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Notes on filling the 45 106f1 Report Of Exempt Distribution Manitoba Securities

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45 106f1 Report Of Exempt Distribution Manitoba Securities : Personalize, Finish and forward

good morning my name is Brenda benim.seeing your corporate communications.advisor at the bcsc welcome you to the.bc securities commissions free webinar.on the new e-filing system for the new.harmonized exempt distribution report.thank you for taking time out of your.busy day to participate in the webinar.this morning jodi an admin assistant.manager corporate finance and victoria.steve's senior legal counsel corporate.finance will walk you through the new.filing system also with us this morning.is melody chen senior legal counsel.corporate finance who will gather up.questions you submit through the webinar.and put your questions to our panelists.from time to time during the next hour.if your question is not answered during.the next hour Jodi Ann or Victoria will.respond by email after the session is.over I'd now like to turn the session.over to Jodi Ann in this webinar we will.explain the VCS seize new web-based.filing system that we've developed any.services for filing reports of exempt.distribution in bc the web-based filing.system will require filers to complete a.report of exempt distribution directly.in eServices rather than uploading a PDF.of a completed report today we will show.you the new filing system and explain.how it works we will walk you through.the system using a using a couple of.different filing types to demonstrate.how filers will enter in eServices the.information required by reports of.exempt distribution you may type in any.questions that you have during the.webinar at any time and we will have.additional time for questions following.our presentation I will not turn the.presentation over to Victoria thank Jodi.Ann we will begin today by providing you.with a brief background on the adoption.of the new web-based filing system in.these services as you know an issuer.that relies on certain prospectus.exemptions must file a report of exempt.distribution within 10 days investment.funds relying on certain prospectus.exemptions we filed reports annually the.CSA have adopted amendments to national.instrument 45 106 that will become.effective on june thirtieth the.amendments will repeal the existing form.45 106 f 6 in bc and the.doing report of exempt distribution in.other CSA jurisdictions replacing both.with one harmonized report of exempt.distribution form form 45 106 f1 the new.form will apply across Canada to all.issuers required to file a report of.exempt distribution the new form.requires more information information.about issuers insiders of the issuer.purchasers and the offering this.information will assist the CSA and.policy development and trend analysis as.well as in our exempt market oversight.and enforcement functions in developing.the form our goal is to take a balanced.approach to address industry concerns.and at the same time design a form that.makes it easier for us to use the.information in file reports the new form.looks completely different from both the.current vc form and the csa form we've.modernized the design of the new form to.gather information in the structured.format we believe that the structured.format of the new report together with.our new web-based filing system in bc.will make it easier for issuers to.complete and file reports and exempt.distribution the structured format of.the new form will improve consistency of.data we receive and make it easier for.us to use that data and will also.eliminate confusion over disclosure.requirements we will give examples of.this structured format in the webinar.today as we explain how to use the new.filing system our new web-based filing.system will apply to filings in BC only.in Ontario issuers must also file.reports electronically using the Ontario.security Commission's existing.electronic filing portal in all other.CSA jurisdictions issuers must file the.reports on sedar except for certain.foreign issuers both the bcsc services.and the oscs electronic filing portal.will generate an electronic copy of a.completed report which issuers can then.file on sedar if required investment.funds relying on certain prospectus.exemptions may file reports of exempt.distribution annually investment funds.filing annually will continue to file.their reports in paper they'll not use.the new web-based filings.the eServices so our webinar today will.not address investment funds filing.annually however please note that.amendments 245 106 will require.investment funds that file annual.reports to file that within 30 days of.the end of the calendar year and also.note that the amendments will provide a.transition period for these investment.funds we would like to outline briefly.the transition provisions for the new.form as we recognize there may be.confusion for issuers that are required.to file reports around the effective.date of the amendments all issuers must.use the new report for distributions.that occur on or after tomorrow june.thirtieth if the distribution date.occurs before june thirtieth or has.occurred before june thirtieth the.issuer must use the current BC form 6.even if the deadline to file the report.occurs after june thirtieth issuers may.report multiple distributions in one.report provided such distributions occur.within a 10 day period if an issuer.completes multiple distributions on.dates that occur within a 10 day period.that begins before and ends after june.thirtieth the issuer may elect to file.either the current BC form 6 or the new.harmonized form on April 7th we.published a notice advising of the.adoption of the amendments in annex H of.the notice called transition to the new.report we provide examples of.distribution dates and filing deadlines.to guide issues on which form they are.required to file this same guidance is.also found in si si staff notice 45 308.both the CSA notice and staff notice 45.308 are available on our website I'll.now turn the presentation over to Jodi.Ann who will walk you through the new.filing system before we begin we would.like to discuss some of the.functionality that has been built into.the new eServices system to make it.easier for you to complete the webform.the first is the navigation within the.form there are two ways to navigate once.you are in the form the first is a.drop-down menu that allows you to jump.to any of the form sections that will.allow you to complete the information in.any order you want not just in the order.it appears in the form the second is the.ability to navigate.within the filing system by using the.directional buttons on the bottom of.each screen on each screen you will find.the navigation buttons previous save and.next using any of these buttons will.permit you to save information and move.to adjacent screens we have also built.the form to pre-populate some areas with.information the BCSC already has on file.and using canada post's address lookup.system when the user entering these.services and selecting the issuer name.the filing is the filings being made for.the user will have the opportunity to.choose to populate the BCSC and address.information in the relevant sections of.the form and also will be given an.opportunity to review and confirm that.this information is still accurate we.will walk through this functionality in.a moment the address lookup function.operates very simply the user will start.typing in a dress and can spend select.the correct address to populate all.address fields finally we've built in.validation of the information input.fields that are required to be completed.by the user are marked by red asterisk.if the required field is left blank an.error message will appear reminding user.that I must complete this required field.before a user can submit a completed.form these services will validate the.data that has been inputted the system.will let the user know if n you acquired.required fields are left blank and.return return the user easily to any.section that must be completed before.filing we are hopeful that this built-in.validation will allow users to file.forms that are complete and will reduce.the need for Commission staff to contact.filers to require amended reports to be.filed ok we are now in eServices we've.previously logged in the log in section.2 has not changed so you will log in as.you do today and you this page will.appear similar to today we're going to.start off by submitting a report of.exempt distribution so this landing page.has been updated to include all the.information that's of now effective on.june thirtieth so we have links to the.new form 1 we have information on the.update to b/ci 13 502.and we also identify the distribution.dates for which the new form and for the.existing forms Shelby would apply for.now in the middle of the page it's how.do i submit a report you now have two.choices if you are submitting a report.for distributions that occur before june.thirtieth you click here and that takes.you to our existing eServices system so.for any reports that are being completed.for the current f1 and the current f6.you will use the existing you services.system to file those reports the same as.you do today but today we're going to.talk about the new system so in the new.system if you're filing a new f1 you.would click here to enter the new.web-based filing system you start off.with an issuer profile look up so the.same is today you can begin typing a.name and I've just picked a random name.here so there's no intention to pick on.any issue in particular so I've picked.an issuer name or started typing it I.find the issuer I want i save the.selection and that then takes us to the.issuer profile page for this particular.company it is a reporting issuer soda.has a cedar profile number and this is.the address we have on file for this.issuer as well as formation date and.financial year end issuer status and.other information at this point this.being the profile page the filer can.choose to correct or update any.information on this page now the.important part of this page is actually.at the bottom this is the new.functionality do you want to use this.profile information to populate the.webform we actually recommend issuers or.filers choose yes because any.information that you see above here in.the profile page will now be populated.in the webform so once you select yes.you click accept.and then the same as today you actually.have functionality to save a report so.that you can come back to it a later.date so in this particular case because.we're just doing an example i'm going to.call its report test three then we hit.next so now this is taking you to the.report so this will be item to where the.filer can confirm the party certifying.the report whether it's an investment.fund or an issuer that's not an.investment fund or an underwriter who.also can follow reports so what we're.going to do is actually go to a report.where you have data already included and.we're going to start where we left off.so this is a sample report half and as.you can see here we've we're starting.off on item two now this now we're going.to talk about the functionality of the.navigation system that I mentioned just.a few moments ago in this top drop down.box you see all items as they match the.published form f1 so you can use any of.these select any of these items to go to.that actual item for data input and the.important part of this section is that.you're identifying what kind of company.are filing for and as we pointed out in.our may thirty first presentation on the.report itself is that the report now has.limitations for what kind of issuers and.what kind of information they used to be.completed so for instance investment.funds do not need to complete item five.or nine or an underwriter only has to.complete item four so in this particular.case we are choosing an issuer other.than an investment fund to walk through.an example the reason why we chose this.first is that this shows you the most.functionality within the system so we're.trying to maximize our time with you.today so once we've decided we collect.next and then item three again mirroring.the report it gives the legal name as.you can see because I've said yes to the.profile updating the form now the in.this case the legal name has been.already put in based on what we have on.sista on our system as well as.information we already have on hand if.there's a name change that happened.within the last 12 months our system.doesn't keep track of that but if you.wanted to add that in as required by the.form then.you can do that here this is a free text.cell this is the other functionality I.was talking about at the bottom of each.screen from this point on you will see.the buttons previous save and next if.you click next or previous it will also.save the information so you don't have.to click Save first you can actually.just use any of these buttons and your.information will be saved so as I said.the form only requires certain sections.to be completed depending on what kind.of filer is filing in this instance.because we picked issuer other than an.investment fund item for is not required.so the system actually is intuitive and.because we've made that selection that.this now is grayed out this way filers.will not get confused or put in.information that is not required so the.system kind of helps you along and only.makes available the sections that are.actually required to be filed for that.particular issuer and as the note says.there if you were an underwriter and you.took the wrong box in item to you can.always go back to item to re-select.who's filing your report and then item.for would appear for your you to be able.to complete that's right item 5 is now.our issue information where we're going.to start up here is the industry code.and what we've done in this system is we.provided a link to the stats Canada.website excuse me that lists all of the.that has a PDF document that lists all.the current industry codes we've the.industry code that you input actually.includes the information that or name of.that industry code so I'm just going to.make to a change here just to show you.that functionality so it's telling us.this is an error message that if I'm.changing a midstream it's telling me are.you sure you want to do that so in this.case I've now picked aquaculture for.example so in the purpose of using this.code to demonstrate is that because this.is a non mining issuer then the next.section which is only applicable for.mining industry actually gets graded so.you do not need to complete this if your.industry code is not binding so we'll go.back to the mining code though just to.show you how that works and here we go.so now because we picked a mining.company we have to do the next section.it's telling us that that needs to be.completed these are arrow mess.just that will show up if if an item.with the red a struct is not completed.so we're going to pick our choice here.for this issuer if the issuer was not a.mining issuer but it applied to these.these sections applied you must click.these boxes as applicable in this.particular case it doesn't apply because.we're doing a mining industry our mining.company excuse me now as we scroll.through the forum there's other sections.that are required in the form and these.are also drop down boxes so it gives the.issuer choices to select a general range.of number of employees if the issuer has.a seed our profile number you say yes.and you include the senior profile.number and that means the rest of item 5.does not mean to be completed which is.also in compliance with the form if we.say no we'll walk through the rest of.the form just because it's showing it's.going to show us other functionality.components within the assist the system.so no sooner profile number so now I.have to fill out item D which is the.head office so now we're going to talk.about the address look up the address.lookup only applies to Canada addresses.in Canada and the US if the address is.outside of Canada the US you would.select this box and then the system.identifies the minimum address.requirements for any any head office.outside of Canada in the US but this.case we want to pick cannon us because.we're going to start typing so we're.going to pick a company that's in New.West.so as you can see i started typing in i.found the address I wanted and I.selected it and now it's populated each.of the required sections in the form you.can add a telephone number if you choose.but as you can see this is not mandatory.so you only if a telephone numbers.available the data formation we provide.a calendar box to select the date of.formation my hint to you is to actually.pick your year first because the year.the calendar is driven off of the year.so if you select the year 2000 for.instance and we have a company that was.incorporated on July first of the year.2000 then you are easily able to select.that date the financial year end will.then become is in this particular case.we use an example of june thirtieth but.as you can see with a drop-down list you.can choose any year-end that's.applicable the issuer is reporting in.any jurisdiction in canada we've said no.because there's no seat are profiled.number up here so presumably you'd say.no here however it could be possible.that it is yes and it may be just a.beast the only reporting issuer so.really as I'm walking through this you.can see the functionality is telling you.what you need to do if the issuer has AQ.civ number the first six digits the.fescue sit number can be placed here and.if it is trading on any any exchange you.can there is also drop down box to.select many exchanges or if one of the.exchange that's applicable to this.issuer is not listed on that drop down.box you actually have a free text field.here to add that exchange Niemann.because we've selected an issue who's.not an investment fund this item 6 is.now blank similar to item four now item.six is very similar to item 5 and.they're actually interchangeable so for.investment funds only have to do n 16.and not item 5 and vice versa so the.information is very similar and we're.going to move on to the meat of the.section which is item 7 now this is.information about the distribution so.this fundamentally is really the whole.crux of the matter why you're filing so.we.information on the distribution itself.we start off with the currency again a.drop-down box is provided so if the.distribution includes more than one.currency or yeah more than one currency.then you can select all that apply up to.up to three choices and then anything.else would be either if it's not listed.on the drop-down box or in addition to.three choices then you can include that.currency in this other we think that's.highly unlikely but it is a.functionality that's available in those.rare circumstances the distribution date.also has a calendar look up for ease of.use and if the distribution was.completed on the st. on one day then.that day would be both your start date.and your end date so in this particular.case we had made 30th as our day of.distribution so we used that date for.both these fields if it was attending.range for instance then we would.actually change the date to whatever.this the end date actually was in this.section we've also included this in the.form it's just a reminder to complete.schedule one which is the detailed.purchase or information what we've done.here for ease of use is that we've.actually included a link to that.template which you can find into the.blue-lined here I also wanted to point.out that these you will see these orange.question marks throughout the form and.these are places where we've scattered.additional information that we think is.relevant for that particular section or.we've included definitions rather than.bulk up the actual page itself we've.included them under question marks so.that you can have additional information.kind of at your fingertips without.having to go research it through the.form or any other legislation that may.be applicable so item 7 is actually.quite long so where we go through.multiple data entry pages so now we're.on to D which is the types of securities.that are distributed we've pre-populated.a warrant here but we're going to show.you if you have more than one type of.security we're going to show you how you.add a new security so you collect click.add new and then you have the choices of.the security code and if you've reviewed.the form one already you'll notice that.in the instruction page of the form.there's actually security codes that are.to be used within the form and we've.mirrored those security codes here so in.this particular case we're going to pick.something that's common in bc which is a.unit so what we mean here by saying.units of bundled securities we mean our.regular bc unit of a common sharing a.warrant or half warrant or whatever.combination we have so in this free box.text box here we can actually describe.that so this unit is one common share.and one share purchase warrant.convertible into one common share now.this is just an example obviously you.can type in whatever is appropriate for.your particular circumstances but I'm.just demonstrating that this is a free.text field you can put in the cuse of.number of the unit or the common share.up in this Q sub number section here and.again this first six digits of acute.number is common to every to the issuer.with multiple securities and it's the.last three digits of the Cusick number.that is individualized to that.particular security so in this case we.have a number of securities we have.let's say 10,000 securities and now.you're probably asking why does decimal.points come up does decimal places come.up and that's because we've actually.built functionality in to try and.capture the most circumstances so we've.come in to situate see situation with.various reports where there is.fractional filings there's decimal.places based on conversion ratios.there's all kinds of thing reasons why.decimal place might be needed you don't.have to worry about putting in the.decimal place because it's actually just.a pre-populated functionality now the.price also has something I'm going to.start off with 10 cents here and then.it's going to show you that that is.actually a 4 decimal place default and.the reason for this is that in bc we.obviously have shares that can be.distributed at below a penny so in this.case if it's a half a cent offering.which is very common on the venture.exchange then that functionality allows.you to put that actual price in without.it.rounding for instance so we didn't want.rounding just because we knew that.wasn't factually correct information if.there was a price range you would put.the highest price in here we didn't make.the highest price a required field.because not all offerings have a highest.price so you'd only use this if.necessary well we have a question maybe.I'll jump in here we have a question on.the webinar one of the people attending.wants us to answer what's the difference.between a unit of bundled Securities and.units under the security code the answer.to that is that some investment funds.and other entities like that distribute.units which are not a unit consisting of.multiple types of securities so we try.to distinguish so that both codes were.available for a shorts to select by the.unit of bundled securities and there's.further description in the actual form.is for example a common Sharon warrant.or other types of securities combined.together into one unit as opposed to.units of a fund which which is not a.combination of other securities so the.next required section is total amount so.in this particular case it's not an.actually mathematical cell so you have.to do the math yourself and actually put.the value in there so if we have a half.a cent 10,000 units so let's say it's.five hundred dollars and please don't.correct me if my math is wrong I'm kind.of doing this off the top of my head and.we keep moving on because we've selected.a unit we know that there is an.underlying security code so not all.securities will actually have a permit.you to put an underlying security code.so for instance if we pick preferred.shares for instance see this Gray's out.so you can't put anything underlying.because it doesn't make sense with.perverts yours however in this.particular case we'll go back to our.units above milk securities and we'll.keep walking through this so our.underlying code is the warrant and the.exercise price will say is ten cents now.we'd also include an expiry date here so.let's say the expiry date is june.thirtieth 2018 and if you had any ratio.conversion ratio or any other terms than.you would all.include them in these free text boxes as.applicable so we're going to save this.because we want to show you how it.populates the format's the web form so.here we are now we've added in the unit.we've this is our description that's how.many securities the price and the total.dollar amount to linear then the bonus.point apart is that you actually now.have populated section e as well so that.one data entry has allowed you to.complete two sections of the form so.section e is the details of any.convertible securities so in this case.we have the warrant and we have the.exercise price and the expiry date so.we've completed this section and we're.going to move on to continue in item.seven now we have the actual summary of.the distribution itself so this is.similar to item 7 inform six today where.it really is that snapshot of what.actually has been distributed so.currently we have oh and also the other.thing to note as my numbers don't match.so I know that so just not to worry.about that these are just for.demonstration kind of per section only.so British Columbia we've said that they.are we've distributed through an.offering memorandum and we have ten.purchasers and we've distributed million.dollars and the other thing is that we.also distributed in Manitoba and as you.can see is that Manitoba actually this.45 10 h doesn't apply in bc however you.can still use it and I'll show you why.because if we want to add another.distribution let's say we want to.distribute also into Alberta are we our.distribution excuse me included Alberta.and the exemption we rely on now this is.a drop-down box of all exemptions common.exemptions that are used and we've.identified which jurisdictions that they.apply in and we've done this because the.it's now a national form so that the.theory we have is that if you complete.this form then at the end of the day you.will you will get a PDF document of this.form which then you can upload onto CR.for the Manitoba jurisdiction let's say.or the Alberta jurisdiction so we're.going to pick Alberta here with the.investment dealer exemption and we're.going to say that there's three.purchasers and we.raised three hundred thousand dollars.and we click Save and it populates the.table so as you can see we now have a.distribution where we've used multiple.exemptions and we've included all the.details I think well we have another.question it looks like it pre populates.the total dollar amount there is that.correct yes in this particular table it.actually does do the math for you so it.will as you input / jurisdiction it will.give you a grand total at the end now.the other component is actually you know.unique purchasers so this is a concept.that is described here in this little.question box but it's also described in.the actual form where it has to be the.so if you distribute securities to using.two different exemptions to the same.person you only count that person once.so in this case just for ease of of this.demonstration we'll say we have 15.unique purchasers because they're all in.separate jurisdictions and then we've.we've completed items 7f so now as you.can see items 7g that's only applicable.to investment funds so this again is.grayed out because it's not applicable.to issuers who are not investment funds.and that item each is if you need to.include any information because you are.using this report to file in.jurisdictions such as those lists listed.here in the header in this particular.case we don't have any so we're going to.move next.right we're now into a new item so this.item is item 8 which is the compensation.information so this actually is all the.information that we require now for any.compensation page to anyone either an.individual or a firm in connection with.the distribution so item eight starts.off by asking whether or not you've paid.compensation or you will pay.compensation so it's a yes or no.question and if you answer yes you.actually have to indicate the number of.persons and when it says persons it.means persons and firms and companies.that you've compensated we've.pre-populated some information here just.to for the interest of time and we've.done one of each so we have Liberty.investment company which is actually.registrar so clicking on Liberty we can.say that is are they registrant the.answers yes that's the legal name and we.require the nrd number for this.restaurant so the nrd number as you can.see in this little ? bubble here it.directs you to how do you find out if.someone needs to have an energy number.and and then I would if it is a.registrar than actually asking the.register on to what they'll be able to.give you their NRD number indicating.whether the compensation is paid through.a funding portal or interpret.internet-based portal and it's a yes or.no answers the same as the form now the.business contact information we only.need to include this information if.there is no NRD number so in this.particular case because there is an NRD.number we do not have to complete item B.because we can get that address.information from the national.registration database that's right so.similar to the cedar it's the same.concept as the cedar number if you.include the cedar number then we have.that information somewhere else so we're.not asking you to duplicate it now items.see is the relationship of this.registrant to the issuer or the.investment fund so if there is a.relationship that's applicable you.actually have to click the appropriate.box if there's no relationship as you.can see it's a multiple box click.because sometimes there's multiple.relationships.and then you can click the one.appropriate if you don't click any it's.going to tell you that you have to click.at least one and if the answer if none.of these apply then you have a selection.of none of the above unmowed in the.instructions there there's the.definition of connected in the.instructions to the form itself and the.definition of control in nationalist.reported 5106 that you may want to.consult when you're taking those boxes.so the last section is the compensation.details so similar to today we are.actually asking you for the compensation.the cash compensation to be included in.a cell to be separated from the value of.any securities distributed so in this.particular case we only want the value.of securities distributed if they're.actually shares so if they're.convertible securities like warrants or.options or anything like that this value.would actually be left blank because.you're not putting in a total of the.exercise price you're just putting in.the value of something that would have a.deemed a deemed to price we don't want.to you know one set price for warrants.and we don't want a total of the.exercise price that the they'll pay on.exercise right and so in this case we're.indicating that this this registrant has.received a unit so they've received.common shares and warrants so we've.indicated that both those security codes.are applicable to this distribution for.the finder and because of the warrants.we actually now have to include the.description of terms so let's say one.share purchase warrant earn my typos.into one common share let's say on with.a two-year expiry date or something.again this is just an example so you.don't include the details that are.applicable to your cinch situation any.other compensation would be included.here but not deferred compensation and.then the total compensation is not a.mathematical box again it's actually.adding the cash paid to the value of the.Securities not the convertible.securities but securities issued.and that total is 25,000 if there is any.different compensation you can click.this box now this is actually very.relevant because this is a change from.how you file today so for instance if.there's a property dealer some.transaction where the finder receives.compensation based either on time or by.milestones then today we ask you to file.the an exempt distribution report when.the securities for that diverts.compensation are issued now with this.box you actually don't have to do that a.no longer so if you click this box and.say we'll say 10,000 common shares to be.distributed in one year or something to.that effect we can take that information.we can consider that information to be.filed and you do not have to file an.exempt distribution report for those.particular shares when they're actually.issued and you can also in this box.describe the terms under which it's.payable whether it's payable in a.certain milestone event or table in it.as jodi ann has there a year or you.could also put in the terms under which.it's calculated we're aware that.sometimes deferred compensation can be.hard to calculate when the form is filed.so this is just a place where you can.describe how it will be payable if it's.not a certain term right there you know.on the distribution right so as you can.say with it being as you can see with it.being a free text box we're not actually.asking you to give you a total dollar.amount for instance you can literally.describe it if it's if it's the price to.be set at the time for instance and.those kind of things which you don't.know but you would say that you'd say.the price to be determined at the time.of issuance or something like that then.that would be perfectly acceptable we.have two questions first if there is no.requirement to file offering materials.in bc do we need to file the documents.via BCE services when filing the form or.just in ontario and on CDR if applicable.so offering documents aren't required to.be filed here in bc and they don't need.to be attached to eServices if they're.not a bc filing requirement the reason.that we've included that is because.we're we're.that this form may be filed in more than.one jurisdiction so you can print a copy.of what you filed in BC and if you want.to file that in other provinces on sedar.then item 7 h of the form that describes.those offering materials will already be.included in that way what you print from.your services can be filed on sedar but.Jodi Ann will get to the additional.filing requirements technical reports.and those kinds of things later in the.presentation but there's no requirement.to file NBC the items that are listed in.seven of the print and just as a quick.note that the exemption that you choose.for beasts distribution bc actually.drives the attachment details for e.services so that's the only trigger so.as victoria said we'll show you that in.a couple of moments which is actually.how our system works now that's right.that's right that's right do we have.others yes we have another question if.the issue our files in Ontario first is.there a spot to upload the generated PDF.on BCE services or do we have to.populate the form one twice once in DC.and once in Ontario unfortunately the.answer to that is yes you do have to.populate the form twice so bc's.electronic filing system isn't linked to.Ontario's so if you're doing a.cross-country distribution you will have.to complete the form on the OSU's.electronic filing portal and complete.the form in the web based format here in.bc but either of those two jurisdictions.will allow you to print a completed copy.of the form for the remaining.jurisdictions okay so we'll continue on.an item 8 and we'll look at the.individual who who would receive.compensation and then this case it's mr..barrier so in he is not a registrant so.we answer no to that question and he's.also so we've actually showed you that.you can include second names which may.be applicable particularly if someone.has a common name like John Smith or.something that the second name who is.mate which makes which identifies them.from someone else and we be useful to.include that here but it's not a.requirement the business contact.information the address lookup is the.same as they showed you before so we've.we've allowed this address lookup.section to be applied any time you have.to include an address.again the same sections apply so we've.already talked about item C which is the.relationship to the issuer and the same.thing with the compensation details in.this particular case this gentleman only.received 25 hundred dollars in cash so.as you can see we've left the remainder.blank and we don't have to include.anything else so this is our summary.page if you do want to add another.individual or another registrant you.just would click these buttons and you.would be allowed to then input.information for someone new so in the.interest of time we won't walk through.that right now so we'll keep moving on.through the form item 9 now this is the.information that's required to be.completed for directors executive.offices or the promoters of the issuer's.but it's only required if you are not.one of these issuers that are itemized.here so this is similar to the exemption.that we have in bc today where if you.are a reporting issuer or a foreign.public issuer or any of these other two.other connections to form public issuer.and you do not need to include.information on directors executive.offices and promoters and just to jump.in there the first line says if the.issuer is an investment fund do not.complete item 9 so if you'd selected.investment fund in item to as the part.of certifying the report this section.would be grayed out and wouldn't appear.for your completion but any issuer other.than an investment fund would need to.tick one of the boxes and in this case.we ticked the issuer isn't none of the.above in which case they have to.complete item 9 right but as you can see.we actually have an error message here.so we've we've because through our.example here we've we've made a.disconnect between the information we're.telling United nine that we pre.populated and where we are here so let's.will right now we'll kind of ignore that.we'll see what happens so we'll say if.the issuer is none of the above we click.this box to complete it now just for.demonstration purposes we're going to do.that here but as we've mentioned in.probably most of scenarios situations.for filers this will not be applicable.so the section of item 9 we're going to.start off with the directors and officer.executive offices and promoters of the.issuer we pre-populated this person here.who is a director of the issuer.we wanted to add another individual like.because obviously you'd have to include.all directors and executive officers you.keep selecting add individual the.information for the all appropriate.people or if there was a organization or.company so for instance if there was a.promoter so we're going to add ABC.company and then it's asking us where.this company is located so we're going.to say they're in the province of BC.we're going to stay at this information.so now that information we've added and.it's telling us that it's a promoter and.ABC company now if we wanted to remove.this person let's say oh I made a.mistake I didn't get that right you have.two choices you can if you made an error.in the data entry you can actually go.back in by selecting that and then you.can correct the name so let's say in.this case we forgot the ink so we'll add.that in oops sorry my typos and we can.save it again so now the name has been.corrected if we wanted to remove it.because it's actually not we've.discovered that's actually not the right.information we have a sec box here and.then you can remove the selection we're.going to keep this one because we're.going to use this ABC company to.demonstrate some further functionality.so if we want so because the promoter is.not an individual listed above we need.to include information here on this.promoter so we're going to add so ABC.company is has one director so we're.going to add that so the family name is.Smith first name is Jane and we're going.to allies her middle name and she also.lives in DC and she's related to ABC.company and she's a Sheila says she's.the director of that company and we save.that information so as you can see here.in the public part of the form that will.be part of what we have on these.services residential addresses aren't.included we'll get to that later in the.schedules which are not part of the.public forum that all people will see.here in the file form is the province or.country where.now the residential address of each.individual so that means as Victoria.just said that ms smith we actually the.Commission's want that information about.where she lives and other details of her.so that is actually skip now in schedule.to now the bonus of the web forum is.actually we allow you to data input in.the web form to create the schedule to.itself so you don't actually have to do.it separately and then attach it so we.think this is kind of a nice bonus for.this section so we're going to by.clicking next we're going to be taken.right to schedule to here we are so.scheduled to it's set up as the template.of schedule 2 is set up so it's very.similar and it's telling us that there's.a person are some information that we.need to complete and here we are so.we've got miss Michelle chamber who's.the director of the company her.residential information is there and.Miss Smith we see this red eye that's.telling us that we need to put in more.information for her so we're clicking to.Miss Smith and as you can see it's.pretty populating the information we've.already put in so it's not asking us to.do it again and we are now brought to an.address lookup so she's we're going to.put her on George Oliver so we're going.to pick a BC address just a random one.here there we go so we've included the.address for Miss Smith and she lives in.a condo downtown and she is the.righteous none of those because she is.the director of the of the corner so.we're going to click Save can I jump in.with just one question it's been asked a.couple of times once populated does the.director information stay for future.filings or do you have to fill it in.every time for every distribution for.now you actually have to fill it in.every time however we're going we're.working on a phase 2 of this project of.the eServices upgrade to allow issuers.to save the.information to populate future filings.so that functionality doesn't exist yet.but it's something we are working on and.it might not be available till the new.year but it is in the works so as we're.moving through the population of.schedule 2 just to remind people that.schedule one still has to be uploaded at.the end where we didn't include.population of schedule 1 the purchaser.information in the web form because we.know its owners foreshores to have to.type in the purchaser names into our web.system and it would be much easier for.you to just upload a excel template of.the purchaser lists and also the.purchaser lists change with every filing.whereas your directors officers control.persons and promoters are likely to be.the same from filing to filing so once.that new functionality is added in phase.2 of the project hopefully will be even.easier for sures to file reports right.and now we've moved on to item 10 so.we're almost at the end of our form so.item 10 is a certification we include so.in this case we have Michelle chambers.our director who's filing the report and.she hurt she's signing it but the.signature is only a typed signature no.longer any concerns about whips web.excuse me wet signatures or PDF digital.signatures it's just a type signature is.acceptable then moving on to item 11.which is the contact person so if the.person filling out this web form is.different from the person certifying it.then you would include that person's.information in this particular case.we're going to say it's miss chambers.that's filling it out herself so we say.same as individuals so it's all grayed.out you don't have to put anything in.and we move next now here's the.attachments Victoria was just mentioning.that we require this is where we require.any additional documents to be attached.this is the same as existing eServices.system it's just we've now identified.additional attachments so in this.particular case we have attachment for.schedule one and the only difference.here is that I think right now we attach.schedule one in PDF format that's right.but in the new form we're asking issuers.to use we're requiring issuers to use.the Excel template right that makes the.information is it more easy.accessible to us as regulators in the.Excel format and we also have heard from.assures that using Excel is not is often.what they do in any event so right and.to answer the question earlier this is.where you attach the offering memorandum.for the BC distribution using the.offering memorandum exemption same as.today if we have one on file you can say.it tell us that it's currently on file.with us and give us the date and same as.today that offering memorandum choice.would not appear unless you had selected.section 2.9 as one of the exemptions you.use if you didn't use the OM exemption.the system would not prompt you to.attach a knowin right and the same thing.with the technical report their kind of.its connected to the OEM because you.only have to attach a connector a.technical report when you file an OEM.and the same thing it's either in this.particular case we're saying it's not.applicable because the OEM didn't need.any technical information but if if it.was already filed on sedar you would.actually just include the theater.project number and go from there so now.we've moved on to the important part.which is the validating of the.information we're clicking next now it's.going to validate the form and it's.telling me this is where I mentioned is.very beginning where if you didn't fill.out the form correctly and you missed.something this is where it's going to.tell you so we're going to go back to.item 5 and our expectation is this will.reduce the number of amended reports.that need to be filed because the system.will identify some of the errors that.currently our staff will identify after.you file right and look at the bottom of.item 5 I missed a missed a section so as.I scrolled through I was looking for red.I was looking for any red words that.were telling me i miss something and.here it is I've missed including the.size of the issuer's assets so here I.will select a range the error message.goes away I click next and then I will.now use my drop-down menu to go back to.the validation section and I will hit.next to validate once more so now just.while we're waiting I'll let you know.that the fees section of the eServices.has not changed so once you submit the.report and we'll show you that once as.validating completes then you are able.to pay your fees and submit.as you do today so the choice is for a.payment are still credit card and ETF.payments so it's telling us that.verification has your form has been.validated it's giving you a summary of.all your information the filing fee has.been calculated for you the same as.today and it's using the BC portion of.the distribution in item 7 so this means.that in this form because we raised a.million dollars in in BC that the fee is.$300 the calculor fee calculation has.not changed it's telling you what to.your documents that you've attached now.this is what we're talking about where.the system generates a report and a.schedule to based on the information.that you've input it's exactly the same.format and this is the important part.that you can't submit until you click.this box I confirm that I've reviewed.the above system generated documents so.when you actually do this you can open.these documents and verify that their.correct then with this you submit the.report and then it takes you to the fees.and as I said the fee system is the same.so now we're going to go back to our.PowerPoint just to wrap up and just.quickly i wanted to outline a couple of.points on our pcs a website that may.assist filers and completing reports of.exempt distribution the first is a vc.SCE services fact sheet and that has.information about how to register for.and log in to e services we also have a.frequently asked questions section about.its of distributions on our website in.which we have updated to address the new.report requirements and finally in.connection with the new form csa have.updated si si staff notice 45 308 which.contains useful tips on how to file the.new form a checklist of new information.requirements in the new form that will.help you gather information before you.file a report and also a frequently.asked questions section and an outline.of transition provisions I wanted to.bring those to your attention because we.thought it might be helpful information.outside of these services for you so.this concludes our presentation and.we've given our contact details here for.you that please feel free to email.Victoria and I with any questions that.you have or call financial reporting as.you do today to inquire.about the in-form.

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