so I it really well.actually army a la this is for an.upcoming video as well but this excuse.the the bond wires on earth that's.actually I added a buzzer later oops.that there is my micro controller board.trying to get it straight in the camera.so there's Sam b21 got a USB in lipo.down the bottom that there is a one.o'clock with the battery so it actually.worked really well this board was.designed to plug directly onto a LCD I'm.sorry a TFT screen for a it's it's a.I'll get into what this is light up in a.different video but it actually turned.out really well by the time I got to my.third revision and it worked great.except what I didn't do is I didn't put.programming headers on because it what I.done was ordered some Sam D 20 ones from.a guy in Europe that already already had.a bootloader on them but they took.forever to get to me.and I had a whole bunch of Sandy 21s he.and that I hadn't they had no bootloader.on them and so I ended up buying a nice.and I had to watch some wise I'm sure.the some of the buyers and and program.myself so it's actually really easy to.do once you buy a nice I've actually I.want to update this board and I'll do is.I'll tell that on a different stream but.one things I've got on my new revision.is actually a header that I can plug a.programmer header on there so I can just.play the eyes directly on it.I highly recommend doing that but yeah.it was a it worked out really well it's.the it's quite easy to do and there's a.lot of reference out there and again all.the Adafruit boards that use the San b21.that's a lot of you know schematic.design stuff and pretty basic you know.there are a lot of stuff that's actually.on this board really when you break it.down is just a lot of passes for things.like decoupling and you know resistors.and caps is you know lots of that other.than that is pretty straightforward.there's a voltage regulator there's a.lipo charge you know both soft 3.23 and.that's really it I mean there's a.crystal and some caps so I highly.recommend trying to build a board so I.have three ICS though okay so you've got.some sambito answers you'd make David.you should if initely make a board but.you programming them that's I mean the.bootloader is you know you can download.them for motive for its website but yeah.I I'm not sure about the whole not.putting a programming header on unless.you can get the chips from somewhere or.if depending on the package that you've.got you could always buy one of those.I think Julian had one on his channel.where you you can put the chip inside.the a thing that plugs into another.board motherboard a proto board or.something and you can like it to a dip.so especially a SMD 2deep converter and.you can program that way yes Adafruit.awesome I think that I actually said in.one of my mailbag videos I buy a lot of.stuff made of fruit which is expensive.for me in Australian dollars and.shipping and everything else but I do it.because they need to be supported.because they have just the more in her.team amazing people.the they open source everything they got.I wish I could work and talk at the same.time they just the amount of effort they.put in also.so they it uses an admiral ice if.talking about what program the 7021 uses.most of the microchip or at metal and.chips use one of these little devices to.program and so you literally plug it.into a.swd kind of it's not JTAG it's it's a.coming we have what is called and then.you are you just you run the their.software their development environment.which is basically just Visual Studio.rebranded and your program it takes like.10 seconds to program at the sure I've.saw the photos were the parts from.Adafruit for a work tool so I didn't.have to pay yeah they they definitely.need I mean they employ over 300 people.now which is just amazing 300 people and.they give away all of the designs and.they write libraries and they do their.learning guides and everything else it's.just um yes it's nice when there's.someone else's money Brian but you know.what I spent enough maybe on fruitless.stuff like laser cutters and 3d printers.and stuff like I feel like I don't know.they're just really deserved to be.supported there's a lot of people that.deserve to be supported like it's not.just Adafruit but I just feel like you.know in a space where you can buy super.cheap Chinese knockoff stuff everywhere.and you know everyone's saying all the.time by Chinese by Chinese I just think.you know they do there are you do worse.things in life than support Oda for let.me tell you okay.how much ranting can I possibly do.really don't like to look at that Wow.don't like a look at that at all that is.some ugly routing I feel like they.needed to go the other way around but I.don't have to stick a wire in the ice.about are you don't bends sorry yeah.that's good point yeah they're not cheap.no you can't use the dongles that I know.of don't go Kyle you might be able to.but you couldn't have time the only the.only option I could find at the time.well I think Adafruit have their own.something that they use to program.theirs and if they don't use the ice.they've got their own crazy setup yes.about a face buying it for one project.yeah I I for me it was one project as.well but I had no choice and then six.days after this arrived and I programmed.at my other pre-programmed Sam D chips.arrived so now I've got about a whole.bunch some program and some not but I'm.glad I've got it now because I don't.plan on just making one board I plan on.continuing that design and then I mean.so that board cost me I don't know in.time and bought in actual PCBs and.revisions and parts and everything else.I don't know Charles three hundred.dollars for a development board where I.could have bought one from Adafruit for.20 but I wanted to build my own board.and I wanted to learn I let so much it.from doing it you know Erlander about.decoupling caps I learned about keep.looking to the sides and looking at the.board I just I learned about how to you.know how the charging circuit works and.how a USB port works and and how the.micro the actual chip the 7021 works.like you know you look at a chip and you.it's quite intimidating but when you.actually break it down and understand.how it's all connected together it's.just logic it's it's logical logic and.it just makes sense so you know it was.worth everything for me to do it so I'm.super glad I did.I'll do them for you gladly.except it's gonna cost you more to send.them to me than it will be to buy a nice.so I'd recommend just buying a nice okay.so this is this is this is kind of.starting to maybe I don't know I don't.even know what this is starting to do at.all don't eat so many grounds I don't.know don't Burnie ground on the outside.oh yeah I do just should probably have.it on both sides need to move this over.it's gonna roughly play some stuff I'm.worried about this one here this is too.close definitely too close so but I need.mounting holes what do you think do we.keep the mounting holes no I've no I've.not found a knock off of the ice.actually Brian I looked everywhere.before I bought one because when I.actually bought one there was no stock.locally in Australia anywhere so I have.to wait 7 days for it to be shipped from.America as well so at that point I was.trying anywhere I could define to.something that was cheaper or quicker.and I couldn't find anything I had to.actually buy the original ice so if you.do find one let me know but I don't.think so this is a problem I don't have.to make this smaller.that is very uneven.because I need it's gonna be enough room.it's gonna be designed fail I mean.that's breaking the ground plane which.is just silly I'll Express have an ice.JTAG programmer for less than 5 pounds.shipped ya don't know if this is don't.think this is JTAG I don't think it's I.think it's different I could be wrong.SPI jate a PDI Ayr interfaces maybe.ok well ok ok so apparently this does.JTAG but it's s WD that we use for the.same u21 not JTAG i don't know if you.can do JTAG yeah doesn't sports in 21.but I think I defer to have something.that they did a modified version of it.or something I'm not sure should.definitely look at that this is it dad I.feel like I need to get these traces out.the way.beyond my expertise whatever what's said.we can keep ourselves company what did.David say watching somebody else get.lost in check on China concert and.eagles people she's just you know okay.we'll just I'll ignore you all for a bit.okay I'm sorry.it's it's surreal I feel like I'm.wasting everyone's time by just not.being able to get this happening I.really do but I'm going to top I'm gonna.see if I can extend this ground planes.out.as soon as you mean.I'm just gonna fix my graph my ground.plans my copper planes.I'm doing this.like I only recommend building you know.a microcontroller board if you want to.learn if you want to learn how it all.works because you know they're they're.expensive to make yourself and they're.they're tricky and they're they're.frustrating I mean that board took me.three attempts and five days to route it.so you know it's just it's a complete.mind job of trying to route all the the.pin outs from the 7021 because it's such.a small package area and yeah I'm not.sure I would recommend it to everyone.but you know it's a great way to learn.you know if you're looking at just being.able to have boards to work with just go.buy them buy from China or button from.Adafruit.but if you want to learn how they all.work.nothing beats making a microcontroller.board I mean if you look at this PCB.right now it's pretty basic right.there's some neopixels on here there's.some capacitors and it was just a big.deal like it's if there's no rocket.science here I'm really not liking how.chunky this is I took the 7 SEC.challenge what's the SEC second sake.challenge I don't know what that is.does that look like an ugly board that.looks like an ugly board it really does.I might not even get this made you know.I might just what do we got so I need a.route here this is C's in ground zero so.that's already routed so that's in I.believe this is all routed I've got some.no errors I'm just looking at right now.my SAARC yeah everything looks fine.routing is the best and wispy it drives.me nuts when you get that you feel like.the most intelligent person in the world.until you have to whip it all up and.start again yeah I agree it's it's super.hard.I mean Eagles come a long way over the.last few revisions you got the push and.pull stuff now so you can move things.around.there's definitely nicer ways to route.then when I first started or maybe I.just didn't understand enough but yeah.routing a ship is very different to.rounding a board like this did I get 200.today thanks Chris thanks lame you know.Wow 200 thanks everyone.that is amazing well.I have to say everyone I'm really not.liking the design of the board I'm.really not liking how how bulky it's.become.what around for the win no no no order.out him Auto routers produce rubbish.much harder to fix something that's been.auto routed I have to say I used to.think I was never go when I started.using Chi CAD like familles either order.outing or nothing because I just never.thought I'd be able to route something.but um no I don't do auto routing I.don't do it it's no not good you could.make a dismal point on its own board I.thought about that so one of the things.I thought about was having a decimal.point on its own board and having two on.their own board so like you could use it.in between a clock and but they're not.going to make a whole bunch of different.boards and then how do people buy them.and then how do you how does the library.understand the order of which the boards.are laid out you know if you're gonna.start missing like that you might as.well just build them with strips and not.use a board it's it's this whole dismal.point here that's the killer if it.wasn't for this decimal point I'd have a.nicely laid out board again but I feel.like this is just looking ugly Inkscape.for PCB layout mm-hmm.not sure if my sarcasm comes across what.I write it for the win ah there's a week.sorry is that what the wink was for.David my man you must be a British thing.just kidding.I'm looking at this board I'm going but.this is terrible.it's just I mean I could always uh I.know that there's buyers there but let's.see if we can just do a little bit of.making it look a bit nicer shall we just.try to make it look a bit nicer.I'm gonna try if I can't make it.aesthetically look pleasing I might just.cancel cancel the world taste it today.today's wins I'm gonna cancel Wednesday.and you go straight to Thursday oh yeah.oh my buyers in the way maybe didn't.want me doing that did it.here you go so if I make the holes.bigger that might help a bit maybe.slimmer and a protrusion at the bottom I.thought about that but that's gonna look.a bit ugly having a.you talking about like doing something.like oops.it's my design layer to mention talking.about something like this right.food just for now if I just trace this.just see what it looks like right you're.talking about something like this.léa léa léa no Leonid Leonid I'm not.sure how to pronounce your name I.apologize but you talk about something.like that right I'm not sure if you can.see that quite clearly.so assuming these were gone just hoping.something sticking out the side.five minutes Wednesday overheating okay.well it's 10:00 a.m. Wednesday here and.I would feel like Wednesday should be.destroyed design the board so that it's.in two halves how would I mmm I don't.know about that.I think the protrusion would look nicer.but that's just a guess okay let's look.at this protrusion idea let's do it come.on.oops.okay let's let's seriously look at this.shall we.oops.do you know one plate that one I'm gonna.make you protrusion I'll move them all.around in a second and I'll reroute it.this is definitely designed by committee.that's fine.oh why didn't that work because I've.been putting that on place I must have.changed my life by accident when did I.do that.oh come on okay try again dimension.that's better.so it's messy but I'll clean this up in.a sec.okay dinner you know auntie them fish.club if working it's all the rage these.days.sure.okay I need to move my traces in it's.only have to go to the back of the board.now but that's okay let's rip those.see I hate how look at that that's.annoying that's really annoying okay.let's move some this stuff around shall.we they can go there they can go there.good there.so what do you think little knobby.things sticking out the side obviously I.could make that better what I can do is.let's let's clean this up a bit so it.looks a bit yuck.it's like peer programming yeah.what's now going.it's looking a bit no beam by the city.five of us yeah 35 people designing a.PCB that's a lovely nobody bid thank you.you don't think that looks kind of weird.anyway I can Vikings let me get rid of.some of this so I've got more spice and.me.look.I mean I'd have to have it protrude as.little as possible I think otherwise it.would really frustrate me.better than when it looked better when.lit and having the board shadow the.whole side yeah maybe like the top and.bottom links are so maybe yeah I'm gonna.have to do that just I have to zoom in.and do it accurately right now I'm just.trying to sketch it to get a good idea.of what its gonna look like.so yeah that's not bad maybe has look.next to another one is this pasting okay.I don't know how I would duplicate it.how would I do that I'm not sure how I.could can you check out the board who.needs a haircut.electro noob do I need a haircut maybe.did the board need a haircut nothing I.need a haircut for a protrusion would.one stud did you'd make more since then.just me.yeah nice if it can't be the start and.this at the end the way 7-segment well.okay it doesn't have to be but the way a.certain segment display works is the.decimal points normally here and it's.the last bit of the 8-bit data so I'm a.little bit like the board's we need.spaces between them anyway like between.the characters so if you look at here.well to a far life if you look here I.mean the spacing I've got right now you.know what I'm gonna give this let me get.screwed up one second.I'm gonna pull this the front of this.plate off I've got the just the white.there because it's on camera it's really.hard to see the digits but I'm going to.pull this apart so you can see that the.spacing I've got right now so maybe that.the little nodule sticking out is the.right spacing to bud up two boards it's.quite possible kind of notch for the.knobby bit on all yeah I don't have.enough room to cut a notch on the left.because this picks all that's here so.yeah it's much harder to see now no.that's why the whites on there but if.you have a look this is how close I've.got the the pixels together right now.and that looks like the board has a five.head what's a fivehead use Mac preview.and grab a screenshot and duplicated.sure I could do that but you won't be.able to see that oh I could always Oh.I'll share that okay I'll do that in a.second Overtown one second so you can.see right now that that's my spacing so.they're quite close together but.actually looks like it's the size of.maybe the the decimal point so maybe.that would be perfect I don't know it's.actually not a bad idea okay hang on a.second let me screen grab.um I should have had some music on the.background but I was scared that I'd get.in trouble.whoa what happened there okay let me see.if I can add window capture device okay.no that's not where I wanted to try it.again add window capture okay.a 45-degree decimal point we don't need.your music really what's wrong with my.music I'm confused.oh that's big okay I have a second let's.see if I can lay this out I need to get.rid of their borders.you see you know.I can't get it narrower than that.kind of hard to say I should have.snapped it it's not quite the right size.guys but what do you think.the Christian must be asked has it said.boobs yet no I've only got four.characters so I can't say boobs I can.say boob need five characters four boobs.it was surely on the outside of the word.well if this design looks great.thanks make me looks good.a little nodule okay I'm gonna roll with.this design.thanks everyone you've inspired me too.yes I wanna remove that window okay so.my list of things I wanted to do today.was an extra pixel which I've done.remove some caps which I've done.increase the drill sized holes which.I've done although I need to just work.out the closeness there there's an I'm.an amazing designer you are an amazing.designer David I'm still trying to get.my head around your binary clock and how.the logic works I would have just stuck.a 80 tiny 85 on there made that right.not leave you know you've gone old.school we like PCB design to free its.crew up the hitters in solar pace okay.so I mean I need to tidy up this design.you guys are not horrible influences I.get a little bit a little bit horrible.but that's okay I'm glad I'm glad we're.doing this.okay so I need to tidy up this layout.and I don't think you all deserve to see.me finish all this off on here because.that'll just be a terrible amount of.time.but it's you know I need a like refit a.lot of this stuff you know 7-segment.they don't have to move I'll have to.move and that should be Division two.leashes.sorry Brown stream are we done.I need a burger uh Alan wants a burger I.think that's an invite for lunch.Ellen is in Melbourne so she keeps.dreaming Bijnore us DeGeneres oh you.guys are not DeGeneres.this has been a lot of fun but I've.proven to myself that I can't.concentrate on the stream that's okay I.feel like I need to debate a plan like I.feel like I should have pre designed.this so that way I knew what I'm gonna.do going in so I wouldn't look like an.idiot but I thought you know the whole.idea is to do this live right and now I.look like an idiot YouTube's been.toxicated on the stream it see something.ready let's be real I'm just charming.English for being drunk on stream can.only improve things designing isn't my.bag I think you're under so yourself.David I really think you do you have a.core grasp of some logic that I don't.understand so I think you're a bit more.than a charming English fall.did everyone check out Bryan locks.stream the improper to do stream they.did the other day with his light box.that is the LED array box that he's.doing you should definitely go check it.out check out his channel you know.there's a very long three hours and.something or longer he goes through this.led matrix being RGB matrix check it out.it's really cool he's inspired me to.want to make one we're gonna make a.smaller one I think because I've got.rolls and rolls of neopixels 600 of them.I love neopixels link link for Bryan.Bryan put a link in can you put a little.don't know if we can put links in last.time I tried to put a link in it came up.saying you can't put links it was four.hours yeah it was crazy it's that's.insane amount of streaming time it.mentally most of the time he was trying.to stuff some electronics in a box right.and that was maybe not the best use of a.few hours but that's okay.if you turned the DC map 0.45 degrees.that would remove some of the flap.that's a greater disagree no everyone.subscribed to day everyone he is from.david's channel so everyone should.subscribe to Bryan though and it make me.lab and this up a whole bunch of really.cool people on here.all of you a fantastic user name I think.you can allow others to post links by.typing then username okay let me see if.I can do that because I really want you.all to write where's my web browser.like what do i type all I have to do it.in the chat where do I type in my chat.can I talk to my in chat channel yeah.let me say permits what and then what.type permit then the username I think.permits Brian doc the gh.I don't know if that worked did that.work Brian is that what I have to do so.I drew that the wrong place.maybe I can just do it what if I had you.as a moderator without work or post-it.note.and moderator.okay filters enable filters I saw that.somewhere I don't know where that is.we're cus alert and slight sensation and.yeah I don't know does everyone go.follow go find Brian on Twitter P go.Ryan lock on Twitter but oh yeah also it.makes me there I even I know what I've.done it.I don't own a drone and I've never flown.a drone and I've never really wanted to.buy a drone but you've made me want to.print a drone now make me lad so I thank.you for that thank you for making me go.out and spend more money on stuff I.don't need seems to work.what oh it worked awesome okay there's.brands channel video.everyone should jump on it we say make.the make the 45 degrees interesting okay.let's try that because why not.45 it does make it a bit nicer maybe you.make people spend dollars well I don't.know anything about drones so that's the.problems gonna be I'm gonna spend a.whole bunch of money printing a whole.bunch of drone jessee's and then waste.stacks of money learning by buying.hardware that I don't know I need or.don't know how to use should I make it.pointy I feel like it could be pointy.now I feel like someone's gonna stab.themselves who's gonna make it pointy.for the moment.well that.ouch he's gonna get stabbed the problem.is they're stopping to butt up very.nicely to the board next to it so that's.that's probably not a good idea maybe we.won't do stabby stab ease butt.you know it's weed I'm just standing.here talking to myself to you guys but.talking to myself and there are people.there the other men who can hear me I'm.used to talking to myself during my.videos when I'm just recording I don't.mind that what do you guys think about.the 45 degrees perhaps bring the decimal.closer now can't post my linky oh you.want to be able to do a link e as well I.looked you on - hang on a second.see if that works anyone that wants to.post their channel link let me know.because I want everyone to subscribe to.everyone because I want your love love.okay so yeah I could definitely move it.in forever.so I went away from doing the 45-degree.angled components and now I'm putting.one back in again but that's okay so.let's rip this up.that's not bad what do you guys think.about the 45 degrees it's a subscription.orgy does anyone else does anyone is.anyone here not subscribe to make me lab.Brian have made you a mod and dave is.also a mod can you did the opposite side.the opposing side David to make it yeah.I can't go high enough on the opposite.side because of this led I'd have to.drop this down to make this one fit into.the next one but to back them up next to.each other that'd be too close as digits.there needs to be a bit of a space I.wanted to be awesome.I don't know what that means I'm Pro.hurt me already like every other LED on.the board having it straight yeah yeah.so they okay the other question is maybe.it just doesn't need to be so far out it.doesn't have to be so even maybe as a.decimal point it can be a bit closer.I like the nub yeah I don't necessary.have a problem with the nub anymore I.guess.if.I mean how close can we get this just.small point that it doesn't look.ridiculous.yeah the chats delayed if you cut off.the other side slightly it would fit.better yeah but I don't want them to fit.into each other because they'll actually.be too close to together so if you look.back here there needs to be a decent.sized space between them otherwise it's.really hard to read the numbers so I'm.not sure how wide that is let me just.remind cut that's bright in my eyes so.right now the boards are 4 mil apart 5.mil apart from each other so having this.now bud into this side won't necessarily.do anything because we still need you.know four or five mil or six mil between.the boards to make them look good.otherwise the numbers are too close.together maybe the distance yeah that's.what I had before if I put it back where.it was.oops that's oh stop moving around that's.where it was that's even as it is there.look I can definitely make this smaller.this is up a thing I could sit here for.you know two hours just tweaking.tweaking I got to be close it needs to.go down one more.chuckle city for hours just tweeting.this thing but I think it's going okay.yeah having a laugh Brian what's Brian.said I feel doesn't what I shouldn't.make a childish joke about just the tip.led needs lots of extension on the knob.to be effective what do you mean.extension on the knob.effective in which way I'm sure I'm.missing some chip somewhere.nups facade scan 2018 knows for some I.think Abe's description of the dyson.animal ball filters of flashlight is.genius.okay I have no idea what that's about.what are we thinking about this overall.design guys and girls I don't know if.there's any females on the channel I.don't think there is if there is I.apologize for me saying guys because no.one wants to be gender anymore.we I totally agree with that having a.daughter.what does everyone think about where.this design is going considering its.completely designed by committee ah.designed by committee now as designed by.committee oh don't you take.responsibility for its failure anymore.you will is that right I can point.fingers now.yes I need to clean some of this up yeah.you just go there for the moment and.that's why wait you close I'll fix that.in a second.she's gonna move these out the way.yeah okay.I crave just Park tonight cinder no I'm.not using on Sparky's PCB way I spark up.awesome when they both look amazing but.they're in America so that cost me a.fortune.see on come back I'm back where did I go.my Cologne where did I go reap string oh.no way.what's my stream gone.and we're back in the room Oh what.happened.maybe the Internet's gone it's gone.poopoo and be surprised it's Australia.terrible you were gone a while sorry I.don't know what happened what are we.talking about five centering ourselves.and my channel so don't rule it out.David yeah I know it's a there's a chat.going on Twitter the other day where.there was people comparing but their.breakdown of male to female was it's.definitely too low we need to find a way.of lifting it it's a it is actually.quite important so all of you that don't.subscribe to Becky stone go subscribe to.Becky's doing this there's actually.quite a lot of female content creators.that are doing some really great.makerspace stuff especially with.wearables and fashion we should all.definitely go and find these people and.subscribe.okay so what's everyone thinking are we.kind of liking this design now he comes.a delay we're about to right since we.didn't hear the end of the story of the.nub all better now.now throw a spanner box what about if.you want a clock display yes I know.about the the column thing it's yeah a.calling thing would either need a board.with a callin and it'll run just like a.decimal point so it'd have to be a.separate type of board so I have to make.two designs or the callin could just be.separate neopixels that you run off.separate data in they can just flush.them on and off per second and and it's.separate to the actual use of the board.so much door yeah the the internet in.Australia is terrible I've finally got.100 / 40 which is what's called NBN.national broadband network in Australia.and it's down every second day it's.terrible before that I had six six six.no I had six megabit down and it's.supposed to be one megabit up but it was.actually 0.5 made bit up so there was no.streaming and uploading a gigabyte video.to YouTube used to take me nine and a.half hours so oh thank you for posting.Becky's channel MJ awesome.not that I need to congratulate you for.being female that's not what I meant but.I'm very excited and happy to have.female viewers do you have a channel.name Jane if you do let us know if I can.let you post it another one there here.is no one yep.blitzie d yeah if anyone knows any great.female content creators in the maker.space or in anything but in the maker.space please post off lady aid oh yes we.know that robot girl I don't know what.odd yeah.totally Wow.bear with me a moment while I.I'm just looking to my list.The Fool of got Sophie Wang.she doesn't post a lot of videos though.yes Mon Gertz which is Robo girl she.says awesome stuff glute city who else.all I got on here yeah not a lot.unfortunately because there's not enough.need more.there's nerd forge they there's a guy.and a girl and they're come into the.names should definitely check out nerd.forge yet nerd forward taste to be.called something else but they just.changed their name okay back to the.board everyone what are we thinking.we're liking this we're thinking like an.I feel it's really top here now there's.some massive pin headers and things you.ain't Kiwi then yes with the the six.last streets in 12 you don't get.broadband to read.Wow 1,500 millisecond average ping that.is terrible.scam lime yeah she does great stuff well.beyond me like rubber girl someone else.Erin Kennedy Oh thinking oh that's right.that was called something stupid robots.what was Simone's channel used to be.called okay okay here unsubscribe Fran.of course.why am i subscribe to friend I used to.be subscribed to Fran yeah Fran lab.thanks everyone for posting Debbie's.really good celebrates own boobs of a.super channel to this with no bits yet.okay I hope no one's checking content.thank you Brian for posting queen of.shitty robots yes GG robots that was the.one knows funny yeah.Aaron Frumkin Oakland.you have to say sorry to you make me.laugh sorry sorry.Canadians sorry sorry by the way for.your type this side LEDs by 90 degrees.within up things facing outwards the.writings are a bit neater yes it is fair.bit neater but I chose not to do that.because it means when you're building.the board you constantly have to.remember which orientation each new.pixels going to be and that's just.painful I'd rather just have them all.laid out the one way and place them all.down it's less room for error so yes.routing would be nicer if I rotated them.all accordingly but putting them.together would be harder and guaranteed.I'd make a mistake and these are not the.type of things that you can hand fix it.easily not within this close together.surfers in the mail does amazing stuff.yeah make it does amazing stuff but it's.well beyond oh hello yes everyone saw a.lot of yours yes is my wife well I as.she's come to check on me to make sure I.haven't my pants or something that.could also be why my Internet's going.badly q should be watching in.I'm feeling a bit better about this.board right now I have to say but I.still feel like it's a bit a bit not as.nice is that is that can I say that a.bit not as nice.thanks MJ I've come close I've come.close I was freaking out this morning.about this I have to say the whole.streaming thing and then when my sub.started going up I had no idea what was.going on which again thank you David.okay.and they're being a little bit OCD now.with this I think I might be I think.that no it's a good idea thank you for.all the people that suggested the knob.it's definitely better than a completely.wider board I think by the time I get.there everything lined up and I solved.this resistor just sitting up here.because it just looks terrible I think.it's going to do my wife just blog.kisses to everyone Wow.public apology who's apologizing.probably run out for yeah.finally please go OCD.yeah I'm fairly happy with the way this.is sitting at do I have the thumbs-up.from everyone it's good yeah but unlike.said Brian loves it.Wow okay it's a little bit too much I.think so as a comparison just from.reminders this is the current board.which is nice and slim.get a temporary mod to post a pic of my.board yes you can except it won't be.temporary at all I don't know if it's if.I'm just be careful I'm gonna mod.electron a sh electron ash where are you.in this list.okay electron a DS moderated smiley face.in the game we go okay so I'm gonna tidy.this up I'm going to just check all the.routing because I've just destroyed all.this have to redo just routing down the.bottom here huh oh my just do it now Oh.too far.[Music].that is some ugly routing yeah I gotta.clean that off that's pretty ugly oh.okay sure no I did make a slightly.recheck on David's change few weeks back.but it's called it by his one helper.okay let's not do that here can mods ban.mods there can only be one well it's.actually two David was the first mode.Brian sorry it's that whole UK versus.Ireland thing I think you challenged me.to a saw jewel you get a mod you get a.mind if I get some odd can I just do.model is there a model I'm gonna post my.API key back in here again my stream key.does everyone want my stream key okay.I'm gonna wrap this that's gonna be fun.I need to dart out and VCC so right now.I'm running my VCC in order from start.to finish and you know what there's just.no reason to do that.you know that right does everyone know.that I know that I know that now there's.just no reason why I shouldn't just go.BCC here and now there you go that's VCC.so all I have to do is bring the data up.now and that's a long way to bring it up.time.that's really close to the a to the.board but that's okay.Oh advise in the way hate that.the other way the other way.Dover what's it denounced Renato all.Brian's going by Brian thanks very much.so it's late night for you okay I'm.gonna in this stream soon dices been.going for a longer than I thought it was.going to I'm gonna continue routing this.off if you don't any circuit or any.current testing on the board no I.haven't but so as you're aware David.because you mentioned when you were.playing with your SK model pixels the.other day this can definitely take up to.60 milliamps per per pixel which is a.lot so the first thing my life he does.is sets the brightness down to 25%.because you just you know I mean that's.a 25% right now you can see how kind of.bright that was that's 25% on these.pixels so it's it's 60 milliamps per.pixel when they're these aren't the.white ones so to make what it uses I.gene B so 60 milliamps when all of the.colors are on at full brightness and.right now I'm just you know technically.using one or maybe two colors at a time.as this I clean and they're at 25% so I.have not done a current draw test but.I'm pretty sure it's low and so right.now my comment boards are routing the.BCC all the way from the start through.everything to the end random questions.anyone got pin change interrupts working.before didn't work for me at all.nope haven't tried sorry electron -.it'll definitely be actually do that and.find out how much they they're drawing.but it'll depend on what colors are.being shown in black pixels I think just.like them all up and have a look the.other thing I thought of Derby on this.board change was to do a ground plane on.the front and do VCC plane on the back.but yeah I'm not gonna do that.okay well it's didn't mean to read from.in situ welcome to a local good money.okay no folks I'm gonna call it a quits.I'm gonna finish this board off offline.and I will post the results to Twitter I.think if you're not following me already.it's at unexpected maker.did that come through hopefully it'll.come through but you've been all.fantastic watching me for over two hours.and sorry about the start of the the.stream that was a bit of a mess I'll.know for next time how to do it better.but thank you all thanks for coming.thanks for stopping by today I sent some.boards up for the PCs plan on the back.it's a good idea yeah I'm worried about.having I don't mind having a ground.plane but don't worry about having a BCC.plane like actually having power at the.back that way yeah maybe it's coated I.might look at doing that I'm not sure.there are some places right now where I.need to get the ground across or where I.need to use fires so I'd have to have.bits of ground on the back anyway.um thanks David thanks make me lab.thanks Chris.I don't don't think it was a great job.but it was a job it was it was okay for.my first stream I really appreciate you.all sticking in with me this whole time.and I'm sorry I was a bit all over the.place between chat and design something.that should have been a simple process.took a lot longer but I appreciate.everyone's feedback you know mm us.somewhere off board no well so much.should be doing that themselves anyway.like they should be running their own.cap coming in thank you all I could.waffle on forever to say thank you I.really appreciate it thanks everyone for.the subs and for sharing all the.information and helping move the poor.design and I'm gonna possibly look at.doing this as a regular thing my if I do.I'll do some time next week and I'm.gonna have a chat about my.microcontroller board mice and b21 I've.got some changes I want to make to it or.add a MOSFET switch and some other.things so that might be my next stream.anyway thank you I appreciate it.have a good night full of you that are.in the evening and a nice day for all of.you that have hit Wednesday for some n.thumbs up on the video okay thanks David.thank you again for getting a whole.bunch of people over to the channel I.really appreciate it.it had put the pressure on me B time but.I loved it and for those of you that.don't that are truly on david's channel.go follow david watts he's awesome okay.until next time bye.

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  5. Generate your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and choose '✓'.
  7. Save changes and send the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Bcc Lic 013 Rev with other people or upload it on the cloud.

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Bcc Lic 013 Rev FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

Need help? Contact support

How can I fill out the details of my PPF and LIC in income tax return along with Form 16 details?

You may mention these in Computation of income - COI. If there is no column there then just keep a personal record. Provide only that much information which the software asks.

How do I fill LIC Form number 3815?

Request to take help your lic agent. if you have not your agent contact lic branch or ask your friends to suggest good or honest agent to solve your queries.

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

Is it necessary for me to fill out the AC/BCC in an email?

No. If you don’t understand it, don’t fill it out. All you really need is To:, From: if you want a reply, and Subject: if you want someone to read it. Bcc: is “blind carbon copy”, meaning that person gets a copy without appearing in the headers sent to other recipients. I’m not sure what “AC” is. “Cc:” is “carbon copy”, meaning “for your information”, or “you’re not the direct recipient, so I don’t expect you to do anything, but I thought you should know”. Other recipients see the Cc: headers.

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